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Action Taimanin WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Action Taimanin is a role playing game developed by GREMORY GAMES INC. Join adorable ninja warriors who fight crime around the world and take on policing missions. The game can be divided into several parts: passing the campaign, participating in permanent and temporary events, multi-stage pumping and making improvements in special rooms. Main modes: PvE and PvP. The game features a wide variety of beautiful characters, good art and interesting gameplay.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Guide to weapons and their leveling
  3. Magatham Guide
  4. Secrets of Using Supporters
  5. All About Emblems
  6. Costumes, their types and meaning
  7. Object Guide
  8. Main Campaign Walkthrough
  9. Complete daily quests
  10. Battle Arena Combat Guide
  11. Participation in special modes
  12. Conclusion

Action Taimanin: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game about? You play as members of a special ninja unit who are sent on various combat missions to eliminate terrorists, robbers, traitors, etc. The game consists of the main story (campaign) and side activities. In addition to progressing in the main story, you complete various quests, complete daily tasks and take part in special game modes. Character upgrade materials, new weapons and components are also obtained in the gacha, or in the activities of the game.

Beginning of the game. First you need to choose a heroine that will be unlocked for you by default and displayed on the main screen of your game. There are three girls to choose from: Agawa Asagi, Agawa Sakura and Mizuki Yukikaze. All heroines are equally good and differ only in the weapons they use. This is followed by training, where you are explained the basic basics of the game and the principles of the combat system. We recommend that you carefully read the tutorial in order not to forget about important game features in the future. Here are our tips for getting started:

It is recommended to devote more time to the game in the early days in order to achieve great success in the passage of the campaign, get a lot of resources and pump your characters well. In the future, this will help you win in the arena.

How to increase your rank? Rank is the level of your account, which determines your activity and progress in the game. The rank can only be increased by completing activities. For each rank increase, you get a good reward, including coins and gacha tickets. The higher your rank, the better the reward.

Special rewards for rank up. In addition to the standard rewards for leveling up the rank, you are entitled to special event rewards. They can only be obtained manually. To do this, press the "Pass" button on the main screen (next to the weekly missions button). Special rewards for increasing the rank are divided into two categories: regular (they are received by all players) and special (they can be obtained by activating the rank pass for donation). The first reward is already available at player rank 5, and the last one is available at player rank 120. Among the rewards: coins, gems, gacha tickets, etc. Click "Receive All" to collect all available rewards in 1 click.

Your characters and how to upgrade them. All characters in the game can be viewed in the collection section. In total, the game features 22 heroines that can be purchased for gems. Pumping of each heroine is carried out separately and includes:

We will describe in detail about each type of pumping in our article. Also, with the heroines, you can pump intimacy with the help of gifts. Each gift increases the level of intimacy and opens up new interesting possibilities for the heroines - phrases, poses, etc. For pumping proximity, you can get various resources and gacha currency.

your inventory. Click "Inventory" to get into your bag of in-game items. Everything that you get during the game is stored here. Inventory sections:

A red dot on a certain section of the inventory suggests the possibility of performing some action - pumping or using a resource.

Your mail. From the first days of the game, make it a good habit to regularly check your mailbox (the gift box icon on the main screen). It is in the mail that you receive rewards for game achievements, gifts from developers, prizes for special passes, as well as trophies for participating in some activities. Be careful: letters in the mail are stored for 14 days, and then automatically deleted along with the rewards without the possibility of recovery. The maximum number of letters in the mailbox is 20. To receive all letters in 1 click, click "Receive all".

In the first days of the game, you will receive especially many gift letters with rewards for the first game achievements. Get them right away to quickly use prizes in game development!

weekly missions. Complete weekly missions to receive additional rewards, as well as progress rewards: for completing two, five and seven missions, respectively. All missions are related to the normal gameplay and represent the requirements for completing certain actions the required number of times (for example, upgrade the magatama 10 times or complete the story campaign quests five times). Here you can get a lot of coins, sources of BP and even gems. Weekly missions button - list sign on the main screen.

Game achievements. Click on the cup button on the main screen to go to the menu of your game achievements. All of them are divided into 4 categories:

To receive a reward for an achievement, click the checkmark button next to its name. By completing the conditions of any achievement, you get points and fill up the achievement points scale. When the bar reaches the current limit, you will advance in the rank of achievements and collect another additional prize.

How to protect your account? Account linking is necessary to save your game progress in case of technical failures. In addition, linking allows you to transfer your progress to another device. We recommend that you link in the first days of the game in order to secure your data forever. To link (sync) an account:

  1. Select the button with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen;
  2. Select the menu item "Manage Account";
  3. Select "Link Account";
  4. Specify your preferred linking method (Google Play Account, Line Account, or Facebook Account).

Game settings. Select the button with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen and open the "Settings" section to set your preferred game settings for a comfortable game. Here you can adjust the quality of graphics, camera options, the speed of text movement on the screen, as well as the displayed game notifications (for events and replenishment of AP stocks).

If you are an active player, it is recommended that you allow all notifications to be displayed in order to always stay up to date with what is happening in the game.

Event for beginners "Welcome!"

This event is held only at the beginning of the game and provides an opportunity for novice players to receive good and valuable rewards for their first steps in Action Taimanin. The event is divided into 7 days and provides 2 types of gifts: rewards for completing the tasks of the day and rewards for completing all the tasks of the day (horizontal line).

Day 1. Tasks:

Day 2. Tasks:

Day 3. Tasks:

Day 4. Tasks:

Day 5. Tasks:

Day 6. Tasks:

Day 7. Tasks:

Action Taimanin: Guide to weapons and their leveling

General. Weapons are exclusive items for your characters that are used in battles. When equipping a weapon, you increase the attack and crit parameters of the heroine who uses it. The value of a weapon depends on its rarity and level. Weapons above normal rarity have additional passive skills that last throughout the battle, and ultra rare weapons have active skills that can be activated with power points gained during the battle.

Primary and secondary weapons. After level 20, a character can equip primary and secondary weapons. The main weapon provides 100% of the listed bonuses in addition to the passive and active weapon skills. Equipped secondary weapons provide an increase in attack and crit stats for that weapon. At the same time, the skills of the additional weapon remain unchanged, only the numerical indicators of its characteristics change.

How to get weapons? Weapons can be obtained from gacha packages, events, and limited promotions for donators.

The rarity of the weapon. Weapons have 4 rarities: N (common), R (rare), SR (super rare) and UR (ultra rare). The higher the rarity of the weapon, the more benefit it gives when used.

Weapon equipment. Each weapon has a built-in attribute that determines which character can equip it. Accordingly, each heroine can use only certain weapons intended for her. The weapon is on a separate tab in your inventory.

How to increase the level of weapons? The level of weapons can be increased either in the weapons complex, or with the help of upgrade stones. There are three types of improvement stones: small, medium and large. Get them in game activities, when completing certain daily tasks, in item boxes and in events. Leveling up a weapon increases its attack and crit stats.

Upgrade calculations. The use of Enhancement Stones requires a cost according to the following formula: weapon level x 100 coins for each Enhancement Stone, no matter what kind of stone is used. Example: Upgrading a level 1 weapon that is enhanced with 10 upgrade stones at once will cost 1000 coins if gems of low or high quality (or mixed) are used.

Upgrading weapon skills. Combine a weapon with an identical duplicate up to four times to increase your weapon skill to a maximum of 5. Combining and leveling the skill increases the weapon’s base attack and crit values, and increases passive skill effects by +25% each time, up to a maximum of +100% ( double effectiveness).

Some UR-rarity weapons have additional passive benefits when activated in combat. These advantages can give a greater boost to a character’s offensive or defensive abilities.

Demonites. Combining weapons to improve proficiency can be avoided by having Demonites. Daemonites come with two rarities, SR and UR, and increase weapon skill by 1. These are very rare items that are rarely given out during special holidays and in-game events. UR daemonites can be used to upgrade exclusive limited UR-rarity weapons without using duplicate weapons (which are sometimes nearly impossible to obtain).

Forging weapons. You can only forge weapons that have reached the maximum level of pumping or the level limit of the weapon. Forging can be done twice for each weapon. Thanks to forging, the characteristics of the weapon will drop to the values ​​of the base level 1, but at the same time, the maximum level of its pumping will be increased. Forged weapons will end up with higher maximum attack and crit stats, as well as an additional magatama slot.

Forging cost. The cost of forging increases depending on the rarity of the weapon and the level of the forge. Weapons gain a new maximum level at each forge level. Each forge level requires more upgrade materials, not counting the amount of resources used to upgrade a weapon to its current maximum level. Base N-rarity weapons cannot be reforged.

Weapon Enchantment. The characteristics of a weapon can go beyond its maximum leveling limit if enchanted. At the same time, the characteristics increase at a rate of 5% for each enchantment attempt, reaching a maximum enchantment level of 15, which in general provides a 75% increase in weapon characteristics. The higher the enchantment level, the lower the chance of successfully enchanting to the next level. You start casting an enchantment with a 100% chance at 1st level and end with a 25% chance at the final 15th level.

Enchantment elements. For enchantment, cutting fluids and special items are used: turquoise, azure and crimson elements of various rarities. They can be created in the production shop, obtained by completing secret quests, in boxes with gifts, as well as by disassembling weapons. Each dismantled weapon yields cutting fluids and elements. Their quantity and quality depends on the rarity and attribute of the weapon. For example, disassembling Ray yields turquoise Elements (SR), while disassembling Onibimura yields Crimson Elements (UR). Dismantling a UR weapon gives UR elements based on their attribute color. The same goes for SR/R/N weapons.

Enchantment conditions. Each enchantment requires materials to perform the action. The enchant cost is determined by the rarity type of the weapon you are trying to enchant, with UR weapons requiring UR elements of the same attribute color. If the enchantment fails, the used materials are not restored. That is why the maximum increase in the level of weapon enchantment will be very expensive due to the cost of resources.

Action Taimanin: Magatham Guide

Concept. Magatama are items that can be equipped on weapons and thus increase the strength of the character. When used on equipped weapons, magatams provide some stats that depend on their type. Magathams can be transferred from one weapon to another, pumped and sold.

Where to get magatama? Magatama can be obtained in some chapters of the main quests, in gold traps, in the magatama arena and in the Time Attack quests.

Rarity and types. Magathams come in normal (N), rare (R) and super rare (SR) rarities. There are 4 types of magatam that correspond to the characteristics of the character.


Magatama action. The magatama must be equipped on the weapon the character is using in order to have any effect on it. The magatama used can change two things for a hero: the equipment stat modifier (the second green number of the character’s status value) and percentage modifiers for combat values.

How to improve magatama? To upgrade magatams, combine them with each other. At the same time, you can combine magatama of different colors, rarity and level, that is, without any restrictions. As a result of the union, magathams gain "experience" and increase their rarity. When leveling a magatama, you spend coins, the required amount of which is determined by the rarity of the target magatama. The higher the rarity of the item, the more coins you will spend on the next upgrade.

The base leveling cost in gold does not depend on the color, rarity or level of the magatama used to upgrade. That is, leveling with a regular magatama will cost you the same amount of gold as leveling with a super rare magatama.

Magatam polishing. Magatama who reached lvl. 5/5 cannot continue to improve without polishing. Buffing will increase the leveling limit, as well as randomly assign a combat effect to the magatama based on its color and a randomized percentage value for that combat effect. A randomly assigned combat effect can be rerolled using the "Modifications: Reset" option. Any magatama can be polished five times for a maximum of five 5 additional combat effects. The cost of materials and the number of coins to polish are determined by the rarity of the magatama and the number of previous polishes.

Reset magats. Resetting a polished magatama changes the single combat effect, re-rolling the effect type and its percentage value. Resetting requires the magatama to be polished. After paying the reset, you will be able to choose which combat effect to apply to the magatama. Combat buffs can be reset multiple times until you run out of available resources. The discard cost is determined by the rarity of the magatama.

Action Taimanin: Secrets of Using Supporters

Who are the supporters? Supporters are the heroes of the Taimanin universe, who give an increase to the HP and DEF parameters of the fighter they are assigned to. The value of the increase is determined by the rarity and level of the follower. Supporters also provide passive and active benefits to your fighter, offering him the use of additional support or offensive abilities in battle.

How to get supporters? The main way to get new supporters is through gacha games. They can also be obtained through select in-game events and limited paid packages.

Rarity of supporters. Supporters have 3 types of rarity: R (rare), SR (super rare) and UR (ultra rare). The higher the rarity, the more interesting and useful things the supporter can provide to the player. Supporters can also be divided into 3 types: protection, suppression and support.

Supporters equipment. Each of your characters can equip 3 supporters at once. At the same time, equipment of the same supporters is not allowed. A supporter can only be attached to one character. If you want to equip it on another fighter, then first detach the supporter from the previous Taimanin and only then assign it to the new one. Depending on the combination of equipped supporters, the character’s skills can be upgraded and enhanced. For specific information on how a supporter’s attribute affects a character’s skills, go to their personal page in the game.

Slots of supporters. There are 2 types of slots for supporters: one main and two auxiliary. A supporter in the main slot grants all of their stats directly to the character, while supporters in the auxiliary slots grant the character a scaled percentage of their HP and DEF stats.

How to level up supporters? The level of the supporter can be increased through the use of special items - strategic guides. Get strategic guidance across multiple game modes, specific daily quests, item boxes, and events. Increasing the level of a supporter increases his HP and DEF parameters. Strategic guidelines are of three types:

Upgrade calculations. Supporter leveling costs are calculated according to the scheme: supporter level x 100 coins for the used strategic guidance, regardless of what type of it is used. Example: leveling a level 1 supporter, boosted by 10 strategy guides at once, will cost 1000 coins if all guides used are low or high quality (or mixed).

All Followers receive an increased permanent increase to their stats as they level up their skills. This encourages upgrading supporter skills to increase characters’ HP and DEF. The statistics of subordinate supporters are reduced by a certain percentage. This percentage can be lowered (meaning you gain more stats) depending on the follower’s rarity, awakening level, and skill level.

Pumping the skills of supporters. To upgrade a Follower skill, you need to combine it with four cards of an identical Follower. You can upgrade the skill up to 5 times. In doing so, you will receive an increase in the supporter’s base HP and DEF, as well as an increase in the effect of his passive skill by +25% per leveling, up to +100% at the last level (double effectiveness).

An alternative way to enhance the skills of supporters is to use nanomachines. Nanomachines come in two rarities, SR and UR, which immediately increase a supporter’s skill by 1. These are very rare items that are rarely given out during special holidays and in-game events. UR-rarity nanomachines can improve the skills of exclusive and limited UR-rarity supporters, whose card duplicates are almost impossible to obtain.

Supporter’s active skill. Supporters of SR and UR rarity have their own unique active skill that can be used during combat. To do this, you need to install this supporter in the main slot, and during the battle, click on his avatar at the right time. Some UR-rarity proponents have additional passive skills built into their active skills.

As a result, they provide an even greater boost to a character’s offensive or defensive abilities. A follower’s active skill can be used multiple times during combat when it’s not on cooldown. The effects of active skills are improved when the character awakens, a maximum of 2 times, and increase by 50% each time, up to 100% (double effectiveness).

Supporter’s passive skill. The passive skills of each equipped supporter are fully active, regardless of primary or secondary position in the slots. They can be upgraded by fusing identical cards of that supporter, up to a maximum skill level of 5. Each skill level increase will also improve the effect of the skill by 25%, up to a maximum of 200% (double effectiveness).

The awakening of a supporter. Awakening can only be done for those supporters who have reached the maximum level of pumping or the level limit of the supporter. Each supporter can go through the awakening procedure twice. As a result of the awakening, the characteristics of the supporter will drop to the base level 1, but at the same time, the maximum limit of his pumping will be increased. Accordingly, the awakened supporters will eventually have increased HP and DEF parameters. Also, upon awakening, efficiency increases and the active skill of the supporter improves.

Pumping the level of intimacy with a supporter. When you win battles with a follower who has been equipped or used in facilities, you increase their level of affinity with you. Upon reaching certain levels of affinity, you will receive gems as a reward. When the intimacy level reaches 5, a special supporter scene will be unlocked, showing an additional episode with him. There is one such scene for every SR and UR rarity advocate.

Supporter Charm. The characteristics of a supporter may go beyond his maximum leveling when performing an enchantment. A successful enchantment increases a follower’s stats by 5%, up to 75% at max enchantment level 15. The higher the level of enchantment, the lower the probability of its subsequent successful implementation. The chance is reduced from 100% at enchantment level 1 to 25% at the last 15th level.

To carry out the enchantment of supporters, you will need spheres and ritual bells. They can be crafted in the workshop, obtained from secret quests or item boxes, or by dismantling followers. Each dismantled follower yields Ritual Bells and Orbs (their exact number depends on the follower’s rarity and attribute). For example, dismantling Shido Rinka yields Crimson Orbs (SR), while disassembling Tekkain Kaworu yields Turquoise Orbs (UR).

Parsing UR-quality proponents yields UR orbs based on their attribute color. It’s the same with SR/R spheres.

Enchantment cost. The enchant cost is determined by the rarity type of the follower you are trying to enchant. However, UR-rarity adherents require the UR orbs of their adherent attribute. If an enchantment fails, the materials used are not returned, making it very costly to max out a supporter’s enchantment level.

formation of supporters. Formation of supporters is a system that gives you more passive and active gain from using them. In order to activate the formation, you need to have certain followers, upgrade them to the maximum level and reach the maximum proximity indicators with them. Activating the formation grants you HP boosts. If you set the active formation as an active battle formation, you will also receive additional active buffs in battle.

You can have only one active supporter formation, but receive all passive effects from other inactive formations.

Action Taimanin: All About Emblems

Concept. The coat of arms is a PvP-only item that gives buffs to the team of characters participating in the arena battle. The coats of arms have the same colors as the magatama: green, red, blue and yellow. One coat of arms can have several buffs, one of which can be active during the battle in the arena. The positive effects that the arena team receives from emblems can stack and provide additional bonuses.

How to get emblems? Coats of arms can be purchased at the arena store using arena coins. To do this, go to the battle arena lobby and click "Arena Shop". There are up to three coats of arms for each of the four color types.

The use of coats of arms. All your coats of arms are stored in a separate section of the inventory. You can use any of the available crests by selecting the one in your inventory and clicking "Equip Crest" to provide buffs to your team in 3v3 battles in the arena. Upon purchase, emblems are assigned from one to three (1-3) unique buffs. No buff can be assigned twice to the same coat of arms. The number of buffs is constant for the coat of arms after it is created. Each coat of arms buff is assigned a random initial value. Each of his buffs has a maximum value.

Buff improvements. The initial percentage of coat of arms buffs can be increased in the "Explore coat of arms" menu ("Update" button). You can upgrade buff values ​​up to ten (10) times per Crest. At the same time, pumping can lead to the fact that the values ​​​​of the positive effects of the coat of arms will exceed the initial limits of the values ​​u200bu200bof the coat of arms.

You can reset the counter of coat of arms upgrade attempts on the study screen by clicking the "Reset Emblem Upgrades" button. The reset resets the buff gain counter to zero, and the buffs of the coat of arms return to their initial values.

Game mechanics. You can use up to three coats of arms to strengthen your team in the arena. Equipping multiple Crests with the same Buff activates an additional buff value bonus for all equipped Crests.

Action Taimanin: Costumes, their types and meaning

Why are costumes needed? In Action Taimanin, costumes not only change the appearance of the characters, but also increase their performance. These stats become permanent after purchasing the costume, even if the character is not wearing it.

How to get new costumes? Most costumes can be purchased at the store for gems. There are also special limited costumes that can only be purchased during special events or in premium packs.

Costume coloring. Some costumes can be dyed with Ghost Dye, allowing players to create their own unique costume colors. You can dye: base costumes, robes, Gosha Academy costumes, Time Trainers, Gosha Maids, Bunny Girls, Slice of Life costumes, Secret Garden costumes, Idol costumes, June Brides, and Friendship costumes.

Basic suits. These are the original costumes that the characters are wearing when purchased. Doesn’t provide additional stat upgrades.

Suits from the store. These costume sets can be found in the store under the Costumes tab. All of them give additional bonuses to the characteristics of the character and are constantly active, regardless of whether the suit is equipped. Types of costumes and increases to the characteristics:

Some of the costumes in the store packs can be purchased outside of the "Costumes" tab.

Limited suits. Limited costumes only appear for a short period of time, during certain holidays or celebrations. Once a costume set is removed from the store, it cannot be purchased in any other way until it (possibly) returns to the offer list again. Any limited costume can always be seen in the costume collection, but it will not be available for purchase. Limited costumes also provide additional bonuses to stats that are always active whether the character is wearing them or not.

Action Taimanin: Object Guide

Where are the objects located and what are they for? Objects are premises (territories), thanks to which you can additionally upgrade your characters or weapons, thereby increasing your combat power. To go to the objects, press the small button with footprints in the lower left corner of the screen and select the territory you need from the list. Objects are unlocked upon reaching the required ranks of the player. There are currently 8 properties:

How to open new objects? When you reach the desired rank, you will see a notification about the possibility of unlocking a new object (indicated by a red dot next to the name of the object). Tap on it and complete the unlock by paying the required amount of coins. After a short tutorial from the game, you will be able to start using the object.

1. Skills Training Center. An object where your Taimanins earn skill points. The Skill Training Center has 15 general upgrade levels, with each level increasing the amount of skill points gained. Leveling in the Center is possible when the player reaches the required rank. Taimanins located in the Center can still participate in battles. To assign a fighter to the Skill Training Center, go to the facility and select the desired Taimanin from the list. The process of obtaining skill points will begin immediately, its base time is 4 hours.

Install supporters to reduce skill learning time. The total reduction time is calculated based on the rarity of the supporters, their level of awakening and the level of experience. For example, a supporter of Todo Sayako can significantly increase the amount of skill points earned. You can also use special accelerators to complete the training instantly.

Since the upper limit of total skill points for a Taimanin is 50,000, only assign Taimanin with a lower skill point to the Skill Training Center. Any skill points gained will never exceed the 50,000 limit, so you will simply lose them.

2. Experience learning center. An object where your Taimanins earn experience points. The Experience Learning Center has 15 general levels, which become available as the player ranks up. Each new level increases the amount of experience gained. Taimanins located in the Center can still be used in other activities of the game.

Reduce the time spent by the Taimanins at the facility by installing supporters. The higher the rarity and level of the supporter, the more time spent in the training center of experience he will be able to reduce. A follower of Kiryu Kaoruko can significantly increase the amount of experience gained in the Center. Accelerators can also be used to instantly complete experience training.

3. Workshop. The workshop is a building for crafting items. Here you can combine groups of items to get new items of higher quality. The workshop has 5 levels of improvement, which become available as the player ranks up. The higher the workshop level, the more crafting recipes become available to you. In addition, pumping the workshop contributes to the opening of new crafting slots, a maximum of three slots. This allows you to craft more items at the same time.

You can initiate the production of up to 50 items of the desired products, if you have the necessary materials for this. To reduce crafting time, use supporters. Using a supporter of Mizuno Ai as a booster greatly reduces the crafting time of any items. To instantly complete the crafting procedure, use accelerators.

4. Weapons complex. The weapon complex is a facility where you can increase the level of weapon experience. The weapon complex has 5 stages of improvement, each of which increases the number of slots for upgrading weapons. So, after upgrading the weapons complex, you can open additional slots to increase the level of weapons, a maximum of three slots.

By installing supporters, the total remaining upgrade time in the complex can be reduced depending on the rarity of such a character, their awakening level and experience level. For example, the character Suo Mikoto can significantly increase the amount of weapon experience gained in the weapons complex. You also have the right to use special boosters that instantly complete the process of pumping in the weapons complex.

Weapons located in the weapons complex cannot be equipped for combat. Only by removing a weapon from a slot in the complex can it be activated on Taimanin.

5. Exchange office. The Exchange is a facility that can convert weapons and supporters of a certain rarity to another weapon or supporters of the same rarity, with a chance to convert them to weapons and supporters of a higher rarity:

The exchange office has three levels of improvement, which open as the player’s rank increases. The higher the level of the exchange office, the more slots for converting become available to you. To reduce conversion time, use supporters. At the same time, the conversion time that they are able to reduce will depend on their rarity, level of awakening and level of experience. Accelerators can be used to instantly complete the conversion procedure.

You can convert exclusive weapons and supporters that can only be purchased in special events. However, there are certain weapons and supporters that cannot be converted. These include items exclusive to the Miles Store, Arena Store, Limited Gacha, and Premium Packs.

6. Control room. From the control room, you send supporters on missions for which rewards are issued. The control room has five upgrade levels, which become available to unlock at the respective player ranks. The level of the control room determines how many missions you can perform at the same time (maximum five). To start the mission, place the desired supporters in the appropriate slots. Please note that supporters of the required colors are required for each mission.

After placing supporters, click "Dispatch". Missions in the control room are ranked by stars. The more stars a mission has, the more valuable prize you will receive for completing it. To complete the mission ahead of schedule and immediately collect rewards, use boosters. Supporters engaged in missions can continue to be used in other game activities. Each supporter can only complete one mission at a time.

Upgrade missions for gems to get the opportunity to knock out a high-ranking mission with valuable prizes. To update the proposed mission, click the button with rounded arrows in the mission line.

7. Storage room. This is a facility with 3 unique warehouses that provide stocks of important in-game items. The storage room has 3 upgrade levels. Once levels are unlocked, you can unlock available item slots, up to a maximum of three slots. The number of items given out depends on the number of Taimanins you have assigned. All warehouses have the same character limit, meaning you can have no more than 10 Taimanins active at the same time, no matter how many warehouses are open. Items in stock:

8. Private room. In this room you can get creative and create your own albums with your Taimanins and monsters. Buy new room themes with gems, paint costumes, set the position of characters’ figures, shoot videos and share your screenshots.

Action Taimanin: Main Campaign Walkthrough

Concept and structure. The campaign reveals the plot of the game. This is the first activity with which you start playing Action Taimanin. Unlocking other important game modes depends on the progress of the campaign. In the battles of the campaign, you get various upgrade resources, medals, coins, and experience to increase the player’s rank and the level of your character. The campaign is divided into chapters. Each chapter includes a set of 5 missions - sections.

Difficulty passing. The campaign has 3 difficulty modes: easy, normal and hard. By default, only the easy mode is open to you. Other modes are unlocked as you progress in easy (basic) mode. For example, normal mode is unlocked when you complete chapter 2 of the campaign on easy mode. The higher the difficulty of passing the battles in the campaign, the more valuable rewards you can win.

conditions for a successful call. Each mission of the campaign has conditions by which the success of its passage is evaluated. When you fulfill this condition, you get a star. The higher the difficulty of passing, the more conditions the mission has. For example, in the beginning missions of the campaign in easy mode, you only need to fulfill one condition - to complete the quest itself. There are more conditions in missions at normal and hard difficulty levels: in order to successfully pass, you need to complete the sweep in the allotted time and are allowed to lose only a given amount of HP. You can only move on to the next mission when you successfully complete the previous one.

Do not try to pass the mission over and over again in which you lose. It is best to level up your fighter and improve his skills in order to increase the CP and enter the battle strong and prepared.

AR consumption. Campaign battles consume AP (stamina). Moreover, the higher the difficulty of passing, the more AP you will spend. When you lose or exit combat, you don’t spend AP. The maximum limit of available AP depends on your player rank. AR heals itself over time. Additional reserves of AP can be obtained by using gems or special items.

Preparatory screen. Before the beginning of the battle in the campaign, you go to the preparation screen with data about your fighter and squad of supporters. Below is information about the rewards and the percentage chance of receiving them. On the right side of the screen, you can see the objectives of the mission and the reward that you will receive upon successful completion. To start the battle, click "Start".

Replay campaign missions you’ve already unlocked and double your stamina rewards for more rewards. This is a great way to quickly level up a player’s rank and collect the necessary loot. You can set the required number of missions for passing on the preparatory screen of the battle.

Special rewards for completing the campaign. Press the "Pass" button on the main screen of the game and go to the "Story Pass" section. Here you can get bonus rewards for completing campaign chapters. Similar to the rank-up rewards, special rewards are divided into two sections: standard and special, available when activating the premium pass for donation. Rewards include premium currency, AP potion, operational plans, etc. Claim your rewards on time! In total, there are 19 prizes from each section - for completing each of the 19 chapters of the story campaign.

Action Taimanin: Complete daily quests

Concept. Daily quests open after completing Chapter 2 of the campaign. These are battles associated with obtaining various game resources and pumping materials. Represented by 4 main types, as well as a secret quest. Each category of quests has three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. To gain access to the next level of difficulty of the quest, you need to complete the previous level. The higher the difficulty level, the more prestigious rewards you can get in each type of quest. Battles in daily quests consume AP (when you win a battle).

Quest types. Daily quests are:

Features of battles. Battles in daily quests follow the standard rules, except that they are limited by a time limit. You need to defeat all waves of enemies and the boss before this time expires. If you do not meet the limit, the mission will be considered failed. For completing all activity quests, up to and including the hard difficulty level, you get access to a secret quest with special rewards.

Action Taimanin: Battle Arena Combat Guide

Concept. Battle Arena is a PvP game mode. The battle arena will automatically unlock when the "Data Gathering" in the prologue reaches 100%. Higher complexity gives you more data. Repeating chapters also allows you to retrieve data.

Arena rank. There are 4 ranks in the arena:

Each rank, from bronze to gold, has a scale from 1 to 10. To advance to the next division of the scale, you need to get 200 points on the previous one. When you completely fill your current rank bar, you move on to the next rank.

arena seasons. Each arena season lasts a week and starts at 00:01 every Monday, ending at 22:00 every Sunday. After the end of the season, you will receive rewards based on the rank you have reached. Winning streaks or winning a match against a player whose team CP is higher than yours gives you more points. When you lose, you lose your points. However, your total score will not fall below the minimum score requirement for your current rank.

Battle score and arena coin. If you win the match, your battle is counted as completed, and you are rewarded with arena coins. The more matches you win, the more arena coins you get.

Arena shop. Exchange received arena coins in the arena store. Here you can purchase various upgrade materials, weapons, currency for gacha, etc. As you rank up in the Arena, you will unlock the Arena Premium Shop with more rare and valuable items. Meanwhile, the offers of the base store will always be available to you.

Holding matches. To start a battle in the battle arena, click the "Matchmaking" button in the lobby, pay gold and spend BP. All matches are played in auto-mode, including automatically applying support skills. However, you can manually use "Greeting" which will give you certain buffs (like movement speed, health regeneration, etc.). The more win streaks you have, the stronger the team CP of your opponents will be.

Formation of a battle party. You need to form a fighting party that will fight in the arena. By default, these battles require 3 characters. However, it is possible to visit the battle arena with fewer characters. You have 3 slots for your squad members: slot 1, slot 2, and a commander slot. The next slot cannot be filled if you have an empty previous slot. Click on the rounded arrows in the lower right corner of the slot to assign the desired character to the party. In the same way, you can change the character in the party.

If you have less than 3 characters, first assign a hero to slot 3 (commander slot), and only then select a hero to slot 2.

Action Taimanin: Participation in special modes

Concept. Special modes are mini-games where you can get gems and various amounts of coins. The choice of mini-games is random. After passing the test, there is a 6-hour cooldown period, during which the mini-games become inaccessible. Use the Reset Chip to instantly complete the cooldown and resume the game again.

AP/BP consumption. You spend stamina when you successfully complete a mini-game. When you leave the game or refuse it, stamina is not consumed.

Characters in special modes. In special modes, you play certain fixed characters. If this character is already in your collection, he will be wearing the costume you equipped him with. If the mini-game character is not in your collection, he will be dressed in a basic costume.

Mini-game "Full speed ahead"

The first minigame where you play as Igawa Asagi. You need to control the motorcycle on which the heroine is sitting and avoid obstacles. Along the way there are coins that you must collect. Accordingly, the more distance you can drive, the more coins you get. In the challenge, you have 3 lives - they are indicated by three hearts in the upper left corner of the screen.

Every time you fail to avoid an obstacle in your path, your life is deducted. In addition, when you take damage, you gain a short "Invincibility Surge", during which you will not lose life, even if you again collide with an obstacle. The game ends when you lose all 3 lives. The final reward of the event is calculated by the distance you managed to overcome and the lives spent.

During the race, useful boosters can also come across on your way: hearts, magnets and nitro boosts. If you manage to get a heart, you will recover 1 lost life (if you have the maximum number of lives at this moment, the item will not work). If you manage to get a magnet, you will be able to attract coins to you as you move along the track. If you manage to get a nitro boost, you will be able to accelerate on the track without the risk of crashing into an obstacle and losing a life.

Mini-game "Tiring in Gosh"

You play as Mizuki Yukikaze. During the mini-game, you have to shoot at various targets (balloons, melons, etc.) that are thrown by Aisha Hebiko (left) and Uehara Shikanosuke (right). Each target hit gives you points, and the amount varies depending on the type of target. The maximum you can score is 5000 points. The challenge will end either when the game time is up or when you have reached the maximum score.

During the game, two sights and two buttons for activating shots on the left and right appear on the screen. Accordingly, if you press the right button, you shoot at the place where the red sight is captured. If you press the left button, you shoot at the left crosshair lock. If you miss, you will have some time to recover from the side of the miss, and then you can shoot from that side again. The target’s trajectory does not change uniformly, but the reticle automatically adjusts vertically to match the target’s height.

The reticle turns green when it needs to be shot at. As you make accurate shots, you accumulate combos and start getting more points due to the increase in the value of the targets hit. The more combos, the faster the targets move, and the more points you score. If you miss, you will break the combo streak and reset the target cost calculation to base value. For completing the entire mini-game without errors, you can get 999 coins and gems.

Action Taimanin: Conclusion

In Action Taimanin, seductive girls fight crime, eliminate terrorists, and carry out secret missions to protect world order. In general, the game includes the main components of its genre: a wide variety of heroes, the possibility of obtaining them in the gacha, a structured story campaign, the presence of PvE and PvP activities where you can get a lot of rewards and move up in the rankings. Pretty women can buy new outfits, place them in a private room and equip it in their own way. Pros of the game:

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