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Alchemy Stars WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Walking the Game

ALCHEMY STARS: AURORA BLAST is a game for android with release date 06/17/2021 from PROXIMA BETA. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)
  2. How do I get new characters?
  3. Hero Leveling Guide
  4. Features of the combat system
  5. A beginner’s guide
  6. Secrets of Colossus Development
  7. Walkthrough of the main game modes
  8. Game currencies, how to use them?
  9. Faction Guide
  10. Player Account

Alchemy Stars: TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)

Hero classification system. The characters in the game are classified according to 4 elements, which correspond to the colors of their tiles on the battlefield:

In addition, the heroes have an initial stardom, according to which their combat capabilities and pumping limit are determined. The best heroes are 6 and 5 star fighters. We recommend that you upgrade and include them in the battle party. Heroes from 4 stars and below are best used as a material for pumping stronger characters.

Tier List. Below we have prepared for you a Tier-list of 6 and 5-star heroes of the game, dividing them by elements and groups, where:

GroupCharacters (edit)
Fire heroes
SSCharon, Victoria, Sinsa, Eicy, Faust.
SUriel, Jona, Barbara, Maggie, Istvan.
ALeona, Red & Black, Regina.
Thunder heroes
SSIrridon, Michael, Gronru, Beverly.
SWrath, Eve, Nemesis, Schwartz.
AMia, Vivian, Keating, Dayna.
Heroes of the forest
SSMigard, Gabriel, Nikinis, Areia, Pact.
SOdi, Louise, Sikare.
ARobyn, Cuscuta, Dawn.
Heroes of the water
SSSariel, Sharona, Kleken.
SRaphael, Carleen, Barton, Hydrad, PhilyShy.
AConnolly, Vice, Noah, Corax.

Alchemy Stars: How do I get new characters?

How do I recruit new heroes? Hiring is the main way to get new heroes. To recruit, go to the "Recruit" menu. To complete the hiring, you will need a special item - stellar flares, which can be purchased for Lumambers or obtained in activities. A single recruitment and a x10 recruitment is available, in which you spend 10 star flares. Bonus free recruitment attempts are not provided for by the game rules.

You can always preview the attributes and skills of Aurorians who have reached the final stage of Ascension by clicking on the Auroran’s avatar or on the information panel displaying their name.

Accumulation of probability to get a 6-star hero. There is an initial 2% chance of getting a 6-Star Auroran for any type of recruitment. If you fail to get it after 50 attempts in a row, the probability increases from 2% to 4.5%, then from 4.5% to 7%, and so on, for every 2.5% until it reaches 100%. After earning a 6-star hero, the chance of getting it resets back to 2%.

Newbie Guarantee: Exclusive Hiring Offer. Exclusive recruitment for new players allows you to recruit new heroes at a lower resource cost than regular recruitment. In total, you can recruit 21 times (including trial during training). You are guaranteed to receive at least one 5-Star Aurorian on your first 11 recruitment attempts and one of our specially selected 6-Star Aurorans (Hero: Nikinis, Gronru, Eicy, or Sariel). You will also have the opportunity to get other 6-star heroes. Drop Chances:

How do the minimum guarantee mechanisms work for each type of hero recruitment? The respective minimum guarantees for primary employment, recommended hire, and limited-time promotions are carried over to event periods, but are independent of each other. If you do not receive a 6-Star Aurorian during your current Time Limited Recruitment, the Bonus Recruitment Chance will carry over to the next Time-limited Promotion until you finally receive a 6-Star Aurorian. It will not affect the main hiring or the recommended hiring.

Limited time promotions, recommended hire. Temporary and Recommended Hiring promotions open periodically, in conjunction with 5-Star Aurorians and a Featured 6-Star Aurorian. For these types of recruitment, special stellar flares are used. Within the first 10 recruitment attempts, you are guaranteed to earn a 5-star Auroran. The accumulation of the probability of earning a 6-Star Aurorian follows the same rules as for basic recruitment.

The accumulated probability is not zeroed and is carried over to the next similar event. If several stocks are active at the same time, the probability will accumulate and apply to each of them. Increases in the likelihood of time-limited promotions and recommended hires operate independently of each other and the underlying hiring.

Convert duplicates. Regardless of how the Aurorians were obtained (hiring, buying from the store, giving away, etc.), duplicates of identical Aurorians are converted into leveling materials:

Alchemy Stars: Hero Leveling Guide

How do I level up the Aurorians? You can level up the Aurorians by consuming the Jasper material. Jasper is mostly mined during the resource raid experience stages.

Using a Jasper that matches his Auroran element will increase the experience gained by 50%.

How do I get the materials for the Aurorian Ascension? Get climbing materials in the chapters of the story campaign. You will also have the opportunity to get them in the Spire challenge and when participating in events. In addition, materials for the ascent of a faction can be obtained at the stages of the resource raid - equipment.

Solamber and the breakthrough of heroes. When you receive an Aurorian that you already own, you will receive a Solamber corresponding to it. In addition, you will receive the Solamber of Vice the first time you play through certain stages of the campaign. Solambert can be used for breakouts matching the Aurorans, helping to greatly increase their strength.

What can I do with Solamber after the Aurorian reaches the maximum breakout? Once the Aurorian reaches maximum breakthrough, you will be able to transform surplus Solamber into new materials using a new processing system.

When can I unlock the new Aurorian artwork? You can unlock new character art by upgrading the Aurorans to Ascension III.

Will the hero’s 3D model change after he reaches Ascension III? When the Aurorans reach Ascension III, in addition to unlocking a new character art for them, their 3D model will also change.

Are the secondary elements received after Ascension III always different from the original ones? Not necessary. After reaching Ascension III, Aurorans sometimes receive minor elements that match their primary element.

Are the secondary elements received after Ascension III predetermined? Yes, these minor elements are predefined.

Alchemy Stars: Features of the combat system

How to carry out attacks? The battlefield in Alchemy Stars is a board divided into tiles of four colors: red, green, yellow, and blue. The color of the tile matches the element color of the Aurorian and shows the path along which he can move, attacking enemies. The player’s task is to mark the path of the Auroran on the battle board by connecting as many tiles of the color of his element as possible in one continuous line. In the future, the fighter goes along this route and participates in attacks if the adjacent tile from the enemy is identical to its element.

If the adjacent tile from the enemy does not coincide with the character element, he will not be able to attack (with the exception of the squad leader). Each marked tile adds 0.1% damage to the hero. Only one character can walk in 1 turn. Heroes and enemies move alternately on the board. When passing a certain number of tiles, a chain attack is activated. When passing 15 tiles, the hero gets the right to an extra turn.

Multi-Aurora communication. Only Aurorans will operate on the battlefield, whose elemental element matches the color of the tile in the path chain:

Before the battle, it is recommended to carefully study the characteristics of all your fighters in order to know their strengths and weaknesses in the battle.

The interaction of the elements. Each element presented has a dominant and subordinate element. Thus, water is strong before fire, but weak against thunder. Fire is strong in front of the forest, but weak in front of water. The forest is strong against thunder, but weak against fire. Thunder is strong against water, but weak against forest. This is shown schematically in the screenshot above.

The roles of the fighters. According to their active skills, Aurorans on the battlefield are classified according to 4 functions:

Active skills. Active skills are divided into preemptive strike skills and non-preemptive strike skills. Preemptive strike skills can be used right at the beginning of the battle. All active skills must be applied before direct attack. After using them, the recovery period begins. Different Aurorans have different active skills, and the right combination can be of immense benefit.

Aurorians can only attack when they travel along routes that match their elements, but leaders are not limited by this rule!

Squad leader. In any squad of fighters there is a leader who leads the entire group of Aurorans. The difference between the leader and the rest of the heroes lies in the free movement on the board, without binding the route to the elemental element. Fighters whose elemental element matches the leader’s elemental element will follow him and attack enemies. The leader can be changed, but this can be done a limited number of times (up to two times).

Chain combo. As soon as the hero’s path reaches a certain length, he automatically launches a chain combo. Its capacity always depends on the number of paved tiles in the chain. When their number reaches 15, the character gets the opportunity to make an additional move.

Chain combo has different effects and trigger conditions, so mix and match as you see fit!

Formation of teams. Your base squad of fighters should consist of heroes of various elements, so that they can all move around the tiles and participate in the battle. For some activities, you will need to collect mono-squads consisting of heroes of the same element. We recommend starting with the water characters (blue). This is the most optimal choice, since your main character belongs to the element of water, which means that you have it by default. You will receive two more blue characters in the growth mission (promotions for newbies). It is worth noting that the water characters have many support heroes, which is very good when going through difficult activities.

Alchemy Stars: A beginner’s guide

What kind of game is it? Alchemy Stars is a strategy RPG set in the fantasy world of Astra. In this game, you can recruit and train Auroran heroes, form powerful teams with them, explore randomly generated maps, and much more.

Basic activities . Key activities include:

Where can I see the story sequence? The entire storyline of the game can be viewed using the Gallery function on the main screen.

How do I upgrade my account? For this purpose, gain experience by completing campaign chapters, quests, daily quests, and other activities.

How to get resources for game development? After completing chapter 1-14 of the story campaign, you can build a resource station on the Colossus and unlock resource raids - experience stages. After clearing chapter 2-5 of the campaign, you unlock the gold stages of the resource raid, after clearing chapter 2-12 of the campaign, the stages of collecting building materials in resource raids, after clearing chapter 4-7 of the campaign, the stages of collecting equipment in resource raids.

When are inboxes deleted? When the total number of messages exceeds 100, the previous message is deleted according to the date of receipt. Messages will be deleted when they expire, usually after 30 days.

How does the support service work? You can only use support in the Main Story and Sub Chapter stages. After using support, you can only get 1 star rating.

Alchemy Stars: Secrets of Colossus Development

What is the Colossus for? The Colossus can be called your base. It is used for various activities and obtaining the necessary resources. For its own purposes, it is divided into parts. The most important part of the Colossus is the prismatic column. This is where you can mine and store prisms. Visit the Colossi of your game friends and exchange gifts. The contents of the gift are lumambers and leveling materials. Thanks to the Colossus, you can increase the reserves of the most important resources: prisms, lumamber, nigtum, jasper and others. Just build stations on Colossus to extract resources.

Upgrade the Colossus to make its work even more efficient. Improving Colossus stations depends on pumping its bridge. The higher the level of the bridge, the more new stations you can unlock and improve their performance. Use the Control Room to get bonus resources from the Colossus. With it, you can send your heroes to collect resources in AFK mode.

How do I unlock the Lounge, Lounge, Cafe and Bar in Colossus?

How do I get the furniture? You can buy furniture from a secret store, or get it by completing dispatch assignments, giving gifts to the Aurorians, and completing campaign stages.

Is there a way to collect all the resources of the Colossus with a single tap? Yes. After entering the Colossus, click the semicircle button on the right to open the Colossus navigation bar. Click the collect resources button on the navigation bar to collect all the resources of the Colossus in one click.

The Lumina Grid. The Lumina Grid is one of the objects aboard the Colossus. Required to power other components of the Colossus. Pumping process:

Prismatic column. The Prismatic Column is a structure on Kolos. Functions as a stand-alone device for creating and storing prisms. The prisms created in the column must be assembled manually. Characters can be placed in the recovery section - 20% for each character deployed. Pumping process:

Resource station. The Resource Station is part of the Colossus. The main purpose of the Resource Station is to generate media that can be used in Resource Raids to double the rewards received, as well as double the cost of the Prism. In addition, upgrading the Resource Station unlocks access to higher levels of Resource Raids. Characters can be placed here to increase the production speed of aircraft carriers by 10%. Pumping process:

Research (Object). The Research Room is an object located on Kolos. It provides various advantages for the Secret Territory exploration area. Pumping process:

Alchemy Stars: Walkthrough of the main game modes

Unlocking game modes. The unlocking of game modes is related to the progress of the passage of the chapters of the campaign, so try to close them as quickly as possible in order to gain access to more activities:

Exploration of secret territories. The game has 5 levels of exploration of secret territories. As you progress through the activity, you receive tokens that can be exchanged in a secret store for vouchers, furniture, gifts and other useful items. Secret Territories Exploration resets every Thursday at 5am Server Time.

Summoning the Spire. Complete the Challenges of the Spire to obtain Auroran Ascension Materials of the corresponding element. There are four Spiers in total: Water, Fire, Forest and Thunder. Each tower has 80 floors. On each floor you have to challenge your enemies. The higher the floor, the greater the reward for passing it. You can fight multiple times on the Spire floors, but you will only receive rewards for the first playthrough. The progress of battles in the Spire is not reset.

Can additional chapters be played multiple times? You can challenge multiple times in additional chapters of the story, but you will only receive rewards the first time you complete each stage.

Alchemy Stars: Game currencies, how to use them?

Naigtum. Nightium is the main game currency, which is used to pump heroes, their equipment and buy new things in a mysterious store. It is obtained in abundance during the passage of game activities, in particular, in resource raids and quests.

What are lumocrystals for? Lumocrystals can be exchanged for lumamber, as well as used to buy gift sets.

What is Lumamber for? Lumamber is the premium currency of the game. You can use Lumambers to participate in the Exclusive Recruitment of Newbies event, purchase a prism, and upgrade the Black Market. Lumamber can also be exchanged for Stellar Flares and Special Stellar Flares. Get Lumamber by exchanging lumocrystals from monthly passes (100 pcs per day for 30 days), gift packages, promotions, as well as rewards for completing activities. Lumamber is the most difficult currency to mine, so use it wisely.

How many monthly passes can a player have at the same time? You can accumulate up to 90 days of monthly passes.

Can Lumambers be used directly when recruiting heroes? Lumambers cannot generally be used directly to recruit Aurorians, except in the Beginner’s Exclusive Recruitment event. In all other cases, you must exchange currency for stellar flares and special stellar flares.

Stellar flares. Starbursts are needed to recruit new heroes. Purchased for Lumamber (1 piece - 300 Lumamber). There are two types: special stellar flares and stellar flares.

What is the difference between special stellar flares and stellar flares? These items are used for different types of character recruitment. Special Starbursts are used for Time-limited Recruitment and Recommended Recruitment, while Starburst is used for Basic Recruitment.

How to get a prism (stamina)? The prism recovers to its maximum value naturally over time. As you level up, you will also receive a certain amount of prism. Get prism using prism chargers or from your Colossus’s prismatic column.

Exchange of lumambers for a prism. You can directly exchange lumamber for an additional prism up to 10 times a day. Thus, you will receive 60 prisms each time for the price of 30, 40, 60, 60, 100, 100, 150, 150, 200, 200 lumamber.

Is there a limit to the number of prisms a player can have? Yes, you can store a maximum of 999 prisms at a time.

How do I use Star Gems? Star Gems can be obtained as by-products when recruiting heroes. Trade them for Star Flares, Aurorians, and a variety of other items in the Star Gem Shop and Star Shop.

Jasper (Jasper). Materials used for leveling characters. They differ, depending on the element of the hero, and are of different types. The type of jasper determines the amount of experience that he is able to give the hero.

Alchemy Stars: Faction Guide

Federation of Illuminati. Thanks to the huge underground city of Gannon, linked to several nearby settlements, this military group formed a base that served as the first line of defense against Eclipse’s incursions. It actively promotes a military-oriented system, invests heavily in scientific research, makes education accessible to all sectors of society, and creates a civil service system. The Illuminati Federation is currently seeking to unite factions to create a unified and just governing body. With its constant development, the Illuminati Federation is gradually moving away from Lumopolis. Faction Hero System:

Lumopolis. The city, built on a floating island called Azurite, is the center of the Auroran civilization. With a powerful protective barrier, it is also the safest stronghold in the world. There is a strict hierarchy here - the governor, the Council of Elders of the Nobility and the Priests of the Temple. Lumopolis considers himself the defender of the Astra civilization and is used to dictating what happens in the outside world. This is why the growing development of the Illuminati Federation is of great concern to the top officials of Lumopolis. Faction Hero System:

Northland. Northland lands are huge snow-capped mountains, covered by a harsh winter climate all year round. They were once home to the Aurorian people, but later most left in search of warmer places to live. Northland is now sparsely populated. The remaining Aurorans here call themselves the people of Northland. Despite being a formidable force, the Northern Aurorans are rarely involved in the affairs of Astra, living a peaceful life where all important matters are handled by their queen. Faction Hero System:

Umbraton. Umbraton is a collection of cities under Azurite, as well as the most accessible place in Astra. It was originally considered a slum of Lumopolis, and then turned into a shopping center. As its influence expanded and its population increased, Umbraton became autonomous. Now Umbraton is not under the rule of Lumopolis - now it is controlled by local guilds and large gangs. Faction Hero System:

Rediesel Wrench. It is a disorderly nomadic alliance made up of travelers, adventurers, and bounty hunters. Using righteousness as a criterion, those who are deemed worthy by the majority are chosen as leaders. With the Lizard Colossus as their mobile base, they roam the dunes in their tattered cars, assembled or modified, living a free and carefree life. Faction Hero System:

True Order. A secret society with a long history and no fixed territory. Its fanatical and zealous members have always lurked in the cities of the Astral and roamed the gray zones, promoting their own ideas and philosophy. Thus, the True Order believes that the history and tomes released by the Temple of Lumopolis are false. The Order is said to be determined to reveal the buried truth. Faction Hero System:

Independent. The vast continent is home to many small communities, unidentified organizations, and ancient ruins. Because of distance, their insistence on independence, or because of their nomadic status from the beginning, they do not belong to any faction in astral civilization at all. They are "Independent". Their appearance and clothing, lifestyle and cultural practices vary. Some even remain unknown, such as the guards in certain ruins. Examples:

Alchemy Stars: Player Account

How do I change the display style? Enter the settings menu using the settings button on the left side of the main screen and then switch between the Refined, Normal and Color Assist styles of the Alchemy Board.

Can I change the background of the home screen? Yes it is possible. Enter the settings using the bottom-most button on the left side of the home screen and click the background button in the bottom left corner to change the background of the main screen.

Can skill animations be disabled? Yes. Enter the game settings menu to turn off skill animations or set them to play only once a day.

How do I switch the language? The game currently supports three languages: English, Japanese, and Korean. More languages ??will be added in the future. If you want to switch the current game language, go to your phone system settings and select the appropriate language.

Account linking. Why is it important? If you do not link your game account to your Twitter - LINE - account by email, your account details will only be stored locally on your device. This means that your data will not be updated synchronously with the game account system and, therefore, will be irrecoverable if deleted from your device. It is highly recommended that you link your account immediately after creating it so as not to lose your game progress.

How do I restore my account? If your game account is not linked to your Twitter - LINE - account by email and you have only used guest login, your game progress will only be saved on your device. Logging out or deleting a game will not affect the game data stored on your original device. When you reinstall the game, your original account will remain there. If your account was linked to your Twitter - LINE - email account, please do the following to recover your account:

  1. Click "Settings" - "General" - "Exit" in the game and completely close the game;
  2. Log into your linked Twitter account - LINE or email on your device and open the game;
  3. If your game account is linked to your Twitter - LINE or email account, select Twitter - LINE - Email to login.

How do I change my email password? If you are using the email login feature, you can reset your password using the Forgot Password button on the login screen.

How do I switch my game account? First, make sure your current game account has been linked to your Twitter - LINE - email account. Then click "Settings" - "General" - "Exit". After launching the login page, log into your new Twitter account - LINE or email. Return to the Alchemy Stars login page and click the Guest button or Twitter - LINE - email to create or log in to another account.

Article author: Nadezhda D.