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Walkthrough Asphalt 9 Legends: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ASPHALT 9 LEGENDS (ASPHALT 9: LEGENDS) is an Android game with a release date of July 25, 2018 from Gameloft. Game Genre: Racing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Receive Code
  2. How to download on PC?
  3. Nitro General Guide
  4. How to make the perfect nitro?
  5. How to make a nitro wave?
  6. Trick Guide
  7. How to roll, kick and roll
  8. Rating and leveling cars
  9. Overview of Auto Control Systems
  10. Garage Level and Reputation. Enhancement Tips
  11. Game modes and types of races
  12. Racing Tips
  13. My Career Overview
  14. Multiplayer Guide
  15. Daily Stock Guide
  16. Club Guide
  17. Overview of tasks for the player
  18. Daily Challenge Overview
  19. In-Game Store
  20. Special Promotions Guide
  21. Technical Issues

Asphalt 9: Receive Code

A receipt code is a special code from a developer company that is issued to racers during the passage of promotions or the commission of special actions in the game (for example, for subscribing to a notification mailing list). Codes are individual, sent to the player’s e-mail.

Players are notified of possible promotions with the receipt of codes in advance on the official pages of the game on social networks. To enter your receipt code, go to the game settings and click the "Receive code" button. Enter the code received by e-mail and click "Receive". Activated receipt codes will give you the opportunity to purchase rare car models and additional tokens.

Asphalt 9: How to download on PC?

You can download the game to your PC from the official website of the developer Gameloft.com or from the Microsoft Windows 10 store.

Minimum system requirements. Your computer must meet these requirements for the stable operation of the game:

How to download the emulator? Asphalt 9: Legends performed well on the Bluestax emulator. To install the emulator:

  1. Follow the link to the Bluestax website at the beginning of this article. Click on the red button "Download Asphalt 9: Legends on PC";
  2. Install the downloaded file to your computer.
  3. In the window that appears, enter your username and password from your Google Play account to save progress.
  4. Open the Google Play Market and download the game. The Google Play Market icon will be on the main screen.

Asphalt 9: Nitro General Guide

The necessary reserves of nitro (as well as its timely inclusion) lead you to victory in the race. Nitrous oxide in the game is "scattered" along the tracks. You need to remember their location and try to pick up as much as possible.A big role in filling the nitro scale is played by the tricks made and your ability to shoot down opponents. You always see the nitro scale at the top of the screen. It is filled, respectively, as the collection of nitro.

How to collect nitro? As in other versions of Asphalt, there are four main options for collecting nitro:

  1. Collecting gas cylinders as you progress through the route. Just do not miss the cylinders and you can accumulate a decent supply of nitro;
  2. Performing tricks . Drifts, U-turns, jumps, barrel element, etc. Do not forget that the longer the duration of the performed trick, the more nitro it will bring.
  3. Ram rivals . A great way to accumulate nitro and remove obstacles on the track.
  4. Destruction of obstacles (garbage). It gives a relatively little nitro, but you can also earn.

Nitro levels. To use nitro, click on the "Nitro" icon in the lower right corner - a round button in the form of a balloon. The game has four modes of nitro, which can be alternated by clicking on the "Nitro" icon.

  1. Level 1. Simple nitro. A single tap is the slowest but most economical mode. Yellow bar on the scale. Nitro is enough for a longer time.
  2. Level 2. Double tap on nitro. Orange stripe. A little faster than perfect nitro. We can say that this is an "intermediate" stage between perfect nitro and simple nitro.
  3. Level 3. Perfect nitro. A successive press increases speed, but also depletes faster than a simple nitro. Blue bar on the scale.
  4. Level 4. Nitro wave. Double click on nitro when the nitro scale is full. Provides maximum auto acceleration. Violet bar on the scale.

Keep in mind that the higher the nitro level, the more difficult it is to drive and enter corners. Even with automatic touchdrive control, you’ll have to try to make the perfect turn on the nitro wave. In the case of an unsuccessful stunt, you risk not only time, but also your car.

Nitro consumption. The consumption of nitro increases in increasing order, depending on the level (see above). Performing tricks and collecting cylinders adds scale indicators, but nitro is consumed quickly enough if you choose a car that does not meet the necessary parameters for the race, or you use nitro-waves rashly. To win the race, monitor your expenses and do not waste nitro in vain.

In order not to waste nitro, you can turn it off by depressing the brake. In flight, this is also possible - by holding the brake button for at least half a second.

Asphalt 9: How to make the perfect nitro?

An ideal nitro is faster than a simple nitro, but not as fast as a nitro wave. It is used mainly on difficult surfaces (grass, sidewalks), as well as on curbs that slow down the speed of the car. The color of the perfect nitro on the scale is blue.

How to make? To be able to use the perfect nitro, you first need to collect the required number of gas cylinders or perform tricks. Further:

  1. Click on the Nitro icon once. The scale starts to decrease on the right.
  2. As soon as the right white end of the scale is in the blue sector, press the nitro button again.
  3. If you did everything correctly, then the nitro scale will change from yellow to blue. The perfect nitro is made.

Asphalt 9: How to make a nitro wave?

Nitro-wave is the maximum nitro level in Asphalt 9. Among all types of nitro, this ends the fastest, but acceleration also adds maximum. The color of the strip is purple.

How to perform a nitro wave? When the nitro scale is full, double-tap the nitro twice to activate the Nitro wave. If everything is done correctly, then the strip will turn purple.

In nitro-wave mode, controlling the car is the most difficult. It is best to use a nitro wave on a straight track, without turns. Otherwise, there is a great chance of not losing control, crashing or even crashing.

Asphalt 9: Trick Guide

Performing tricks of varying difficulty is an ideal option to fill the nitro scale, which means increasing the chances of winning. Try to master all kinds of tricks as quickly as possible to show your skills in racing.

Types of tricks. Your car can perform tricks:

What you need to know about tricks. Keep in mind that performing tricks, such as flying in the air, not only fills the nitro scale, but also lengthens the trajectory of your car. As a result, opponents who do not perform the trick overtake you on the ground. Depending on the quality of the stunt and the model of the car on which it is performed, the nitro scale is added faster or slower. And it depends on this in the future whether you can accelerate as much as possible and regain your advantage in the race, or not.

Pay attention to the nitro characteristics of your car - they are all different, but a lot depends on these parameters.There are definitely cars with high nitro utilization in your garage. On such machines, you obviously can not catch up with rivals at the finish.

Take care of nitro as you move to the finish line, because it is in the last seconds that the winner of the race is determined. If you performed a stunt in the air, activate nitro in flight until your car touches the ground with its wheels. If you do everything right, you can quickly catch up with an opponent.

Asphalt 9: How to roll, kick and roll

U-turns can be performed on the ground and in the air. It may be one of the tasks that you need to do during the race. In one jump, you can perform several barrels or turns, which will quickly fill the nitro scale. The increase in nitro level during a turn depends on the distance and time spent in the air (for turns in the air).

What is a reversal? U-turn - a trick during which the car will unfold in the air or on the ground. This can be done by quickly tapping the brake icon twice in a row.

To be guaranteed to fill the nitro scale, make a turn of your car in the air 360 degrees. To do this, double-tap the brake icon in the corner of the screen before jumping. The trick is difficult, but you can learn it.

What is a barrel? A kick is an aerial maneuver in Asphalt 9 that sends your car into a tailspin. It can be reproduced by flying off a curved springboard at high speed.

How to make a barrel? To execute a Barrel item:

  1. Wait until the desired springboard appears on the track;
  2. Gain speed;
  3. Tap the desired direction (on the springboard) and call in on it.
If you call on a regular springboard from the very edge, then the barrel is worse!

Knockdowns. If you succeed in knocking down, you get the elimination of the opponent on the track, filling in the nitro scale, and following the results of the race - more points. In Career mode, shooting down rivals is a good option to improve your results. But in network races, with real players, you have to try to knock someone out.There are two ways to bring down an opponent:

  1. Turn on nitro mode, catch up with your opponent and ram him;
  2. Being close to the opponent, double-click on Toromoz and perform a 360-degree turn.

Asphalt 9: Rating and leveling cars

Your cars must be pumped and their characteristics improved. The further you advance in the game, the more requirements will be placed on your cars for the successful completion of races. Thus, without the necessary pumping, even having a high-class car, you may not achieve the desired results in the race, fall behind in the rating, etc.

Car classes. The game presents cars, divided into classes from low to high: D, C, B, A, and S. The higher the class of car, the higher its rarity, characteristics and possibilities of using nitro. Class S cars are the rarest. You can only get them by participating in special promotions.

Blueprints. You need to collect blueprints to unlock new cars and level them up. To see how many drawings you need for a particular car, select it and click on the "+" icon in the upper left side of the screen next to the name of the car and its icon. A tab will open where you can see options for obtaining the necessary drawings.

Cards. Drawings you collect using maps. They can both pump existing cars, and unlock new ones. Cards work on the principle of a lottery - you will never know what you get. From time to time, temporary sets of cards with special items appear. There are several types of cards:

General methods for obtaining drawings. There are several ways to get drawings:

  1. Participate in races "My career", complete tasks and stunts.
  2. Take part in daily tasks. On weekdays, you can get drawings of certain classes for completing tasks, and on weekends for all cars.
  3. Racing in your Club. Together with other players of the club, you participate in races and get your reputation points, which add up to the total points. At the end of the race you are waiting for pleasant bonuses.
  4. Online game. In this mode, you have a chance to get up to 3 drawings just for participating!
  5. Open packs in the store. Here you can receive kits every 4 hours.
  6. Receiving individual drawings. Some can be bought for loans, some for valuable tokens, and some for real money.

Stars. Any car has a maximum level of improvement. It is determined by the number of stars. The more stars the car has, the stronger it can be pumped. Stars for each car can be seen in the garage. If the stars are not open, they are indicated by a dull gray color. As you receive new drawings and pumping cars, they become colored - yellow.Open stars increase the following parameters:

Import parts. Imported parts can be used at various stages of improving the car to further improve its performance. Like blueprints, they can be earned for winning career races, purchased in the Legends Store, or found in map sets. In addition, they can be earned in a network game and promotions.

Imported parts can also be improved. The limit of improvement is indicated next to the part. For example, if you see the numbers 2/4, it means that you have made two improvements to the part, and in total 4 improvements are available. Collect loans for further improvements. If you pumped a car to the maximum level, you have the opportunity to apply a rare imported part.

Which cars are equipped with an electric motor? Currently, only DS Automobile E-Tense is fully powered. In addition, the game has several hybrids, such as Trion Nemesis. In the future, it is planned to add more electric vehicles to the game.

Can I sell a car? Not.

Car refueling

A limited amount of gas is available for each vehicle. The number of races in which this car can participate depends on it. You can check the refueling by opening the characteristics of the car. In the lower right corner you will see tank statistics. The numbers through the hyphen indicate the tank filling level and how many races a particular machine can participate in.

If you see that the car is not completely filled up, and you need to leave the game for a while - do not forget to put the cars at the gas station.

To refuel the car, press the "Refuel" button. The appeared timer will start counting the time of refueling. For each car it is different. The higher the class of the car, the longer it takes to refuel.

I need to refuel faster. In this case, you can skip the time of refueling by paying tokens, or reduce the time of refueling by 50% by watching a commercial. Remember that by viewing ads, it is not the initial value of the refueling time that is reduced, but its balance.

For example, if a car refuel for 4 hours and you have watched an advertisement, the time for refueling will be reduced to two hours. In the next viewing of advertising - up to an hour, in the next - up to 30 minutes, etc.Depending on the required gasoline, you can see a certain number of rollers. Tanks with gasoline are also restored when the player moves to the next level of reputation.

It is recommended that you first use high-class cars, so that later, during refueling, switch to low-class cars. Otherwise, you risk being left without refueling cars and will not be able to take part in profitable promotions.

Change the appearance of the car

You can change the color of your car. To do this, open the car in the garage and click the droplet icon opposite the "Improvements" button. Before you open the possible options for coloring the car.

Exclusive paint options. For cars with two stars or more, it is possible to create your own external car design, changing its color, saturation and tonality. At the same time, you can think of different options for coloring not only the body, but also the discs and brake calipers. Metallic or matting options are available.

Carbon parts. For cars with three stars and more affordable installation of carbon parts. To apply this feature to your car, click the drop next to the "Improvements" button.

Asphalt 9: Overview of Auto Control Systems

The game differs from its predecessors in improved graphics and a simplified control system.

Management Options Now the game has two options for driving cars:

Touchdrive function is an innovation in the game. It greatly simplifies driving, provides more options for performing stunts and activating nitro. Thus, most riders choose this particular control option, which greatly facilitates their life in the game and provides high places in the ranking.

Management choice. You choose your preferred control option in the garage before the start of the race. You can leave the classic version or take advantage of the innovations. To select, press the Touchdrive button to turn automatic mode on or off by switching to manual control.

Asphalt 9: Garage Level and Reputation. Enhancement Tips

The level of the garage. The garage level is the comparative value of your garage. The more cars you collect and pump, the more your garage level grows. You can see your current level in the Player Profile. There you will see two numbers written with a hyphen. The first is the number of your reputation points at the moment, the second is the required number of points to go to the next level of the garage.

When you move to the next level, you receive as a gift drawings of new cars. The level of the garage affects your position in the ranking, and is also taken into account when joining the club. Raising the level of the garage allows you to get the best drawings and imported parts on the Black Market and in sets of cards.

How to increase the level of the garage? This can be done in many ways:

  1. Unlock new cars;
  2. Raise the ranks of their cars;
  3. To pump cars;
  4. Put imported parts on your cars.

Reputation Level. The higher your reputation level, the more reputation points you get in racing. This indicator is very important because it helps to unlock new cars and find new drawings. When you move to a new level, you will automatically fill the fuel tanks of all your cars.

How to increase the level of reputation? To do this:

  1. Take part in multiplayer game modes;
  2. Participate in limited time events;
  3. Take part in the Career phases.

Asphalt 9: Game modes and types of races

In Asphalt 9 Legends, you will find already familiar game mechanics and an expanded fleet of vehicles, which now features more than 60 cars of both futuristic and real models. At the first start, you are provided with a class D car. In the future, to get a higher class car, you need to collect the drawings.

Game Modes The game has three game modes:

Types of races. There are three types of rides:

Asphalt 9: Racing Tips

1. Choose a car for stunts with the required nitro characteristics. Before you start the race, check the nitro characteristics of your car. Often, this parameter is crucial to show good results in the race.

The fact is that even if you successfully fill out the nitro scale on the track, this will not guarantee you victory at all. For example, a Dodge Challenger SRT8 with a nitro score of 36.54 will quickly use up all its nitro in the race.Accordingly, even if you perform a brilliant trick, but lag behind your rivals in the race, you are unlikely to catch up with them - nitro is simply not enough for you.

2. Remember the routes. Not all routes in the game are equally good. Somewhere you can collect more cans of gas for nitro, and somewhere less. In the same way, jumps for performing barrels are unevenly located, there are tracks with sharp turns and cliffs, where the use of nitro can only do harm. Thus, try to remember the routes in the game and when you repeat the race to choose the best. This will greatly facilitate your life and affect the results of the race.

3. Use the nitro wave in flight. For example, if when you perform a barrel trick, you see that your nitro scale is as full as possible, turn on the nitro wave directly in the air! This will provide you with maximum acceleration and help you beat your rivals in the literal sense of "on the fly."

4. Apply spreads. Shoot down other cars by pressing the brake button twice while nitro is active. If everything is done correctly, you will get rid of obstacles and clear your way. U-turns also come in handy when entering a direct springboard. Before entering such a springboard, apply a U-turn and "spin" the car - then the nitro scale will fill up faster.

5. Control the nitro wave. The higher the speed, the more difficult the control. To avoid collisions and departure from the track (and, consequently, loss of time), use the nitro wave correctly - that is, on the most direct track, where you can accelerate at full speed without the risk of crashing into a turn or even crashing. If your track is quite winding, we recommend that you perform the "perfect nitro" (blue strip) or simple nitro (yellow strip).

Asphalt 9: My Career Overview

My career mode consists of many chapters. Each chapter is divided into racing seasons. To pass the season you need to collect a certain number of career flags. When you complete a chapter, its passage is checked.

How to earn flags? Flags are a measure of your progress in career mode. In each career race you can earn 3 flags. They are awarded for performing the tasks of the race (the first at the finish line, 2 turns, a 200-meter drift, etc.).

Tasks. You can see specific tasks before the start of the race on the map and in the race itself, if you press the game to pause. You may be tasked with simply winning a race, winning a certain car, making an escape, doing a certain number of tricks, nitro waves, etc.

If you have a shortage of career flags, and the new racing season is just around the corner, try to complete already completed races and see if you completed all the tasks in them.

I won the race, but did not receive the blueprints. Why? Keep in mind that you do not win drawing sets in every race. You can see what specific rewards and in which races you will receive on the map before the start of the game.

Can I immediately start the game on any track and with a car of any class? You can only play with your cars, unless this is a special promotion where for a while you can borrow a car not from the garage.

Instead of the race logo, I see a car drawing. What does it mean? This means that your garage does not yet have a car that meets the conditions of this race.

Recommended Grade. Recommended rank gives an idea of ??the complexity of the race. This is the average value of the ranks of other players. The higher the rank of your car compared to the recommended rank, the easier it will be for you to win. The lower the rank of your car compared to the recommended, the more difficult it will be for you to win.

The only way to increase a car’s rank is to improve it. For each race, its own auto ranks are recommended. You can see the recommended rank on the race map, above the "Next" button. If the car does not meet the requirements, its rank is highlighted in red when choosing a car for the race. The further you advance in the Career mode, the higher will be the recommended auto rank for racing.

What is the required rank? The required rank is the minimum rank that a car requires to participate in a race.

Awards. You get rewards if you complete the tasks. In addition to career flags, you can collect credits, tokens and get new drawings.

Additional features to receive rewards. You can triple the credits obtained by the results of the race by viewing ads. You can take advantage of this opportunity twice a day.

Try to use this opportunity only when you have received good rewards according to the results of the race. This way you can triple valuable sets of prizes.

Analysis of the race. You have the opportunity to view the record of your race and evaluate the tricks done. You can do this by clicking on the icon with the camcorder.

Do I have a rearview mirror? No - you just don’t have time to look at it during the races.

How to change the position of the camera? It can be changed by clicking on the pause during the race, or through Settings in the main menu (icon in the upper right corner of the screen). Go to Settings> Sound & Display. There you can select any of the 4 possible camera positions.

Asphalt 9: Multiplayer Guide

Network game - online races in which up to 8 participants can take part. There are two types: a network game as such and a limited edition game.

Differences from the race in the "Career" mode. Here your rivals are real players, selected for you based on your rating. The system of tricks and the use of nitro modes is the same as in the Career mode. The main difference is the complexity of knockdowns - knocking down real opponents is much more difficult than computer players.

During network play, it is important to establish a good Internet connection on your device! It is recommended to use WIFI or uninterrupted 3G / 4G connection.

Can I play with friends who use other platforms? The game does not currently support platform compatibility. That is, a player who uses one platform (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows) cannot play with players who use another platform.

Online game

Why do cars of a better class participate in network races than mine? In network races, rivals are selected depending on the rating of the players. This means that you will compete with your neighbors on the leaderboard. Thus, players can choose any car from the proposed series.

Use for network races the most powerful and pumped cars from the garage.

How to start a race?

  1. Choose an affordable car;
  2. Click the "Play" button at the bottom of the screen to the right;
  3. Wait until the end of the search for players and locations.
  4. When your opponents in the room are displayed on the screen, wait until the download is complete and start the race.

What is my rating? This is related to your skill level in the Multiplayer game, which is used for fair selection of matches. In each race, depending on the place you take, you either gain or lose the rating. The ranking brings you a place on the Leaderboards and related rewards.

Rating distribution. At the preparatory stage in the room, cars are distributed in ascending order of rating, and start in the reverse order. The car with the lowest rating starts first, the last with the highest.

The results of the race. The finishing position affects the ratings of the participating players: for the first six participants it rises, for the penultimate, it remains unchanged, and for the last it decreases. All this can be clearly seen in the final table according to the results of the race.

Network set. Every day you can compete for 3 network sets. Each set contains a certain number of cups that must be collected in order to qualify for the set. To do this, you just need to participate in network races. Each race will bring you at least one cup just for participating in it, or as many as 3 for the first place.

Take part in network races as much as possible to get drawings. Even if you go by car, without a goal to take a high place, you will still receive a reward for participating!

How are the leagues arranged? The game has 5 different leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Legendary. At the start of a new series, the player starts with the lowest, Bronze League. During the race you will gain or lose a rating in relation to opponents. To be credited to each league, a specific rating is required. The higher the rating, the better the league.

Awards. Depending on the League you are in at the time of the race, you will receive an appropriate set of rewards for winning.

LeagueMach ratingRewards: Set / Details / Credits
Bronze1 010Bronze (3) / 2 / 100,000
Silver1,150Silver (3) / 4 / 150,000
Gold1,500Golden (3) / 6 / 250,000
Platinum3,000Platinum (4) / 8 / 500,000
Legend6 500Legendary (3) / 10 / 750,000
It is important to gain a foothold in the league, not lower than gold, in order to receive good weekly rewards.

What happens to players who are no longer active on the leaderboard? Other players will bypass them due to the fact that the rating of inactive players does not increase. They are automatically lost somewhere in the leaderboards. Therefore, try to participate in network races more often so that everyone sees what you are capable of!

Limited Edition Network Game

Passes on cars only a certain class.

Awards. Ranked depending on the league in which you will be at the time the network game ends.

LeagueMach ratingRewards: Details / Cards / Credits
Beginning-4/4 / 100,000
Newbie1,0506/6 / 250,000
Pros1,1508/8 / 500,000
Elite1,30010/10/750 000
Master1,50012/12 / 1,000,000

Asphalt 9: Daily Stock Guide

Daily promotions are a great opportunity to get loans and good drawings for pumping your cars and acquiring new ones. In addition, for participating in weekly promotions you get points in the piggy bank of the total points of your club and you can pick up club rewards if the club members also show themselves well in the promotions.

Daily promotions can be held once a week, once every three days, or even once a day. There are a lot of shares, and since they are constantly updated, their list needs to be monitored. You can only participate in promotions where cars of your classes are allowed.

What are Solo Promotions? In Solo promotions, you will receive rewards for fulfilling the conditions of the race (the first at the finish line, 2 turns, etc.). Some conditions will have to be fulfilled several times to receive a reward.

What are Rating Shares? In Rating promotions, you will receive rewards upon completion of the promotion depending on your situation. Some of them may also include rewards for fulfilling the conditions of the race, as in Solo promotions.

Promotional tickets. Promotional tickets are required to participate in promotions. Each race will cost a certain number of promotional tickets, which varies depending on the promotion. You can spend from one to three tickets to participate in the action. One ticket spent is refilled once every 10 minutes. Ticket recovery time can be monitored using the Refuel timer.

How long after the end of the promotion can I pick up my reward? The checkbox ’’ Take the reward ’’ after the end of the promotion will hang for another 2 weeks.

Daily car trophy. Racing against the clock in a car of a certain class. Reward for victory: drawings for a car of the next class. Tasks can be performed a certain number of times specified in the requirements. The tasks in the daily autotrophy, their number, tracks, time to complete and drawings that can be won, are updated every 12 hours. A timer on the screen shows the countdown to the next update. Participation in a daily autotrophy costs 1 ticket.

Anniversary of Asphalt 9. The competition for the time in honor of the first anniversary of the release of the game Asphalt 9. It is held once a week. To pass you are given a track along which you can drive as many times as you like, improving your time.

Depending on the travel time, you fall into one of the ratings:

In this promotion, you can win a certain number of tokens and credits (depending on your rating), as well as get a set of drawings of selected cars.

To fix your time for getting into one of the tops, you need to participate in the action at least once.

Amator: San Francisco. A race with a low level of difficulty, with an emphasis on D- and C-class cars. To fulfill the conditions you need to beat a certain time of the race. Prizes: loan amounts depending on the difficulty of the task. Race challenges and rewards are updated every 12 hours. Participation in the race costs two tickets.

Asphalt 9: Club Guide

The club is a local guild. They are created to participate in races. According to the results of club races, participants receive awards - new drawings and maps.

Why should I join a club? Because together with others it is always more fun, plus you can team up with other members of the club and earn unique rewards. In addition, you can chat with them about everything in the chat.

Types of clubs. There are two types of clubs:

What are milestones? Checkpoints are the main feature of clubs that will allow you to receive unique rewards.To reach each milestone, you need to score a certain number of Reputation Points (OR) in order to receive a reward attached to it. Each member of the club contributes to the achievement of milestones by automatically sharing their PR with the club. Upon reaching the milestone, all club members can receive a reward.

How are the Seasons arranged? At the end of each season (every 2 weeks, every month, etc.), the club season is reset. This means that the club’s reputation points are reset and new Stages with new rewards appear. By the end of the season, the club must reach all Stages.

Club choice. When choosing a club should be guided by indicators of its reputation. In clubs with high reputation points, there is a chance to earn more valuable rewards. Join a new club should be at the beginning of the racing season. So you can take part in races and participate in the further distribution of awards.

Can I be a member of several clubs at the same time? No you can not. If you want to join another club, you first need to leave the one in which you are already a member.

Club awards. To receive club awards, active club members need to participate in daily promotions. If all the conditions of the race are met, the club receives club points, and players receive club rewards.

Club chat. In the club’s chat, you can chat with other members of your club, see who joined the club and who left it. The chat icon is located with an edge on the right side of the screen (check mark).

Can I add a friend? No, this function is not yet in the game.

Asphalt 9: Overview of tasks for the player

Performing tasks, you increase reputation points and get new cards to open cars and improve existing ones. A list of all tasks can be found in the Player Profile, a tab with a checkmark on the right side of the screen. There are the following tasks:

Each task has its own indicators that go through a hyphen: the number of accomplishments and the right amount. For example, the numbers 539/1000 next to the task "Ending the race" means that you have completed 539 races from the required 1000.

For completing the quest you get rewards. As you progress in the game, the number of tasks increases, as does the reward for completing them. When the task is fully completed, its cell is closed and checked.

Completing assignments is not the most effective way to earn rewards. Compared to what you can get by participating in promotions, this is a fairly small amount.

Asphalt 9: Daily Challenge Overview

How do I get involved? Daily tasks become available when you earn 15 career flags. These are tasks for every day, they are updated daily at 12.00. Performing daily tasks, you can get drawings of cars of certain classes (on weekdays) and all cars (on weekends).

Types of daily tasks. These include:

What do we have to do? If you want to complete the task, click the "There" button opposite the task. When the task is completed, the "To" button will be replaced by the "Take" button. Click on it and get a reward.

Preset combination. By completing a certain number of daily tasks, you will solve a given combination of rewards and get them.

Asphalt 9: In-Game Store

Asphalt 9 is a free game, however there is a store where you can buy in-game items for tokens and real money.The Shop button is located at the top of the screen, next to the size of your credits. In the store you can buy cars, blueprints, loans and tokens.

Types of currency. The game has two types of game currency: credits and tokens.

The number of credits / tokens won depends on the place you take, and also, in the case of a career, on the number of flags earned. Reaching milestones in promotions and with the club is another great way to earn credits / tokens.

Buying kits. Go to the "Card Sets" section of the store. Here you will see sets available for sale:

When buying a kit, its possible contents are revealed in front of you - certain cards for different cars. You can also see the chance of cards falling: unusual, rare and epic. You can buy both the whole set and one of the cards.

If you buy one card, you may come across any card from the set by accidental loss.

What happens if I win the blueprints for a car whose rating has already been upgraded to the maximum value? Such drawings will automatically turn into special coins that can be spent on buying sets of cards and items in the Legends Store.

Special coins. This function opens when you upgrade the garage to ur. 3. For special coins, you can exchange both drawings and imported parts from the inventory (only drawings if the car is already open). Drawings are exchanged automatically after pumping the car.

Imported parts are exchanged automatically when their number exceeds the maximum in the inventory. There are special slots on the Black Market where you can buy blueprints or imported parts for special coins.

Shop Legend. In the corresponding tab of the Store, you can purchase certain drawings and imported parts. As a rule, unusual cards can be bought for tokens, and rare and epic cards for loans. The assortment of the store is automatically updated once every 12 hours. It is possible to independently update the assortment of the store - for a fee of 20 tokens (maximum 3 times a day).

In case you need a specific card, it is recommended to use the offers of the Legend store. It excludes accidental loss, as in the case of buying one card from a set. This approach saves your currency.

Special offers Special offers are a great way to quickly get a car completely ready for the race. The offers are different from each other, but they always have loans, tokens and imported parts so that you can immediately begin to improve your car. This purchase is made for real money.

Asphalt 9: Special Promotions Guide

Special promotions are held approximately once a month and a half. In our example, we will consider the action "Rebellious wings."

The action is the performance of various tasks in the race, for which you accumulate syndicate points. At the time of the action you get special cars. Each race has a risk level - an indicator that determines the number of attempts to complete a task available to you.

Syndicate coins. Awarded for participating in races. It is possible to purchase drawings and imported parts for cars on them. To go to the store from the promotion menu, click on the basket icon at the top of the screen on the right.

Designations. A blue scale with numbers called a stock is an indicator of your syndicate points. As you accumulate a certain number of syndicate points, you will have access to the next set of rewards. Thus, the more syndicate points you earn, the more valuable rewards you will receive. All available reward sets and the number of syndicate points required to receive them can be viewed immediately by clicking on the "Rewards" button opposite the scale. The maximum reward in the action is the key to the promotional car.

Asphalt 9: Technical Issues

Does the game need an internet connection? Yes, you cannot play without connecting.

How to keep your progress? Progress is saved automatically. When connected, the progress will also be saved in the cloud.

Can I transfer my game progress to another device? You can restore your game progress after reinstalling the game or after replacing the device. To do this, you need to install the application on your device and log in through the same account on the social network that you used earlier to connect the game progress with your device.

This function only works on the same platform (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows).

Will I be able to pick up the reward after reinstalling the game? If you play online and keep progress, you can pick up the reward within 2 weeks.

How to connect to social networks? Click on the player profile icon (head) in the top menu, then go to the Friends tab. There you can connect to the social network.

How to change the game language and country? Select Settings from the main menu of the game (upper right corner, next to the Gameloft icon). Then go to Settings> Language and Country and select the desired language.

How to change the measurement system? Select Settings from the main menu of the game (upper right corner, next to the Gameloft icon). Then go to Settings> Sound and display and change the measurement system.

How to adjust the volume of music, effects and engine? Select Settings from the main menu of the game (upper right corner, next to the Gameloft icon). Then go to Settings> Sound & Display and adjust the volume of music, effects and engine.

My game is slow. The problem with the game freezing can be solved by changing the settings. Go to the Settings menu, select the Sound and Display section and reduce the characteristics of the graphics and camera.

How can I change my name in the game? To change the name, go to the Player profile and click on the pencil icon next to the current name. You can choose a name both in Russian and in a foreign language. The first change of name is free, for the next you will have to pay 30 tokens.

Where can I find my ID? Your ID can be found in the Player Profile, the first indicator on the right.

Can I have more than one account on one device? You can, but it is highly recommended that you have only one account per device. Improper handling of cloud storage can result in loss of game data.

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.