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Walkthrough American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

AMERICAN DAD! APOCALYPSE SOON - Android game with release date 10/20/2019 from My.com. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better American Dad Apocalypse Soon download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Home Construction Guide
  2. How To Protect From Robbery?
  3. House Resident Guide
  4. Fighters Guide
  5. Walkthrough Story Campaign
  6. Shark Lair Guide - Bazooka
  7. Arena Guide
  8. Premium and Donut Features Overview

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Home Construction Guide

In American Dad Apocalypse Soon, like other similar games, the shelter is built underground. The floors are connected by stairs. The house can equip rooms of various directions.

The operations center is the main premise of your home. The level of the operational center affects the construction and improvement of other rooms, determines the degree of your development, opens up new adventures and arenas. With each new level, the maximum limit of the premises increases.

With each new level of the Operations Center, the cost of goods in the store will increase, opponents in the Arena will also strengthen, and the quality of goods in stores will increase.

The center needs to be improved only when you have done everything possible at this level (pumped rooms, improved fighters, accumulated funds, dressed residents and so on). Thus, you will not overpay for goods in stores.


Room NameWhy is it necessary
Sawmill.It produces wood for building and improving rooms.
Electric generator.Generates energy to create various objects.
Kitchen.Cooking, which is necessary for battles.
Mint.It produces the main currency - dollars, which are necessary for the construction and improvement of rooms, the purchase of items.
Uranium mine.Damage is required for the construction and improvement of the premises.


Room NameWhy is it necessary
Warehouse wood.A stock of wood is kept.
Food warehouse.A stock of food is kept.
Uranium Warehouse.For storing uranium.
Energy storage.For storing energy.
Bank of Smiths.To store dollars.


The higher the class level of residents, the more resources the character produces.
Room NameWhy is it necessary
Labor room.Here you can increase the residents of the class "Joiner".
Department of radiochemistry.The class "Radiochemist" is increasing.
Gym cooks.The level of class "Cook" is rising.
Training room of bankers.The level of class "Banker" is rising.
Training room of fighters.Here the level of the class "Fighter" rises.
Training laboratory.The level of the class "Electric"


Room NameWhy is it necessary
Workshop armor.The room allows you to make uniforms for residents of the class "Fighter".
Jewelry repair shop.Allows you to make jewelry for warriors.
Stairs.It allows you to move between floors, and also only around it you can build halls on a new floor.If there is no staircase, construction at a new level of the house cannot be started.
Cloning room.Allows you to increase the maximum number of Rogers in the house and clone them. The higher the DNA - the potential of the parents, the higher the chance that the newborn baby will be with high potential.
Armory.Allows you to make melee and ranged weapons, as well as energy weapons for warriors.
UFO Laboratory.Here are created fighting skills for the team, which can be used during fights.
UFO Research Center.The room improves combat skills.
Hall of Clans.Provides access to clans and allows you to request resources through the guild chat.
Roger Bar.Here your team of fighters gathers, who will participate in Adventures, in the Arena and in raids on other players.

After purchasing the necessary room in the store, a blue frame with a construction symbol appears on an empty spot on the screen. This shows the places where you can put the room.

In the game, building rooms is interconnected. That is, in order to build one room, you must have another room of a suitable level. During the construction of rooms (at the time of purchase), the description indicates the amount of construction and the necessary conditions for the purchase of this room. Also, when improving the rooms, the description will be written requirements. Once the requirements are met, an upgrade or construction button will become available.

The rooms in the house are built for a very long time. And the higher your progress in the game, the more expensive and longer the halls are built / improved. You need to pay attention to this when you need to improve several rooms at the same time. Sometimes it happens that a lot of resources accumulate in the storage facilities, but nothing can be built at the moment, because other buildings are being built.

In order for home improvement to proceed faster, it is necessary to increase the construction queue for golden poop. This is the best investment of this currency in the game.

If you have 1 construction phase, then it is impossible to build another room in addition. 2, 3 and 4 stages allow you to simultaneously build / improve several rooms.

The button for hiring workers (additional queue) is located under the player’s avatar in the upper right corner (plus sign opposite the helmet). If you click on the helmet itself, a list of the cost of rooms that can be improved will appear. If you tap on the list by the name of the room, you can automatically move to the desired room.

During the improvement of the room, all work in it stops. Therefore, it is recommended to finish all the work in the room, and then activate the improvement process.

House Building Tips

Speeding up building / room improvements. If a resident is sent to a building under construction or an improvement, the process will be accelerated. 1 clone gives 5.5% acceleration. If you send 4 Rogers to the room, then the acceleration will increase to 22%.

It is recommended that you send free clones to a building / improvement facility in order to expedite the operation.

Workshops. Here you can and should spend resources. If your construction line is full, then the materials can be used to create weapons and equipment. The process of manufacturing items does not take place in the construction of rooms.

Repositories. Warehouses should be constantly improved. The higher the level of the warehouse, the more resources will fit into it. They need to be pumped in the first turn, because at high levels the rooms are expensive and there are not always enough materials to speed up / build the room. All funds for the construction are taken from storage facilities. For example, a room costs 300,000 bucks, and your storage is designed for only $ 250,000. Therefore, first you need to increase the capacity of the bank (and for this you need to increase the level of the warehouse). Only after that it is possible to raise funds for the construction of the necessary hall.

It is worth remembering that the more funds in the warehouses, the more opponents can steal prey from you. But attack you while you are in the game. Therefore, it is recommended that you first allocate resources (buy items, build / improve rooms, send residents for training, etc.), and only then leave the game.

Information - opens when you click on the desired room. The window shows the level of the room, the number of workers that it produces, how many residents it is necessary to have in this room for effective work. Showing requirements for its improvement.

How to combine rooms? One of the most frequently asked questions about the placement of premises in the house. To merge the rooms, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The rooms should have one level and one type (for example, a kitchen).
  2. The rooms should be placed next to each other.
  3. The arrangement of rooms should occur horizontally. If you try to combine 2 identical rooms that are on different levels, then they will not merge into one large room.

Editing mode. It can be enabled when the Operations Center is highlighted (the "edit" button will appear at the bottom of the screen). You can also activate this mode if you hold any room for a long time. When editing, you can:

  1. Remove unnecessary rooms.
  2. Swap rooms.
  3. Combine rooms.
  4. Roll back actions.

After the changes, click the "Save" button. After that, you can exit the editor. But if you exit before saving, everything will remain as before. You can also roll back actions to a previous save. For example, you changed the location of the rooms and saved the process. Then, for some reason, you didn’t like it, and in editor mode you can return the location of the house to the previous save.

There is no specific algorithm for building a house. But you should take into account the needs of residents of the class "Fighter" and pump battle halls in the first turn. You should also watch that all construction phases are busy (so as not to lose time).

The rooms can be zoomed in and see what happens there. This is sometimes very interesting.

Emergencies (PE). Occasionally, an emergency occurs in the house (for example, fires). To eliminate the disaster, you need to click on its source, so that the clones quickly sorted out the trouble. The room where the incident occurred ceases to work. If the player is offline, that is, he has left the game, then an emergency in the shelter will happen, they can’t.

Resource collection. You can collect the materials produced in the room with one click on the resource icon.But you do not always need to do this. Why? Because, collecting resources, you send them to the warehouse. Until the room limit is filled up to 100%, the materials will be in it and they will not be reached.

How to find out the capacity of a room? You must click on it, and see all the information. The information window shows the capacity and number of produced resources per hour. As soon as the room limit is full, the room will stop working. For example, the Mint produces $ 2,600 per hour, and a capacity of $ 60,000. It will take about 25 hours to fully fill the room. It is necessary to calculate and approximately know when the room will be full, and adjust the construction / improvement to these indicators. This is necessary so that you are less robbed, and you spend materials more efficiently.

Training. In training rooms, clones are trained. When a resident has reached a new level, a corresponding icon appears above him. If he has not reached the training limit, then after clicking on the icon, he will be able to continue it. If you look at the ads, the training time will be significantly reduced. Also, for viewing ads, you can reduce the manufacturing time of items.


Arsenal - a room near the front door of the house. Here the player can set the main protective line from the robbers. It should be remembered when attacking neighbors that they will also have protection from you. Each defense is pumped. You can choose 1 of the protection methods:

  1. Drone - attacks enemies, causing various kinds of damage (poisoning, freezing, long-term damage). In total, there are several types of drone, each of which deals certain damage and has additional defense skills.
  2. Mines - ground defense that deals damage to the enemy. May decrease enemy attribute values. In the game you can choose 1 of the three available mines.
  3. Sniper post - a sniper inflicts impressive damage, slowing down the movement of enemies. This is a ranged fighter, you can not take him with you to battle.
  4. Traps - an invisible ground defense that hits the opponent’s front line, reduces movement speed.
  5. Harmful waste - a tool that enhances the attributes of your fighters.
It is recommended to choose one type of defense, which causes the most damage to the enemy.Preference should be given to weapons that deal damage in percentage terms. The percentage is always higher than the numerical. Because, for example, at level 20, 4000 health points, which can kill an enemy with one shot, become irrelevant at level 40. But a wound of 10% of maximum health is always 10%, regardless of the level of the enemy scout.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: How To Protect From Robbery?

Unfortunately, pumping the Fighters is not the best way to protect against robberies. When you are in a game, they cannot attack you. But as soon as you go out, your house is displayed on the maps of opponents. Some players do not go out of the network for days so that they are not attacked. But this is not an option - not only will the battery warm up and run down faster, it’s very difficult to do other operations on the phone.

In order for you to be attacked as little as possible, and not be tasty prey, we have prepared some tips:

  1. Before leaving the game, it is necessary that Roger Bar has a full squad of Fighters. If some of your warriors train, it is better to interrupt their classes and send other clones to the hall. Let there be more pumped residents of the Fighter class than you will incur losses.
  2. In the Arsenal, it is required to improve not only the room, but also each protective device separately. The better the protection of the front door, the more likely it is to repel the attack.
  3. A low robbery rating is the best defense tactic. Opponents are shown on the cards of only those players who have the same rating as yours. Therefore, before leaving, take care of downgrading.
  4. The higher and stronger your team of Fighters, the greater the chance to repel the enemy.
  5. Do not leave Warehouses full. The more resources in storage, the more you become a tidbit for other players. The enemy sees your full warehouses and wants to get some of the resources, so he will attack you all 3 times. Before leaving the game, construction, improvement of the premises should be set, and resources should not be collected from the rooms.

If you don’t have enough resources for improvement, but there’s a lot of good at the warehouse, then it’s worth collecting the missing materials from neighbors by means of robbery. Then put the improvement and with a clear conscience to leave the game.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: House Resident Guide

The first inhabitants of the player appear gradually, first a couple will come to the door of the house, then you will get several during the passage of the story company. Residents in the game are many same-sex Rogers who can be cloned. Roger is a big fan of masquerade, he has many costumes and various wigs that he puts on and impersonates a man or woman.

In the future, you can replenish Roger clones in the cloning room. The occupancy limit is determined by the level of the cloning room. This room also increases the level limit for heroes.

If you click on any clone, then a card with full information about it will appear about it:

  1. Name.
  2. Power indicator.
  3. Learning speed.
  4. Stars are potential.
  5. Development classes.
  6. Attributes.
  7. Weapons.
  8. Clothing.
  9. Ring.
  10. Amulet.
  11. Artifact.

Initially, after birth or arrival, a clone has a certain amount of potential, but does not have a class indicator.Therefore, any beginner can be trained in the class that is needed at the moment.

Hero Classes:

  1. Fighter - this class will fight with you, go through adventures, rob, defend your home. Training takes place in the training room of the Fighters. This class has a diverse amount of equipment. It is the fighters that need to be given special attention in development.
  2. Electrician - the generation of electricity and the house depend on this class. It is pumped in the laboratory.
The higher the class level, the higher the room production speed.
  1. Joiner - works at the Sawmill, is pumped in the Labor Office.
  2. Cook - the production of food in the kitchen depends on its level; it can be improved in the training room of cooks.
  3. Banker - earns you dollars in the Mint. Improves in the training room of bankers.

Power is a very important indicator for a clone of any class. It depends on the equipment and the level of pumping the hero. Different items give different levels of power. This criterion is especially important for the Fighters.

How to get 5 star residents?

Potential is an indicator of stardom. The higher the resident’s potential, the more levels he can pump. Also, the potential of parents affects the potential of the newborn.

If the couple has high stardom, then with a high probability the child will appear with great potential.

Stars affect the maximum level of clone development:

At the start of the game, the maximum amount of potential for the clones will be 3 stars. After the home limit reaches 30 residents, the potential of newborns will gradually increase to 4 stars. To increase the Rogers limit in the shelter, it is necessary to pump the cloning room. Gradually, children with 5 stars will appear.

It is necessary to constantly cross-breed residents so that 5 star children appear. Although at high potential there is a chance that newborns with high potential will appear, but it is very small.Therefore, experienced players advise non-stop cloning.

When the player will consistently appear clones with 3 stars, 1 and 2 star characters can be sent for free swimming outside the house. In other words, kick out. They certainly will not be of any use. At the high stages of the game, it will be necessary to have heroes of level 60-100, which cannot be reached by 1-2 star characters.Further, when 4 - 5 star Rogers appear, one should get rid of 3 star Rogers.

It’s easy to drive out the heroes - just click on it, and in the card that opens, click on the button next to the clone’s name. There is the item "Drive out of the house." Then your hero go to the outside world.

How to propagate Rogers? To do this, you need to take 2 clones with high potential, and send them to the cloning room. 1 clone should be placed in a cloning capsule. The time spent by Roger in the capsule is 1 hour 30 minutes. Then a newborn will appear, and parents will not multiply for a day. But you can send another pair to the room.

The child grows 6 hours. Only after the baby grows above his head does the corresponding icon appear. By clicking on it, you put the child in the "Adult" state. Until this moment, you cannot drive the baby out of the house; he cannot work.

The level of potential of a newborn can be found out only when he becomes an adult. Until this moment, the child will wander aimlessly from shelter from room to room.

You should strive to ensure that your home is as full of clones as they are needed in production rooms and in battles, and they also need training.

Rogers Happiness Level

Among other visible factors, the level of happiness of the clones also affects the speed of production. The happier the hero, the more productive he works, the greater the increase in production. You can see the level of happiness if you click on the limit under the avatar in the upper right corner.

How to increase the happiness of the characters? Periodically, icons with desires appear over the heads of residents. To execute a Wishlist, you just need to tap on the icon, after which the desire is considered fulfilled and the overall level of happiness increases.

When there is little happiness, the characters are sluggish, they work disgustingly, production efficiency decreases. This is evident by their slow movements. If the desire appeared, and the player did not satisfy it, then the scale of happiness (under the avatar) - decreases. Therefore, do not ignore the desires of the clones.

The happiness indicator is divided into several stages:

  1. Red color - the heroes are unhappy and do not give an increase to production.
  2. Yellow color - the heroes are relatively happy and give an increase in production of 2%.
  3. Green - residents are happy and give an increase in production of 5%.
  4. Blue color is for Premium owners, if you connect it, then residents are automatically satisfied with everything and immediately add 20% to production.

Rogers can be moved from room to room. When the room has reached the limit, when transferring a new clone to it, the weakest resident of the available leaves the room (with the worst performance). It can be pumped or kicked out of the house.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Equipment Guide

Clothing in the game is divided into classes. You can wear Rogers in any things, but it is recommended to separate items by accessory. If the clothes are designed to speed up cooking, you should give them to the cook.For all classes, except for fighters, clothes are easily selected, there is no puzzle. Clothing for these classes cannot be produced. Only weapons and ammunition are produced.

All items received in the game are transferred to the Warehouse (the button is located on the main screen in the left part of the window). The warehouse is divided into thematic sections to make it easier for the player to navigate.

The most diverse clothes exist for fighters. It is divided by type:

  1. Warrior is melee.
  2. The shooter is a ranged battle.
  3. An engineer is an energy weapon.

In addition to weapons, fighters have armor (they are also divided by type) and jewelry that are not tied to the type of warriors and adds basic parameters to the characteristics.

Items come in different qualities, which determines its value:

  1. Normal - white, the worst in terms of performance, it is recommended to spray immediately.
  2. Unusual - green, the quality is slightly better than an ordinary subject. At the start of the game, you can dress residents, in the future it is recommended to replace.
  3. Rare - blue clothing, it has good performance, a player with such equipment will go through activities for a long time, but then it gives way to high-quality items.
  4. Epic - have a purple color, are considered very good, sometimes indicators are higher than that of legendary items.
  5. Legendary - orange color, have the best properties and performance. But sometimes they can be inferior to the epic.
Do not store a lot of things in the warehouse. Unnecessary objects are better to disassemble into fragments. Thus, you will spend less money on searching for the necessary things.

Where to get clothes for residents?

Boxes are the main way to get clothes. For all professions, except for fighters, clothing is obtained only from boxes. Boxes can be obtained:

  1. For daily assignments.
  2. For achievements.
  3. For completing the storyline campaign.
  4. Buy at the store.
  5. Get paid for viewing ads.
  6. Get rewarded for the Invasion, in the Shark Den Bazooka and Morning Mimosa.

In the boxes are items of clothing for different classes. The quality of items depends on the level of pumped refuge. The higher the level of the house, the better things fall out.

If you do not open the chest bought or received for a long time, the probability of getting things of good quality is reduced. Therefore, do not collect and save them. It should be opened immediately after receipt. This rule does not apply to tournament chests, which players receive for prizes in tournament activities. These boxes can and should be stored to high levels. The rule works there: at what level the chest was opened, clothes of this level also fall out. These boxes are best opened after level 50+.

Create items. In workshops, you can create weapons and armor of all types for clones of the Fighter class. To create things, fragments of objects are required for a quality lower than the manufactured item. For example, to create an unusual mace, you must have 10 ordinary fragments. When parsing, 1 item gives 1 fragment. This value is constant and does not depend on the quality of the thing being disassembled.

Also, energy is required in the manufacture. The higher the quality of the item, the more materials will be needed to make it. Creation time also depends on quality. Legendary things are created several times longer than unusual ones.

Items are created randomly with random properties. The item may not be what you need. Items drop out depending on the level of the workshop. For example, at the 1st level of the weaponry things are manufactured at the 21-30th level of units. And in weapons level 2 - 29 - 40.

If, after creating ammunition, you did not like the properties of the thing, then they can be changed for viewing ads 1 time.

Purchase. The game has several stores where you can buy items:

  1. Conventional store - updated once a day. Content depends on the level of activity of the Operations Center. The higher the center level, the better the objects. You can go to the store from the main screen of the game.
  2. The Mimosa Store is a PvP activity store where you can buy good items for bottles of champagne (given for battles). Only here you can purchase artifacts for the Fighters.
  3. Shark Shop is a tournament activity. In the store for the received balls you can buy interesting items for the Fighters.

In activity stores, you can buy inexpensively random items of a certain type and quality. For example, rare armor.But what kind of rare armor will come across, you will find out after the purchase.

At the start of the game, your fighters quickly grow out of things. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy or produce something on them. Heroes quickly grow in levels. You can start buying or crafting items from level 20.

Equipment Tips

Level. Each armor and weapon always has a level when it can be worn. For example, the requirements are class Fighter 28 (in the lower right corner in the information on the subject). That is, this thing is recommended to be worn at 28 and above the level of a character of the class Fighter. Of course, you can give it to the cook, but there will be little sense from this.

Sometimes an interval of levels is written on objects. For example, 25 - 35. In other words, this thing should be worn from the 25th level of Roger to 35, after the 35th level of the hero the thing will stop working (it will only add power).

There are cases when, by their properties, objects are needed at levels 40+ (it will not bring it before this level of effectiveness), but the requirements indicate that a thing works from 28 to 39 levels. And the bonus of the thing itself (what it does) up to level 40 is not applicable. For example, there are artifacts that impose an embargo (ban) on the use of other artifacts by the enemy. A good decoration, only up to level 40+ it is not needed (few people have artifacts up to this level). And it can have a maximum level limit of 38 (after which it does not work). Such an item does not need to be bought.

Tripping. When choosing an item (artifact), you should pay attention to the "Operation" parameter. If the artifact is triggered periodically, this means that the item can work more than 1 time per battle. This is a good indicator.But the response will depend on several factors. One of which is the duration of the battle. If the struggle is protracted, then the thing can produce an effect 2 to 3 times. But in most cases, the item works 1 time and the battle ends.

Uniqueness is an important parameter that is sometimes put on artifacts. All artifacts in battle that are worn by the Fighters work in tandem. If the team has 2 unique artifacts with the same properties, one of them will not work. For example, you have 3 artifacts on your warriors. 2 of them are unique and have the ability to "impose an embargo", then only 1 will work, the second will add extra power. But if there are 2 unique artifacts in the squad with different properties (for example, one heals, the other calls), then such jewelry will work. You should pay attention to this when buying.

Type - this parameter indicates the type of Fighter, for example, there is a weapon for the warrior, shooter and engineer. The same types are on the armor. The type of equipment should be selected for each other, as a set.

Combat power is an indicator that gives a general description of a fighter. Based on this indicator, you can determine (at the start of the game) whether you have a good thing or not. Power is calculated adequately, while all indicators are taken into account. If you put the item on the hero, and the power increased - then this is a good item. But this rule only works on the 20+ Arena.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Fighters Guide

Roger Bar is the main location of your fighters in the house. How many fighters you can take to the battle depends on the level of the Bar. The higher the Bar level, the more characters you can take to the Arena or adventure.

Fighters training room - makes Rogers stronger. The higher the level of this class, the greater the chances of winning the battles.

The level of fighters should be maximized so that they can wear better quality uniforms and win battles.

Often players ask a question: if I pumped Roger Bar to level 4, will I be thrown out of the 20th Arena? Do not throw it away. If you have 3 fighters of level 20, and you raise the level of the Bar, 1 place is added under 4 Fighters. Until you pump the hero, you will fight 3 characters. Then, when 4 Fighter is pumped, players of 20 levels will be your rivals in the Arena. Only after your champions have reached level 30 will you go to the next stage of the Arena.


A warrior is a melee fighter who stands on the front line. To strike the enemy, he needs to run through the entire field.

A warrior or a common tank - any clone of the Fighter class can be worn on which items like "Warrior" are worn.But in fact, this is not enough to assemble a full-fledged warrior, since you need to know what characteristics should be emphasized. The thing is that the tank plays almost a key role in the team, as it is the main goal of the opponents. For allies, it should be a reliable wall. If your tank does not live on the battlefield for a long time, then all team members who cannot boast survivability will fall after it. Therefore, you need to make sure that the tank is as tenacious as possible.

For a warrior, 2 main indicators are important:

  1. Health.
  2. Armor.
  3. Evasion.

The game also has energy armor, but it is not advisable to focus on it. Energy armor resists energy impacts, but it is almost impossible to collect such energy armor that can withstand energy attacks. To pick up energy armor, you need to look for objects with such an indicator, and you will begin to neglect the usual armor, which is more important in this game, and then you can not resist simple attacks.

The third most important attribute for a warrior is evasion, because it allows you to completely get away from any enemy attack. The more dodge (evasion), the longer your warrior lives, the longer he will remain a reliable defense.

The tank, like all Fighters in the attributes, has an indicator - damage per second, but since the main task of the tank is to protect its team, the damage indicator in the attributes is not important to it.

The choice of weapons - in fact, it doesn’t matter to the warrior what kind of weapon he has, if only it would be of a level and maximum quality, it should also be of the "warrior" type. In certain tactics, it is better to choose a sword, as it restores health.

The choice of armor is the most important item for a warrior, because it is here that you can get the perfect property so that a melee fighter lives as long as possible.

The most excellent attributes that you can get from the workshop when making clothes are armor and dodge. And the best property will be "when taking damage, there is a certain chance to increase your armor by a certain amount of percent." The action of the property lasts 10 seconds. That is, when this bonus is triggered, the amount of armor increases sharply by 50%, and your warrior lives longer.

Another ideal bonus is "when you take damage, there is a certain chance to reduce incoming damage by a certain percentage." This also helps your tank resist the enemy longer.

I come across armor, where the bonus is "when you take damage there is a chance to restore your health percentage." But this item only works well in a complete assembly. That is, as soon as you receive this armor, you need to immediately put on a warrior a sword that restores health. But this is not enough. The engineer should be in the team, who will restore health. And he will restore health to the warrior, since the warrior takes the most damage. All this bunch should be fixed with an artifact that works periodically, and which calls the Medic. The medic will also restore the health of the tank within 12 seconds. Thus, you will get a full-fledged warrior who will have good health recovery, thereby he will cover fragile heroes for a long time.

Ring - The ring on the warrior should come with simple physical damage.

Amulet - you can find the legendary "ruby - red amulet", which gives an increase to armor, health and a little to energy armor. Whatever the amulet, you should choose one that has 2 important indicators: normal armor and health. If there is only 1 indicator on the amulet, then it should be changed as soon as possible. 3 characteristic can be any.


The shooter is a long-range warrior who strikes from afar and stands in the last row. A shooter can be any Fighter on whom armor and weapons of the "shooter" type are worn. The main advantage of this class is its high damage and attack range. Since the shooter is the farthest target during the battle, he does not need to run to the enemy at the beginning of the battle to strike (for example, as a warrior). The shooter begins to shoot first, thereby saving time. The shooter has average armor and health. This is the main character who deals the most damage, so the following attributes are important to him:

  1. Damage - items with maximum damage indicators should be selected, because this is the most important thing that a shooter should have.
  2. Crete - it also affects damage, since when the shooter fires, it deals double damage to the enemy.

The rest of the character’s indicators go to 2 plan.

Weapon selection - the game has a diverse number of weapons for the shooter (pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rifles), and they are all divided into 2 types of attack speed:

  1. Fine.
  2. Slow.

What does this affect? As an example, let’s take two weapons with similar characteristics: a pistol with a normal attack speed with damage of 2062 units per second, and a shotgun with a slow attack speed with damage of 2191 units per second. At the same time, the gun has only 1 additional parameter, and the shotgun has 2.

The fewer additional indicators a weapon of the same quality has, the higher its damage per second.

It may seem to many that the shotgun has more damage. But actually it is not. Everything rests on the attack speed. And despite the increased damage of the shotgun, the pistol will shoot more often, respectively, in the base damage (in attributes) it will produce more damage. With a pistol, total damage per second is 5937 units, and with a shotgun - 5273 units.

The direct attack speed of a weapon affects your base damage (this works with any class).

If the weapon for the shooter has an additional parameter, then it must be crit. If instead of crit the pistol had a dodge indicator, then such a weapon would not be ideal for the shooter. But until you pick up an excellent weapon, you have to use what you have.

If the weapon has 2 additional characteristics, then its main damage drops. The maximum damage from a weapon can be obtained if it has no additional indicators at all.

Ideal properties: the first bonus that goes on your weapon is basic, that is, all these types of weapons will have this property. For example, pistols will always have the invariable property: "during attack reduces the speed of movement and attack of the target by 25%." Shotguns have it: "when attacking, there is a chance to inflict 75% weapon damage to a group of enemies." Therefore, when choosing a suitable weapon, you should pay attention to the lower property, and then make a choice of a weapon.

If the characteristics are stunning the enemy for a certain time - this is a very good indicator of the ability of the subject. Stunning the enemy, you incapacitate him for 2 - 3 seconds. That is, he will just stand and do nothing, and you will attack him. A firearm also looks cool if it has the ability to increase damage by a certain percentage in its parameters.

It doesn’t matter what type of weapon you have. You should choose one that has good bonuses.

The choice of armor - from armor type "shooter" you should receive an additional increase in damage.Therefore, the first thing you need to pay attention to damage. The second characteristic is better to collect on crit, but not on evasion.

The best bonus that you can get in the workshop is "when you take damage there is a chance to reduce the damage of the enemy by a few seconds." This means that when your tank and engineer die, and the enemy reaches the shooter, when this armor is triggered, the parameter will reduce the damage to the enemy, and you will live longer and possibly win.

But the ideal armor for the shooter can be obtained in the Mimosa store starting at account level 62 - "once in a while the hero is resurrected at death with 15842 health points." If you have the last shooter left, and they kill him, then the fighter resurrects himself. And then he can finish off your opponent. Often this situation happens: on the field there are only arrows on both sides that shoot at each other, and you may not have enough damage before victory. Therefore, the resurrection in this case will greatly help to extend the victory.

The worst armor for the shooter is "when you take damage there is a chance to restore your health by 10%," because there is no use in it.

Ring - should be for normal damage. That is, if the ring is for energy damage, then this damage will not work on the arrow. If the ring is legendary, then an additional 2 parameters should be on crit and evasion.

Amulet - there should be ordinary armor with 1 parameter, energy armor and health. Try to wear amulets that do not have a charge on the shooter.


Basically, engineers are a support class, that is, they help your core team (resurrect or restore health). But in some situations, an engineer can be an attacking class. The engineer has the lowest levels of armor and health, they are on the middle line.

Engineer, the only class in the game that deals energy damage to the enemy. This damage ignores physical armor. That is, it doesn’t matter how much the enemy has physical armor if he is not protected from the energy charge. In this case, he will take more damage, especially if the player collected an attacking character from the engineer.

The choice of weapons. The main parameter for the engineer is the energy charge, because almost everything that this class has is dependent on this characteristic. You can not pay attention to evasion, crit, health. Energy charge affects the power skills of energy weapons, and it also affects energy damage per second. Damage per second is also affected by the attack speed of your weapon. The higher the attack speed, the more often the engineer shoots, as a result, does more damage to the opponent.

On weapons, an additional characteristic must be on energy charge. The remaining parameters are indicators of bad weapons.

If an energy charge affects the restoration of an ally’s health, then it must be mandatory in the parameters. The more charge, the more your team member engineer will heal. If you have a staff for resurrection, then the amount of charge affects the amount of health with which the fighter will rise. In both of these cases, the engineer is support.

But if the engineer had a scepter that inflicts double damage over the area every few seconds, this hero will not be considered a support class, but will become a full-fledged attacking class. Only the main damage will be energy, not physical, like the rest of the fighters. For such characters, an additional parameter should also have an energy charge.

The choice of armor. The same goes for armor. You must choose the armor on which the energy charge is greater.

For example, you have 2 armor per engineer: one level 26, the second 40. The first 7000 health, the second 10000 health. That is, 2 items at a level higher and health adds more, but the thing is that 1 item has an energy charge of 400 more. Therefore, you should choose 1 item. Of course, the first armor has less health, but the engineer has a completely different mission in the game. If you choose clothes where there is more health, then you can lose 4 hundred units of charge, thereby your engineer will heal the warrior less, therefore, he will fall faster.

Ring - the top parameter should be on energy damage, all other indicators are not important.

Amulet - must be on the indicator of energy consumption, as this is the main parameter of the engineer, which affects the strength of skills and damage per second.

The engineer is the only class that receives damage bonus from the amulet, because its damage depends on the energy charge.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Walkthrough Story Campaign

In the main activity of the game, you can get through the Map in the lower left corner of the main screen. On the map are located:

  1. The story campaign is a few of its chapters.
  2. Shark Lair Bazook is an interesting tournament.
  3. Morning Mimosa - PvP Arena.
  4. Invasions - you will conduct battles with aliens at a certain time.
  5. Neighbors are the homes of other players to be robbed.

Robberies and neighbors will meet in the stories of the story campaign.

The passage of the story campaign

The map shows the main route of the adventure, where it is gradually required to release all members of the Smith family. The chapters of the campaign are easy enough, but gradually, with each new stage, the enemies become stronger. When passing certain plot zones, the player receives 1 member of the family.

For each battle in the story campaign, you must give a certain amount of food. Before the battle, a window appears in which you can compare the strength of your squad with the strength of the opposing team, what rewards you will receive in case of victory. The window shows all the fighters of the enemy. By clicking on the icon of each member of the enemy team, you can read all the information about him: what shoots, strengths and weaknesses. Based on the information received, it is necessary to select the composition of the team.

Command structure:

  1. Warrior - the presence of this class is mandatory, as it closes with its mighty back the rest of the squad members.
  2. Engineer - heals or resurrects a warrior in order to bring the team closer to victory and prevent death.
  3. The shooter is your main attacking unit.

At high levels, you can add one fighter of your choice.

An interesting fact is that when you complete the chapter, the background around the Smiths house changes.

Battle. At the top of the window of each battle, you can see 2 scales with the general health of the player and his opponent. It also shows the time taken to complete the fight.

At the bottom of the window are the player’s combat skills (additional combat effects). They will strengthen your team. The choice of effect in the battle depends on the situation and preferences of the gamer. Combat skills that can be used in combat are produced at the UFO Lab.

It is best to create and use skills that give effect in percentage terms. Since in numerical form the effect of skills is much lower than that of percentage.

After the battle, you can see the statistics: who, how much damage and lost health. Based on this information, you should correct the errors (if any) and strengthen the squad where required.

Each story battle takes a lot of food, but the Campaign is necessary. The more adventure stories you cover, the more PvP battles with your neighbors will be available to you. Therefore, the storyline campaign should go as far as possible.

PvP battles with other players

PvP battle is one of the main components of the game. The player will spend a lot of time in attacks on neighbors, as this is the main source of resources. Sometimes, if there is no equal rival, the player gets bots (game program is a robot).

On the main map in the lower right corner there is an arrow that indicates how many neighbors there are currently for the attack. The houses of other players appear in different places on the territory of the stories of the story campaign. Therefore, you should go through the main campaign as far as possible. The quantity and variety of neighbors depends on this.

For robberies, a rating is awarded. It depends on this rating which opponents you see on the map and which opponents see you for robberies. When you rob other players successfully, your rating goes up. When you lose, it decreases.

You should ensure that your rating is not too high. For example, you robbed a neighbor, and the rating grew to 450 points. In the future, with a higher rating, stronger players will come across that you can not cope with.Therefore, you should lose to your neighbors at a certain time, so that your level matches the level of opponents.You should exit the game daily with the rating with which you entered it (until you pump well).

By clicking on another player’s house, you can see his rating. On the left is your power, on the right is the power of the enemy. The reward that you will receive for the victory is immediately shown. In the window you will see how much rating you will fall for a successful robbery, and how much will be taken away if you lose. The reward depends on how much money the neighbor has in the bank and how much resources are in stock.

The points received for the victory depend on the number of points in the rating of the opponent. If he has few points, then you will receive little rating, and many will be taken away for defeat. This should be considered when you merge the rating.

Before the attack, you will be asked to conduct reconnaissance, during which you can see its base and soldiers (how they are equipped). If the opponent suits you, you should click on the "Attack!" For each attack, a certain amount of food is taken. The better your home is pumped, the more food will go to the looting.

You should pump the kitchen and cooks who give food as much as possible, because food in large quantities goes to Campaign and robberies.

How to lower the rating? In order to merge the rating, it is necessary to withdraw all fighters (except one) from the Roger Bar before the battle. Then attack you will go 1 hero, and in any case, lose. Then you should find the opponent, for the loss of which the most rating points are taken away.

One enemy can be attacked 3 times. The rating is updated once a day, and rivals in 2 - 3 hours.

2 times you can attack 1 opponent and lose to him. And then return the fighters to the Bar, attack and defeat in order to return the resources spent.

Revenge. If you were successfully robbed, you should not take revenge on this player. Although the game has a button "Revenge" in the history of battles. You will not return your resources, even if you defeat him. Revenge can be used to further lower your rating.


Icons with alien ships periodically appear on the main map. Therefore, you are being attacked by guests from other planets. The foci of contact are called "Islands of the invasion."

For a certain period of time, 10 wins should be reflected, for which the player receives a special chest. The chest at least contains 1 Mimosa ticket, and items of various quality. For each destroyed plate, the player also receives a chest from which he can get items and resources. The farther you pump, the better the items drop out of the boxes.

Battles take place in standard mode. After the battle, your fighters need to restore health. It takes some time. In the hospital, health is restored faster.

The invasion lasts from 12:00 to 23:00 Moscow time. Opponents come across different in strength, but the battle can not be missed. If you do not complete 10 intrusions, you will not receive a large chest.

Do not be afraid of the high Combat Power of opponents, you should try anyway. Sometimes you can easily defeat an opponent with great power.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Shark Lair Guide - Bazooka

A den is a tournament activity, where in a few days you need to collect as many prizes as possible. Here you need to complete the levels for which the player receives balls. When the total number of swords (available to all players) is exhausted, the event is considered completed. The obtained balls can be exchanged at a local store for good goods. After the event ends, the player has only a day to spend the balls, otherwise they will disappear.

Players who collect the most goals will be placed on a special leaderboard and will receive special rewards. Balls can be obtained by viewing ads in activity. The event in the Lair is called the "Stadium".

At the bottom of the screen in the Den is given a scale that shows the total number of balls in the Stadium. According to it, you can navigate and calculate in advance the end of the tournament so as not to lose balls.

The assortment in the store changes with the growth of your base and each event is updated. You can buy the "Ball Catcher", which will bring 2 - 3 times more production. If you specifically at the middle or high stages of the game decided to go through the maximum event, then you should stock up on the catcher. Also in the store you can buy special skills that will help to pass the tournament. At the start, buying them is not recommended, since this is an unprofitable investment of rare currency.

If you have recently started playing, then do not chase the rating in the Den. First you need to pump the fighters well and dress them in excellent ammunition. Only after this can you claim high awards and places in the Leaderboard.

For each battle you must pay a certain amount of food. The higher your Operations Center is upgraded, the more expensive the passage cost will be.

You can take your fighting skills into battle. The battle itself takes place in several stages. It is important to have a team with a good engineer - a doctor who will restore the health of the team. Between the stages of the battle can not be treated.

The bosses. Periodically come across stages with bosses. These are peculiar saving points. Next week you can start the tournament with the last boss defeated, and not with level 1. This should be borne in mind, get together and go through the last boss possible for you.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Arena Guide

The arena in the game is called the Morning Mimosa activity, which you can enter through the main card. Fights between players are held here. The tournament consists of 5 stages, the maximum tournament time is 15 minutes.Several tournaments can be held per day. At each stage, 1 attempt is available, unused attempts disappear. The number of points received in the tournament depends on the speed of the battle and on the place occupied in the tournament table. For each tournament, the player will receive (or will not receive) champagne bottles, which can be purchased at a local store. During the tournament, you cannot change the team fighters or equipment.

You can participate in the tournament for special tickets or for food (but there are less rewards for food).

The main prize of the tournament:

  1. 5 - 10 tickets to the Arena.
  2. 500 - 1000 bottles.
  3. 2 to 4 epic items.
  4. 1 - 2 legendary items.

If you take 1 - 3 place you will receive special tournament chests, for 4 - 9 places a certain number of bottles.Other players do not receive anything. All rewards are sent to game mail.

On the main screen of Mimosa there is a wine glass, which is gradually filled for every victory:

Gifts can be picked up during the day. Progress is reset every day. But unlike the Lair, bottles in Mimosa are saved forever (if not wasted).


Updated automatically every Monday. New products will depend on your level of the Operations Center and the level of fighters.

Do not immediately buy goods in the store. You should accumulate as many bottles as possible for high levels, when really good and valuable legendary items appear on sale.

In the store there are items whose parameters fall in the specified range. They also sell artifacts (which are not worth buying before the legendary or epic level). There are not expensive things on sale that are sold by type of equipment and quality. For example, there is blue armor, the player sees this, but does not know what kind of armor, and what class of fighter.

Chests are sold here, but you should not buy them, since in terms of things will cost more.

Selection of rivals. We already wrote that the Roger Bar does not depend on the level of selected opponents. If a player has 3 fighters of 20+ levels, then they will fight against the same teams. If there are 4 fighters of 20+ levels, then they, too, will not transfer to another league. If real players are not enough for the tournament, the system will put bots in your rivals.

Victory tactics

The first time a player enters the Arena, he may be confused. So, you see in front of you a pyramid of 15 players.All participants are distributed by the Combat Power of the team. If you are in the center, then rivals with a lower BM score are located below you, and higher with a higher one.

Now you need to select the weakest opponent from all participants and fight with him. This is the 1st stage. After the bout, a count takes place, and the players are moved to the places taken by the tournament rating (it is counted by the number of suns earned). It is important that the battle goes as quickly as possible, because the longer the battle, the less suns you get. If a player misses an attempt, then his rating will be 0.

Now again it is necessary to pick up a weak player, but you can’t fight against former rivals. Having reached the point where clearly weak enemies remain, one should walk along their BM.

It often happens that things give false power. This means that an inexperienced player put on those items that will not work with your squad (we wrote about this above). Each player should look at the composition of the team and their clothes.

On the left side there is a list of fights. If you don’t know who to attack, you can see a list of those who attacked you. If there is an opponent who is stronger than you, but he lost, then you can safely attack him.

Thus, 5 stages of the tournament are held. After its completion, the rating is calculated and prizes are awarded.

It is best to choose weak opponents from your level of the pyramid, and if it is not there, then you should look at a weak enemy above the level, and lastly you need to choose an enemy from the lower levels of the pyramid. Immediately fighting with a leader is not recommended. If you defeat him, then everyone will beat only you.

The tournament is divided into several arenas:

  1. 20+.
  2. 30+.
  3. 40+.
  4. 50+ and so on.

You should go to your Arena with the best possible equipment. It is also recommended to stay longer at the 20+ Arena in order to earn as many bottles as possible and in the future to buy great uniforms.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Premium and Donut Features Overview

It’s no secret that in every game there are some bonuses for making real money into the game. Of course, you can play for free (and play well), but the owner of the Premium account has more privileges.

Premium is a series of privileges that can be used for several days. In this game, it is 15 and 30 days. But if you decide to buy Premium, then it is better to buy for 30 days, it will be more profitable.

What gives a premium:

  1. Bonus maximum happiness for the production of resources (+ 20%).
  2. Additional rewards for victories in PvE and PvP modes.
  3. 30% of your resources are saved during looting.
  4. Reduced construction and room improvement times.
  5. Reduced item crafting time.
  6. Reduced time to create and improve skills.
  7. Improved rewards in daily chests.
  8. Global restoration of health to all characters anywhere in the house.
  9. Double reward for daily quests.
  10. Skill creation limit increased from 9 to 18.
  11. Twice as many gifts for friends.
  12. The battle can be accelerated.

Where is it better to invest real money and gold poop? The best investment is to expand the construction line. At medium and high levels this can be very useful.

It is also beneficial to buy a Koalu in the store, which will collect resources for you, and complete the training of clones while you are out of the game. You can buy it for 3, 7 and 15 days. It is very useful, and you do not need to enter the game for the sake of collecting resources.

For poop, you can speed up the construction, but this is not a profitable investment. Pets for poop are also sold in the store. But there is no sense from them, they just wander around the rooms, and after a couple of days of pleasure they begin to annoy.

In the store you can buy different sets of poop, but it is best to wait for the stock, during which you can get a good discount on the purchase of gold, Premium, resources, equipment.

Promotions start after successfully completing a mission or assignment. In principle, the game has a lot to spend.But the most important thing you can’t buy is brains who will think, draw up a strategy, and look for opportunities.

Instead of a conclusion: the game is quite interesting, with good graphics. There is a rather interesting plot, which can be read about in the player’s parameters. There is also an interesting point in the selection of combat clothing, the selection of fighters. In the future, the developers plan to add new activities to the game, Clan War, and many other interesting points.

The game is easy to understand, it has easy controls. The game lives and develops. If you have any errors or questions, you can safely contact the support service, which responds promptly and in Russian.

Of the minuses: the game takes a long time to load, sometimes it seems that more loading is taking place than the battle itself. And also the humor, which is written in the American style, well, it is not suitable for the Russian-speaking population of our planet.

The game left a pleasant feeling. It is worth trying to play it.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.