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Angels Realm WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Angels Realm is a new project from the EspritGames studio. Become a brave defender saving the Earth from ancient demons. You have to plunge into the atmosphere of the fantasy world, filled with magic, unusual creatures and ferocious monsters. Explore colorful locations, develop your hero and take part in battles. Battles take place in PvE and PvP formats, there are even inter-server wars of territories! You will also have your companions, horses, angels and the opportunity to have a wedding with an object of love. The game features beautiful art and addictive gameplay.


  1. Gift Codes (Promo Codes)
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Ways to Enhance Character Parameters
  4. Equipment Leveling Guide
  5. Skill Enhancement Features
  6. Runes Guide
  7. How to upgrade a horse?
  8. Hero Companion Guide
  9. Leveling Warrior, Tower of Warriors
  10. Secrets of the passage of the dungeons
  11. Boss Fighting Guide
  12. Guild Guide, Guild Wars Battles
  13. Conducting the Guardian of the Belle
  14. All About Arena Battles
  15. Marriage Guide
  16. Is It Worth Playing?

Angels Realm: Gift Codes (Promo Codes)

How do I enter the code? Examples. Gift codes from the developers give players gold and in-game resources to upgrade their heroes. New gift codes are usually timed to coincide with maintenance and server merges. To enter the gift code, click "Bonuses" in the top menu of the screen and select the "Receive gifts" tab. Enter a valid code and click "Get" to redeem it. Examples of codes:

Gift codes have a limited validity period! Hurry up to take advantage of pleasant bonuses. For information on new codes, subscribe to the official game page .

Angels Realm: A Beginner’s Guide

The plot and purpose of the game. Choose one of four classes of heroes to take part in the battle against powerful forces of evil and ancient entities. The further prosperity of mankind and peace on earth will depend on the outcome of this battle. The game is based on increasing the level of the character with gradual unlocking:

Your task is to increase the level through the accumulation of experience, improve the characteristics of the character and related elements, go through game activities to obtain equipment, experience and resources.

Character Creation. The game features 4 classes of heroes. You need to choose one of them:

One account allows the creation of three characters. Further removal of heroes and their replacement with others is impossible. Be careful: you can create a paladin, provided you have an active character of level 300 and above. Change of gender and appearance is not provided in the game.

Which hero should you choose? Each Angels Realm fighter is unique in its own way, so it’s best to choose a character based on your favorite play style. However, the following factors must be kept in mind:

Choosing the right server. If you decide to plunge into the world of Angels Realm, then the best solution would be to start on a new server. Why it needs to be done:

You do not need to choose the latest server yourself. When you first enter the game, you will be prompted to create a character on the recommended server - it will be the latest to open. You just have to confirm your choice by clicking the "Authorization" button.

You can always practice mastering the game on any server, and make the main start on a new one. Track the appearance of new servers on the official Angels Realm pages and in the game server list. It is best to create an account on a new server on the day and at the hour of its opening in order to start accumulating experience and level up as quickly as possible.

Battle mechanics. In battle, the hero uses the normal attack skill, as well as a number of special skills that are unlocked as you progress through the main storyline. You can fight in manual mode or set up an autoboy ("Auto" button). In this case, all unidentified skills will be applied in auto mode. Also, the use of angel skills is available for you - when using them, your hero is replaced by an angel who continues to fight. The angel can be used once every ten minutes.

Set up an autoboy so that the character can independently accept new quests and participate in battles on the world map. So you will be able to quickly accumulate experience and complete game tasks.

Why do I need to link my account? By linking your account, you will forever ensure the safety of game progress, and therefore all the efforts invested in the game. To link, click the "Settings" button on the main screen, select "Link account" and specify the best way to save your data: Google Play, Facebook, etc.

Do not forget that you need to provide valid accounts with strong passwords.

How to level up a hero? Offline mode. The hero’s level grows when the required amount of experience is reached, obtained for the destruction of monsters and bosses in various activities of the game. One of the most important ways to gain experience is earning it offline on the world map. In other words, your hero can continue to gain experience and fight even when you are offline. To activate the offline mode, you need to use offline cards (get them for daily activity and in the personal diamond store). To improve the efficiency of offline mode, we recommend that you do the following:

One offline card is valid for 5 hours. If you leave the game for a long time (to sleep, to study, work, etc.), you need to calculate the offline hours in advance and apply the required number of cards. Otherwise, your character will not fight and accumulate experience, and you will waste hours of farming, which is very undesirable in the early stages of the game.

How to progress through the story? Completion of current tasks. In order not to forget to complete the most important things, always focus on the task panel on the left. The quests of the main storyline, side quests and leveling tasks are displayed here. The progress of the passage of the current chapter of the plot is indicated at the beginning of the list. If you are entitled to a reward for completing a quest, then its icon will be displayed next to the name of the quest.

Click on the progress bar to go to the reference book and familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the skill, which will be opened after completing the next chapter (see screenshot).

Daily events and reward refunds. Daily Events (the "Daily" button) is a list of dungeons available to you that you must complete during the day. For battles, you receive activity points, which fill the activity bar in the daily events menu. For 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 activity points, you receive additional rewards, including offline cards, guard tokens and valuable pumping materials.

Click on "Events Calendar" for a complete list of all dungeons in the game with access times. If you did not manage to fight in certain dungeons, perform a daily return of rewards: when you return for personal diamonds, you receive 100% of the rewards, and for gold - 50%. To make a refund, go to the Resource Refunds tab.

Refunding Event Rewards is a great way to farm XP and rewards without fighting! Choose a return method that is convenient for you to get as many resources as possible. It is recommended that rewards for key dungeons (for example, dungeons of experience, equipment and companions) be returned to 100%.

The main rules for beginners. To summarize what beginners need to know:

The most important events for newbies

At the start, you have excellent chances to significantly increase the character’s BM through various actions to master the game. The main thing is to take part in them on time and do not forget to receive awards. Below we will look at the most important stocks that you should pay attention to from the first hours.

1. Event of 7-day entry. This is where you get great rewards for your first daily login in 7 days (see screenshot). Prizes include gold, stones for wonder weapons, companion experience pills, steed spirit stones, red equipment of your class, gems and a fragment of a rare companion. To take part in the event, click the "Start Events" button in the top menu of the main screen and select "7 Days Login".

Be careful: you need to enter this event yourself. Don’t forget to receive gifts and use them on time!

2. "Puzzle" event. You get puzzle pieces as you progress through dungeons. Exchange them for rewards during the event. There are 4 exchange options, each of which can be made up to 10 times a day. Among the prizes: essences of the companion, pills of the steed, a chest with gems and a chest with random rare items of pumping.

This event takes place within 7 days from the date of character creation. Spend all received puzzle pieces in time to exchange them for more rewards. How much prizes you can take away depends only on your activity.

3. Event "Gifts of Angels". There are 5 types of gifts of angels in total. Any gift gives gifts for completing tasks for game activity: pumping, using equipment, improving companions and horses. For receiving all the gifts of each type, you are given new passive skills of the hero!

Angels Realm: Ways to Enhance Character Parameters

Leveling up and distributing points. The key to leveling a character is his constant activity. Fighting enemies, the hero accumulates experience and increases his level. When leveling up, the character earns points of characteristics, which are to be distributed on the Parameters page - the "Parameters" tab (you can also go to it by clicking the hero icon in the upper left corner). Distributed points give an increase to the characteristics of the hero. You can apply points either manually or automatically by clicking the "Recommended" button.

Initially, stat points are used to improve the base parameters. Activate the VIP level to unlock special parameters and get more pumping opportunities when distributing points.

Hero title. With the help of the title, the hero receives an increase in the characteristics of attack and health. To increase your rank, get promotion tokens for killing monsters and in the chests of the Inter-Server Territories. Also, tokens can be purchased on the exchange. When you accumulate the required number of tokens, you will see a red dot opposite the "Rank" button on the parameters page. Press the button and raise. The current rank is always shown above the character’s head.

The fastest way to raise the rank is to keep up with the battles with world and personal bosses and get the necessary trophies from them.

Spirit stones. Spirit Stones are special trophies that can be obtained in boss battles. Differ in types:

Spirit stones increase the named characteristics. It is allowed to use 200 spirit stones of each type (100 - universal stones). To see all applied spirit stones, go to the hero parameters page.

Wonder weapon. The hero uses several types of wonder weapons: health, attack, crit, bloodlust, gems and anger. New types of wonder weapons are unlocked as the character is reborn. Wonder weapons must be hardened using wonder weapon stones - they can be obtained in group and squad dungeons, for defeating bosses, as well as in events (for example, you will get some of the stones at the start, in the 7-day entrance event). Each type of wonder weapon needs its own stones: small, medium and large. The stones have the same effect, differing only in the progress of hardening after use.

Seals. Thanks to seals, you can increase the basic and proportional characteristics of the character. All seals are located on the corresponding tab of the parameters page. Earn new Seals from Event Trophies, Territory Shop, and Cross-Server Territory Chests. Seals can be improved - use seal crystals for this. When synthesizing seals, it is allowed to parse pink seals with a full return of all materials (personal synthesis materials are returned for personal seals).

Use several seals from one set to activate the characteristics of the set. You can view all available kits by clicking the "View kits" button. Higher specification seals replace the same lower specification seals in the kit. When several seals with the same characteristics are launched, the seal with the maximum characteristics of the set operates (when one seal is replaced with a better one, the BM increases).

Decorations and wardrobe of the hero. Avatar frames, dialogue bubbles, skins of the hero’s clothes, his headdress, weapons, footprints, etc. - not only a customization tool, but also a way to increase various characteristics. Get new jewelry and wardrobe items for participating in activities, as well as in temporary promotions. Any attributes can be increased in stardom by using similar pieces of jewelry (wardrobe).

A piece of jewelry that has reached maximum stardom can be disassembled and gained experience: a jewelry box or a wardrobe. The experience of the jewelry box (wardrobe) allows you to increase its level, which proportionally increases all stat bonuses from jewelry (wardrobe items).

Hero titles. Titles can be obtained for participating in events, pumping the VIP-level, when obtaining achievements and in paired events with a partner. The title gives additional increases to the parameters, while it is not necessary to install it - all bonuses are inherited automatically. You can view a detailed description of all the titles of the game on the parameters page, the "Titles" button.

Angels Realm: Equipment Leveling Guide

Strengthening equipment. Enhancing equipment requires gold, allows you to pump the level of skill and significantly raises the characteristics. Please note: the maximum level of enhancement depends on the rank of the equipment and cannot be increased! When leveling up, you always have a chance to get a "surprise" (level up your skill level by 2 positions at once) and a "big surprise" (level up your skill level by 5 positions at once).

Pump all equipment to the same level in order to gradually increase the characteristics of the entire set and evenly distribute gold for strengthening. Remember that the higher the skill level, the more resources you will need for the next promotion.

Wings. Wings are an item of equipment for the class. You need to synthesize wings using feathers obtained by destroying world and personal bosses. There are 6 wing steps in total. The higher the level, the more rare materials you will need for synthesis. To pump the wings, feathers of the corresponding stages are also required. In addition to increasing the base parameters, the wings of the highest stages have legendary characteristics and characteristics of eternity.

Materials for synthesizing and pumping wings can be purchased on the exchange. Wing synthesis is always random. If in the process of synthesis you get wings of a different class, put them on the exchange.

Kits. Use the set stones to transform equipment items into sets. Please note - each class has its own stones! When replacing equipment, the stones of the set are returned to the backpack without loss.

Gem insertion. Up to 6 gems can be inserted into each piece of equipment, which increase various characteristics. Insertion slots unlock at new equipment ranks, however the 6th slot will only be available for VIP-5 players. Gems can be repeated within the same set. You can also replace and improve them by absorbing gems of the same type.

Equipment sharpening. By using sharpening stones, you add sharpening characteristics of various qualities to your equipment. The basic sharpening is white and the highest is red. Sharpening stones give 3 random characteristics and differ in rank. The higher the grade of the sharpening stones, the wider the area of ??sharpening characteristics:

Angels Realm: Skill Enhancement Features

Active skills. Your character has a number of active skills that are unlocked as you progress through the storyline of the game and reach the desired account level. To improve your skills, go to Skills - Skills Upgrades. For pumping you will need:

After raising your skills to a special level, activate the breakthrough effect, which will significantly increase their power. At the same time, it is recommended to pump all skills evenly for the same increase in effects and rational use of resources.

Passive skills. Some of your passive skills will be unlocked by completing the quests of the "Gifts of the Angels" event. Other passive skills are unlocked after defeating storyline bosses and unlocking additional lines of the game guide. All open passive skills work at the same time.

Be sure to participate in the Gifts of the Angels event to unlock more passive skills. Some of them will help you regenerate health faster, as well as give additional experience gain when killing monsters.

Angels Realm: Runes Guide

Varieties of runes. Runes are a pumping element. Your hero can use 8 rune slots, which are unlocked as you progress through the Rune Tower. Runes are: attacks, accuracy, evasion, experience, damage, resistance and health. All runes in slots must be different, inserting the same runes is not allowed. In terms of quality, the runes range from green (initial) to red (higher). Accordingly, the better the quality of the rune, the higher its characteristics and the increase in BM.

It is recommended to install and pump runes, starting with blue and purple. Green runes are best disassembled to obtain upgrade material - essences. So you can quickly collect a good set of runes and get a resource for pumping them.

Improving runes. Runes are improved by using the essence obtained in the Tower of Runes and when analyzing runes. Also, a certain amount of essence can be obtained in chests for passing floors. To upgrade a rune, click on it and click the "Upgrade Runes" button.

Improve the runes evenly so that they are all equally pumped and give an equal increase in characteristics. Keep in mind that the higher the level of the rune, the more essence you will spend on pumping it.

Where can I get runes? The main way to get runes is to go through the floors of the Rune Tower. On each of them, enemies are waiting for you, for victories over which you will receive new runes and essences. There is no limit to the attempts at daily battles in the Tower. After passing certain floors, you will unlock the use of especially rare runes, which give an increase to the characteristics of individual elements of your equipment.

The Rune Tower should always be cleared to the maximum floor for you. Fight on new floors before going offline and after each significant level up. Try to get as many runes as possible and quickly unlock all slots for their insertion.

Replacement of runes. If you wish, you can replace one rune with another. To do this, indicate the rune to be replaced, click "Replace runes" and select the one you need from the list. This option is very useful for using the experience rune before going offline - just insert this rune instead of any other and get an increase in experience in offline battles.

Analysis of runes. Disassemble unnecessary low quality runes to obtain essences. To do this, go to the Parse Runes tab and mark the items to parse. After confirmation, the resulting essence will automatically be added to your stocks. For ease of parsing, you can sort all the runes you have by quality.

When parsing a previously pumped rune, all the essence spent on improving it will return to you!

Runes search. Finding runes is a "lottery" for getting runes. Here you can win the currency of the exchanger - fragments of runes, as well as get runes of various quality, including rare red runes. To participate in the search, you will need scrolls, which can be purchased with unattached diamonds. Once a day you have the opportunity to conduct a free search - don’t forget to use it! Search Chances:

The success of the rune search depends on the luck bonus - the chance of obtaining elite items. The higher it is, the more likely it is that you will get a rare prize.

Methods for obtaining rare runes: exchanger and synthesis. Exchange the received fragments for orange and red runes in the exchanger. Please note: many runes become available only after passing the required floors of the Tower. In addition to the exchanger, you can synthesize runes (access to the function opens after passing the 56th floor of the Tower). For synthesis, you need certain materials and gold. The exact list of all components and their quantity will be initially indicated in the synthesis window.

Angels Realm: How to upgrade a horse?

Concept. A horse is not only your means of transportation in the terrain, but also a source of additional BM. Types of horses:

Taming a horse. You get the basic horse when completing the tasks of the story campaign. The horse must be tamed - to increase its level. Do this with the mount pills, which can be bought in in-game stores, events and gifts for daily activities. Every 10 levels of pumping, you change the appearance of the horse, which not only transforms it externally, but also gives bonuses to the characteristics of health, attack and defense.

A good way to get a lot of mount pills early in the game is to take part in the starting puzzle event.

Horse equipment. The horse’s equipment includes 4 positions: bell, reins, saddle and horseshoes. The higher the rank of the equipment, the greater the increase in characteristics will be given by its use. Get high-ranking horse gear by fusing several items of the same position. Horse equipment can also be obtained in trophies for destroying personal bosses and bosses on the 2nd floor of the Isle of Beasts (available from level 450).

The resulting horse equipment sometimes has a series of skills - the chance of triggering a series of hits during the attack.

Forging a horse’s equipment. Equipped equipment can be forged. For this, a blood crystal is consumed. Every 20 ranks, use identical brands to break through your equipment.

When changing equipment, the progress of forging is saved and transferred to the new ammunition.

Horse stats pills. When using the pills of parameters, the given characteristics of your horse (attack, health, defense, accuracy, evasion, crit, stamina and elemental parameters) are permanently increased. The pills are blue and purple. Accordingly, the higher the quality, the greater the efficiency from use. Get pills while completing dungeons, destroying world bosses and in guild activities.

Horse skills. Horses can learn special skills, thanks to which they acquire additional abilities. To access the skill option, get the mount books - materials available in activities and temporary events. Rare mounts have special skills that can be learned after unlocking a given look. To learn the skills of rare mounts, you need mount pills in the amount of 20 pieces for each skill.

Horse Skill Books sometimes appear on the exchange - keep track of new offers on the Purchase Items tab - Combat Power Items.

Angels Realm: Hero Companion Guide

Features of the satellite. The companion helps the hero in battles by using skills and enhancing parameters. Subdivided into base satellite and event satellite. The level of pumping of a satellite will always be the same, regardless of its type. You get a basic companion view when completing campaign missions. To get an Event Companion, you need a Fragment. Extra Event Companion Activation Fragments can be sacrificed to increase the Companion’s victim level. The victim level bonus is received by all companions unlocked with companion activation items.

The fastest way to get a Legendary Event Companion is to take part in the 7-Day Newbie Entry Promotion on time. So, on the 7th day you will get a fragment of Lisa - a companion that increases the master’s accuracy and attack.

Increasing the level of the companion. The companion pumps its level by absorbing equipment. Press the "Absorption" button to select the items you want. Optionally, you can sort the consumable equipment by quality, rank, and stardom. When choosing equipment, you can see at the bottom of the screen what experience the companion will receive when absorbing it. Be careful - used equipment cannot be restored! Do not absorb items that can be profitably put up for auction.

The higher your VIP level, the greater the companion experience bonus when consuming equipment. Remember to empty your backpack regularly and power up your companion.

Increasing the rank of a companion. To rank up a companion, you need the Essence of Dissection. To get the Essence of Disassembly, disassemble the Essence of the Companion (you can get it during the passage of dungeons and in temporary promotions). With an increase in rank for every 10 points, the appearance of the companion changes and its characteristics increase.

Angels Realm: Leveling Warrior, Tower of Warriors

Warrior Incarnation. The embodiment of a warrior grows as you progress through the Tower of Warriors (Parameters - Warriors - "Call" button). The higher the last floor of the Tower passed, the better your incarnation of a warrior. Initially, it is basic, starting from the 10th floor it rises to blue - "Compassion I". Currently, the Tower of Warriors has 240 floors. The last floor corresponds to the yellow incarnation of the "Shining III" warrior.

Passage of the Tower of Warriors, awards. The battles in the Tower of Warriors are battles with strong bosses. When you win, you get gold and warrior points, which are needed to improve the warrior. Every day, warrior points are sent to your mail, their number depends on the progress of the passage of the Tower.

The reward is sent to the mail at 06.00 server time. Check your inbox regularly to replenish your glasses in time.

Warrior upgrades. You upgrade a warrior with the warrior points that you get in the Tower. Press the "Warrior Upgrade" button and apply the required amount of currency for pumping. With the pumping of a warrior, your attack, health and defense characteristics increase.

The metamorphosis of a warrior. Each new rebirth provides an opportunity to activate the warrior’s metamorphosis. For this purpose, you will need special items, while each metamorphosis requires its own resources. You can get metamorphosis activation items in the boss house and when destroying peaceful bosses.

Metamorphoses not only increase the parameters of the main characteristics, but also improve skill levels. Timely go through the activities to get the metamorphosis activation items and use this pumping opportunity to enhance your abilities.

Angels Realm: Secrets of the passage of the dungeons

Concept. Dungeons are a source of resources for various types of pumping a hero, equipment, companions, etc. Also, dungeons always give a lot of experience. The entrance to the dungeons is possible as a detachment or alone. Battles consume attempts to complete, which can be replenished using special coupons.

Personal dungeons. Personal dungeons cannot be entered as a squad. Here you fight solo and get materials to level up your hero, companion and equipment. Types of personal dungeons:

You can visit each type of dungeon 2 times a day using clearing coupons. Additional coupons can be won in some activities, synthesized and received in temporary promotions.

Spend extra coupons for additional cleaning of dungeons in which you have more progress. So you can get better resources and more efficient pumping.

Group dungeons. These dungeons can only be entered as part of a squad, and the higher the floor of the dungeon, the better its trophies. For battles in group dungeons, all squad members must meet the account level requirements. Types of group dungeons:

Complete group dungeons with guilds or friends. This will give you a better chance of quickly assembling a strong team and clearing high floors for better rewards.

Passage of the experience dungeon. The experience dungeon can be called the most important dungeon, because only here you get a lot of experience to level up your account. The entrance to the dungeon is possible with a detachment or alone. To summon, you need experience dungeon tickets, which can be bought for 40 personal diamonds or synthesized in the synthesis window. The most important information about the dungeon:

Apply all available bonuses when fighting in the experience dungeon. It is recommended to fight as part of a squad to gain bonus experience. Get new tickets to summon through synthesis - this is the easiest and cheapest way, requiring only 10k gold and trophies from field monsters (will always be in your backpack).

Soul Kinship Dungeon. This dungeon is for married couples - they can buy login attempts. Unmarried players can enter the Soul Kinship dungeon once a day, but it still requires 2 teammates to enter. Here you can get: stones of meditation, candies and roses. You will need all of these items to build sympathy and hold your wedding.

Angels Realm: Boss Fighting Guide

Angels Realm bosses are varied, divided into many types, divided by difficulty levels and access levels. Bosses are the most important source of high-ranking equipment and valuable leveling resources.

How do I get to the bosses? Boss battles are part of the daily events. Click the "Daily" button at the top right of the screen and select "World Boss". In addition to this category, other bosses will be presented in the menu that opens: peaceful, personal and the inhabitants of the boss house. Also, the boss lobby opens by pressing the "Treasure" button.

For convenience, the game has a boss guide. You can go to it by clicking the bottom map icons in the general boss lobby. In the guide, all bosses are sorted by type and level, there is data on their characteristics and activation. From the guide, you can go directly to the destruction of the boss. Use the convenient function to choose the right enemies for you.

Tracking bosses. Use the tracking option so you don’t miss resurrecting the bosses you need. To do this, set the "Tracking" parameter in the boss information window. With tracking activated, you get a notification 5 minutes before the boss appears. This option applies to all types of bosses except personal ones.

Peaceful bosses. The name of these bosses speaks for itself - they practically do not damage the hero. Peaceful bosses are assigned to floors, with floor access depending on your VIP level. For players who have not reached the required VIP level, it is possible to enter the floors for diamonds. The rewards for the destruction of peaceful bosses depend on the total time of the battle. If several players took part in the battle, the rewards are distributed according to the damage rating:

Ranking placeAward size
10 (finishing move)ten%

You can fight peaceful bosses of 2-5 floors until you run out of fatigue points. Bosses are updated daily, at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00 and 22.00 server time.

Help guildmates fight peaceful bosses and gain the glory of a helper! Rewards for 2-9 places in the damage rating are sent by mail.

World bosses. World bosses have a rank and level by which their strength and possible trophies for destruction are determined. For defeating these bosses, you can get feathers of wings for synthesis, an agreement with an angel for pumping your angel, spirit stones and rare equipment. To go to the world boss, select the one you need and click the "Go" button. The update countdown indicates the time of the next boss resurrection - we recommend that you approach the battle site in advance in order to join the battles before other players.

For each victory over the world boss, the player who received the awards is awarded 1 point of fatigue. After gaining 3 points of fatigue, you will no longer be able to deal damage to bosses during this game day. Fatigue is updated daily at 05.00. For helping a member of the guild in battle, you receive the fame of an assistant, which can be exchanged for goods in the store of fame and reputation.

To gain the glory of a helper, you and your guildmate must be in different squads at the time of the boss battle! Otherwise, your battle results will be calculated only in the damage rating.

Personal bosses. Personal bosses can only be fought alone. At the same time, you get 2 times more trophies than in a similar battle with a world boss! Access to personal bosses is open to players of VIP-4 level and above. Entrance for diamonds is not provided. Each personal boss battle consumes Challenge Tickets or Personal Diamonds. After a successful challenge, you receive your reward. At the same time, it is considered separately and does not affect loot from other types of bosses. Attempts to fight personal bosses are updated daily at 05.00.

House of bosses. The Boss House can be entered for free after reaching the desired VIP level. The higher the floor, the higher the VIP level is required. The rules for battles are similar to those for personal bosses. For killing you get rage points. Rage is reset daily at 00:00, 08:00 and 16:00. If defeated, you leave the Boss House.

Angels Realm: Guild Guide, Guild Wars Battles

Joining a guild. Guild is a community of players where you will go through special guild dungeons, fight bosses and take part in the Guild War. Being in a developed guild gives you access to new types of pumping and rare game resources. At the beginning of the game, you are given a task to join the guild. If you are playing on a new server, then joining the best guild from the TOP-3 rating will not be a problem. In the future, you should monitor the activities of your community. If you notice an outflow of members and a decrease in the number of weekly guild contributions, move to another, more active guild with high online.

When choosing a suitable community, be guided by the level of assessment of the guild. It determines the activity of participants, the progress of making guild contributions and success in battles.

Should you create your own guild? By paying for diamonds, you can create your own community. Keep in mind that leading a successful guild requires high personal online, great success in character leveling and constant monitoring of the active guild composition. If you are ready to devote a lot of free time to the game, then you can try yourself in the role of the head. If you prefer offline mode and selective visit to the game, then the best option for you is to become a member of an already created guild.

About guild positions. The guild leader and deputy manage guild positions.

The daily guild bonus increases with the growth of the guild position. If the head of the guild is absent from the network for more than 3 days, his position is automatically transferred to the member with the maximum position and contribution. If all members of the guild are absent for more than 3 days, the guild is automatically disbanded.

Guild contribution. Each member of the guild receives a guild contribution for completing activities in the guild and completing daily tasks. Guild contribution is used to level up guild skills and summon a guild boss. The activity of community members is evaluated by the number of weekly guild contributions. As a rule, players who do not have a deposit do not visit the game, therefore they are promptly removed from the TOP guild members.

Guild Daily Quests. Complete guild quests to receive guild contributions, gold, and guild boss food. Click the Go button to get started. For all tasks, you are additionally given a random amount of guild contribution. To get it, go to the assignments page and click the active "Raffle" button. VIP-1 level players complete guild tasks automatically.

It is not recommended to complete guild tasks by paying diamonds. Spend premium currency only on purchasing tickets to dungeons, leveling up and purchasing rare resources.

Guild skill leveling. Guild skills are: health bonus, attack bonus, defense bonus, accuracy, dodge, elemental attack and elemental defense. They are opened for study only after the hero reaches the required level. Level up for guild contributions. Valid only as part of a guild.

The higher the level of the guild skill, the more contribution you will need to improve it. Pump all skills evenly to ensure the same growth of each parameter.

Guild warehouse. In the warehouse, guild members donate equipment that can be used by other members. Send your unwanted equipment to the warehouse - by donating star equipment or decorations from purple quality and 4 ranks, you can get warehouse points. Donation of personal, enhanced, sharpened, temporary equipment, as well as ammunition instructed by gems is not allowed. To pick up equipment from the warehouse, exchange your warehouse points. Also, in the warehouse, you can get some great companion experience pills.

The Warehouse is one of the best places to get your class gear! Sort warehouse offers and keep track of new items. Remember that the more active your guild, the more varied the goods in the warehouse will be.

Guild boss battles. In these battles, red and orange rank 7 equipment can be won. To summon a guild boss, you need food obtained for completing guild tasks. After the donation, the feed turns into summoning points, which are used to activate the summon.

The time of battles with the guild boss is set by the chapter, so keep an eye on guild announcements and do not miss participating in an important event.

Participation in the Guild War

On the 4th day after the start of the server, the first Guild War takes place. Then it is held every Saturday and includes two rounds. The higher the level of the tournament group, the more experience and guild contribution is given as a reward. The distribution into subgroups in the first round is carried out randomly, then it is carried out depending on the number of victories in the first round.

Champions of group S fall into the domain of the Royal Temple. Champions of other groups move to higher groups. In all groups, except D, participants who did not take places move to a lower group. Group D entry requirements are reset before every Guild War. There can be entered 4 best guilds, not divided into groups of the tournament. Guild members who joined the guild less than 2 hours ago will not be able to participate in the Guild War.

To capture territory, you need to collect flags. The maximum number of flags is 5 pieces. Flags give points, and you can also resurrect next to them. The first side to reach 2000 points is declared the winner. For 1st place in the War, a guild reward is given: a chest with ammunition of the highest rank. Guild members receive experience sources and sharpening materials. The guild reward is sent to the guild leader, the members’ rewards are sent directly to them.

Angels Realm: Conducting the Guardian of the Belle

Concept. Guarding the Belle is a daily event where you get experience and gold. You even have a chance to earn a chest containing the beauty’s guide!

The terms of participation. Beauties are goddesses that you need to escort to their destination. During the trip, it is possible that other players will attack. You are required to protect your companion. You will need guard tokens to participate. Get them for completing daily tasks, in field trophies, chests in personal territories, etc.

Beauties and prizes. There are 4 beauties in total. Accompanying each of them gives their own rewards:

It is very important to conduct security from 16.00 to 16.30 and from 21.30 to 22.00 server time! During this period, you receive double rewards for activity. It is recommended that you guard Jane or Aina as these beauties give the best rewards.

Angels Realm: All About Arena Battles

Temple of Heroes. The main type of arena where the BM leaders win. Move up the rankings defeating opponents who take higher places. On defeat, a 3 minute cooldown occurs. Based on the place occupied in the Temple of Heroes, a ranking of ranks is built and awards are given: gold and glory. Trade fame at the Fame and Reputation Shop. Here you can buy personal diamonds, horse spirit stones, gems, experience potions, guard tokens and other useful things.

Don’t forget to receive the daily rank reward in the Temple of Heroes. To do this, go to the activity lobby and click the "Collect reward" button. The ranking of the ranks is updated at 22.00 server time.

Arena of the peak. The new season of the peak arena starts on the 1st of every month at 00.00. All players start battles with 1 Bronze Rank and 0 Merit. Based on the results of the battle, arena points and merit points are awarded (regardless of victory or defeat). At the end of each battle, the player gains experience and gold. Each season, you can receive rewards for accumulating the required amount of merit. Players who play at least 20 battles in a season receive the final objective reward. If it is possible to receive two awards (rating and level), you will be given only one maximum award. The event is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 21.00 to 21.30.

Dash for diamonds to get a 5% increase in BM for the current day! Rush is especially useful in important game events such as peak arena battles.

World power. In this arena, players are divided into 3 camps: people, gods and demons. Every 30 seconds, the player receives points. In addition, points can be earned for killing, assisting in the attack, death and attack of statues. There are 3 statues on the battlefield, the capture of which gives bonuses for scoring. The effects of stat bonuses can stack. After gaining the required number of points in the task, the player receives a reward, which goes directly to the backpack. The player with the most points gets the title "Lord of the Worlds". Time of the event: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 20.00 to 20.15.

Angels Realm: Marriage Guide

Conditions for marriage. To go to the functionality of marriage, press the "Love" button on the main screen. Marriage is possible with characters of the same gender. To marry, you and another player need to be friends and have 520 sympathy points (you can accumulate it by completing dungeons together as a team or using special items). When the love object is online, send them an engagement proposal from the love window. If the player accepts the offer, then the two become partners.

Wedding. Wedding attempts can be obtained by sending each other engagement gifts. If you have enough wedding attempts, you can book your wedding time. Only one wedding takes place at a time, the time must be booked 15 minutes in advance. and more. The booked wedding takes place regardless of whether the newlyweds are online. Players participating in the wedding must first receive wedding invitations. After the wedding starts, players without invitations can ask the newlyweds for invitations at the entrance to the wedding. During a wedding, a lot of experience can be gained by collecting wedding chocolates.

Agree in advance with your friends and guilds about the time of the wedding. This will allow you to be online on time and get the most out of your ceremony experience.

Divorce. The consent of the partner is not required for a divorce. Removing a partner from friends is considered a divorce. After the divorce, the wedding attempts are reset, purchases can no longer be made in the soul kinship dungeon, the couple bonus for the soul lotus in the secret garden disappears, the remaining days of the treasure of love are reset.

Angels Realm: Is It Worth Playing?

Angels Realm is built on the principle of a classic MMORPG, where every player can find something to their liking. Monstrous bosses, locations with changing landscapes, huge opportunities for obtaining the necessary resources and a variety of battle modes await you: from standard PvE activities on the ground to cross-server PvP races as part of a guild. In general, the game is done well and with dignity, it can brighten up your free time and give a lot of pleasant emotions. Obvious pros:

Cons of the game:

Article author: Nadezhda D.