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Armored God WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

ARMORED GOD is a game for android with release date 05/07/2019 from EFUN. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Code
  2. How to start the game correctly?
  3. The main guide for character leveling
  4. Equipment leveling features
  5. Genie Leveling Guide
  6. Character Transformation
  7. Divination
  8. Your backpack. Synthesis and analysis of equipment
  9. A lot of rewards without hacking
  10. Daily Events - The Secret To Fast Leveling
  11. How to get a lot of experience?
  12. Boss Walkthrough
  13. Guide to the March in the Otherworld
  14. Materials Extraction Secrets
  15. Tactics Challenge Guide
  16. Story Campaign
  17. Frontier Event Guide
  18. Guild Guide
  19. Crest of Glory
  20. Game promotions and bonuses
  21. Donatim correctly
  22. Conclusion

Armored God: Gift Code

Individual gift codes can be periodically received in the official game groups (Facebook, VKontakte) during the holidays and developer events. To receive, players need to have an account with the Efun service. Sometimes developers spend "bonus days" and put shared gift codes in their groups, for example:

a6Vk3y7A - a bag with evolution stones x 20, a transformation evolution stone x 20, demon elixir lvl. 6 x 20.

To enter the code, click in the game "Bonuses", select the section "Bonus exchange" (at the very bottom) and click "Exchange". In the box that appears, enter the gift code and click "Exchange" again.

Some gift codes have a limited activation time! Don’t forget to visit the Wise Geek website often. If possible, we will add new actual codes here.

Armored God: How to start the game correctly?

Server selection rule. It is best to start playing on a new server. If you have been in the game for no more than 2-3 days, and you find out about the appearance of a new server, then no doubt go there. Only on a new server can you start the game on an equal footing, level up faster, take high places in the ratings and create a guild with strong players.

Choose a server that is closest to your time zone. In this case, the daily schedule of game events will be convenient for you.

Character selection. You can create 3 characters on one server. There are 2 classes of characters in total:

Both classes are strong enough and have no obvious weaknesses. Since there are more warriors on the servers, when playing as an assassin, there may be slight difficulties in finding the right swords, which is also not critical - if you do not find them in the guild warehouse and at the fair, you will get them in activities.

Armored God: The main guide for character leveling

The general pumping of the hero is opened by clicking on "Character" in the lower menu. Here you can see what the hero is wearing, his BM (combat power), level and basic parameters. The strength of the hero depends on the BM. It is at its increase that multiple pumping elements are directed.

Refrain from increasing BM while completing activities (boss battles, a trip to the Otherworld, etc.). There are bugs in the game that can stall the receipt of rewards if you swing at this moment.

Skill upgrade. The skill level depends on the hero’s level and cannot exceed it. The pumping is carried out for gold. When you click on "Fast improvement", you simultaneously raise all 4 skills by 1 level. When pumping skills, the indicators of attack, defense and health grow.

Leveling up skills is the first thing where you should invest the earned gold. Train skills evenly using "Rapid improvement".

Leveling through costumes. New suits are obtained in various activities. When trying on a suit, you can see in which events it is available.

Leveling through titles. The title gives an increase to the basic characteristics, is displayed above the hero’s head and is visible to other players. To activate the title, you need consumables - stamps and cards. They are mined in various activities, depending on the type of title.

Runes boost

To open the runes, you need to fulfill all the conditions in the Hall of Fame. Runes have a level, give an increase in characteristics and increase BM. You can get runes by pulling:

In order to save resources, choose x10 for both types of pull. So you will spend less gold and pers. diamonds than with single pulls. Please note that a free pull is available once a day.

Runes can be synthesized - get one high quality from several runes of lower quality. To insert the rune, click "Quick Insert". The slots for insertion open as the hero, horse and wings are pumped. Runes of the same color cannot be inserted!

Leveling with Rare Books

Rarities are valuable items that can be collected in the zones of the story campaign for killing field monsters. In the "Rarities" menu, you can activate the collected rarities and get an increase in BM. There are 3 rarities in each zone. Collection progress is displayed with individual scales for each rarity.

As you collect rarities, try to immediately invest them in pumping the hero and increase his BM.

Horse pumping

Basic horse pumping consists of three interconnected stages. The first is evolution with the stones of the mount (get the resources of the mount in the dungeon). As they are applied, the evolution scale is filled. Each filling of the scale gives the steed one star, and upon receiving 10 stars, it rises in rank.

Apply automatic evolution to completely consume stones. The further you evolve, the faster the horse will rise in stardom and rank.

Horse Equipment can be found in Mount Dungeons, at the Fair, and in Equipment Sets. There are 4 slots for equipment in total. You can change skins for horses - you can get their fragments in activities. Each skin gives an increase to BM. Horse skills are activated and improved when using skill books (get it in the Arena store for medals of fame).

Upgrading combat wings, spirit weapons and shield

The corresponding stones are used to evolve the battle wings, spirit weapons and shield. As the scale of evolution is filled, the element rises in stardom, and upon reaching 10 stars - in rank. Stones can be obtained as rewards for completing War Wing Challenges, Spirit Weapons, and in the Shield Resource Dungeons.

You can change the skin of the combat wings and thereby increase the BM. You can install equipment on the shield that increases its characteristics. Also, spirit weapons and shield have skills. They are unlocked and upgraded using skill books that are sold in the Arena store for medals of fame.

Use the Boost button on the main screen as a guide. It shows what elements you can pump at the moment. Go from "Promotion" to the desired sections.

Leveling crossbow, armor and container

For the evolution of the crossbow, armor and container, stones are used, which can be obtained by passing the dungeons of the resources of the crossbow, armor and container. The filled evolution bar increases the stardom of the crossbow. When he reaches 5 stars, he increases in rank and changes appearance. Armor and a container of stardom do not have - when the scale is filled, they immediately increase in rank.

On the crossbow and armor, you can put special equipment obtained in the resource dungeon, which will additionally raise their characteristics. Also, the crossbow, armor and container have passive skills that increase the basic parameters of the character. Skill books can be purchased at the store.

Tactics upgrade

Tactics is a graphic image under the hero’s feet. Each tactic gives an increase to the basic parameters. There are 5 types of tactics in total.

In our opinion, the most useful tactic is the formation of the Big Dipper. It significantly restores health per second. and has increased evasion.

The evolution of tactics increases the hero’s BM and the level of tactics. Evolution requires Tactical Stones (available from Tactics Trials). To use a specific tactic, select it from the list and click "Activate".

Rock the tactics evenly to ensure their best interaction.

Armored God: Equipment leveling features

Any equipment has a rank according to which sets of equipment of the same rank are assembled. Along with this, the pumping of equipment is the same - improvements of a specific item of a lower rank (including stardom) are transferred to an identical equipped item of a higher rank, and you continue to pump it from the place where you left off.

Kits. A set of equipment consists of 10 items of the same rank. Collecting a complete set gives a significant increase to BM. You start to receive bonus increases to the basic parameters when you activate every 2 items from the set, until it is completely collected.

Strengthening equipment. Increases the level of equipped equipment and BM. To enhance, you need gold and enhancement stones, which can be obtained for completing the squad’s cache and in the "7-day goal" event. With a fast boost, all equipment levels up evenly, and with a single boost, you yourself control this process.

Don’t forget about the "7-day goal" task - pumping 1 equipment to the required level! Choose the thing that you will download to fulfill this condition. Pump the rest of the items in the kit evenly using the "Gain" button. Remember that with an increase in the level, the return on investment in pumping resources decreases.

Increasing stardom. To increase the stardom of your equipment, you will need star stones. You can get them for completing experience tasks and when passing world bosses.

Use the "Increase stardom" button for each item. Rapid Rise can be laggy, so there is a high risk of losing star stones.

Gem insertion. Gems additionally enhance equipment. Please note: more insertion slots are available only for VIP levels. Regular slots (3 pcs.) Open when the hero reaches the required level. From the insert window, you can go to the synthesis of gems in order to get stones of a higher level.

Fast paste is recommended. It will automatically sort the best gems into the open slots of all equipment.

Equipment crafting. The crafting function increases the combat parameters of the equipment. Creation is available only to VIP-level players and is of three types: diamond, royal and honorable. For each type of creation, the corresponding creation stones are used (can be obtained in the "VIP Equipment" event).

Improving the equipment of the genies. Genies’ equipment is assembled into sets. To turn common equipment into a set, special gems are used - seals. To enhance the set itself, use the enhancement stones for the desired type of set. Seals and Enhancement Stones can be obtained in the Genie Set event.

Armored God: Genie Leveling Guide

The genie is the hero’s companion, who is always nearby and gives an increase to the BM. They are divided into classes, from basic - A, to the strongest - SSR. Djinn Summon Cards can be obtained in a number of activities, but primarily in the Otherworld. The genie shares with the hero extra. ability. Genie equipment unlocks at hero level 500.

Choose a genie according to the characteristics of his ability and class. The higher the class, the greater the effect the ability will have.

Leveling progress. There are 4 slots for leveling progress in total. Three of them can be opened for Persian. diamonds, and the last one - for a donated diamond. Each open slot additionally gives an increase to BM.

Genie experience. Use the elixirs of the genies to increase their experience. With the filling of the experience scale, the level of genies increases. You can get elixirs in the Otherworld, for killing a genie boss and as a reward for daily replenishment.

Keep in mind that pumping unused genies also gives a good increase to the overall BM. Pump all open genies evenly.

Stardom and rebirth. To increase stardom, you need Genie Star Stones. Each promotion adds 1 star, and with 10 stars, the genie can be reborn. With the receipt of stars, the combat indicators of the genie, its BM and general BM grow. Different classes of genies need their own star stones.

By fusing, you can always get high tier star stones from lower tier stones.

Increasing the quality of the genie. To improve the quality, it is necessary to collect the necessary fragments of the increase in the Otherworld. After collecting and activating the function, the basic parameters of the genie increase.

If you have clearing coupons, you can get the missing fragments by quickly clearing the necessary locations of the Otherworld.

Put activation Ties - activation of genies’ ligaments to enhance their parameters. All bonds have skills that can be improved after the genie reaches the rank of 5 or higher.

Synthesis of genie cards. 5 cards of one genie can be synthesized into 1 card of the class above. This way, you can unlock S-class genies and above by getting their cards from synthesis.

Do not forget to pump the open genie to the leveling threshold where your group of genies is located.

Armored God: Character Transformation

Transformation is a function that allows the hero to transform into one of the deities, thereby greatly increasing the damage done. To activate, you must click the corresponding icon next to the hero’s skill icons.

Transformation functions need time to recharge after use! It is recommended to use Polymorph on the most powerful bosses.

There are several types of Transformation. To activate them, collect activation cards (you can get them in temporary events).

Pumping. The Evolution of the Transformation takes place through the stones of Transformation. Get them from Events and the Battle Merit Shop. By filling the scale of evolution, the Transformation rises in stardom and rank.

Improvement. To improve the Transformation, he must achieve the rank of T3 and the book of improvement. There are books for each type of Transformation. The upgrade improves the combat characteristics of the Transformation.

Armored God: Divination

The fortune-telling function helps to further pump the basic parameters of the hero and increase his BM. Fortune-telling is successful when the constellation point is lit. For fortune-telling, gold is paid.

Use your gold reserves wisely. Do not get too carried away with fortune-telling, as it requires a lot of gold.

Constellations. Divination is represented by constellations. To open the next constellation, you need to light up all the points of the previous constellation (conduct a series of successful fortune-telling). Any act of fortune-telling accidentally increases the indicator of one of the basic parameters, while not all fortune-telling are successful - they only have a chance of success. The more constellations you open, the more you pump parameters during fortune-telling.

Armored God: Your backpack. Synthesis and analysis of equipment

The backpack contains everything you need to play. There is no warehouse or partitions - instead, things can be organized. The backpack is very roomy, add. cells open over time, opening can be accelerated for pers. diamonds. When you click on a thing, you can put it on immediately.

Don’t forget to look through the chests and open them. Without activation, the item in the chest will not be applied.

Fair. From the backpack interface, you can navigate to the fair where players buy and sell their items. Here you can look for something interesting or sell unnecessary.

Note that you can only buy diamonds at the fair! When people buy from you, you get pers. limited-action diamonds.

Synthesis of things. In the synthesis menu, several low quality items are created into a high quality item. Synthesize gems, spirit weapons, fragments, star stones, but above all equipment. The synthesis of red equipment is possible only with the help of red crystals.

It is better to start synthesizing red equipment from high ranks, from about 10. Before that, save up red crystals. It is better not to synthesize gold and orange equipment, but to get it from bosses.

Analysis of equipment. Unnecessary equipment from the backpack can be disassembled and get amplification stones. The number of stones depends on the grade of the equipment, and not on its color.

Dismantling red equipment will return all spent materials and gold equipment.

Armored God: A lot of rewards without hacking

Use the Efun service to get extra. rewards for leveling up and completing the questionnaire. The blue round Efun button appears on the left of the game screen. In addition to prizes, you can send a support request here.

To have the Efun button you need to enter the game more than 5 times and be online for 20 minutes!

Gifts for leveling up. Upon reaching the level of the hero, you can receive a gift from E-fun: pers. diamonds, a bag of gems and djinn star stones. To do this, go to the E-fun menu, click on "Community" and then on "More gifts". In the columns that appear, select your server and role.

Also in this section you can get daily platform gifts.

Gifts in the personal center. Here you can get gifts for filling out the player’s profile. Go to the personal center and click "Security". You will open the profile form. Fill it out and get prizes: 100 pers. diamonds and 20 bags of evolution stones.

Only 1 profile can be registered for 1 phone number.

Armored God: Daily Events - The Secret To Fast Leveling

For convenience, all activities of the game are located in daily events (the "Daily" button) and are grouped into 4 sections, depending on what you can get for completing them:

  1. Experience - give an increase to experience (Assignment of experience, Order of search, Dungeon of experience, Labyrinth of experience);
  2. Equipment - you can get equipment (Equipment Boss, World Boss, Borderland Boss);
  3. Materials - you can get materials for pumping (Dungeon, Boss-genie, Squad cache, Daily quiz, Arena, Hike in the Otherworld);
  4. Tactical Trials - activities where you can get the evolution stones of wings, tactics and spirit weapons.
Go through as many daily events from each section as possible, and you will swing on a par with donators! The main thing is not to miss anything.

Refund of awards. You can return 70% of the rewards for activities that you missed within 3 days (see the screenshot above). Gold is paid for the return.

To return 100% of the awards, you will have to pay pers. diamonds and activate the diamond VIP.

Armored God: How to get a lot of experience?

Offline experience. Experience and other rewards can be earned offline by activating offline maps. In 1 card 2 hours offline. They are obtained as trophies in auto mode or as a reward for online. In total, you can activate up to 20 hours in cards.

Offline is not a substitute for online. For more experience, keep the game running on your phone or emulator.

Online experience. Experience is gained in the auto battle, incl. in battles on the main map. The desired location is selected by clicking at the top right - here is a list of all locations in the zone and the levels of enemies on them.

Choose enemies whose level is slightly higher than yours. It is better not to beat weak and too strong enemies - from the first you will not collect the necessary experience, and the second will take too much time.

Experience events

1. Tasks of experience. Daily 20 tasks to gain experience. Reduced to killing parties of monsters. The higher your level, the stronger the enemies and more experience for the victory. Other awards: gold, pers. diamonds and star stone for completing all tasks. You will need the latter to increase the star rating of the equipment.

Execution takes 10-15 minutes a day. Disable sleep mode in your phone and set an autoboy - while you go about your business, the hero will collect good rewards.

2. Tracing order. Killing bosses on the map. Performed 5 times a day. Bosses range from common to legendary. Rewards: experience and gold. You also get points for which you can open chests with bags of gems. Keep in mind that you need to pay gold or pers for access to bosses above normal. diamonds.

Gaining access to powerful bosses is an inefficient waste of resources. Spent gold and diamonds do not pay off with victory and earned points.

3. The labyrinth of experience. Every day you can enter the labyrinth for 30 minutes. (for royal VIP - 45 min.). During this time, the hero fights against monsters and gains a lot of experience and gold. In addition to them, here you can win elven notes and a shining flower, which are exchanged in the Rarities Tower for bonus parameters. The level of the monsters depends on the level of the hero.

Move on to the monsters of the highest level. This way you will get the maximum experience, no matter how many players beat them along with you.

4. Dungeon of experience. 2 attempts to log in per day. Monsters for battle are selected according to your current level. Only 3 waves of enemies, the last one is the boss. There is no time limit. Experience gained in battle depends on the strength of the enemies.

Don’t forget to enter the Dungeon! This is one of the best tributaries of experience in the game.

Armored God: Boss Walkthrough

Boss battles are unlocked in the Treasure Hunt menu. After reaching a certain level, you can challenge the different bosses of the four dungeons.

Equipment bosses

For defeating them, you get equipment. Divided into single (regular, elite, nightmarish, hellish) and general (multiplayer). The resurrection time of a defeated boss depends on its level.

The rewards for defeating the common boss are taken by those who fought a full battle with him. Try to beat them alone, or take part from the very beginning of the battle.

There are 3 fight attempts for each boss in total. Updated once a day. 16 attempts on all bosses. 1 attempt is added once an hour.

Spend battle attempts, do not let them burn. Even if you receive unnecessary equipment, it can be sold or disassembled.

Players who receive the highest reward for a common boss are recorded in the theft log. After defeating another player, you will receive the equipment that he received for the common boss. The number of attempts to steal - 5. If you lose, the attempt does not burn.

Before participating in the theft, check in your backpack what kind of equipment you are missing.

Genie bosses

You can get materials for pumping genies and cards of genies. Depending on the level of the hero, the entrance to the dungeon with 5 genie bosses opens. 3 call attempts per day. After login, 1 call attempt is consumed.

If there are not enough attempts, then you can use the entrance ticket of the boss of the genies for an additional call attempt.

The base time for the passage of the dungeon is 10 minutes. If during this time the player does not kill all the bosses, then he immediately leaves the dungeon. During the battle, you can buy for Pers. diamonds additional travel time and amplification effects. For killing a boss, you can immediately get trophies as a reward for killing.

In battles with difficult bosses, use Polymorph, which increases damage by 500%. Please note that this feature takes time to recover.

World bosses

World bosses are hunted by all server players. The reward for the kill is the seal of chaos. It is needed to activate the title associated with the destruction of the world boss. You can also win high-ranked equipment here. World bosses are available daily from 10.00-22.00, updated every 2 hours.

Look for treasures on the world bosses tab - click on the chest on the right. You have 3 attempts per day. You can get rare rewards and gold from the chest.

At the end of the battle, you can collect the boss chests - a gift with books of the horse skill. The reward for participation (gold and pers. Diamonds) is determined by the rating of the damage done and sent to the players by mail. For killing, you can get a chest of rank 7 weapons.

Participate in battles every two hours. Set the alarm so as not to miss the event (no reminders)! If you want to be the leader of the rating, then start the battle with the bosses in the middle of the list - this way you will inflict more damage while others are dealing with the first bosses. Keep in mind - in the morning and in the afternoon there are much less people on the servers than in the evening. Try to go through as many bosses as possible in order to get rewards for participation.

Daily boss

Available daily for all players on the server, updated at 20.30. The reward is distributed depending on the place in the damage rating. For killing, you can get the seal of the hunt - the material needed to activate the title associated with killing the daily boss.

Armored God: Guide to the March in the Otherworld

In the Otherworld, you can collect materials for pumping genies, their summoning cards, clearing coupons and other rewards. Represents several zones, divided into locations. Completing a location will unlock the next one. The transition is possible subject to the requirements for the level of the hero.

For the first passage of the location, you can get a Genie Summon Card.

Endurance. Calling and clearing a location requires stamina. Every 6 min. restores 1 unit. endurance.

When you accumulate 200 units. endurance, it stops replenishing. Don’t save it, spend it on battles. The full supply is restored in 20 hours.

Types of locations:

See the preview of rewards, fight in locations where you can get the materials and summon cards you need. Spend your battle attempts wisely.

Armored God: Materials Extraction Secrets

You will need a lot of materials for pumping. You can get them absolutely free in a number of the following daily activities.

1. Dungeon resources. There are 6 types - depending on the resources received there for pumping: the dungeon of the horse, shield, armor, container, crossbow, gifts (see screenshot). Each dungeon has ranks and is available depending on the level of the hero. One dungeon can be entered once a day. Time to destroy - 2 minutes. After the first pass, a quick cleanup becomes available.

Do not forget to apply the gifts received immediately after the battle and put the won ammunition on the hero and the horse.

2. Boss of the genie. Obtaining materials for pumping genies. Each dungeon has 5 bosses. Requirements for opening: the required level of the player.

3. Daily quiz. Event in the "question-answer" mode. For participation, you can get wing stones for pumping wing parameters. Time: daily, from 12.30-12.40.

4. Fights in the Arena. Battles with other players. The enemy is selected by BM. The pick batch can be changed. Depending on your place in the rating, you get Arena rewards (medals of glory, gold, pers. Diamonds). The best awards go to the first three places, followed by players from 4th to 100th place. For medals of fame, you can buy materials for pumping in the Arena store.

Don’t forget to receive daily rewards for positions in the Arena rankings!

5. Detachment cache. Daily battles with monsters that can be played alone or in a squad. Rewards: enhancement stones, gold, pers. diamonds, elixirs of genies experience. Login attempts are updated every Saturday at 00.00.

6. Hike in the Otherworld. Passage of zones, divided into locations where you can get materials for pumping and cards of genies.

Armored God: Tactics Challenge Guide

Tactical Challenges are a type of daily event in which you can get materials for pumping wings, tactics, and spirit weapons. Test types:

  1. Combat wing tests;
  2. Spirit weapon tests;
  3. Tests of tactics.

All activities are battles on the floors (access depends on the level of the hero). Completion progress is reset once a day.

After the first passage, it is possible to quickly clear the passed floors.

Battle. The battle with the enemies lasts 2 minutes. When you pass a floor, you get rewards. The higher the floor, the more prestigious the prizes. The number of battle attempts per day is not limited.

If the hero has a low BM, then you cannot go through the floor. Try to level up before taking part in challenges.

Awards. You get gold and gems that are used to enhance stardom and evolve wings / spirit weapons / tactics. You can also win fragments to activate structures.

Armored God: Story Campaign

The main idea of the game is to fight the forces of evil. Your hero travels through the kingdoms, gathers allies, solves his own and others’ problems, in order to eventually fight the dark forces and save the world.

Tasks. Plot missions are on the left and are marked as "Main Line". To complete the storyline, the hero must have the required level.

World map. It is represented by zones, each of which is divided into separate locations with enemies. Fighting with them, the hero accumulates experience and raises the level. Please note: access to the location depends on the level of the hero. The game uses autoboy.

The application needs a stable Internet! Disconnecting from the network resets the game and does not reconnect.

Armored God: Frontier Event Guide

Players from different servers are fighting in the Borderlands. To go to the Borderlands, click the "Hall of Fame" on the main screen.

Borderland Escort. Treasure carts guard (see screenshot). 3 attempts a day. There are 4 qualities of carts in total. You can upgrade a random quality for gold, as well as increase it for a pers. diamonds. Escort Rewards: Guild Contribution Badges, Evolution Stone Bags. To get them from the warehouse, press "Back to faction" after the end of the escort, and then on "Exit".

After exploding the wagon, the player can only receive 70% of the income. The player who blew up the wagon only gets 50% of the wagon’s income!

Battle for the Frozen City. The event runs on Thursdays and Sundays, from 21.00 to 21.20. The faction that struck the final blow to the ice contract seizes the contract. The faction that captured the contract begins to receive points, and the dead can be resurrected in the Frozen City.

All players of the winning faction receive a victory reward. Players from other factions on the server can receive event rewards. The leader of the guild that took 1st place in the ranking of the total number of killed enemies becomes Mayor of the Frozen City, and the player who killed the most enemies becomes the Frosty Warrior.

Bosses of the Borderlands. A player from any server can challenge the Borderland boss. Rewards: the seal of the wasteland (needed to activate the title), a chest with armor of any rank, books of skills of spirit weapons, armor and crossbow. The size of the reward depends on the place in the damage rating. Bosses update - every 2 hours daily. The duration of the appearance of the boss is 30 minutes.

Cross-server fight. The event runs from 18.00 to 20.00. Here players from different servers are fighting bosses. Their task is to defeat bosses faster than players from another server. Bosses deal a lot of damage and other players can attack opponents! You can use artifacts to increase defense and attack. Points are awarded for kills. At the end of the battle, a point rating is compiled and rewards are given.

Armored God: Guild Guide

Basic rules for choosing a guild:

  1. Choose a strong guild. In the guild rating, you can compare communities by BM and capacity. Keep in mind that a large capacity indicates a rapid accumulation of guild contribution points, which means that its members are active. It is best to be in the first guild of the rating.
  2. Don’t look for a guild in your language. There is no need to communicate here anyway. The main thing is the benefit to be derived from the community.
  3. Don’t sit in weak communities. It makes no sense to be in a half-dead guild. Look for a community to help swing and swap gear in the warehouse. Don’t be fooled by high positions. Remember: it is better to be an ordinary player in a strong guild than a leader in an inactive one.
Do not forget to pick up the additional daily experience bonus in the guild.

Guild creation. It is most profitable to create guilds on a new server. So there is a great chance to recruit TOP players to your community.

Think of the name of your guild with a number or letter "A". In this case, she will be the first in the server guild search engine.

Guild blessing. With the improvement of the warehouse, the level of the guild’s blessing increases. The blessing adds a boost to your BM. To receive a personal blessing, deposit equipment in the guild warehouse, and then return to the blessing menu on the guild main page. An increase in characteristics due to the blessing of the random. If it suits you, click "Save".

Keep in mind that sometimes the blessing can lower the value of the base parameters. Be careful when approving the blessing.

Guild pumping. Pumping increases the level of the guild, which is reflected in its capacity, the discovery of guild skills, the level of the warehouse, blessings and experience gained. There are two types:

  1. Pumping through deposits (see screenshot). Investing in the guild of contribution icons of different value or gold. Contribution badges are mined in activities. For a contribution, you get contribution points.
  2. Leveling through guild prayers. It is performed once a day and is of three types: for gold, pers. diamonds and diamonds. The more prestigious the currency, the more contribution points your prayer will bring.
Based on the contribution points received, the head of the guild evaluates your total contribution to the guild. If you do not collect contribution points, you may well be expelled.

Red envelopes. Donators can upload red envelopes to the guild for free. Any guild member can receive such an envelope and receive 100 pers. diamonds (VIP players - 200).

Guild skills. They open as the level of the guild rises and give additional increases to the parameters of all guilds.

Guild warehouse. In the warehouse, guild members lay out unnecessary equipment, receiving equipment points for this. A participant who needs such equipment can pick it up from the warehouse by paying their equipment points. Thus, a warehouse is an exchange of equipment with guildmates through points.

Be sure to check the stock assortment. Here you can quickly find the desired gear. Sometimes an announcement about the placement of things appears in the guild chat.

Guild events. In the present, two events are open.

  1. Battle of Purgatory. Guild boss on the floor. Updated once a week. Battle duration: 1 min. 50 sec. For victory, you can get gems for equipment and a gold badge of contribution to the guild.
  2. Battle of the guilds. Battle of the guilds for the right to own territories. The guild that wins first place will receive the title of "Best Guild", and the best members will receive gold contribution badges, gold and persian. diamonds.

Armored God: Crest of Glory

For completing biography tasks, you will gain experience in the coat of arms. Experience increases the level of the emblem. The coat of arms is subdivided into:

Biography tasks. They are located in a separate tab of the coat of arms of glory and represent tasks for completing activities the required number of times. Each task has a progress bar. Jobs are reset every 6 days.

Do not forget to go to the coat of arms menu and collect rewards for leveling up!

Armored God: Game promotions and bonuses

New server events. They go 7 days and present a series of promotions for new players. Some of them offer to buy diamonds and receive rewards for replenishment. The larger it is, the cooler the prizes. Other promotions are related to game progress - prizes are given for increasing BM, level, shield and spirit weapons.

For 1, 2 and 3 places on the server according to these indicators, the title is assigned.

Bonuses. Here you can get good rewards for playing. Among them:

Try to complete as many tasks as possible in 7 days to get more prizes!

Armored God: Donatim correctly

There is a lot of donation in the game, the donation currency is diamonds. Let us analyze where it is better to invest in order to get the maximum benefit.

Diamond investment. In the "Investment Plan" (see screenshot) you invest diamonds, complete activity achievements and get personal diamonds back, and many times more!

Investments are the most profitable way of investing donated diamonds.

First payment. The best discount offer for beginner donators. You can get a lot of useful things for yourself for just $ 1.

Interesting temporary promotions start periodically, where you can buy good sets with discounts. Don’t forget to check the stock icons on the home screen.

Events on the new server. These include the spending rating, in which any donor in the rating receives a high-class award, and the Growth of ties aimed at receiving gifts for replenishing the diamond account. For donators, such events are a double benefit.

Try to spend diamonds at the beginning of the game in order to participate in promotions for beginners and get as much extra as possible for donating. awards.

Armored God: Conclusion

Armored God is well made, looks expensive and worthy. It is definitely worth playing. Excellent portrayal of heroes, monsters and locations is flavored with an interesting but understandable plot. There are bugs, but they are few. I was pleased with the quality of the layout and the convenient grouping of activities, which makes life easier for the players. The developers even took care of translating the game screensavers into Russian.


Authors of the article: Nadezhda D. , Yaroslav I.