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Walkthrough Boom Battlefield: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BOOM BATTLEFIELD - Android game with release date 10/23/2019 from the company HIKER GAMES. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Game Interface Overview
  2. Secrets to Getting Prizes
  3. How to form an army under the enemy?
  4. Secrets of Defense and Battles
  5. Talent Guide
  6. Battle Unit Guide
  7. Raider Review & Leveling Tips
  8. Overview of Rifle Towers and Leveling Tips
  9. Types of Defenders and Leveling Tips
  10. Transport Overview
  11. Overview of Transport Turrets
  12. Escort Guide
  13. Walkthrough
  14. Auto Production Secrets
  15. Clan Guide
  16. In-Game Store Review

Boom Battlefield: Game Interface Overview

General description. All sections of the main game screen can be classified into three groups:

  1. Information about the player and his game progress. Everything related to advancement in the game refers to it: data on the army, player rank, amount of resources extracted, cups and open chests.
  2. Field of game events. The horizontal menu bar below. It displays the entrance to the campaign mode, auto-collection, as well as chat, the zone of in-game messages and reports.
  3. A field for increasing a player’s level and main activity. The vertical menu bar on the left with tabs to increase the level of experience and leveling combat units. Entrance to Convoy mode and in-game store.

Settings To go to the settings, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you can turn on / off music and sound effects, change the language of the game, and also connect the game account to Facebook.

Be sure to connect your account to Facebook. So you save game progress in the event of a failure and protect yourself from data loss. Otherwise, when resetting the game progress, you will have to start the game again.

Information about the player profile and his game progress

Army. In the middle of the game screen, information is always given about the current composition of the army, its power and the number of combat units. Here you can reform the army.

Resources. The amount of minerals, gold and gems is reflected at the top of the screen in the form of a numerical designation and scale.

Rank and goblets. The rank, its emblem and the number of cups are displayed on the right side of the screen.The rank increases depending on the number of cups collected in battles. With increasing rank, the player is entitled to valuable prizes, including resources and new units. In total, the game has 8 ranks, each of which has three sublevels. Graduation of ranks he is lower to higher:

  1. Dog;
  2. A fox;
  3. Wolf;
  4. Boar;
  5. Panther;
  6. Grizzly;
  7. A lion;
  8. Elephant.

Chests. Chests are opened by collecting daily stars in battles. Chests - this is your chance to get yourself a collection of maps of military units, including rare and epic ones. The number of stars scored in one day and the specific chest that you can open is reflected on the right side of the game screen.

Game Event Field

Chats button. The chat button is located at the bottom left. There are two chats in the game:

  1. Clan Chat. Here you can chat with clan members, see who enters and leaves the clan, what ranks are assigned to your clan members, etc.
  2. Chat world. It makes it possible to talk with any players and see the replay of their fights.

Buttons "Campaign" and "Auto Production". Entering the mode of game quests and auto-extraction of resources.

Button "Reports". The report journal is a player’s diary where everything that happened with his army is recorded: who attacked, how many attacks were made, results of fights, the number of resources lost (when defeated) and captured (when won), the possibility of revenge, etc. Reports include four tabs:

  1. Protection log. Information about attacks on your army and losses, opportunities for revenge and the amount of lost resources and cups;
  2. Attack Log Information about victorious battles indicating the number of captured resources, cups and stars received;
  3. Reports. Information about open resources and heroes.
  4. Post office. Various in-game alerts come here, including about gifts.
Remember to check your in-game mail. To receive rewards and heroes, you need to confirm the action.

Events button. The Events block reminds you of everything that happens to you in the game. Divided into four tabs.

  1. Notifications. Here you get system notifications.
  2. Daily entry. Beginner rewards for daily entry into the game.
  3. Reward for the first purchase. Issued after the first purchase in the in-game store.
  4. Improved rewards. Ability to improve crystals rewards.

Field to increase player level and main activity

Player Level It is indicated in the upper left corner and is calculated by the amount of experience. To increase the level you need to gain new experience, improve combat units and talents. The number of victories in battles does not affect the level of experience! By clicking on the designation of your current level, you will see how much experience you have gained at the moment and how much you need to gain to go to the next level.

Buttons "Talents" and "Units". By clicking on them, you will be taken to the appropriate sections, where you can make improvements for gold and minerals.

Convoy Button Enter escort mode, where your defenders transport minerals for exchange for gold.

Button "Clan". Opens a section with information about the clan, player ratings, clan tops and finding suitable clans for entry.

Shop button. An in-game store where you can purchase chests, resources, and hero cards for gems and real money.

Boom Battlefield: Secrets to Getting Prizes

The general. The game is generous enough to issue various free bonuses designed to facilitate the gameplay.The main thing is not to forget to collect everything.

Daily login reward. For beginners, prizes for daily entry are provided. To take the reward, click on the "Events" icon and then on the "Daily Login" tab. For each day of entry put your own great prize.

Gifts for the first purchase. Make any first purchase in the in-game store and get the prizes offered:

Obtaining gems for a new rank. With the acquisition of a new rank, you get additional gems. Their number is displayed in the "Improved rewards" tab of the "Events" section.

Boom Battlefield: How to form an army under the enemy?

Army power. The power of your army depends on the player’s level. The higher it is, the more units you can take with you on the attack. The current power indicator is displayed on the main screen, above the icons of military units, as well as during the formation of the army.

The power of a combat unit. The power of a combat unit is a generalized indicator of its strength. It is indicated on the top right of the unit icon - a small red icon with a digital value. Try to select the most powerful combat units in your army, but do not forget about the army’s power limit: it is limited for each level.

The formation of the army. To collect an army, click on the icon of any unit or on the empty icon with a "+" sign on the main screen. You will see the icons of all available combat units with information about their number, individual power and basic combat characteristics. You can take up to five types of units with you into battle.

The main rule of formation. An army must be formed in such a way that the combined power of the selected combat units fully covers the army’s power limit. For example, if the achieved total power limit is 80, then the power of units assembled in battle should gain this indicator. The required correspondence is tracked at the top of the screen, where the first digit through a hyphen is the total power of the combat units typed in the attack, and the second is the limit of the power of your army in accordance with the occupied level (see screenshot).

The choice of the enemy. The main activity of the game is in PvP mode. By pressing the "Attack" button, you will be taken to the screen where you will see the army of your potential enemy. Here you can find information:

The more you win, the more powerful opponents you will come across. The game is a good opportunity to choose an opponent. If you see that a potential enemy is too tough for you yet, you can choose another one by clicking the "Next" button on the right side of the screen. As soon as you find a suitable one, press the "Attack" button.

Boom Battlefield: Secrets of Defense and Battles

Defense of the protected area. At first, a bright streak will pass through the area that you have to protect.Carefully remember its direction - it is along it that the enemy army will break through. The end of the route is marked with a special label. Ideally, no enemy combat unit should reach it.

How to arrange units? In total, the player has two echelons of defense. It consists of troops and rifle towers.To place the troops, you need to touch the icon of a specific combat unit, and then - points on the terrain where units of this type will be located. On empty hills along the route, install shooting towers - tap the hill and select the preferred tower view. Know that you can’t rearrange towers during the battle.

The right strategy for the deployment of defense levels. For the effectiveness of defense, place your towers and troops on the bends of the terrain. Since the rifle towers shoot in a circle, it is precisely their location that will increase the area of ??shelling of enemy units. Those who miss the towers can finish off the units.

The second echelon of defense should be placed closer to the end point of the defended route, for example, at the last bend. If the first echelon of defense is broken, the second echelon will be able to deal with the surviving units of the enemy army.

Indicators. The current results of your battle are displayed on the left side of the screen: the number of destroyed enemy units and captured minerals. On the right side of the screen you see the countdown to the end of the battle. Above it is the "End the battle" button. When you press it and confirm the command, your troops will be given the order to retreat.

Cups. Along with the number of cups won in battles, your rank in the game grows. Each victory gives you new cups, and each defeat takes them away.

Stars. At the time of the battle, stars are depicted at the top of the screen. A burnt star means a certain percentage of enemies killed:

  1. One star - 50%;
  2. Two stars - 75%;
  3. Three stars - 100%.

To win, you need to "light" at least one star, but try to light all three. You will need stars to open chests with maps of new combat units. The more valuable the chest, the more stars must be collected to open it.

Results of the victory. The battle results are displayed in a pop-up window after the completion of the attack.It will show the losses of the attacking side, cups, minerals and points earned by your army. The reward for victory can be doubled by watching a commercial.

When viewing ads, only the amount of minerals earned in the battle will be doubled. The number of cups does not double.

2x2 auto-multiplier. If you want to constantly double your awards for victories, then make any purchase in the in-game store and get a 2x2 multiplier without watching ads.

Treatment. Combat units that have fallen in battle need time to recover before the next battle. To check your damaged units, click on the game menu screen an empty icon with a "+" sign. If you have injured, they will be displayed in a separate block "Damaged". Their icon will indicate the time required for recovery.

Can damaged units be repaired immediately? Yes. But only for gems. The exact number of gems with which you can immediately return all (or some) damaged units to the system is indicated under their icons.

Such an investment of resources is not profitable. It is better to form a large army to replace damaged units with healthy ones at the time of their recovery. Spend gems wisely.

Boom Battlefield: Talent Guide

Concept. Talents - this is what determines your skills in the game. Your "base" for a successful game. Leveling up talents is very important because, unlike combat units, it cannot be lost in battle. Talents are assigned to the player forever. High levels of talent provide a more successful promotion in the game.

Types of talent. In total, the game presents five varieties of talents:

  1. Leadership. Army power. Determines the army of what power you can prepare for battle;
  2. Tower builder. The number of rifle towers that can be built. A large number of rifle towers gives additional guarantees of sustainable defense of the area;
  3. Exchange master. The length of the convoy for the exchange of minerals for gold. The more units there are in the convoy, the more effective its battle with opponents will become, which means that more escorted resources will be saved;
  4. Mineral extraction. Mineral production per hour;
  5. Gold mining. Gold production per hour.
Mineral and gold mining talents are the first thing a beginner needs to pump. These two indicators determine how much minerals and gold you can mine, which means how much resources you will get in the future.

Talent Improvement. Each talent has its own level of improvement. Talent improvement itself is carried out for gold and increases its characteristics. Also, for each talent improvement, the player’s level increases. Click on the desired talent and see how its characteristics will increase with improvement, and how much the player’s experience will increase.

You cannot improve talent if its level exceeds the level of the player. The maximum level of talent cannot be higher than the level of the player.

Boom Battlefield: Battle Unit Guide

Concept. Combat units - the totality of military force with which you fight. In the game, units are represented by fighters, military equipment and rifle towers.

Classification of combat units. There are five types of combat units:

  1. Raiders.
  2. Towers;
  3. Defenders;
  4. Combat vehicles;
  5. Turrets for transport.

Units open for the player gradually. Their icons turn colored as they unlock. The numbers in the upper corner of the icon show how many heroes of a particular combat unit you have in the collection. Initially, you only have a few units, but later on, as you progress through the game, your army will be replenished with more and more new characters and equipment.

How to get new units? You can unlock new heroes by opening chests and gaining new ranks. It is also possible to get new units as a gift for any activity or buy in an in-game store.

The purpose of the attack. Each unit has its own attack target: air, earth or earth and air. Keep in mind that units with double targets (ground and air) hit weaker than those with only one target. Thus, units aimed at inflicting damage specifically on the ground or in the air will be more problematic for enemies than universal fighters.

Types of combat units. Depending on the performance characteristics, combat units have different power.According to this parameter, they are divided into categories, from strongest to weakest:

  1. Legendary (gold);
  2. Epic (purple);
  3. Rare (blue);
  4. Normal (white).

Leveling up. Units are pumped for minerals and gold. The upgrade increases the power of the unit and adds experience points to your player level. You see how many experience points an improvement will give you by clicking on the unit icon. Here you are shown the cost of improvement.

Boom Battlefield: Raider Review & Leveling Tips

Who are raiders? Raiders are fighters with whom you attack enemy armies.

Characteristics of raiders. Raiders have a set of characteristics that reflect their usefulness and strength in battle. All characteristics can be viewed by clicking on the icon of a particular unit. These include:

Leveling up. Improve those raiders whom you most often take into battle, and who are the majority in your army. So the effect of improvements will be much greater than, for example, from the continuous improvement of a single legendary raider. However, when in your army there will be many raiders of each category, start pumping them priority.

The rank of a unit, the stronger it is. Legendary, epic, and rare fighters have superpowers abilities, while ordinary ones don’t. Upgrade legendary raiders first, then epic ones, etc. Such a strategy is not only the most profitable investment of resources, but also helps to strengthen your army at times.

Types of Raiders

Legendary Raiders. They have the most powerful super impact and the highest performance. You need to download first. Legendary raiders include:

  1. Tank. A battle tank with tremendous combat power. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: massacre - when attacking enemies with less than 50% health, damage is increased by 50%;
  2. Crazy Dock. A mad scientist who fights on a walking mechanism supported by robots. Purpose: land. Superudar: Drones - creates 2 flying spheres with 760 health units and 60 damage units to support in battle;
  3. Ganship. Combat air defense helicopter.Purpose: earth and air. Superudars: 1. Air-to-air - automatically launches an air-to-air missile, inflicting 315 damage to nearby air targets; 2. Aircraft - a flying combat unit;
  4. "Colossus". A giant robot that can remove any obstacle. Purpose: land. Superudars: 1. Disarm - each attack with a 40% chance can stun the enemy for 1 sec; 2. Chaos - first of all, damage is caused by transport. Hitting a vehicle increases damage by 50%;
  5. Hog. Hog rushes into the thick of the battle on his tricycle and fights with an ax. Purpose: land. Super Punch: Destruction - a throw at an enemy, inflicting 250 to 525 damage over a large area. The farther the distance, the greater the damage.

Epic Raiders. Epic raiders are stronger than rare and ordinary, but weaker than legendary. Epic Raiders include:

  1. Droid An epic droid with ranged abilities that can penetrate the target’s armor. Purpose: earth and air. Superudars: 1. Destruction of armor - destroys 5 units. attacker armor in 60 sec .; 2. Aircraft - a flying combat unit;
  2. Spy. Performs special operations, the main purpose of which is the destruction of enemy vehicles. Purpose: land. Superudar: Neutralization - primarily causes damage to vehicles. Each attack on an enemy vehicle prevents him from moving for 2 seconds;
  3. Robopauk. An automatic battle robot capable of inflicting damage on an area and knockback enemies. Purpose: land. Super blows: 1. Knockback - every shot with a 35% chance can knock back the enemy; 2. Damage by area - the attack deals damage in a large area;
  4. Mechanic. The mechanic is armed with a manual plasma gun and always fights next to the droid. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: Companion - a robot with 1100 health units and 110 damage units helps in battle;
  5. Thug. The big man injects himself with powerful chemicals to increase his strength. Explodes if killed. Purpose: land. Super Damage: Poison - After death, releases poison, slowing enemies and inflicting 50 points of damage per second. Duration: 4 seconds.

Rare raiders. Rare raiders are stronger than ordinary, but weaker than legendary and epic. Rare raiders include:

  1. Mercenary. A melee combat unit capable of piercing enemies without armor. Purpose: land. Super Punch: Breakthrough - an attack of the enemy without armor. May increase damage by 25%;
  2. Fighter. A soldier with a shotgun capable of breaking through enemy armor. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: penetration - each attack with a 30% chance ignores enemy armor;
  3. Grenadier. Destroys the enemy with anti-tank equipment. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: area damage - the attack deals damage over a large area;
  4. Drone. Base flying unit. Simple and effective. Purpose: earth and air. Super Punch: An aircraft is a flying combat unit.

Ordinary raiders. Ordinary raiders are the weakest, and they have no super blows. It’s not worth pumping them. Common raiders include:

  1. The robber. An infantryman capable of stealing enemy troops. Purpose: land;
  2. Attack aircraft. Basic ranged weapon. High damage, low rate of fire. Purpose: earth and air.

Boom Battlefield: Overview of Rifle Towers and Leveling Tips

Towers and their views. Towers are your buildings that open fire on the infantry and air units of the enemy at the time of the attack. There are three types of towers in the game:

  1. Mortar. An artillery gun firing explosive shells along a steep ballistic trajectory and inflicting damage on an area. Purpose: land;
  2. Tower shooters. Main fortification with arrows inside. Purpose: earth and air;
  3. Power tower. An artillery tower firing energy projectiles capable of piercing armor. Purpose: earth and air.

Characteristics of the towers. The parameters of the towers include:

Levels.Each tower has three levels. The last level can be unlocked upon reaching a certain rank.

The best of the towers presented in the game is a mortar. Due to the release of shells along a steep path, the mortar manages to destroy the largest number of enemies.

Leveling up.The fortified pumped tower is the key to an impenetrable defense, so at the very beginning, do not skimp on pumping rifle towers and make them strong. So you make yourself secure and prematurely ensure yourself the successful results of the battle. Also don’t forget the Tower Builder talent. If you have it pumped, you can build many times more towers and strengthen your defense!

Boom Battlefield: Types of Defenders and Leveling Tips

Who are the defenders? Defenders - the convoy composition that accompanies your minerals before exchanging them for gold. An army of trained defenders will facilitate the delivery of your resources to your destination safe and sound. The combat characteristics of the defenders are the same as those of the raiders.

Leveling up.As in the case of raiders, try to pump first of all those defenders whom you most often take to your convoy, and which at the moment you have the majority. This is the most efficient way to invest resources and subsequently get more (with successful escort).

The higher the defender’s rank, the stronger he is. Therefore, when your army will have many defenders of different categories, give preference to pumping legendary, then epic, etc. Weak ordinary units should not be downloaded - they do not have super blows and there is little benefit from them.

Types of Defenders

Legendary defenders. These include:

  1. Chopper. One-man flying vehicle equipped with two powerful rocket launchers. Purpose: earth and air. Superudars: 1. Volley - launches 2 missiles simultaneously for 2 targets; 2. Aircraft - a flying combat unit;
  2. Biker An officer on a large combat motorcycle. He uses weapons to chase and immobilize enemies. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: recklessness - rams the enemy, inflicting 450 points of damage and repelling it. It can be used only once;
  3. "Goliath". A powerful exoskeleton with inhuman strength and endurance, armed with repulsors built into gloves. Purpose: land. Super blow: rage - the attack speed doubles when health is less than 50%;
  4. Costume of the seraph. A modern armored combat suit that allows you to fly. It is equipped with repulsors built into the wings and a multifunctional electric sword. Will be the savior of your army on the battlefield. Purpose: earth and air. Super blows: 1. Dissection - a cutting strike on an arc, causing damage to all targets in front of the attackers; 2. Apotheosis: after death, restores 700 health to all allies nearby (defenders and vehicles).

Epic defenders. These include:

  1. Marshal. A fighter who rides and carries a weapon capable of killing an enemy with one shot. Purpose: earth and air. Super strike: target - each attack with a 30% chance can deal 200% critical damage;
  2. Jetpack. Equipped with maneuverable jetpacks, these soldiers are ready for anything to crush the enemy. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: 1. Kamikaze - after death, crashes into a killer. Deals 390 damage; 2. Aircraft - a flying combat unit;
  3. Sergeant. A warrior armed with a battle saber capable of cutting several targets in front of him. Purpose: land. Superudar: dissection - a cutting strike on an arc, causing damage to all targets before the attacker;
  4. Shield Bearer. Shield + electric batons = elimination of all approaching raiders. Purpose: land. Superudar: shock - every 3rd blow to the same target stuns her for 1 second;
  5. Engineer. An engineer has the ability to quickly repair vehicles and place them near trucks. Purpose: land. Superudar: Repair - Restores 300 health to nearby allied vehicles. Recovery lasts 7 seconds.

Rare defenders. These include:

  1. Bastion. A giant shield protects from the fire of any guns. Purpose: land. Superudar: deviation - the shield reduces damage from ranged attacks by 25%;
  2. Avant-garde fighter. Bulky, but very powerful. Can burn any hijacker on the way. Purpose: land. Superudar: flamethrower - releases a stream of fire, causing damage to all enemies in the area of ??effect;
  3. Drone A drone with one propeller equipped with a machine gun. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: aircraft - flying combat unit;
  4. Medic. A combat medic capable of healing or repairing any ally on the battlefield. Purpose: earth and air. Superudar: Healing - restores 150 health to an ally (except for transport). Recovery lasts 3 seconds.

Ordinary defenders. These include:

  1. Soldier. Base infantryman with a gun. Purpose: land;
  2. Scout. Lightly armed and equipped for reconnaissance. Purpose: earth and air.

Boom Battlefield: Transport Overview

What is transport for? Transport is necessary for the convoy of goods with minerals for trade purposes. The transport also protects the convoy itself, if you install turrets on it that open fire on enemies. Like other military units, vehicles can be pumped for minerals and gold.

Related characteristics. Each type of transport has indicators reflecting its power and utility in the convoy. Features include:

Types of transport

Legendary transport. The view with the highest performance. The legendary transport has additional superblows. Examples:

  1. Military truck. Armored carrier. It can deliver troops to the very epicenter of the battle. Purpose: land. Superudar: anxiety - when the vehicle stops moving, two shield bearers appear to reinforce.
  2. Helicopter. Equipped with a modern EMP system. Purpose: land. Superudars: 1. EMP - when health drops below 50%, it emits an electromagnetic pulse that stuns surrounding enemies for 2 seconds; 2. Aircraft - an aircraft combat unit.

Epic transport. Stronger than rare, but weaker than legendary. Also has super punch. Examples:

  1. Quadcopter. Small drone for transportation automation. Purpose: land. Superudar: aircraft - an aircraft combat unit;
  2. Jeep. An SUV equipped with a nitro system in case of a speed chase. Purpose: land. Superudar: turbo - upon taking damage, the speed increases by 200% for 2 seconds;
  3. Armored personnel carrier. Combat transport. With a low supply of health, it stops moving and directs energy to increase the attack power of the supplement. Purpose: land. Superudar: combat transport - when health drops below 50%, vehicles stop to attack. Add-on damage is increased by 20%.

Rare transport. Weaker than the epic and legendary. There are no super blows. Examples:

  1. Fighting machine. Easy transport with extra armor. Purpose: land;
  2. Truck. Normal transport without armor with a large margin of health. Purpose: land.

Boom Battlefield: Overview of Transport Turrets

Destination. Turrets are additions to your vehicle to increase its combat power. You can pump for minerals and gold. The installation of turrets on vehicles will greatly facilitate the task of the convoy and help protect resources.

Specifications. All turrets have the following characteristics:

Types of Turrets

Legendary turrets. Examples:

  1. Tesla gun. Targeted energy weapon that generates thunderclouds that damage air targets in the area of ??effect. Purpose: air. Superudar: area damage - the attack deals damage over a large area;
  2. Michigan. A heavy machine gun with a high rate of fire. It fights suppression, causing damage to ground targets in an area with a large radius. Purpose: land. Super Damage: Area Damage - The attack deals damage over a large area.

Epic Turrets. Examples:

  1. Flamethrower. A mechanical weapon that sets fire to ground targets. Purpose: land. Superudars: 1. Flamethrower - releases a stream of fire, causing damage to all enemies in the area of ??effect; 2. Burn - sets fire to enemies, causing 45 points of damage per second for 4 seconds;
  2. Laser gun. It shoots with laser beams that attack in turn several air targets. Purpose: air. Super strike: chain lightning - laser beams hit several enemies one after another. Maximum Goals: 5.

Rare turrets. Examples:

  1. Anti-aircraft gun. An anti-air gun that releases shrapnel for several airborne targets. Purpose: air. Superudar: area damage - the attack deals damage over a large area;
  2. Mortar. An area-damaging gun firing explosive shells along a steep ballistic trajectory. Purpose: land. Super Damage: Area Damage - The attack deals damage over a large area.

Ordinary turrets. Turret. Basic add-on for dealing damage with a homing system. Purpose: earth and air.

Boom Battlefield: Escort Guide

Why do we need a convoy? A convoy guards your minerals along the way. The convoy consists of combat units - defenders. Its goal: to bring escorted minerals to the point of trade and exchange them for gold bullion. On the way of the convoy, an enemy convoy may meet. Then a battle will arise between them, and in case of victory the enemy convoy will plunder the transported minerals. If your convoy successfully overcomes all obstacles, wins hassles with enemies and takes minerals to the market, you will receive a lot of gold and a prize in the form of a chest with combat unit cards.

Download the defenders of the convoy. Improve them, focus on frequently used, legendary and epic defenders. A weak convoy is a godsend for the enemy. Do not allow plunder of resources!

Trade. In total, four types of trade are provided for the exchange of escorted minerals for gold:

  1. Ten mile trade. Exchanges 2,500 minerals for 2,500 gold bullion;
  2. Stylish trade. Exchanges 5,000 minerals for 6,500 gold bullion;
  3. Thousand mile trade. Exchanges 7,500 minerals for 12,000 gold bullion;
  4. The greatest trade. Exchanges 10,000 minerals for 20,000 gold bullion.

Above are the initial indicators. As the player’s experience level grows and the level of mineral and gold mining talents increases, the limits of various types of trading will increase. The exchange quota is updated at 00.00 GMT.

Duration of convoy and limits. At the same time, you can send an convoy on the road for all four types of trading. The more prestigious the trade, the longer the convoy will go. For example, a convoy for ten-mile trade lasts 5 minutes, and for a great one - 4 hours. The number of convoy trips for each type of trade is limited per day. Least of all convoy attempts is foreseen for the greatest trade on which the most minerals can be exchanged.

First of all, try to send convoys to the most prestigious types of trade (the greatest, thousand-mile, stylish). Successfully escorting to these markets will allow you to get not only the most gold, but also chests with cards of new heroes! The more prestigious the type of trade, the more valuable the chest will be waiting for you at the end of the journey!

Convoy formation

Change in composition. To change the composition of the protection squad, click the "Change" icon on the screen with the squad. It is located in the lower right corner. After that, the image of your squad will increase, icons of units, vehicles and turrets located in the convoy will appear. By clicking on them, you can familiarize yourself with the combat characteristics of units.

The length of the convoy. All your defenders are located on special division cells. They show the length of the convoy. Empty cells can be filled with new combat units. The number of cells on which you can place your defenders can be increased by increasing the talent of the Master of Exchange. The higher you have the level of this talent, the more defenders will be able to take part in the escort.

Placement of combat units, vehicles and turrets in a convoy. To place additional units, vehicles and turrets in the convoy, select the corresponding icon and, without releasing your finger, drag the image to the desired cell. Do not forget that turrets can only be installed on vehicles, and the number of free cells you can place is limited. Also keep in mind that some units occupy two cells at once. To save the current convoy composition, press the green top button on the right side of the screen.

Try to equip your convoy with pumped defenders, vehicles and turrets of high categories - legendary and epic. When new combat unit cards appear, immediately put them in the convoy.

The rules of a good convoy. A good convoy means:

Boom Battlefield: Walkthrough

Concept. As such, the plot in the game is not. The entire campaign is divided into chapters, each of which opens as you collect winning stars in battles. The campaign button is located at the bottom of the main screen.

Chapters and accessibility. There are 9 chapters in campaign mode:

  1. Training completed;
  2. Tracking.
  3. Sudden danger;
  4. Last message;
  5. There is no way back;
  6. Factory of Sin;
  7. Leader;
  8. Ambush;
  9. The last act.

Each chapter is divided into stages where the player needs to get stars. The colored cover of the chapter means unlocking it. Covers for non-unlocked chapters are presented in black and white.

Promotion To find out exactly what stage of the campaign you are in, click on the colored cover of the campaign chapter. You will see a map with stages (see screenshot). The yellow stars under the stage designation indicate that you have passed it. In each chapter you need to score a certain number of stars.

Awards. For winning in the campaign mode, you get rewards in the form of gold bars and gems. You can get a win only once - if you repeat the chapter again, you won’t get anything.

Boom Battlefield: Auto Production Secrets

Description.Auto production is one of the main functions in the game, since it involves the collection of game resources (gold and minerals). The function becomes available to the player when he reaches level 4 experience. The auto-production button is located below on the main game screen. Auto production does not depend on the player being online and is not related to game progress.

Collection process. The higher the level of mineral mining and gold mining talents, the more resources you collect per hour. Auto collection progress is reflected on a scale indicating the amount of resources extracted. You don’t need to do anything specifically for collection - resources are collected automatically. Just remember to check the fill rate of the scale.

How to assemble? When the collection scale is more than 2/3 full, you can collect resources. To do this, click the "Pick Up" button. The collected resources are added to your total amount of a specific type of resources, the scale will be reset to zero, the collection process will begin again.

How to increase? Download the talents "Auto-mining of gold" and "Auto-mining of minerals." This is the only way to increase the limit of extracted resources.

Boom Battlefield: Clan Guide

Why join a clan? Membership in a strong viable clan with active players will become your additional source of minerals and gems due to the clan’s participation in the championship. High clan positions in the TOPs will allow you to receive even hero cards.

How to join a clan? Use the "Search" tab in the "Clan" section. Here is a list of clans that you can join, requirements for joining (how many cups a player must have), and, most importantly, the total number of cups of clan members - this is how its activity and strength are checked. To facilitate the search, check the box next to "available to me clans" - the list of clans will be reduced to those that suit your requirements. Next, look at the clan’s goblets, choose your preferred one and join.

A clan is a source of resources. Do not stay too long in weak clans, go out and enter into active ones that can occupy leading positions in the championship. Provide yourself with a good base for the constant replenishment of minerals and gems.

Ratings of the participants. To see information about the combat feats of the clan members, click on the "participant" tab. Here is a summary ranking of clan members, the number of cups they won, ranks and information about the date they joined the clan.

Clan Championship

Concept. Clan Championship is a seasonal competition between clans with great prizes. Each season lasts a certain number of days. All cups won by clan members during the season are added up and affect the rating of the clan itself in the overall ranking of top clans. The more cups the clan manages to collect, the higher it will rise in the leaderboard.

Reward of the season. The reward of the season is the prize awarded to members of the clans who won the first ten places following the results of the clan championship. The reward of the season are gems. Gold, silver and bronze medalists are awarded, respectively, the most gems.

TOPs in percent. Depending on the ratio of the number of trophies received by your clan and the rest of the community, your clan gets into a certain TOP. At the end of the championship, clan members will be able to receive prizes in the form of epic hero cards and minerals. The volume of prizes depends on the place occupied by the clan in the TOP:

Clan level and contributions of participants. Each clan has its own personal level. It can be seen on the emblems of the clans. The higher the level, the more participants can join the clan, and, accordingly, make it even stronger. An increase in the level of the clan is carried out at the expense of participants’ contributions: investing gold in the general clan account. You can invest in your clan by going to the "contribution" tab. Press the green button and take part in improving your own clan!

Boom Battlefield: In-Game Store Review

Premium Chests Tab. Here you can purchase chests:

Chests are purchased for gems. The specific names of military units are not given here, so buying chests is always a lottery, you don’t know which units you come across, only that among them there will definitely be 1 rare, epic or legendary.

Deals of the day tab. "Deal of the day" is the unit purchase section. Some can be purchased for minerals, some for gems. Sometimes discount offers are available. The range of units offered for purchase is updated once a day. Also, the assortment can be updated forcibly, but by paying 50 gems for it.

Which is better to buy? Buying chests is cheaper than buying individual units, so it all depends on your specific purpose. If you do not care what units will be in your army, then buy chests. Also, the purchase of chests is most suitable for beginners in the game, at the initial stage of the formation of the army. If you are building a specific squad of units of the same type, then individual purchase offers will suit you. Follow the assortment of the Deal of the Day tab and pay special attention to discount offers.

The most profitable investment for a beginner is to buy a super legendary chest! So you will receive 50 combat units at once in your team, and yet - provide yourself a pleasant bonus in the form of a gift for the first purchase.

Gem Sets Tab Here you can buy gems for real money. If this is your first purchase in an in-game store, you are entitled to a 200% discount equal to the amount of gems that you purchase.

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.