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Walkthrough Battle Arena: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BATTLE ARENA: HEROES ADVENTURE (Action RPG) - Android game with release date 10/22/2017 from the company RED BRIX WALL. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Arena Secrets
  3. Guide to Heroes
  4. Whom and What is the best way to download?
  5. Top-Rated Heroes
  6. Guard Island Walkthrough
  7. Guild Guide
  8. Secrets of the game

Battle Arena: Beginner’s Guide

The game is not complicated. A novice will be able to quickly understand its mechanics. The main thing is to pick up a good five heroes who will bring victories in the Arena. Fights in the game are fast. Actually, like leveling characters. There are no problems with finding items and pumping additional heroes, which can be given as material to leading characters. After several days of gameplay, almost all the secrets of the game will be revealed.

The game is interesting not for pumping heroes and building buildings, but for collecting characters.In the future, they can be changed in a team, experiment, make new fives that will open up new opportunities in the Arena.

The beginning of the game introduces the gamer to some features of the game. Namely, with the story campaign and the improvement of some parameters of the hero. There are several activities in the game:

  1. Story campaign - consists of several chapters, which, in turn, consist of stages. Stories are also divided into 3 difficulty levels. When passing each difficulty level for the first time, a heroic chest with shards of heroes is given. You can mine gold and equipment in the campaign. The higher the level, the meaner the opponents.
  2. Test room - there are 3 territories here that open on certain days of the week. The difference between the Hall and the Campaign is that each district has its own requirements for heroes to pass. For example, only magicians or robots can fight. Each territory has several chapters that open at a specific account level. From the halls you can get equipment. Every day you can make 2 attempts to go through the open region.
  3. The time portal - there are several territories that open on certain days of the week. Here you can earn potions of experience and ingots of various quality. Ingots are simply sold in the market. The potion can be used to level the hero. Stages open at specific account levels. It goes the same way as the Campaign. 5 attempts to complete are given daily. The higher the difficulty level, the better prizes the player receives.

These three activities are very similar to each other on the principle of passing. In each chapter, there are three waves of monsters that attack the team. In the third wave, the most powerful monsters of the current level lurked.

If it is possible to pass the first 2 waves without using an active skill, then it is worth saving it for the 3rd wave.

Main screen

All main activities and the main menu are located on the main screen of the game:

  1. Things are a player’s inventory. This includes equipment, soldiers’ quanta, scrolls to improve items, materials to improve items and relics, as well as experience potions and ingots. Inventory is divided into tabs, so that the player can conveniently navigate in a variety of items.
  2. Heroes is the main menu of all player characters. The resulting heroes are located at the top of the list. If you scroll down the menu below, you can see the warriors, which can be obtained at the next levels of the Arena. Heroes can also be seen by race. Here, all actions related to the improvement of warriors are performed.
  3. Tasks - there are daily tasks that must be completed every day. This is important for account development. For completed missions, the gamer receives rewards. There are also common tasks related to the game process.Performing them, you can get the quanta of the characters. A very useful menu, you should visit here more often.
  4. Currency - gold, crystals and energy are located at the top of the screen so that it is more convenient for the player to calculate his actions.
  5. Account Level - located next to the player’s avatar in the upper right corner. The account level or team level reflects the overall progress of the game. This level affects the choice of opponents in the Arena.
  6. Settings - you can go by clicking on the avatar. Here you can change your nickname, choose an avatar, connect to game channels on social networks, and also set up graphics and sound.
  7. Rating - all the results from the Arena get here, you can see your rating, as well as see the achievements of other players.
  8. Login Reward - The calendar is updated every month. Every day when entering the game, the gamer receives a pleasant surprise. The more days a user visits the game, the higher gifts he will receive.
  9. Messages - here comes system messages and stock notifications. You should often go here to get additional rewards, as well as read about current or future events in the game.
  10. Personal assistant - the button is located in the lower right corner. Here the player can read about the main points of the game and get a hint.


It is very different from other locations, so it makes sense to talk about it separately. The expedition is the place where you can get the most fragments of heroes. It becomes available at account level 30.

Successful completion of the Expedition is based on membership in a good Alliance. If the player is in the guild, then he can request a hired character, much higher than his level and easily pass the test.

In the history window, on the left side of the window for selecting heroes for battle, there is a "Naim" button.After clicking on the button, the player enters the hiring window, where the Sogildians put up their heroes to help the Alliance members. It is recommended to take heroes with a large number of stars. Particular attention should be paid to a good tank. Because if the tank is alive, the whole team will feel good.

The expedition is updated once a day, and the passage begins anew. The enemy’s strength level depends on the hero’s account level. After selecting a squad, the gamer gets on the map, where he will have access to a choice of 2 zones.

It is recommended at first to take territories with strong opponents all the way. This is necessary to open the following areas. As soon as the player passes the strong hall, 2 more zones are opened, where again the most powerful enemies should be chosen. Weak opponents should be left to recharge skills or restore health. As soon as the player opens the areas as much as possible, it is necessary to clean up the weak regions.

After the battle, the heroes do not restore health and energy. Starting a battle in another zone, the health and hit indicator of the ultimate ability will be the same as at the end of the stripping of the previous region.

Recommendations on the composition of the team:

  1. A very strong tank is needed. Better 2.
  2. It takes a good doctor.
  3. It is advisable to take 2 attacking characters who have control over the enemy.

How to defeat the World boss?

The boss opens after passing a certain chapter of the Campaign. The battle takes place in several stages. In order to pass the boss it is recommended to take:

  1. 2 tanks .
  2. 2 healers - the second healer is on the safe side, while the skill of the first healer is in the rollback.
  3. 1 specialist (you can take a killer, it depends on which player’s hero is better pumped).
It is necessary to completely control the health of the heroes. Therefore, you must go through the World Boss manually. The hero’s health bar must be constantly full.

For 1 attempt it will be difficult to kill the enemy, so you have to go through the monster with 2 attempts (since his health is not restored between challenges). If the time of battle is over, then the heroes do not die.

Battle Arena: Arena Secrets

The whole gameplay is tied to the Arena. The arena consists of several islands - levels. Each Arena has its own threshold of entry and exit. For example, being at the 9th Arena you need to score 7500 rating points, but if the rating drops to 5700 units, then the player will fly from the 9th Arena back to the 8th Arena.

Each newcomer expects that in this game on the Arena there will be some special feature. After all, the game translates as Battles in the Arena. But the Arena player will not see anything supernatural. As in other games, a rating is assigned for each victory, and for every defeat, they are removed. The difference from other games is that the number of ratings affects the transition from one island to another. The idea is very similar to the division by league.

Fights. Battles take place online, it is impossible to speed up the process or put on an autoboy. If the network does not have a suitable opponent for the player, the system puts a bot. Sometimes bots are strong enough. You can choose a team in the Arena before the fight, and only then, according to its power, the enemy is selected.

The outcome of the battle depends only on the skill of the player himself, on his reaction and the knowledge of the characters in the game. If the player is guided by the heroes, then it is easier for him to wage a battle and plan to make a super blow at the right time (for example, interrupt the reading of a spell). In this case, the enemy’s energy scale will roll back to 0, and the skill will not be produced.

Score. For each battle, a certain amount of Arena points is given, which can be purchased at a local store. First of all, it is recommended to buy the hero’s quanta. When buying, you should not be fanatic, even if your favorite hero is for sale. Each next quantum will cost 2 times more than the previous one. Therefore, you can buy 3 - 4 shards and stop. Better to wait for the next time.

Chest. For each kill of the enemy, the player is awarded 1 shard. These shards are transferred to the scale to open the Arena chest. As soon as the indicator is full, the player gets the opportunity to open the box and get quanta and other interesting items. In the Arena, Heroic, Golden and Royal chests, which open at a certain time, accumulate for victories.

Arenas. Arenas are allocated by minimum rating. Also, the level of the Arena affects the number of quanta that can be requested in the guild. The higher the level of the Arena, the better the contents of the chests. Each Arena determines the limit for receiving coins per day.

It is worth remembering that from the current Arena you can not only climb to the next by typing the required number of rating. But also go down to the previous one, when after a series of defeats the player drops to the minimum rating. In the description of each Arena there is an entry threshold and a departure threshold.

Battle Arena: Guide to Heroes

There are a lot of heroes in the game. They are distributed across the Arenas. Since the game is called Battle in the Arena, everything is tied at the level of the current Arena. First, the player enters the Training Camp, where he undergoes training and receives a pair of heroes. These heroes will become the basis for the future team. This is Thunder and Arrow.

After the training camp, the player is transferred to the next island of the Arena, where new heroes will be available to him. Heroes can be collected from the fragments.

Ways to get heroes:

  1. In the chest workshop - there are 3 chests here: Iron chest, Bronze chest and Heroic. They can be opened free of charge at certain intervals. Equipment, pieces of heroes (quanta) and ingots fall out of chests. Ingots can be exchanged for gold.
  2. Arena Store - here you can buy fragments of the heroes of the current or previous Arena.
  3. Arena Chests - as the rating increases, and after each battle in the Arena, chest resources appear (or accumulate).Each chest opens at regular intervals. All that the player received during the fight is sent to the chest.
  4. Request in guild - you can request character quanta in the Alliance. To do this, you must make a request in the guild chat (the button is located in the lower left corner of the chat). You can request parts of only the player’s existing characters. The number of requests depends on the current level of the Arena. For example, at 8 Arena you can ask for 8 pieces.
  5. Battles - for fights in each activity, you can get particles of heroes. Moreover, the heroes will drop out according to the current level of the Arena.
  6. Tasks - the game has a number of missions (daily and permanent), for which you can get shards of champions.
  7. For real money - another way that will suit gamers who can afford to make real money into the game.
  8. Expedition Shop - At level 30, the Expedition adventure opens, where you can buy parts of the heroes.

Heroes in the game are divided into classes:

  1. Tanks are melee warriors. They take a large percentage of incoming damage (with the exception of massive and long-range attacks). The main task of the tank is to prevent opponents from reaching physically weak heroes. In this game, tanks can impose limiting effects on enemies, heal opponents and give out excellent damage.
  2. Killers - standing in the middle or back row, causing high damage to one or more targets. They have an average amount of health, but a good ability to dodge.
  3. Specialists - magicians who do the highest damage, can inflict long-term damage on the target (which will gradually take health points from the enemy). As a rule, they do not have much health and are in the last row.
  4. Healers are characters whose main task is to prevent the tank and other heroes from dying. Healers have the main skill - restoration of health (there is instantaneous, there is gradual). They stand in the last row, have not much health. May cause minor damage to the enemy.
Experienced players primarily pump the tank as much as possible, since this is a live shield for other warriors.

Also, each hero can belong to a particular race. The game has 10 races that do not particularly affect anything.Although in one of the latest updates relics were introduced, which are distributed according to the type of race of heroes, and some skills give a bonus to the race to which the character belongs. Races are:

  1. Elves.
  2. Robots.
  3. Evil spirits.
  4. Gnomes.
  5. Horde.
  6. Sea guards.
  7. Animals.
  8. The hunters.
  9. Forces of Light.
  10. Flight.

Ways of leveling heroes

In Battle Arena, there are only a few ways to level up heroes. The methods are simple, all actions are performed in the "Heroes" menu:

  1. Level increase - with a level increase, the basic parameters of warriors increase, and also determines the maximum level of skills. Experience can be gained during the passage of the story campaign and other activities. You can also level up with various potions of experience.
  2. The quality of the hero is increased with the help of equipment. The equipment disappears when the character’s quality is improved. Getting a new color, fighters discover new abilities, increase performance. If some thing is not enough to paint a warrior, then clicking on an empty slot you can see the head of the campaign in which you can knock out an item.
  3. Stardom - increasing the number of stars significantly increases the parameters of the hero. In order to get a new star, you need to collect a certain number of fragments (quanta) of the character. After all the quanta are collected, click on the "Evolution" button, and the hero will acquire a star and become stronger.
  4. Improving skills - occurs with the help of gold. Skill leveling ceiling is determined by level. Skills open gradually on a certain quality (color) of the character. The main skill (ultimate) must be activated manually. The remaining active skills are activated independently during the battle. Passive abilities always trigger or when certain conditions are met.

Additionally, you can increase the stardom of certain items in the Hall of Magic. This temporarily adds a few indicators to the characteristics. But with an increase in the quality of the character, all stars will burn with things, and the materials invested in objects will return in the form of Stardust. In the future, dust can be used to increase the stardom of other objects or relics.

When the player selects the main five heroes, they will need to be pumped evenly. Each subsequent level (skill, star, quality) is several times more expensive than the previous one, so you should allocate resources for all characters. But the tank should be pumped a little better than the rest of the characters, if it falls in the battle, other soldiers will quickly fall down.


Relics are special talismans that give the wearer additional skills. For example, after killing 3 enemy heroes, it is possible to call zombies to your side.

Relics dress by race and quality. You can buy talismans in the Temple of Relics for fragments of relics.

Shards can be obtained:

  1. For the victory over the bosses.
  2. In the story campaign.
  3. Get the Arena Souls from the Royal Chest and from the Chest.
  4. On the Expedition.
  5. For completing all daily missions.
  6. From the chest of relics.

Relics can be obtained from the Cube of creation. Once every few hours, you can make a cube of various materials for 60 fragments. The quality of relics falling from Cuba depends on the level of the Arena. But the chance of falling red and orange artifact is negligible.

Better to take relics starting with purple quality.

Battle Arena: Whom and What is the best way to download?

Heroes are pumped all the same, each skill makes the character unique. The only difference between good and bad heroes is whether they benefit the team and player or not. Of course, in the first place, the ultimate ability that a character has is always pumped. But sometimes it’s worth pumping other abilities. You should look at the situation.

1 Arena - Fiery Bastion

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
Arrow.One of the first helpful heroes of the helpers in the game. By profession, she is an expert, does a lot of damage and controls enemy soldiers with slowdown. It is worth downloading, useful in almost every activity.
Priestess of the forest.One of the most unsuccessful Healers in the game. It cures little, it is impossible to use it normally. You can swing until a new good doctor appears.
Flame.At the start of the game, it will produce a lot of damage, but at high levels it is lost and becomes weaker. Therefore, it is not used much, but at the start it is good, you can download it to a certain point.
Champion.One of the most interesting tanks in the game. Appears on the battlefield later than all and deals damage. 1 skill hits the back rows of the enemy. But at the same time he has cons: little health and protection. Furious Jerk may not always work. If damage is caused to him when he is running, then the Champion can stand up, which completely deactivates 1 skill. The hero is effective on ¾. For an amateur.
Berserk.It can be used only if the hero liked himself. His skills are not strong, but he is quite tenacious (can help in the poisoned zone). For an amateur.
Raven.Good hero. It has massive magical damage, there is control over the enemy, but by the middle of the game it weakens and stops working. And other characters will give out much more damage.But at the beginning of the game - useful.

Team for 1 Arena:

  1. Archmage.
  2. Arrow.
  3. Champion.
  4. Thunder.
  5. Priestess of the forest.

2 Arena - Valley of Magic

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
Shaman of Shadows.Declared as a tank, but acts as an assistant. Especially strongly, he does not interfere with the advancement of opponents. He has absolute immunity to physical damage for the whole team, which makes it possible to win bosses and melee fighters. He has healing and magical protection. The character is good. The only reason that it is not used in PvP is that it deals 0 damage with skills, it only beats with automatic attacks, and this is very small. He will die before everyone else, because he is in the first row. If he stood on, it would be great. Download only for bosses and Campaigns.
Destroyer.In general, not a bad hero. In the absence of the best it can be used at the 2nd Arena, later it will not be relevant. And Thunder is already well shaken. Can be used on bosses, and more. For an amateur.
Enchantress.The first adequate healer that a player will encounter. It heals a lot, plus gives a shield to allies, and reduces the armor of opponents. Good on the physical team. It is worth using, but in the next Arenas, the Healers will meet better.
Vampire Princess.An incomprehensible warrior who has to do something. But the application for it is difficult to find. Do not download.
Star panda.An excellent assistant who gives a lot of control, a camp (stopping the enemy during which the enemy does not move, does not attack and does not accumulate energy for the ultimate ability) for everyone, has excellent damage for everyone, and has negative effects on opponents. In the initial stages of the game, you can use it everywhere, it will help a lot. Plus it is quite tenacious.It’s worth a download.
Head hunter.Another character that is not clear what should be done. By role he is a killer, but does little damage. Do not download.
Kitty.One of those characters that has been revealed since the advent of the passive ability (at the violet level). Before the appearance of 4 skills gives average indicators, it is not always useful. It has proven itself in PvP (accelerates the accumulation of energy for the ultimate skill).

Team for the 2nd Arena:

  1. Archmage.
  2. Panda.
  3. Angel.
  4. Thunder.
  5. Enchantress.

3 Arena - Mountain of Death

There are heroes who will be useful to the player far in the future.

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
The huntress.In principle, good. But over time, it becomes less relevant, since her parameters grow poorly.And in the future, more powerful heroes will appear. But at first it can come in handy.Sometimes it will help on the Expedition. There is no particular need to invest. And it is not necessary at all if there is an Angel.
Bombardier.This is an incomprehensible flying beast. Should give out a lot of damage. You can swing to pass the boss of the Tree. But then he will not be needed there either.
Battle cat.This hero can be used very well in PvP due to the huge amount of health and ultimate skill (deals great physical damage). Useful where you need to survive. For example, in Poisoned Territories.
Rock hammer.A cool dwarf who used to stand on the game’s splash screen. But now no one uses it, as there are more powerful tanks. Do not download.
Black Lord.Not a bad tank. Will be useful on the Centaur due to its resurrection ability. But in PvP it is not worth using, because it does not immediately resurrect, and opponents are already pounding the back rows with might and main. Lives not very long and very little damage.

Team for the 3rd Arena:

  1. Aurora.
  2. Thunder.
  3. Champion (can be replaced by Kitty or Panda).
  4. The caster.
  5. Archmage.

4 Arena - Storm Keep

From the 4th Arena, the purple quality of the characters begins to open, she reveals all the fighters by 100%, and she begins to play with other colors. Therefore, at this stage, you can improvise with units and make fives for opponents. At the Arena, the spread in the rating is already quite large.

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
Space Marine.An incomprehensible hero, but he behaves perfectly on bosses. Download is only for activities, where it is often useful.
Alchemist.In theory, he should kill everyone with 1 skill. But in fact, any rival puts him in the camp (and there are a lot of such). Therefore, do not download.
Attack aircraft.On the Centaur Guard Island, you need to kill with robots, and the Sturmovik showed himself very well there due to his passive ability. It is useful only there, but you can use it in expeditions and raids. Do not download earlier than account level 70.
Lily.Not a bad hero. Sometimes it can smash the opponent’s team’s floor with critical damage. For an amateur.
Fairy.She has 1 ability, which passes through magical and physical immunity. It encircles the roots of opponents and gives lasting damage and a camp. A lot of magic damage. Download is worth it.
Queen Harpy.An irreplaceable character in PvE and against bosses. With the help of the ultimate ability, she burns all the health of most opponents. Need a team on Guard Island and other activities. But it is difficult to use it against other players, although it has great damage, it only has 1 goal and it is not always enough.
Barbarian.The first tank that is better than Thunder. He imposes at the beginning of the battle on all team members an effect that absorbs all incoming damage. He has a lot of armor and health. Need everywhere. It’s worth a download.

Team for 4 Arenas:

  1. Barbarian.
  2. Fairy.
  3. Angel.
  4. Aurora.
  5. Archmage or Caster.

5 Arena - Ice Gorge

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
The dark witch.A good magical character with a lot of damage. Feels good on the bosses (Snake), in the Portal.Can be used in PvP. But she needs a special team. For an amateur.
Werewolf.Cool character, with a huge amount of mixed damage. A good ultimate ability that puts several opponents at the same time. Passive skill increases the physical damage of the entire five. Good in PvP and raids. He needs a physical team. Download is a must.
Eagle Rider.Not a very useful hero. Damage is not enough. After the 5th Arena, you can download as an additional character in the Expedition.
Jupiter.A cool tank with lots of damage. You can take Thunder as a replacement, because he quickly recovers energy for 1 skill, and Jupiter does more damage. It’s worth a download.
Rock.A good hero, used to pass the Snake and as a magic tank. Has good damage. It’s worth downloading as an additional hero.
Octopus.A good universal hero. It deals a lot of physical damage, has short-term invulnerability, and heals the team. Useful in raids and expeditions. For an amateur.
The wizard.Strange hero. For the killer does little damage, he has not pronounced skills. Do not download up to 90+ account levels.

Team for 5 Arena 1 option:

  1. Mountains.
  2. Jupiter.
  3. Aurora.
  4. Archmage.
  5. The caster.

Option 2:

  1. Mountains.
  2. Aurora.
  3. Barbarian.
  4. Arrow.
  5. Werewolf.

6 Arena - Forgotten City

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
Siren.Probably the weakest character in Arena 6 and in the game. It is not clear how her skills should work. It does not occur in PvP teams, only in bots (computer teams that are placed against a player if an opponent is not found). Do not download.
Sword master.Not very impressive. Not even bots have it. Do not download.
Sergeant Jane.In special cases, it is worth pumping. Can inflict huge magic damage. Has good evasion. But in the top five is not common. For an amateur.
Iron fist.Not a bad tank, but it turned out with low damage and does not protect the team very well. Can be used as an additional hero in Expeditions or as 2 tanks.
Lord of the Seas.Good tank. It can be an ultimate skill to kill 1 enemy character in any row. But he is not very tenacious and has little magic damage. It is better to use it as 2 tanks in PvP and in PvE.
Valkyrie.The developers recently greatly reduced her ultimate skill, but she still remained a fairly strong character. She is dominated by physical damage. Basically, this is 2 tank. Has useful skills. Feels good in PvP, in the storyline campaign, on the bosses. It’s worth a download.
The king of blades.One of the perfect tanks. Works great in a team with physical damage. It has good parameters. If the activity requires high survival and physical damage, then the King of Blades is exactly who is needed. It’s worth a download.
Black cloak.The strongest hero of the 6th Arena. With the help of the "Flurry of Fire" (fires several shots, bullets can ricochet), he will win the battles. Good in all activities. The only negative is very little health. It’s worth a download.

Team at 6 Arena:

  1. The king of blades.
  2. Black cloak.
  3. Aurora.
  4. Arrow.
  5. Caster (Archmage, Panda).

7 Arena - Sky Harbor

As a rule, by the time of transition to this Arena, the main team has already been pumped.

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
RaidzinNot a bad mage, but he is almost never used, although he shows excellent results on bosses. They can go ships and some activities. But he will bring great benefit if the player obtains it at the 2nd Arena. You can download as an additional hero.
Little dragon.Good front line killer. He has a flight, which makes him suitable for passing the Tree and the Ice Boss. In principle, you should not download if there are already similar pumped heroes.
DemonessThis is a great killer. She has the peculiarity that all abilities are universal. That is, all damage completely ignores magical and physical defense. Plus increases the magic attack of allies.Behaves well in PvP. It’s worth a download.
Ghost wasp.Works great in a team where the main damage is done by a combination of heroes’ skills. Works well in PvP, she has a lot of dodge. You can download it if the player spends a lot of time in the Arena.
White shark.One of the stable tanks that works great in PvP and PvE. It is worth downloading in the early stages (if it falls out) and in the later ones. A lot of health, protection and damage.
Moon witch.If the player does not have it, then it will be difficult for him to go through activities at high levels.She is the strongest doctor in the game. It is worth trying to get it much earlier than the 7th Arena.

Almost all the heroes of the 7 Arena work well on their own, everyone needs to be downloaded. Yes, and a lot of pumped characters from the first Arenas. Each new Arena will add heroes against which it is no longer possible to play.

The essence of the game is to pick up a team and change it with new levels of the Arena, become a leader and get pleasant sensations from the victory process, from composing new teams. All heroes have one leveling, but how a player makes a squad will determine the outcome of each battle.

8 Arena - Top Champions

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
Genie.Positioned as a specialist, but does not cause much damage. It is not clear where it can be applied. Do not download.
Ferocious hoof.It is a tank, but how the tank showed itself is not very good. Do not download.
Wild hunter.It seems like good skills, but by this moment the old heroes have already been pumped and show the best results. Do not download.
Reaper.Strong mage. It used to be very popular. But after one of the updates, the performance of some characters was reduced, to which he approached the team. Now it does not find application. Do not download.
Chastener.It is not popular, because it is necessary to assemble a certain detachment under it. And in itself, it is not relevant. Deals little damage and does not give group negative effects. Do not download.
Monk.Good warrior. He has the Rush of Rage skill, which increases the physical critical damage of allies. The ability is passive, so just its presence in the team is beneficial. There is a good defense, it can euthanize opponents. It’s worth a download.
Desert warrior.It has an impressive set of abilities that kill everyone. It’s worth pumping as much as possible so that he heals himself. You can take it in conjunction with the Monk. Well suited for a physical unit.
VladGreat killer. Has good damage and control. Possesses physical attacks. If he deals critical damage, weak characters will die immediately. It’s worth a download.
Admiral.A good guy, has an excellent dodge, increases friends damage and penetration of armor. It has physical damage, has a lot of armor, health, and is stable (it does not depend on chances and luck). It’s worth a download, but it has an alternative.
Ninja.The most delicious hero of the 8th Arena. At the orange level, he gains the ability to prohibit the healing of enemies he touched. Plus, he has excellent attacks, has balanced indicators. But to the orange level, he is not very good.

9 Arena - Stargate

To get to the 9th Arena, you need to get 6000 rating points. From about 90 to 110 account levels, the player will be in this Arena. A long period of time is sufficient for this game.

Hero nameIs it worth it to download?
The king of the monkeys.Not a very relevant hero. 1 skill does a lot of damage and stuns enemies, but the damage in the area is weak. All his successful abilities are divided into opponents that are higher than his level.If the enemy is above level, then control and maximum damage may not pass through it. And the opponent hits him with 100% success. For an amateur.
Zeus.Very tenacious. Deals a lot of magic damage. Can draw strength from opponents, which increases his attack and magic power to the whole five. It will be useful on the Island of the guards (on the Ship or the Snake), it proved to be good in PvP.
Stalker.One of the most powerful attacking heroes for 1 goal. But relevant only at 9 Arena. For an amateur. On autobahn always chooses the farthest target. The camp knocks down attacks and the ultimate skill of enemies.
Demon hunter.A good attacking character with physical damage. But has little health. Some of his abilities will not be able to pass correctly. For an amateur.
The kidnapper of hearts.Opinions diverged about her. Mainly works on 1 target, lures 1 enemy to his side. The more dead enemies, the more she deals damage with her 1 ability. But she does not live long, so she does not have time to fully realize her skills. For an amateur.
Orion.Extremely weak hero. In principle, it has good skills. His main task is to distract the attention of the enemy. But the enemy has the same characters. Having him on the team makes it difficult to make plans for the game. Do not download.
Merlin.Conceived as a magical killer with the support of the team. But in the end, it does not cope with any role. It can do good damage. But the player by this time has heroes who do more damage. Do not download.
King of the night.1 skill does good damage and immobilizes the enemy. Damage is universal, that is, it strikes magicians and physicists alike (heroes with physical damage and defense). Can lift 2 skeletons that beat the opponent’s back row. Has control and after death turns into an ice boss. It’s worth a download.
Ghost.A successful hero, has good damage. But there are drawbacks that reduce the effectiveness of a warrior. But it can live a long time. Worth downloading for high levels of the Arena.

Battle Arena: Top-Rated Heroes


It is relevant in PvP and in PvE the whole game. Has massive damage and control. It has excellent parameters, a very good and tenacious tank.


  1. Ball lightning (magic) - creates ball lightning, which deals damage to enemies and can stun them.
  2. Lightning rod (magic) - sticks a sword into the ground and deals damage to the enemy, throwing it.
  3. Lightning bolt (physical) - releases a lightning bolt at nearby enemies.
  4. Light intensity (passive) - increases the strength of the hero.
  5. Agility (passive) - an aura is created that increases an ally’s chance of dodging.


Superstar, relevant always and everywhere (PvP, PvE and at all levels of the Arena). It is worth investing as much as possible. It gives a lot of damage, control, helps with positive effects to allies.


  1. Dome (magic) - summons ancient magic, which deals gradual damage to all enemies and immobilizes them.
  2. Regeneration (universal) - restores energy to a random ally.
  3. Mirror (universal) - damage received during the aura will be partially reflected at the end. In other words, a dome appears around the mage, which takes damage on itself, and when it falls, the percentage of damage caused during its existence is returned to the opponents.
  4. Blessing (magic) - restores health and energy to allies who heal him.
  5. Witch’s Poison (universal) - The ability of the Dome burns energy to opponents.


A very good hero who will be useful always and in any situation. Has a huge amount of magic damage.Temporarily suppresses the magic of enemies, restores health to allies. In PvP is indispensable, sometimes useful in PvE.


  1. Kara (magical) - summons the souls of the dead, who inflict damage, and steal the health of random enemies.
  2. Angel Strike (magic) - sends a shock wave that inflicts magic damage to opponents.
  3. Silence (universal) - in a small area temporarily drowns out the magic of opponents.
  4. The power of heaven (passive) - increases the magical power of the Angel.
  5. Blind Strength (magic) - Increases the damage of Kara’s ability and additionally steals health for a random ally.


One of the TOP heroes that are in this game. It is very useful in PvP and PvE. He draws battles with other players due to his ultimate skill.


  1. Silence (universal) - with the help of an ancient spell makes enemies temporarily abandon magic.
  2. Anti- magic tag (magic) - releases energy that damages the enemy and does not allow the use of his magical abilities.
  3. Energy vampire (magical) - Summons the spirit of death, which deals magic damage and burns energy from nearby enemies.
  4. Explosion of a comet (universal) - Summons a comet that deals additional damage with penetration of the opponent’s armor.
  5. Fortitude (passive) - Increases the evasion rate of all Dwarf allies.


A very cool doctor who will go through with the player all stages of the Arena and activities. It must be downloaded as much as possible.


  1. Justice Drone (magical) - Allies with the least health receive healing, and enemies around take damage.
  2. Healing Matrix (magic) - A drone uses a beam to heal an ally with the least amount of health.
  3. Toxin (magic) - fires a radioactive beam, which deals gradual damage to enemies.
  4. Insurance (universal) - temporarily increases the armor of a friend with each treatment.
  5. Finally (magical) - after death, restores the health of all allies.

Night Hunter

A very wonderful hero. Has always relevant skills. Helps in all activities.


  1. Suppressive Discharge (magic) - Discharges damage to several opponents.
  2. Phase ray (magic) - Deals powerful damage to 1 target.
  3. Transformation (universal) - converts a random adversary into a hologram, thereby removing him from the battle.
  4. Touch of the mind (passive) - increases the intelligence of the Hunter.
  5. Magic booster (magic) - Deals additional damage with the ability to Suppress discharge while ignoring magic resistance.


Great warrior, good at PvP and PvE, as well as bosses. Useful on Guard Island. The ultimate ability deals tremendous magic damage.


  1. Incinerator (magical) - transforms your health into a sizzling energy ray that deals damage to opponents.
  2. Stasis (passive) - after a complete loss of health goes into stasis mode. In this state, the hero will be destroyed if he takes enough damage in 5 seconds. Otherwise, the hero will return to normal with incomplete health, while stunning all nearby enemies. The mode can be used no more than 3 times per battle, and the hero can be destroyed in 4/3/2 hits.
  3. Comet (magic) - makes an attack on opponents, inflicting magical damage.
  4. Explosive shells (magic) - deals damage to all enemies in front of them and increases the strength of their damage.
  5. Electric field (passive) - The Ashtray ability temporarily reduces the resistance of magic in opponents.


One of the best characters in the game, has tremendous capabilities, deals a lot of damage, armor. Has the ability to revive heroes. If in the Expedition one of the characters was attacked a lot, and he’ll die. It should be put on the next stage of Horus, charge it, and again take the sick. After the wounded are finished, Horus will restore him.They need to play by hand.


  1. Revitalization (universal) - Resurrects 1 ally with the least health.
  2. Wave of Light (magical) - Deals damage to multiple enemies and temporarily reduces armor.
  3. Divine Protection (universal) - temporarily imposes a sphere that absorbs part of any incoming damage.
  4. Fortified Armor (Passive) - Increases Mount’s armor.
  5. Rebirth (passive) - allows the hero to come to life after 1 death with an incomplete health scale.

Keeper of the forest

One of the strongest tanks in the game. It has interesting abilities. They need to play by hand. So you can go through the difficult stages of activities, bosses, and in battles in the Arena. Works great in the magic five.


  1. Life energy (magical) - imposes a shield that absorbs all damage and transfers it to health.
  2. Retribution (magic) - the effect is applied to the character with the least amount of health. An ally receives healing, and an opponent receives damage.
  3. Retribution (magic) - a member of the five with the least health receives an aura that absorbs all incoming damage.When the effect is completed, enemies are dealt magic damage.
  4. Phantom Armor (Passive) - Increases the magic resistance of the entire unit.
  5. Protector (Passive) - Imposes the Life Energy ability on random allies after death.


One of those warriors that you need to swing anyway. It is useful to the player everywhere: on bosses and in the Arena. It can be in the magic and physical five.


  1. Snow whirlwind (magic) - attacks the enemy and temporarily impairs weakening.
  2. Ice block (magic) - Deals damage and temporarily slows enemies.
  3. Summon (magic) - Summons 1 skeleton from among the dead opponents.
  4. Secret aura (passive) - increases the magical power of the entire unit.
  5. Enchanted Bones (Passive) - Increases damage to a Summoned Ice Skeleton.


One of the best heroes. Forbidden to heal enemies, an almost perfect attacking character. He always finds his goal, but he has little health, he is saved by vampirism. It can almost kill a tree in solo.


  1. Phantom strike (physical) - Inflicts huge damage to the opponent.
  2. Cleansing light (physical) - causes damage to the area, temporarily prohibits healing.
  3. Stretching Life (Physical) - Deals damage and replenishes your health.
  4. Corruption (passive) - reduces the armor of opponents.
  5. Composure (passive) - increases the accuracy of the attacks of the Archangel.

High Druid

The best tank in the game.


  1. Moonfire (magic) - temporarily increases the magic power of allies, and reduces the resistance of magic to enemies and causes damage.
  2. Poisonous flower (universal) - Summons a forest protector, who deals gradual damage and slows down opponents.
  3. Seismic strike (magic) - Deals damage to enemies and can stun them.
  4. Ancestral Armor (Passive) - Increases Druid’s armor.
  5. Power control (passive) - Reduces physical attack on all opponents.


It has a lot of damage. Opponents’ abilities may not hurt her, because at the moment of casting the spell she flies off the battlefield.


  1. Fire rain (magical) - Inflicts great damage to enemies and reduces their magic resistance.
  2. Incandescent span (magic) - causes damage to enemies in front of you and can temporarily disarm them.
  3. Release of powers (magic) - inflicts powerful damage to the opponent.
  4. Spirit Speed (Passive) - Increases the chance of dodging.
  5. Weakness (passive) - reduces the physical critical damage to opponents.

BattleArena: Guard Island Walkthrough


Boss - Dragon. Immune to normal attacks. It is necessary to use heroes with gradual damage and control skills.


  1. The keeper of the forest.
  2. Autobot.
  3. Ninja.
  4. Space Marine.
  5. Harpy.

Everyone has periodic damage. Fighters gradually throw damage, due to which the Dragon burns down. When the Volcano just opens, it is difficult to pass, since only Harpy has gradual damage. Other characters appear later.It is better to ask the guild of mercenaries for the passage.


Boss - Ship. Vulnerable only during cooldown. At other times, doing damage to it is useless. Heroes with periodic damage should be taken.


  1. The keeper of the forest.
  2. Zeus.
  3. Shao Pan.
  4. Angel.
  5. Space Marine.

Various relics help a lot in battle. Until the Ship stands on the shield, it is not necessary to apply skills, since it has immunity to all incoming damage during firing. While the ship is shooting, it is necessary to save the life of the tank (in this five - the Forest Guardian) and take a defensive position.

Each guard appears on the Island on a specific day of the week.

Twilight cup

Boss - Tree. It entangles the roots of all ground opponents. For him, flying heroes should be used. Causes, in the beginning, a big problem for the players. It is almost impossible to defeat without flying warriors. As soon as a gamer collects 5 flight characters, this boss will pass easily.


  1. Avenger.
  2. Mountains.
  3. Moon witch.
  4. Archangel.
  5. Harpy.

The damage to the Tree is weak if it hits flying heroes.

Poison forest

Boss - Snake. It is immune to physical damage and can restore its health.You should take magic heroes and deal damage at the same time. This is a very peculiar boss. He needs five tenacious heroes who deal a lot of magic damage in a short time.


  1. Zeus.
  2. Supreme Druid.
  3. Moon Witch (Archangel).
  4. Stalker (Radzin).
  5. May.

The snake periodically climbs back into its lair and completely restores its health. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate energy for all heroes for the ultimate ability and squeeze the buttons at the same time. You must take a doctor to battle.

In each battle there is a function "Cancel battle", which will help in case of unsuccessful set of circumstances to start the battle again. At the same time, combat energy is not wasted, and attempts do not disappear.

Centaur Abode

Boss - Centaur. He spends his health during the attack and imposes deadly poison. Heroes of the races Unclean and Robots are not susceptible to him.

Non-standard team (there are 3 heroes in the five who do not belong to Robots and Wickedness, but they will help a lot):

  1. Moon witch.
  2. Shao Pan.
  3. Aurora.
  4. Champion.
  5. The keeper of the forest.

Need to seize the moment and be treated. It is important to survive. Each time the Centaur runs out of the screen, it deals damage to itself. Shao Pan releases clones that appear next to the boss and take all the damage. If the Champion is not orange, then he dies quickly. At early levels, the boss is easier to walk without problems. It is worth using characters who conjure clones, cause spirits. It is worth trying not to use the treatment before he makes an ultimate shot.

Battle Arena: Guild Guide

The alliance will greatly help the beginner to develop. The main thing is to choose a guild with active players, it is desirable that some comrades be at a high level. To find a good guild, you can open the Alliance building and see the rating of the proposed communities. As a rule, active guilds are at the top of the rating, have an almost full limit of participants. It is recommended to ask about the suitability of a particular guild in the global chat (line in the lower right corner).

What does the guild give?

  1. Hero’s quanta - you should go to the Chat tab in the Alliance building and click on the "Request a Hero" button in the lower left corner. Then a window will open where you can select the desired character. It should be remembered that fighters can be requested only by those who are already called up to the player for service. It is impossible to request quanta of not open warriors.
  2. Chest - for weekly activity, all members of the guild get the opportunity to open the box and rewards (quanta, gold, equipment). The more participants showed activity, the better the presentations will be.
  3. Raids are additional activities available to members of active communities. In raids you can get a lot of useful items, fragments of heroes and relics. The higher the raid level, the better the quality of the characters and relics.
  4. Shop - for adventures in raids, you can open a guild store where you can purchase useful items and quanta for raid coins.
  5. Expedition - during the passage of the Expedition, you can take 1 mercenary per day. This feature is available only to members of the Alliance. Sometimes you can get a great tank that will help open the entire map.
  6. Friendly battles - you can experiment with the team or check the warrior in the battle, inviting participants to a friendly battle. Points and energy are not wasted.
  7. Communication - once in a friendly guild, a beginner can get a lot of useful information about the game, ask participants about some game moments. Yes, and just find soul mates and chat in moments of leisure.

How to create your own Alliance?

You can create an alliance yourself. This will require a level 25 account and a certain amount of gold. To create a guild, you must exit the current Alliance. Then, in the Alliance building, click on the "Create" button. The system will require gold from the player. Next, come up with a name. It’s best to come up with a vivid name that will attract the attention of players.

Then you need to choose the language in which chatting will be conducted. And put requirements for entry. For example, put the amount of the Arena rating.

There are open and closed Alliances. Everyone can enter into an open alliance. In closed - only by application, which is considered by the head of the community. For starters, you can let everyone into the union, and later, when the main composition of the guild is determined, you can close free access.

How to attract players to your Alliance?

Beginners often ask this question.

  1. Promote your guild periodically in global chat.
  2. Put a bright title.
  3. Make free entry.
  4. In the description, it’s honest to write why the player created the Alliance (joint development, passing raids, getting chests and more). The more affable the description, the more people will enter it.
  5. To show a lot of activity in the game for several weeks to be in the TOP ranking. Ask new members of the union about this.

How to understand that the participant is not playing? The Alliance menu has a tab "Alliance", which shows a list of all participants. If the participant is not active, then he will not donate quanta to other players and he will not have rating cups. You can ask one of the officers to monitor the activity in the guild. There is also a "Weekly Activity" button that shows all the results of a participant’s game.

Raids. Raids can be started by the head or community officer. To run, you need at least 50,000 activity points that the guild earns during the week. Only those members of the union who were in it at the time the raids were opened can take part.

There are guards on the map that need to be defeated. As soon as the guild wins, it remains to guard the fragment of the map. Dead heroes will again become available the next day. The raid is considered completed after defeating all enemies on the map. Rewards are given to raid members. They are distributed depending on the damage done to enemies. If the guild has become an absolute winner, then all raid participants can open a chest with additional bonuses.

Battle Arena: Secrets of the game

What is power and what does it affect? Power is a certain indicator or indicator of how harmoniously the hero and the thing account as a whole are developing. If power is in the green zone, then the character is pumped correctly, develops in the right direction. Accordingly, such a character will fulfill his role most effectively. Power can be seen in the upper left corner of the character’s menu. If the power is in the red zone, then the player has done something wrong and the hero cannot fully perform his functions. So it’s worth revising the process of its development.

Where better to spend crystals?

  1. For energy. Daily you can buy for 60 crystals 240 energy for the passage of the Campaign.
  2. On fragments of heroes. Quantums can be bought at the Market. But if the hero is not needed, then he should not be spent at all.
  3. Golden chest. It is most beneficial to invest crystals in a golden chest in the Arena.

Should I download new heroes? Developers periodically add new heroes to the game. Some of them really deserve attention, and are worth it to download them. But basically they add heroes to the new high levels of the Arena. These heroes are worthy, and each has its own individual characteristics. If the player is 10 and above the Arena, then you can upgrade any character you like. None of them will disappoint and bring new colors to the gameplay.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.