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Among Us WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

AMONG US is an Android game with a release date of 06/15/2018 from Innersloth LLC. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to play?
  2. How to Win the Game?
  3. Character Abilities
  4. All Game Characters
  5. Traitor - How to Become and Play It Right?
  6. Skins - how to get and unlock them all?
  7. How to get hats and pets in the game
  8. Ship Map Guide (The Skeld)
  9. Mira HQ Map Guide (Headquarters)
  10. Polus Map Guide (Pole)
  11. Cool Game Tips

Among Us: How to play?

Among Us by Innersloth LLC was released in 2018. But this fact does not prevent her from remaining at the peak of popularity, and every day the game is becoming more and more popular.

Your goal in the game is to get rid of the traitors who hunt the crew of the starship. In meaning, the game is very similar to the Mafia, only it is more interesting to play it, since the actions take place far beyond the borders of our solar system. The game can be played by 4 to 10 people. The squad is divided into crew members and traitors. The goal of the crew is to complete the quest scale and find pests. The goal of the traitors is to kill all crew members, while periodically sabotaging the players.

The first steps

Among Us: How to translate into native language? At the very beginning of the game, in order to select your language, you need to click on the gear in the boot menu, and then go to the Data section. There will be a list with languages, it is called - Language. To find the required language, scroll down the list a little.

After choosing the language, you are taken to the main menu, where there are several game functions:

  1. Locally - you can play with friends over the same Wi-Fi network. For example, if you are visiting someone.
  2. Online is the main tab in the game. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the menu for creating or searching for a game.
  3. Free dash - this is where you can look at the gameplay, find out the location of the rooms on each map (this is important), see how the ship’s mechanisms work.

How do I create a room in Among Us? There are 3 cards in the Create Game section. You can choose any. The number of traitors is selected below. If you choose 1 killer, then the game will be more intense, but 3 enemies is already too much, the game will not be emotional.

We recommend that you initially put 10 players, even if fewer players enter the room, then you can start the game.

In the center of the game lobby screen there is a button that makes it possible for anyone to enter the room "Public".

How do I play Among Us with a friend? If you put "Privat", then only those people to whom you send the "Room code" can enter. The code is located next to the button.

If you want to connect to someone, and not create your own game, then this can be done through the "Public Rooms" tab. If you have received a "Room Code", you can enter it in the "Private Room" section by clicking on the "Enter Code" button.

If you are in the same room with a friend, you can create a game using the "Locally" function, but this requires that the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Gameplay. In the game you run as a strange creature. It is better to select a joystick in the settings to control the little man (by touching it is not very convenient to run away or catch up). In the upper left part of the screen, your tasks for the match are given. They can be collapsed so they don’t interfere with your view. These tasks must be completed during the game, and if the crew completes them faster than the traitor will fill up all the team members, then you win. A traitor must ward off suspicion by all means. If the crew finds the enemy before completing the quests, they will still win.

All tasks required to complete the task are marked with a yellow exclamation mark on the map. The ship map icon is located in the upper right corner.

Each team member has their own list of tasks. The scale in the upper left corner fills up as the squad closes quests. As soon as it is full, if you have not found the pest, then the crew wins.

If you get killed, you will fly like a ghost all over the map, you can help the living team members complete quests and find the criminal.

The traitor has 2 options for winning the game:

  1. Destroy the entire team.
  2. If the killer is left 1 on 1 with the player, then he automatically wins.

The enemy has a Sabotage button in the lower right corner. After pressing the button, a map opens on which you can lock all doors, turn off the lights and turn off the oxygen. If the traitor cuts off the oxygen, and the team does not have time to repair it within a certain time, then they all die too.

The traitor has the unique ability to move through the sewer pipes, escaping from the crime scene.

How do I vote in Among Us? The team you play with may have meetings. They usually happen when the body of one of the players is located. Any player (and a traitor too) can initiate a vote by clicking on the "Report" button. At this moment, a chat appears, where you can express your guesses and present evidence, choosing a traitor. Well, or, if you are an enemy, then you need to divert suspicions from yourself, or transfer them to another member of the team.

At the time of voting, you need to select a player who, in your opinion, is an impostor. Then 2 symbols will appear: a check mark - you vote for this character, and a cross - you change your mind. If you have not chosen the culprit or decided to skip the vote altogether, then you need to click on the "Skip vote" button (in the lower left corner of the meeting window).

How do I set up a room in Among Us? Room (map) settings are made after you get into the first starting room. Here you should click on the USE button, after which a window with 5 tabs will appear:

  1. Colour.
  2. Hat.
  3. Pet.
  4. Skins.
  5. A game.

We will write about the first 4 tabs in the sections below, but at the moment you need to select the "Game" section. Please remember that only the creator of the match can edit the settings section.


  1. Map - it is currently impossible to change, since you selected it when creating the game.
  2. The number of traitors can no longer be corrected for the reason described above.
  3. Confirm Ejects - if you check the box, then all crew members will see who they sent on a short trip into space or lava. If you want to tickle your nerves, then you can remove the parameter, then you will not know until the last moment of the match how many impostors are running next to you.
  4. Number of emergency meetings - here you can set the number of meetings that 1 player can initiate per match. For example, if you have 1, then you can collect the advice only 1 time.
  5. Break between meetings - set the minimum amount of time that must elapse between meetings. During this period, the council cannot be convened.
  6. Time for discussion - how much time you put, the players will have as many minutes to discuss the issue.
  7. Time for voting - here the time for voting itself is put.
  8. Player speed - if you want gamers to move like turtles, then set the minimum value. And if you want to speed up the process of moving heroes, then make the speed higher.
  9. Sight range - here you can separately set the view for peaceful crew members and for traitors. Whom you want to give preference to should be highlighted.
  10. Kill cooldown - the time during which the impostor will not be able to cripple companions. If you bet a lot, then the villains will not be interested in playing.
  11. Distance of kills - set individually, if you want the killer to come close to the victim, then you should set the minimum parameters.
  12. Visual Tasks (visual tasks) - if you want some quests to be accompanied by animation (and there are several in the game), then check the box next to this item. If you want to complicate the life of the crew, you can uncheck the box. In 1 case, the player has the opportunity to prove his innocence, in option 2 - this opportunity will no longer be presented.

The next 3 settings are related to the number of tasks that players must complete. It depends on your preference.

Among Us: How to Win the Game?

In the game, you are in a situation where you need to deceive or try to manipulate information that will benefit you. Scientists have developed the so-called "Game Theory", from which many developers start. In Among Us, it is very important to know the main aspects of this theory, namely that the two sides should start from their interests and develop a strategy that leads to victory and defeat of the rivals. But in team play, a lot depends on the behavior of the rest of your team members.

In the game, it is very important to learn to understand the capabilities of the players, what resources they have to achieve the goal and what the players themselves are.

The first thing you have to do in the game if you are a traitor is to get rid of the crew members. Enemies should treat their existence as something more valuable than the life of the team. Crew members should look for opportunities to trade their lives for a traitor, therefore, assassins should avoid such situations.

For example, you start playing and 2 creatures (let’s say, Yellow and Red) meet in the corridor near the corpse. Red is a traitor, although Yellow cannot be 100% sure of this. But the conclusion suggests itself that when Yellow went out into the corridor, saw the decapitated body and Red standing unharmed, the guy came to the decision to gather advice and accuse Red of murder. The arguments that Yellow can bring - he saw Red next to a dead body. At this moment, the task of Red is to resist the accusation of Yellow, in principle, they were both next to the deceased. Usually Red tells the same story, only the other way around: "Yellow traitor, and I found him at the crime scene."

But this is the wrong course of this state of affairs. Even if Red wins this tug of war, the team will know for sure that 1 of them was the assassin. From now on, Red will be monitored more closely (if Yellow is eventually thrown overboard). It would be better for the team to throw them both out of the airlock. The team can throw anyone into space, and in this case, the life of an innocent will become a sacrifice in order to save more lives, and increase the chance of victory.

What should Red do? He should not answer the accusation, instead try to come up with lies that do not shift the blame onto Yellow. You can say: "I just bumped into a corpse, but did not have time to convene a council, because I am playing recently, and Yellow is probably much more experienced than me" or "I stumbled upon a body and started looking for a killer to know for sure." Someone may not believe this story, but this is the best chance to survive in the next stages of voting.

If you are a traitor, then you should avoid situations where the team might sacrifice their own to get rid of you. If you are a normal crew member, then you need to not look suspicious. It is important to walk in groups. Because if one of you dies, the other will tell you how it happened.

In a vote, it is best to start figuring out who exactly might have been innocent by asking leading questions. You should ask where exactly the body was found, and then you need to find out who was far from it. You can find out which crew members can confirm each other’s alibis. It is recommended that you first know all the circumstances and facts before proceeding with assumptions. It is advised to let each player speak, prove their innocence, provide witnesses.

Once you figure out which team members have a high chance of being normal, then you have a better chance of finding the true culprit.

Time. But, if you are really a traitor, then you are advised to choose a different strategy of behavior. When people think about cheating in games like this, they choose obvious tactics. For example, when you blame a normal crew member for being a criminal. But this behavior is the easiest to recognize. A false accusation can give a slight advantage.

Therefore, it is better to choose another, more subtle, maneuver that will help divert the conversation from the real disclosure of the crime. If someone starts talking a lot, don’t interrupt him. Let this player take away time that could be spent more productively. We recommend that you try to drag out the discussion time, diverting the players to the wrong channel of reasoning. You can ask them questions that seem unnecessary at first glance, but in fact do not reveal useful data. This behavior will seem essential to other team members, bringing productivity to the squad. But you are really just playing for time, giving a ton of useless information.

If the discussion ends and everyone gets confused, or votes randomly, then this is a very good outcome for the villain. But you should pay attention to the time that takes up the bulk of the gameplay.

Alibi. A traitor should try to secure an alibi for himself. One option is to kill someone in a location where the body cannot be found immediately. After the crime, you need to go and talk with other players (preferably with a group) who are far from the body (sewers for quick movement to help). This should not separate from other players. By the time the body is found, you will have several guys who will confirm that they spent a lot of time with you. They can vouch for your innocence.

If you cannot find a lonely person, then it is better to find an area where many team members are concentrated. This is necessary in order for suspicion to fall on several people at once. In this case, most people will refuse to vote, since there is a high chance of sending an ally into space.

You can team up with another traitor. It is recommended to separate from the team together, then split up to kill. After committing a crime, you should reunite and return together to the crew.

Win-win tactics

Command. When a vote with 7 live players is taking place, your best bet is to skip that vote. If you vote, you have 6 people left. But this is not even a matter of this obvious fact. This is very important if there are 2 traitors in the crew. They can have a huge advantage if you throw an innocent overboard. The tactics they can use almost guarantee victory. All that remains for the killers to do is sabotage the reactor or open the oxygen cylinders. This will force the team to run to fix the breakdown. Then the enemies will be able to get rid of the first 2 people who came to these points.

As a result, there will be 2 criminals and 2 crew members. Alive, in this situation, it will be very difficult to avoid a double murder. Therefore, if there is no concrete evidence against an impostor consisting of 7 heroes, then you should skip the vote so as not to send your friend on the flight.

Breaking stereotypes. But if you are a traitor, it is also better to skip the vote. The main tactic of the enemy is not to trust the generally accepted stereotypes. It should be borne in mind that traitors can always use the "rule of seven" to delay pasture. If you are playing on a team that is expected to behave normally, you can use that to your advantage. For example, you can kill a player and immediately make an appointment. Usually, this tactic is considered a "rookie tactic" and impatient gamers commit high-risk kills that shouldn’t be done. Often times, this is viewed as an obvious trick that is easy to see.

Most experienced players know that a smart person would never do that. It follows that once you start to achieve some success in the game, it can sometimes be wise to schedule a post-kill vote so that communication starts with a lie.

If you are playing with experienced players, you should be unexpected. For example, doing what no advanced player can do. Beginner tactics often win. Everyone thinks about the game, starting to build complex logical chains.

Tasks. If you are a member of the crew, then you should pay attention to the task completion counter. Traitors can fake missions to merge with the team. If the quest is closed, then the scale rises by a certain percentage. Therefore, if someone comes up to complete the mission, and the scale is not filled, then this hero can be an enemy with a high probability. In such a situation, you can make an appointment and discuss the incident. But experienced criminals leave the quest point when someone else replenishes the task counter, and only then completes the fake actions.

Knowing when to complete all tasks is very important to winning the game. It is better to remember the time spent on completing the quest, and know which missions have a visual design.

It is best to use CCTV cameras and the admin panel. On cameras, you can quickly see who is running where. These tools are important for both the team and the traitors. For example, this will help you find out in which part of the map there are no people in order to come up with a false alibi. So you can say that you are in the laboratory, although you are not there.

Vote. Lies are constantly present in the game, and the coolest skill that will help you win is the ability to recognize liars. But you shouldn’t rely on your feelings 100%. It is recommended to always check the readings of other players in action. It is worth paying attention to voting after discussion. If someone’s voices contradict the statement, then we can conclude that their assurances are false. If you play as a traitor, then sometimes you have to vote for your partner.

A traitor’s job is to be a great traitor, so innocent team members aren’t the only ones you can destroy for their own skin. If everyone voted for your partner, and you are the only one who does not vote for him, then it will look suspicious.

You should pay attention to the last voters, they are most likely to be villains, and they do so in order to understand which side is better to take at the moment. Assassins often join the general consensus when they see that their ally is caught, but they rarely vote against him.

The sooner someone votes for enemies, the more likely it is that they are normal team members. But even this aspect cannot show a traitor 100%. Since many gamers vote after carefully considering their actions, and do not notice the time.

If you are a traitor, then every time you see the cameras blinking red, you shouldn’t kill anyone. This means that someone is watching in the security room and you could be caught red-handed.

But you can use flashing cameras to your advantage. For example, if you are a normal member of the crew and spot someone suspicious on camera. Most likely, it is waiting for the blinking to stop. It is recommended to step away from the monitors for a second and then return to your place. This will allow you to see the intention of the criminal. If you are playing as an impostor, do not kill someone when you first turn off the flasher.

Of course, there is no specific tactic in this game that will lead you to victory, so it is constantly necessary to adapt to the players, events and polls. You should use your knowledge of the game to be like a fish in water.

Among Us: Character Abilities


Sabotage is an ability that only an impostor or the ghost of a criminal can use. Sabotage creates a temporary problem that the crew members must wait out, ignore or fix. The sabotage button, located in the lower right corner of the screen, will open a map where you can select different methods of sabotage.

Almost all types of sabotage can be prevented by pressing the emergency button (with the exception of sabotaging doors), although players can report dead bodies at this time, which will automatically correct most of the dirty tricks. Exceptions are communications and lighting.

Only one type of sabotage can be carried out at a time (except for closing the doors when another main sabotage occurs). However, the Pole is an exception to this rule, as closed doors remain closed until opened by world players.

Oxygen. This prank will cause all oxygen to be thrown out of the ship / headquarters, which means that the impostor will win if the countdown reaches 0. To fix this sabotage, players need to enter the correct codes on two contact pads in different areas of the map. At Skeld, it is oxygen and administrative. At the headquarters there is a greenhouse and a southern corridor.

Melting of the reactor. Failure to fix it in time will cause the reactor to melt, destroying the map, hence the impostor will win if the countdown reaches 0. To correct this sabotage, two players will have to keep their hands on two separate scanners in the reactor at the same time. A similar sabotage exists at the Pole under the name "seismic instability", it works in the same way, except that the scanners are located far from each other in remote locations outside, and not in a special reactor room (which is not on the Pole).

Securing communications at the Pole. Communication sabotage will prevent crew members from seeing their task list and their location on the map until communication is restored. It also disables security cameras, vital organs monitoring, an administrator card, and a log that deletes all recent events.

On the ship and the Pole, communication is restored by adjusting the dial in accordance with the two wavelengths on the monitor. At headquarters, reconnection requires two people to enter the same code into PINs in different locations (office and communications). The code is reset after a specified time interval, and therefore it must be entered into each PIN-block before it can be reset.

Lighting devices. This sabotage drastically reduces the crew’s line of sight, so that they cannot see other players around them until they are very close, and the vision of impostors and ghosts remains the same. To fix this sabotage, players will have to flip a toggle switch on the electrical switch and make the small light above each switch turn bright green. This diversion can make it easy to kill and run, even if other players are nearby.


Administrator is an ability that any player can use to get information about the location of other players.

When you are in the admin room, pressing the button next to the map will show which room everyone is in, but the characters on that map are shown in the same color. The map does not show the exact location and is updated when someone changes rooms. It also does not show when people are in the hallways. The impostors who are inside the air vent are also shown on the map. Dead bodies are also shown on the map, but they do not show that they are dead (just a symbol). The ability to track players is mainly used to verify that a crew member or impostor is in the room at a given time.


Among Us: All Game Characters

There are not so many characters in the game:

  1. Peaceful crew members - most likely you will often play with these characters. This is not an enviable role, as there is always a chance to turn into a ghost, dying at the hands of the enemy.
  2. The Traitor is the most interesting role that requires the ability to deceive, dodge and control the situation.
  3. Ghost - after killing a peaceful comrade, he turns into a ghost, which continues to be invisibly present on the map, complete quests, and morally support the crew.

Each character has its own role in the game. Of course, many want to be a traitor in order to test their ability to manipulate a group of people in practice.

Peaceful crew members

The main task of the team is to survive, fill the quest scale or find a criminal. When playing as a team member, it should be remembered that you are constantly under the gun, that is, you can be killed at any moment. Initially, there are always more peaceful astronauts, but this does not mean that you are in a favorable position. Therefore, you always need to be in good shape.

Crew tips:

It is very important, when playing as a team member, to know the location of all rooms, the functionality of each room, the time to complete quests.

If a traitor wants to skip the vote, then peaceful players should more often discuss sensitive points in the game. But do not mindlessly collect meetings. You should only press the button when you find the body of the deceased or find suspicious behavior on the part of another player.

Crew members are encouraged to act as less suspicious as possible. For example, do not wander around the rooms, or do rash acts. Any wrong movement can lead to the fact that you will contemplate your ship from the outside.

It is also worth remembering that players are different, sometimes you can meet a team, to put it mildly, inadequate gamers who can get together a few seconds after the start of the match. Sometimes the crew can unreasonably throw a peaceful guy into space.

You cannot trust anyone in Among Us! It is always required to double-check the actions of the players in order to find out the truth or falsehood.


The player becomes a ghost after his death or voting against him. Live players cannot see ghosts. But the ghosts can communicate with each other via chat, and the survivors do not see such messages. And ghosts can read the general game chat.

Ghosts, after death, gain the ability to pass and see through walls, as well as unlimited vision. After you kill, the game does not end for you. And to give up is not right.

Ghosts are not visible on CCTV cameras. And when there are ghosts behind the monitors, the lights on the cameras do not light up.

Peaceful ghosts. The spirit of a peaceful crew member cannot eliminate sabotage. When performing tasks with visible animation, you need to make sure that there are no live players in the room. Since the impostor can assign the visible animation to himself, and get into the credibility of the rest of the match participants.

The ghost must help his team complete all their remaining tasks as quickly as possible.

The ghost of the villain. The ghost of a traitor appears in the game if there were several of them initially. And they, even after death, can arrange sabotage, helping the still living villains. In the face of a ghost - a traitor, it is better to follow the killer and cover up his tracks. For example, before the destruction of the player by another intruder, you can block the door. Also, blocking the doors is appropriate if a crew member is walking to the scene of an impending crime.

Sabotaging everything else, except doors, has a timer common to all traitors. Remember this. Communication should be turned off if a living impostor is under surveillance. You can close other members of the peaceful team to sow seeds of doubt.

Ghosts, indeed, have few functions, but they are very important, so you should not leave the match, but it is worth fighting for the victory of your team until the very end, no matter which side you are on.

Among Us: Traitor - How to Become and Play It Right?

The main task of a traitor is to kill as many people as possible on a spaceship, carry out sabotage, and sow doubts in the heads of peaceful players.

Tips for a traitor:

  1. In order not to get caught after the kill, it is recommended to immediately go into the next room and wait for another player. After that, already with him, you can go to the body of the deceased.
  2. After committing a murder, the best option is to block the doors. After that, having got out through the ventilation, it is again necessary to proceed to the room with the corpse together with a crew member. This will give you an alibi and you will not be suspected.
  3. When arranging sabotage, you should not stop at the place if you are not alone. Better to do it on the go.
  4. When someone is watching the monitors in the security room, red lights on the security cameras start flashing. Traitors need to wait until the cameras stop winking.
  5. You don’t need to go close to an opponent to kill him. It is enough to see the red aura around the victim and press the "Kill" button.
  6. In order to block one or several doors, you need to open the map by clicking on the "Sabotage" button in the lower right corner, and then on the cross in any room that you want to block.
  7. If you have committed a murder, and you have nowhere to hide, then you should cover the body with yourself. If you do not have a corpse on the screen because of you, then it will not be visible on the display of rivals either.
  8. You can pretend that you are performing tasks, but you should not forget about the time of their completion, about the execution process (there are several missions that are performed in 2 stages in different rooms). You should also remember about animated quests - it is better not to suit such places at all.
  9. You should take only those tasks that are available to several crew members at once.
  10. Be aware of the tasks that fill the progress bar. It is better not to do them so as not to arouse suspicion.
  11. Do not hang around aimlessly in rooms where there are no quests.
If someone stands on the ventilation hatch and sabotage immediately begins, then this player is not necessarily a traitor. Since the ventilation entry button replaces the sabotage button.

Among Us: How to play as a traitor?

Murders. You should not blame everyone indiscriminately, you just need a cold calculation. Better to start with the more experienced players and leave the beginners for later. Players who, in one way or another, have proven their innocence in villainous actions should be eliminated.

You should not commit the murder of the player with whom you were recently seen together. You should study all the places where the cameras are located so as not to accidentally kill the opponent when the video surveillance system is on (that is, at the moment when someone is sitting at the monitors).

You should be careful when using the ventilation holes, if they see you leaving or entering the ventilation hatch, you have a cover. Therefore, it is worth remembering all exit points and their blind spots.

The best post-kill tactic is to let the players find the bodies of the slain opponents themselves.

Sabotage is a great way to distract attention from a corpse and shorten the cooldown time to the next kill. In addition, sabotage is good for isolating victims or breaking up a team into groups. But you should not appear too quickly at the scene of the sabotage, as this is very suspicious.

Voting - may indirectly indicate your involvement in a crime. Therefore, you should not be silent when discussing the candidacy of the villain. You should speak briefly, quickly and to the point, without unnecessary emotions. It is recommended that you refrain from accurately blaming the other player.

A sense of bewilderment should be portrayed, just as other crew members do. Occasionally, you can voice your suspicions about another player. Try to build trust by taking action with your team and not voting against the innocent.

Don’t try to prove the innocence of other players - it will work against you. In the final, you can blame the previously suspected characters, or skip the vote altogether.

Among Us: How often to be a traitor? It is worth noting right away that if you want to become a traitor, but in the previous match you left the game while you are alive, then the chances that you will become an impostor are extremely small. Death is considered the end of the game. If you want to play as a villain, then we recommend listening to our advice:

  1. If you play multiple matches with the same players, your chances of becoming a traitor increase.
  2. The chance of becoming a traitor increases if you enter or create a team with 3 impostors.
  3. The system randomly selects traitors, but if you often die as a peaceful member of the team, then the chance to become a pest increases.

Among Us: How to be a traitor permanently? This method is suitable for any device from which you play. When choosing a team, you should go in the top three of the last players. Then, very quickly, while you are in the starting room, choose a hat that is given for Halloween (Pumpkin, Plague Doctor, Devil Ears, Maniac Knife).

Among Us: Skins - how to get and unlock them all?

Skins are your clothes in the game and some accessories. Some skins need to be obtained absolutely free, and they are available at the start of the game. Other costumes can only be obtained during temporary in-game events that the developers periodically launch. There are also a lot of clothes in the game that are bought for real money. Naturally, it is more imposing and bright.

There are 3 types of clothing in the game:

  1. Hats.
  2. Skins.
  3. Masks.

How do I change the skin in Among Us? This can be done in the game settings on the start screen. The store button is made in the form of a graph. But the shop features items and animals that can be purchased for real money.

Having entered the match, you will have a few seconds of time until the whole team gathers. Here you click on the customization button (in the lower right corner). Then a menu with a choice will appear on the screen:

  1. Color - this color you will run in this match.
  2. The hat is only a headgear, it is chosen for this and the next match.
  3. Pet - here you can take a pet with you to the game that will follow you.
  4. Skins are costumes. This is your appearance. It has no additional functions.
  5. Game - a tab for the game creator. Here you can set the main parameters of the game.

Among Us: Halloween skins for free. Now these suits are sold for real money. But there was a time when developers gave them away for free. Now, in order to get them, you need to change the current date to 12/24/2018 in the settings of your mobile phone. Then you need to go into the game and get the costumes absolutely free.

How do I get the skin in Among Us Plague Doctor? In the above way, you can change the skin to the Plague Doctor mask. If you want to get this thing in the following way, then when changing the encoding, you need to enter the number 70 instead of 1 zero.

How to create and add your own skin or change the texture?

It should be noted right away that the changes you make will be visible only to you. This way of changing the environment on the map will not be punished by the developers, since you do not affect the gameplay. And creating your own skin is quite simple. For correct operation, you need to prepare 3 things:

  1. UABE (latest version) is a mod editor in several programming languages. You can download it from this link - https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE/releases/tag/2.2stabled . You should choose for your system - 32 or 64 bit.
  2. Among Us is the game itself.
  3. Graphic editor - you can choose any, but preferably Photoshop 2020.

After downloading and unpacking from the extractor archive, you should add 2 folders to it: "Texture" and "Result". You will need them for further work, so you can call them differently. It is recommended to create a backup copy of the game files in the game folder.

After all the steps, you need to run the extractor, and in the search window that appears, you need to find the folder with the game. Select the "shaderassets.0" file here. A pop-up window will appear, where you should scroll to the end of the list and select the most recent option. It is important!

Then a table will appear (as in the picture below). You need to sort the files "by type" (3 column top command). After that you need to select all files by type - Texture 2D. Then you should click on the Plugins command (on the right side of the window) and Export to.png (in the window that opens). Specify the "Texture" folder that you created in advance as the export folder. The data transfer process begins. Now you have all the game textures that you can edit as you like.

Photoshop. Then you need to open Photoshop and start creating! Here you should open the folder with textures and select the required picture. For example, hats (they will all be centered on one sheet). After that, you can select and change any header.

If you put your images on textures, they must have the "png" extension. This is when there is an image, but there is no background behind. The new picture must be made in the size of the previous object so that nothing comes off.

After you finish creating, you need to select the command "File - Export - Quick Export to PNG". Then we replace the previous file in the "Textures" folder with the newly created one. Thus, you change the textures you need in Photoshop.

If you do not know how to use Photoshop, then you are advised to download it in Russian and watch a few lessons (many of them are freely available on the network).

Extractor. Now the extractor should be started again. And again open the file "shaderassets.0". Again, you need to select the documents with the Texture 2D type, click on the Plugins command. In the window that appears, select "Batch import", then you must specify the path to the files with changed textures. Then you should wait until the replacement process is completed.

Next, you need to click File - Save, and save the received data to the "Result" folder. Note that there should be 2 files:

  1. Shaderassets.0.
  2. Globalgamemanagers.

After that, you need to close the extractor, copy the resulting files from the "Result" folder, and paste them with replacement into the "Among Us_Data" folder. After the performed actions, you should start the game and enjoy the result.

How do I get the Among Us costumes that sell for real money?

First, you need to download the "ES - Explorer" application (on some mobile devices it is included in the standard software package). The utility is freely available on Google Play. If you play on an iOS system, then it has its own explorer (this method also works through it).

After downloading and installing the explorer, you need to exit the game and go to the application. Next, you need to go to the Internal Storage section. Then you should go to the Android folder, then to the Data directory. The folder with the Among Us icon is located here. Going into this folder, you will see the Files directory, where you should open the PlayerPrefs document. Then a context menu will appear, where "Text" is selected.

After all the actions, a text document with an encoding will appear on your screen.

WiceGeek, 0,0,1, False, False, 128, True, False, 0,10,9,1,0,0,0, True, 4, False.

Other parameters cannot be changed. But a few numbers will have to be changed. In order for you to succeed, you need to change the text as shown in the picture below.

WiceGeek, 0,0,1, False, False, 128, True, False, 44,255,255,1,0,13,2, True, 4, False.

After completing this operation, you should enter the game again.

Suit Code List

Skin nameModifiable code
Black suit7
White suiteight
Security guardnine
MIRA Hazmatten
World guardeleven
Winter gearfourteen

Among Us: How to get hats and pets in the game

How do I get a pet in Among Us?

A pet in the game can only be bought for real money in the starter store, but above we described a little trick on how to get free things on a mobile device. The same method works with pets too. It should be remembered that to change the pet code, you must correct the last zero in the encoding.

But if you are playing on a computer, the path where the encoded text document is located is located in a different location: C: Users Username AppData LocalLow Innersloth Among Us. On a computer, the PlayerPrefs file can be opened with any text editor.

The picture below shows all the creatures and their code that are currently in the game.

Pets do not affect the gameplay in any way. Also, if you run with them as a traitor, then you may have problems entering the ventilation. Because the animal runs after you with a delay of a couple of seconds. Sometimes dangerous moments come when you need to dive into the hatch, thereby not revealing yourself. And the little belly, a little hesitant at the entrance, is a wonderful identification sign that you are an impostor.

How do I get hats in Among Us?

Suits and hats are a great way to disguise your body. Basically, players remember the colors of the characters: red, black, white, and so on. But if you close your case almost completely, then some gamers will not be able to remember your name and choose a specific color in the vote. Sure, there are seasoned players who take notice, but with newbies it can bring luck if you’re a killer.

The method for obtaining a mask or hat for the game is the same as for obtaining skins and pets. Therefore, it makes no sense to focus on this again. Below we present the codes of the headers, which are entered instead of 1 zero in the encoding.

List of header codes

Headdress nameModifiable code
Astronaut helmet1
Brain slug3
Bush hat4
Captain’s hatfive
Double cylinder6
Flowerpot hat7
Protective glasseseight
Military hatten
Police hat13
Paper Panamaeleven
Towel Mastersixteen
Deer horns21
Christmas tree24
Real hat25
Angel eagle32
Protective cap48
Ski goggles44
All codes are publicly available, so this trick will not be punished by the developers.

Among Us: Ship Map Guide (The Skeld)

Skeld is a huge spaceship and the most popular map in the game. It is easier to win on it than on the other 2 cards. It is very easy to navigate along it, because all 14 rooms are connected by corridors. There are 2 horizontal and 3 vertical passages. The emergency button is located in the Canteen, where the match starts.

Cameras. The key rooms on the map are the administrator and security (observation) premises, thanks to which you can track the actions of other crew members. And with their skillful use - to calculate the traitor. Cameras allow you to control 4 corridors at once:

However, the 2 lower corridors and a short passage between the dining room and the armory remain blind spots. This can be adopted.

Ventilation. There are a total of 14 vents on the map (shown in the picture above). The location of the ventilation is very easy to remember. There is no ventilation only in the storage and in the communications room. If you see a fresh corpse (usually the body is in an upright position for a few seconds after the kill), and a player exits these rooms, he is definitely a traitor.

The most dangerous for a crew member is the panel room, since there are no cameras and there is ventilation.

Sabotage card. Sabotage deserves special attention. The locations of sabotage on the ship are evenly distributed across the map:

As for closing doors, the impostor can only close them on the left side of the card. On the right, in this regard, it is safe enough. Sabotaging communications is most convenient for a traitor, as it gathers all players in the lower right corner, but there are no cameras there. A detailed sabotage map is given below.

Visual quests. The map has 5 animated tasks, thanks to which you can easily find out your own or someone else’s player. These tasks should be remembered and it is recommended that you save them for emergencies:

  1. Garbage Dumping in Canteen - Garbage dump animation will appear.
  2. Garbage disposal in storage - an animation of garbage disposal appears.
  3. Medical Compartment Scanning - the player will turn green.
  4. Shooting asteroids in the armory - animation of shots.
  5. Repairing shields - ship screens will light up.

But it should be remembered that the creator of the game can turn off the visual effects, thereby complicating the life of civilians.

Completing missions on the ship

Tasks are divided into 4 types:

  1. Short - it takes a little time to complete, or they consist of 1 step. Immediately replenish the progress counter.
  2. Long - it takes a long time to complete, or they consist of several stages. The quest scale is replenished only after completing the last stage. Therefore, it is very important to know the qualifications of the quests so as not to throw out the innocent.
  3. Visual - an animation or image is shown, making it possible to understand the player’s innocence.
  4. General - absolutely all crew members have. If you don’t have a shared quest, then no one has one. This feature helps to calculate the traitor.

Several types of tasks can be combined at the same time. With the maximum number of tasks, a player can have a maximum of 2 general missions, 3 long tasks and 5 short ones. There are tasks with a fixed amount of time, and there are tasks with a minimum amount of time it takes to complete them.

Repairing the wiring is a 3-step shared task located in the following rooms: administration, dining room, electrical equipment, navigation, security, or storage. The task is simple, you need to match the color of the wires on the left side of the shield with the wires on the right side.

It is important to remember the seniority by which this task is performed. Thanks to this, the villains can be calculated. And this is very important! Electric - storage - administrative - navigation - canteen - security. Several undeniable laws follow from this: Wiring repairs never start in the cafeteria or security room. Therefore, you cannot fake them at the beginning of the round. Wiring repair never ends in electrical or storage.

Also, repairing wires in an electrical one is always 1 step, if any. If the player goes to fix the electrical wiring as part of the mission, it means he is lying, he is an impostor.

The security room always goes last, if there is such a task. If a gamer approaches the wires in the security room, and the task counter does not add, therefore, this character is a traitor.

These are all tasks for the moment on the ship map. This knowledge should help you in the further game.

Among Us: Mira HQ Map Guide (Headquarters)

This is 2 out of 3 available cards, which takes place at the headquarters of the World Company. The office is a high-rise building with a random arrangement of premises, with a small space and a cramped layout. Because of this, it is the most difficult card to win for a traitor.

The map itself is divided into 3 sections: left - southwest, right upper north and right lower southeast. The highest density of players on a given map occurs in the last compartment.

Safety system. The key features of the card are a unified ventilation duct network and a special security system that replaced the "Doorlock" CCTV cameras. The security system is accessed in the communication room. The system has 3 sensors:

  1. North is blue.
  2. Southwest is green.
  3. Southeast is orange.

As soon as the player walks past the sensor, it is activated, and a corresponding message appears on the computer. After 5 seconds, the system reboots and can re-lock the same player. This time does not apply to other players. Therefore, the system can register several users at once. The only catch is that the security log can only store the last 20 events. Everything else is automatically deleted.

Doorlock is a very powerful argument in the right hands. It allows you to control 3 areas of the map at once. If a player, for example, went into the northern part, and then he was already seen in the south-west, while there is no mark when moving in the system, it means he used the ventilation, and is a traitor.

We recommend using the Doorlock system to check the most suspicious individuals.

Do not forget about the administration room (there is one here too).

Ventilation. There are 11 ventilation holes on the card. Moreover, they are linked, which allows the impostor to move around very freely. Least of all manholes are concentrated in the area of the communications premises.

Sabotage. There are no items on this map that can be locked by sabotage. There are 4 objects for sabotage themselves:

  1. Reactor.
  2. Communication.
  3. Office.
  4. Oxygen.

They are concentrated in the north and center, which is a great way to lure out the crew from the southwest and southeast parts of the building. The most dangerous part of the map is the decontamination (disinfection) corridor. Upon entering it, its doors are temporarily closed. And if you are with the enemy, then the probability of getting out of there is extremely small.

It is recommended to enter the decontamination corridor in groups of 3 to reduce the risk of attack.

Unlike the ship, which has as many as 5 visual quests, there is only one on this map. This is a scan in the medical bay. This task should be used wisely.

Completing missions on Mira HQ

Among Us: Polus Map Guide (Pole)

This is the third, and at the moment, the last available card in the game. The action takes place at the base of the astronauts, on a planet with an arctic climate. The pole has the largest dimensions and open space, in addition to the usual rooms and corridors. It is difficult to play for a crew member, but very convenient and easy for an impostor.

The map consists of western, central and eastern parts. To the west and east are the building complexes connected by corridors. The central part consists of lonely buildings: an armory, a communications room and a warehouse. Due to the fact that they are located in a large open area, the traitor who committed the murder here can hide in any direction. There are 15 rooms on the Polyus map in total, excluding the decontamination chambers.

Safety. The key feature of the card is the Vitals security system, an administrator and a slightly modified video surveillance system. The system itself is located on the right side of the office, and allows tracking the vital parameters of the crew. If the hero is alive - the sensors are green, the indicators of the killed are shown in red, and who was kicked out of the vote or he left the game - are marked in gray.

The function is very useful, since it can be quite difficult to find a corpse on such a large map. And using Vitals, you can find out about its availability, find it, and make a timely meeting. It is also useful to check the system for suspicious individuals. For example, if 2 players go together, and then 1 of them dies, then there is a high probability that the enemy was one of them.

Cameras. They are here, just like on the ship. But at the same time the view is shown only from 1 camera, not from 4. You can switch between them, while there are only 6 cameras. On this map, they have a wider viewing angle than on a ship. Two of them fix the entrances and exits of the western complex. 3 cameras watch the entrance to the east complex. And 6 the camera is located in the center of the map. The observation point is organized in the security room, which is quite dangerous for the observer, since there is ventilation nearby. It will not be difficult for traitors to eliminate the observer, and accordingly all the observation.

Ventilation. The ventilation holes on the card have been replaced with holes, but their function remains the same. There are 12 holes in total on the Pole. If you divide the map into north and south, then 8 of them are located in the north, and 4 in the south. Therefore, the north of the map is ideal for villains. South is a great place for peaceful team members. There is no single system of moves like on the World map. There are 4 independent systems on the Pole, 2 of which are cyclical. You should remember them well.

There are no ventilation holes in the lower right and left parts, and the most unfortunate room for killing is the room with the samples, since there is no ventilation, and to the entrance it is very far to go through long corridors.

Sabotage. There are 3 types of sabotage available at the pole:

  1. Reactor.
  2. Shield.
  3. Communication.

You should skillfully use one or another sabotage to lure the crew to the corner you need. In addition, here, like on a ship, it is possible to close the door. However, if they were opened automatically on the ship, then here you need to play a mini-game to open them.

The vault is considered the best room for killing, as it has an approach from all sides, does not fall under the cameras, and contains a ventilation duct.

Tasks. There are 2 animated tasks on the map: shooting at asteroids in the armory, and scanning in the medical compartment. You should save them as a last resort.

Beware of decontamination rooms. If you went there with the enemy, then you most likely will not be hello. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended to move in groups.

Completing assignments at the Pole

Beware of the laboratory toilet, as it is a great place to ambush an impostor.

Among Us: Cool Game Tips

How to make an invisible nickname in Among Us? In the field for writing a nickname in the Create game menu, you must delete the old name. But if you just erase the characters, then the system will not let you perform the action. We have found an invisible symbol for you that can be copied from our article and pasted into the nickname field. (?) - the character is located between the brackets. You won’t be able to copy it just like that, so you should create any text document (it works on a mobile device), then call the context menu, where you should select the "Rename" command. After that, the file name will appear, and there will be a small distance between the brackets. Then again you need to select "Rename" and copy the space between the brackets. And then paste it into the nickname field.

The picture above shows an example of copying and pasting an invisible character in a text document. In the same way, you need to copy the character into the field for entering the name in the game.

We recommend that you enter the symbol several times, since if the game already has such a name, the system will automatically put the number 1 next to it, then this trick will not work for you.

This life hack can be used for name designation in other games as well. It will be interesting to see how other players react.

How to get free Among Us on PC? Since the version on Steam costs 133 rubles + additional utilities for the game cost 82 rubles each (there are 7 products), in the end this amount may not be available to everyone. But you can play on your computer for free using the services of the Android OS emulator - BlueStacks. The link to download the game in this emulator is given at the beginning of our article.

If for some reason you do not have an emulator installed, then before downloading the game, the system will offer you to download and install the program. This is a convenient and multifunctional emulator that repeats all the capabilities of a smartphone. It has a clear interface and easy navigation system.

Article author: Evgeniya G.