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Walkthrough Almost a Hero: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ALMOST A HERO RPG is an Android game with the release date 03/23/2017 from Bee Square. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Almost a Hero download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Best Team
  2. Heroes
  3. Adventure Walkthrough
  4. Artifact Guide
  5. Secrets of the Rings
  6. Challenges
  7. Passage of the Gates of Gog
  8. Tactics
  9. Chest Overview
  10. Main Menu Guide

Almost a Hero: Best Team

The game has 3 main activities:

  1. Adventure.
  2. The test of time.
  3. Gates of Gog.

Adventure mode is the main one. They bring all the items to the heroes needed to level them up. Therefore, the main characters should be pumped and selected specifically for this game story.

Team for Adventure should consist of 5 fighters. Therefore, often for beginners, the question arises which heroes need to be pumped and which ones are not.

There are 3 characters playing roles:

  1. Defender - takes on the main damage of opponents, should have a lot of health and armor. The main task of this warrior is to prevent other heroes from dying. The main basic characteristic is health, stamina. Warriors - defenders have little attack at the start.
  2. Attack - the character has high basic damage indicators, but has less health than defenders. The main task of the hero of the attack is to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy.
  3. Support - characters who in this game as a base indicator have more ability to collect gold. At the same time, they can impose positive effects on the members of their squad. These effects allow you to live longer, do more damage.

In battle, at least 1 defender and 2 attacking heroes are required. The remaining 2 champions you can take any of the classes presented. For example: defender + attack, defender + support, attack + support.

It is best to take 2 defenders, because the rest of the heroes will fall less. 1 support character is also a very good thing, since you will earn more gold and pump characters faster.

A variant of a good attacking team:

  1. Sem is protection.
  2. Obzhorych - protection.
  3. Ba-da-booms - attack.
  4. Balabolus attack.
  5. Leah is an attack.

This squad will be able to go through a lot of stages of Adventure with a uniform leveling of characters and Artifacts. If instead of Leah we take a hero - support, then the five brings even more gold.

Custom version of the command:

  1. Sem - he must have the legendary item "The Avenger’s Ax".
  2. Vex is an attack.
  3. Wi - support.
  4. Balabolus attack.
  5. Ba-Da-Booms - attack, it is necessary to pump it to the legendary rank.

What is unusual about the team? The fact that the level should be pumped only Ba-Da-Bumsu. This composition is aimed at passing difficult bosses. In a team, it is important to have a skill level limit of 8. Wex and V should pump gold collection. Ba-Da-Bumsu - a book, then his abilities are enhanced. Sem has a special mission - he needs a "damage return" and an active skill.

The chip of the team is in Ba-Da-Booms’ Kamikaze ability. From the first strike, all soldiers die, thereby giving a green color to Kamikaze, after which Ba-Da-Bumsh is invulnerable. He throws a bomb and goes into defense, so repeated every second. In this case, Sem every 6 attacks returns 370% of the damage. If the boss’s critical hit on the warrior turns out to be 6 in turn, then the thief immediately dies. Sema’s ability to respawn within 3 seconds makes attack return very frequent. The Ba-Da-Booms book gives the total damage of all the heroes of the squad; the Ba-Da-Booms level is not important to her. At the same time, Kamikaze inflicts huge damage on opponents and bosses. There is also a minus of this enterprise - it is the need to constantly manually activate Kamikaze.

Protected Command Option:

  1. Sem is protection.
  2. Obzhorych - protection.
  3. Balabolus attack.
  4. Ba-da-booms - attack.
  5. Wi - support.

This team can be assembled in the first stages of the game. It does not require individual pumping. Of course, you need to pump more passive skills and devote special time to artifacts. Two defenders will often prevent fragile characters from dying, and V will mine more gold for you.

General recommendations. Items in the game drop out in a chaotic manner. On some heroes more things fall, on others less. The efficiency of pumping the team depends on this.

If you have some characters pumped better than the rest, then you should not go in cycles and pump other soldiers. Based on the opportunities that you have at the moment. It’s more advisable to put pumped heroes in the main squad. You should not follow someone’s advice, you should always rely on your current situation.

Over time, you will have all the characters, and they will be more or less pumped. But the main emphasis must be placed on the five fighters who pass Adventure for you. Over time, these warriors can be changed if there are better characters who deserve your attention.

Almost a Hero: Heroes

The main leveling of heroes occurs in the "Information" section. It is located in the lower left corner of the main screen of the game. At the top of the section, all the warriors that you have at the moment are shown, and also closed slots for undiscovered characters are displayed. Heroes are unlocked at a certain stage in the passage of Adventures. Heroes have 2 tabs: items and skills.


It is here that all the things of the characters are shown. On heroes from Chests in Adventures, you can get individual items for your fighters. All warriors have 3 exclusive items. For example, Veks will not allow anyone to wear his precious crown, and Wendle will not allow him to read his book on economics. Items give heroes health, damage, and gold bonuses.

If you don’t have any hero yet, and objects fall out of the chests on him, then they do not disappear, but take their places in special slots. After the hero nevertheless appears in your collection, he will already be properly prepared.Items can be improved. And this improvement remains with the warrior forever. Items are pumped due to fragments.

Stardom. As soon as things reach a certain level, you can increase the character’s stardom, thereby increasing its basic characteristics. With the development of stardom, new costumes open. Costumes simply change the appearance of a warrior, without giving additional bonuses. Some costumes can be bought for gems. The higher you pump the hero, the more costumes will be.

First of all, you need to pump those characters that are used in battles. The rest can be pumped according to the residual principle. Additional fighters should be pumped at least to the green level.They will be needed in two other activities. But the main attention should be paid to the main five.


In this tab you can see all the abilities of the hero. Skills develop during the passage of Adventures. As soon as the player uses the Prestige level and the skills of the main fighters are reset, and all must be pumped again.

Skills are pumped directly in Adventure in the "Heroes" tab.

Each character has 3 types of abilities:

  1. Active skill - displayed at the bottom of the battle window in each activity. Active skills are activated only manually. If the soldiers are fighting in the "offside" mode, then these skills are not applied. This is a kind of powerful super shock. With it, a warrior deals damage to an enemy several times stronger. All classes of heroes have such attacks.
  2. Automatic skills - they do not need to be activated, they work automatically as soon as the energy scale is full (the scale is located in the circle of the active skill icon to the right and left of the center). They are used by heroes regardless of your efforts, used by fighters while you are not in the game.
  3. Passive skills - these skills, after their discovery, constantly accompany your champions. It works constantly under certain conditions. For example, Balobolus has an excellent passive skill "Flurry" - with a 10% probability it deals 175% more damage and stuns the enemy for 3 seconds.
If you cannot actively play, that is, be constantly with the phone, it is recommended to pump automatic and passive skills. They need to be pumped so that warriors without your absence go as far as possible Adventure and earn a lot of resources.

All the main characters must be pumped evenly. The higher the level of a fighter, the more gold is required to improve it. Therefore, the efficiency of spending gold with each level decreases. For example, if you spend 20 million gold on 1 champion, it is less profitable if you evenly distribute the resource between the main fighters.

How to increase the level of skills? Skills increase in Adventures. You must click on the icon below in the center of the screen. After that, a window appears with the five heroes engaged in battles. Click on the avatar of the desired hero to display the tab with the skills. An active skill is placed in the center of the circle. Automatic abilities are shown at the edges of it, and passive skills are arranged in a circle.

Passive skills for each hero are unique. They can enhance or prolong the performance of active and automatic skills. For example, it reduces the time of the hero’s rebirth after his death.

It is recommended at first to develop automatic abilities, then passive ones. Some skills at opening immediately give a good increase to the characteristics and are immediately good. That is, the discovery of a new passive skill is better than raising the level of another skill. Improvement should be made evenly. Skills improve exponentially, and each subsequent point spent is less effective than opening level 1 of another ability.

If you spend a lot of time in the game, then it is more advisable for you to first raise the level of active skill. Then it will be easier to win battles with ordinary monsters and bosses. But for this you need to squeeze the super blow manually.

Above the skills is the One-Touch Upgrade slider. If he is in the "on" position, then you can improve skills only by touching the necessary. If the slider is in the "off" position, then after clicking on the skill a dialog box appears in which the ability is described and the confirmation button "Improve" is located.

At the top of the hero’s window, both in the main menu and in Adventures, the level of champions and their role in the team are shown (attack, defense, support).

Almost a Hero: Adventure Walkthrough

Adventure is the main activity in the game. The player encounters it at the very start of the game. The adventure takes place offline. Stories are divided into stages. In each stage there are 10 waves of simple opponents and 1 boss. There are a lot of stages, they are almost endless.

Each boss has two scales. If the white bar ends first, the player loses the battle. At the same time, his process in Adventure rolls back several stages. Sometimes a player loses 5 levels, sometimes less, depending on how far you have gone from a multiple of level 5 (140, 145, 150, and so on). If the player could not pass the boss at stage 150, then he will automatically be transferred to level 145 and begin the passage of the stages anew.

There are Simple and Epic bosses. The latter will be expected at every 5th stage of Adventure. From ordinary enemies, gold falls, which is necessary for pumping heroes. Epic bosses drop gold and magic stones, which increase the level of Artifacts.


With each new stage, rivals become stronger, but gold from them falls more. Also, the amount of gold increases with the leveling of characters. Character attack and defense indicators are also enhanced.

Since there is a lot of gold in the game and it was inconvenient to write millions, billions, quadrillion, the developers simplified the process and developed a special abbreviation. The numerical values ??of gold are increased in the English alphabet (AA, JJ, DD, and so on). For example, 100 AA is less than 100 BB, 100 JJ.

The Dragon. During the battle, a dragon may fly to you. In the mouth he will bring a surprise for you. You must click on it to get gold and other currencies (magic stones, gems, fragments). The dragon appears at the 21st stage of Adventure.

Each time a player enters the game, he receives the gold that the heroes mined in his absence. The number of stages your warriors have also been shown. If the enemies are weak, then the fighters will go through many sectors. If the enemies come across strong - few stages go through. Provided that your characters are equal in strength or a little higher in their strength than the boss, in offline mode, your guys will stagnate in one place.They will also bring gold, but will not go beyond the boss.

It should be remembered that gold accumulates only 8 hours since the last collection. If you are absent from the game for more than a given period of time, then you will still receive resources accumulated over 8 hours.


Periodically, your fighters will die. When a character falls, he drops out of the gameplay for a certain period of time. Consequently, he does not fight, but rests quietly and awaits resurrection. The higher the level of Adventure passing, the longer the fighter is absent.

In order for the heroes to recover faster, they need to pump the resurrection time. These can be Amulets or passive skills.

Only 5 warriors can be put into battle. Slots for them open at certain stages of passage. 1 slot gives a hero of level 1, then when you open 2 slots, the player receives a character of level 2. 5 slot will give a character of 5 level.

Here you can every 5 levels to increase the reward for the floor (increase the percentage of getting gold), increase the damage of all heroes or increase the attack of the ring.

Tricks of the passage

Sooner or later, the passage of Adventures rests on some boss whom you cannot kill. You have to wait a long time to accumulate gold, raise the level of heroes. But you can use super punch. Of course, this requires the personal presence of the player and the active use of the skill. But statistics show that your bullies fight much better when a player is directly involved in the battle.

When you can not pass the boss in the "offside" mode, you should start the game and just put the phone on the table and go about your business. But if even in this way the heroes cannot defeat the monster, then you must control the process yourself and squeeze the super blow.

Superblow is recommended for use only on bosses. Your guys will pass ordinary enemies without your participation. In this case, you should go through Adventures, using an active skill, as far as possible. Thus, you can accumulate magic stones. Use Prestige should only be when you are at a dead end, and there is no other way.

If you are not comfortable using the game on your phone, it is advisable to install an emulator on your computer and play through a PC.


Since Almost a Hero is an incremental game (or a clicker, when the gameplay consists of simple actions for which the player earns game currency for leveling), at some point your heroes will not be able to go through the stage.To do this, the game implemented the ability to reset progress to 0. This action is called Prestige. You can find it in Adventure in the lower left corner in the "Tasks" menu.

For zeroing the progress, the player will receive magic stones for pumping permanent Artifacts. In this case, the heroes are reset the level and process of development of skills. But all items and Artifacts will remain at the same level at which the player used Prestige. The heroes will remain trinkets, fragments, tokens, precious stones, aeon.Also, the player will lose all the accumulated gold.

Using the obtained magic stones, you can very well strengthen the characters. Thus, once again reaching the difficult boss (on which you took advantage of Prestige), the heroes will be stronger and will easily cross the line.

The further you go without using Prestige, the more magic stones you will get when the process is reset.

Magic stones accumulate exponentially. For example, 5 stones are given for the first 5 stages, 25 stones for 10 stages, 125 stones for 15, and so on. Prestige can be doubled for gems. The first time Prestige can be used after 30 stages.

After using Prestige, you can change the heroes in Adventure and the Ring. Up to this point it is impossible to do.During the passage of the first heroes, you can get good characters and change the composition of the main team.

Jobs tab

The tab is located at the bottom of the Adventure window. Tasks can be viewed at the top. The "View All" button opens the completed quests and those tasks that you have not yet completed. There are different tasks. Basically go through one or another stage of Adventure. For completing assignments very good rewards are given. Passing these quests you, in fact, go through the game itself.

Merchant’s goods. They also open when they reach a certain level. Tokens are used to purchase goods.

The merchant’s assortment can only be used in Adventures, and a certain period of time is valid. All available items speed up the passage process. Some products can be purchased a limited number of times. After applying Prestige, the limit is reset to zero.

Mini tasks

At the start of the game, mini-tasks periodically appear. You can open them by clicking on the button in the upper left corner in the Adventure mode. This is a kind of learning the basics of the game. For example, use 10 super blows. They run pretty fast and bring good rewards.

In the future, these quests will appear as you progress through the Adventures. Especially for their implementation, you do not need to spend time, they are passed during the game. For 15 gems, you can skip the task. For example, if you do not have the necessary hero to complete it.

Passage of Healing. Tasks in which you need to heal someone do not fit into the description. To avoid this problem, go to the game settings, switch to English. Here you should see which of the heroes need to be healed.Then you need to put him in the squad along with Lenny or Sam, you can still put on a hero a trinket for healing in a percentage equivalent. Thus, you will easily pass the task.

Almost a Hero: Artifact Guide

There are 2 types of Artifacts in the game:

  1. Simple - reinforce the main parameters of the characters.
  2. Mythical - enhance bonuses of simple Artifacts.

Simple Artifacts

Artifacts can only be used in Adventure mode. In other activities, they do not work. Artifacts are improved and modified in the Alchemy tab in the main story. Artifact level rises for magic stones.

Each Artifact is located in slots that open for gems. A new slot costs 10 gems of the previous one. To create a new Artifact you need a certain amount of magic stones. The level of new stones is determined by the serial number of the cell. For example, 1 slot will give a stone of level 1, 2 - 5 levels, 3 - 15 levels. At the same time, the cost of the new Artifact is more expensive.

Artifacts can be developed. To do this, click on the selected stone, after which the Artifact development menu will open. Each item has 1 primary indicator. For example, a bonus to overall health. And 4 additional parameters.

Additional features of the stone open at a certain level of the Artifact. It is better to fully open additional abilities, and then open a new cell.

If you do not like the property that has opened, then it can be changed for magic stones. But you can only change to the proposed parameters. For 1 line of additional features when changing, 4 to 5 possible indicators are given.

Bonuses drop out in random order. Therefore, it is often not worth changing the parameters; a completely unnecessary characteristic may drop out. To see what the parameter can be changed for, click on the purple button next to the arrow.

Stones must be pumped evenly. When you open all the additional abilities of the stone, it does not make sense to pump them further (if only at high levels of the game). To the extent possible, it is advised to open new slots and buy Artifacts.

Mythical Artifacts

Slots for Mythical Artifacts open as you progress through Adventures. These relics are created and pumped for magic stones. Mythical Artifacts reinforce simple stones. They are pumped as well as Simple Artifacts.

You should pump Mythical Artifacts evenly. If you have only 1 such Artifact, then it should be pumped, after the appearance of the second stone, it is worth raising its level to the first. In the future, raise their level in turn.

Almost a Hero: Secrets of the Rings

In the battle below is a ring and a scale. In order to activate the ring, it is necessary to clamp it (while the scale starts to fill up) or simply touch it (depends on the characteristics of the accessory). The more the ring scale is filled, the more damage the opponent will receive from it.

Some rings overheat when the scale is full. The fill level also depends on the type of ring. After overheating, the ring cannot be pressed; it is deactivated for some time. Some rings, on the contrary, accumulate heroes’ super blows.

Rings should be used different (you can change jewelry after applying Prestige). It is worth reading the description of the rings, to understand what role it will play in the battle.

The rings open at a certain level. You can increase the power of the ring only by inserting special runes into it. The first 3 runes for each accessory you will get through Adventures. The remaining runes are obtained from chests in the Adventure store. You cannot get the same rune twice, every time a new one falls out.

There are 5 rings in the game:

  1. Stormy is the first ring in the game that a gamer will receive. The ring shoots with lightning and charges from normal attacks. The power of "discharge" is increased by runes.
  2. Fiery - Unlocks at the 130th stage of Adventure. The ring does significant damage, but overheats when fully charged, making it unsuitable for use during cooling.
  3. Icy is the third ring that is unlocked at the 300th stage of Adventure. To activate it, you need to pinch it during the battle. The more the scale is filled, the more it will cause damage to enemies. The ice ring rains down on rivals Buran.
  4. Earthy - unlocked at the 520 stage of Adventure. Throws a deadly meteor shower from the sky. It has a long charging time, so be careful when using the ring. It is necessary to distribute the time of use.
  5. Darkness - Unlocks at the 1440th stage of Adventure. The ring does not only cause enormous damage, but also puts fear on opponents.

Almost a Hero: Challenges

In "Tests for a while" and in "Gates of Gog" bonuses from Artifacts do not work. These activities have their own bonuses - Amulets. In Trials and Gates they are theirs. Amulets drop out randomly. They can be pumped for fragments and aeons. Amulets slots open at certain stages of the story.

In the Challenge, you cannot use those heroes that are used in the Adventure. You need to take a ring with you to the exploits, which will be very useful to you. The test interface is similar to the appearance of Adventure.Opponents run up to your squad, and our guys need to repel the attack. The test takes place in a certain amount of time. It is indicated in the description of the story. The longer you confront the enemies, the stronger they become.

The level of busy heroes is also pumped here. The conditions for pumping heroes are the same as in Adventures.It is recommended to evenly upgrade the skills of heroes. In the Test, everything has to be done very quickly.

Since the Test passes quickly, it is recommended to pass it manually with a well-pumped active skill.If you don’t have time to go through it, then Testing is advised to pause by clicking on the "Drop Testing" button. After a while, it can be continued.

There are tests that are held under certain conditions. For example, go through a story without a ring, or put 1 warrior and get 3 copies of it. There are Tests where you can not pump characters.

Each Challenge gives different good rewards, which are necessary for pumping heroes. It can be tokens, gems, eons. Passing the Tests is not difficult, so you should participate in them as often as possible.

Almost a Hero: Passage of the Gates of Gog

There are several gates in history. The first gate is available first. As you progress, the following open. Each gate carries its own conditions of passage and give a different number of eons. If you go through the gates for the first time, you get very good gifts. Their further passage will become for the player the main source of eons. You can go through the gates as many times as you like, it all depends on your patience. The higher the level of the gate, the more rewards.

3 heroes participate in the Gates of Gog. But you can fight here only with characters not engaged in other activities. It is recommended to separately pump the group to pass the Gate.

In the "Heroes" menu in Gates there are 2 switches:

  1. Distribute skill points randomly.
  2. Automatically raise the level of heroes.

Since the stories in the Gate pass very quickly, it is necessary to put the switches in the "on" position so as not to be distracted from the process.

When automatic mode is on, skills are distributed evenly. Experienced players recommend always turning on these character boost modes.

Artifacts. During the passage, Artifacts are given (not to be confused with Adventure Artifacts, although they are similar). The game offers 3 options to choose 1 Artifact.

The description says at what point they fire and what they give. Sometimes it happens that the selected Artifact does not work. This comes from the fact that you have not met the conditions for its activation. For example, there is no hero - support or another character to whom the relic enhances the effect. Therefore, you must carefully read the description of the Artifact, so as not to fly with a choice. A "blank" item will not give you anything.

Gog’s Gates do not use rings. But here you can perform mini-tasks, which are updated every 8 hours. At high levels it is recommended to use super punch.

You can pick up a team of 3 warriors and endlessly go through the Gate, earning eons. As soon as the main team is free, you can open new gates and go further.

Almost a Hero: Tactics

The game is recommended to be held in several stages:

  1. Start the game with Adventure and go through it to the highest possible stage.
  2. Once you are stuck on a strong boss, use Prestige.
  3. After you use the reset, all heroes and rings are freed. And you get magic stones for leveling Artifacts.
  4. After increasing the level, the Artifacts should take the heroes and pass the Challenges and the Gates.
  5. After you get enough for pumping items and heroes in the main menu, you should pump things, and return to Adventure.

When to use Prestige? You need to use it when you have tried all the methods of passing (we talked about them above), and you understand that you are stuck on some kind of harmful boss for a long time. It is possible that you have free time, and you need characters for Trials and Gates. In these cases, it is advised to use Prestige.

It is not recommended to go through the Adventures all the way to earn more magic stones. If you encounter difficulties - use Prestige. The next time your bullies will surely cope with the monster. All by the fact that stones are pumped Artifacts and warriors become stronger.

Almost a Hero: Chest Overview

Free chest. Adventure has a store where you can buy useful items. Here you can open a free chest from which tokens, fragments and items of heroes drop out. If the hero has an empty cell for equipment, then after opening the chest, the desired item automatically falls into place. If the slot is busy, and the item has fallen, then it is sprayed into fragments (they are needed for pumping heroes). 3 hours after the opening of the free chest, the player will again be able to receive a gift. You can set a timer on the phone so as not to miss the opening time.

It is important to remember that if you already have the given item on the hero, but it drops the same, but of better quality, then the new one is placed in the slot, and the old one disappears without a trace. This results in an irreparable loss.

A rare chest. This chest is useful in the initial stages of the game. Rare (blue) items for heroes drop out of it. A chest opens for 100 gems.

Epic chest. It costs 400 gems, epic (purple) items for heroes fall from it. And only from it you can get runes for rings with a 50% chance. Epic items replace simple and rare. At the start of the game, opening this chest is a waste of gems. First, it is recommended to dress and pump warriors to an epic level, and then open the chest.

Box of trinkets. She is needed in order to get trinkets for the heroes. They are not reset when using Prestige. A box costs 50 gems. Trinkets fall out in random order. Steep objects drop out rarely, compared to ordinary ones. The box is inexpensive. So at the first opportunity it can be opened.

Mine of fragments. Here you can get shards 1 time per day. Mine is improving over eons. The more you pump the mine, the more fragments you get.

Gems. You can buy gems for real money. Several stones can be obtained for watching the video. Once a day, 10 gems are given for this.

Suggestions tab. Here you can buy fragments at a favorable exchange rate. It is recommended to buy as many times as necessary. This is the most profitable investment of gems.

Here you can watch the video and get 30 gems. Other things to buy for gems are not recommended here. This is a rare and necessary currency, which should be spent on pumping fighters.

Social networks. For joining the official groups of the game, gems are given.

Offers are discarded after a few hours.

What to spend gems on?

A chest for 100 and 400 gems is better not to buy.

Chest for 100 gems - gives 30 - 90 fragments and 5 items for heroes. But if you watch the videos, then in 10 hours you can get 300 gems. Just get 3 chests, from which will drop 90 - 270 fragments and 15 things. But if you open 10 hours of free chests - this is 200 - 600 fragments and 20 things (20 - 60 fragments and 2 things fall from one chest).

Chest for 400 gems - 3 chests will cost you 1,200 gems, and in a good situation, 1 rune will be dropped. But then where to get the runes for the rings? You can take advantage of a special promotion where players can buy 3 runes with a 100% chance for 1000 gems.

Almost a Hero: Main Menu Guide

The main menu shows 3 main activities. When entering each game mode, you can see information about it by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the story. Here is the information:

  1. The total damage of the heroes.
  2. Damage ring.
  3. The amount of gold received.
  4. The overall health of the characters.

At the bottom of the main window there are several tabs:

  1. Information - the main parameters of the heroes, their objects, skills are given, as well as descriptions of the rings and their runes are given.
  2. Trinkets are special items that are obtained during the passage of Adventures and from the Box of trinkets.
  3. Alchemy - Shows the Artifacts that are mined in Adventures.
  4. Collection of Amulets - they are necessary for the Gate and are mined in them. Amulets can be pumped for fragments and aeons. Amulet Slots open at a certain level of Gog’s Gate.
  5. A store is the same store as in Adventure.


Trinket is given 1 per hero, and has a number of parameters. There are basic parameters that determine the role of the subject. And secondary indicators that add a bonus to some warrior ability. There are other characteristics of trinkets. You should choose which trinket you need to give one of the warriors.

It is better to choose trinkets with a wide range of properties.

To see your trinkets, you first need to open a package of trinkets. Packages of trinkets can be bought at the store (you will receive your first free package of trinkets at stage 193 in Adventure mode). As soon as you open your first package of trinkets, then open the tab "bling" in the hero’s menu in Adventures.

Parameters should be selected individually, based on the main role of the heroes. You can choose the appearance of bling for free, this is done for free. Trinkets can be pumped over the fragments.

Slots for trinkets open after passing through certain stages of Adventure. Trinkets can be destroyed, and get fragments for it.

At the top of the main menu are Achievements and Settings.


In the settings, it is recommended to link your game account to your Google Play account. So the whole process of the game is saved on the server and will not be lost. Thus, you can download the game on another device and continue from the current moment.

Information about the game - allows the user to become more familiar with the mechanics, some activities and objects.

Although the game is saved automatically, the player himself can save the process in the "Settings" in the "Advanced Settings". Here you can see information about the game, about the developers, switch the language. If you delete the save, you can start the process of passing the game again.

In the advanced settings, you can enable the "energy saving" mode, then the game will go at low frame rates, and save battery power. You can configure the game so that the phone does not go into sleep mode during some processes. For example, during a battle with the boss, which you can not pass in the "offside".

In the "Advanced Settings" it is recommended to put all the toggle switches in the "on" position so that you will receive mini-tasks, mines and free chests, as well as other options convenient for the player, are available.


There are 2 tabs: achievements and characteristics. The characteristics show the results that you have achieved in the game. Achievements boil down to the following points:

The game is not complicated, the main thing is to understand its mechanics. If something didn’t work the first time, you can start playing the game again by deleting the settings. You can use Prestige to start Adventure from stage 1. Do not get hung up on difficult bosses, you should be more agile, then you will succeed, and the game will bring pleasure.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.