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ART OF CONQUEST: Sylvani Spring - this game with RPG elements and strategy was released on June 5, 2017 by the Chinese company Lilith Games. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Art of Conquest download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full resolution HD with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Working gift codes
  2. An overview guide for beginners
  3. TOP best dragons
  4. Heroes Guide
  5. How to become governor
  6. Change of Kingdom (server)
  7. The Best Race
  8. Artifact Guide
  9. Guild Guide
  10. Questions and Answers

Art of Conquest: working gift codes

Periodically, developers delight their players with free gifts. To get the bonus, you need to go to the account menu (click on the avatar in the upper left corner, and in the window that opens, select the General tab, then go to Redeem (redeem). Then a dialog box opens in which you must enter the gift code ( Enter gift key) and press the Confirm key (approve). After that, the Gift redeemed gift icons will appear. To complete the operation, press the Okey key.

  1. X8iktkzaxk - the player will receive 30 linarii, 30 diamonds, 30 mithril and 10k soul fragments.
  2. X86wu5vrne - 5000 wood, 50 linaria, 10k soul fragments.
  3. X8jcxxpiw9 - 50 linarii, 50 mithril, 10k soul fragments.
  4. X8zygdxrjr - 50 linarii, 5000 gold, 10k soul fragments.
  5. X8szm5fb7a - 60 linarii, 50 crystals, 50 mithril, 10k soul fragments.
  6. X87wim777i - 60 linarii, 5,000 wood, 5,000 gold, 10k soul fragments.
  7. X8uuipvcq9 - 60 linarii, 50 crystals, 50 diamonds, 10k soul fragments.
  8. Wqv4pv8w47 - 30 linarii, 3000 wood, 3000 gold, 10k soul fragments.
  9. Wqh8gj299g - 30 linarii, 30 mithril, 30 diamonds, 10k soul fragments.
  10. Wgdhby55cx - 50 linaria, 50 mithril, 10k soul fragments.
  11. Wggzajf326 - 30 linarii, 3000 wood, 30 mithril, 10k soul fragments.
  12. Wgfxvp5a6i - 60 linarii, 5000 wood, 5000 gold, 10k fragments of the soul.
  13. Wkdgzatitr - 30 Linari, 30 mithril, 3000 gold, 10k soul fragments.
  14. Wkmbjrhasw - 50 linarii, 5000 wood, 10k soul fragments.
  15. Wkr3wu5pdd - 60 linarii, 50 crystals, 50 diamonds, 10k soul fragments.
  16. Wk3npydxyr - 30 linarii, 3000 wood, 30 mithril, 10k soul fragments.
  17. W8xezhypdr - 30 linarii, 30 mithril, 30 diamonds, 10k soul fragments.
  18. W8dnvtt4j9 - 30 linarii, 30 mithril, 3000 gold, 10k soul fragments.
  19. W8wneh2w7f - 50 linarii, 5000 wood, 10k soul fragments.
  20. W88ct3wfya - 30 linarii, 3000 wood, 30 mithril, 10k soul fragments.
  21. W8p4wgrx88 - 60 linarii, 50 crystals, 50 diamonds, 10k soul fragments.
  22. W8gn7pfrx4 - 60 linarii, 5000 wood, 50 gold, 10k soul fragments.
  23. W8x5c3nnws - 60 linarii, 50 crystals, 50 mithril, 10k soul fragments.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Art of Conquest: an overview guide for beginners

Art of Conquest (art of conquest) - a colorful strategy, intertwined with elements of RPG. The player will open the wonderful world of the warring states on a vast continent. The highlight of the game is that you can see the fight in real time, and not in the record. Before the start of the fight, the player has the opportunity to put heroes and troops on the battlefield, which will affect the outcome of the battle. The game has a lot of resources, interesting tasks, thoughtful chat, where you can communicate and plan tactics.

Start of the game

Upon registration, the player will be asked to choose one of 3 characters:

  1. Rufio is a powerful bare-chested warrior who can stand the whole army alone. He proved himself as an excellent melee fighter. All skills of the character are aimed at the attack. With one blow he sends half of the enemy squad to the hospital. The downside is that he can take only 1 squad into the battle without giving them support and not adding to his health. It works great as a tank, causing the first line of enemy troops. If a player likes fast combat, and doesn’t particularly like to build a battle tactic, this is a good starting character. In the future, will go into the background, since the game is aimed at strategic battles.
  2. Avalon - one of the best heroes - tacticians. The only character in the game who can take into battle 3 detachment of troops. This is a ranged fighter with a great attack. Gives strong support to his army. If a player wants to enjoy strategic battles, this is his character. At high levels does not lose its relevance. With a full leveling skills makes enemies no worse than premium heroes. Minus - a little protection and health, you should monitor his actions in battle, and not let him go to the first line.
  3. Avril is a good base magician, with full pumping, he shows himself perfectly in tactical combat. Don’t underestimate her. In the early stages of the game, enemy units can be mowed down with a magical attack. Good controller.
If the player chooses Avril the sorceress at the start, then in half an hour he will be joined by the big guy Rufio, but the player will not get Avalon. If you choose the noble Avalon, then Rufio will not be in the detachment, but Avril will appear. Choosing Rufio, the player will receive Avalon, but will remain without Avril. It is at the start that you should consider the tactics of the game and the battles. But you don’t have to worry much about choosing a hero - almost all of the free characters will go to a player while traveling around the map.

Choosing a kingdom is the next step for a player to open an account. At first, it will be proposed to choose which kingdom the person will play for (live in it and fight for it). In principle, no one limits the choice of a person; you can choose any place of birth. But the developers, when choosing a kingdom, give recommendations to players from different countries in which state the player will be more comfortable. For example, a Russian-speaking person will be advised to choose Lesalia. There are a lot of players who speak Russian. In other kingdoms, they are much smaller. It is worth noting that the Russians in the game do not really like it, so it’s better to play with your players. But, if there is a desire to play for another state, no one will interfere with the choice.

Appearance on the map. After the player has decided on a character and a kingdom, he enters the game. The character can appear at any point of the selected state. From this moment begins the fascinating life in Art of Conquest. The player will need to get to his first home (the city can be found wandering around the map). On the way, the hero will meet friendly creatures (they will be on the map in green hoops), which will join the character.Also on the way there will be many enemies (with a red halo), you need to fight them. In the early stages of the game, the enemy will be weak, and there will be quite a lot of friendly units. The player will collect his first squad fairly quickly. With each enemy, killing him, you can get useful resources and objects.

World of Art of Conquest

The world map is, in fact, the full world of Art of Conquest. On the map, the player can see the huge mainland Norr, with 6 states located on it:

  1. Ivalis.
  2. Hiral.
  3. Zandon.
  4. Lesalia.
  5. Golum.
  6. Scarn.

Also on the map are many resources, monsters, opponents, allies, specialized buildings, dungeons and other interesting places. At the start of the game, a person can not move around the map. A new area opens for a certain amount of gold, or after completing the quest.

Kingdoms are separate territories where the capital is located and many cities and towns where the characters of the players live. In each country there is a main area that cannot be captured. Most of the players (especially beginners) live here. There are also accompanying areas for which you can fight. In case of victory, the attacker will move away from the area with the main city. Each kingdom is different in its weather conditions. For example, Lesalia is filled with magnificent forests, Golum is buried in the snow, and Zandon abounds in swamps and deserts.

Neutral territory is land that does not belong to anyone. Any district, from this locality, can depart to that state, which will capture it first. The speed of movement of heroes depends on the country in which it is located.In his native state, the character moves faster than in neutral lands and in foreign kingdoms. On the map, the neutral areas are located in the center, and are equally accessible to each kingdom.

Cities are places where players and guilds are concentrated. If the city is neutral, then opponents live in it, and they constantly fight for the best place. To occupy a castle, it is necessary to attack him, and to knock out all the inhabitants from there. This is done by general guild approaches. After a successful siege, members of the faction that captured him can be located in the village. Defeated players can move to the capital of their state or find another city.

Enemies (monsters, characters not controlled by other players) can be identified by the red hoop in which the object stands. Most monsters are guarding resources that can not be obtained without a fight. The game has an interesting feature: the player can only see those monsters that are intended only for him. The enemies of other players a person can not see. It will give the impression, if you look from the outside, that the heroes are fighting from scratch. In fact, the player fights with his opponent.

It is worth remembering that during each battle with monsters the energy of heroes who fight is wasted. Therefore, you should attack those characters who guard only the resources necessary for the player.

Bosses are big opponents. Any battle with them begins with a conversation. Fighting with the bosses should be different than with ordinary opponents. Bosses have the ability to call the waves of ordinary small monsters. After destroying the boss, the player gains access to a large number of relics and rare resources.

Friendly squads - can be identified by the green hoop. They will join the player’s hero after clicking on them. It should be remembered that the hero may have a certain number of units. If the squad ran out, then the creatures will not be able to join the player. To increase the number of recruits, it is necessary to build and improve an outpost in the city, or to calculate unnecessary troops.

Places for hire - they can be identified by a purple badge with a helmet. Every 10 hours a player can hire a certain number of warriors for gold. Often, players in the initial stages of the game choose free fighters to strengthen the army.

Resources - the necessary items for the game (gold, wood, elixir, crystals, etc.) are mined in various ways:

  1. On the map simply by clicking on the resource or killing the opponents who guard them.
  2. You can send caravans with resources from certain places, but other people may attack the squadron.
  3. Attacking gangster lairs, or traveling the underground world. In this case, a battle with a strong opponent is inevitable. In this case, the player receives rating points, random items and rare resources.

Equipment - you can get it from bosses, from ordinary mobs (it will not be of high green rank), from events and special tasks. The equipment has a rank that can be raised. The best clothes for characters are divine armor and ruby-colored weapons. Special resources are needed to improve. Each item says what ingredients are needed for the next improvement. It must be remembered that when removing the armor, the hero will not be able to wear clothes for 20 minutes. Therefore, clothes need to be changed if necessary.

The tablets are special black steles to enhance one of the 4 characteristics of one of the player’s heroes:

You can increase the parameters of any character, but 1 time. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend the improvement recommended on the hero who needs this improvement. For example, magic is important for Avril, so this skill will be useless for Avalon. But Avalon needed leadership, but the power can be given to Rufio. It should be in the early stages of the game to choose the lead character, in which you want to invest in full. And only after him to choose for pumping other characters.

Device cities

Each player at the beginning of the game gets his estate (city). The gamer will find the dwelling almost immediately. It is easy to get a lock - you just need to approach it. Now the fortress is in the possession of the player. It is worth noting that the city is not a point on the map, you do not need to enter it. At any time, where the character would not be, you can click on the lock icon and go into possession. This Art of Conquest is different from many similar games.

The castle is the main part of the player’s estate. Its level is constantly necessary to increase, to be able to pump over other buildings. With the increase in the level of the main building, the player gets new opportunities. For example, the ability to open new lands, open some buildings, change the race (this requires level 4). The change of race leads to a change in the visual appearance of the fortress, but the buildings and knowledge in the Academy will not change. Also, the rank of troops will remain unchanged (the developers have corrected the injustice of resetting the level of units when changing races).

Barracks are buildings where you can recruit and train troops (in each race they are called differently, but the essence remains). Increasing the level of military construction, the player increases the rank of troops, thereby improving its basic characteristics (attack, defense, health points). To increase the number of soldiers in the detachment, an outpost should be built. Increasing his level increases the number of recruits.

Economic buildings are buildings for resource extraction. They work automatically. The player can only increase their level, thereby accelerating the extraction of materials. It is necessary to competently spend resources, because without them the construction, research and improvement of parameters of the army will stop.

Academy - designed to study many sciences. Science opens up new opportunities for the heroes themselves and for the troops as a whole. No less important is the hospital where wounded soldiers are treated. The Tactics School allows the player to learn how to place units on the battlefield (it is very important at the start of the game, often the placement of the army affects the outcome of the battle). Walls improve the protection of the city, their level must be increased. The more walls are pumped, the less likely that the enemy will capture the estate.

How cities are organized in the game

At the start of the player’s estate is in the capital. The capital has no boundaries, no one can attack it. But the player living in the capital can not go to war on a foreign city. That is, technically, the player’s estate is located in any city. On the map, it looks like a multitude of honeycombs - houses in a hive. The capital has no boundaries, so absolutely any number of heroes can live there.

At the start, the player is given the opportunity to grow up without encountering stronger players. Therefore, until a person has figured out the mechanics of the game, has not reached level 8 - 10, has not equipped his dwelling, he is not recommended to leave the capital. Over time, the player will want to travel around the map and attack foreigners, he needs to move to another city.

An important aspect for relocation: the city can accommodate only a certain number of residents.Therefore, moving should find out if there are any vacancies. Even if there are places in the city, then it is not so easy to get into it. You must be a member of the guild that owns the locality. Without this move the player will not work!

Advantages of moving:

  1. The player can raid other cities and attack opponents.
  2. Outside the capital, economic buildings will provide more resources (about 40%).
  3. Outside the capital, the player can get a rank above 4, therefore, more heroes, tasks and other opportunities will open to him.

Cons moving:

  1. You can be attacked by other players, now the estate is open to everyone. Approaching the city, the enemy can see the houses - the estates of the inhabitants. Clicking on any housing, the opponent can see the amount of resources and the level of the player. Actually, no one will prevent him from robbing a novice.
  2. If the city is attacked by a hostile guild, and the residents will not be able to repel the attack, then you will have to change the settlement again. As soon as the fortress is occupied by enemies, it automatically passes into the possession of the winners. And the game mechanic does not allow living in a strange castle.

Battles in Art of Conquest

So, the player got accustomed to the game went through part of the card and he will inevitably have to fight with a strong opponent. This is where art tactics will be needed. The fights in the game, at first glance, are not much different from the fights in other games: player squads are located on the left, enemy teams are on the right. Who survived - he won. It’s simple! But it is worth noting the tricky mechanics of the battle (it also applies to PvP). The fight will begin only after confirmation of the beginning of the battle. At the time of guidance skills, the time of the battle does not stop.

The alignment of troops. Before the player confirms readiness, he must distribute the army by position. It’s simple: you need to choose the right heroes for the battle and pick up troops for them. The player’s side will be divided into several squares by which the first and second lines of the arrangement can be determined, the range of skills applied to the team. In what order the player puts the units and heroes, and they will go on the enemy. It is important to study all the military units in the game: who beats what, what weak and strong places the units have, what heroes are afraid of and much more. It must be remembered that there are melee characters who must be put on the first line. There are ranged characters that must be placed behind the backs of the closest ones.

Morality A very important concept that works on the battlefield. If the player’s heroes win and lead on points the morale (morale) of the fighters rises. From this army moves faster, revives and smashes the enemy more. But when the heroes lose, then the moral decreases, the army slows down, the blows become sluggish and uncertain.The concept of morality works on two sides. If one opponent morale increases, then the other it decreases and vice versa.

Battle time is limited. If a player fails to defeat the enemy in 120 seconds, the battle will be over, and the victory will be given to the enemy. This should not be forgotten. It is better to put more heroes on the field than to prolong the battle. Naturally, if a player loses, he does not get any things and resources.

Units are fighters who are part of hero squads. You can meet them on the map, recruit in your city, hire mercenaries. The higher the rank of the troops, the less the player will lose and lose characters. The recruits who died in battle are not resurrected, and growing up new ones is a very laborious process. The fighters are divided into 2 groups: the big ones (they can resist magic and break through the city walls), usually these are special units, bosses, heroes; small - ordinary troops without additional skills. Large recruits require a lot of energy to use, so the soldiers at the battles are much more.

The skills of the characters - each character in the game has its own unique skills (skills) that they use in the battle. Skills are divided into active and passive. The first need to activate the player during the battle, the second act constantly. Each skill has a range in which you can increase the attack of the army, apply negative skills to the enemy, heal your squad.

Energy is a mental resource used by heroes during a battle. The hero’s icon shows how much energy he will take during the fight. It is restored on its own in 2 days or when moving to a new level. During this period, the hero will not be able to participate in the battles.

How to increase the effectiveness of the fight

Each character must select the units with which they will be most effective in battle. The speed of the fight and the number of losses depend on it. You can increase the efficiency by studying heroes, units, enemies. Who what can and what role plays in the battle. For example, the Avalon tactician can strengthen any army, but he will inflict more damage in conjunction with archers. Rufio can put good melee fighters (although he alone can resist a whole army). Avril performed well in battles with spearmen and swordsmen. While the infantry takes the brunt of it, the sorceress smashes the enemy with ice magic and heals her team.

Before the battle, it is necessary to consider that it is not necessary to go with a large army against the enemy. He may have 400 fighters after drinking 1000 player units, but in the end he will win. The rank and advanced sciences at the Academy are very important for successful combat. You can have only a couple of types of strong units, and rally demolish the enemy. And you can have a lot of different weak units.

The troops are encouraged to pump in turn. You need to start with the most functional. For example, from the archers of Avalon. First, the general can take into battle 3 squad, can increase their damage. Secondly, one can put Rufio on the first line. While the enemy is trying to deal with the gladiator, the archers and the Avalon will kill the second line of the enemy and go to the first.

On the other hand, if a player attacks large detachments, he must understand that he cannot win a battle with two heroes, therefore it is recommended to put melee fighters on the first line, to distant battle for ranged fighters, and send cavalry from the flanks.

If the enemy troops are evenly distributed among the detachments that are lined up in one line, and there are towers or large characters, then it is better to attack first on one of the flanks. Thus, the player will reduce losses and give ranks to deal with the enemy’s massive units. In each battle, it is important to count your strength and not to climb on a knowingly strong opponent.

Battle with the boss. Here it must be remembered that the monster periodically calls for helpers. The most violent is the first wave. The boss calls him, being at full strength and health, from this and ordinary monsters more tenacious. This will help the mass skills of heroes. The main thing is to choose the right moment. For example, the skill of Avalon "Hail of arrows" is better to use at that moment when enemy soldiers are as close as possible to each other. Or at the beginning of the battle to cover the troops with the ability of Vega "Patronage of the sun god." This is a health restoring skill that lasts 15 seconds. At this time, the troops (with a fully pumped skill) will not receive damage at all.

Tactics of building squads:

  1. All troops in the game are divided into melee units (they have many health points and good defense, but they do little damage) and ranged units (they have few health points, almost no defense, but they do great damage to the enemy). Strong soldiers must be put in the first line, they will take the brunt of the enemy. It is also possible, as a sacrifice, to put on the first line the multitude of weak warriors who contain the first wave of attackers. It is necessary to place ranged fighters on the second line (they will mow the enemy, hiding behind the backs of resilient comrades).
  2. Do not put troops far from each other. So the enemy will not be able to surround and destroy the player’s units in turn. But, you can arrange detachments at a distance to bait the enemy (or divide his troops). This tactic works if there are large units in the army that can be moved one square away from the first line. The enemy will go primarily to the bait, which contains an onslaught. By this time the big fighters will approach and strike.
  3. In any case, the battle can always be replayed. For example, try different tactics on an enemy unit. or when a player lost high rank warriors. It should be remembered that clicking on the "Reapply" button is necessary immediately, as the unsuccessful battle ends. Otherwise, the battle will not be repeated. You also need to remember that in the second battle you need to spend the energy of the heroes. Consequently, one fight will take double the amount of energy.
  4. It is important to remember that such a building in the city as a hospital will greatly help in restoring lost soldiers.Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the number of beds in the hospital. For example, if there are only 20 places in the hospital and all of them are filled with fighters, then 21 will no longer fit and in fact will perish completely. Send fighters to the clinic you need to manually. What warrior first failed, he first appears in the hospital.

Battle "Player vs Player"

In Art of Conquest, all players interact with each other in real time. That is, a player can see the movement of other gamers as they attack cities, kill monsters, or go camping. Anyone will be able to challenge another person to fight, but the game limits the attack of opponents.

Restrictions on attack:

  1. A player cannot attack opponents if his city is located in the state capital.
  2. If the player who was challenged is much stronger than the attacker (the mechanics of the game thus protects the weak players from the rash step). As soon as the person challenges the strong player, a restriction will appear on the screen where the attacker’s minimum power will be recommended. And as long as a person does not accumulate sufficient force, he will not be able to attack this strong opponent.

It is important to remember that strong players can calmly attack a newbie by challenging him (they can also rob their cities, which is more profitable than robbing cities of strong gamers).

As soon as the beginner has an invitation to battle, in the dialog box there will be 2 active buttons "Retreat" and "Fight". At the start of the game, it is recommended to simply run away, because in any case, a weak player will lose the battle and lose not only the troops, but will also be waiting for the heroes to recover. For escape in the game is not fined, and the beginner will save a large number of resources.

The rules of the battle with a live opponent:

  1. The players have a minute to prepare for the battle (put troops, put up heroes). The battle will begin as soon as the control time expires.
  2. Until the final victory of one of the players, the battle is not allowed to leave.
  3. The speed of action is reduced by 2 times, so that players can have time to apply skills.
  4. The defeated player loses all troops (the soldiers go to the infirmary), and the dead heroes (who participated in the battle) die. Their recovery will take a long time.
  5. All characters who did not participate in the battle, is taken away 1 unit of energy.
  6. A defeated player cannot attack cities or players for 60 minutes.

In the principle of battling with living people descend with fights against monsters. The only thing that a player can do is to correctly place the troops and use the skills of the heroes during the battle.

If a player attacks a city, then he fights not with a man, but with soldiers of the guard garrison. Thus, even though the player robs the property of another gamer, he beats against the game characters.

Tips from experienced players:

  1. It is not necessary to leave the capital early. In it, newcomers are protected from the enemy, and can easily develop.Only by getting stronger can you leave the main city of the kingdom.
  2. Before accepting a challenge from another player, you must make sure that they are strong. It is necessary to abandon the battle, if the power of his army is more than 1.5 times.
  3. If a player has entered the fray, then you need to put large characters closer to the first line. Thus, the player provides himself with a reliable cover, and ice sheets will not be able to affect powerful units.
  4. Do not be afraid to put in battle all the available troops. The more units there will be on the battlefield, the greater the chance to win. You can leave 1 hero in reserve, in case of defeat the player will be able to attack the monsters and continue the game until his troops are restored.
  5. First you need to get rid of the heroes of the enemy. You should use active skills at the beginning of the battle to quickly deal with the enemy. It is necessary to choose such heroes, which can be taken out with 1 skill, or which the player’s troops will follow.

Art of Conquest: TOP best dragons

Dragons are powerful members of a player’s army. Being on the battlefield, the dragon brings many benefits.His skills can be compared with the skills of the hero, to which the lizards do not hold out a bit. Pets bring not only combat power, but also help speed up construction or increase resources. Often the player will not be able to use the lizards in battle, as the energy of dragons recovers very slowly.

In total, there are 5 types of dragons in the game:

  1. Ruby.
  2. Topaz.
  3. Nephritis.
  4. Onyx.
  5. Azure.

Each dragon has 3 types of skills (the whole dragon has 7 skills):

  1. Economic assistance - in the skills sheet, these skills are highlighted in yellow. All dragons with a small difference have the following skills: an increase in the basic resources of the castle by a certain percentage, speeding up construction, increasing storage capacity, increasing the speed of resource extraction, accelerating research. These are useful skills that are used constantly. But they do not need much attention when choosing a dragon.
  2. Passive skills - used in battle, they do not need to be activated, they are constantly working. They give player fighters extra energy, protection, attack and health points. On the enemy, dragons impose negative skills (lower defense, attack, speed and morale). In the skill sheet, these skills are highlighted in purple.
  3. Active skills - the player activates these skills manually during a battle. Skills are powerful enough, some have a massive focus. These skills eat up a lot of energy, so players often put up dragons, but use them only as support for the main army.
The player will receive the first dragon egg by upgrading the castle in the city to level 10. The egg will be located in the "dragon’s lair" (the icon is located at the bottom right of the screen). All the eggs found will be sent there. Dragons can be obtained by traveling through the Abyss, and defeating rival dragons.

The development of dragons. For dragons in the Academy there is a separate branch, which will help to pump all the skills of the dinosaurs.But completely all the skills to download fail. Therefore, skills must be pumped based on the race for which the person plays. Creatures vary in ranks. The higher the level of development of the dragon, the greater the benefits of his skills. A full-fledged warrior, the dragon becomes, having reached level 18, having passed all stages of maturation (baby, fledgling, teenager). With each new level, the basic characteristics of the lizards are improved.

Resources to increase skills are collected in the Abyss. These are "Flame of Soul" and "Dragon Glass". They are necessary to improve the characteristics and skills of the lizards.

Which dragon to choose?

Do not dismiss the little whelps, hoping to find the most powerful. Each dragon has its own advantages that can be revealed in the game. The maximum skill level that can be raised from creatures is 72, but this level can only be reached by Legendary Dragons of any kind.

Top players began to raise from scratch the level of their first free dragons. As a result, they turned out powerful machines for the destruction of enemy armies. And running in search of the ephemeral best dragon, you can stay with a bunch of weak, insatiable (in terms of energy) creatures. Of course, many could not get 72 skill levels, but by this time the heroes and the army themselves are already quite powerful among players, so a dragon with 60 skill levels is also a great combat unit.

If you look at the top of the best players in the Art of Conquest, you can see that the sensational Onyx is not so common. Mostly the best gamers come across - Rubin and Topaz.

Dragons should be chosen according to their skills, for example, some of them increase the attack on the undead, therefore, the Lichs should not take it. Others increase the damage to the melee and ranged troops, so it is necessary to take the lizard, starting from the type of troops.


  1. Explosion of fire (active skill) - deals 819 damage to 1 enemy each by fire.
  2. Pyrotechnic explosion (active skill) - inflicts 378 damage to frontal detachments of the army of the enemy with burns of fire.
  3. Meteor shower (active skill) - releases 30 meteorites, each ball inflict 63 damage on the enemy.
  4. Destroying undead (passive skill) - deals 5% more damage to Lichs than other creatures.
  5. Ferocity - increases the damage of friendly ranged fighters by 0.15%.


  1. Eruption (active skill) - causes massive damage to the flame (277 units) and burns it for a few seconds, inflicting 120 damage / s.
  2. Hell (active skill) - deals massive damage to the enemy (34 units), additionally burning 120 units / second of affected enemies with magma.
  3. Twilight Vortex (active skill) - deals massive damage to the enemy, causing 126 damage to the enemy.
  4. Song of War (passive skill) - for melee fighters deals more damage by 5%.
  5. Barbarism (passive skill) - increases melee fighters critical chance by 0.15%.


  1. Death (active skill) - deals massive damage to the enemy by 273 units.
  2. Calm (active skill) - heals allies who are close to him for 302 units, except for lich, swordsmen and towers.
  3. Barbarism (passive skill) - increases melee fighters critical chance by 0.15%.
  4. Destruction of the undead (passive skill) - increases the allies attack on lich by 5%.


  1. Ice blast (active skill) - attacks the enemy and freezes him, dealing 423 damage.
  2. Blizzard Breath (active skill) - deals massive damage to 126 units on the enemy.
  3. The ice star (active skill) - randomly causes among the enemy 3 ice stars, which cause frost damage to nearby enemies for 95 units.
  4. Destruction of magicians (passive skill) - increases the damage to allies, which they inflict on magical creatures by 5%.
  5. Song of War (passive skill) - for melee fighters deals more damage by 5%.


  1. Thunder (active skill) - often causes a flash of thunder damage (166 units) in a group of random opponents, while gradually taking 1.5% of health.
  2. Hyper beam (active skill) - causes 243 damage to the first row of opponents, while taking 5% of health.
  3. Plasma strike (active skill) - releases 3 fireballs on enemies, dealing 243 damage, and takes 5% of maximum health points.
  4. Ferocity (passive skill) - increases attack by friendly warriors with high rank damage by 0.15%.
  5. Increased readiness (passive skill) - increases the attack speed of the allies by 0.2%.
  6. Song of War (passive skill) - for melee fighters deals more damage by 5%.
The effectiveness of each skill increases with the level. At the same time, several points are added to the passive abilities. For example, dragons can restore health, increase defense and attack.Therefore, it is worth looking not only at the first level of skill, but also skills can open in the future.

Dragon, if necessary, can be changed. In this case, all the pumped levels of the former fighter will remain, but all the skills learned will be reset.

Art of Conquest: Heroes Guide

There are many heroes in the game, periodically developers add new characters. There are heroes you can get for free. There are characters that you can buy in the store.

Hero Professions:

  1. A gladiator is a melee fighter, can take only 1 squad into battle, does not add support to his army, has increased defense and endurance. He does not need to pump leadership and magic. These heroes are good for the first line, to protect the weak in health characters, and take on the damage of opponents.
  2. The general is a great tactic, they can take 2 squads into battle. Give additional support to the army. They are put behind the first line, because the heroes have little health and stamina. They need to pump leadership and strength.
  3. Mages - provide support to the troops. Can take on the battle 2 squad. Have little health and stamina. Consume a lot of magic, so it must be pumped in the first place. Then they need power. They can impose debuffs on the enemy, and positive skills on the allied units. Can cause significant damage to the enemy with a magical attack.
  4. Archives are the support of the army. They heal and impose positive skills on the allies, control the enemy troops.They need to pump endurance and magic. Leadership they do not need. They have little health, strength and endurance. They put the troops. Take into battle for 2 squad.

Top Free Heroes

Rufio. This is a basic hero. You can take it at the start of the game. At the first stages it is very good in combat, but later it brings little benefit if the player attacks a large army. This is the hero of the race of people. All skills of the character are aimed at the attack. This is the only hero - a loner. His skills "Powerful physique" and "Stability" allow the hero to recover faster during the bout.

He can be taken by all races who need just a good powerful tank, for tactics he does not have a single skill.

Avalon is a standard base hero. Gives very powerful support to the army. Can take on the battle 3 squad troops.Good for all races, but plays for People. This is a tactician who needs first to pump leadership. The skill "Hail of arrows" inflicts significant massive damage to the enemy. Constantly torn in the thick of battle, so it can not be put on the first line. It can call a squad of archers (this skill must be downloaded first of all as much as possible), giving them an increased attack (this character is good for completing quests where only heroes without squads can be used).

The "Horn of War" skill increases the attack speed of the allies at the beginning of the battle (the moral rule does not apply to these warriors). Avalon is better in archer units, because the skill "Archery Mastery" (you need to swing to the max) increases their attack and health points on the battlefield. Also, "Scalding Army" increases the health points of the whole army of the humanoid type, which are within the limits of the skill (good for Men and Dwarfs, swing to the maximum). The "born leader" not only gives an additional detachment to the battle, but also increases the stamina of the troops. As a result, when placing Avalon on the field, it should be remembered that the hero can lead 4 units. He does not use magic, so it can not pump.

Properly pumped Avalon at high levels can take any army of the enemy. It can be taken for any race, but it is very good when playing for humans.

Varaksiy is a new very powerful archmage. With maximum learning abilities, with special artifacts on magic, spells will pass with almost 100% probability. perfectly breaks through almost any defense. You can download for several positions. Vetka for attack - we swing on 1 "Stygian lantern" and then "Metamorphosis" - using all 3 lanterns, the magician turns into a ghost - demon with a colossal attack.

If we are downloading a support branch: to the maximum we pump through the skill "The Stygian Lantern". A three-level skill, 1 lantern (green) - heals a squad, 2 lanterns (blue) - increases the attack of the allies, 3 lanterns (purple) - reduces the survival of the enemy. Having burned off, the lanterns will slam 3 times, putting a significant part of the enemy’s troops. Then, the remaining 3 skills evenly pump (these abilities treat their own and cripple others) - "Moonlight", "Light from the Abyss" and "Cursed Light." For the Lich race, you must first download the "Refraction". Skill makes it possible to raise the fallen and turn 1 dead into two. Slaughter Mag.

Avril is one of the best controllers in the game, but you should not expect high attacks from it. This is a human hero. Actually, Avril’s skills are aimed at attacking, but they are weak compared to other characters. In the early stages of the game will kill, but then these skills will recede into the background. First of all, she needs to maximize the magic. The equipment is taken on the magic.

The sorceress can use her skills 2 times per battle "Quick spell" (you can pump by 1 unit, then the skill reduces the recharge speed by a few milliseconds). Ice Blast gives Avril an opportunity to freeze a group of opponents (who will fall within the range of the skill) for a few seconds. "Ice vortex" - causes massive damage to the enemy from the ice wall.

Balrog - the quest for it can be taken from the Archaeologist. This is a gladiator. Wear it on the need to attack and defense. Loves to absorb energy. It is necessary to swing his defense, strength and endurance. "Zombies" - calls on zombies who fight in melee. Ancestral Totem transforms and restores the hero’s energy of fallen enemies (useful skill). "Shockwave" - after absorbing energy causes increased mass damage to the enemy. "Curse of the totem" must be downloaded after 1 of two abilities, it increases the effect of these skills. In this case, enemies can be (25% chance) cursed for 3 seconds. All abilities related to the totem give 100% effect if the artifact is complete (100% energy).

"Indomitable Spirit" is a skill for the hero himself that reduces his damage. In this case, one time per battle Barlog can be revived with 20% of health. "Primal Fury" - a very powerful skill on the attack, it must be pumped to the maximum in the first place.

Vega - for what race the hero wouldn’t play, Vega would be a great helper. It is not recommended to play her as Dwarfs, but is good for People and Liches. She needs to pump magic to the maximum. The most useful spell "Patronage of the god of the Sun" (swing first of all to the maximum), gives her the opportunity to heal the Allies for 15 (at the first level) seconds. This skill can be activated at the start of the battle. At the maximum pumped level, this skill does not even allow the enemy to injure the fighters. It is in this skill that the player must invest in full. Saving lives "is a very necessary skill. If a player fights not on his territory (if a player fights in his kingdom, then all the killed troops go to the hospital) only 70% of the troops can survive, and 30% will die. If to pump Vega this skill, then At the maximum level, 78% of the troops will survive. At high levels, the skill will save an enormous amount of resources that players spend on rebuilding fighters. Other skills can be pumped gradually. "Training of priestesses" can be pumped in last.

Fenrir is a new robber hero. He does not lead troops into battle, but calls 2 wolves. He, too, can turn into a wolf for a few seconds. Fenrir will donate 30% of his health to resurrect the dead wolf. Until the hero becomes a wolf, even weak characters can kill him. The ability "Full Moon" gives the opportunity to turn the hero into a terrible wolf. Using this skill Fenrir inflicts enormous damage on enemies.

All other skills are aimed at increasing the attack of wolves, protection and health points. At high levels with full leveling abilities - Fenrir is one of the most powerful heroes.

Virion is a gladiator, similar to Rufio, but gives great support to the peasants and swordsmen. They play well for the People. If he is put in the army swordsmen, then you need to download the skill "Swordsman skill" and leadership. You need to swing him "Crusader’s Shield" - the defense is always useful in war, and "Resurrection of the Crusader" (Virion will raise 15% of the dead Allied swordsmen ").

"Blade of the Lionheart" and "Guardian of the Light", if necessary, you can pump in the last. By itself, Virion is a very powerful warrior. If you choose between Virion and Rufio, it is better to take Virion. He is not inferior to the base hero in power, but gives substantial support to melee troops (a very important aspect at high levels).

Spring - the new hero of the race of the Sylphs, the robber. The hero will help in passing the Dragon’s Lair. Well proved to be against big dragons. It has good base damage. You can give him an artifact of Flawless Creation, which increases the chance of a critical attack and increases damage. The ability "Concentration of the mind" makes it possible to shoot a bow at the speed of a machine gun (if you constantly hit one target). First of all, he needs to upgrade his skills to the "Arrows of the Elements" and "Guardian of the Forest"

The hero is accompanied by a teddy bear that protects the owner in the melee. He also needs to pump the skill "Bow and Bear" which increases the attack of the bear. Bow possession increases Allied attack. Ambiguous hero.Good in long-range attack.

Guzul - magician Lich. This is a profile undead hero, not very suitable for other races. The ability to "raise the undead" is good to use in the ruins, dungeons, for looting. If you play as Lich, the skill "Raise Skeletons" and "Sacrifice" will be useful, from which you can assemble a magnificent golem on the battlefield who does not react to poisons. If you put the troops correctly, the golem will take the main attack. "Aura of fear" reduces the morale of the enemy (from this, the troops are defeated). In principle, the basic skills work to increase the health and attack of the skeletons, they are very weak fighters, so the skills for them can be pumped last.

The most useful skill "Heartless whip" (it is necessary to swing to the maximum) is the active skill of Gazul with decent damage. Gazul is very fond of using magic, so he needs to pump it to the fullest.

Grims is a Dwarf race character. He needs to pump all skills if the player takes the Gnomes. In his free time he needs to learn new sciences, because the hero uses all his skills in battle. He needs leadership and strength."Suppressive Fire" is a good skill at the start of the game, "The ammunition cart needs to be studied to the maximum. This is a good thing for all troops that use ammunition (increases by 2%)." Siege Master "is the ability to be useful to any race." Recharge ammunition "- increases the stock of ammunition by 30% of all Allied warriors." Tank skill "- melee fighters for the dwarfs are very important. Thanks to this skill it is necessary to swing the lead. Other skills can be pumped later.

Talk is the new general of the raccan race. For him, priority is pumping leadership. Provides good support to the troops. Moves on the turtle, which protects the owner. The hero has an interesting "Divination" skill, which contains 8 spells appearing in random order. As soon as the heroes use spells, the Current responds with a spell (acceleration, rain of fire, healing, acceleration of the arrows of its army, slowing down the enemy, earthquake, meteor shower). A skill "Zen State" (swinging in the second turn) enhances spells or greatly enhances spells (yin has the ability to be cast - 64% and yang - 16%). Then it will not be out of place to pump Clairvoyance - it enhances the effects of healing and spells.

The ability to "Master Feng Shui" (useful for PvP), strengthens the army depending on the environment: morality - on the grass, acceleration - on the snow, increased magic - in the desert, in all other areas - resistance to physical damage. "Turtle Mastery" and "Heavyweight" - skills only branch for rakan.

Prison for a hero

Event for heroes. In the city you need to build a special building. Outwardly, it resembles a pit for criminals, inside - a terrible dungeon.

The event takes place according to the rules:

  1. When attacking enemy territory, after 1 battle ends, there is a possibility of imprisoning enemy characters.
  2. Because of the captivity, the character cannot participate in battles.
  3. Prisoner can be saved:

After the start of the event, players are given a scroll to save the character. The contest had its own hidden nuances:

  1. The prison is available only to players, with a castle level of 10 and above.
  2. The captured character is put in prison. The term of imprisonment depends on the level of the character (the higher the level, the longer he will spend in prison). After serving a term, the hero is automatically released.

Rules for the Protection of Prisoners of War:

  1. Players below level 10 cannot be captured.
  2. A player can only be captured by 1 character.
  3. The other player cannot be captured in the event of a friend’s city defense.

Hero Tests

"Heroic Tactics" is a test designed to pump artifacts. The reward for completing quests - stones for enchantment.Technically, the competition is divided into 2 rounds of 2 quests. Tests are given in the "Tasks". Each tour lasts 24 hours, includes 6 fights for the passage. After 24 hours, the progress is reset (despite the fact that the player has passed the battles or not) and the following battles open. In the first round, stones are given for the passage - a meteorite and celestium, in the second round you can get the "original rune" and the "eternal flame".

Test Rules:

  1. The reset of tasks runs daily. The complexity of the quests increases commensurately the power of the player.
  2. You can fight in competitions only with heroes (here Avalon with the call of archers, Fenrir with wolves and Barlog with zombies will come in handy).
  3. On the "testing of heroes" uses a special energy of competition. Each character can spend up to 3 points of this energy.
  4. Fights on competitions do not bring experience to heroes. After the tours there are no dead and wounded. Using skills, heroes do not spend mana and ordinary energy.
The "Test of Heroes" is very similar to the "School of Tactics", only in the first one the player trains the combat skills with some characters, the second - the strategic skills with the entire army.

Examples of tasks and their solution:

  1. The enemy put on the field of gnomes and machine gunners - on the first line should put a powerful tank (which is from the heroes), on the second line you need to put the magician (Cleo, Avril). Wizards demolish the second row of the enemy, while the melee fighter makes the first line of the enemy.
  2. The enemy has placed the undead - you must put forward 1 or 2 powerful tanks, you must put any archmage (Avril, Varaksii, Cleo) behind.
  3. Here, most likely, they will put troops with melee fighters, put magicians on the second line - here we put any strong tank (Virion with swordsmen) on line 1 and Vega (Varax) on the second. You can also put Avalon with archers.
  4. It is required to defeat 2 detachments of melee warriors and 2 detachments of ranged fighters - here it is recommended to put the tank forward (any) and the attacking magician from behind (non-mechanical troops are destroyed by simple heroes).
  5. Now it is more difficult: the Rakan llamas (who use their strengths as much as possible) are in front, a row of sorcerers is behind them - here it is necessary to put Avalon and Virion (if they have the ability to summon archers and swordsmen). If the heroes are not pumped, you should go to the "hero", roll back all the skills and pump back to the call. In case Avalon and Virion have already reached level 35, they will easily deal with the enemy. If not - you need to put another magician. For example, Vegu.
  6. The most interesting battle against the towers: the enemy puts up towers with archers, spiders is placed on the sides - it is required to put Virion in the center so that the towers go to him. Avalon put in a corner (or in the bushes), so that it did not go to the tower.Vega placed behind the troops for support. Such a composition of the tower quickly fall.

It is recommended to enchant only one artifact (there will not be enough stones for the second). It is better to download the Codex Malanok (he is suitable for many). After pumping it to the maximum, you can hold the fight with less use of mana.

Art of Conquest: how to become governor

To become a governor you don’t have to capture the city yourself. You can simply ask the head of the guild (or his trusted) about the service. The only condition for the appointment - the city should not contain residents (neither their own nor others), and a free governor’s chair.

Assignment actions. After the consent of the head of the clan, you need to go to the city, click on the Guild button, go to the Nationals tab, find your nickname. Next to him choose the button Governor. It remains only to click on it and appoint yourself as head of the city. If there were residents in the city, it would be possible to put any of them to this position. After these actions, you can move. A glorious inscription will appear above the character’s head: "The Duke from the Name of the City".

Thus, it is possible to become a governor, if a player has an adequate clan - a leader who wants people from the guild to develop faster. There are many guilds on the servers, where they specifically hold a couple of cities for the development of faction members.

Governor Bonus:

From the governor’s chair can be easily abandoned.

Art of Conquest: how to become a duke

In order to become a duke some formalities must be observed:

  1. The player, to obtain the title of duke, must be the governor of a small city (the governor of large cities is given the title of Prince).
  2. The player is required to have 10,000 points of honor.
  3. The level must be at least 15.

To confirm the title, you must enter the kingdom, select a rank and award the player (yourself) to the title.

Art of Conquest: Change of Kingdom (server)

How to change the kingdom

The operation to change the place of residence has several hidden limitations:

  1. The player must not be in combat mode.
  2. Characters must not drive a cart.
  3. The player’s city must not be besieged.

If all these conditions are met, you can enter the "Kingdom" menu, but the "go to" button must be active to go, if it is off, it shows what conditions the player still needs to fulfill:

  1. While the player is in the guild, the change of the kingdom is not possible (you need to exit the guild).
  2. Moving will be impossible if the chosen kingdom has the most cities. Such a situation is hopeless. You need to choose another kingdom to go.

When the button becomes active, you must select a state and confirm the transition.

Moving rules:

  1. After relocation, the player will not be able to leave the chosen kingdom for a week.
  2. If the player has not been in the kingdom, then all quests are activated for him.
  3. For a migrant, all resources on the map are reset.
  4. If the player first moved to the state, then for him the progress in the "Nether Mirror" is reset.

How to change the server

Steps to change the server:

A restart screensaver will appear on the screen. Now the player is on the selected server.

Art of Conquest: The Best Race

As in any other game, races in Art of Conquest are balanced. Each has its own positive and negative sides. The player at any time can change the race to another. The transition does not take away anything except gold (payment for the transition). To unequivocally answer the question "which race is better" will not work, because the best race is the brains of the player. You can perfectly play for every race, and you can fight equally badly for both people and rakans.


The classic race in Art of Conquest is considered universal.

Pros of People:

  1. For this race, play a lot of strong heroes who have unique abilities.
  2. At the start of the game - this is the most powerful race, but over time, the units of other races will develop faster and become stronger.
  3. The only unit - the doctor is located at the People (priestess).
  4. People increase morale in battle when they fight in the desert or in the snow.
  5. Enlisting the support of heroes, the army of people can win in any battle.
  6. Great for beginners to navigate the mechanism of the game.

Cons People:

  1. The Army of People occupies a lot of cells on the battlefield, it is not convenient in the alignment of forces in PvP, where you need to quickly place troops (one mistake and the battle is lost).
  2. People have the weakest siege weapons.
  3. Units pumped more slowly, do not have the same potential as similar soldiers of other races.


Belongs to humanoids, has high potential. It showed itself well in melee.

Advantages of the dwarfs:

  1. Melee fighters are very powerful and durable. Race beats with the help of mechanical tanks and firearms.
  2. The Dwarf soldiers fight well in the tundra and in the snow.
  3. The robots of the Dwarfs have increased attack and protection (a protective field is formed above the machines), but the technique is expensive.
  4. Gnome infantry has an increased chance of critical damage to the enemy.
  5. The most powerful siege weapons.

Cons Gnomes:

  1. Ammunition - when using a firearm, each rifle has its own specific amount of ammunition, which can end in the middle of a battle. If this happened, then the fight can definitely be considered lost.
  2. Machines - if the device is damaged, the equipment will remain on the battlefield, it will not go to the infirmary, like ordinary soldiers, and will not be quickly restored. Machines will need to be re-created.

The disadvantages of the Gnomes are very obvious in a battle with a man, but with a competent statement, the troops in a battle with monsters will suffer minimal losses.


Undead in all games was famous for a huge number of very weak units, which due to their number can break the magnificent fighters.

Pluses Lich:

  1. Huge troops that are cheap, but are dying from the wind. They do not recover in the hospital, they have poor speed of movement and low attack. But their colossal number closes the flaws of the attacks.
  2. Raising fallen fighters. Invocation engaged mummies. Profile heroes also have calling skills (for example, Gazul). There is an interesting feature of the battle with the People. If Gazul raises zombies earlier than Virion resurrects his troops, then the fighters of the people will go against their former team.

Cons Lich:

  1. At the start of the game, this race is very weak. Only by reaching level 20 can you somehow resist other players. There is a great unit - a spider, which imposes debuffs on the enemy, but it is expensive, so many of them can not be put into battle.
  2. Deprived of morality (they have it the weakest).
  3. Well showed themselves only in the desert.


This race resembles bizarre animals. They are closer to the human race by unit standards (knights are samurai, cavalry is fighting monks). For this race you need to play constantly, to study the tactics of the behavior of warriors in battle.

Pros Rakanov:

  1. The effectiveness of units can be enhanced with an elixir, but this ability is costly for the player (you need to properly use the gain).
  2. Big turtle - enhances the attack of the troops, improves speed, increases health points. They themselves cause great damage to the troops.
  3. The crossbowmen have the highest attack speed in the game. In conjunction with the tortoise, these fighters well pass the Mirror dungeon.

Cons of rakan:

  1. It is very difficult to play for rakans, it is constantly required to correctly deploy troops.
  2. The effectiveness of the troops is expensive for the player (you need a lot of resources for the elixir).
  3. The army takes up a lot of space (as in humans).

How to change the race

In the game, if you wish, you can change the race for which the person plays. For this you need:

  1. At the time of the change of race, construction should not be conducted, and science should be studied at the Academy.
  2. The city should not be besieged.
  3. The estate should not be in the capital.

To change the race, you need to go to the Castle, and click on "Change Race". When changing from a player, a certain amount of honor points will be deducted. You can change the race from the 4th level of the castle, and when you change the rakan to raskan - 30th level.

With a change of race, progress at the Academy does not change. Only the names of units of equivalent troops change (for example, knights for samurai).

Changing the race allows you to use all the resources. For example, a lot of mana has accumulated, if the race of people. So in order to use it you can change the race and improve the skills of units with the help of mana, and use other resources for other needs. Thus, you can save the necessary resources and pump up skills in the Academy.

Art of Conquest: Artifact Guide

Artifacts are special rare items endowed with magical powers. Serve to enhance the characteristics of the hero. To install the hero in the menu allocated a special place.

In total, Art of Conquest has 7 magical relics:

  1. Chalzeon blade - is given for the task to get Barlog. Gives you the opportunity to raise a character once in a battle. Gives + 15% to the speed of strikes, strikes in melee weaken the equipment of the enemy, for each lost percentage of health points increases damage by 1%, + 25% to physical attack. Good for melee characters.
  2. Code Malanok - is taken after passing the "Tests of the hero" in the "Tasks" (requires at least 6 tests). The hero spends less mana in battle, gives immunity to magical debuffs, the cooldown of skills in battle is reduced, + 30% to the character’s magic attack, and + 45% to the attack when using mana. Good for magicians and archmage.
  3. The justice of the great king - you can get from the "Roulette wheel", to improve requires special resources. Gives + 15 seconds for the life of summoned creatures, + 20% to attack and protect summoned creatures, + 40% to the number of summoned units, damage that is inflicted on summoned creatures - 50%, units can be vaccinated 2 times for the fight. The bonus acts only on humanoid creatures, so the relic is well suited to Avalon and Virion.
  4. Sapial - given for the quest Sivvanov. Gives character bonuses: + 50% to an additional strike, + 20% to the attack, increases the morale of ranged fighters, the allied forces within the range of the artifact will receive + 0.5% to the attack when they strike the character. Fits all characters.
  5. Infernal guard - you can get from the "Roulette wheel", to improve requires special resources. Reduces the speed of movement of the opponents closest to the hero and the opponent’s attack, reduces critical damage caused by the hero, from the beginning of the battle restores 30 seconds to 8% of character’s health points, + 20% to the nearest enemy units. Required for melee fighters.
  6. The original stone is a positive relic that heals reduces all types of damage, increases protection. To improve the need for simple resources. Perfect for characters - healer, but as an option, it can be delivered to Virion or Tiadrin.
  7. The bite of a bloody belly - you can get it from the "Roulette wheel", special resources are required to improve. Initially, the stone has the ability to heal and restore the character’s health, improves the effects of treatment, but later (with each level of improvement of the artifact): + 60% to attack, striking the enemy in melee combat, reduces the opponent’s attack by 50%, the victim will lose for 3 seconds 5% health points. Most useful to Fenrir. Other characters are not fully disclosed.

Art of Conquest: Guild Guide

Guild creation: you need to enter the menu through the guild icon. Here you can choose a clan or create your own faction. Click to click. Next, you need to select the language in which the guild members will communicate, to come up with a name. Then you need to confirm your decision to "Create".

After creating the menu, a tab will appear with guild news, clan information. After the last player leaves the faction, the guild is disbanded. You can also set it open it will be a guild (any player can apply) or a closed (by invitation) guild. You can change the clan name, language, information. Here will be visible the cities owned by the faction and the kingdom. A list of faction members will also be posted here.

The advantages of being in a large guild:

  1. You can collect bonuses from cities owned by the guild (updated every 8 hours).
  2. To live in cities that protect powerful allies (beginners can easily develop).
  3. Attack other cities.

Art of Conquest: Questions and Answers

New servers, accounts, settings

How often do new areas open up? The latest information about opening new areas can be found at: https://aoc.lilithgames.com/detail/news/93

Where can I get information about the player ID and current area? Tap an avatar in the upper left corner of the screen to view this information.

Can I log in to the same account from multiple devices? If your game account is associated with another site account, you can log in to the game with its help using another device with the same operating system. On iOS devices, you can log in using Facebook and Game Center. On Android devices, you can login using Facebook and Google Play. Tap your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen -> Account Management -> Link Account -> Switch Accounts.

How to contact customer service? Tap your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen -> Account -> Support -> Contact us.

How to enable and disable push notifications? In the game settings, you can enable and disable 10 types of notifications that relate to the following game events: completion of construction, completion of research, achievement of the maximum amount of resources, attacks on a fortress, completion of detachment training, achievement of a full reserve of energy, chat fraternity and private chat, available tasks , attacks on the protected area and the end of treatment. Tap an avatar in the upper left corner of the screen, and then select the "Updates" section to view this information.

How to block a player in the chat? Touch the avatar of the player you want to block and add it to the blocked list.

How to change avatar? Go to chat, tap profile and your avatar. You can choose an image and an album or take a photo.

Shopping in the app, cartridges, packages and gifts, chests

After making a purchase, I do not receive purchased items . If you encounter a similar situation, provide your ID and area number, as well as a screen shot of the purchase information. We will do our best to solve this problem. IOS device users can take a screen shot in the following two ways:

  1. Sign in to your iTunes account from your computer, open the transaction details section, take a screenshot and send it to us. The screen shot should show the order number.
  2. You can wait for the confirmation email from the App Store.

Users of Android devices can send us purchase information in the following way: take a screenshot and send it to us via game support.

Can I get a gift when making the first purchase, becoming a patron or buying a set? Yes, a gift when making the first purchase can be obtained by buying a set or linari, as well as becoming a patron. When you receive a gift, the "Gift" tab in the store will disappear.

Where can I collect daily patron rewards? By becoming a patron, you can collect daily rewards in the "Patron" tab. If you have not collected your daily reward, you can come for it the next day.

What is included in the gift set that players receive by becoming cartridges? 2000 units gold, 2000 units elixir, 2000 units wood, 20 units. mithril, 20 blood diamonds, 20 diamonds, techno-acceleration (60 minutes), military acceleration (60 minutes), 5 energy potions, 5 recovery potions, 1 blue level item.

If I become a patron in one area, will this title remain in other areas? No, this title will remain only in the area where you became a patron.

Can I become a patron in several areas and get a 80% discount for the first month for each area?Yes.

What can I get by opening the chests? At the moment in the chests you can find troops, equipment, resources, experience cards, as well as techno-acceleration and military acceleration.

There are several types of chests. How much does it cost to open each of them? Is the chest level related to the content level? The game has 4 types of chests. Mithril chests cost 150 linari, gold - 480 linari, adamantine - 1280 linari, orichalkovye - 3280 linari. The higher the level of the chest that you open, the greater the chance to get valuable items, such as gold units or relic equipment (orange).

How many chests do you need to open to access the next level? Opening 20 chests (except for free), you will get access to the next level.

Does the level of units, which can be found in chests, depend on the level of the fortress? Yes, the level of units from chests and sets is equal to the highest level of units trained in your fortress.

What can you buy in the store? In the store you can purchase many different sets.

  1. On sale there are many different items (every 8 hours the range is replenished).
  2. Hero packs can be bought for just $ 9.99 (only when making the first purchase).
  3. Also on sale may be sets that can be bought for gold. Try not to miss them!

Explore the map and participate in the battle

Why do resource sources and tasks in dungeons have different update times? The time of updating the sources of resources and tasks in the dungeons depends on their distance from the capital. The farther they are, the longer the update time.

What do the stars in mines and ruins mean? Stars on the ruins represent the level of difficulty. The more stars, the higher the level. Stars in the mines indicate the amount of resources that can be mined here (the more stars, the more resources). The number of stars in mines and ruins may vary every day.

How to move your territory to another city? There are two ways in which you can transfer your territories:

  1. Create a "Noble Brotherhood" (guild), enter the unoccupied city, then click the "Move" button.
  2. Join the noble brotherhood that owns the city, where you want to move, enter this city, then click the "Move" button.

Is there a recovery time for the opportunity to transfer their territories? Yes. Having moved your territories from the capital to another city, you will have to wait at least 10 minutes before moving again.

If I meet the enemies on the world map and defeat them, will they appear again after some time?Not.

Where are the bosses? Explore the map and unlock new areas to find bosses.

If I beat the bosses, will they appear again after a while? Not.

Are there any additional rewards for victories won while traveling around the ruins? Yes, there is a chance to get valuable items and equipment.

Why are the shops that I find on the map all the time empty? At the moment, stores are common to all players. If other players buy all the items in the store, you will not get anything. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the necessary items as soon as they appear in the store.

Where is the pond of desires and what can be obtained with it? The pond of desires is located right north of Rivendale. With it, you can get many types of equipment and resources.

Why do heroes who have not participated in battles against other players lose their energy? [Rules of battles against players] If a player was defeated in a battle against another player, those heroes who did not participate in the battle will lose 1 energy. Heroes who participated in the battle will not lose additional energy units.

How to capture a neutral city?

  1. Defeat all neutral units that are in this city.
  2. Take the city about 10 minutes. At this time, other players may attack you to try to take over this city. (However, other fraternity members can help protect you.)

Why can not I leave the capital? There are three reasons that can explain why you cannot leave the capital.

  1. Your PROT is below 5%
  2. The territory on which you want to enter, lies in ruins, so it can not be occupied.
  3. The territory in the center of the city belongs to the governor, so you cannot enter it.

Why can not lift the undead who died during the siege of the city? If the undead perished while defending a city of people or gnomes, it cannot be raised. If the undead died, defending the city of Lich, then part of the troops can be raised when the battle is over. (You need to improve the city gate in order to be able to raise more undead.)

Is it possible to activate the shield outside the city or in the capital? The shield can be activated at any time in the following way: click the "Home" button in the lower right corner of the screen, then tap the city gate and activate the shield.

What mechanisms affect the fight? Rules of participation in the fight:

  1. The system determines whether the minimum requirements of the 12 strongest units and the 6 strongest heroes of the challenging player. If the requirements are not met, you can not start the fight.
  2. You can not start a fight if all your heroes are injured or their energy is at zero.
  3. While you are affected by the effect of "defeat", you can not start the fight.
  4. In a foreign kingdom fights with members of this kingdom are worth the honor. (Even if the player you called is running).

The rules of the battle. When the fight starts, the challenging player must lead troops to the battlefield that meet the minimum requirements. If after a certain time the troops are not withdrawn, the player is considered defeated. Fight results:

  1. If you run from a duel: all heroes will lose energy, but will not be injured, and the player will return to his capital.
  2. Defeat: all heroes will lose energy and will be injured (the same amount of energy is lost, regardless of whether the player participated in the battle or not). The defeated player will be sent to the capital.
  3. On the player who lost the match, the negative effect of "defeat" is superimposed. Within 1 hour you will not be able to start fights, attack loads with resources and besiege cities. On you, when you are under the influence of the "Defeat" effect, they can attack. This effect can be instantly removed for linari.

Why can’t I plunder resources during a siege? Resources cannot be looted in the following three situations:

  1. You have not left your capital.
  2. The besieged fortress uses protection.
  3. You use an accelerator plugin (using plugins violates AoC rules and may lead to a ban).

Why can’t I challenge the opponent to a fight?

  1. Your strength is less than 50% of the opponent’s strength.
  2. All your heroes are injured or they have no energy.
  3. You are under the influence of a negative effect of defeat. Within an hour after the defeat, it is impossible to seize loads of resources, attack cities and occupy them. However, other players will be able to attack you.

Brotherhoods (guilds), buildings, troops

If the brotherhood overlord is not online, can another member of the brotherhood become overlord? If the brotherhood overlord does not appear in the game for 3 days in a row, the first minister to open the brotherhood menu will be the new overlord. If the brotherhood overlord did not appear in the game for 3 days in a row, the first minister to open the brotherhood menu will be the new overlord.

How can I ask a brotherhood member to lend me troops? Click the "Brotherhood" button, select a member of the fraternity, find the units you need and click on the "Borrow" button.

Are there troops that can not be cured? Yes, in the "Detachment Details" section it will be indicated whether this squad can be cured.

Why the number of troops of some players exceeds the limit? It happens sometimes. The maximum number of troops is sometimes exceeded, since troops can be found in chests.

Is it possible to recall detachments that are located on the city walls? Not.

Is it possible to put buildings or technologies in line for construction or research? Yes you can:

  1. Construction queue: While one building is under construction, you can add another to the construction queue. When the construction of the first building is completed, the construction of the second one will automatically begin.
  2. Research queue: While one technology is being studied, the second can be added to the queue. When the research of the first technology is completed, the research of the second will automatically begin.
  3. Cartridges can be queued for three studies and more buildings.
  4. If you are in the capital, you can not put the building in the construction queue.
  5. Research and construction queues will be canceled if you do not have enough resources.

How to improve fraternity? When players spend energy, their fraternity gains influence points that can be used to increase their rank. 1 energy spent spends 1 point of influence. You will begin to bring fraternity influence points 24 hours after joining the fraternity.

What are the benefits of raising the rank of fraternity? To what rank can you raise the fraternity? The highest possible fraternity rank is 20. After the rank is raised, the fraternity gets the opportunity to occupy one more city. Accordingly, the maximum number of cities that the brotherhood can occupy is 20 (the size of the city does not matter).

What are special areas? What advantages do they give?

  1. Special areas are hexagonal areas that bring bonuses.
  2. In each area, you can get one of the following bonuses: 100% to gold production, 100% to elixir production, 100% to wood production, 10% to construction speed, 10% to training and treatment speed, +100 to bronze army volume (for example, if you capture a city that brings + 40% to the production of resources, then after capturing a special area in this city you will get + 140% to production).
  3. Bonuses special areas do not change and do not depend on the size of the city.
  4. The governor of the city occupies an area that brings the best bonus to the production of 4 types of resources (gold, elixirs, wood, and another, depending on the city).

How to become a governor of the city? How many governors can there be in the city? The governors are appointed by the overlords of the brotherhood and its ministers. There can be only one governor in a city.

How does the city earn income? What types of income can a city get? City income can be collected every 8 hours. Each city has its own types of income.

How many votes can ministers and overlords of the brotherhood occupying several cities give to the king during the election? Overlords and fraternity ministers can vote only once, even if the brotherhood takes up several cities. But their voice will be cast on behalf of all the cities that are under the control of the fraternity. In other words, if the brotherhood occupies 3 cities, the voice given by the lord will be counted as 3.

What positions do advisers have in the kingdom? Are the bonuses, which the position of the adviser brings, added to the bonuses received from special territories? The king can appoint players to adviser positions. The following positions exist: Crown Prince, Chancellor, Treasurer, General, Ambassador, Master, Bishop, Inquisitor, Judge, First Sword, and Royal Guard. The bonuses that the advisors and the king himself receive are summed up with bonuses for special territories.

How to keep resources in stock? When I use resources, do they take them first from the warehouse? Unprotected resources are spent first. The warehouse does not protect resources obtained in the following ways:

  1. When plundering fortresses.
  2. When robbery carts.
  3. Cancel training troops.

Can you lend the top troops to other players? Are resources required to create a higher army? Are the top troops counted in the maximum numbers of troops in combat? Can the higher troops be injured and not die in battle? Do higher troops disappear when a player is lowered in rank? Is it possible to improve the higher forces?

  1. Higher troops can not lend. They can be used only by the player who created them.
  2. The creation of higher troops does not require resources, but takes a day.
  3. Higher troops are not counted in the maximum number of troops.
  4. Higher troops can not be hurt.
  5. After lowering the rank of higher troops disappear from the army player.
  6. Higher troops automatically improve as buildings improve.

Why are the rakan warriors stronger when they are hired or when they help protect an ally?

Rakanas love to help others. Their warriors have the characteristic "aggressive allies." You can discover it by exploring improvements. When it is open, the maximum health and damage done by a rakan warrior is increased by 30% when they are lent to other players or defend an ally.

What are the mandatory requirements for building an alchemical center? What is the function of the alchemical center?

To build an alchemical center, your fortress (for example, a castle) must be at least level 5. The alchemical center has two functions:

  1. He recycles existing equipment and gives random equipment of the same type. Alchemical stones are also produced.
  2. You can create equipment. To create a certain equipment, you must first open its drawing. The hero’s energy and alchemical stones are spent on creating equipment.

Where to get equipment drawings? Equipment drawings with some probability fall out in a vacuum.Equipment drawings can be bought for the honor in the royal archives. The royal archives are located at the capital of each kingdom.

Can a kingdom choose a king if it does not control at least one city? If the kingdom does not control even 1 city, it is impossible to hold the election of the king. If, when choosing a king, no player meets the requirements, the throne will remain empty.

How to enter into alliances? The king may send an offer to make an alliance. The union is between the two kingdoms, the kings of which agreed to it. After the conclusion of the union:

Heroes, ranks, race, honor

How to get heroes? There are several ways you can get heroes:

  1. Increase rank to unlock Vega, Grimms, Gazul and Virion.
  2. To get a specific hero, buy sets of heroes in the store.
  3. Certain heroes can be hired by exchanging soul particles in the void.
  4. Certain heroes can be purchased by opening the chests of heroes.

How to open the last column of equipment for the hero? At the moment - it is impossible to do.However, a new feature will soon appear that will allow you to open it.

What does my rank matter?

  1. It allows you to open new squads, heroes, races and increases your combat power.
  2. It shows your prestige. The icon next to the player’s name shows his rank. At first it is bronze; when the player’s rank rises, it becomes silver and then gold. Approximately 10 players in each field will be able to reach the highest rank.

What are the ranks and how to improve your rank? At the moment there are 9 ranks listed below: page, squire, knight, baron, viscount, count, marquis, duke, archduke. Ranks up to the knight inclusive can be obtained by accumulating points of honor. Higher ranks can be obtained by moving the territory from the capital or raising the level of the main fortress in your city (castle, pyramid, engine).

Is it possible to reduce the rank and loss of awards received for raising it? Yes, your rank will go down, if in order to raise your rank, you had to move from the capital, and you moved, and when you got a promotion, you came back. You will have heroes that you have discovered, having received a higher rank, but all other awards will disappear. Buildings that are open at a higher level will be temporarily blocked.

If I change races, how will this affect my rank? No You save the heroes and rank that you got while playing as a former race.

How to get points of honor? Honor points can be obtained by participating in fights and sieges, exploring the ruins and sending resources.

How do the characteristics of the characters affect other combat units during fights? Now heroes are more useful during fights, because their characteristics affect other combat units.

  1. Combat units of a party with a large amount of strength will receive 0.5% of physical damage (up to 30%) for each point of strength, which is the difference between the two sides.
  2. Combat units of the party with a large amount of magic will receive 0.5% of magic damage (up to 30%) for each point of magic, which is the difference between the two sides.
  3. Combat units of the party with a large amount of endurance will receive 0.5% of the OZ (up to 30%) for each point of endurance, which is the difference between the two sides.
  4. Combat units of the side possessing higher levels of command will receive 0.5% of attack speed (up to 30%) for each point of command, which is the difference between the two sides. In addition, we added an interface with information about the damage at the end of battles, where you can see how the characteristics of the heroes of both sides correlate.

How often are the leaderboards updated? Leaderboards are updated in real time.

Are buildings and levels of improvement maintained after a race change? Will I lose troops? After the change of race, all buildings remain at the same levels. Improvements will be replaced by equivalent improvements of another race. The level will remain the same.

How many races are there? How to change the race and how much does it cost? There are 5 races in the game: humans, gnomes, lychees, racanas and sylphs. Sylphs are not available to all players. To change the race, enter the fortress (it is a castle for people, the engine for the gnomes, the pyramid for the lich, the palace for the racans), then expand the building menu at the bottom of the screen. From the right side you will see the "Change Race" function. Changing a race is worth the honor.

If I return to the same race after the change, will the level of buildings and technology be restored? Yes, they will remain at the same level as they were when you last played for this race.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.