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BLEACH MOBILE 3D is an Android game with release date 11/14/2019 from Koramgame. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Guide for Beginners
  2. Tier List (Best Characters)
  3. Character Leveling
  4. A special quality replacement
  5. Evolution Map
  6. Character Guide
  7. Tips for Beating Game Modes
  8. Currency Tips

BLEACH Mobile 3D: A Guide for Beginners

Bleach Mobile 3D , a joint product of Siamgame and KlabGames, is a modern 3D MMORPG that reflects the plot of the famous Bleach manga. The game combines modern graphics and original voices of the actors who voiced the heroes of the anime series. The game is compatible with any mobile devices, computer emulators and some game consoles. Bleach Mobile 3D will definitely appeal to fans of the franchise.

Bleach offers a wide range of characters, and the 3-hero combination and team-building system opens up tons of opportunities for intriguing PvP and PvE battles. The storyline follows the history of the franchise, but the rest of the game modes are good on their own. The game also has various additional tasks and a complex system for pumping warriors.

Leveling fighters revolves around increasing power. Correctly chosen game strategies in combat modes play a big role in account development, finding the necessary resources and currencies. The game has stamina - stamina, which is necessary to complete some adventures.

It is advised to start the game on new servers, preferably from the 1st day of opening, in order to be in the TOP of the server, and to be pumped along with other gamers. This way it will be much more interesting to play than you would start on old servers. On the old sites, all active players will already be much stronger than you, and it will be difficult for you to compete with them.

Walkthrough of the main stories

The storyline is the main place for your development in the game. By completing each story, you will receive the most experience points to level up. The plot will allow you to unlock new features and game modes for later progress. You can find the first free warriors during the campaign. The plot basically goes through the Challenge mode, in which each stage is divided into chapters.

We recommend completing each chapter with 3 stars, for which you will receive more rewards. Completing each story will bring you unique equipment. It is also important not to lose a lot of health points during the passage, as there are many stories where the outcome of the mission will depend on your health.

At a certain point in time, an automatic mode of passing battles will become available to you, after opening which you will instantly go through stories. In the initial stages, you can earn a lot of stamina. This also applies to special food - origini, which you can take with you. Origini restores a certain amount of stamina.

In the initial stages of the game, you should not spend origini, as in the future you will be sorely lacking stamina, and food will help replenish it.

At each stage there is a choice of the difficulty of the adventure, at which the recommended power stands. You should try, if possible, to go through all the stages of complexity. If you start to experience difficulties during the passage, try changing tactics, or turning off the auto battle mode.

Union and friends

Participation in the union. Bleach Mobile 3D can be played on its own, but by becoming part of the union, you open up some functions and resources for further development. Therefore, it is recommended to join the active guild as soon as possible.

Union privileges:

  1. As soon as you join a guild, daily bonuses for membership in a faction will become available to you.
  2. Rewards for participating in the life of the alliance - donating coins and crystals, receiving cleansing coupons.
  3. It is possible to request fragments of the characters you need from allies. But you can only request the warrior whose shards you already have in stock.
  4. In the union, you can go on additional adventures. They will give you rewards with which you can buy items from the guild store.
  5. You can also go through cooperative modes with allies.

Active friends. For a certain number of friends you have, you will receive crystals (the section is located in the "Benefits" tab, friendly target "). Each friend will send you 3 stamina points daily. You can earn 90 stamina points per day. You, too, You will send thanks to your friends. For receiving and sending gifts you will earn special friendship points. These points will be displayed in the scale "Affinity with friends", for filling which crystals are given.

Since endurance is an important criterion for the game, we recommend using every opportunity to earn it as much as possible.

Also, friends are excellent companions in activities where you need to go through history in a team with other players. In these modes, there is always the opportunity to join any group, but it will be much better to develop a strategy and get more definite results from a team with a constant composition of participants.

Daily missions

Carnival. From the first day of the game, you will receive a lot of different rewards from different menus and modes. One of the most rewarding sources of rewards is the seven-day Carnival Rookie Promotion. Every day you will receive very good prizes for entering the game. At the end of the promotion, you will receive your first SSR character. The "Carnival" tab is located in the "Benefits" menu. We do not recommend spending all the resources accumulated during this time immediately, since they will be useful to you later.

Some of the tasks presented may seem difficult at the start of the game, so do not give in to the pressure and complete difficult tasks in 1 day. Since you can complete any mission throughout the event.

Daily missions. Another way to earn some leveling materials. It is necessary, if possible, to complete all the tasks that the system gives you. In addition to valuable gifts, daily missions are a kind of guide to the game, and will show you the moments that you may have missed.

Menu "Benefits". You should go here as often as possible, as sometimes simple events useful for players are held, participation in which will bring you additional income:

  1. Daily turnout - here you will receive prizes for visiting the game every day.
  2. Double reward - at a certain time (the event poster will be posted in this tab), promotions are held to double-receive all resources for completing modes. The tab says which events will bring you double benefits.
  3. The online reward is a kind of roulette that you can spin once every 10 hours and receive nice gifts.
  4. Level pack - rewards for increasing your account level are given here. Reaching the level indicated in the section, you will receive good rewards.
  5. Get stamina - 3 times a day you will have access to free additional stamina points. You can get stamina only at the specified time. If you missed the "meal" (breakfast, lunch and dinner), then you can replenish the stamina for crystals.

Achievements are a nice bonus for your actions in the game. The section is located in the "About player" menu (avatar in the upper left corner). You just play and you get crystals.

Titles - located in the "About the player" section. It is also indicated how you can get it, and what bonus titles give to the player. It is recommended that you choose the current title based on your playing style.

BLEACH Mobile 3D: Tier List (Best Characters)

The best SSR heroes for newbies

These heroes can be assembled by any player without much investment at the initial stages of the game. You can collect soul shards in the store for in-game currency, for completing 1 newbie game event (Carnival, at the end of which a hero of SSR quality is given). Shards can also be obtained as rewards for adventures in the "Gameplay" menu.

  1. Kenpachi Zaraki - The fastest way to get it (at Carnival). He is very good, has high damage, which increases as the warrior’s health points decrease. This is a melee character. Standing in support, he will raise the amount of damage to you. But this is a very thin fighter (has little base health) and is easy to kill. He has no skills that would protect him, no health recovery, no invulnerability and shield.
  2. Gin Ichimaru-Bankai - He has the same story as Zaraki. But he has a silence effect in his abilities (enemies cannot use skills other than the basic one), which he imposes on opponents, he has super armor, which is good, since Ichimaru is a melee fighter. He is not very tenacious, but due to control, he can block other people’s skills.
  3. Retsu Unohana - She doesn’t have a lot of damage, but instead she is great support. At the start of the game, it can be placed as the main warrior (uranium is enough). She is the best support in the game even in the later stages of the game. It heals the caster (the one who uses their skills) and gives 2 seconds of invulnerability. But if you decide to put her as the main character in cooperative mode (battles with other players), then she will heal not only herself, but also members of her team.
  4. Kisuke Urahara is an excellent hero, including in support (deals damage and has a chance to impose immobility on enemies). But its main plus is an attack from a distance. He also prevents the enemy from using his skills. You can get a hero from the Plot or from the Chapters of Memories adventure.
  5. Sosuke Aizen - He has excellent damage and good control. As support, he imposes sleep and silence. Basically, it only puts the enemy to sleep (the enemy does not move and does not damage). These skills make him useful in a variety of modes, including Wall Defense. Taking the 9th stage of development, he additionally deals 21% damage to sleeping enemies.
  6. Toshiro Hitsugaya-Bankai - He deals damage from a distance. Wine has a lot of control: freezing works almost constantly (both on the basis and in support), slowing is often imposed. In addition to all of the above, he has a shield, and he inflicts huge damage on opponents. At the 9th stage of development, he can freeze the target with a normal attack (plus there is also a freeze in skills). With his abilities, he can simply not allow the enemy to approach him. This is the best SSR standard character.

Best Showcase SSR Heroes

Showcase heroes are characters that can be obtained from recruitment in the "Limited" tab. They are an order of magnitude higher than the usual SSR warriors that can be obtained in the story. For example, story SSRs have 3 bond slots, and showcase (limited) ones have 6 bond slots. It is recommended to put these fighters as the main ones.

  1. Ichigo Kurosaki-Hardening is a strong hero who hits very hard, has good control and health recovery. But you need to get used to it, since its animations are slow, and it is not easy for them to hit the enemy. Plus it’s a melee fighter.
  2. Nelliel Tu Odelschwank - has stable control over the enemy (dizziness and silence). For greater survival in the skills of the girl there is a shield. There is a double ultimate ability (it works 2 times for 1 spell casting). She fights in close combat. It also plays a good role of support.
  3. Byakuya Kuchiki-Suit - has control: stuns the enemy (does not allow the enemy to move), there is 1 ability restoring health. Can put himself a shield and increase attack. Works from a distance. Good at support.
  4. Ultiorra - has a passive revival skill with 20% health points from the 9th stage of development. It puts the enemy to sleep, reduces the attack power, prohibits the restoration of health to opponents. Itself has a shield and a small regeneration. Beats from a long distance.
  5. Sosuke Aizen-Arrancor - He has health regeneration from two skills. Also control over opponents: sleep and chaos. Can increase its evasion. Works in close combat. Well worth supporting.

Exchangeable SSR heroes - these characters are even stronger than showcase ones. You can get their fragments only in the "Exchange" event (a tab appears in the "Events" section). There are no strongest among them. All are good! It should be determined in the choice, taking into account the bonds and skills of the heroes.

It is much more difficult to get exchange heroes than the rest. To activate a warrior, you need 50 shards of their soul, and this will cost 1000 exchange crystal and 250 unique shards. Therefore, it is recommended to choose them wisely, taking into account your specificity of the game. You can get crystal by opening heroes in limited recruitment or in special ropes.

If you have 2 dollars (about 150 Russian rubles), then we recommend purchasing Yoruichi Shihoin in the first minutes of the game, which will allow you to start successfully, and you will not exchange for R and SR heroes. You can get it in the "First Purchase" event.

BLEACH Mobile 3D: Character Leveling

Character leveling is a very long and difficult process. All available pumping methods open as you level up your game account. There are a lot of ways, and you can find all the necessary materials to increase the hero’s power in the Plot or adventures. Some of the resources can be bought in the store for in-game currency, or obtained for dismantling unnecessary items or selling weak heroes.

Increasing the power of soldiers occurs in the "Character" menu, the icon of which is located in the lower right corner of the main game screen. It is worth remembering that you will not be able to pump your hero above the current account level.

Level upgrade - in addition to increasing the basic parameters of the hero, it allows you to open the Talents section at level 65, and also opens up further development opportunities in the Quality, Promotion and Talents sections. You can increase the level for silver coins obtained in almost every activity.

Quality - when collecting the necessary shurikens, crosses and shields, the basic characteristics of the hero are significantly increased. In this case, you can change the color of the character’s quality. The maximum quality at the moment is gold +7.

Promotion is the most important section when leveling any hero. Serves to receive new levels of development. At each step, new passive skills are learned. The higher the level of the hero, the stronger he becomes. This applies to both the main warriors and their bonds. To open all the cells of the SSR bonds of warriors, you need to get 12 stages of development, exchange heroes for crystal - 15 stages.

All the main power of your account depends on this section. Pumping requires 3 types of resources:

Runes. Runes slots open as the development stages are pumped. The slots are fully opened at 12 steps. There are several options for sets of runes (sets). But the color of the quality of the runes themselves should not influence your choice here, since you should pay attention to their indicators and bonus values. There are 3 ways to activate effects: 2, 4 and 6 runes. Bonuses must be chosen for your main character.

You can get runes in the TOP VS mode in the store. Runes can also be obtained as a reward for the battles themselves in this adventure. In the same store, you can buy chests with essence of runes, which are required for pumping sets. Essence can also be obtained by selling runes.

Accessories. This is an additional type of character leveling, it looks like an aura that is located behind the hero. Each accessory has its own look and carries an individual bonus to the warrior.

Accessory Shards:

It is recommended to download the level for all artifacts you have, even if they are not worn by the fighters. But they still increase the main characteristics of the hero. The level of accessories is pumped to the level of your account.


In addition to increasing the basic parameters of the character, you can increase (optional):

  1. Damage - total damage from 1 shot.
  2. Basic attack - increased damage from a normal attack.
  3. Skill damage is an increase in the damage done, which was produced using the skill.
  4. Cooldown reduction 3 skills (cooldown is the time that must elapse before re-using a skill).
  5. Reducing the cooldown of the main skill .
  6. Support skill cooldown reduction - if the hero is used in support.
  7. Increases the damage of the help skill - increases the damage of the support skill when the warrior plays the role of help.
It’s important to download the right talent to make it work. 1 column of talents - only for the main fighter and his bonds. Column 2 - only for support characters and his bonds. If you ignore these conditions, and pump 1 column to the support warrior, then talents will not work and give you bonuses. If the main character goes to support, then his talents should be changed.

You can pump the level of talent for multi-colored talent pills. Each pill color corresponds to a hero class:

But there are exceptions. For example, Nelliel is in the agility class, but she needs red pills.

It is recommended to pump 1 column of skills for each player individually, the choice depends on your playing style. Column 2 is advised to first maximize the talent "Enhance the effect of help" (reduction of the cooldown of the help skill), then you should improve the "Strengthen the help skill" (damage). And the rest of the talent points can be used to increase the "Strengthening the attack of the help skill".

Please note that each parameter has its own effect limit in percentage. It is necessary to keep track of these indicators in the section "About the player" (avatar in the upper left corner) in the "Information" tab. The main thing is that you should not pump characteristics above the established limit. Otherwise, they will not work in excess of these percentages.


The menu is located in the lower right corner of the main game screen. Here you can collect for pieces of equipment or in whole, clothes of various quality and improve it for silver (the "Enhancement" tab) or for gold (the "Enhancement" tab). After collecting 6 items of one set, you will receive additional bonuses. Bonuses can be viewed in the "Set" tab on the right side of the window screen.

Enhancement increases the basic characteristics with the help of "equipment enhancement stones", which can be obtained at "Endless Training", on the Black Market, bought for in-game currency, or obtained by dismantling unnecessary equipment of low quality. At higher levels of enchantment, you will need shards of the improved item of different quality (depending on the level).

When you have new high quality items, you do not need to sell or disassemble the old ones, they can be put on other characters. And you can get rid of them only when they become irrelevant at all.

In the lower left corner there is a subsection "Master of amplification". If you level up all wardrobe items, then at level 100 you can get additional bonus parameters.

BLEACH Mobile 3D: A special quality replacement

Soul modification is one of the ways to level up heroes that you get in the Limited recruitment (showcase). It significantly enhances any hero, changing his skills, opens an additional bond slot. Also, the modification changes the character’s class to a more unique one, increases the overall performance of the hero.

You can see all the changes to the hero "in battle" in the special Album mode. You can get into the Album through the "Order" menu (located in the lower right corner). Then select Album, and already here you should select the hero you want to watch.

Soul stones are required for modification. You can get them:

There are 4 more types of pumping in this section:

Status - the "Dossier" tab, when the conditions for the level are met and the limits of the weapon are increased, you can get 5 or more fragments of this hero.

Skill - increases the power of skills with the help of special books and scrolls. In the first slot, you can put the "Skill Book". You should choose the best one you have. Then there are 3 more slots, they open after the hero reaches the required levels. Here you can put any quality book / scrolls to choose from. But it is better to choose scrolls / book for attack, armor and health points. The rest of the heroes should put at least 2 books on the attack (health points or armor). After a complete modification of the hero, another 1 slot for the book will open here.

It is recommended for Uzes to put those books, which parameters these characters increase the main character. If a warrior increases his attack, then you should choose books for attack and so on.

All books / scrolls must be pumped to at least level 80. They are pumped through the books of experience.

Limits - here for experience items you can pump the hero’s weapons up to level 16. But experienced players recommend that you raise 15 levels. First of all, this must be done with the strongest heroes. For pumping these levels, you will receive, in addition to the usual characteristics, an additional bonus. For example, resistance to a critical hit, increased accuracy and more (depends on the selected hero). After pumping 15 levels of weapons, you will receive fragments of the hero, in addition, you will open all the slots in the next section.

Wasp - there are 6 slots for Special quality skills, which, as a percentage, increase the characteristics of the main character.

With the help of a replacement of a special quality, it is recommended to look for an attack, armor, or health points.

To find the required quality, you need to use the "Replace" button (located at the bottom of the page). You also need a resource - "Spray of transformation", which can be obtained for completing daily tasks, in the store, in the union or in temporary events (events).

Going to the "Replace" menu, you will see a window with your character and his special qualities on the left side. To complete the replacement, you will need a second hero with special qualities. After selecting 2 warriors and pressing the "Change" button, 1 special quality weapon will be exchanged in a random order.

Don’t be afraid to waste a lot of resources, even on temporary heroes. In the future, using the "Resurrection" button for crystals, you can return all the resources spent on it, except for books of experience.

BLEACH Mobile 3D: Evolution Map

Evolution cards exist only for SSR class warriors. They significantly increase the main characteristics of the heroes, and also give a bonus from the "Album". Also, a fighter can get 3 additional passive skills. At the same time, an evolved character can have a positive effect without being in the main team (as support or their bonds). But if the fighter is in bonds, then the bonus from evolution will be much higher.

We recommend that you always use 1 evolution for each hero. Who knows when it might come in handy? Moreover, there are "Urgent Events", where characters with evolution are required for additional rewards.

2, the evolution of the main characters can be performed immediately after collecting resources, and for everyone else the card can be held in the inventory, since a lot of material is spent on evolution.

Evolution can be performed in the hero’s menu in the "Information" tab. The button for switching to the evolution mode is located to the right of the selected hero. Evolution cards can be obtained during the recruitment of heroes, since not only fragments of warriors can fall out there, but also related items (evolution cards and universal fragments).

Where can I see the necessary bonds of the hero? This can be done by going to the "Order" menu, then go to the "Album" tab, then the hero you are interested in is selected. After the hero appears, you need to click on the "Details" button, after which a table will appear on the right side of the window. It’s simple - you need to select the "Ties" tab. Scrolling through the column of the row, you will see all the heroes required by the main warrior.

If you put the hero the book "Martial Arts: Las de la Luna", which will give you for 300 recruits (no matter what) 1 orange evolution card in random order.

BLEACH Mobile 3D: Character Guide

There are 3 ranks of heroes , which represent their initial strength:

All heroes are assembled from fragments, or drop out entirely in the "Recruitment" menu when opening boxes.

Where can I get the shards of SSR characters? This can be done in several places:

  1. In the menu "Recruitment" in various tabs.
  2. In the "Chapter of Memories".
  3. During the passage of the story campaign.
  4. In stores for game currencies.
  5. Ask in the union.
  6. Trade in a special event.
  7. For completing a variety of temporary events.
  8. At the start of the game for completing the "Carnival" quest chain.

Hero skills. Each character has standard skills that deal damage and apply additional effects to opponents. The same effects can be applied to your warrior, so there are special spells for them that remove curses.

Effect nameDescriptionSpell breakers
BurnDamages over timeSoul Trait and Skill - Fire Resistance
Confusion of consciousnessChanges direction of movement, attacks are delivered in a random directionConfusion Resistance
FreezingTarget cannot move or attackFrost resistance, frost resistance
LacerationEnemies take damage over time and cannot use their strong attacksThe effect cannot be removed or reduced
ParalysisPrevents an object from movingResistance to paralysis
PoisonDeals damage over timePoison resistance
DecelerationReduces movement speed and normal attack speed, and also disables strong attacks, flash steps, and special movesSlow Resistance
WeakeningWeakened characters take more damage and their own attacks only deal 1 point of damageWeakening Resistance
Resistance is not immunity to debuff, but a reduction in the duration of the curse.

Build. In the "Order" menu in the lower right corner, you can put those heroes who will participate in battles in 3 slots. The main character is placed in the central slot (it is better that he has a very high attack), in the slots on the sides are the support soldiers. In the "Order" window there is a "Quick build" button, where you can place 3 commands for passing activities, and quickly change them as needed.

At the initial stages of the game, it is not worth doing more than 1 squad, since you will be exchanged for all the soldiers, and you will not be able to properly pump the main squad.

Bonds are specific characters associated with the main character in a storyline. Bonds increase the combat power of heroes for battle, and also give certain bonuses to warriors. Heroes of bonds should be pumped after the main characters, but it is necessary to pump them, since all improvements of bonds depend directly on their level of pumping.

Recruitment menu

Here you can open boxes to get a hero or shards of heroes. There are 2 types of recruitment:

  1. Common - where you can get a hero 5 times a day, the dropout of SSR class characters is negligible.
  2. High level - you can get a warrior of any class from this box for free once a day, but SR falls mostly. This chest is also very unlikely to receive a warrior’s SSR.

Recruitment will become available a few minutes after the start of the game, after completing Chapter 1 of the storyline. You can open chests (not free) for recruitment amulets (tickets) and crystals. In the beginning, you will only have access to the standard summoning mode.

In the future, you will open the "Theme", where the chance of getting an SSR fighter and "Limited recruitment" is increased, where for a certain number of calls for tickets (II quality) you can open a chest (scale at the bottom of the screen), and it is guaranteed to get SSR fragments of a warrior from it ... This warrior will be available for several days. And these are some of the best warriors.

It is recommended to choose a showcase with your favorite hero and save tickets for it. You will need 160 recruitment amulets (there is a showcase schedule in the game, so you can get ready).

Tickets should be spent only on the showcase hero, you cannot spend them on anything else (quality II, yellow), no matter how the developers suggest it to you. If at the start you are simply overwhelmed with them, then in the future you will have to work hard to get them.

Tickets are obtained from the following locations:

  1. In daily missions.
  2. In the "Carnival".
  3. From "Challenges".
  4. Their temporary events.
  5. Allied, for completing the "Deputy Shinigami" story.
  6. From the Treasure Maps.

BLEACH Mobile 3D: Tips for Beating Game Modes

Since the game offers a huge variety of different game modes, they will open as you level up your account. When you open a new mode, you will be given a mini - guide to it.

Do not ignore the prompts of the system, as they provide important information on the passage of this or that adventure. We also recommend that you go through all the proposed activities on a daily basis in order to progress faster and keep up with experienced players.

Participation in all modes is required to complete daily missions, activities and achievements. You must remember that for almost any game action you will receive rewards that will go towards the development of power and level.

The modes that need to be passed are collected in the "Gameplay" menu on the right side of the main screen. The menu opens access to the passage of many activities, divided into 4 parts:

  1. Gameplay.
  2. Instance.
  3. Limited in time.
  4. Union.


Here are concentrated stories that are available almost from the very beginning of the game. These are activities that have a limited number of attempts per day. Also here are rewards that will help in the development of your heroes.

Seireitei Competition. This is the main PvP arena. The battle takes place in 3-player versus 3-player mode, which can only be played in automatic mode. You will have 10 attempts daily to enter the arena. Also you can select 3 opponents in one attempt.

Each attempt will reward you with reputation points, which can be exchanged for promotion stones and hero fragments from the local store. In addition, you can get awards for achievements. Since when you win you will get crystals, stones of advancement, silver and fragments of SSR heroes, you should definitely make every effort and use all 10 attempts.

You can guarantee yourself victory if you select players significantly lower in strength than you. But you also need to consider the team mechanics when choosing an opponent.

Endless workouts. The challenge is similar to the usual endless towers from other RPG games, where you have to fight in an endless series of stages, where the next stage is guaranteed to be more difficult than the previous one. Each floor that you successfully complete will reward you with gems for upgrading your equipment and chests. The chests contain pieces of equipment that can be obtained from every 10th level. Each stage 10 is a boss fight, so you can go through it manually. In training, you can get reputation points that you can exchange for equipment improvement items.

A powerful enemy. A unique game mode where a random boss appears, who is offered to be killed within a certain period of time. You can claim secret chests with scrolls of various quality, which depends on the amount of damage you inflicted on the enemy. The function of inviting allies is available to you in order to jointly completely destroy the monster.

Personal quiz

Every day you have 1 attempt to answer the quiz questions related to hero stories. For correct answers you will be rewarded with crystals, gold and experience points. You will be randomly given 10 multiple choice questions. Prizes will depend on how many questions you answer correctly.

Hero hobbies

What’s your hobby ..?Answer
Gina IchimaruWatching friends
Byakui KuchikiAn evening walk
Shigenuki Genryusai YamamotoTea drinking
Sajina KomumaraPlay with the puppy
Shunsui kiorakuDrink in the tavern
Kaname TosenKitchen
Yushiro UkitakePot culture
Momo HinamoriRead books
Sosuke AizenRead books
Mayuri and Nemu KurotsuchiExperiments
Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rangiku Matsumoto and Kenpachi ZarakiAfternoon break
Retsu Unohana and Isane Kotetsuflower composition
Rukia KuchikiFly (literally - go up)
Yachiri KusajishiBakery products
Orihime InoueLong walks (literally - I’m going high)
Renji AbaraiCollecting mirrors
Soi BackgroundPlay with kitten

Questions about squad symbols

What is the symbol of the squad ..?Answer
2Postrel (Dream - grass)
fiveLily of the valley
8bird of paradise
nineWhite poppy

Questions about Zanpakuto

What is Zanpakuto wu ..?Answer
Hanatar YamadaHisagomaru
Orihime InoueShunshunrikka
Rukia KuchikiSodenyushirayuki
Ikkaku MadarameHozukimaru
Renji AbaraiZabimaru
Rangiku MotsumotoHineko
Kisuke UraharaBenihime
Toshiro HitsugayaHiorinmaru
Shunsui kiorakuKantekyokotsu
Kaname TosenSuzumushi
Yushiro UkitakeSoguonokotovari
Zanpakuto UlquiorraMursielago
Sanjina KomumaraTenken
Hollow Ichigo and Ichigo KurosakiZangetsu
Yasutors SadoChange of Hands
Uryu IshidaReishi weapons
Sosuke AizenKyokazuigetzu
Shuhei HisagiKazeshini
Momo HinamoriTobiume
Gina IchimaruShinso
Soi Background Zanpakuto and Simple Soi BackgroundSuzumebachi
Issina KurosakiEngetsu
Retsu UnohanaMinazuki
Izuru KiraWabisuke
Shigekuni Gensusaya YamamotoRyujinyakka
Yumichiki AyasegawaFujikujaku
Under what conditions can Zanpakuto awaken his Bankai?Zanpakuto enters inferior status

Questions about food

What is the hero’s favorite food?Answers
Jin IchimaruDried persimmon
At Momo HinomariPeach
Rangiku MatsumotoDried persimmon
Shuhei HisagiSausages
Wu Shunsai KiomaruSake buns
Kaname Tosen’sMountain stew

General questions about heroes and plot

When Ichigo Kurosaki saved Rukia from execution, what item did he use?Tentoken
What was Jin Ichimaru’s food when he first met Rangiku Matsumoto?Dried persimmon
Where do Soul Reapers come from?From Soul Society
Who is the founder of the Soul Reapers Academy?Shigekuni Gensusaya Yamamoto
Soul Society AddressCentral, 46
How many family members does Kurosaki have?4
What is not part of the skills of Shunshurikka (6 princesses protecting flowers)?Shitenkoshun
What object can block spiritual power?Sekkiseki
What is the action called when Arrancar releases his power?Resurrection
Who is the soul in the parrot that Yasutora Sado saved?Yuichi Shibata
Who is not a member of the Women’s Association of Reapers of SoulsOrihime Inoue
What is Rukia Kuchiki’s favorite look?Gusty rabbit
Who is not required to perform Santekesshun?Meryl
Hospital run by Uru Ishida’s fatherKarakur city general hospital
Sister of Rukia KuchikiHisana Kuchiki
Who is the captain of the "Shunshunrikki"?Shuno
Who is not a salesperson at Urohara?Mishiro Kuno
Orihime Inoue’s best friendTatsuki Arisawa
Which faction is not one of the 4 Great Noble Clans?Kurosaki clan
What is Orihime Inoue’s mastery?Shunshunrikki
Where did Rukia tie Kon when she decided to leave home?Behind a toilet barrel
Ichigo Kurosaki’s classmateOrihime Inoue
Who is the head of the Soul Reapers Women’s Association?Jahero
Where is the female Soul Reaper base located?Byakuya Kuchiki’s house
Who is the main captain of the 13 squads of the court guard?Shigekuni Gensusaya Yamamoto
What gift did Sora Inoue give for Orihime Inoue’s birthday?Hairpin
The machine where the Reapers of Souls accept the giftSoul phone
Which team is Soi Fon captain?2 squad
From whom did Ichigo Kurosaki get his Soul Reaper power?Rukia Kuchiki

Game knowledge questions

Which event is not an associative event?Call
How many transfer slots does a hero have?ten
What currency cannot be used in events?Nephritis
What product cannot be bought in the store?Zapakuto
What quality can be used to improve equipment?From blue
What item is needed to upgrade accessories?Pen
What item can increase the level of a weapon?Hogeku’s experiment
Which of the following does not provide bonuses?Inventory

Chapter of memories

Here you can get 6 quality SSR heroes for free. There are 6 trials in the story, in which certain elements of the characters are obtained. In 10 days, you can fully assemble a warrior, and also get several universal shards.

Chapter stories:

Every day, adventures are reset automatically, but for special items, you can restore attempts by performing "Reset" during the day. There is a scale at the bottom of the window that shows your progress levels. Upon reaching level 15, you can pass tests in automatic mode, which will significantly speed up the passage time.

When filling the scale, you will also receive a new skill in the skill tree. A new ability is unlocked for each level. Some skills are used constantly in any game mode. If the skill is marked "Chapter Effects", then the bonuses work only in this adventure. Other effects are available only to the heroes specified in the skill.

Instance (Dungeons, Dungeons)

This is the second category of game modes and contains 3 unique adventures. They can be performed solo or in a team with other players. Each story has a limited number of attempts per day. The number of points you receive will depend on your rank, which is given at the end of the battle, and the ranks depend on the number of opponents you killed.

Change of plan. This is a multiplayer mode where you can team up with 4 more players. The task is to destroy the cultivation containers as quickly as possible. If you hold out with the execution, then various monsters will wake up, which will take time, and you still need to destroy the boxes. Players have 5 minutes to eliminate enemies and containers as much as possible.

Treasure Dungeon is a single player mode where you earn a lot of silver and experience points. Here you have to fight off a large number of waves of opponents.

Dungeon is a multiplayer mode, played by a fairly easily cohesive team in automatic mode. You get experience points, silver and jade (material for pumping).

Limited in time. All game modes that are performed at a certain period of time during the day are combined in this section. The duration of each story is 30 minutes. It is necessary to follow the schedule so as not to miss attempts. The passage of these activities is complicated by the fact that these are PvP arenas, which are separated by different goals.

Union. This section contains all the adventures that become available after you join an alliance. The modes are simple, they can be easily completed together with allies. However, each activity will bring you valuable gifts. There is also a "Guild Battle", where your alliance will oppose other guilds on the server.

BLEACH Mobile 3D: Currency Tips


One of the most valuable currencies that can be useful almost everywhere. For them, you can buy rare items, complete recruitment, get missed awards.

But crystals are recommended to be spent only on the purchase of quality II recruiting amulets in the store. All other items from this tab can be easily obtained in the story.

Crystal Obtaining Locations:

  1. Roulette.
  2. For increasing account levels.
  3. Periodically given for daily entry.
  4. For adding friends.
  5. For friendly targets.
  6. For temporary events.
  7. In the "Carnival".
  8. For PvP modes.
  9. For achievements.
  10. "Calling the 13th detachment".
  11. "Choice of Sanctum".

Putting real money into the game

If you decide to deposit funds, then it is much easier to do this on the Global version of the game than on the Chinese one. First you need to link your bank card or your phone number to Google Play, and deposit money through the service. Is it worth donating? If you have such an opportunity, and you decided to play it for a long time, then you can thank the developers as little as possible.

Some players, putting real money into the game (donation), often ask: "Why can’t I benefit from donation in all promotions?" The point is that it is necessary to deposit real funds wisely. In this game, donation can be divided into 2 types: regular (buying crystals in the store) and promotional (buying shares).

The usual contribution (purchase of crystals) is valid for absolutely all game promotions. Thus, you can not only get a rare currency, but also an additional benefit, increase your VIP status.

For example, the game has a "First Deposit of Funds" promotion, where in 3 steps you can get an accessory (crescent moon and hero’s SSR). But if you buy any package from the store, then it will not affect the passage of this promotion.

Promotional fees don’t always work. For example, in the same crystal store there is a purchase of a ticket for 7 and 30 days (sor of rewards increases). The money deposited for these tickets is considered only for VIP status and in some promotions. The purchase of the "Monthly Package" (where a certain amount of crystals will be given daily) does not participate anywhere at all. "Weekly package" and "Package 24 hours" only increases VIP status (for VIP points you can get good bonuses when you go to a new level).

Article author: Evgeniya G.