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Walkthrough Bombastic Brothers: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BOMBASTIC BROTHERS RUN & GUN - Android game with release date 07/17/2019 from My.com holding Mail.ru. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Walkthrough Story Company
  2. Fighting Right
  3. Hero Level Up Guide
  4. Equipment Guide
  5. PvP Guide
  6. Trekking Daily Missions
  7. Bunker Tips
  8. We participate in events to the maximum
  9. Secrets of Building a Base

How often does the older generation of users recall colorful, but simple 8-bit games? Bombastic Brothers is just that game that brings us back to the past for several decades: simple unpretentious 2D graphics, familiar gameplay, very similar to the classic shooters on Dendy and Sega. The most interesting thing in the game is the uncomplicated army humor, which makes the plot interesting and attractive.

At the start, the player gets to the beach, where a brave guy with a dog is resting. He was devastated by the hot sun of the south, and while he sleeps peacefully in a hammock, terrible events take place in the world. Alien ships captured the Earth, shot half of humanity and gathered to build a colony. Waking up, Jeff (later the player finds out his name) does not find his companion and goes in search of him.

Wandering through the ruins of a familiar world, Jeff is perplexed, but does not lose his fighting spirit. Gradually, he decides to take revenge on his enemies. In search of a friend, the hero finds a broken spaceship in which he equips himself with a base.

Bombastic Brothers: Walkthrough Story Company

At the start, the player will be asked to undergo training, where they will be told in detail how to control the characters, which buttons on the screen are responsible for what.

If the gamer is not the first time playing such games, you should not refuse from training anyway.Each game has its own perception of the process and its own separate mechanics. During training, the player gets used to control, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the process of battle, movement and shooting. Get to know the nuances of mechanics.

The first activity that a player will encounter at the start of the game is the passage of a story company. You can get to it by clicking on the "Fight" icon in the lower right corner of the screen. The company consists of 12 acts.Each act is divided into chapters. You can go through the Company in 2 modes:

  1. Normal - tokens, gold and a box with gifts are given for completing the mission.
  2. Challenging - you can win shards of the hero for leveling.

For completing the last mission in the act will be given an elite box. Stages can be passed on a different number of stars, which do not carry special significance. It’s just nice to know when the whole game is 3 stars, how cool you are! If the hero loses all health (a 0 mark appears on the scale), then the mission is considered failed.

Each mission has a recommended strength, which shows how much power a character must have in order to comfortably go through the story. If the hero’s strength is not enough, you can still try to complete the quest, but you should prepare for difficulties in advance. It is better to go through the stages of a hero whose strength is greater than indicated in the recommendation.

New acts become available after completing certain missions. When the act is opened, it is indicated which story is necessary to go through at a difficult level. You can try to pass the stage an unlimited number of times.

Passing the Company’s missions affects the improvement of the ship’s main room - the Bridge. Also, for completing quests, experience is given for the account. For repeated passage of the chapter, 50 coins are given. At the beginning and at the end of each battle, an interesting dialogue with elements of army humor appears on the screen.

Bombastic Brothers: Fighting Right

Battles in various activities of the game are the main source of game currency, account experience and heroes. In battle, the hero is controlled by a joystick located in the lower left corner of the screen. You can also install a "jump" here for convenience. You can perform a double jump by double-clicking on the corresponding button.Between pressing, you need to pause for 2 to 3 seconds. Sometimes a double jump helps to fight, and evade bullets. The "jump" button is also on the right side above the "shooting" button.

It is advisable to check the box in the "Enable jump on the joystick" checkbox in the battle settings. If this is not done, then in the battle it will be difficult to jump and shoot at the same time.

In the battles of Bombastic Brothers, the homing scope. The sight is aimed at the enemy closest to the hero. Each hero has 2 super hits. For example, Jeff can throw bombs and shoot grenades. It is worth remembering that each skill has a cooldown (cooldown). In this period of time, the superpower cannot be used. The buttons of the super blows are located in the lower right corner of the screen near the "shoot" key.

Over time, each character will have a mass skill - the ultimate ability of "Shelling". This is a very powerful blow.But, it can be used only 1 time per round.

It is recommended that "Shelling" be used only in extreme cases, when a large number of opponents or the boss is concentrated near the hero.

How can you dodge bullets? The mechanics of the battle are built so that the trajectory of the bullet is visible on the screen. It is best to jump over the bullets. You can go back or squat. If you crouch, then enemies who are on the same line with the hero will not be able to get on it. Bullets will fly over the character’s head, at this time the hero can easily shoot back and hit the enemy.

If you move far from the enemy, the bullets fired by the enemy will not be able to reach the champion.But the hero’s bullets will not be able to reach the enemy.

Recharge Each weapon has a reload time. The number of rounds is indicated above the attack button in the lower right corner. In the story company, forced reloading of weapons is not provided. But in battle, you can move away from the enemy and not shoot for some time. During this period, the store will replenish automatically.

Stars. Each battle has a certain time, during which it is recommended to go through a story. If a player meets this time, he will receive an additional star. For 1 mission, you can get 3 stars. Stars are given for completing related tasks for the stage. For example, spend no more than 50% of the hero’s health or complete a chapter in 2 minutes. Having completed all 3 tasks, the player gets 3 stars. The number of stars in the Story Company has not yet affected anything, but in daily tasks, the stars affect the final award. The more stars a player collects, the higher the prize pool.

Battle tips

  1. Do not stand still. An enemy standing in a pillar is always easier to hit. All the time you need to jump, climb, move. So opponents find it harder to get into a hero.
  2. Use Shelling on powerful enemies or bosses.
  3. Opponents do not have to be killed. They can be ignored and left behind. But it only works in the story company.There are missions where the screen does not move, and the hero moves within this segment, and the enemies run towards him. In this case, it is necessary to kill everyone in a row.
  4. Each hero has his own special skills. Playing as characters, you need to study all the features of champions in order to use them most effectively. At the sniper the weapon beats further. In this case, the enemy will shoot and not hit him, and the sniper will perfectly get the enemy out of the rifle.
  5. Each enemy shoots differently, it is recommended to remember who beats how (especially bosses) in order to spend less health on completing missions.

Bombastic Brothers: Hero Level Up Guide

The game has several characters that will appear in the player gradually. Characters must be collected from the fragments of heroes. 15 shards are required to summon a hero. Shards can be found in various activities. For example, Jack fragments can be found in the Bunker. After the player has called the character, the fragments are still necessary for pumping the hero.

Some characters can only be obtained after buying for real money. Promotions are held periodically that offer to purchase a hero with a big discount. Thus, for example, you can buy Vance. Champions bought for real rubles are legendary, that is, they initially have more power. They do not need to be promoted.

How to find out where to get the hero’s shards? To do this, go to the heroes menu. Here on the left side of the screen will be located all the characters that are currently in the game. If you click on the icon of a hero not yet summoned, a window will appear with information about where to find his fragments.

Heroes in Bombastic Brothers are divided into 4 classes:

  1. Sniper - has a lower health reserve, but has the highest firing range.
  2. Fighter - characters have the highest health score, but have a minimum firing range.
  3. Attack aircraft - has all the average indicators: health and shooting.
  4. Killer - has good agility and dodge indicators.

Also, fighters are distributed by type:

  1. Rare - blue.
  2. Epic - lilac.
  3. The legendary ones are yellow.

If you compare the basic characteristics of the characters, the most powerful are the legendary heroes. It’s very difficult to get them. Therefore, it is recommended to collect epic heroes and pump them first. But at the start, the player will run with rare heroes who will give a good platform for other champions.

The first epic heroes can be found in the Arena store - this is Sirin and TNT, and in the Bunker you can get Jack.

Character upgrade

There are 2 types of character power boost:

  1. Stardom - each new star significantly improves the characteristics of the characters. In order to transfer the hero to a new star, it is necessary to collect a certain number of fragments of the hero.
  2. Level - each new level increases the power of the hero, respectively, his indicators also increase. You can increase the level with the help of army tokens. Tokens can be obtained at the Company, in the Bunker, in daily tasks.

You can upgrade heroes in the Training room. It is necessary to increase the level of the room in order to increase the limit of the level of heroes. Training increases the power of the hero. For example, Training Level 4 allows the player to pump champions to level 25. If you increase the level of the room to 5, the limit to which you can pump characters, also increase. At the moment, the maximum character level in the game is 65.

Each hero has a window in which detailed information about him is given. Here you can see what superstrokes a character owns.

You must have 1 pumped hero and 1 character in each class. This is necessary for passing some activities in the game, as well as not the Arena in a fight with other players. To complete some missions, heroes of a certain class are required. Therefore, if a player does not have a leveled hero of at least 1 class, he will not be able to fully collect game resources and complete tasks.

Particular attention should be paid precisely to 4 heroes, and the rest should be pumped according to the residual principle: if possible, you can put on equipment, give weapons, increase levels and stardom. Thus, the player will most effectively spend time in the game, and take away all daily rewards.


In the store you can buy:

  1. Crystals - for real money.
  2. Resources are for crystals.
  3. Boosters - for crystals.

The booster contains 3 pieces of the hero, which fall in random order. Once every 10 hours you can get 1 booster for free. Hero Chance:

  1. 70 - 75% - a chance to get a rare hero.
  2. 25% - a chance to get an epic hero.
  3. 5% - a chance to get the fragments of the legendary hero, provided that the player already has at least 1 summoned yellow character.

The more expensive the boosters, the more fragments of heroes to be there. The chance of falling different types of fragments is the same as that of a free booster.

It is recommended to spend crystals only on boosters. Because heroes are needed in different activities. Things drop everywhere and often, and it’s hard to find heroes. Better to have a lot of heroes. In this case, it is better to accumulate more crystals in order to acquire several boosters at once. Thus, you can get more for less.

Bombastic Brothers: Equipment Guide

Each class of fighters has its own equipment and weapons. For example, sniper gear cannot be worn on an attack aircraft. Ammunition for heroes is dressed and removed for free.

In the character’s menu in the "Equipment" tab there is an "auto-select" item. After pressing it, the system determines the best thing for this champion. Each thing has its own parameters and significantly increases the power and characteristics of the characters. Things are obtained in different activities of the game, they can be obtained from various boxes, prizes and events.

Ammunition is divided by quality:

  1. Gray ones are common things.
  2. Greens are unusual items.
  3. Blue is rare.
  4. Lilac - epic.
  5. Yellow are legendary.

Most often in the game there is a usual and unusual ammunition. But it does not need to be sold. It is best to disassemble it and make things of a higher quality in the Workshop: green things are made from gray, blue from green, and so on.

Equipment is divided into several categories:

  1. Weapon - in the parameters it has reload time, damage, frequency of shots per second. Weapons are selected according to these parameters.
  2. Headdress.
  3. Accessories
  4. Clothing.
  5. Footwear.
  6. Backpack, bag.

In order to disassemble the ammunition, you must select a thing in the inventory, then click on the "disassemble" button. For disassembly, the player receives the color detail of the disassembled thing.

When sorting objects, you need to remember that when you receive a new hero, you need to dress him. Therefore, it is recommended to leave several things of different levels, quality and class. Well, that inventory allows you to do this.


Each player has a Workshop on the meringue. In order to produce things, you must select a character. The class of the item will depend on the role of the hero. For example, an attack aircraft will produce equipment for attack aircraft, and a killer for killers. You can not put on the production of ammunition for heroes who are currently engaged in other activities.

The level of the workshop affects the level of manufactured items. The higher the level of the room, the higher in level you can craft items.

With the creation of weapons, everything is clear: quality is selected and weapons of an affordable level are obtained for a particular class. But the equipment can be determined only by quality. In this case, the thing is created in a random order. It can be shoes, accessories, a hat or clothes. The level of the Bridge and the Training Room also affect the level of the manufactured item.

If the player does not like the resulting item, then it can be changed to another. Moreover, the changes also occur in a random order and not the fact that the dropped item will be better than the previously made one. Equipment can be redone by watching a commercial. The item will have the same limitations as created earlier. You can change a thing only 1 time. In extreme cases, it can always be taken apart.


On the basis of the player there is the Armory. This room is not pumped, and chests with equipment appear in it.Here are given:

  1. War Box - opens free every 3 hours. From it you can get an ordinary item with a probability of 75%, unusual - 25%, rare - 5%.
  2. Experimental box - opens for free once every 12 hours, more often you can open it for crystals. You can get an unusual item with a probability of 70%, rare - 25%, epic - 5%.
  3. Elite Box - Opens only for crystals. If you buy this box for 2000 crystals, then you can guaranteedly get a legendary item. Otherwise, you can get a rare item with a probability of 50%, epic - 40%, legendary - 10%.

The level of things falling out of the boxes depends on the level of leveling the base and heroes. The more a player’s ship develops, the higher things drop in level. Sometimes items that cannot be worn at this stage of the game, that is, above the level of the hero, drop out.

Sponsor’s Chest. The chest icon is located in the lower left corner of the main screen. From it you can get good equipment absolutely free. It is necessary to watch 5 clips per day so that you can open the chest. For each view you can get a reward: 200 tokens for leveling heroes and 1000 gold.

Chance to drop items from the sponsor’s chest:

  1. 75% is a rare item.
  2. 20% is an epic item.
  3. 5% is a legendary item.

The best weapons for heroes

Weapon nameWhat is better for
Attack aircraft.
Flame Bearer (legendary).For PvP and for PvE.
Dream Killer (epic).For PvP and for PvE.
Avenger (epic).It’s not suitable for PvP, it has proved to be excellent in PvE.
Succubus (legendary).Not suitable for PvP, and great for PvE.
Cyclone (epic).It’s great for PvP, in PvE it did poorly due to the long delay between shots.
Hexacon (legendary).For PvP and for PvE (but often need to recharge).
IDK 3000 (legendary).Not suitable for PvP, wide spread, but great for PvE.
Scylla (epic).For PvP and for PvE.
Sialia (rare).For PvP and for PvE (not a little worse).
Last Midnight (Legendary).For PvP and for PvE.
Valkyrie (epic).For PvP and for PvE.

Bombastic Brothers: PvP Guide

PvP mode is a mode of fighting between players. PvP is conducted in Arena activity. The mode opens after repairing the Arena room. You can exit to the mode both from the card and from the room.

The arena is divided into leagues. To qualify for the next league, you must remain in the TOP 5 at the time the league ends. The higher the league, the better the reward for being in it. You can enter the TOP-5 at the end of the league period. If a player has not played a single match or is in last place, then at the end of the league he returns to the previous league. And again he will need to get into the TOP-5 to move to a new level.

Leagues are reset daily by server time. At the end of the gaming day, each player receives well-deserved rewards, which depend on their place in the ranking. The higher the player’s position, the better the reward. You must have at least 1 battle in order to get into the Arena rating.

Battle. 3 heroes are exhibited at the Arena, according to their power, which will be evaluated the total strength of the team. Starting the battle, it is advised to choose an opponent lower in strength. The battle is in automatic mode. The result of the battle completely depends on the level of heroes. Characters enter the ring in turn. After the death of the first champion, the next character enters the field. After victory, the player receives a reward, which can be significantly increased by watching a promotional video.

Tickets The player is issued 3 Arena tickets daily. After the player spends the ticket, after 4 hours the system will give him another 1. Even if the player does not win, he still receives an incentive prize.

List of rivals. The list of opponents offered to the player for the battle can be updated after 7 minutes for free if the opponents did not arrange it. There is an option for instant updates, but it is carried out for crystals. This is not the best waste of a rare resource, it’s easier to wait for the set time.

Experienced players in any case recommend holding fights in the Arena. For losing the gamer does not lose a place in the ranking, but you can get a reward.

Marks of Excellence. The insignia is a game currency that is issued to players for fights in the Arena. For signs you can purchase equipment and resources in the Arena store.

It is better to buy fragments of heroes - this is the most profitable investment, since there should be many heroes, and all of them must be pumped for different activities.

Bombastic Brothers: Trekking Daily Missions

There are 2 types of daily tasks in the game. Daily missions are quests that are updated every day, for the victory in which you can get game resources. For these missions, 2 rooms are responsible:

  1. Command post.
  2. Docking bay.

Both rooms radically differ from each other by types of tasks.

Command post

It is necessary to send heroes of a certain class to the tasks that appear in the Command Post. These heroes are indicated in the mission requirements. Characters, after a successful adventure, bring the player good rewards.The gamer himself does not need to do anything special, just need to pick up the required champions and send him on a mission.

There are many tasks, they are updated every 12 hours. At the start of the game it will not be possible to complete all quests, because there simply will not be enough heroes. Characters sent to 1 task cannot participate in another.Also, heroes engaged in production will not be able to take part in adventures.

In order for the heroes to be able to participate in missions, it is necessary to take into account the strength requirements. In total, the power of the heroes should not be lower than specified in the requirement for the task.

Each story takes the heroes a certain time for its passage. For crystals, you can accelerate the passage of the journey. But this is not recommended, since the most effective investment of crystals is the purchase of fragments of heroes. For the rest, spending this rare currency makes no sense. There are tasks for which you can get crystals, mainly watching videos.

The maximum number of heroes must be pumped precisely to complete the missions of the Command Post.

Docking compartment

In the mission of the Docking bay, you can enter through the room or through the map. The Docking Bay quests on the map are designated as "Daily Missions." Tasks are given according to the classes of heroes. Each class can go through 3 stories daily. The recommended strength of the hero and the strength of opponents in battles depends on the level of the Bridge.

If the level of the Bridge is too high compared to the level of leveling the characters, then it will be difficult to complete the mission. Therefore, it is advised first to maximize the level of champions, and only then raise the level of the Bridge.

For completing the mission, the player receives gold, tokens and a war box. For completing the third attempt, the player receives an experimental box. With each new attempt, the recommended strength of the heroes increases.The stronger the opponents, the higher the reward for completing.

Battle. Each battle has 3 waves of opponents. The card does not move in the battle, so the hero needs to defeat all the monsters that attack him. The character can move and dodge within the screen. For completing the mission, you can get stars that affect the reward. You should strive to complete quests for 3 stars in order to collect all the rewards as much as possible.

Between the waves you need to have time to reload the weapon. Ammo is approximately enough for 1 wave. In order not to waste precious health during reloading, it is advisable to update the store in between invasions of enemies.

The number of waves is shown at the top left of the screen. With each new wave, the rivals are stronger than the previous ones.

The time interval given to the player between attempts is equal to 2 hours. Missions are updated after 12 hours every day.

You should complete missions as much as possible. This is the easiest and fastest way to get coins, tokens and shards of heroes from the chest. You should participate daily in all available events. It is advised not to rush through the storyline company. First, it is recommended to maximize the level of heroes, and then equip the base.

Bombastic Brothers: Bunker Tips

A bunker is a game activity, which is a dungeon with several floors. Each floor is a new level of passage, with more powerful opponents than in the previous stage. For passing the Bunker you can get a daily reward. For this reward to be as high as possible, it is necessary to go through several floors of the Bunker daily and be fixed at each checkpoint.

To complete each stage, you should choose the 3 strongest heroes. If 1 character dies, then another champion will replace him. At each level 5, the player is waiting for the boss. This level is also a save point. The next day, you can start passing the Bunker from this place. If a player fixes his position at the next checkpoint, then the level of reward increases.

There is no recommended limit on the strength of the characters. It is worth noting that after passing the floor, the health of the heroes is not restored. It will recover after zeroing, which occurs once a day.

2 attempts are given daily for passing. The first disappears after the death of heroes. These attempts must be spent daily to get more benefits.

If after passing the player live characters remain, then it is worth trying to pass the Bunker levels further. The complexity of the Bunker depends on the strength of the most powerful hero.

Each boss has his own super punch. To effectively pass the Bunker, you need to know the battle style of each boss, try to predict his actions in the attack, dodge in time and strike back.

At the very beginning of the day, before the start, you can put the selected heroes in order, that is, in what order they will go to battle. After the death of all the heroes, the player will be given a reward that can be increased by watching the video.

Bombastic Brothers: We participate in events to the maximum

To spend time in the game as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to distribute the heroes according to their activities. Of course, at the start it will be difficult to do, but over time, the player will have more heroes, and it will be easier to complete all the missions. In order for the player to collect more resources, it is necessary to take into account some points:

  1. Command center - before participating in other events, you must select the heroes on the mission of the command center. Sent heroes can participate in activities other than creating equipment and producing gold.
  2. Docking compartment - here missions are held on time. First you need to make 1 attempt by all classes, and then proceed to the passage of the Bunker or Story Company. After the time comes for the next attempt, the player will already be able to earn a certain amount of resources.
  3. Smelter - here, too, you need to choose one hero. It is necessary for the production of gold. The hero will not be able to participate in other events. Therefore, it is better to put a character who does not have much power.
  4. Clothing production - as well as the Smelter requires 1 fighter. Making equipment takes some time, which also needs to be considered when choosing a champion.

Game Events

In addition to the main activities that can be held constantly, temporary events appear in the game - events. Each event has its own goal. For example, an event to collect keys to chests. It appears periodically and can serve as an impetus to the further development of the player and his base. In the event it is necessary to collect as many keys from the chests as possible. To obtain the keys, a number of tasks are given that must be completed. Tasks are not complicated and affect the gameplay without taking a lot of time from the user.

After the player collects the required number of keys, it will be possible to open a gold or silver chest (depending on the type of keys collected). From the chests you can get excellent items of equipment, keys for a golden chest (in silver), crystals. In a golden chest legendary things often come across.

At the time of writing, the game is in beta mode "Joint mode." This is a game against a computer paired with another player. In the mode of 3 gaming platforms, each has its own interesting plot. The pair for the player is selected according to the power of the selected hero. Sometimes exactly the same ally runs with the players. For completing the mission, players receive a reward that can be exchanged for game resources.

It is best to participate in every event and every activity daily. So the player will be able to collect the necessary amount of resources for a full pumping of the main characters. In the future, you can start pumping other heroes who will help pass the Command Center.

Bombastic Brothers: Secrets of Building a Base

At the start, the player receives the "Fly Swatter 4000" spaceship, in which you can equip the base. In the future, subject to the necessary conditions, the gamer will receive a more powerful starship "Horizon". It will contain rooms with PvP mode, a smelter and a workshop. Each room needs improvement, except the Armory, in order to comfortably complete the game.


The main room of the ship. Here you can improve the ship and make it more perfect. Improvements to the Bridge provide access to the construction of new rooms and their improvement. At each level of the Bridge, a condition is shown for which it is possible to open access to raising the level of the Bridge. For example, to transfer to the 4th level of the Bridge, it is necessary to go through chapter 2.6 of the Plot Company.

Improving the Bridge, the player will find higher level rewards in the boxes.

But if you quickly increase the level of the Bridge, then the player may encounter difficulties in passing through the Command Post and the Docking Compartment. This can happen from the fact that with an increase in the level of the Bridge, the strength of opponents in the activities increases.And if the player’s heroes are poorly pumped, then completing daily missions will be very difficult.


It produces gold. Opens at account level 17. For production, you must select 1 free character. The production level and storage capacity depend on the room level. If the room’s warehouse is as full as possible, then production ceases. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically take prey.

At Level 1 of the Foundry, the gold production rate is 600 units of gold per hour, and the storage capacity is 1800 units. Therefore, gold should be taken every 3 hours.

The higher the stardom of the hero selected for gold mining, the higher the bonus for receiving. The designated hero will not be able to participate in other activities (in campaigns and in the production of equipment).

You can only raise the level of the Smelter after pumping the Bridge to a certain level. For example, to go from level 1 to level 2, you need to have a level 6 bridge. With a new level, production speed and storage capacity increase.

Workshop - to increase its level, you must have a certain level of the Bridge. The new level of the Workshop determines the level of items that can be created.

Training - makes it possible to increase the limit of the maximum level of heroes. The higher the level of the room, the higher you can pump characters. The room improves after leveling the Bridge.

The game is designed so that the gamer first pumped the heroes, and then engaged in the base.Quests and adventures are given every day, which gives an excellent opportunity to improve your characters daily.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.