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AION LEGIONS OF WAR is a game for android with release date 01/22/2019 from NCSOFT Games. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Top Heroes (Tier List)
  2. Guide for pumping heroes and weapons
  3. How to get new heroes?
  4. How to Synthesize?
  5. Legion Rank (meaning and description)
  6. Combat Guide
  7. Campaign Walkthrough
  8. A Beginner’s Guide
  9. Completing quests and achievements
  10. Dungeons and Blitz
  11. Expeditions Guide
  12. Duel Arena Battles Guide
  13. Tower of Supremacy Battles
  14. Guild Features

Aion Legions of War: Top Heroes (Tier List)

Factions and classes of heroes. The faction of the hero is of the utmost importance in battles, since it determines the triggering of the proximity effect. The heroes of the game are divided into 5 factions:

  1. Fire (red);
  2. Trees are green);
  3. Water (blue);
  4. Light (yellow);
  5. Darkness (purple).

A hero’s class determines his role in the team. Here you will find:

The initial stardom of the heroes. Who do you need to download? Each hero has an initial star rating consisting of a different number of gold or silver stars. Star rating is the "natural" level of a character, which determines the strength and limit of his pumping. In most cases, it is the initial star rating that decides whether the hero will fit the team or will be used as a consumable.

It is best to download and use heroes with gold stars in battle. They are the most powerful and have a high development potential. The more stars a hero has (the maximum number of gold stars is 5), the better and stronger he is. Use heroes with silver stars as materials for pumping other heroes or disassemble them to obtain resources (spirit of experience and ginseng).

It is very difficult to get heroes with 5 gold stars. Do not set yourself the task of collecting and pumping a squad of the best and strongest fighters - it is best to act according to the situation and improve those heroes that you have already been able to get. This way you can develop faster in the game.

Shooting list. Take advantage of the Tier List of the best Aion: Legions of War heroes of various classes. For convenience, the characters in the table are sorted by the presence of 3, 4 and 5 gold stars, so that you can form good squads at any stage of the game.

Melee fighters
★★★Milla (Wood), Praedo (Fire), Cassius (Fire).
★★★★Codelia (Fire).
★★★★★Bloodfang (Fire), Luna (Wood).
Ranged fighters
★★★Livius (Darkness), Leo (Light).
★★★★Scarlet (Fire), Lemay (Darkness).
★★★★★Regis (Water), Odium (Wood), Jorgen (Water), Gearming (Fire), Maximus (Water), Sacra (Fire).
★★★Tanku (Light), Septimus (Fire).
★★★★Dreadnought (Tree).
★★★★★Candor (Light), Cassandra (Wood).
★★★Ash (Wood), Mopoku (Water).
★★★★Leah (Fire), Velvet (Wood).
★★★★★Charlotte (Wood).

Aion Legions of War: Guide for pumping heroes and weapons

Improving heroes. When upgraded, the target hero absorbs low-level heroes, thereby increasing his strength, defense, HP and other characteristics. To start the upgrade process, go to the heroes menu, select the fighter you want to upgrade, and click the upgrade button. Next, you will see an improvement screen, where you will need to add the necessary consumable heroes to the slots.

Be sure to collect low-level heroes with silver stars. They are your main resource for leveling your battle party! Regularly collecting consumable heroes and leveling up the main fighters is the surest way to achieve success in the game.

Hero development. For high-level heroes who have reached the current maximum level of pumping within the limits of their stardom, the possibility of development is available. It is determined by the fighter’s stardom:

Development takes place in the Sanctuary of Development. For him, you will need development ginseng and the required number of absorbed heroes of the assigned stardom. After development, the hero’s star rating and the limit of his maximum level of pumping increase:

Whenever possible, focus on the heroes of Light and Darkness in pumping, since these are the rarest characters in the game. A pumped up Light or Dark hero is an excellent "trump card" for your team.

Requirements for the number of heroes for development. Heroes that will be used in the Sanctuary of Development must be at the maximum level of pumping. The number of them required depends on the star level of the target character you are developing:

It is best to download and develop characters with leadership skills. It is these heroes that greatly influence the power of the battle party.

Improving the skills of the hero. To improve your character’s skills, you will need a similar hero or item "Skill Fairy", which can replace the consumable hero. When pumping, 1 random fighter skill will be improved, but not his main skill. Hold and hold the hero’s skill icon to view the upgrade information.

Equipment pumping. Pump over the equipment of the heroes, starting from the 2nd level of the Legion. To do this, tap the upper right menu on the fortress screen, and then - the equipment icons. You will see a complete collection of available equipment with various elements of the set, each of which can be used and pumped.

Any equipment pumping has a chance of success and failure. Use Ether to increase your chances of successful improvement.

By upgrading and equipping the hero’s equipment, you will receive increases to his properties, which will allow the fighter to defeat stronger enemies. In addition, pumping equipment provides improvement bonuses that increase with each new pumping. Constantly upgrade your equipment to get the highest bonus possible. This will make your hero a formidable opponent.

Heroic equipment. This is the best outfit for your heroes. You can get it in the most difficult battles and the most difficult to pump, but the result is worth it: the power that this ammunition gives is incomparable with other weapons. For each character, only one heroic equipment is provided, which drops out in a strictly defined game activity and location.

For some heroes, it is possible to receive heroic equipment for participating in guild events. Heroic equipment can and should be pumped. Starting from the 5th level of improvement, to increase the characteristics of heroic equipment, you will need other heroic equipment and Ether:

Aion Legions of War: How to get new heroes?

Getting heroes with Confinite . You get new 1-3 star heroes in the hero portal when using Confinite. This special material can be obtained during the campaign, in achievements, during victories in the Tower of Supremacy, etc. When using the rare Confinite, you can get 4-5-star heroes, and when using the legendary Confinite, you are guaranteed to get 4-5-star heroes. Heroes of Light and Darkness can be obtained by using light and dark Confinite.

Do not neglect the received heroes of low stardom and do not rush to get rid of them. All of them will be useful as materials for pumping high-level heroes with gold stars. Save up low-level heroes and use them as needed. This method will greatly help you to be successful in leveling.

Friendly appeal. With the help of a friendly summon, it is possible to obtain 1-3 star heroes. To complete it, you will need summoning coins, which you exchange with friends daily and receive as a reward when you provide them with heroes-assistants for battles.

Your friends are of great importance for the continuous receipt of summoning coins and new heroes. Don’t forget to clean up your friend list, making room for new players to send you summoning coins every day and use your heroes in battles.

Summons with gems (gems). Use gems to summon 3-5-star heroes, and use x10 summon to guarantee a 4-star hero.

Collecting heroes from fragments. Collect the required number of fragments and synthesize 3-5-star heroes from them. All fragments are stored in your bag. You can get new fragments in various activities of the game, in promotions and in the store. Fragments are universal (random heroes are synthesized from them) and nominal.

Aion Legions of War: How to Synthesize?

Synthesis is an option in which several heroes are combined in order to obtain one, more powerful hero. For this procedure, there is the Altar of Synthesis - a sacred place that opens up to commanders when they reach 3rd level of the Legion. The Altar of Synthesis icon is located next to the Command Post icon.

Synthesis conditions. To obtain powerful heroes through synthesis, you must have the consumable characters necessary for this purpose - those that will be indicated in the synthesis conditions on the Altar.

Synthesize four unique material heroes to acquire the most powerful fighters in the world of Aion: Legions of War.

What do you need to know for proper synthesis? Before you start synthesizing heroes, follow these tips:

Aion Legions of War: Legion Rank (meaning and description)

What is Legion rank for? Thanks to the rank of the Legion, you get additional game advantages and pump your experience rank. To increase the rank of the Legion, use gems (gems). Your current Legion rank is always displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Legion rank benefits. The maximum rank of the Legion is 16. As your rank increases, you get more and more game bonuses that will be very useful in your successful development. General list of bonuses:

Aion Legions of War: Combat Guide

Skills. In battle, heroes use their basic skills, as well as special and special abilities - skills that determine the specialty of a character in battle. Some of the heroes of the game also have leadership skills. These abilities manifest themselves if the chosen hero is at the head of the team. Leadership skills are capable of giving, for example, an attack boost or an increase in dodge speed for the entire party. Each chosen hero has different leadership skills.

HP indicators. The HP party state is the determining condition for victory. During the battle, you must track the HP of the heroes on the scales. Among them:

The enemy’s health bar is on the right side of the screen. Here you can also see the alternating avatars of the heroes of your party, which at the given moment strike the enemy.

The proximity effect. The hero’s faction determines which opponents of which other factions he is strong and weak against. Schematically, the triggering of the proximity effect looks like this:

A faction has an advantage with a higher accuracy of attacks against a subordinate faction and is much less likely to be hit by its representatives. A blow to representatives of a subordinate faction is very often critical.

Status ailments. During the battle, your heroes may have certain "problems" that will affect their moves, actions and use of skills. Remember the consequences of these statuses in order to quickly navigate the situation during the battle and not waste precious time:

Application of the sacraments. Mysteries are passive skills used in battles. Slots for new ordinances become available as the level of the Command Center increases. Activation of 5 sacraments is possible at the same time. Buy ordinances for gold or precious stones when you unlock another free slot for them. You can also update your ordinances using ether (get it by completing achievements and in the ether mine).

Using helpers. For difficult drawn-out battles, use the heroes of your friends as an additional fighting force for your team. The purpose of such assistants is to replace the party fighters who died in the middle of the battle and join the battle instead of them. You will not be able to manage friendly assistants, but their support will come in handy anyway.

To add an assistant, click on the "Friend" command selection screen and add available friends to the party. After using an assistant in battle, it will take some time to recover. The friend who provided the helper will receive a friendly summon coin as a reward. You can also provide your friends with your fighters by putting the starburst icon in the menu of a specific hero.

The more friends you have, the more helpers you can use in battles! Try to add as friends players with good online, who regularly upgrade the Legion and have a strong set of characters. Remove inactive and weak players from your friends.

Aion Legions of War: Campaign Walkthrough

Regions and stages. In the campaign, you fight to rebuild the Silver Legion, lead Astria to her home, and unlock new regions of the Abyss to explore. Each campaign region has 7 stages. Stages are of types that are randomly assigned before being unlocked. The type of stage determines what rewards you can get from its research and what enemies you will meet on it.

Star rating. After each battle on a stage, you receive a star rating of three stars, which is determined by the number of surviving party fighters:

Passing the campaign is a great opportunity to explore the abilities of your heroes and try new battle strategies. Replay battles that you failed to complete by 3 stars to get higher stage rewards.

Awards. Each region has a variety of rewards, including Hero Fragments and Equipment. The prestige of the awards grows as the difficulty of completing the region increases. When you complete the cycle of battles, you get additional bonuses - an increase in gold production in the region and an increase in experience gained here. The higher the difficulty level of the passage, the greater the percentage of bonuses. In addition, as you accumulate the required number of stars, you will receive chests with rewards: gold, gems, Confinite, materials for awakening, etc.

How do I change the difficulty? Only after fully completing the research in the region and collecting all possible stars from the stages, you can proceed to the next level of difficulty of its passage. After that, you will begin to conquer the region from the very beginning, but you will receive more prestigious rewards from it (high-ranking equipment, awakening stones, etc.), as well as bonuses. There are 4 difficulty levels in total: easy, normal, hard and expert.

Types of campaign battles. There are 4 types of activity available in the campaign:

To find out what rewards you will receive at a stage, click on "Reward Information" before the battle. Please note that at least normal difficulty is required to earn prestigious rewards.

Aion Legions of War: A Beginner’s Guide

Important locations. The following locations are the most important in the game. Remember them, and start mastering as soon as possible:

Raise the level of the Legion to be able to construct resource buildings necessary for pumping heroes and obtaining various game advantages.

Hero screen. Click on the screen of a specific hero to perform a series of actions:

The Importance of Confinite. At the end of the tutorial, when you start taking the first independent steps in the game, you will come across the use of Confinite - a source of new heroes for your party. Go to the hero portal and activate this valuable material there. So you can get your first fighters.

How to get a lot of resources for pumping? Be sure to complete Challenges to earn the resources you need to upgrade your heroes. Challenges are divided into 4 categories - according to the number of rewards that can be obtained during the passage. To go to the challenges, click the "Challenges" button in the main menu of the game.

Be sure to visit the Shugo Shop and look for various equipment, resources and fragments of new heroes there! Using the store’s assortment will help significantly pump the power of the Legion.

The command post is the backbone of the Legion. In the Command Post, the central part of your fortress, critical decisions are made to govern the Legion. The ability to expand the fortress and construct other buildings depends on the level of pumping of the Command Post. The command post is available from the start of the game, its icon is located in the center of the main screen.

Why is energy needed? Each battle in dungeons consumes a certain amount of energy. After spending, the energy self-replenishes when you complete game tasks and achievements. You can also buy energy in the store.

Account linking. Before starting the game, do not forget to link your game account to Google Play or Facebook. This action will allow you to save game progress on the developer’s server, as well as view the history of your game achievements. In addition, if you change your device in the future, you can easily log into your game account.

To do this, it will be enough for you to log in to social. the network you tied it to. A guest account does not allow you to enjoy these benefits and is an unsafe way to play. To link, click the icon in the upper right corner.

By linking your game account to Google Play, you will protect your game data from being accidentally reset or deleted due to unexpected technical failures in the application!

Correct settings. To go to the settings, tap the profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select the "Settings" menu. For economical use of the device’s power, it is recommended to set low graphics settings. In the settings, you can also turn on / off sound and music, set up the necessary notifications. To restore the default settings, click "Reset".

In order to avoid freezing and malfunctioning of the device, it is recommended to disable unused background applications before entering the game.

Aion Legions of War: Completing quests and achievements

Daily quests. Daily quests are focused on the main activities of the game, so you don’t have to go through separate dungeons to close them. For completing you are entitled to rewards and bonuses for further progress in the game (gold, Legion experience, ether, etc.). By completing the daily quest, you get double prizes - for participating in the activity itself and for the completed task.

Click on the reward icons next to the quest to find out which prizes you will collect for completing. Click on the arrow next to the reward to go directly to the activity itself. Once a day, the list of daily quests is reset, but you can update it ahead of schedule by clicking on the update icon to the right of the quest. This option is very useful, for example, if a very difficult quest comes across.

Try to close all daily quests every day. This is a great opportunity to get many needed and rare rewards.

Weekly quests. Weekly quests are completed throughout the week. The tasks of such quests are similar to the daily ones, but they are distinguished by a large number and sometimes increased difficulty. Closing weekly quests will receive larger rewards.

Monthly quests. The biggest rewards can be obtained for completing monthly quests. The more monthly quests you can complete, the more prizes you will receive! Keep in mind - you will have to make an effort and try hard to meet the required conditions of the tasks and get the well-deserved rewards. Among them are gems and rare Confinite.

Achievements. When you reach significant game thresholds for leveling up, gaining heroes, unlocking activities, etc., you receive rewards for your achievements, including gems, energy, essences of intimacy, and much more. Go to the achievements tab and click on the rewards icon next to a specific achievement - you will see a list of prizes that you can receive when you achieve the task. Click on the arrow next to the reward to start its implementation and go to the desired activity.

Aion Legions of War: Dungeons and Blitz

Go through the Dungeons and get various rewards for your exploits. The higher the difficulty of the Dungeon, the more chances you have of collecting high-quality loot. Access to the Dungeons opens upon reaching level 4 of the Legion. To enter, click on the Dungeon icon in the fortress.

Opening Dungeons. Dungeons come in several types, and each of them has its own opening schedule and gives its own rewards for passing. Level up the Legion to unlock new Dungeons. The schedule of the daily available Dungeons looks like this:

Sometimes there are events in the game in which Dungeons are randomly opened outside the established schedule! Follow the banners on the home screen and don’t miss out on extra chances of getting through.

Dungeon Rewards. Among the rewards you receive in this activity are equipment, resources, experience, gold, essence essences, Confinite, heroes, and useful in-game items. For a full list of possible trophies, click on the reward preview before entering the Dungeon.

Blitz in the Dungeons. Use the Blitz option to instantly collect rewards from Dungeons you have already completed. Blitz is available for players who have reached level 3 of the Legion, and is applicable to Dungeons completed by 3 stars. Every day you get new blitz challenge attempts that self-repair over time. To use the Blitz:

Blitz Benefits. Using the Blitz, you not only save time, but also get a number of advantages:

  1. Guaranteed victory. You won’t lose 100% if you use Blitz. Your victory is undeniable as soon as you approve the use of this option;
  2. Rapid gain of experience. By reducing the time spent on the passage of the Dungeon, you provide a faster accumulation of experience for your heroes. In addition to the required heroes, recruit heroes from other factions to your Blitz team. This is especially useful when you have weak fighters that need to be pumped, but you do not have enough time and resources for this. Blitz makes it possible to do this very quickly;
  3. Many awards. Rewards are never redundant. Using Blitz, you take away even more gold, equipment, etc.

Dungeon Blitz Heroes. Thanks to the use of Blitz Heroes, you can skip the battle and get an automatic victory in any Dungeon up to 5 times a day. The condition for using Blitz Heroes is the first passage of this Dungeon with 3 stars. Types of Blitz Heroes for Elemental Dungeons:

Blitz Heroes for Dungeons Equipment:

We recommend that you carefully study the list above to exclude from your collection unnecessary low-level Blitz heroes occupying character slots. Save yourself only those Blitz heroes that are required to instantly complete the highest levels of Dungeons.

Aion Legions of War: Expeditions Guide

Send your heroes on expeditions to earn rewards and Legion XP. The expedition process takes place offline - the hero involved continues to participate in other activities of the game, but cannot be selected in several expeditions in a row.

Features. Expeditions are unlocked after you place your barracks. You can build barracks upon reaching the 8th Legion level. Unlocking new types of expeditions depends on the range of the story campaign, and the number of heroes who can take part in expeditions is determined by the number of barracks built.

When the heroes become members of the expedition, they receive a task for a certain time. The longer the duration of the mission, the higher the chances of finding treasures on the expedition and getting more rewards. The very course of the expedition remains "behind the scenes" - you just need to put up and assign the necessary heroes to this role. When the expedition is over, they will all receive experience and trophies - equipment, gold, etc.

The amount of rewards for an expedition is influenced by the number and quality of its participants. Choose the right heroes wisely to maximize your progress and upgrade your Legion! Remember that sending on an expedition gives a unique chance to get double experience for the hero, due to his simultaneous participation in two activities - an expedition and some other, for example, in the Tower of Excellence.

Aion Legions of War: Duel Arena Battles Guide

Access and conditions for participation. PvP battles take place in the Dueling Arena. You form your defense team, which will have to reflect the attacks of your opponents. You also challenge other players’ defense teams. Access to the Dueling Arena opens upon reaching Legion level 5. Go to the Arena by touching the corresponding building while in the fortress.

What is valor for? To participate in battles in the Arena, you must use Valor. Every day you receive a certain amount of free valor. Additional Valor can be purchased in the store or purchased directly for gems - to do this, click the "+" to the right of the Valor indicator at the top of the screen.

Make sure to spend free Valor daily and take part in the battles in the Arena. This is your chance to get as many Honor Coins as possible and rise in the rankings.

How to form a defense team? Go to the main menu of the Dueling Arena and touch the lower left corner where your heroes are. A gallery of fighters will open in front of you, in which you can choose your preferred ones for the formation.

The parties for completing the main activities and the defense team for the Dueling Arena are not interconnected and must be updated individually! Keep the composition of the defense team up to date, do not forget to change it when you have new powerful characters. Your formation should always consist of the strongest heroes, since you can be challenged at any time.

Features. Each victory in the Arena gives you battle points. If you lose, you lose some of your points. Ranks are assigned according to the number of battle points earned and a seasonal rating of the players is formed. At the end of the season, all participants in the ranking receive rewards in accordance with their ranks. In the new season, the rating is completely reset, the calculation of battle points starts over.

Fighting in the Dueling Arena is one of the types of daily quests. You get increased rewards for defeating opponents. The higher your game progress and success in the campaign, the more rivals you can face in the Arena. The number of available battles is regularly reset, the difficulty of battles increases as you advance in the ranking and the opponents adapt to your combat methods.

It is best to challenge opponents who are higher in the rating and have less combat power to battle. Don’t challenge those who are stronger than you. BM in the game is calculated quite accurately, so the risk of losing is very high. Reset the Challenge List to get a dose of new potential rivals in the Arena. Before the reset, we recommend that you defeat all possible opponents in your list of battles - this way there will be even more rewards.

Honor coins and shop. For participating in the battles of the Duel Arena, you receive honor coins (more - if you win, less - if you lose). This currency will be useful to you in the Arena store for exchange for fragments of heroes and various items.

Follow the announcements of temporary PvP events in the official group of the game to take part in them and earn even more rewards.

Revenge. The Arena provides an option for revenge - a repeated attack on players who beat you and took your points. To find out about the offenders, look in the battle log, but we do not recommend getting carried away with revenge. If the opponent is much stronger than you, revenge on him will be pointless - you will only waste your valor.

System of rewards. At the end of the next season in the Dueling Arena, rating participants receive rewards: gems, gold, fragments of heroes, and others. During special temporary PvP events, the rewards offered may change. Ranked rewards are awarded based on the player’s rank. Ranks are:

The rank occupied is determined by the number of battle points earned. Players who manage to reach a new rank during the season in the Arena receive additional rewards (gems and gold). When holding the rank until the end of the season, the player is also entitled to prizes.

Aion Legions of War: Tower of Supremacy Battles

Features. In the Tower of Supremacy, you will have to go through a series of difficult battles in PvE mode. Monsters and rewards for defeating them are waiting for you on each floor. Moving to the next floor is possible after winning the previous one. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies. The tower has 100 floors. Access to the Tower opens upon reaching Legion level 10. Each attempt at passing consumes energy.

On each floor of the Tower, you will find unique rewards for passing - gold, Confinite, fragments of heroes and many others. The value of the rewards for the passage increases from floor to floor.

Transit time. At the end of the battle, the exact time that the clearing took you is calculated. The travel time for each floor is added up, and as a result, the total duration of the passage of the Tower of Excellence is determined. This indicator is needed to form the passing rating among the players and to issue rating awards to them.

Difficult bosses are found on every 5th and 10th floor of the Tower of Excellence. To defeat them, scout enemies in advance, plan your actions and think over the course of the battle.

Seasons and awards. Passage of the Tower of Excellence is seasonal. Based on the elapsed time of passing the Tower, a seasonal rating of battles is compiled, and distinguished commanders receive seasonal rating rewards. At the end of the season, all the results of the rating are reset, and it begins to form from the beginning.

Aion Legions of War: Guild Features

Guilds are communities of players in the world of Aion: Legions of War. Being in an active guild helps a lot in pumping, mastering new activities, getting more, worth loot, etc. For a guild to have a beneficial effect on the gameplay, it must be chosen wisely.

Joining a guild. It is possible to join a guild upon reaching the 5th level of the Legion. Click "Join" in the guilds menu in the fortress, and you will see a list of all the guilds on the server. You can either choose from this list, or click "Search" and enter the name of the specific guild you are interested in.

Guilds are open and closed. To join an open guild, you just need to submit your application. To join a closed guild, you will have to wait - if you meet the requirements of this guild, your application will be approved, and if not, you will be denied acceptance. A guild can have up to 50 players.

Being in a strong guild is very useful for game development. Track the activity of your guild and its online members. If there is a churn of players in your guild and there is no participation in guild activities, this is a sure sign that the community needs to be changed. It is not necessary to attach importance to possible "positions" in weak guilds - it is better to be an ordinary member of a strong community of players than to have a title in a weak one.

Guild opportunities. While in the guild, you get access to a number of activities:

Article author: Nadezhda D.