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Walkthrough Badland Brawl: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BADLAND BRAWL - Android game with release date 11/09/2018 from the company Frogmind. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Badland Brawl download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Game Clones
  2. Tactics
  3. Best Decks and Heroes
  4. Egg Guide
  5. A Beginner’s Guide

Badland Brawl: Game Clones

The game is built on fast battles. The main plot is directly related to PvP battles. Rather, the game consists only of PvP battles. Here you do not need to build buildings for a long time, to improve the mass of characteristics of the characters, their talents, abilities and much more. Here, just go in, collect a deck with which you will achieve certain successes, grow eggs from which you collect awards and other characters. During the battle, your deck will bring trophies that will raise you in the ranking. A non-intrusive toy that you can go into will scatter, and close until the next time.

Before we get to the description of the heroes and the best decks, let’s talk a little about the heroes themselves, with whom you will go into battle.

Heroes are divided by quality:

  1. Ordinary.
  2. Developed.
  3. Fabulous.
  4. Epic.

Sooner or later, all the heroes will be collected from the player. In the game, the characters are called clones, and the compositions of them are decks. The quality of the heroes affects only the basic parameters and the maximum level of warriors.

When collecting the deck for battle, you must remember that the deck includes clones of defense, attacks and those characters who can counterattack (that is, perform an action that violates the enemy’s plans, push other clones or neutralize them). If these three points are not met, the player will be defeated. For example, in a person, then the entire detachment is only assembled to attack. The goal of the attacking clones is to inflict heavy damage on the opponent’s Tower. A player attacks you and shoots sling shells one after another. What do you do if you have protagonist heroes? You cross your enemy clones and send your champions. The bomb can be sent back to the tower of the enemy (the same Blacksmith), where it will explode safely.

In the battle, all units repel each other, the strength of the push depends on the mass of the fighter. A heavier object is more difficult to move.

Clones must be selected according to their main parameters:

  1. Health is an indicator of clone strength. The more health, the longer it can withstand enemy attacks, the more likely it is to get to the opponent’s Tower and damage it. Should be considered when counterattack.
  2. Tower Damage - the amount of damage dealt to the opponent’s Tower. Crete (critical damage) is the additional damage that heroes inflict on the opponent’s Tower. It is added to the main damage. The crit indicator is given in the parameters of the clones. For example, the basic damage of 1000 units + crit 423 units. In total, 1432 units will pass through the Tower if successful.
  3. Clone damage - damage to an enemy unit at the time of a targeted strike. For example, if the Blacksmith attacks the enemy soldiers with a hammer. The indicator is important for counterattack characters.
  4. Attack Speed is the damage rate of clones and the Tower. This criterion should be taken into account for attacking cards (bombs, bombodrons and others).
  5. Mass is the force with which a unit will repel enemy objects.
  6. Impact force (explosion) - the parameter affects the damage to the Tower and enemy clones. The greater the impact force, the more damage your fighter will inflict.
  7. Bomb level - this parameter is found in clones that can release additional shells (for example, Bombodron). The level of the bomb affects the amount of damage dealt by the item.
  8. Type - clone positioning (walking, flying, spinning and more). Determines how the hero moves on the battlefield. For example, a shell - a clone flies in a given direction, while it cannot continue flying after damage. He will roll, push off from enemies until he dies or rolls into one of the towers.
  9. Speed - the speed of movement of a warrior across the battlefield. The parameter is important for flying and walking objects.
  10. Sling Range - The distance a clone can be thrown. The range of the shot is regulated by the player. Also, in battle with an arrow, you can adjust its flight path, direct the warrior towards the target.
  11. Mana is the cost of activating a hero in battle. For example, releasing a Simple Bomb costs 2 mana, and launching a Flying Booth costs 5 mana. The more clone there is mana, the less often it is activated in the battle. Usually, insatiable warriors live longer and do more harm to the enemy.
  12. Life time is the period of time how many clones can exist on the battlefield before they die. During this time, he can cross the field several times and cause a lot of harm to the opponent.
  13. The power of a shot is the force with which a hero flies out of a sling. The higher the indicator, the stronger is its interaction with the characters of the enemy in contact. That is, the clone can push oncoming objects further.
  14. Count - the number of objects in the clone. For example, in Strel, this indicator is 15 units. That is, the player simultaneously fires 15 arrows. In Flying Dogs, this characteristic is 5 units. Therefore, 5 creatures will fly out of the sling.

Clones are pumped for gold. You can form several teams of 8 fighters. Teams gather for different battles (1x1, 2x2 mode). In the menu of each clone there is a "Training", where you can see what the unit is capable of, what are its distinctive features, how it behaves in battle, how to shoot it. When pumping clones, the cost of their activation for mana does not increase.

Each clone has its own Achievements. Given for fulfilling certain conditions, for example, to collect 30 trophies.For each Achievement, rewards are given (crystals and player experience).

All game heroes can be viewed in the clone menu "My squad". Here they are shown on the left. The game has 47 clones from which various compositions are assembled. In the heroes section, you can sort by mana, trophies and rarities.

It is necessary to invest in all clones, but as soon as a good fighter appears, all efforts must be directed to pumping it.

Badland Brawl: Tactics

Entering a battle for the first time, a beginner may be confused, because the battle takes place in an unusual mode. Opposite each other are 2 Royal Towers. At the top of each Tower is a king. Towers start firing as enemies approach. The king also shoots his arrows.

The royal bow shoots 2 times if you demolished the floor of the opponent’s Tower or when the enemies are approaching the king dangerously.

The dynamics of the battle itself is very interesting: you need to select 1 clone and shoot them at the enemy using a sling. All clones in the battle have their own characteristics. Moreover, they can be repelled from each other. For example, a bomb flies into your tower, you shoot towards it with another bomb. When meeting, a heavier projectile (or just released) will push away a light one. It should pay attention to the power of the shot. The less time has passed since the shot, the stronger the clone repels the enemy. That is, the strength of your clone on departure is greater. Flying objects can also be repelled further from the tower.

The strength of the Royal Tower depends on the level of the player’s account. The level can be viewed on the main screen in the upper left corner.

Clones in the hand fall in turn, and depend on the amount of mana available. Your clones and mana scale are located in the lower left corner of the screen. To select the desired hero, it is necessary to gradually recline the dropped characters. Canceling a card takes up the amount of mana it costs to activate.

Many clones inflict damage while falling on alien units and attacking them.

The main goal in the battle is to completely destroy the opponent’s Tower and repel enemy attacks. During the battle it is often necessary to pay attention to the strength of the opponent’s structure. At some points, she is most vulnerable. It is at these moments that you need to use the most powerful warriors from the deck.

To achieve critical damage, you need to fire shots one after another.

While the heroes are on the battlefield, their cards in the player’s hand are not active.

There are cards that can be set to defend your Tower. For example, when you run a pack of dog dogs. The Blacksmith may be in this role. A circular saw can drag many enemies along.

The best criterion for choosing clones for team composition is the ability to defend against ground and air targets.

In a battle, there are times when it’s best not to rush into the clone. For example, when the enemy hesitated a little and sorted out the soldiers in his hand. That is, he does not know which fighter to send to the field. Do not tell him that you will send a warrior.

Types of fights - there are two battle modes:

  1. Battle - 1x1 PvP mode, that is, one player fights against another player.
  2. "2x2" - here you can hold tournaments where 2 allies fight against 2 rivals.

The start of the battle. It’s best not to show all the clones. It is recommended to wait a bit until the enemy shows his heroes. Let the most powerful fighter in the team remain a mystery to the enemy. It is advisable to choose a defensive tactic until the opponent holds the necessary card for the combination in his hand.

Combinations are combining actions of a player against an opponent. Alternately, clones are thrown onto the battlefield, which together produce great damage in the camp of the enemy. A very important part of the battle.The game can implement many combinations. You can invent your own or borrow from experienced players. For example, a tornado collects clones of a player and an opponent on its way, twists them into a whirlwind, then sends them to the opponent’s Tower. Immediately after the Tornado, you need to shoot a few bombs. They will fall into a tornado and fly into the enemy. A tornado cannot be knocked down or pushed away by other cards. It is important that it falls to the ground, rather than hanging in the air. Therefore, pulling the arrow, you should lead it to the very bottom of the playing field.

Experienced players always leave a little mana just in case. So at a time unexpected for the enemy, you can inflict a crushing blow.

Battle time - a certain amount of time is allocated for each battle. If the fight is not over, and the time is up, then the victory is awarded to the player who first knocks the gear. Gears are special parts that help grow a gear egg.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to lose! The more fights you spend, the better you will understand the mechanics of the battle, find new combinations, choose the best roster.

Each battle in the game is unique. Since you are fighting with other players, it is necessary to build new tactics and strategies every battle. Some clones can do very much damage to your Tower if they reach it. Therefore, it is important not to admit the enemy’s objects to their construction.

It is recommended to distract the opponent with ground heroes, and send Bomodron to his Tower. Having flown up to the King, the Drone will make a lot of noise in the camp of the enemy. Or vice versa, send the Flying Army, and himself, at this time, to launch several bombs on the ground.

The blacksmith is a character of defense. It is better not to send bombs into the attack, as many beginners do.For example, an adversary has sent Bombopauk to you. let it close, and release the Blacksmith. It will do double damage on a running unit, and it will be easier for you to finish it. And your guy with a hammer will reach the enemy Tower. Also, the great hammer of this young man will send a bomb back to the enemy.

It is recommended to take the guys who beat in the area (Lumberjack, Arrows or Fire Potion) into the deck, as they can easily resist against Dogs and Birds.

All clones repel others. If a Bombodron flies up to you, and you don’t have Arrows, all you need to do is throw a bomb or other air character at it. It repels the target a little and saves you time so that the Tower has time to shoot it several times. So you can eliminate the threat or gain extra time.

When you get to the Arena, where the Earthquake event appears, it’s best to take Bombaskakushka to the deck. She will jump over obstacles. During this event, the map begins to shake periodically, and all the heroes lose their orientation, lose their course, and the Skakushka ignores the earthquake and jumps right into the enemy’s den.

The soaring bomb deals excellent damage. If you push it with the Ball, then it will fly to the neighboring Tower without any problems. In this case, you should pump the Bomb as much as possible so that it does more damage.In general, it is necessary to pump all the fighters participating in the battles.

Badland Brawl: Best Decks and Heroes

Each card in the game is unique and suffers damage. Some clones begin to do less damage over time. There is another nuisance in the game. If a player has assembled an excellent working deck with great combinations, then over time a person notices that he begins to receive few trophies. The mechanics of the game are configured so that players change the composition of teams, rather than focus on one option. Therefore, when trophies of a detachment become more than necessary, all cards should be changed. That is, to assemble a completely new squad. Just change 3 - 2 characters will not work.

Unusual deck for a quick battle


  1. Tornado is one of the best cards in the game, very powerful. With its help, you can create excellent combinations with high damage, which will allow you to spend the battle as quickly as possible. It can be opened at 5 Arena (Gorge in the morning) for 800 ratings. Few people use a tornado, so almost no one knows how to neutralize it and how to play against it. Once on the field, a tornado sweeps everything in its path, spinning its and other people’s objects into the funnel. It is important to shoot the unit correctly. It is necessary that the end of the tail of the vortex is on the ground. If you place it a little higher, the effect will be weak.
  2. Blacksmith and Pukhlaguk - these units, in principle, are not required. If you do not have them, then you can use other defensive cards. These heroes are necessary for the defense of the Tower and are released when there are many enemy characters on the field.
  3. Arrows and Bombimpulse - they can not be changed in any case. These are the necessary counterattack warriors.
  4. A bomb bomb and a Simple bomb - they are important in combination with a Tornado. If there are no these cards, you can take any shells in return. They are not expensive, but they blow up the Towers with a bang.
  5. Bombadron is a fighter for distraction. It moves through the air and causes decent damage to the tower. If he does not get, then the bomb will be able to strike at the enemy’s clones. The drone should be released at the most unexpected moment of the battle. For example, while the enemy is trying to do something with a tornado.

Tactics: at the start with this deck you need to defend until the coveted combination comes into your hand. First release a tornado, then immediately 1 or 2 bombs. A tornado will spin shells, give them acceleration and safely send them to the opponent’s camp. If enemy units fall into the Tornado, they will fly after your bombs. It is worth remembering that some bombs explode regardless of location. As soon as the card’s life span ends, they explode.If the opponent’s king was not left without shelter, then you should repeat the combination a little later (having accumulated enough mana). During a tornado, you can launch a drone.

Deck for changing the basic composition


  1. Bandit is an inexpensive card that you can send to push to Bombadron if he came close to your Tower. On the earth does not cause tangible damage.
  2. A circular saw is a great option to throw it on the field when many other warriors have accumulated on it. The saw moves quickly, it is difficult to counterattack. In addition, she will collect all foreign objects. It behaves well during an earthquake.
  3. The Heat of the Birds is a rare map, but 4 small burning birds can cause very large damage to the opponent’s units and his Tower.
  4. A pack of dogs - these malicious creatures will sweep away everything in their path. If the enemy stops them with arrows, they will still destroy the extra heroes on the field.
  5. Bombodron - a flying catastrophe is activated at the most unexpected moment when there is something to do on earth.
  6. Bombopauk - ground bomber, throws a bomb before death. If after him send Pukhlaguk, then the bomb can be dropped into the den of the enemy.
  7. Puhlozhuk - release him in a difficult situation, and he will send home all the enemy units. He can walk on the map long enough until his life time expires.
  8. Arrows - you’ll wake them off from annoying opponents.

Tactics: This deck has an unusual combination of cards. At first glance, this is just a bunch of unrelated characters. In principle, the way it is. There is no certain combination, therefore the damage is done depending on the situation. The deck is designed for players who are well versed in the mechanics of the game.

Long battle deck

  1. Circular saw - acts as an attacking card, it is worth releasing at the most unexpected moment. If the enemy lets Kuznechishche or Pukhlozhuk meet, the saw will fly back home.
  2. Bombopauk is not the most important card in the deck. It should be released after the Blacksmith, so that he reached the Tower and gasped there with all his might.
  3. Bombodron is aerial aircraft that can distract the enemy from building defense from the ground. Or vice versa, while the opponent is busy defending the land, send a surprise to his head.
  4. Stupa - few people use it, it is slow, but it can be worthless if it is not eliminated on time.
  5. Blacksmith - the main player in defense, can pave the way for other units.
  6. Sawmill - a girl demolishes almost all the clones of the enemy on her way, she is not afraid of Saw and Pukhlozhuk.
  7. Bandit - a nimble hooligan easily runs to the Tower of the enemy. The main thing is to pump it as much as possible.
  8. Arrows - they should be protected at the time of the attack with different mass cards (dogs, birds).

Tactics: at the start of the battle, you can send in the face of the enemy Bombodron. The enemy will begin to fight back, and at this time put a Bandit or Bombopauk towards him. When the Dron is beaten up, it is necessary to release the Blacksmith (this should be done a little earlier) so that the young man can kick the bomb into the opponent’s goal. While the enemy is distracted to the ground, release the Stupa and Circular Saw. Prepare to repel the attack on your fortress. Next, it is worth attacking the enemy from the ground and air (Lumberjack, Drone, Saw, Bandit). At the end of the battle, you can send the Dron, after its death, a bomb will help to drop Peel or the Forge into the enemy camp.

Badland Brawl: Egg Guide

The eggs in the game are original chests with various rewards. Eggs are raised, in other words improved. The higher the level of eggs, the more and cooler awards the player will receive. Eggs are procured in Arenas, bought in a store, and in a guild - a tribe.

Eggs are raised in special nests on the main screen. The eggs on the left side of the screen can be upgraded for free. It is also recommended to increase the level of eggs for crystals. This is a rational investment of a rare resource. Gold and silver eggs are mined in the Arena ("Battle") and in the "2x2" mode.

Egg Improvement:

  1. Golden egg can be improved 4 times.
  2. Ancient eggs can be obtained in battle, but they are very rare, but wonderful prizes fall out of them. You can improve them 2 times.
  3. Silver eggs improve 5 times.
  4. Huge eggs rise 3 times.
Leave 1 slot empty. If there is no free cell, then the egg received during the battle disappears (he simply has nowhere to stand).

The eggs on the right side of the screen are given for certain achievements. Earth eggs are placed here - they are improved for watching video clips. Gear egg - the level is increased with the help of gears, which the player receives in competitions. To open this egg, you must have 10 gears. 10 gears can be obtained free of charge in 24 hours.

If you have several unopened silver eggs, do not open them until you reach the next Arena. Thus, you can instantly open the eggs and get items of a higher level.

Each gaming month is called a season. During this season, you need to increase your place in the ranking of server players. After the end of the season, players who take leading positions in the list will have the opportunity to open Seasonal Eggs. Very good clone fragments and other prizes fall out of them.

Eggs from higher Lands contain more clones and gold.

Badland Brawl: A Beginner’s Guide

What does the guild give?

It is recommended that you find a guild as soon as possible. In the game it is called a tribe. You can:

  1. Chat with other players.
  2. General gameplay.
  3. Help.
  4. Growing a common tribal egg.
  5. Friendly battles.
  6. Clone request.

For joining the tribe, the player will receive an encouraging 50 crystals.

A tribal egg produces 53 clones and some gold. Each egg has a chance of falling cards in quality:

  1. Normal (blue) - 100%.
  2. Developed (orange) - 100%.
  3. Fairytale (purple) - 35.7%.
  4. Epic (green) - 0.294%.

Friendly battle is a competition between guild players. There is a scrum mode "2x2". This battle is good in order to hone your warrior skill, check the composition of a new deck, or simply measure your strength without additional meaning.

Friendly rules guarantee fair competition by leveling the levels of the Tower and units.

Clone requests - you can make requests for specific heroes. They usually ask for the best clones. But in order for the donations to be mutual, the characters should also be donated. At the bottom of the tribal chat there is a button where you can see who - how much benefit the guilds brought.

There are open and closed tribes. You can join an open tribe without any problems, you just need to click on the corresponding button for entry. You must send an application to the closed guild. The head of the tribe will consider it and decide whether to accept the player or not. The reception can be affected by the level of the account and the number of trophies.

It is better to join large tribes with well-pumped active players. So you will advance faster in the plot, since good warriors will sacrifice you, the egg will grow faster. Experienced players will be able to advise a good deck composition or how to get through the difficult level of the Arena.

Game currencies

The game has 2 types of currency:

  1. Crystals - eggs are bought and improved for them. Crystals can be earned during the gameplay, or bought in a store for real money.
  2. Gold - it is necessary for pumping clones. Obtained for victory, from eggs, can be exchanged for crystals. Gold can be obtained free of charge after a certain period of time. Gold can be obtained by watching promotional videos. You can also get clones for watching videos.


The store has special offers. This is a promotion for fans to make real money in the game. You can also purchase fragments of various heroes (Bandit, Booth, Bombolet) for gold. Not many fragments are given, only 5 pieces, but sometimes it is precisely them that are greatly lacking.

Eggs in the store are sold for crystals. All eggs bought in the store open immediately. In them, the chances of falling epic and fairy-tale clones are higher than in ordinary eggs.

Main screen

In the center of the main screen is the main activity of the game - Arenas for battles. These arenas or islands are also a story company. Under it are the buttons "Battle" and "2x2", with their help the player gets into the battle.When you click "Battle", you immediately move to the current island.

In the upper left corner is the player’s level. Level affects the strength of the Royal Tower. Player experience points can be obtained for improving clones and for donating fragments of clones of tribesmen. Also, rivals in the Arena are selected according to the account level.

Next to the account level is a list with the best server players. In another tab, a list of tribes is visible. From this list you can determine a good guild (necessary when you choose a worthy tribe). The Global tab shows TOP players of all servers and the coolest tribes.

The upper right side shows the amount of gold and crystals that you have. Next to the currency are several tabs with the necessary information:

  1. Replays are videos of your past battles. You can see and analyze your behavior during the fight. You can find errors that need to be fixed.
  2. BadTube - here is concentrated video of battles of the best players. You can watch and learn the tactics of the game, find new combinations, compare your game and the game of leaders.
  3. News - all the news about updates and contests that are on the game’s channels on social networks comes here. By the way, for subscribing to channels of the game give 5 crystals. You can create separate accounts in the messengers to subscribe to the community of games.
  4. Inbox - your correspondence comes here.
  5. Story Scrolls - passing a new story story, each time the player will collect scrolls with the history of the island. Manuscripts come in this section. You can read them. The story is interesting, the developers tried separately.
  6. Achievements - as soon as a player performs certain actions that are in Achievements, he receives a reward. There are many tasks in this section. Performing them separately is not necessary. For each achievement, crystals and player experience are given.
  7. Settings - here you can enable / disable music, effects, connect channels, change name, language.


The game periodically starts various promotions and events. All players can participate in them. Each event has its own conditions. For example, in the action "Machine Invasion", for a certain time it is necessary to destroy the enemy Tower only with clones - bots. The event will be completed after 5 wins. If a player loses 3 times - he is eliminated from the promotion. For each victory, the player receives a good bun, and grows an egg in which he will find good rewards.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.