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Bleach Immortal Soul WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

BLEACH: IMMORTAL SOUL is an Android game with release date 03/25/2020 from OASIS GAMES LIMITED. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Promo Codes, Trade Codes, Promo Codes
  2. Tier List, Top Best Characters
  3. Secrets of Getting Started Right
  4. Guide to the formation and classes of heroes
  5. Proper leveling
  6. All About Teams
  7. Timed Events
  8. VIP Points and Donation Guide
  9. Story Campaign Guide
  10. Seireitei Challenge Guide
  11. Ultimate Challenge Walkthrough
  12. Shinigami Daiko
  13. Arena Guide
  14. Character Recruitment Secrets. Machine
  15. Missions - an additional source of rewards
  16. Squad Guide
  17. Ratings Review
  18. Player account. How to make a nickname colored?
  19. Friends & Chat
  20. Backpack Review
  21. Shops in game
  22. Conclusion

Bleach Immortal Soul: Promo Codes, Trade Codes, Promo Codes

Where to enter? To enter the code, go to System Settings (gear icon in the upper right corner) and scroll down to the "Other" section. Click the "Exchange Rewards" button, enter the code and click "Yes". In addition to Hero Shards, most of the codes provide gold and gift bags. Here are actual examples of such codes:

  1. Momo0603 - shards of Momo.
  2. AIZEN0529 - Aizen ’s shards.
  3. TESSAI0512 - shards of Tessai.
  4. Marechiyo0505 - shards of Omaeda.
  5. Grim0731 - shards of Grimmjow.
  6. Kensai0730 - shards of Kensei.
  7. BLEACHTV - 100 Soul Tokens, 10K gold and 50 second class tonic potions.
  8. 9HCO5PTP - 50 Soul Tokens, 5K gold, 2 coins for the Machine.
  9. RETSU0421, BLEACH2020 - 10 Soul Tokens.
  10. BLEACHPRE, 60ZPG4PK, 5NSO3P70, L83WCSG5, 4V18JTP6 are exclusive rewards.
Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

Often, new promo codes appear in the official groups of the game and are timed to coincide with the holidays and giveaways among players for likes, retweets, posting photos, etc. Subscribe to the official communities, their addresses:

Bleach Immortal Soul: Tier List, Top Best Characters

Based on our observations and taking into account the recommendations of the world community of players, we have prepared Tier lists of the best heroes in the game, distributing them into 3 categories. Use these guidelines when building your constructions.

Tier List-1. The strongest heroes

  1. Aizen;
  2. Zangetsu;
  3. Kenpachi;
  4. Yamamoto;
  5. Byakuya.
Keep in mind that these heroes are the hardest to get. Their presence in the ranks is the best solution in the later stages of the game.

Tier List-2. Strong heroes

These heroes will be excellent combat support throughout the game. You can get many of them at the very beginning. These include:

  1. Ichigo;
  2. Kyoraku;
  3. Tessai;
  4. Matsumoto;
  5. Unohana;
  6. Soi-Fon;
  7. Yoruichi.

Tier List-3. Medium-strength heroes

These heroes cannot be called strong, but they are clearly not weaklings. With the right leveling, they will show themselves well in battles, especially in the early and middle stages of the game.

  1. Urahara;
  2. Rukia;
  3. Orihime;
  4. Komamura;
  5. Toshiro;
  6. Renji;
  7. Yachiru;
  8. Mayuri;
  9. Tycsen;
  10. Gin;
  11. Jushiro;
  12. Sasakibe;
  13. Yumichika;
  14. Him;
  15. Syuhei.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Secrets of Getting Started Right

Taking the right first steps will help you continue to play successfully and overtake others in the ratings. Below are three main points.

1. Choose the right server. Moving to a new server gives you a chance to replay and avoid repeated mistakes in pumping, spending currency, etc. If you are a beginner and found out about opening a new server - think about changing. In a new place, you will start the game all over again, but you will be more experienced than the rest, you will be able to get into the TOPs of temporary events and get the highest rewards.

Don’t forget to link your game account to your Google Play account. This way you can play from multiple devices and protect yourself from crashes and accidental loss of progress.

2. We spend a lot of time playing. The most important thing is the first 2 days. During this period, you get to know the game, form a formation, discover activities, swing, move along the plot. Get ready to play a lot in the early days. It is best to choose non-working days for immersion in the game, with a maximum of free time.

3. Correctly set up the phone. It is best to set low quality graphics and frame rate - 30. If you play from your phone, you will not notice any difference, but you will save your device’s battery.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Guide to the formation and classes of heroes

Hero classes. All heroes of the game have a class that determines their strength and pumping limit:

In the early and middle stages of the game, it makes sense to focus on pumping SR and R-class heroes in order to form a good formation out of them. Use the Wise Geek’s Tier List to select heroes.

The structure and types of characters in it. There are 3 types of formation: for the main dungeon, the elite dungeon and the Arena. Fighters in the formation are divided into attack, skill and defense characters. Each type has a definite effect on fighters of a different type: an attack restrains a skill, a skill restrains defense, and a defense restrains an attack. This is shown schematically in the figure below:

When autobuilding, the system itself selects the optimal fighters for the formation. Don’t forget to confirm the composition of the tuning by clicking "Save". Update autobuilding as you level up and get new heroes.

Building bonuses depending on Souls. In the system, each character belongs to a certain Soul. The presence in the formation of heroes with the same Souls contributes to the opening of additional bonus effects in battle:

SoulBonuses from having 2 charactersBonuses from having 4-6 characters
Green DragonIncrease the coefficient. crit of all fighters by 4%.Increase the coefficient. crit of all fighters by 4%. Increases the crit power of all characters in the formation by 1%. Increase the damage from the first ultimate of all characters in the formation by 5%.
White tigerIncrease the coefficient. damage of all soldiers by 3%.Increase the coefficient. damage of all soldiers by 3%. Increases the attack of all soldiers in the formation by 1%. With each death of a character on the battlefield, the coefficient. damage and coefficient. anti-damage of soldiers in formation is increased by 1%, max. 3 p.
Red birdIncreases the accuracy of the effect of all units by 4%.Increases the accuracy of the effect of all units by 4%. Increases the effect power of all units in the formation by 1%. Restores 50 pts. anger after each use of the ultimate by fighters in the formation.
Black turtleIncrease the coefficient. anti-damage of all fighters by 3%.Increase the coefficient. anti-damage of all fighters by 3%. Increase the block of all characters in the formation by 1%. For each incoming damage, the characters in the formation are restored to life in the amount of 3% of the damage received (unlocked at level 3).
Build characters with the same Souls - the most effective on the battlefield! Try to form such formations for maximum bonus effects.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Proper leveling

Character information. The character’s profile contains basic information - his specialty, properties, equipment, souls, chain and skills. Each character has its own specialty. You cannot change it. Also, most heroes cannot change their class. This does not apply to Ichigo and Byakuya, who can be promoted in class by developing Spiritual Weapons.

Level up. As the experience increases, the hero’s level rises. Use experience boost pills to fill the experience bar at the current level and to increase the hero’s BS. The character level cannot exceed the player’s account level. If you used an experience boost pill that exceeded the level limit, the excess experience will not burn out and will be counted at the next hero level, after increasing the account level.

First of all, pump the heroes from the formations to the maximum possible level. Do not spare the experience boost pills, do not seek to spend them on one character. Only uniform pumping of the entire battle party will give you an optimal result.

Improving quality. Heroes come in different qualities: colorless, green, blue, purple, and orange. As the quality increases, the hero’s BS and his properties grow. The quality has the power displayed by the lit lights above the heroes’ avatars. When three lights are lit, the quality is increased to the next, for example, a blue quality with 3 lights turns purple (see screenshot).

To improve the quality of the heroes, spirit stones are used, obtained in the locations of the story campaign, as well as tenshintai from the store. Strictly different stones are used for each quality. The further you pump, the more difficult it will be for you to get the right stones in the right amount.

To find out where to get the necessary stones, click on the "+" over their icons - you will see a list of locations in the story campaign. Do not forget that when passing the battle on three stars, the possibility of an instant raid opens up.

Increasing stardom. As soon as you have the required number of hero fragments, the stardom scale is filled, and you can increase it by paying gold. The maximum number of stars is 7. Stardom greatly increases the character’s BS and his properties, pumps the chain with this hero, and opens his new skill at the required number of stars.

The main snag in leveling stardom is the difficulty in obtaining fragments of the hero. In the early and middle stages of the game, do not neglect the increase in stardom of R-characters and unlock their skills - so they can become much stronger in battle than heroes of high classes. Also, sometimes you can win universal fragments - they can be converted into fragments of any hero.

We recommend not to waste universal fragments at the beginning of the game. Save them for at least two weeks or more, until you form the main battle parties and decide which heroes you need to download first.

Increasing the level of skills. Skills - hits and super hits of the hero. There can be 6 of them in total, they open as the stardom increases. Skills have levels that depend on the level of the hero himself and the main account. Skills are increased for gold. There are three ways to improve your skills:

  1. Individually 1 skill - by clicking "+" next to it;
  2. All skills at the same time to 1 level - by pressing the yellow button;
  3. All skills at the same time for 10 levels - by pressing the blue button.
Download all skills evenly. Swing the newly discovered ones to the level of already used skills. Do not forget to pump your skills after increasing the level of the hero.

Hero chains. Each hero has chains, the so-called "connections" with other characters - those with whom this hero forms a relationship in the Bleach universe. First of all, you must unlock the chains by unlocking the desired characters. In this case, the main character will receive additional increases to his properties. The strength of the effect given by a chain can be pumped from rank I to rank II, when the total number of stars of all characters in 1 chain reaches the required number.

Leveling the chain is an additional incentive to pump the stardom of the heroes as high as possible.

Souls and pumping them. A hero can have 4 souls: 2 permanent and replaceable. Souls increase BS and properties, give the hero new passive abilities. All souls are sorted by quality, from colorless to purple, and are stored in the backpack under the souls tab. You can get new souls in the Automaton.

Initially, the hero has 1 soul. As his quality grows, it becomes possible to use other souls. Upon reaching the orange quality, you can use the 4th soul - a special military one. To replace a soul, click on it and click "Change". Soul pumping is carried out by increasing its stardom. For this, soul stones and other souls are used.

Use other souls carefully to level up. Do not forget that they can be useful to you as you get new heroes.

Leveling the Soul of Stars. Pumping the Soul of Stars opens up a certain bonus (opportunity) for the game as a whole, for example, getting an additional free set for Tokens or increasing the characteristics of heroes in some activities. Each character can give his original bonus when pumping his Soul of Stars, however, it is carried out only for fragments of this hero. Soul of the Stars has levels of pumping. The higher the level, the greater the bonus provided.

We recommend spending fragments and pumping the Soul of Stars only if you have fully pumped the hero’s stardom or do not use him in the game. With other options, it is better to focus on pumping the hero himself.

Equipment upgrade

The hero has 4 types of equipment, which includes:

  1. Weapons;
  2. Clothing;
  3. Book of Secrets;
  4. Peaceful stream.

The equipment is individual for each character and cannot be replaced during the game. You can upgrade your equipment in 3 ways.

1. Improvement. The equipment is improved in quality and level. By analogy with heroes, it has several qualities: from colorless to orange. To increase the quality of equipment, blueprints and spirit stones are used. At the same time, the hero’s BS increases and the properties of the equipment improve.

Depending on the color quality, your blueprints and stones are required (see screenshot above). You can get them during the passage of the locations of the story campaign (or in the raid, if the location is passed by 3 stars). After increasing the quality, you can increase the level of equipment - for gold.

By increasing the quality of equipment, you additionally unlock the character’s passive skills in the chain.

2. Increasing stardom. To increase the stardom of your gear, you need Essence of Awakening. You can get it in the Automaton and in the Friendship Shop. Increasing stardom significantly increases the properties of the equipment.

The Essence of Awakening from the Automaton is hard to come by. Keep your friends list up to date to get as many Friendship Coins from them as possible for the store.

3. Awakening. Awakening can unlock new equipment effects. Upon awakening, the equipment frame turns golden. To awaken a character’s clothing, you need the essence of awakening.

Awakening the Book of Secrets and Peaceful Stream requires an identical book or stream - they can be won in the Automaton or exchanged in the shop. A second copy of the character’s weapon is required to awaken the weapon. There is no permanent way to get it - stay tuned for temporary events.

Each hero applies strictly his own items of equipment. To upgrade the equipment of the desired hero, do not forget to constantly monitor the assortment of stores and do not miss the game in the Machine.

Bleach Immortal Soul: All About Teams

In the "Commands" menu, you can pump heroes depending on their individual characteristics. Here you can increase the strength of the characters through additional strengthening elements.

Spiritual weapon. Expending sources of Spirit. weapons, you can develop the Spirit. weapon and grant bonus properties to all characters (see screenshot above). There are 3 kinds of Spirit. Weapons: Shinigami Pass Daiko (for Ichigo), Kenseikan (for Byakuya) and Hogyoku. By developing each Spirit. weapons up to a certain stage, you can make its evolution, after which you will receive a more powerful bonus of properties for your army.

By developing the Shinigami Daiko and Kenseikan Pass to the SSS level, Ichigo and Byakuya can be upgraded to UR.

With each subsequent evolution, the Spirit. weapons, you can choose 1 Soul Vessel for ignition. The Soul Vessel will significantly increase the properties of the entire army. Spirit development. weapons can be dropped for Soul Tokens. In this case, consumed sources will be returned.

When the Spirit. the weapon is developed to the stage of evolution, you cannot reset.

Increased liking. In the "Archive" tab of the "Commands" menu, you can give gifts to characters, thereby increasing their Sympathy. The upgrade grants a bonus to properties and championship.

Gift items marked "Favor Up" will give you double Sympathy. Use these items on high-class characters to quickly pump their Sympathy.

When Sympathy reaches max. ur., you can increase its stage. Stages of Sympathy: Strangers, Acquaintances, New friendship, Do not spill water, True friendship, Bosom friendship, Friendship forever.

Keep in mind that when the Sympathy reaches a certain stage, in order to further increase it, it will be necessary that other characters in the squad also reach the corresponding level.

Selected Heroes. In the "Favorites" tab, the characters are divided into threes. After opening these characters and reaching the required number of stars in the top three, you can get the corresponding rewards: Soul Tokens, universal fragments, special badges. After receiving the reward, the star requirement increases for the next prize.

Gaining experience from the Archive. Having received a character, you can activate it in the Archive (Commands-Archive-Archive) and get the Experience of the Archive. When a hero rises in class and stardom, the Archive can be updated and get additional. experience. The archive is divided into groups:

When the collected experience from one group completely fills the scale of experience, this group increases in level, and all the heroes in it receive additional. an increase in BS and properties.

The received increases apply to all characters in the group, regardless of whether they are in the ranks or not.

Gallery of Souls. The Gallery of Souls is divided into 4 rooms - according to the types of Souls in the ranks. Each room has 5 statues of heroes. Placing statues gives an increase to the properties of all heroes of these Souls. Statues need to be replaced by buying stronger ones with gold or Soul Tokens. As the statues improve, the Hall’s Legacy grows. When the Legacy reaches the desired value, the level of the hall rises. At levels 39, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, the purchase of high-ranked statues with 2-7 stars becomes available.

We recommend buying statues only for gold and improving the legacy of the halls of those heroes that you most often use in buildings. This will maximize the use of resources.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Timed Events

Information about the events. The game regularly starts temporary events. Follow the specific announcements on the game’s website and in the official communities - Facebook, twitter and others. Event announcements are posted in the game update list. To keep abreast of all passing events, often go to the "Event Center".

Events are a good chance to win rare items, get powerful heroes, and buy in-game goods at a very large discount. Try to participate in events.

Types of temporary events. Events can last for several days or a whole month. As a rule, they are always different, but conditionally they can be divided into types:

  1. Account funding events. Events for donators. As part of such events, you can get rewards (including fragments of heroes) for increasing the VIP level and increasing VIP Points.
  2. Discount shop. Temporary opportunity to buy goods for Soul Tokens with huge discounts up to 50%.
  3. Squad Events. Various events related to the activity of the squad. As a rule, they consist in the fulfillment of missions - personal or general.
  4. Events for collecting / pumping heroes. Obtaining fragments of the event character and other awards for completing and pumping your heroes.
  5. Events by activity. Receiving rewards for completing an activity the required number of times, for example, for making a call, pulling out in the Machine, etc.
We recommend that you keep in stock the items you need to participate in the activities (Coins of the Assault Rifle, passes, etc.) in order to use them at the start of the necessary events.

Timed events for newcomers to the game

A separate block of temporary events - events for beginners, which make it possible to develop faster in the game. These include:

1. Tournament of strength. The event runs from the 1st day of the launch of the new server until the 8th day. Here you can get a reward by reaching the required team BS thresholds. The rating of the tournament is formed according to the speed of the increase in the BS. Players who get into the rating receive rewards, incl. shards of UR-class hero Kenpachi.

Try to increase your BS as quickly as possible to get as high as possible in the event rating! The highest awards are received by the top ten of the rating. For fast pumping, use the advice of the Wise Geek.

2. Surprise general entrance. Event with gifts for daily entry into the game. Here you can get very valuable awards, incl. Souls, Hero Fragments, and Peaceful Stream. On the 2nd and 7th day, you get 2 SSR-class heroes.

3. First top-up package. Event for donators. For any first purchase, you can get an enviable free bonus, incl. SSR-class hero.

A very good offer for those who intend to play the game for a long time. An SSR ranked hero will never interfere with your formation.

Bleach Immortal Soul: VIP Points and Donation Guide

To get to the section for donators, click on the "+" sign next to Soul Tokens or on "Top-up Integration".

VIP Points. VIP Points are awarded for the purchase of Soul Tokens. With their accumulation, the player rises in the VIP level and receives additional privileges. The progress of accumulating VIP Points is reflected in the "Deposit" tab.

The main donation rules:

  1. Invest in Soul Tokens. You can get items in sets without donation.
  2. Consider your first purchase. Only for the first purchase will you receive a super bonus with an SSR-rank hero (Byakuya Kuchiki), as well as items for pumping and gold.

Below we will consider all donation options, from the best to the least preferred.

1. Growth plan. When purchasing a Growth Plan, you will receive a refund of Soul Tokens as your team level up - 2,200 at a time. In total, 50,000 Soul Tokens will be returned to you.

In our opinion, the purchase of Monthly Cards and the Growth Plan is the most profitable donation in the game. Most of all Soul Tokens you will receive from the Growth Plan.

2. Monthly cards. There are two types:

For buying monthly cards, you get 250 and 750 VIP Points, respectively.

3. Main replenishment of Soul Tokens. Simple purchase for real money. On the first deposit, you collect double the size of the purchased Soul Tokens.

Unprofitable donation. Suitable for one-time top-ups if you don’t plan to play for a long time. Not suitable as the main method of donating for a long game.

4. Gifts. There are daily, weekly and monthly. The range is updated during the specified periods. Like time packs, gifts are item sets and gold.

You can collect free gifts with Soul Tokens in daily, weekly and monthly packages!

5. Temporary package. Sets of in-game items, incl. Soul tokens and random hero fragments.

Unprofitable donation. Items from packages are successfully mined in activities, and Soul Tokens can be bought more profitably and get VIP Points.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Story Campaign Guide

The plot and connection to the original Bleach. The game’s storyline campaign is a classic Bleach storyline where you have to fight Hollows, sending the souls of the dead to the Soul Society. Plot inserts repeat the moments of your favorite franchise. The game gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the history of the famous Japanese bestseller Taito Kubo.

Structure and stars. The main dungeon’s plot campaign is divided into chapters. Each chapter has several locations. The success of the passage of the location depends on the stars earned. In total, you can earn 3 stars - you will receive them if at most 1 character dies in battle. In the "Location" menu, the passed locations are collected and the number of stars for each is indicated. Here you can also see the filling of the scale of collected stars for each chapter: depending on their number, you can open chests with rewards.

Replay the locations that have not been completed by 3 stars again in order to completely fill the scales of the collected stars. At locations passed by 3 stars, you can repeat raids and receive rewards without a fight.

As you progress through the locations, you get extra. prizes, incl. fragments and skins of characters.

Tone. Tonus is the energy that is consumed during the passage of the story campaign. As the player’s level rises, the tone limit increases. Heal 1 health every 3 minutes. Tonus can be replenished: free of charge (once a day), using bento, and by spending Soul Tokens.

Click on the tone value to see when the next recovery will be, and when it is full.

Combat technique. During the battle over the heads and on the heroes’ icons, you see two scales: green - the health scale, yellow - the super-hit scale. The super hit scale fills up with normal moves ("Skill"). When full, when the "Power" notification appears above the icon, the character can use a super strike. Battles can take place in automatic or manual mode.

It is best to use auto-fight. Here, the system itself will select the optimal battle tactics and the use of super attacks. The manual mode will be of interest to the old-timers of the game.

Battles have rounds and times. If you cannot defeat the enemy within the given time limit, you will lose. Your heroes can use combos - several hits in a row. During a combo, the power of each subsequent blow increases, the blows themselves add a scale of super blows.

Watch the heroes. The fighters who are the first to die in battle from time to time are your "weak links". Replace them. Use the Wise Geek Tier List to form your team.

Dungeon auto mode. In auto mode, you constantly receive gold, experience enhancement pills for heroes and player experience. The speed of receipt per hour depends on the range of advancement in the story campaign. You also pick up rewards, access to which opens as you progress through the required locations.

By clicking on "quick research" you can collect auto mode rewards instantly. To do this, you use the tone that has accumulated over the limit. Each fast research requires 10 units. tone. You get rewards within the limits of your tone.

It is best not to accumulate tonus beyond the limit and spend it in a timely manner on the passage of the main storyline campaign - there you will get more valuable rewards.

Elite dungeon. In an elite dungeon, you fight bosses. The success of the battle is judged by the stars received. When passing a 3-star boss, the possibility of a raid opens. A distinctive feature of the dungeon: the ability to get fragments of heroes.

3 call attempts are available per day. One battle consumes 12 units. tone. As you accumulate stars, you open chests with Ichigo Fragments and other rewards. In the elite dungeon, there are 9 characters in the ranks: 6 main and 3 assistant fighters. Assistants deliver only super attacks. Assistants need time to recharge after each move.

Strive to get as far as possible in the elite dungeon in order to collect cooler prizes. Replay battles without 3 stars to open all the chests.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Seireitei Challenge Guide

Seireitei’s challenge starts every 2 days. Here you have to choose between two cells adjacent to the current cell and move forward. When a new cell is reached, all other cells that are in the same row with it are destroyed. Cell value:

Your task: depending on the situation, choose the necessary cells and go through 3 floors, preventing the death of all characters. Keep in mind that in Seireitei Challenges, health is not restored to you or your enemies!

Try to approach the gate as often as possible and replenish your team. Select heroes by strength and class. Think over the moves in advance, remember that you cannot choose non-adjacent cells!

The accumulated scales of heroes’ super attacks and the health taken from enemies are transferred to the next battle. The further you go, the stronger the opponents will be. On the upper floors, if you can’t win the first time, form a new team and finish off the enemies. The status of the team can be viewed by clicking on "Character" below. It shows all heroes with health scales and super attacks at the moment of progress on the floor. Dead characters’ avatars are blacked out.

Effects. After winning a battle, you can get one of the effects (treasures). The player can only choose 1 effect out of 3. These effects are valid only in Seireitei challenges and are stored in the challenge backpack.

It is best to choose defensive and healing effects that apply to the entire team. Protect the health of heroes.

Chests. 4D dimensional chests appear at the end of the floor after defeating the final enemies. In them you can get a Soul, fragments, blueprints for equipment, etc. The first opening of the chest is free, but you can open it 10 more times for Soul Tokens. With each new opening, the cost increases and reaches 50 Tokens.

The higher the floor, the greater the reward in the chests. On the 1-2 floor, we recommend opening a chest for free, or currency, but no more than 10-20 Tokens. On the 3rd floor, you can fork out for all the openings - there will be a greater chance of winning good fragments and items.

Resurrection potion. The resurrection potion can resurrect all dead characters and restore 100% of their life. The potion is a rare item. If it ends, you will have to buy it for Soul Tokens.

Use the potion only when all of your characters are dead. The more heroes there are in the team, the more efficient the consumption of the potion will be.

Seireitei Challenge Coins. For winning, you get Seireitei’s Challenge Coins, which can be exchanged in the Seireitei’s Challenge Shop for Hero Fragments, Assault Rifle Coins, Essence of Awakening, etc.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Ultimate Challenge Walkthrough

The ultimate challenge is battles in an endless tower. A team of enemies awaits you on each floor. For winning you get rewards. The higher the floor, the more rewards and stronger the enemies, however, sometimes it is easy to win on the upper floors - there is a large proportion of random victories.

Do not forget to constantly pump your heroes. Then it will be easier and faster to pass the Ultimate Challenge.

Fundamental rules. The battle is not limited in time, there is no limit on attempts. This means that you can try to go through the floor as many times as you like. Rewards for completing a floor are given 1 time. By clicking on "Info" you can see the statistics of your friends’ battles and the composition of their teams.

Don’t be discouraged when you lose. Try to go through the floor at least 5 times. After a difficult battle, there may well be an easy victory.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Shinigami Daiko

Shinigami daiko is divided into three quests:

  1. Prize quests. Reward: Gold.
  2. Shinigami Trials. Reward: experience enhancement pills;
  3. Secret test. Reward: gift bags, hero fragments.

In quests, you send heroes to fight the Hollows. Characters must meet the requirements for Soul type and quality. As the challenge progresses, the level of the agent increases, which increases the reward, but also complicates the requirements for the selection of the right heroes. Heroes sent for testing can be used in other activities of the game, except for other types of Shinigami daiko.

To get the Hero Fragment in the Secret Trial, you must send this particular hero on the mission!

Updating requirements. You can update the requirements for heroes 2 times a day for free. Further renewal is possible only for Soul Tokens.

We recommend that you start forming teams with the Secret Challenge, since only here there is a requirement for a specific hero. Try to select heroes so as to meet the conditions of all three quests.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Arena Guide

If you win the Arena, you get points, if you lose, the points are taken away. There are 5 free calls every day, then a call is possible for coupons. For each challenge, you are awarded a challenge reward.

Collect at least 5 coupons to complete 10 challenges in 1 day and get the highest rewards, incl. universal fragment. Please note: you will not receive any rewards for the 11th challenge.

Arena rating is formed by the number of points earned. The rank and size of the received awards depend on the position in the rating. The Arena season lasts a month. After the end of the season, all points earned are reset.

Follow the advice of the Wise Geek and you will be able to overtake donators in the Arena ranking. Donate does not always mean an unconditional 1st place. The main thing is a smart game and the correct distribution of game resources.

Rules. You form a formation of defenders and challenge other players. You are also challenged. To select suitable opponents, you can update the proposed ones - it’s free. Choose those who have power below yours. The battle is carried out only in automatic mode. The "Battle Report" contains all information about victories and defeats.

Do not forget to update your defensive formation in the Arena as you level up and get new heroes.

Awards. Arena rewards are divided into 4 types:

  1. Call reward - depends on the number of daily calls.
  2. Points reward - calculated daily at 22.00 and sent by mail based on the player’s current points;
  3. Glory Reward - Rank reward. Can be received by mail at the end of the season according to the final rank;
  4. Ranking Reward - Sent by mail after the season ends based on the ranking.
Only in the Arena can you get Arena coins for shopping in the corresponding store.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Character Recruitment Secrets. Machine

Set is the main form of obtaining characters. There are two types: a set for Tokens and a set for gold.

Set for Tokens

In the set you can get heroes, their fragments and other rewards. You also get the experience boost pill. Once a day, a free dialing attempt is available, then it is carried out for Soul Tokens, and for the first time with a 50% discount. You can also use Senkaimon coins for the set - one coin covers the cost of the 1st set for Tokens. For the 10th set, you are guaranteed to get a whole character of random quality.

Events periodically start in the game, incl. for the number of sets. We recommend that you keep the Tokens and Senkaimon coins in stock to participate in these events, but within reason.

Drop probability:

First of all, use a free try, then - your Senkaimon coins, then - a set for Tokens with a 50% discount. In the future, it is better to use the x10 set for Tokens - it turns out much cheaper this way.

Set for gold

Here you can get fragments and heroes of R, SR and SSR classes. There are 5 free attempts per day with a frequency of 5 minutes. The rest of the attempts are for gold, and for the first time with a 50% discount. You can use the x10 set - make 10 sets at once. This is much more profitable in terms of gold consumption.

Be sure to spend 5 free daily attempts, then use a set with a discount, and then (if funds allow) - a set of x10.

Drop probability:

Spend currency in packs (gold and Tokens) not to the detriment of other activities, primarily pumping heroes. Leave a reserve, do not get carried away with sets.


Principle of operation: pulling balls with prizes from the machine. In the Machine there is a chance to get an awakening stone, Souls of varying degrees of quality, equipment and useful items for pumping. Free pull-out is available once a day, then - 1 time with a 50% discount. After 10 pulls, you get the awakening stone. When pulling out x10 (which is more profitable in terms of coins), you are guaranteed to get the essence of awakening.

Keep a supply of coins in the slot machine in case of events, where you can get additional prizes for this activity.

Each time you pull it out, you accumulate a special currency - pieces of equipment. You can use it to buy materials for pumping heroes in the machine shop.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Missions - an additional source of rewards

Missions are various tasks for completing game activities. For completing you get rewards and player experience. For convenience, they are grouped into 4 categories.

Daily tasks

To credit the completion, each task from the list must be done 1 time per day. Kinds:

  1. Give friendship points;
  2. Get rich;
  3. Participate in the main dungeon;
  4. Raise the level of any character;
  5. Take the set for Soul Tokens;
  6. Use a machine;
  7. Participate in an elite dungeon:
  8. Raise the level of any equipment;
  9. Participate in a squad of gold;
  10. Participate in the Shinigami Challenge;
  11. Receive an exploration reward;
  12. Participate in the Arena;
  13. Build a detachment;
  14. Buy tone;
  15. Make the ultimate challenge;
  16. Spend a total of 300 Soul Tokens;
  17. Spend a total of 800 Soul Tokens.
Keep in mind that the tasks for spending Soul Tokens (# 16 and # 17) are optional.

Completing each daily quest adds your player experience and daily quest points. When you accumulate points up to 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150, you get rewards - the more points, the more prestigious they will be. The highest award is the Senkaimon coin. According to the number of points accumulated during the week, you will receive weekly prizes. To do this, you need to collect 300, 600 or 900 points of daily tasks. The reward for 900 points is 20K gold, a resurrection potion and a Senkaimon coin.

Try to do as many daily tasks as possible to get more points. The rewards here are very generous, and there is not much time to complete.

Main missions

Here are collected tasks for pumping heroes and passing activities. They can serve as a good incentive for game development in general. These include:

  1. Complete Stage N of the desired chapter in Story Mode.
  2. Complete Story Mode Chapter N.
  3. Have N number of Shin-quality characters. +1;
  4. Have a character of the required level;
  5. Have N characters of 4 stars;
  6. Reach the required team level;
  7. Activate N Soul Vessels;
  8. Complete the Seireitei Challenge tier N times;
  9. Have N blue quality equipment;
  10. Complete the location of the elite dungeon;
  11. Have N equipment of 1 level;
  12. Have N souls with 1 star;
  13. Possess N angry souls with 1 star;
  14. Complete the Prize Quest Mission in Shinigami Daiko N times;
  15. Complete the Shinigami Daiko Challenge mission N times;
  16. Complete the Secret Challenge Mission in Shinigami Daiko N times;
  17. Win in the Arena - N times;
  18. Reach the required maximum Arena points;
  19. Complete the Extreme Challenge Stage.

N is a variable quantitative indicator. When you reach the desired threshold for completing the task, it increases. For completing each task, you receive rewards (Soul Tokens, coupons, gift boxes, etc.), as well as progress points for the main missions to fill the prize scale below. When the scale is full, you additionally receive Ichigo fragments.

Growth missions

Growth missions summarize all the activities of the game, in each of which you need to achieve your own indicators. After fulfilling the conditions, you will receive rewards. Types of growth missions:

  1. Set. Recruit characters for Tokens - 20 rubles;
  2. Increasing stardom. Get 1 character for 5 stars;
  3. Shinigami Daiko Battle Pass. Develop a Shinigami Daiko Battle Pass - 2 rubles;
  4. Arena. Get 600 Coins of Glory;
  5. Daily tasks. Receive an Activity award 120 - 1 p.;
  6. Fate. Reach the 30th general level of Destiny;
  7. Friends’ gifts. Make a gift to a friend - 10 rubles;
  8. Prize quests. Receive a reward for Prize Quests - 3 rubles;
  9. Detachment. Conduct the construction of a detachment - 10 rubles;
  10. Elite location. Receive 40 stars in the Elite Daj;
  11. Increased stardom of equipment. Upgrade gear to 3 stars;
  12. Seireitei’s Trials. Reach the 3rd tier of the Seireitei Challenge - 1 p.;
  13. Soul. Have 15 souls;
  14. Shinigami Challenge. Receive the reward of the Shinigami Challenge chest - 3 rubles;
  15. Soul of the Stars. Have 15 characters with Soul of Stars lvl. 1;
  16. Machine. Buy in the Equipment Exchange shop - 1 p.;
  17. Gallery. Give a gift - 5 rubles;
  18. Archive. Reach level 70 of the Archive;
  19. Secret test. Receive the reward of the Secret Test chest - 3 rubles;
  20. Kenseikan. Develop Kenseikan - 2 p.

Gold and Soul Tokens are awarded for completing any mission. You can receive the reward only once.

Storyline missions

These missions are divided into chapters of the story campaign. In each chapter, you need to go through stages and complete story tasks. For completion, you collect rewards. Missions provide good additional rewards for completing the story. Do not forget to come here often and receive your prizes.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Squad Guide

Guilds are called units here. Joining a squad gives you the opportunity to level up faster and get more rewards.

How to find the right squad? Use the squad rating and strive to be in one of the TOP-3, or better - in the first squad on the server. Do not forget that the number of participants in the squad is limited. It is very important to be in a strong squad. Track the appearance of free places in the strongest units of the server and do not miss your chance.

Do not sit in weak units with inactive members. You can visually assess the activity of the squad in the squad hall. The presence of many members who have not been online for more than a week clearly indicates the need to move to a new squad.

Should you create your own squad? You can create your own squad, but it is better if:

Don’t forget to collect rewards for leveling up your squad - they can be found in a large chest on the squad’s main page!

Detachment building. All members of the squad can take part in the construction. Its essence is to donate your own gold and Soul Tokens to develop the functionality of the squad. Spending options are broken down into three categories:

  1. For construction : increasing the level of the detachment, the number of officers and additional. participants;
  2. For squad rewards: increasing the level of free discards, the probability of a hogyoku;
  3. To call the detachment: increase the level of the number of calls, the challenge chest.

For donating, you get player experience and squad coins, and your reward from Soul Tokens is 2 times more. In total, you can donate 5 times per day.

It is best to invest in increasing the level of the squad. The level affects the number of awards in the squad and increases the limit of its capacity.

Squad activities

Squad reward. Kyёka Suigetsu can be launched 5 times daily, each time there is a chance to get Hogyoku. The more Hogyoku falls, the better the reward will be. A total of 6 H 6gyoku can be obtained at a time.

Every day you have 5 free chances and 3 resets. Building a squad can increase the chance of getting Hogyoku and the number of free discharges. Hogyoku already obtained do not disappear when discarded.

Discard those positions where the Hogyoku dropped the least. The reset is updated daily at 05:00.

Squad boss. The squad boss is hit by all squad members. You have 2 call attempts per day. All participants receive rewards for calling the boss: the participant who caused the maximum damage receives an increased reward, the rest - additional. Challenge rewards. Also, as the battle progresses, you collect damage rewards. When the squad boss is defeated, a new enemy appears - he will be stronger than the previous one.

Against the boss of the squad, you need to put up well-pumped heroes that deal damage on one target! If the hero is poorly pumped, then even with his ability he will be useless in such a battle.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Ratings Review

The game has several ratings. All achievements are calculated within one server. Here you can not only look at the best of the best, but also pick up gold and Soul Tokens for yourself.

1. Rating by characters. It is divided into 4 categories based on the character’s Soul points. When someone from the rating reaches the required number of points for the first time, all players from the server receive rewards - 50 Soul Tokens.

Watch out for red dots on the ranking categories. They talk about another achievement and the opportunity to get Soul Tokens. To get it, click on the chest on the left.

2. BS rating. Rating of players by the size of the team’s BS. Each participant in the rating displays the BS, the name of the squad and the number of likes given to him.

Once a day, you can put 5 likes to players from this rating. Each like gives you 10K gold for free, for a total of 50K gold.

3. Rating of locations. It is divided into 2 categories: the passage of the main daj of the campaign and the passage of the elite daj. The players in the rating are distributed according to the stars received. When a player is the first to reach the required star threshold, all players from the server receive 50 Soul Tokens for reaching it.

4. Rating of units. This is the rating of the server guilds according to the total strength of their members. Use this rating when choosing a squad.

It is advisable to be in a squad from the TOP-3 rating. Pay attention to the number of squad members and its population limit. If he has reached the limit, you will not be able to join this unit.

5. Infinite tower rating. The rating is formed by the number of tiers of the Infinite Tower passed. When one of the players reaches the required tier of the tower for the first time, all players on the server receive 50 Soul Tokens.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Player account. How to make a nickname colored?

Account information is displayed when clicking on the player’s avatar in the upper left corner. Here are indicated:

You can change your nickname (the first change is free) and your avatar. You will see the character from the avatar on the main screen of the game.

How to make a nickname colored? In order for your nickname to be displayed in the desired color, you need to know its HTML color code. You can find the color code table in any search engine. After you get the code, there are a couple of simple steps:

  1. Click on your avatar and go to Player Settings as shown in the screenshot above;
  2. Click the pencil icon next to your nickname.
  3. Enter your color code and your nickname using the scheme: [color code] Nickname. Be careful: the code is entered without hash, in square brackets. There should be no space between code and nickname!
  4. Click "Yes", pay 50 Soul Tokens (if you change your nickname again).

Bleach Immortal Soul: Friends & Chat

The limit of friends is 50 people. New requests for adding appear in the "Add" tab of the "Friends" menu.

Receiving and sending friendship coins. Friends give each other coins of friendship. To send them to your list and receive coins in return, click "Gift and Receive".

Inactive friends will not send you Friendship Coins. Keep track of your friends list, remove those who have not been online for a long time, and make room for new ones.

Where to find friends? New friends can be found in the world chat - this is your server’s chat. To add a player, click on his avatar, and in the window that appears, click "New" - a friend request will be sent.

You can periodically write in the world chat laconic requests for adding - "Add me". This will tell other players that you are looking for new friends.

"Face to face". To challenge a friend to a friendly match, click on his avatar and click "Face to Face". For friendly matches, you do not receive awards or points.

A friendly match is a great chance to test the combat readiness of a formation before participating in game activities and battles in the Arena.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Backpack Review

The backpack contains everything that is used during the game to get heroes, pump them and go through activities. It has three sections: items, materials and fragments. In the general section "all" you can see the general contents of the backpack.

Fragments of heroes. Fragments of collected heroes are stored in the corresponding tab. Here you can keep track of how many fragments you have already received and how many you need for synthesis - these numbers are indicated with a hyphen. When there are enough fragments, synthesis is carried out in the same tab.

By clicking on a fragment and clicking on "How to get", you will find a list of activities where you can get other fragments of this hero.

Materials. Here are stored things used in pumping, as well as passes in activity. You can always click "How to get" to find out where to get the scarce materials from the backpack.

Items. Items store other things, including boxes with gifts that you receive in activities and in event rewards.

Gift boxes need to be opened. Without opening, items cannot be used in them. We recommend that you open the boxes immediately upon receipt in order to see an overall picture of the contents of the backpack.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Shops in game

Types of shops. The game provides 5 in-game stores with daily updating of the assortment and the possibility of forced updating. Please note that the number of purchases of one item in any of the stores is limited.

  1. Item shop. Currency: Gold and Soul Tokens. You can buy fragments, stones for pumping, tenshintai, soul stones, etc.
  2. Arena store. Currency: Arena coins. You can buy fragments of heroes.
  3. Seireitei Challenge Shop. Currency: Seireitei Challenge Coins. Fragments of heroes for sale.
  4. Squad shop. Currency: squad coins. You can buy souls, soul stones, etc.
  5. Friendship shop. Currency: coins of friendship (can be obtained from friends in the game). It sells fragments, Vending machine coins, gift bags, etc.

Shopping Tactics:

We recommend setting a "threshold for spending" gold, below which you should not fall. It is best to have at least 1M gold on your account. Gold reserves above the minimum mark can be lowered in the item store.

Bleach Immortal Soul: Conclusion

If you like collecting diverse characters, picking them up in teams, tracking an interesting storyline and moving with your heroes to new heights, then Bleach Immortal Soul will appeal to you. As for Bleach fans, this game will be an opportunity to relive the most important moments of history once again and even directly participate in them!

Bleach Immortal Soul is definitely made with love for the franchise, has original art and voice acting of your favorite characters, interesting activities and a clear pumping system. Donat is present, but it is quite possible to play without it, rationally allocating resources and using the advice of the Wise Geek.

The author of the article: Nadezhda D. , Yaroslav I.