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Bermuda Adventures WiKi: Tips and tricks for beating the game

Bermuda Adventures Farm Island is an adventure and farm game from Belka Games. Adventures await you on a tropical island and the search for lost family members. Learn survival skills, equip your own island and explore uncharted lands.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets and Tips
  3. Secret Items on the Island
  4. Secrets of storing game resources
  5. Where to get resources?
  6. All about the farm and animal husbandry
  7. All about buildings and production
  8. How to fulfill orders correctly?
  9. Trader Gaspar Guide
  10. Guide for Donators
  11. Is it worth playing?

Bermuda Adventures: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. You and your family decided to take a trip to celebrate your grandmother’s birthday, but something went wrong, your plane was forced to make an unscheduled landing. Your family got lost during the landing in different parts of the island and you have to find them.

Interface. The center of the main screen displays your island, growing plants and thickets. Various trees and deposits of stones and ore.

level and experience. The upper left corner shows your current level and the required amount of experience to reach the next level. Experience is given for completing tasks, for collecting resources and for selling goods. Each new level opens islands for research, new buildings, structures and goods to create.

Energy. Your energy bar is displayed in the middle of the screen. Energy is spent on collecting resources (collecting plants, cutting trees, mining stones). Replenishment of energy occurs automatically: 1 unit of energy in 2 minutes.

Alternative ways to get energy:

Growing plants on the farm does not consume your energy. Therefore, you can constantly grow plants.

Crystals. Crystals are displayed in the upper right corner. Crystals can be purchased in the in-game store for real money as part of sets or separately. Also, crystals can be obtained for various events in the game.

Crystals are the most valuable resource in the game. Spend it carefully and only on the things you need.

Story missions. To the left below the level is a list of active story missions. As you progress through the story, you need to complete tasks. They can be for the collection of certain resources, cutting down trees, mining stones or clearing the territory. This way you will find your family members, explore the island and get certain rewards.

If you open a task, a magnifying glass will appear under it. By clicking on it, you will be shown the exact location of the item or resource needed for the task.

Events in the game. The current events in the game are displayed at the top right of the screen. The game developers periodically launch new events, and interesting rewards are provided for completing certain tasks and participating in such an event. The most successful players get into the standings and receive more valuable prizes.

Map. The game card is in the lower right corner. Clicking on it opens an extensive map of 7 islands. One island belongs to the events in the game and changes periodically, the remaining 6 are permanent. When you click on the island, a transition occurs, each of the islands is unique in its own way, has its own plot, plants and decor. New islands open when you get a certain level in the game. As you explore the islands, you will be given resources and rewards.

Game settings. There is a gear icon in the top right corner. Clicking on it will open the game settings. In the left corner is the player’s name, it can be changed by clicking on the pen icon next to it. Music and sounds in the game can be turned off by clicking on the corresponding icons. Below is the icon for changing the language, and to the right is the ability to save your progress in the game. The Facebook community will redirect you to the game page and at the very end your personal ID.

If you link to your Google Play account, you can play on different devices without losing progress.

Daily gift. When you first log into the game every day, you are offered a choice of one of three gift boxes. They can contain rare or useful resources, as well as valuable energy. Don’t forget to check in every day.

Bermuda Adventures: Secrets and Tips

1. Spend energy wisely. Energy is the most important resource. Try to spend it wisely. You should not cut down trees without thinking, extract stones, collect bushes. Try to decide what you now need to complete the task or for the current production of items.

2. Keep making. In the game, you need to be engaged in production, it is gradual. From one resource you make one item, and from this item a completely different one. Never let your buildings sit idle, crafting is the backbone of the game.

3. Explore the map. There are many hidden secrets on the island, these items can be hidden behind bushes or trees. The developers deliberately hid them. In such chests, bushes, items there are good rewards that will help you in the future.

4. Prepare food. Don’t forget about cooking, food gives energy. Cooking takes a certain amount of time, try to keep the grill on at all times.

5. Farm. The game gives you the opportunity to farm without spending energy. Try to keep the beds sown and harvest the finished crop. The products will come in handy when creating meals for your family.

6. Explore the islands. As you progress through the story and get a new level, you will discover new amazing islands. The actions in them are the same, they differ only in quests and plants, but this activity in the game can bring you rewards and resources.

7. Trade. You will be introduced to the Tuk-Tuks tribe and the merchant Gaspar almost at the beginning of the game. These activities are permanent and you can always interact with them. Trade, giving away your produced resources, you will be awarded a good reward.

8. Upgrade buildings. Don’t forget to upgrade your buildings. As you upgrade, each building gives you upgrades, namely: an increase in the maximum amount of energy, an increase in the capacity of the bag, an increase in production cells.

Bermuda Adventures: Secret Items on the Island

Hidden valuable resources. There is an unusual plant on the main island. If you select such a plant by pressing, a gift icon will appear. Plants are different, for example: A shrub with red berries or a banana tree. Other locations have boxes or something similar, usually they stand out from the rest of the environment.

Search on a new island. The first time you visit a new island in the game, you are given the opportunity to collect a few of these plants, most often they provide the energy needed to move on. Try to pay attention to them more often, they are not a bad source of additional energy.

Permanent collection. Do not worry periodically such plants grow in a new place. Unfortunately, they are not always immediately noticeable, plants can be hidden behind trees, shrubs and stones. During the clearing of the territory, you will find many such gifts.

Rare resources on the map. I think you immediately noticed chests of different colors and sizes that stand out well on the island. They deliberately attract attention and do the right thing, you can find valuable rewards and a lot of energy in them.

How to open? To open such a treasure chest, you need a key. The key can be obtained from the merchant Gasper as a reward or for exchange on the order board. Keys are quite rare items, they can also be obtained in events.

Anthills. There are also other similar items on the map. For an anthill, you will need a rare item - a net, in addition to loot for an exchange with a merchant and for a board of orders, a net can also be found in chests.

Things lying on the shore. Items lying on the shore can be removed with gloves. They are also issued as a reward for the exchange and fall out of chests. Any such item, after collecting, will give you resources or something else useful. If a key or other rare device is lying around in your bag, be sure to use it.

Sticking stumps. Sticking stumps do not quite fit into the environment, they just want to be removed. For such a thing, we need a match. Matches are also given as rare items and when searching in chests.

Don’t over-energize. When its maximum amount, then it is not restored!

Bermuda Adventures: Secrets of storing game resources

Bag. It is located at the bottom left of the map and stores all of your acquired resources, crafted items, farm products, and hard-to-obtain items from events in the game.

Resource types. As you progress through the game, your bag will fill up with many different resources. The whole map of the island is dotted with different types and you will need each type.

  1. Extracted resources. Mining takes place on the island or other islands. Extracted resources are resources extracted exclusively by you, when collecting, chopping trees, mining stones and ore. The game contains different types of stones, ores, bushes, grass and trees. For example: by extracting a copper vein, you will get copper, and if you need iron, you will have to find the desired iron vein.
  2. Manufactured items. As you level up, you will unlock many buildings. In them you have to make items. Each item is needed for something, to improve the structure or for further production into another item.
  3. Farm items. Farm products are obtained using your farm, you plant seeds and harvest them after ripening. There are many farm products, most often the products are used for cooking, and the animals on the farm produce hide and wool for crafting.
  4. Rare items. When participating in the events of the game, with a certain probability, for completing orders from the order board or for exchanging with Hans the merchant, you can get a rare reward. For example, keys, the key opens chests on the island in which valuable resources and energy.
A different amount of energy is spent on the extraction of resources, for example, 3 energy units for a small bush, and 6 units for a larger bush. From a small bush you get less resources, and from a larger bush you get more resources. This works with other types of resources as well.

The size of the bag and its increase. At the beginning of the game, you won’t feel that your bag is filling up, but after a while you will realize that it is not rubber and you need to do something about it. The game offers to expand the capacity of the bag with the help of a warehouse of things and products. Upgrading these buildings will increase the bag’s maximum capacity.

How to find the right resource? When you click on a resource, a magnifying glass icon will appear. If you click on it, it will show where this resource is mined.

Bermuda Adventures: Where to get resources?

The game has a large number of resources, each of them has its own way of obtaining. To make it easier for you to find the resource you need, we have created a table below.

ResourceWhere is it mined?
BarkObtained from trees
ClayHarvested from clay rocks
A rockHarvested from stone veins or rocks
TreeObtained from trees
WaterObtained from a well
WoolCollected from sheep
QuartzHarvested from quartz rocks
Iron oreHarvested from veins
ResinObtained from coniferous trees
CoalMined from coal deposits
SulfurMined from sulfur ore
HornHarvested from sheep
clamHarvested from the shallows with shellfish
Tuk bird feathersCan be obtained from the merchant
RubberObtained from the rubber tree
CopperHarvested from copper rocks
ScalesBrings the turtle
AmberExchange on the order board
SilkGathering in the garden
RoseGathered from the bush in the garden
DiamondExchange on the order board
LotusGrows in water beds
baramud bambooGrows in water beds

Bermuda Adventures: All about the farm and animal husbandry

Farm. As you progress through the story of the game, you will learn what farming is. You will be given the opportunity to purchase the first full-fledged beds and install them in a place convenient for you. There will be an opportunity to plant plants on the beds.

Why a farm? This is a good activity that allows you to farm without spending energy on sowing and harvesting, but on the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to get energy after cooking dishes from products grown on the farm.

Garden menu. When you click on the garden bed, a semicircular menu appears. In it, you can select the seeds of crops that are currently available to you. To the right of the seeds, the ripening time is displayed.

Time. For each type of seed there is an allotted time for the ripening of the crop, usually it takes two minutes or more. After harvesting, you can immediately sow the next seeds.

Sowing. As you progress through the story and level up, you will open all kinds of seeds. To grill food, you need products, select which ingredient you need now from the garden menu and place it on the garden.

Plants do not need to be watered in the game. Therefore, you can forget about them for some time and do something else.

maturation stages. The game displays the stages of ripening, after sowing, small shoots are visible in the garden, at the middle stage the outlines of the plant are already visible, and at the last stage of ripening it is already clear what is growing in your garden.

Harvesting. When a plant has matured, an icon appears above it. When you click on it, a menu opens in which you can select a sickle. With a sickle, it is necessary to carry out all the beds with plants and thus collect the entire ripened crop.

Livestock. You will get your first pet pretty quickly, at level 6. The chicken will appear in the middle of your island by itself and you do not need to buy it. Further, other animals will be available to you, namely: a goat, a pig, a cow and bees.

Caring for your animals does not require energy, but is limited to the time between feedings. You can go about your business while everyone is full and happy.

What is animal husbandry for? Animal husbandry is necessary to collect resources from animals, resources will be useful for crafting items or cooking. You have to take care of your wards for profit.

Feeding. Your animals are alive and want to eat, so they need to be fed. If the animal is hungry, a food icon will appear above it. Each animal eats a separate type of food. After feeding, you will see a countdown, this time shows how much food (eggs, bacon, milk) or resources (wool, skin) can be collected.

If you do not feed your animal, then it will not bring you food or resources. Keep this in mind and always try to keep your charges full.

Time. Each product produced by an animal has a necessary time for maturation. For example, for a chicken it is 30 minutes. When this time comes, she will lay an egg. This applies to all animals without exception.

Bermuda Adventures: All about buildings and production

House. The house is the main structure of the island. Each level of improvement requires certain resources and items. Upgrading the house increases the amount of maximum energy.

Improve your house as often as possible, the improvement will give you an increase in the maximum amount of energy.

Warehouses. The game has two warehouses: things and food. To improve the warehouse, you need to collect certain resources. When upgrading the warehouse, the capacity of the bag for stored items increases. Don’t forget to upgrade these buildings.

The warehouse of things and products increases the capacity of the bag, regardless of the resource stored in it.

Dinner table. When you click on the dining table, a window opens in it, you can choose what food to put on the table. After you have chosen a cooked meal, your family will gather around the table and eat, while getting some energy. The table can be improved, with the improvement, more cells for food appear.

Grill. The grill is necessary for cooking, the use of which replenishes energy. Cooking will require certain products from the farm or collection on the map. Each meal has its own cooking time. The grill can be improved by increasing the number of cells.

Well . Having reached level 4, you will be given the opportunity to build a well. The well gives a bucket of water every hour.

Bed. On the beds you can grow vegetables and resources for further cooking. Each product has its own ripening time. After the product matures, a sickle icon appears and you can collect it. It is best to arrange the beds with each other for easy sowing and harvesting. On the beds you can grow: corn, carrots, pumpkins, wheat, beans, roses and silk.

30 seconds before the end of the ripening of the product, it is possible to accelerate the growth instantly.

Mill. The mill can craft: Corn Feed, Carrot Feed, Bean Feed and Glitter Dust. Each production will require a set of resources and a certain time. With the improvement of the mill, new manufacturing cells are opened.

New crafting items are unlocked as you level up. This applies to all buildings in which something can be crafted.

Workshop. In the workshop you can make: a knife, an ax, a hammer, glasses, wires and a needle. For the manufacture will require certain resources, which are mined by the collection. Also, each item has its own production time. Upgrading the workshop gives an increase in the number of manufacturing cells.

Sewing workshop. In the sewing workshop, you can make: belt, fabric, clothes, raincoat, silk fabric and pillow. It takes time and resources to make. Improving the sewing workshop will open additional cells.

Roasting oven. In the oven you can craft: a brick, a bowl, a mug, a vase, a saucepan and a spring. For manufacturing, you will need resources and a certain amount of time. Upgrading the building will add additional cells.

Sawmill. In the sawmill you can make: board, timber, parquet, door. stained wood and a basket. It takes time and resources to make. Upgrading the building will add additional cells.

Swimming pool. Upon reaching level 8 and after completing the story quest, you will be given the opportunity to build a pool. After construction, you will be able to collect 35 units of energy every 6 hours. It’s not a bad bonus.

Forge. Opens for construction at level 10. In the forge you can craft: Iron ingot, saw, wire, nails, copper ingot and scissors.

Laboratory. Opens for construction at level 14. In the laboratory you can make: Magnet, glue, acid, battery, ink, sunscreen and eco-plastic.

Mixer. Opens for construction at level 17. In the mixer you can make: Soap, cement, wax, shampoo and oil.

Glass workshop. Opens for construction at level 21. In the glass workshop you can make: Lens, bottle, mirror, glass, button, bottle and teapot.

Scout house. Opens for construction at level 25. In the scout’s house you can craft: Drill, fishing rod, lamp, map, rubber boots, compass and spyglass.

Hive. Opens for construction at level 27. Once built, you will be able to collect honey from your hive. Honey will be needed for further crafting items.

Jewelry repair shop. Opens for construction at level 29. In the jewelry workshop you can make: a comb, a bracelet, pearls, an amber ring and a rim.

Press. Opens for construction at level 32. On the press you can make: Paper, paint, rubber and varnish.

Orange tree. This tree will open after reaching level 33. After you install an orange tree, you can collect oranges for further production.

rubber tree. This tree will open at level 36 and after you install it, you can collect rubber.

Furniture workshop. Opens for construction at level 37. In the furniture workshop you can make: Table, wooden box, chair, sofa, night light.

Design workshop. Opens for construction at level 42. In this workshop you can make: Beads, pearls, a bouquet, a doll, curtains.

Fitolavka. Opens for construction at level 48. In this workshop you can make: Aroma candle, perfume, cosmetic mask, vitamins.

Mechanical shop. Opens for construction at level 52. In this shop you can make: Gear, clock, clockwork duck.

Music workshop. Opens for construction at level 57. In this workshop you can make: String, guitar.

Bermuda Adventures: How to fulfill orders correctly?

Board of orders. Located on the main island, when you click on the board, it opens a menu with goods available for exchange. The order board is a constant activity in the game, it opens almost at the beginning of the game. The friendly tribe of Tuk-Tuks gets to know you and offers to conduct a friendly exchange.

How to fill boxes? On the order board, they offer to fill 9 boxes with different resources and manufactured goods. The required resource for trading is depicted on the boxes, the required quantities of the resource for trading are shown on the bottom right of the boxes. If the number is green, then the resource is in stock, if it is red, then it is not and it needs to be mined or produced.

Regular reward. There is a certain reward for collecting boxes, it is shown to the right of the boxes. There is one reward for the first line of boxes, another for the next, and the most valuable for the last.

How to get special rewards? You need to fill all the boxes with the necessary resources or crafted items. After you do this and click on the give away button, you will be given a special reward. It could be a valuable item or device.

It is best to fill the boxes with lines, three at a time. Each line of three boxes has its own reward. If you do not fill all the boxes in the allotted time, then you will not get the main prize, but it is the most valuable.

Job timer. You have a day to complete the order. If you have given away all the goods and received a reward, after a couple of hours it will be possible to fill the boxes with new goods and receive the next reward.

This activity is optional, but do not miss the opportunity to participate in it. Just keep in mind how many resources you have left, it will be unpleasant if the time runs out and you could not fill the last box.

Bermuda Adventures: Trader Gaspar Guide

Merchant Gasper. Constant activity in the game, you will meet merchants after advancing the story. He will ask you to give him resources and crafted items for a certain reward.

Who is a merchant? Merchant Gaspar is a successful businessman on the islands and perhaps the only one, so you should not miss the chance to cooperate with such a character. Fulfilling any of his requests will result in rewards, and completing all of his requests will lead you to a variety of rare rewards and resources.

Merchant menu. The merchant’s menu consists of 9 cards, somewhat similar to the order board. You have to fill each card with the resource necessary for the merchant. Rewards are given for completing 4, 6 and 9 cards. The most recently filled card gives the most valuable rewards.

What resources will be required? Gaspar may ask to give him simply mined resources or manufactured items, it is worth considering whether it is possible for him to give an ax now, which you will need in the near future.

Time to trade. The merchant stays on the island for a certain time and then flies away, so don’t forget about him. Every new day he will need new items.

If you delete the card, it will not be restored and you will not be issued a new one, so be careful.

Bermuda Adventures: Guide for Donators

Bank. The in-game shop offers a set of survivors and a farmer. You can purchase 50, 200, 500, 1000, 1500, 2200 crystals. The most expensive offer is the most profitable in terms of the number of crystals.

What should you not spend crystals on? Almost all actions in the game require energy, and it is constantly lacking. Energy can be purchased for crystals, which are bought with real money. This is not the best way to spend them, as the energy will quickly run out, but the feeling of dissatisfaction will remain. It is also not recommended to spend crystals on the purchase of resources, they are quietly mined by their own collection, if you are missing something, wait a bit.

What is the best way to spend crystals? It is best to spend crystals on bombs, bombs make it possible to clear the area around them, while collecting resources. Buying bombs is more appropriate.

What is better to buy at the bank? Please note that when you first purchase you will be given a good gift. It makes no difference how many crystals you make a purchase.

But the most profitable options are the proposed sets. Periodically, new offers with different items appear on the right side of the game screen. They include not only energy, but also useful resources.

It is best to purchase sets, as in addition to energy you will receive rare resources.

Bermuda Adventures: Is it worth playing?

Bermuda Adventures is a great time killer, and the beautiful music, graphics and atmosphere of a paradise island are relaxing. The game is suitable for fans of research and farming. An island paradise and many unexplored islands are waiting for you, and new events and updates will not let you get bored.

Here are some of the benefits:

Cons of the game that can push you away:

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