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Black Desert Mobile WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

BLACK DESERT MOBILE is an Android game with release date 12/8/2019 from PEARL ABYSS. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Archer (Ranger) Guide
  2. Guide to Hassashin (Assassin)
  3. A Guide to Fletcher
  4. Stryker Guide
  5. Guide to the Sorceress
  6. Guide to Sword Art (Blader)
  7. Guide to the Warrior
  8. Guide to the Dark Knight
  9. Guide to the Sorceress (Sorka)
  10. Guide to Barbarian (Giant)
  11. Guide to Valkyrie
  12. Awakening Classes
  13. Coupons, Codes, Promo Codes
  14. How to dress the hero correctly?
  15. Where to get BS?
  16. Hero Tracks
  17. How To Make A Lot Of Silver?
  18. Amazon Prime - how to get it?
  19. How to start playing?
  20. How to play in Korea?
  21. Tips from the Wise Geek

Black Desert Mobile: Archer (Ranger) Guide

Archer (Ranger) is the best character to destroy monsters. If you often stuff monsters for any benefit, then this is the character for you. It is a pleasure to play it when killing monsters. She has a lot of skills with a massive attack that allow you to calmly stand against a crowd of monsters.

One of her skills allows the Archer to move around the battlefield, while moving, the girl is almost invulnerable. This ability allows her not to stand still (if you are playing in auto mode), and to be in motion all the time. But, on the other hand, this skill is her disadvantage, because with the massive destruction of monsters, she can climb a hill or run away into the forest, or move from the point of murder. That is, if you put it in a crowd of certain opponents, it can move down (up), and catch 1 other monster there. But this is not a significant disadvantage.


  1. Storm Attack - Launches multiple arrows. Recommended for PvE.
  2. Circle kick - Powerful kicks in a circle. Knocks up enemies on 1 successful hit, knocks back opponents on a successful onslaught. Slows down opponents.
  3. Bow Mastery - Increases attack damage from hand. Can fire up to 5 shots.
  4. Arrow Maneuver - Shoots multiple arrows and dodges opponents’ attacks.
  5. Deadly Arrow - fires several arrows (up to 4). Effects - increased attack radius and additional hit. Elements - Selet and Aal.
  6. Death Wind - Massive Damage. A great skill for every moment. Can knock down targets. Elements - Labrif and Achiv.
  7. Will of the Wind is a common boost mass attack.
  8. Explosive Dodge Shot - Hits the ground, injuring enemies. Has burns and numbness. Grants invulnerability while jumping. Effects - additional attack when retreating with invulnerability and numbness. Reduces the movement speed of opponents.
  9. Sword of Defense - in PvE, the attack is 15% higher than in PvP. Can bleed the target.
  10. Slicing Wind - fires several arrows (up to 5 times). Reduces the attack speed of enemies. Elements - Selet and Achiv.
  11. Circular Cut is a melee skill. Deals increased damage, has a numbness. Effects - an additional blow, reduces the opponent’s defense.
Build for PvEPvP build
Call of the earthDeadly arrow
Rotating boomRotating boom
Will of the windDeath wind
Storm attackExplosive dodge shot
A feather in the windA feather in the wind
Flurry of arrowsCall of the earth
Circular cutPiercing wind
Wind shotWind shot

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to Hassashin (Assassin)

Hassashin belongs to the melee assassin class. This means that he has great potential to destroy opponents. But all his skills are aimed at close combat, so you should not expect something supernatural from him. He is good in the Arena, but if there is no 11 skill, then you will not have enough mobility and dodge. In PvE, he has fast skills with a combination of hits, good attack range and massive hits. Its special mechanic is a 20% damage boost on 3 abilities, which are applied as subsequent damage. A kind of poison, but only works in PvP.

Don’t expect Hassashin to be super strong, he is good and fast, he excels in PvP, but a lot depends on his 11 skill. If it does not exist, then expect trouble, and in PvP you will feel uncomfortable. It showed itself well against ranged classes.


  1. Sand - Similar to a double spin jump, perfect for killing a crowd of monsters. Increases massive attacks. It is necessary to pump Aal and Selet. There is a positive effect - attack power.
  2. The storm is the foundation of the hero. You will be using it constantly. After a high jump, lands in the chosen direction. It knocks down its opponents, deals good damage, and has super armor that also works in the Arena. Has an additional 20% damage for PvP. Elements Achiv and Lagrif. Has amazing health regeneration, attack power.
  3. High quality sand is another PvE skill. A very fast explosion around Hassashin, which knocks down opponents, but does not have super armor. Has good damage in PvP and PvE. Elements - Aal and Achiv. Effects - increase the attack range, and 60% damage over 3 seconds.
  4. Double Air Slash - Sends out 2 waves of sand, knocking enemies down. Not the best damage and speed, but useful for blocking some attacks in the open field. Defense decreases in the Arena. Elements - Aal and Labrif. Effects - increased attack power and movement speed, as well as an additional hit to the target.
  5. Swift Attack is a basic skill for Hassashin. Has super armor. Stuns enemies. The damage is decent for this skill. Effects - increased defense power and reduced mana consumption.
  6. Blade Explosion - It seems very powerful, but useless. In most cases, it is used only in combinations in the Arena. Has no immunity, but stuns and knocks out the enemy. Average damage. Elements - Labrif and Selenium. Effects - a decrease in the enemy’s attack speed, an increase in the attack range and an additional attack at level 3.
  7. Seasonal Pillow - Similar to the previous skill, but more useful as it has super armor on the field, and also stuns and knocks down the enemy. Has damage higher than skill 6. Has 20% more PvP damage. Elements - Achiv and Selet. Effects - Deals negative effects on enemies, reducing defense and 60% damage over 3 seconds.
  8. Desert Court - no elements, no immunity, low damage and range. But there is a throwing of enemies. Effects - reduces the defense and movement speed of opponents.
  9. Breathing is the ranged skill with the longest animation. The hero summons 3 tornadoes, which do quite low damage, considering the time spent on the skill. Tornado chases and knocks enemies down. There is super armor. You can use the skill in the Arena to distract opponents while you kill others. There are no elements, but there are effects - an increase in the speed of movement of a tornado, an increase in the range of a tornado and its speed.
  10. Learning songs - gives basic regeneration, a positive effect on attack power, reduces skill recharge and evasion.
  11. Mirage - during the action of the Hassashin skill, become immortal during the journey, stuns enemies. As a result, the hero gets: stealth, mobility, control, vitality. Effects - reduces the enemy’s attack speed, reduces the recharge time of the ability.
Build for PvEPvP build
StormDouble air cut
High quality sandSwift attack
Swift attackSeasonal pillow

Black Desert Mobile: A Guide to Fletcher

Fletcher is a ranged class that uses a longbow and spear arrows for its weapons. This is somewhat similar to the Hunter’s kit, but slower and more powerful.

Fletcher has a variety of damage and mass skills. He has a lot of controls and knockdowns in his kit. Has 5 ranged and 2 melee abilities. Most of these abilities deal colossal damage. In the open world, the character has 6 immunities, and for the Arena there are 3 working immunities. Combines the Huntress’s evasion and the Archer’s combat power.


  1. Diamond Arrow - a volley of arrows is fired forward that pierce enemies. No immunity or control.
  2. Stunning Dash - after a short dash, fires a fast arrow that stuns the enemy on hit. Has super armor in the open field, but not in the Arena.
  3. Lightning sniper - jumps towards the target, uses a quick combination of powerful stun shots. The last shot is explosive, allowing Fletcher to perform a back flip and knock the enemy down. Has super armor on the open field and in the Arena.
  4. Blinding Arrow - shoots several arrows of Light around itself, thereby knocking back enemies. It’s kind of a melee skill. Partly useless for PvP, and has no immunity.
  5. Dragol’s Call is a powerful bolt that inflicts lethal damage to an enemy at a great distance, knocking them down. Has super armor in the open field and in the Arena.
  6. Light discharge - charges 6 arrows of Light, and shoots them. Deals huge damage, knocks the enemy down, has a healing effect. Has super armor in an open field.
  7. A perfect jump is a short jump, during which the hero fires several arrows at the ground. Performs an explosive backward jump and stuns the enemy. Another dodge explosion that is invulnerable in the open field and in the Arena.
  8. Merry Kill is a blow that knocks the enemy down. Has no immunity.
  9. Light Meteorite - Shoots a slow arrow with the force of a meteorite, which explodes upon contact with a target. Deals huge damage and knocks down.
  10. Sylvia’s Spear is the only skill that only uses an arrow - a spear. It is filled with the energy of Light, pierces the ground, thereby causing a powerful explosion around Fletcher. This skill stuns and knocks up enemies. Has super armor in an open field.
  11. Light Sovereign Effect - increases movement speed and critical hit chance.
Build for PvEPvP build
Diamond arrowLightning sniper
Stunning dashDragol’s Call
Lightning sniperPerfect jump
Light dischargeHilarious murder
Perfect jumpLight meteorite
Light meteoriteSylvia’s Spear
Sylvia’s SpearLight Lord effect

Black Desert Mobile: Stryker Guide

Striker’s main weapon is combat gloves. He is a combat master who uses his arms and legs to attack. This is a melee fighter with good mobility. The class is more suitable for PvE content. Mobility coupled with massive abilities gives him an excellent opportunity to kill ordinary monsters. Stryker performed well in Conquest. If you go through this mode, then you can just start the auto battle, and bounce at the right moment. As everyone knows that melee warriors have problems in Conquest, the Stryker can easily stand on bosses.

Striker is a common character, not particularly prominent in PvP and PvE. But it will suit gamers who love hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, you should not rely on the fact that he will tear and throw everyone in PvP.


  1. Gold and Steel - has the ability to stun, well suited for PvP and PvE. Very often used when approaching an enemy. In the Arena, this skill is first used, and then the target is overturned.
  2. Technology also has a stunning effect. It is a fast 6-hit lunge with good attack speed per second. But, unfortunately, it has no use in the Arena, but it is great for fighting bosses.
  3. Rusty Hook is a 6 hit combo. They try to use it absolutely everywhere, since it has a high attack speed and damage per second.
  4. Wind angle - knocks down the enemy. One of the most common skills. It is recommended to be used in combination in PvP and PvE.
  5. Knee kick - well suited at the beginning of PvP battles in order to get close to the enemy and carry out a certain combination. Therefore, this skill is great for any battle.
  6. Wolf in ambush - has a stunning effect. Only used in PvE and killing bosses.
  7. Kicking - Beats with a powerful kick at the target. Has a knockdown effect. This ability is used throughout the game.
  8. Rebound - used for dangerous moments, has a very wide range of uses. So whenever you feel like it smells fried, press Rebound and get away from your opponents’ super hits.
  9. Floorboard - Knocks and knocks the enemy down. This skill can be used until the moment you pump the Striker to level 70.
  10. Power is a normal hit with increased damage. Every good melee fighter should have his own grip. Striker was also not spared in this regard, so in PvP this ability is very necessary.
  11. The river forest is a cure. After reaching level 70, you will be given the opportunity to restore health points. At the same time, the ability increases your attack.

Striker should download Achiv and Labrif first. These 2 elements will show themselves well when you have a gem for a critical strike chance.

Build for PvEPvP build
Gold and steelGold and steel
TechnologyRusty hook
Rusty hookWind angle
Wind angleKnee kick
Wolf in ambushKick
River forestPower
River forest

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to the Sorceress

The sorceress is good for mass destruction of monsters. Has an unrealistic amount of control in PvP and PvE. Almost all of the magician’s abilities have a massive attack. It proved to be excellent at killing monsters, due to the ability to regenerate, which really restores a lot of health points.

A very large number of massive attacks from the Sorceress spread around her. Therefore, it does not issue damage in the direction of the target. Playing on the magician, you will have to run close to the enemy on bosses, and at this time the boss will inflict damage on the hero. But in most situations in the field or in mass PvP, and in the usual rating Arena, the skills that hit around the character allow quite good control of the attackers of the Valkyrie, Warrior and Giant. If the mage fights with the Archer, then victory can be hard to get.


  1. Magic offensive - deals damage when a button is pressed. The skill has a long time of use, during which the magician throws lightning at the enemy. It can be applied in most situations. Elements - Labrif and Aal.
  2. Fireball is a skill that deals damage. You can activate it 4 times in succession. Deals good damage in front of him, hits opponents if they are in a group.
  3. Dagger strike - deals a large amount of damage to 1 target. Do not use it in PvE battles.
  4. Lightning is an excellent skill for PvP and PvE, it has a lot of control over the enemy. The mage stops the target and then deals massive amounts of damage. Suitable for almost every situation.
  5. Wind waves - inflicts a roundhouse blow with a dagger. Hits all targets in front of him and deals massive damage.
  6. Harsh wind - releases a small hurricane, has a control effect. You can run up to 2 of them at the same time. You launch a hurricane, and all targets that stand in its path fall from their feet, while opponents will stop hitting you or casting a spell.
  7. Lightning Chain is a great skill for PvE. Deals a large amount of damage to targets around the mage. Has no control, but it is almost impossible to knock down the reading of this skill.
  8. Atonement is a negative effect for opponents, which reduces the defense of enemies, and allows you to deal more damage to you. The skill feels good in PvE, on bosses. Can be useful in PvP.
  9. Ice ball - releases an ice ball, it will freeze all targets that appear in front of the Sorceress. An excellent skill, the only thing if you use it on monsters, it is better suited for single purposes (for example, on bosses).
  10. Cold fog - has a control effect. Freezes all targets around the mage. At the same time, it has a lot of damage. Elements - Aal and Labrif.
  11. Aura Healing - appears at level 36. Heals the Sorceress and team members who are near you. It is recommended to use it at all times.
Build for PvEPvP build
Healing energyHealing energy
The magic answerThe magic answer
The bonds of the earthThe bonds of the earth
Cold fogCold fog
Meteor RainMeteor Rain
Chain lightningChain lightning
Powerful thunderstormFire ball
Lightning strikeLightning strike

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to Sword Art (Blader)

This character is somewhat reminiscent of a samurai - the destroyer. The character is easy to learn, he has good animation, that is, if you live a skill, then only his animation appears on the screen. The Sword Master has several types of combinations that restore health and increase defense. He’s very good at survivability. It also has good damage, has a sufficient number of critical hits and strong combinations.

He has a large number of abilities that enhance the Sword Master. It almost always has enhancing effects on attack and defense, as well as an ability that increases the probability of critical damage. An effect that increases health points appears periodically. This class is suitable for beginners to master the game.

The Sword Master has interesting mechanics. If you press the skill and hold the button for a long time, then this skill begins to beat in a different way.


  1. Lost kicks - roundhouse kick. This is a normal attack that deals good damage and slightly knocks back the enemy, who is in a state of shock for a few fractions of a second. More suitable for PvP content.
  2. Destruction - deals a normal blow, with an increased amount of damage. You can apply up to 2 hits. That is, when you hold down the button, the hero hits 2 times. And as long as you hold the button, the hero will beat continuously until you run out of spirit.
  3. Away - deals a normal blow, overturning the enemy. If you hold down the ability button for a long time, the hero will make a small combination of 8 hits. When you deal damage, the skill enhances your armor, the enemy gets bleeding. With each blow, the damage increases.
  4. Blind thrust - from a turn, the hero introduces a sword behind his back and deals damage. When hitting a target, the chance of a critical hit increases.
  5. Lava - causes a tornado. Can deal 3 hits. Reduces the attack speed of the enemy, increases the attack power of the Sword Master.
  6. Blind is an interesting skill. On impact, knocks over the enemy (both a monster and in the Arena). Shoots from a fairly long distance. Works great in PvP and PvE. It is recommended to use it in any combination. The ability triples damage from 1 hit. When faced with this skill, the enemy will not receive a supernatural negative effect, but will be knocked down.
  7. Feather throw - the hero makes a blow while bouncing from the enemy. When you start hitting in flight, the opponent briefly falls into a state of shock, and his skills are lost, while the Sword Master imposes a movement speed reduction on the enemy and lowers defense. Deals a good amount of damage.
  8. Grid Style - Deals 1 roundhouse kick. Can deal up to 7 hits. Deals increased damage. Deals a large amount of damage in any activity.
  9. Blue color - restores the hero a small amount of spirit, increases armor. When you attack your opponent, the target falls to the floor. Visually, the enemy lies on the ground for a rather long period of time. On 1 hit the Master dazes the target, and on 2 knocks them down. If you hit the enemy, damage will be done instantly.
  10. Reverse polarity - deals 80% damage, unfortunately, the skill does not give anything else.
  11. Staying safe is the only ability of the DM that works from the bow. But it can be used constantly in PvP. It does not do much damage. Holding down the button increases the damage. When hitting a target, its movement speed is reduced. For example, if the Archer is trying to control you, then you can activate this ability, which will knock the opponent’s reading skill.
Build for PvEPvP build
DestructionLost strikes
Blind prickAway
Grid styleFeather throw
Stay safeStay safe

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to the Warrior

The Warrior has the highest survivability in the game. They can kill green and orange monsters without using health cans. At medium levels, when other classes start having problems with survivability without cans, the Warrior can be put on monsters for a very long period of time, and not worry about him. They can also safely stand on bosses.

Many players associate Warriors as defenders, who have a lot of health points and fat armor, but they do very little damage. Then here you will not encounter this! He has a high attack rate than other classes. At the same time, he has enough skills that deal damage at a distance. In fact, half of the monsters fly away before they can reach you.

He’s just as good in PvP as he is in PvE, thanks to a lot of control.


  1. Strong blow - attacks the enemy in front of him, can inflict up to 7 hits while holding the skill button. Root the target on hit. Elements - Selet and Achiv.
  2. Cleave is a regular blow, does not grant control or immunity.
  3. Sword Mastery - Increases the damage of the basic attack. 7 hits can be dealt. When dealing damage, restores mana to itself. On the last blow, knocks back the enemy.
  4. Double kick - kick during a forward jump. Has the effect of knocking down the opponent.
  5. Crushing Blow - Performs a powerful attack. Has increased damage, damage in PvP from the skill is lower than in the field. Has super-armor on the field, has the effect of knocking back on 1 hit. Bonus attack while holding the ability button. Elements - Labriv and Aal.
  6. Bare Blade - Cuts through the air with a double blow. At level 10, additional damage appears when holding the button, and the effect of knocking back the enemy. Elements - Achiv and Aal.
  7. Hit the ground - makes a jump and with a powerful blow plunges the sword into the ground. Has invulnerability while jumping. Upon hitting the target - knocks it down. Elements - Achiv, Selet and Labrif.
  8. A deep blow is good for any situation. Imposes a rootedness on an opponent on hit. Has increased protection in front of itself. Effects - additional hit and increased critical hit chance.
  9. Shield Lunge - Works better in PvE than in PvP. Has the Front Defense effect. Effects - numbness, counterattack (in this case, the attack increases by 2 times), fainting and an additional blow.
  10. Grab and strike - after grabbing an opponent, throws him over his shoulder to the ground. You can take 2 throws. Has super armor and knockdown. Effects are applied to all enemies within a certain radius (increases with skill leveling). Effects - reduces the enemy’s defense, has an additional hit.
  11. Scream of rage - increases attack power and defense, deals increased damage. On hit, it can knock the enemy down. Effects - slowing down the enemy, speeding up the recharge of the ability, increasing the radius.
Build for PvEPvP build
SwipeGrab and strike
Naked bladeNaked blade
Crushing blowCrushing blow
Shield LungeShield Lunge
Cry of rageHit and throw
Hitting the groundHitting the ground
Piercing spearPiercing spear
Deep blowRapid dash

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to the Dark Knight

The hero recently appeared in the game on the global version. This is something between a magician and a Giant. As a melee character, he lacks mobility and survivability, but almost all of his skills restore mana. Has a lot of control. It showed itself better in PvP, weak on bosses. If you are going to destroy monsters for a long time, then you need to stock up on banks for health. Doesn’t really stand out in any way, an ordinary average hero.


  1. Sharp dagger - causes a powerful wave and attacks enemies in front of you. Has mediocre damage, but restores mana, and on hit, faints the enemy. Effects - causes the enemy to bleed, increasing the chance of a critical strike.
  2. Surge of Darkness - can be activated up to 2 times. Restores mana. While holding the skill, it will beat continuously until the spirit runs out. Effects - reduces the speed of movement of the enemy, increases the radius of the Knight’s attack.
  3. Craig Messer Mastery - Increases normal attack. Can be cast up to 3 times, restores mana.
  4. Wheel of Fortune - releases the energy of darkness. Good on the field and in the Arena. Has a tossing effect. Effects - increases the number of hits, increases damage. Elements - Achiv and Aal.
  5. Death Penalty - upon a successful attack, knocks the target into the air. Reduces enemy defense. Elements - Selet and Labryph.
  6. Treacherous attack - instantly moves to the highlighted target. Has super armor. Knocks up on 1 hit, and knocks down on the last hit. Reduces the attack speed of the enemy.
  7. Dark projectile - an attack from a distance, imposes a torpor on the enemy. On hit, reduces the enemy’s defense.
  8. Claws of Fury - Carries out a series of blows. While holding the skill, it can hit constantly. On the last attack, knocks back the enemy. Inflicts bleeding on the enemy, restores health points to itself. Elements - Selet and Aal.
  9. Spirit eater - restores mana and health points, increases attack.
  10. Extermination - hits enemies in front of you. Deals increased damage. Restores mana. On the last hit, throws up the opponent. Effects - increases the probability of a critical hit, reduces the attack speed of the enemy.
  11. Swinging Balance - Cuts the ground and delivers a powerful blow from below. Has the ability to toss. Effects - increases the number of hits and the range of the skill.
Build for PvEPvP build
EarthquakeBlack ash
Fury of the VedirFury of the Vedir
ExterminationSharp dagger
Wheel of FortuneDark projectile
Spirit eaterSpirit eater
Black ashEarthquake
Charm of KamasylviaCharm of Kamasylvia
Swaying balanceTreacherous attack

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to the Sorceress (Sorka)

This class has been waited for a very long time. There were many questions about her. Some are still there? For example, why did they cut some of the abilities that were in Korea? Because of this, the Witch did not make it into the top three, although she is good at PvP battles. Has many melee and ranged skills. To the control and power of the Sorceress frankly falls short. The survival rate is lower than that of the Warrior and Barbarian.


  1. Shadow blow - inflicts 2 blows with the foot, increases its attack.
  2. Long Night - instantly transport yourself to your chosen target. Has increased shock and numbness. Effects - additional attack (knockdown on a successful hit), increased defense and critical strike chance.
  3. Cutting the darkness - deals 4 hits, increases attack, restores mana.
  4. Shard of Darkness - creates shards of darkness (up to 3 pieces), which randomly impose positive effects on Sorka.
  5. A series of blows of darkness - deals 9 blows to the enemy, knocks up the opponent at the last blow. Effects - imposes bleeding, reduces the target’s defense.
  6. Fury of darkness - jumps forward and strikes the enemy. Good on the field and in the Arena. Has the effect of Front Defense and Knock Down. Effects - additional attack, slowing down the enemy, increasing the radius of the skill. Elements - Selet and Labryph.
  7. Waves of Darkness - Summons dark waves at enemies in front of you. Can make 3 attacks. Good on the field and in the Arena. Deals a series of attacks while holding the skill. Effects are slowdowns. Elements - Selet and Aal.
  8. The energy of evil is good on the field and in the Arena. Launches energy around itself, striking enemies in radius.
  9. Raven’s flame - surrounds itself with an aura and damages enemies. Has super armor. Good on the field and in the Arena. Effects - increases the radius of the ability, causes burns.
  10. Phantom of darkness - conducts evasion from attacks of opponents. Deals good damage. During the use of the ability, it is invulnerable, imposes numbness on 1 hit. Effects - increasing the number of hits, slows down enemies.
  11. Eruption of darkness - strikes with the energy of the enemy in front of him. Good in the open field. When an enemy is injured, knocks it up. Effects - additional attack, knocking down, increasing your attack. Elements - Aal and Achiv.
Build for PvEPvP build
Capturing energyThe energy of evil
Eruption of darknessWave of darkness
Prophecy of doomProphecy of doom
Long nightPhantom of darkness
Stream of the abyssRaven Onslaught
Night crowRaven flame
Raven flameNight crow
Fury of darknessFury of darkness

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to Barbarian (Giant)

Good and stable middle class. Has excellent survivability, but lower than the Warrior. Likes to beat with an ax and his fists. This is a melee hero. When he has an ax in his hands, the attack power increases several times. Therefore, it is better to use skills for his favorite weapon in all activities. Great class for beginners. He’s a simple guy, doesn’t have a lot of control, but his attack is higher than Sorki or the Sword Master.


  1. Beast Attack is a regular attack, if successful, the Barbarian knocks down the enemy. Effect - reduces the speed of movement of the enemy.
  2. Headbutt - knocks the opponent back with a headbutt . Has increased damage. Effects - reduces the target’s attack speed, restores mana and increases attack.
  3. Ax Mastery - increases the damage of the basic attack. Can make 2 hits. Has a chance to produce a powerful push against the opponent.
  4. Hunt for the Weakest - Pushes the enemy away with his shoulder, and then delivers a powerful kick. Effects - an additional attack with a possible knockdown, an increase in the probability of a critical hit.
  5. Furious attack - knocks back the enemy, then pulls back to itself. Has increased damage. Effects - an additional attack with a superhurone and a faint, increases the chance of a critical hit. Elements - Achiv and Labrif.
  6. Furious Destroyer - hits surrounding enemies with an ax blow to the ground. Conducts a series of attacks, knocks down enemies. Effects - additional attack and mana recovery. Elements - Aal and Selet.
  7. Falling rock - leaps into the enemy, inflicts a powerful blow and knocks down.
  8. Raging thunderstorm - inflicts a series of blows, good on an open field. Can deal 7 hits. Throws the opponent back. Elements - Labrif and Selet.
  9. Predator Hunt - conducts a series of strikes, is invulnerable during a jump, and knocks opponents down. Reduces target’s defense.
  10. Wind Wings is a powerful blow for PvP and PvE. Knocks down enemies. Effects - an additional attack with super armor, inflicts bleeding. Elements - Achiv and Selet.
  11. Stonecutter - cuts the enemy in a fit of rage. For PvP and PvE. Can knock down. Effects - increased defense and the number of hits.
Build for PvEPvP build
Raging thunderstormGrab and throw
Furious destroyerFurious attack
The wrath of the beastThe wrath of the beast
Hunt for the weakestHunt for the weakest
Lord of terrorLord of terror
Wind wingsWind wings
Furious attackPredator hunting
Through the lavaThrough the lava

Black Desert Mobile: Guide to Valkyrie

The hero is not new, but interesting. The percentage of the game for her is low, but in vain. She has a lot of control, and various buffs for herself and the team. It is designed more for mass PvP. It fights in close combat, has good survivability. But on elite monsters, she needs health banks. She quickly kills green monsters (she can not take banks for them). You can safely leave her alone for a long battle with monsters. A good stable class, suitable for beginners.


  1. A series of blows - several normal attacks, with a successful 2 hit can knock you down.
  2. Shatter of Light - Strikes with a sword up to 5 times. There is a chance to impose torpor. Effects - an additional attack with a superhurone and a faint, increases the chance of a critical hit.
  3. Light strike - increases the damage of the attack with the blade. Deals at the blow to the enemy.
  4. Shield Throw is a massive, powerful shield attack. Useful on monsters. Effects - reduces the speed of movement of the enemy, increases the number of their hits. Elements - Aal and Labrif.
  5. Sword of Justice is a regular hit, damage increases with each hit. Has super armor and fainting. You can create a combination with Heavenly Lance and Shield Chase, which activates super armor. Effects are an additional attack. Elements - Selet and Achiv.
  6. Shield Chase - Moves with lightning speed in any chosen direction. Has Front Defense and Root. Effects - increased defense and attack radius.
  7. Bright Light - summons the Light of Ellion, which destroys opponents in front of him. It can be used in any situation. While holding the skill, it deals several hits. Effects - increasing the probability of a critical hit, reducing the enemy’s attack speed. You can create a combination with Bright light.
  8. Light Cut - Wounds opponents at a decent distance with increased damage and knocking down. The effect is a burn. Elements - Achiv and Aal.
  9. Retribution - hits enemies on the ground. Has super armor and knockdown. Effects - reducing the attack of enemies and reducing their defense.
  10. Heavenly Spear - Throws a spear at an opponent. Suitable for the field and the Arena, but the damage is slightly higher on monsters. But in the Arena, the chance to knock down the target is higher (50%). The effects are burn and additional attack.
  11. Brilliant Charge - Deals powerful attacks on enemies. Can knock them down, has Front Defense. Effects - reduces the defense of opponents, increases the attack radius.
Build for PvEPvP build
Shield ThrowRetribution
Blinding lightBlinding light
Light cutSword of justice
Shield chaseShield chase
Ellion’s breathEllion’s breath
Bright lightBright light
Heavenly punishmentLight justice
Brilliant onslaughtBrilliant onslaught

Black Desert Mobile: Awakening Classes

Not so long ago, an update was released in the game, after which it became possible to strengthen the hero using Awakening. To awaken the hero, you need to go through several stages:

  1. You need to reach level 60 with your character.
  2. Get the Southwest Calpheon Pass.
  3. Complete the Awakening mission. It will appear in the list of tasks, and an icon will be lit at the top of the screen, reminding you of the completion of the mission.
  4. After completing the quest, you will be asked to choose one or another new hero class.

In principle, there is nothing difficult in Awakening, you just need to carefully read the terms of the assignment.

Best post-Awakening classes

Players often ask about the best class to choose after Awakening. For some, it is important to know what you will have to count on in the future game. Our rating goes from the weakest, in our opinion, class to the strongest.

  1. Paladin - She has no ranged or medium skills. The class sags a lot in massive PvP, the only bonus the hero has is mobility. It has an average rate of kills per minute on monsters (when compared with other heroes), or rather - 162 kills. Good for PvE content.
  2. Gladiator - skills have no distance, sags in PvP, as he is constantly close to enemies in a massive fight, at the moment when others retreat and strike the hero from a long distance, the Giant needs time to strike back. While he is running, he can be destroyed, or change position. But he has a higher rate of kills per minute than the Paladin - 164 units.
  3. Enchantress - She has medium range and evasion only abilities. Can be used in mass PvP, it will look good there thanks to massive attacks and mobility. She’s just great in PvE activities. Has the maximum number of destroyed monsters per minute - 177 units.
  4. Titan - in PvP it remains one of the worst classes, but in other respects it takes the lead. For this, he takes the middle place in the TOP. But for PvP, he has good combinations. In mass PvP, he showed excellent results, thanks to the ability to quickly strike and mobility. The Titan has the same number of monsters killed per minute as the Enchantress - 177 units.
  5. Vorozheya is a harmonious class that has never been in the forefront, but also did not follow in the tail. Stable middle class. She has excellent combinations of abilities, and good damage range. Her puddle skill has the longest range in the game. It doesn’t look so good in mass PvP, but it can fend for itself thanks to its high attack speed. It can kill 160 monsters per minute, which, in principle, is not so bad.
  6. The Striker is one of the classes that did not receive Awakening. But he’s great anyway. In PvP he is good, the most interesting and enjoyable class to play. It has everything but range. For massive fights, there are medium-range skills and a high attack speed. But not enough to move up the rankings. In PvE, Striker surprised us with his 168 kills per minute.
  7. The Queen of Darkness - proved to be excellent in PvP. It’s bad that the class doesn’t have ranged skills, but there are great skill combinations and traps for enemies. She has high evasion. In mass fights, she will need excellent mobility and good mass attacks. The queen sags on killing monsters - 162 monsters per minute.
  8. The Huntress is the most gifted class since the Awakening. The only hero who has everything for PvP: attack range, great easy combos, good dodge. She also performed well in mass mixes, has a high attack speed and massive damage, although she lacks mobility due to evasion. Has a result of 173 monster kills per minute (slightly below the Enchantress and Titan).

Black Desert Mobile: Coupons, Codes, Promo Codes

Where can I enter gift coupons?Coupons are entered in the Settings menu (lower right corner of the main screen), then click on the "Register coupon" button, after which the registration window will open. All gifts, after registering the code, come to the game mail.

If the gifts did not come, then you should register on the game page, which was created specifically for entering gift coupons. You can go to the page by the link - https://game.world.blackdesertm.com/coupon . Here you need to select the region in which you are playing, enter the name of your game account (clan) and coupon symbols.

Where can I get the coupon? Coupons can be found in the announcements posted on the game’s official website in the News section. You can immediately go to the list of news by following the link - https://www.world.blackdesertm.com/Ocean/News .


  1. UEWDVUCH34055254 is a gift bag for beginners.
  2. RAMOAMERICAFINAL - 300 pearls.
  3. PEARLABYSS10YEAR is a complete premium package for 28 days.
  4. AMERICACHAMPIONS - 100 boss scrolls.
  5. 6U5RDG74MBQ5 - Glory code (entered: menu - Attitude - Glory code)
  6. 2A1X4HEDKVJU - full premium account for 3 days, and a Chest of Darkness.
  7. SELFIEWITHCURSED - Freya’s coins.
  8. Bdmcafejoinevent - Chest of Darkness.
  9. Cafe500000thanku - Mythic Dark Chest.
  10. 6hundredthousand - Household Chest.
  11. 3SR77GZYO6LJ - Glory code.
Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

Black Desert Mobile: How to dress the hero correctly?


If you first came to the game, and have not previously played on such projects, then first you should go through the storyline, and put on those items that you drop out. If you yourself do not understand the equipment, the game has an "Auto-cast" button (in the lower right corner of the hero’s menu), by clicking on which, you will automatically dress your warrior in the best items. All these things you will get in the storyline, as well as knock out from worthy monsters, from bosses, in the shop of Shakatu, spinning the wheel for ancient gold.

Thus, you can not worry about your ammunition up to level 50. But at level 50, all your items should be at least purple. If for some reason you do not have enough purple parts, we advise you to buy them on the stock exchange. But this must be done as follows: For example, you do not have enough armor. At the auction, you should select the "Armor" tab and find the epic variety in the table.

In no case do you need to buy an expensive purple item, because in the future you will need to change your equipment to yellow. You will soon give up epic equipment, as you need it for the first time. It is recommended to buy the cheapest items. You have a task - to buy a certain gold ammunition, so you need to save up silver.

After you have collected 6 purple purple items at level 50, you continue to quietly swing up to level 55. Starting at this level, all your equipment should be gold. If you already have some yellow parts, then you are advised to buy the missing parts from the market. This time, you should do the same as in the case of purple items - buy the cheapest parts. This ammunition is temporary. After you collect gold equipment, you need to collect TOP ammunition.

What is the difference between a TOP item? For example, there is Grunil Armor in the game, which is considered the best yellow item. At first glance, it is no different from an ordinary gold piece. But it has 2 slots for gems, as a result, you can insert 2 stones instead of 1, thereby significantly increasing the BS. This is what makes TOP equipment different.

We recommend that you fully assemble the Grunil kit. TOP main weapons should also have 2 slots for crystals.

Let’s say you have assembled a TOP set of equipment. What’s next? You need to start collecting orange items. These things are better than Grunil anyway. They all have 2 slots for stones.

The best orange set is Grunil’s Ultimate Armor. We advise you to immediately collect TOP ginger items. The best primary weapon is the Liberto (for all hero classes).

Items of the red type can only be obtained from bosses (at the time of this writing).

Crystals - Experienced players strive to collect stones that raise attack or defense. If you choose between these 2 types of gems, then protection is your priority. The rest of the stones are simply not needed. Therefore, you can safely generate them through the Black Spirit, as a result, you can randomly receive a crystal for attack or defense.


At the moment, it is important to collect blue jewelry, and pump it to level 7. Your best bet is to assemble the Tyrion kit. To upgrade jewelry, you need to get exactly the same piece of jewelry.

After you have a BS of 2300, further increases in combat strength will be difficult. Here you need to start pumping an additional hero, and go through the storyline with them. This will happen very quickly, since you will already have collected all the good ammunition that can be worn from level 1 to an auxiliary fighter. In the story, you will knock them out more parts of Tyrion’s jewelry. Thus, you will be pumping blue decorations.

We advise you to jump over purple jewelry immediately. That is, you do not need to buy and pump it. Your task is to collect 3 parts for attack speed and 2 parts for critical damage of golden jewelry.

But yellow decorations increase 3 stats. Therefore, you can spend the rest of the parts on the missing indicators at your discretion. Your hero should have the maximum critical strike chance and attack speed. Above the established limit, you will not be able to increase these characteristics. Therefore, it is advised to add up all the indicators of ammunition items so that there are no extra units of basic positions. It is better to donate some part of the jewelry and focus on another parameter (for example, health). But don’t waste your critical hit chance and attack speed.

If you have collected 5 pieces of gold jewelry, then it will not be profitable for you to pump it, since this pleasure is very expensive. Better to aim for 2 red and 3 yellow parts. Redheads do not have to be pumped at all (pumping costs exorbitant means), and the yellow parts can be gradually increased in level. In this case, you will have good BS performance.

Damage categories:

  1. Aal - increases the damage of the skill.
  2. Selet - increases hits on the target.
  3. Achiv - gives a chance to deal additional damage.
  4. Labrif - increases the critical hit chance of the skill.

Aal is considered the main effect, as it increases the damage of abilities. If you see this effect, then you should select it in 1 queue For example, when studying a skill, you will be offered the direction of its development Aal or Achiv. You need to choose Aal.

Crystals are considered good if they have Aal damage as an additional property. The second most important of the effects is Afiv, as it increases the chance to inflict critical damage.

Black Desert Mobile: Where to get BS?

If you know where to get your BS (combat strength), you can easily increase it every day, and your productivity in all activities will increase.

Combat Strength is the most important stat in the game. There are equally important indicators - this is the critical damage chance and attack speed. But if you come across a situation where, when you change an item, your critical attack chance or attack speed decreases by several units, but your BS increases. At this point, you start to wonder if it’s worth changing your gear at all. Worth it! If your BS grows, it doesn’t matter what you lose in stats, but your efficiency will greatly increase.

This is how the mechanics of the game work. If your opponent in the Arena has more BS by 100 - 150 units, of course he can be defeated, but this will be very problematic. Damage to it will be extremely difficult. That is, BS plays a key role, and sometimes it is necessary to move other indicators.

How does this happen? For example, you put on Shamir’s gloves that reduce attack speed by 2%. But due to the fact that the protection indicator on gloves is much higher than on the previous ones, you will raise the BS. BS responds very well to raising the indicators of Defense and Attack. That is why experienced players focus on them. The same thing happens with weapons.

Therefore, if you are faced with a situation where you lose some indicators, but your Attack or Defense increases, it is recommended to choose the second options, because they will increase the BS indicators.

How is the BS formed?

To answer this question, go to your inventory and click on the "Composition of the BS" button. After that, a table will open, in which you can see the overall indicator of combat strength. On the left side is the clan’s BS, and on the right is the hero’s BS. When these 2 indicators are added together, a common BS is obtained.

The level of the main skill - these include the personal skills of your hero, namely the level of their pumping. The higher the level of the ability, the more BS you will get. Therefore, it is very important to register as many Mastery Books as possible. Most of the books you will receive by killing (farming) monsters. Do not forget to deal with your knots that are in your camp. You can also get a small number of books from them. You should definitely visit the Magic Shop, and always buy up all the chests that are sold for silver.

General equipment indicators:

  1. Suit - in order for you to have the opportunity to create a suit, according to the plot you need to meet with the boss Uraka and defeat him. After that you will be able to build the "Dyehouse" structure. Here you can create armor in the form of a suit, and weapons. After you put on the suit, the appearance of the hero will change, and the characteristics will slightly increase. Everything you need to create a golden costume is in the recipe.
  2. Equipment - Only the top 6 items in the warrior menu are related to equipment. The better the rarity of the equipment and its sharpening, the more it will add BS.
  3. Jewelry - these include 5 pieces of jewelry: ring, belt, pendant, earring and bracelet.
  4. Relic - if there is an attack or defense on it, then the BS reacts more to defense. And in the relic it is best to look for the additional property "Damage Aal" (Sacred Aal). Once a day in the Pearl Shop you can get a relic for free.
  5. Crystals are the stones that you put into your equipment. BS responds well to attack and defense. Therefore, you should try to focus on these characteristics in order to raise the BS.
  6. The seal of magic is located in the Black Spirit, and due to the fact that you feed purple and higher items to the Spirit, you get an increase in magic, for which you randomly receive bonuses to characteristics. Here the BS also responds well to attack and defense. With the help of the Seal of Magic, you can return the lost characteristics at the expense of equipment.

Additional development effects:

  1. Open abilities - to view statistics, you need to go to the health indicators (at the bottom of the screen). Then a menu with Open abilities will appear. When the base BS of your hero becomes 1900 and above units, you will automatically receive 1 level of discovery, which will give you +50 units to attack and defense. When you open a level, the required base BS is indicated without any bonuses.
  2. Equipment resonance - it can be viewed in the same menu as Open abilities. Here, for a certain pumping of equipment, additional units will be given to the characteristics.
  3. Jewelry resonance is the same as with equipment.
  4. Jewelry Class Resonance - you can view it in Jewelry Resonance by selecting the "Class Resonance" tab. To get 1 resonance, you need to install at least 2 legendary jewelry. Maximum 6 resonance requires 6 mythical ornaments.
Be sure to go through Generation Geass, on some bosses you will have the Knowledge effect pumped. When the scale is full, you will be given +10 to attack, therefore, you will receive 10 units of BS. There are bosses who upgrade defense. Also, do not forget to go to World bosses, when you kill them a certain number of times, then you increase your attack and defense.

Black Desert Mobile: Hero Tracks

Hero Footprints items were added to the game in one of the latest updates. They can be found in the following regions:

  1. South Media.
  2. North Media.
  3. Western Valencia.

There is no description for the item, except that "this item will be available later." The red color of the resource indicates that this item is of high value and extremely useful.

To find out what this game material is for, we decided to go to the Korean server. On it, in contrast to the global server, all updates appear much earlier. But on the voiced locations, we did not find Traces of the hero. And we found a resource in the section for creating equipment. Thanks to the Footprints of a Hero, you can craft all the red items of equipment that do not drop from bosses, except for the main and secondary weapons. The section on crafting ammunition was recently added to the game on the global version. But in the Korean version of the game, the hero tracks are yellow.

Where do the Traces of Heroes come from in Korea, since they do not drop out in the regions? After you have Hadum (it is not on the global version), then interaction with a new artificial intelligence character (NPC) is added. You can find him in the city by the purple designation in the upper left corner of the location screen. With this NPC, you should exchange special coins (mined from monsters in Hadum mode) for Hero Tracks.

Hero footprints are needed to create red items that do not drop from bosses. If you have already knocked out this material, then you should leave it until the moment when the opportunity to interact with it is introduced into the game.

Black Desert Mobile: How To Make A Lot Of Silver?

At the moment, you can buy almost any item for your character at the auction. You can coolly dress your warrior in TOP items, having only silver, except for jewelry, since it is impossible to buy it for silver. Accordingly, beginners have a question: how to earn a lot of silver? We want to show you several ways to make money, but they will not concern small amounts.

Participation in the Arena

Here you will receive a certain amount of silver for every 10th level of the Arena. The higher your Arena level, the more silver you will receive. For level 10 you will be given 300,000 silver and 3 pearls. In the future, you will receive much more.

At the same time, you do not need to win in the Arena. That is, you came to the Arena at the start of the game (it opens at level 18), therefore, you are still weak and cannot constantly win. But, nevertheless, for each battle (successful or not) your Arena level will be pumped. If you often engage in battles, then your Arena level will increase, and you will earn a lot of silver by level 20. Which is very good at the initial stage of the game.

The Arena has daily tasks for completing which, you will receive a certain amount of silver and other resources.

Farm in AFK mode

Farming is the execution of certain repetitive actions in the game aimed at obtaining certain benefits (resources, items, currency). Mostly farming is done on the monsters of the campaign.

Having entered the world map, you need to decide on worthy monsters, which are divided into several types:

  1. Grays are the weakest monsters for you at the moment. You will receive nothing for killing them. You can see the color of the monsters on the map in the Mode - Monsters section.
  2. White ones are a little stronger than gray ones, but for you they are already weak, nothing falls from them either.
  3. Green - these monsters can be safely killed and get from them the full amount of experience that he gives, therefore, the full number of items that can be knocked out of him. The advantage of these monsters is that you can kill them without using cans with health. At the start of the game, you often have to buy bottles that restore health points in battle. Therefore, it is recommended to look for green monsters and kill only them.
  4. Orange - these monsters are stronger than you in strength, so the battle with them can end with a 50x50 probability. Some characters, for example, a warrior, can cope with these monsters without health cans. But if you play with other classes, then be prepared for the fact that you will spend a lot of money on the purchase of reducing agents.
  5. Red - there are 2 options for the development of events: either you can kill monsters using cans, or you shouldn’t touch them at all, since they are much more powerful than you.

When you farm decent mobs, you will drop items that you can sell for a good amount to any merchant in the city or village.

Completing the assignment. Once you decide on the region in which you will kill monsters in AFK mode, then pay attention to the minimap. If at the beginning of the location there is a blue icon (an exclamation mark above the statue), then this means that you can take this task an unlimited number of times. You need to run up to the statue, press the "Use" button. After that, you will receive a task. Whichever location you choose, you can find a similar task in it. For completing the quest, you will receive a certain amount of silver, ancient gold and other resources.

The advantage of this task is that you will not notice when farming how you are doing it in parallel. As soon as you fulfill the necessary conditions, an inscription appears on the screen stating that the mission has been completed. Next, the Black Spirit will offer you to do it again. And you do not need to constantly run to the statue, thereby wasting time. At the same time, you can take this quest an infinite number of times.

As soon as you have grown from the current location, then you simply close this task with a cross. We recommend repeating the same in another location.

How to farm in AFK mode?

AFK literally translates as "moved away for a minute", that is, the game is running, but at this moment you are not nearby, and everything that happens in the game is done without your participation.

How to transfer things? In order to start farming in this mode, you need to empty your bag as much as possible. The more free space you have, the more things you can put in your inventory. To do this, you need to go to the Camp, select the Warehouse (building), and transfer all the items to the warehouse. You can only leave pet food and health potions. Then you should press "Selection mode", and start shifting objects. In the future, from the warehouse, you can take any thing with your other characters (if necessary). You can also transfer equipment, weapons, stones and more.

Then you need to decide on worthy monsters (we wrote about this above). After you have chosen a monster, you should press the "auto" button, and the horse will take you to the monsters on its own.

You should choose a group of monsters that are heaped enough so that you can get as many of them with mass skills.

How do I enable autoboy? After you have approached the desired monsters, you need to tune in to automatic battle so as not to drag opponents manually. To do this, at the bottom of the screen, next to the scale of health and mana, there is a button "AUTO". After clicking on it, your hero will fight on his own until he is killed.

During your absence, some pets will collect items dropped from monsters. When choosing an animal to collect, you need to pay attention to its collection rate. The collection rate depends on your pet’s generation.

The more pets you have activated, the more items you pick up at a time.

The downside is when your animals get hungry, they will stop lifting things. Therefore, you need to go in and feed the pets approximately every 2 hours.

After you have made sure that your hero is stably standing on the selected monsters, you need to go to the main menu, select the "Energy saving" section. After that, your screen will go out, but the game will be launched, and the hero will continue killing. This is to prevent your phone from consuming a lot of power. But if you close the game, the farming will stop.


In your location, you need to find the "Ranch" building. If you do not have it yet, then continue along the storyline, engage in the camp, and later, you will have the opportunity to build it. In the Ranch, you will raise livestock.

We recommend raising sheep. Of course, they are more expensive to buy than chickens, but in the end, you can justify the entire purchase of sheep for 1 good harvest.

The Sheep takes up 2 slots on the Ranch. Accordingly, at the 4th level of the building, you can raise up to 7 animals. The higher the level of the Ranch, the more animals you can have, the more profit you get.

If you deal with chickens, then you have the opportunity to get a random golden egg. It can be sold to any vendor for 200,000 silver. But from sheep there is an opportunity to get a golden fleece, which costs 500,000 silver. You spend practically nothing here, but you can earn decent money.

Passage of missions. The "Conquest of the Voice" activity should be completed more often. Here you will receive a huge variety of different buns, in addition to the fact that you can earn a lot of silver, ancient gold and necessary items. Also, you will pump the Knowledge effect, which gives a bonus to attack, defense and health points. Killing bosses regularly will give you a great boost in Silver.

Node management. At the moment there are 5 nodes. The more nodes you open, the more passive income you have. Several thousand silver can be withdrawn from each node. Plus, here you can get trophies that you can sell and earn silver. Spending a couple of minutes on collecting resources, and distributing jobs to jobs, you can make good money.

Exchange (auction, market). It is on it that you can (if you succeed) really get rich, but only if you have luck with the drop of rare items. Here you will have to spend a certain amount of time, because the exchange needs to analyze prices, and constantly check how much the value of items is falling. The higher the rarity of the lot, the more money can be raised.

New class. This type of earnings is relevant only when a new class appears in the game. Prior to the appearance of the hero, the developers announce him one month before the release date. These characters have no primary or secondary weapons in the game yet. The rest of the items are suitable for any class.

As soon as the announcement of a new hero came out, you should save up ancient gold and not spend it on anything. Next, you need to wait for the release of a new character. As soon as he appears in the game, you must create an additional character (new class) on your main account. And already having entered the game from this class, go to Shakatu’s shop, and spend all the accumulated ancient gold on the roulette wheel with the main weapon. If you come across a purple or higher weapon, then for it you can earn a lot of money on the stock exchange. The item will be taken away immediately, even if you put a very impressive price, since the game does not yet have a decent weapon for the new class. In the future, if you want to play with this class, then in 1 - 2 months the price of the weapon for it will greatly drop, and you will buy yourself a good weapon 5 times cheaper than you put in the beginning.


Fishing is required to obtain silver. The better the fish you caught, the more expensive it was sold. You can also feed your workers in the Camp with fish. The more often you fish, the higher the level of your fishing skill, the better fish you can catch, and the higher the fishing speed.

Fish can be caught on maps with a fish icon. You can see the details of the location on the mini-map of the current location. Fish are caught near the water anywhere in the reservoir. As soon as you come to the water, you will have a fishing rod (but you must buy it in advance from the merchant).

How to fish? The fishing process is not difficult, you need to throw a fishing rod. At some point, a float symbol will appear in the lower right corner. You need to click on it, and a scale will appear. To catch a waterfowl, you need to tap on the indicator at the moment when it is in the green zone.

Black Desert Mobile: Amazon Prime - how to get it?

The game is constantly running a promotion, which was created by the game developers in conjunction with the management of the Amazon Internet cinema. The essence of the promotion is that you need to subscribe. For this, each player receives a valuable gift. But some seasoned players have found a loophole to collect all the prizes. To do this, you need to register and subscribe several times. How to do it for free? Now we will tell you this.

"For 1 clan, confirmation of 1 Amazon account is possible." What does this mean? For each award, you must register again at the cinema. In order not to bother too much with this, we advise you to decide on the most necessary rewards, and register when you have reached the desired chest through the promotion.

"After the specified period has elapsed, no award can be received." For example, you currently have 1 reward available to you. The description for the prize indicates the period of validity of this award. If you stretch out over the time of its receipt, and register later, you will receive 2 prizes, and 1 you will not be able to pick up.

How do I go through the free registration process?

So that you don’t have any problems, do everything through your phone. No need to register through the emulator. To register you need to click on the "Login with" button in the event. After that, the registration window will appear. On the first line, you need to specify a name. Line 2 contains an email address that has not previously been registered with Amazon. After that, you need to come up with a password for yourself. Next, click on the yellow button. Captcha may appear on the screen from time to time. Just enter the characters and proceed further. As a result, you will be taken to a window where you will need to confirm the entered email address. A digital confirmation code will be sent to it.

If you have passed the verification, then you need to go to the Play Market (App Store) and download and install the Amazon Prime Video application. After starting the program, you need to select Russian. Then you need to specify the email address that you entered during registration and the same password. Once in Amazon you need to click on the "Start Free Trial" button. Here you will have a monthly subscription. Don’t be intimidated by the cost of the subscription. The main thing is to have a positive balance on the card. The card must be linked to the Play Market or App Store. You simply click on "Start 7-Day Free Trial". The money will not be charged from you! They will take it off only after 7 days, but here you should cheat, because after receiving the gift, you should cancel the subscription. As a result, you will not spend a single ruble!

Once you’ve signed up for a free subscription, you must enter the Amazon event and collect your reward. In order not to be charged with money, you need to go to Google Play, go to Settings, and here select the Subscriptions section. In the window you need to select Amazon Prime, and click on the "Remove" button under the application. Then confirm the action "Delete subscription". If you are playing with an iPhone, you also need to remove the subscription in the App Store.

By completing all the steps, you are not violating the terms of use of the game. Since you subscribed to the app, used it and didn’t like it, then you uninstalled it.

Black Desert Mobile: How to start playing?

Should I start playing in the near future on the project? We often receive such questions in the mail about BDM. Now we will try to answer it, and at the same time we will give some recommendations for beginners. In order to save your time, we can unequivocally answer - yes, it is worth playing this game.

If you decide to play BDM, we recommend that you start mastering it immediately on the Korean version. The only drawback in this option is the lack of Russian and English. But if you start playing in the BlueStacks emulator on a PC (the download link is given at the beginning of the article), then there will be no problems with translation, since a translator is built into the emulator. Read more about BlueStacks translation options in our article - https://wisegeek.ru/aad/perevod-igr .

There are many Russian-speaking guilds in Korea, each clan, as a rule, has its own Discord channel, where they can explain everything to you, and you will soon be guided in the game like a fish in water. And stop paying attention to the absence of the Russian language. If English was present in Korea, then most gamers would leave the global server and calmly play in Korea. And how you can develop your character on the Korean server, on Global you will not be able to come to this even after six months.

If you decide to play on Global, then you need to decide on the choice of server. We recommend playing on Velya as it is the most active server. You can use Delphi, but we do not recommend playing Valenos (few people and no Russian-speaking players).

After choosing a server, you will need to select a character class. We recommend choosing an Archer, Sorceress or Warrior. These are 3 classes that dominate all activities of the game.

How is the game open to newbies? The developers are trying to attract a new audience, as well as return the old one, so at the start of the game you will get a lot of good buns. At the moment, there are always events in the game that are available only to beginners. Now newcomers to the project, players are given many scrolls, bonuses and great items. In general, everything has been done for a quick start.

How to level up fast?

Why do you need to quickly get level 70?

  1. For each level you get an additional BS.
  2. At level 70, a + 10% bonus to item drops from monsters appears.
  3. At level 70, you gain a battle buff called Healing, which each class will have.

The most important thing that you should decide on is the choice of a place for farming (we wrote about this above). In addition, it can be noted that it is better to choose the regions in which the golden books for skill leveling drop out.

It is best to choose a location where there are no other players nearby. Your main goal is to gain experience, and in this case, we do not recommend sharing. Before killing monsters, it is best to eat soup and bagels, which give you long-term positive effects.

Tips for getting ready for the experience:

  1. Your pets will help you a lot in pumping, it is best to choose animals that give a bonus on field combat experience.
  2. It is necessary to bond the Brotherhood with other players, since in addition to experience, you get a bonus to attack and defense.
  3. It is best to take a horse into battle with you to attack. And don’t forget to renew the effects with horses.
  4. In the Camp in the Altar of Relics, you can go to the "rich experience" tab, it must be regularly pumped.
  5. You should build a Statue in the Camp to gain experience, if you still do not have one.
  6. You should enable "Rogue mode" before farming, where other players can kill you, but you get 5% more experience (we do not recommend betting on night farming).
  7. You should customize the skill build for PvE (we gave our recommendation for the placement of skills above).
  8. Developers often arrange "Hot Time" promotions, during which you will get more experience. Therefore, we advise you to make the most of these events.

How to catch a horse?

Before you catch yourself a battle mustang, you need to go to the Merchant in any huge city. To find a seller, you need to click on the name of the settlement, after which a list will appear, and the seller we need will be indicated by a green exclamation mark. For example, in the village of Trent, the merchant’s name is Bevel.

Before capturing a horse, you need to stock up on some resources:

  1. Rope for taming a horse - without it you will not catch your four hoofed friend. Better to take 10 pieces.
  2. Brown sugar - increases the chance of catching a horse by 10%. You can take several pieces to increase the likelihood of taming.

Also in your Camp you need to build a Stable.

How to find the habitat of horses? To find horses, you should look at the mini - map. On it, the place where you will find the horses is highlighted with a blue horse head icon. Then you should go to the map, select the "Monsters" section and go to this place.

If you came to the place, but did not find horses, then do not worry, they appear very often.

How to tame a horse? You should approach the horse, the "Catch Horse" icon should appear. It is required to click on the icon, after which a lasso symbol will appear in the lower right corner. You should unwind the rope a little and tap on the lasso. Then you should wait a few minutes. But don’t waste time. It is best to look for horses of rank 2 and higher.

After you have approached the horse, you should feed him the sugar cubes several times. Then you should click on the lasso, and go into a simple mini-game. The rules are very simple - you need to keep the toggle switch in the allocated range (using the movement joystick). By filling 3 slots with green balls, you will tame your horse.

Horse generation enhancement. You need to have 2 horses of the same rank with the most pumped levels. Before crossing horses, it is required to remove all ammunition. Then you need to click the "Exchange" button, and put the selected horses.

Black Desert Mobile: How to play in Korea?

For Android

Option 1. The method works for a mobile phone and for a PC if you play through an emulator. To play in Korea, you need to download "bdm kr apk", which is the Korean version of apk. You can download the valid version from the link https://apkpure.com/ .

After opening the link, just click on the "Download apk" button. After the download of this file is finished, you will need to install it on your phone. To do this, just click on the "Install" button. If the installer asks for permission, then give it all permissions. If you are installing on a computer, then you will have to transfer this file to the emulator, and an automatic installation will occur.

After installation, you need to go into the game and download the basic data. The archive weighs 5 GB. The download time will take a very long time (depending on your internet speed), since this is the Korean version. After downloading, you can safely log into the game on the Korean server.

Option 2. For this method, you need the Qooapp application, which can be downloaded from the link https://qooapp.ru.uptodown.com/android/download . This is a kind of Play Market, only for Asia. After installing the program, you write the name of the game in its search engine, and download the Korean version of the game.

For iPhone

To access Korea from iPhone, you just need to change the region in the App Store. To do this, go to Settings, select your name, then look at the Apple ID (you may need to log in). Then you need to change the country / region by selecting the appropriate command. Here you need to select Korea, and view the "Terms and Conditions", after reading you need to click on "Agree" (in the upper left corner). Then "Agree" again to confirm.

After that, your App Store changes to Korean. Next, you just need to download the game. After installation, you can again change the country back in the Settings, and calmly play and update.

Black Desert Mobile: Tips from the Wise Geek

How to improve the graphics? The settings will be relevant not only for emulators, but also for mobile devices. To improve graphics, you need to go to Settings. In the "Game" tab, you can turn off the display of animations of other players, which will significantly relieve the device above and improve performance.

In the graphics section, if you have a powerful device, we recommend setting all settings to maximum. Here each player puts the settings "for himself". UI size - is responsible for the size of the game interface, if necessary, you can enlarge the image.

To remove the soapy (blurry) image, you need to go to the "Effect" tab. This is where the effect of how to make the graphics an order of magnitude higher is hidden. Here you should turn off "Shake Effect" and "Darkening", turn off "Shine" and "Screen Optimization". You can turn off vibration and experiment with filters yourself.

How do I delete a character? The moment you choose a hero for the game, at the bottom of the screen, brief information about the current fighter is given. There is a red icon next to the hero’s name. By clicking on it, you will remove the warrior. But the character is not deleted immediately, if you unintentionally deleted him, then you can return him back within 3 days.

How do I disband a guild? If you are the creator of a clan, and decided to leave the game, or are tired of owning an alliance for some reason, then you can dissolve the alliance. To do this, go to the "Guild Management" section, in the window that appears, click on the "Dissolve the Guild" button. After which your clan will cease to exist.

How to get into the Nightmare? This location is located in the South Media region at the very top of the Lava Dava map. Through them you can get to the territory of the Nightmare. There is a mark here that recommends entering at 3600 BS (shown in the picture).

Article author: Evgeniya G.