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AdVenture Ages WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

AdVenture Ages is a simulation game from Hyper Hippo. You are a time traveler who finds himself in the distant past. Now it is up to you to restore the centuries-old history and re-learn the most important milestones in the development of ancient civilizations. Various outstanding personalities from different eras will help you - Spartacus, Napoleon, Henry Ford and many others. The game offers convenient and simple gameplay, good visual design and the option of accumulating passive income. Also, temporary events are often held here, where new resources and good rewards await you.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Rank up and complete missions
  3. How to get people?
  4. Hero Guide
  5. Pod Features
  6. All About Spec Ops
  7. Participation in temporary events
  8. Historical Pass and Purchases
  9. Your Account
  10. Conclusion

AdVenture Ages: Beginner’s Guide

What should be done in the game? AdVenture Ages is an Idle game in the "classic" style, the continuation of the "AdVenture" series of games. You need to invest profits in different development epochs in order to increase your overall profitability. The ultimate goal of the game is to get as much profit as possible. In the performance of game tasks, heroes will help you, who constantly automate your production and give other bonuses.

Epochs. An era in a game is a set of resources with a common theme. Each age consists of a base resource and at least 10 levels of production resources. The game has five eras: the Bronze Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Age and the Atomic Age. The first level generator produces the resources of the current era (the first of them is a weapon). Each next level of the generator in the industry produces the resources of the previous level (for example, chariots produce gladiators). List of generators by era:

What is industry cost? Restoring each era will require resources. Press the information button (i) to find out the exact cost of each resource you want to purchase. For extended data, you can press the info button to see the resource’s full stats, including production, hero, and current upgrades.

Use the power of your heroes. Upgrade them with discounts to reduce resource costs.

Can I press and hold generators to get resources? Yes! You can now press and hold generators to constantly generate resources from them. Note that this only applies to generators that have not yet been automated with heroes. To use the "Press and hold" feature, click on the generator icon.

How to get XP? XP is a key condition for increasing your age. You can get XP:

Experience is earned every time the collected amount of a resource reaches the power of 10 (i.e. 10, 100, 1000, 10000, etc.). The amount earned depends on what era the resource is in: 1 - bronze, 2 - medieval, 3 - renaissance, 4 - industrial and 5 - atomic. To collect earned XP, simply click on the resource icon. The amount of XP ready to be collected for a particular resource will be displayed in a bubble above the resource icon.

What is the "Buy 1%" option? Agents can enable the "Buy 1%" option in the settings menu. Using "Buy 1%" will ensure that you have enough people for all your eras. To make this adjustment, tap the "Settings" icon - turn on "Buy 1%". Once the option is enabled, you will be able to choose x1, 1%, 10%, 50% or MAX multipliers. The "Buy 1%" option is good for optimizing the spending of your people.

What is a buy multiplier? Purchasing resources allows you to increase your productivity. To buy new resources, simply click the "Buy" button under the desired type of resource. If the "Buy" button is dimmed, it means that at the moment you do not have enough funds to buy. Set the number of resource purchases using the multiplier in the upper right corner of the screen. So, you can choose:

Use resource purchase options depending on your game time. So, the "Max" option will be most appropriate when you get out of a long offline and have a lot of new people on your account.

Why do we need power saving mode and low quality mode? These options can help optimize your gaming experience.

How to set up or turn off the sound? To disable sounds and music in the game:

  1. Click on the settings icon (top right);
  2. Move the volume sliders for music and sound effects as you like.

Gems. Gems are the key to the restoration of the ages. They can be spent on Time Warps, Experience and Capsules in events and in the main game. Gems can be earned by opening capsules and participating in events. You can also buy them in the store.

Advertising. Why is she important? Watch ads to get powerful bonuses and boosters. So, advertising gives:

AdVenture Ages: Rank up and complete missions

Why do you need a rank? Rank is a measure of a player’s progress in AdVenture Ages. To advance to the next rank, you need to complete a certain number of missions. A capsule is given as a reward for each rank increase. At the moment, the maximum rank is 140. Meanwhile, the game provides a hero that opens at rank 150, so it can be assumed that over time the ranks will be expanded.

The required number of missions to complete depends on the current rank. With the exception of the first few ranks, the total number of missions available in each rank is always three more than the total number of missions required to rank up. This difference makes it possible to skip missions that would take a very long time to complete.

Consequences of rank up. When promoted to the next rank, all eras except the Bronze Age are locked, all resources except for one Gladiator are removed, all earned people are reset, and all population improvements are reset. Gems, experience, hero levels and collected cards remain intact. All unclaimed XP and mission rewards are also automatically collected when you rank up.

Missions. Missions are tasks that the player must complete in order to receive a reward, usually a capsule. To reach a new rank, you must complete a certain number of missions. For each completed mission, you will receive a wooden capsule or a concrete capsule, and for the rank itself, you will receive a rank-up capsule. Some missions are also rewarded with gems or XP.

How many missions do you need to complete to increase your rank? Most ranks require three missions more than you need to rank up. These are optional bonus missions that can be completed for extra capsules or skipped depending on your preference. These extra missions can also give you the opportunity to skip a particularly uninteresting or difficult mission you may have encountered earlier while leveling up (e.g. leveling up heroes when all your heroes cost 20,000+ XP to upgrade).

AdVenture Ages: How to get people?

Meaning. People are the main currency in the game and the most important resource. People are being produced every second. The number of people produced per second can be increased by improving weapons, knowledge, art, technology and science. The nth upgrade in each category costs 5x(10^3n), so the first upgrade in each category costs 5000 of that item, the second is 5M, the third is 5B, and so on.

The amount of production of additional people per second can be increased by purchasing heroes. People and people per second values ​​are reset when a new rank is reached.

Buying resources. All resources that can be bought in the game cost people, except for XP and gems. Bronze Age resources cost 1, Medieval 2, Renaissance 3, Industrial Age 4, and Atomic Age 5.

How to get even more people? Once you pass the first few ranks, you will spend many days waiting for people to be recruited for the next missions. It is strongly recommended that you update "Update XXX gives additional population growth" as soon as you can. Upgrade higher level heroes (like Franklin D. Roosevelt for science) if you have more than one hero to choose from. While you’ll be buying population growth with weapons more often, the population multiplier for higher levels more than makes up for the lower amount of purchases.

People and updates. Restoring the balance of time begins with the restoration of the population. As more and more people return to their timeline, you can unlock Ages and produce resources to complete your missions. As the population grows, you will be able to "upgrade" your time machine, which will help you earn even more people. Tap the "Upgrades" icon in the lower left corner of the screen to get new people every second.

Want to upgrade even faster? Switch between "X1" and "Max" to collect all trades with one click, or trade one trade at a time.

AdVenture Ages: Hero Guide

Who are the heroes? Heroes are one of the most important resources in the game. Thanks to them, you automate production in industries and get new unique improvements. Unlike managers from AdVenture Capitalist and researchers from AdVenture Communist, Heroes are represented here by historical figures and mythological figures. At the moment there are 99 heroes in the game. 5 heroes (epic/orange) can only be obtained by reaching the required threshold in events.

To unlock more heroes and increase their rank, complete the current game missions.

Hero types. There are 9 different types of heroes in terms of the bonuses they provide:

Why are some of my heroes blocked? Some heroes cannot be unlocked until you level up. Some even exceed the maximum rank. Do not worry. New ranks coming soon - this is just a small hint of what’s to come.

How to pump heroes? Upgrade the received heroes to improve their abilities. This is a must for any time traveler wishing to restore the timeline. Getting multiple hero cards will allow you to promote him with XP. The number of cards that need to be collected for the next hero upgrade is indicated in its information window. When you have enough experience and have collected enough cards, you will see a blue flame on the hero icon. This indicates that you can improve it right now.

The higher the leveling of the hero, the more experience you will need to further improve it.

Historical hero. The historical hero gives a bonus to all eras. These heroes are very hard to find. The easiest way to get them at the end of the game is to save up 40,000 XP to buy them in the store when the corresponding offers come up for sale. Historical Hero cards cost 5k XP and require 2 cards. Level 3 costs 20k XP and requires 5 cards. Level 4 costs 50k XP and requires 10 cards. Level 5 costs 100k XP and requires 20 cards.

Who are epic heroes? Agents that move up the ranks and do well in events have a great opportunity to collect exclusive epic heroes to use in their base game. Epic heroes returning to your main game add a 20% chance to get resources from wood and concrete capsules. Upgrade these heroes to increase the output of resources from capsules. There are 5 epic heroes in total: one for each resource.

What are the maximum levels of heroes? Each hero card has a maximum level, which depends on the rarity of the hero. Here is the breakdown:

What happens after pumping a hero to its maximum level? Agents who have upgraded heroes to the maximum continue to draw upgraded cards from capsules. All of them will be converted to XP. Here’s what you can expect:

How to swap your heroes? Many agents want to change the hero they are using in order to increase production, but this is not necessary. Once you unlock and find the right heroes, their promotion is automatically applied to your game. We repeat: there is no need to change heroes.

Heroes of the Bronze Age

Heroes of the Middle Ages

Heroes of the Renaissance

Heroes of the Industrial Age

Heroes of the Atomic Age

AdVenture Ages: Pod Features

What are capsules? Capsules are rewards containing experience, gems, and hero cards. They come in varying rarities and can be obtained from free capsules, as mission rewards, as event rewards, as special operation rewards, by ranking up, or by purchasing them from the store.

Free capsules. Free capsules are capsules obtained for free every 4 hours in a sequential cycle and opened from the shop menu. In total, there are 241 capsules in the cycle.

Wooden capsule. Wooden capsules are the most common mission capsules and free capsules, as well as one of the capsules, along with a concrete capsule and a silver capsule that cannot be purchased. Wooden capsules contain XP and heroes, but in less quantity than most other capsules. The contents of the wooden capsules depend on the player’s rank, as well as the level of Vincent van Gogh (who enhances the science contained in the wooden capsules) and Cleopatra (who enhances the cards contained in the wooden capsules).

concrete capsules. Concrete capsules are the second most common type of capsule in the game. Given in missions and as free capsules. Concrete capsules contain more experience and heroes than wooden capsules, but less than many rarer capsules such as silver capsules. The contents of concrete capsules depend on the player’s rank, as well as the levels of the legendary heroes the Dalai Lama (which increases the science contained in wooden capsules) and Mother Teresa (which increases the cards contained in wooden capsules).

Crystal capsule. This capsule can be purchased for 750 gems or in packs. The Crystal Capsule can also be obtained as a reward for reaching rank 20 in events in Japan and Mexico, as well as in special operations. They contain a huge amount of cards and experience, and sometimes a historical hero.

Historical capsule. This capsule can be claimed as a free capsule received by purchasing a rank or weekly packs, earned by completing all 25 levels in Special Operations, or received as a reward for completing rank 20 in events in Egypt and Scandinavia. The Historical Capsule can be purchased from the shop for 750 Gems and rotates every 2 weeks with the Legendary Capsule.

AdVenture Ages: All About Spec Ops

What are Special Operations (Spec Ops)? Special Operations includes a set of daily missions, daily free gifts and a 25-level reward system. Collect free gifts and complete operations to climb the rewards rankings. Special Operations also adds the ability to purchase and activate the "History Pass" for additional rewards.

What can I do with glasses? Each operation has a total score associated with it. Track your progress in special operations using the progress bar located at the top of the screen. When you have enough points, you will be able to open capsules under the rewards of your level.

Time travel cannot speed up these reward levels, but you can automatically complete them with 250 gems.

Level rewards. Depending on their rank level, Agents can collect Concrete Pods or a brand new Special Ops Pod on their free reward track. There are even more rewards in the additional reward chain when activating the Historical Pass, such as experience, time warps, heroes, and exclusive capsules.

Get free daily gifts on the "Special Operations" tab. Check the tab every 4 hours to collect the maximum number of gifts (3 pcs.).

Why is there a timer above my Special Ops points? Reward levels are updated every 30 days. After this timer expires, HQ will send out new tiers of rewards. This timer also applies to the History Pass.

Do event capsules count in spec ops? No, but there will be event rewards. Since Event Reward Pods are technically requested on the main mission screen, they will participate in any Open Pod Special Ops.

How to get access to special operations? You must reach rank 8 in your main game before you can receive special operations missions.

How many Special Operations can I complete in a day? You can complete two special operations within 12 hours. When you start your first mission, a cool down timer starts in the background. If you complete two special operations within those 12 hours, you will see a cooldown timer. If your missions take more than 12 hours, take your time: more operations will be waiting for you.

Owners of the Historical Pass open an additional slot for special operations. Their Spec Ops will also update four hours faster.

Where can I access my missions? Click on the top orange icon on the Special Ops screen.

Special operations are too complicated. You can upgrade each mission for just 10 gems. Touch the refresh icon located in the upper right corner of the line with the current special operation.

AdVenture Ages: Participation in temporary events

Concept. Events are weekly side events that are played separately from the main game for a limited time. There are currently 12 events foreseen: Agency Anniversary, Super Fun Celebration, Amazing Architecture, Aztec AdVenture, Irresistible Careers, Egyptian Extravaganza, Impressive Infrastructure, Incredible Innovation, Japan in Danger, Musical Pranks, Mythical Monster Hunt and Showdown in Scandinavia. There are 3 types of events: short, regular and long.

Short events. They include innovation, infrastructure, architecture, and careers. These events are simple and can be completed sequentially at almost no cost. In innovation and careers, it’s important to spend experience wisely, especially if you’re spending 50 gems or less on experience, as experience capsules are low and there are many experience-related missions. These events last 52 hours or 76 hours and have 15 or 20 ranks.

Regular events. Includes Japan, Mexico, Scandinavia, Music and Egypt. Completing 2 of these events (Egypt and Japan) requires a certain amount of gems. Music cannot be completed without many warps and/or links. Mexico can’t be completed without purchasing a few packs, but Scandinavia can be completed for free and leave you with a significant amount of time. These events last 148 hours and have 24 ranks.

Long events. Long events include Halloween, Christmas and Anniversary. These events last 244 or 268 hours and have 30 ranks. All events in this category are almost impossible to complete. In order to complete long events, you need to buy multiple packs with real money and spend at least 800 gems. The amount of expenses far exceeds the cost of rewards, so it is not recommended to play especially zealously. Unlike normal and short events, long events are not part of the regular rotation. If you want to complete them, rank 10, 16, and 24 sets are your best bet.

Event Participation Strategy. One of the important components of successful participation in events is to be active. It is important to start events as soon as possible after they start and play often enough to receive mission rewards, invest resources and people, improve heroes and get free capsules. If population missions take longer than production missions, it’s best to stay in the event to get time capsules for more people.

If production missions take longer, it’s best not to participate in the event until the missions have been completed (assuming the bottom generator in the respective era is capped by population), because offline production is calculated differently than online, and thus way, gives you more resources.

How to access temporary events? You must be at least Rank 12 in order to be able to participate in temporary events.

Will my progress be saved in the event? After the event ends, all progress you have made will not be saved and you will start playing from rank 1 when the event starts thereafter. This rule also applies to the accumulated experience of events. At the same time, your progress in the main game will in no way depend on the progress in events. Depending on your final event rank, you can earn special event heroes that will return with you to the main game. There are five in total.

Event experience. In temporary events, you collect EXP (event experience), which only applies to the current event. You can get it by opening event capsules and reaching milestones using relics (generators). The experience gained in the main game does not affect the progress of experience in events. It is also not possible to generate event experience in the main game. Event XP progress is reset after the event ends. When the event starts again, you start accumulating experience again.

Any purchases made with gems during the event (such as time warps or experience) will not carry over to your main game. They also won’t carry over to future events, so use your purchased bonuses before the end of the current event!

Am I only getting rewards for the rank I finish at? You will be able to receive all rewards for completed stages up to the rank reached in the event. Thus, if you reach rank 10 at the end of the event, you will receive all the rewards for ranks 1-9, but not rank 10. You must complete all missions for each rank to be eligible for rewards. Remember: Rank Rewards will be claimed at the end of the event.

Event types

1. A very fun holiday. This is a Christmas event. Balance is like Halloween. The differences are mainly that the production missions are a bit easier here and the population missions are a bit more difficult. The overall difficulty of this event is about the same as Halloween, and the hardest and easiest mission types are also the same.

2. Mythical monster hunting. Halloween event. It progresses quickly in the first ranks, but slows down a lot towards the end. It can’t be completed at a reasonable cost, and only rank 30 takes a few days with the top four rares at level 6. Wave missions are often the hardest, with Groves getting tough towards the end. Most sandstone, statue, and population missions are easy if not completed as soon as they spawn.

3. Incredible innovation . This event lasts 76 hours and has 20 ranks. This is one of the easiest events to complete and can be completed for 0 gems if you are active enough and not too lucky. It is fairly well balanced in the early and mid ranks, but becomes unbalanced towards the end, on the hardest missions. Other types of missions by this point are easy, if not instant.

4. Impressive infrastructure . This is the shortest event with only 16 ranks (15 for rewards) and lasts only 52 hours. This event does not require gems to complete, but some heroes do not have scripted copies, or scripted copies appear very late. If you’re unlucky with the shared resources, it could result in you not finishing the event.

5. Scandinavian fight. At the moment, this is the easiest event in the game. In April 2022 - this event has been extended with some balance changes. The global rare population has been removed, but individual rare populations have now quadrupled their bonus per level to compensate. Each Age adds another generator, but the production missions are not scaled up to account for it, so the production requirements are fairly light towards the end. Paddles will be the hardest type of production mission in later ranks, as the missions are balanced, assuming all Ages have the same general bonuses, which they don’t have.

6. Aztec adventure. One of the events in AdVenture Ages and the third event ever released, which was rebalanced and expanded in May 2022. It cannot be completed without purchasing at least three sets, and possibly four. Tier 6 rare items are required to complete this event and can’t be obtained without a donation. In the early and mid ranks, easy production missions await you here. In the last few ranks, both production and population missions are extremely difficult.

7. Anniversary of the agency. This event is similar to other long events, with the main differences being that some missions are easier (especially the later ones), more ad units are offered per cycle, and the duration is 1 day shorter. As with all events lasting 6 days or longer, with overall bonuses that triple per level (or similar), in this event, the production missions of the second age are often the most difficult, so favor regular resources when you cannot afford to renew all epochs.

8. Egyptian extravaganza. This event uses the same template as the Christmas event. Due to simple production requirements at early ranks and population requirements balanced around the same hero bonuses as Christmas, this event has a fast progression to rank 16. Many of the missions are redundant, and the Second Age has the hardest production missions, so you tend to get stuck on the same missions for a while and then immediately complete some of them.

9. Musical mischief. The first 7 ranks of this event are very easy, and then you will have to wait for some time for population growth. Population missions and generating new generators take a very long time, while wand and note missions usually end the moment they spawn. This event is currently the hardest in the game, requiring the purchase of a rank 19 set, spending thousands of gems on warps, and possibly an EXP purchase to be able to complete rank 24. If you plan to buy a rank 19 set, it is highly recommended to do so at rank 20, as this will give you a high chance of getting a lot of rare vinyl records.

AdVenture Ages: Historical Pass and Purchases

Historical pass. The Historical Pass (or subscription) offers up to 30 days of in-game benefits. Thus, owners of the Historic Pass will be able to receive both types of rewards for completing Special Operations missions: regular rewards and rewards of the Historic Pass. In addition, they will open an additional slot for special operations to perform more operations at the same time.

With the Historic Pass in place, the Special Ops themselves will update four hours faster, and the Additional Special Ops can be updated once a day (this timer resets at midnight local time). Instead of 2 free capsules in events, owners of the Historic Pass will be able to accumulate up to 4 free capsules at the same time. The pass expires according to the Special Ops reward timer.

I don’t see the Special Ops menu. Be careful: you must be rank 8 or higher to receive Special Ops from the game. If you already have rank 8, just tap the orange Special Ops icon at the bottom of the screen.

When does my 30 day reward timer start? Your 30-day Historic Pass Rewards/Activity timer will start after reaching Rank 8 and unlocking Spec Ops.

What happens if I buy a historical pass in the middle of a Special Ops playthrough? In this case, you will immediately receive rewards for already achieved levels of special operations "backdating". In the future, your historical pass will operate according to the standard scheme.

How to buy gems? Gems can be purchased in the "Shop" section. They are available in 160, 500, 1200, 2500, 6500 and 14000 units. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Scroll down to the Gem of Time Packs section in your store.
  2. Choose which package of gems you would like to purchase.
  3. Complete the purchase process prompts (device/platform dependent).

You must have an active App Store or Google Play account set up on your device. When you do this, you will be automatically charged for any billing option you set up in your account.

I bought a capsule but didn’t want to! Can this be undone? Unfortunately not. Once you have received the items from the capsule, the transaction cannot be canceled.

AdVenture Ages: Your Account

How can I perform a hard reset of the game? Some time travelers like the new challenge. However, it is currently not possible to manually reset all of your game progress. If you want to start over, you agree to a complete reset of all game settings, including:

If you still agree to reset the game, contact technical support and ask for their help.

How to save your progress? AdVenture Ages uses Google Play (Android) or Game Center (iOS) to save progress. To sync the game, click "Settings" (gear icon in the upper right corner) - "Linking".

How to transfer the game to a new device? If you have a new phone, you can transfer your progress in the following way:

I have lost my progress. Your stored data is critical to your mission. If you have synced your game with Google Play or Game Center, your game progress will be saved on the servers and should be carried over if you uninstall/reinstall the game or change devices. Transmitting data over time can be a complex task. From time to time, save data may not be displayed immediately. If this happens, try the following:

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to the same Google Play or Game Center account.
  2. Go to the game settings (the main page is the gear icon) and link your game to your Google Play or Game Center account.

Can I transfer my purchases? AdVenture Ages uses Game Center and Google Play to back up and restore game progress and purchases. Make sure you’re synced before changing devices or deleting an app. If you’ve synced your game, your purchases will transfer between devices as long as you’re signed in to the same account.

AdVenture Ages: Conclusion

A series of clickers "AdVenture" does not stop there, and here is a new simulator in front of you, where you will become a time traveler and begin to master the main cultural and technological milestones of different time periods - from gladiators in the Bronze Age to atomic bombs. Initially, it may seem that the game is very simple and even boring, but this is a deceptive impression.

Play longer, and you will understand that in order to achieve your goals, you will need logic, mathematical calculation and developed tactics for each production. The game constantly holds temporary events, new missions appear, and resource generators that open challenge you - can you master new productions and select the right heroes? Everything depends on you. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: