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Brave Dungeon WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

BRAVE DUNGEON: IMMORTAL LEGEND is an Android game with a release date of June 24, 2020 from the UnlockGame company. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Cheats (Gift Code)
  2. TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)
  3. Hero Leveling Guide
  4. All the ways to get new heroes
  5. Features of parsing and rebirth of heroes
  6. A Guide to Forming a Combat Squad
  7. Secrets of Combat Mechanics
  8. Campaign Walkthrough (Adventure)
  9. Lots of coins and diamonds without donation
  10. Daily Dungeon Walkthrough
  11. Expeditions Guide
  12. Walkthrough Group Dungeons (Team Dungeon)
  13. Endless tower walkthrough
  14. Arena Battles
  15. Ruins Games
  16. Mirage of Fate
  17. Guild Guide
  18. Guild Farm Development
  19. Friends in the game
  20. Tips for Getting Started
  21. Completing daily quests and trophies
  22. Events overview
  23. Player Account
  24. A Guide for Donators
  25. Conclusion

Brave Dungeon: Cheats (Gift Code)

Using the codes from the developers, you receive gifts with resources. To enter the code, click on the first top button "Cool Event" in the menu on the right and select the "Redeem" tab. Enter your code and click the "Exchange" button. All prizes will be credited to your account. Examples of codes for free diamonds, summon vouchers, hero fragments and coins:

Weekly gift codes are published on the official game community on Facebook . Be sure to subscribe to the Brave Dungeon game page to stay up to date with in-game news and receive more rewards.

Brave Dungeon: TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)

Races and classes of heroes. The game features 6 races of heroes:

In each race, fighters are divided into 4 classes:

Heroes are stored in inventory slots. A total of 1000 cells are provided. Also, the inventory contains a complete collection of game characters ("Collection" button).

Who do you need to download? Heroes in the game differ in quality and stardom. The more stars a hero has, the higher his pumping capabilities. The best heroes have big golden stars. It is them that are recommended to be collected and pumped at the later and most difficult stages of the game.

At the beginning of your journey, form a battle squad of 4 and 5 star heroes. Characters with less than 4 stars are best used as consumables for pumping more powerful fighters.

TOP of the best heroes. We have prepared the TOP of the strongest characters in Brave Dungeon, dividing them by race for convenience. When purchasing fragments and obtaining new heroes, check their names against our list. If you managed to get the heroes from the ones below, then you are definitely on the right track.

TerranJones, Astor, Thor, Dumbledore, Robert, Kaisa, Lava, McGonagall, Jayce, Arthur, Robinson, Graves, Isabel.
OrcsSpike, Kench, Mars, Pike, Dionysus, Olaf, Carl, Flash, Fyt, Brad, Bane, Kled, Joshi, Hannibal.
UndeadReol, Acheron, Seidel, Kaiser, Grot, Regina, Dolittle, Ryan, Kula, Syla, Tresh.
Elves (Elf)Hecate, Frey, Ariel, Alfar, Auen, Nymph, Pampy, Louise, Charlotte, Trant, Andrew, Plut.
DaimonAsbeer, Lucifer, Ammel, Eni, Freddy.
ZelosCrius, Wukong, Amstar, Camael, Ophanim.

Brave Dungeon: Hero Leveling Guide

Leveling up and opening skills. To pump the level of the hero, click the "Upgrade" button on his page and use coins with experience crystals (obtained in the campaign and other activities). As the character is pumped, skills are unlocked. In total, the hero can have five skills, which are gradually unlocked after promotions.

The higher the level of the hero, the more resources you will need to upgrade him. Pump the characters in the battle party evenly, so that they are all approximately equal in strength.

Hero Promotion (Tier Up). When the "Upgrade" button is replaced with "Tier Up", use the required number of upgrade stones and coins to upgrade the hero. The increase must be carried out every 20 pumping levels. In this case, you not only open up the possibility of further improvement, but also increase the characteristics of the fighter (ATK, HP, DEF, SPD).

Leveling up stardom (Star Up). After the hero reaches level 100, you need to increase his stardom to continue pumping. Stardom is pumped using fragments of identical heroes and universal fragments of the required stardom. You also spend experience crystals and coins.

Pumping stardom improves the skills of the hero, increases his maximum level and significantly increases all characteristics. To increase the stardom, on the hero’s page, go to the third tab from the top (with the image of a star), mark the necessary materials in the slots and click "Star Up".

Awakening of the hero (Awakening). 10-star heroes at level 120 and above can awaken and increase their stats even more. Awakening stones are required to awaken. Upon awakening, you unlock an additional hero bond in the "Hero Bond" tab.

Use of equipment. The hero uses 4 pieces of equipment. To view the equipment, click on the second tab from the top on the character page. To put on all the equipment, press the "Equip All" button. To remove all equipment, press the "Unequip" button. To remove a separate piece of equipment, click on the slot and click in the "Unequip" window that opens. If you want to replace equipment with another, click "Replace" and select the required equipment from the list.

Watch out for red dots on the equipment tab and the slots themselves. They mean the possibility of replacing equipment with a better one.

Strengthening equipment. Pump over your equipment using power-up stones and coins. To do this, click on the slot with the item of equipment and click on the button with the arrow in the window that opens. Make sure that all the equipment in the hero’s kit is pumped evenly. The equipment level cannot exceed the level of the hero who uses it.

Pumping due to the connection of heroes. Each fighter has hero-allies, in the same party with whom he receives additional increases to various indicators. You can view all possible bonds of a hero on his page by clicking the bottom tab with a picture of masks ("Hero Bond").

If you have the necessary heroes in the collection, be sure to activate the connection between them, thereby increasing the characteristics of all the characters of the same bundle. Activation is possible only in manual mode, by pressing the "Activated" button on the "Hero Bond" tab. The red dot on this tab notifies about the possibility of activation.

Use of relics. Relics occupy the 5th slot in the hero’s equipment. To upgrade a relic, click on it and click "Upgrade". Relics are pumped by absorbing other relics. The level of pumping is displayed by the upper number with a "+" sign on the relic icon.

Each relic has its own properties and gives the hero different bonuses to the characteristics, which increase as they level up. All relics are stored in a separate inventory tab. By clicking on "Collection", you will be presented with the entire collection of the game’s relics. Moreover, the best of them are at the bottom of the collection.

Do not be afraid to pump an unnecessary relic. You can always use it to pump another relic, thereby increasing the properties of this item.

Leveling through titles. Titles are awarded for the VIP level, completing activities and fulfilling various conditions of the game (for example, reaching the required account level). In addition to the beautiful inscription above the character’s head, titles give bonus increases to the characteristics of your team. You can view all the titles of the game in the player’s account ("Title" tab). The title bonus is provided only by the fact of its presence, and not wearing. The increments of all received titles are summed up.

Use of artifacts. Artifacts are additional weapons used by fighters and increasing their characteristics. There are 9 artifacts in the game in total. You can get them in various events and during the passage of the campaign. The slot for inserting an artifact is located on the hero’s page on the left.

By clicking on a slot, you can equip a hero with an artifact or transfer it to another hero. Artifacts have a talent and two passive skills. Keep in mind that the bonus to characteristics obtained from artifacts will be different for different characters, which must be taken into account when equipping.

Apply artifacts so that the gains to characteristics received from them are maximum. If there is a shortage of artifacts for the entire battle group, give them first of all to the most tenacious fighters so that they can use weapons for as long as possible.

Artifact pumping. To upgrade artifacts, click on "Artifact" in the city. Artifacts are pumped through the stones for improving artifacts. When the artifact reaches the 100th level of pumping, its first passive skill is unlocked, and upon reaching the 110th level, the second.

Artifacts must be activated. When receiving the next weapon, be sure to go to the "Artifact" menu and press the "Activate" button on its page. Only then can you improve the artifact and put it on your heroes.

Blacksmithing. Mithril is used in blacksmithing. Here you have a chance to get rare equipment and other items by crafting. Disassemble unnecessary gear, fill the melting bar and get new mithril.

The higher the quality of the dismantled equipment, the more mithril you will get. Use a relic restore stone to restore orange, red, and gold relics. All used materials are returned:

In addition to refunding spent duplicates, the rest of the spent relic will be refunded as shards.

Pumping through skins. By opening and applying the skins of the hero, you additionally pump one of his characteristics, for example, HP or ATK. You can view all possible skins of the collection and the bonuses they give by clicking on "Skin" on the page of any hero.

Brave Dungeon: All the ways to get new heroes

The main appeal of the heroes. To summon heroes, go to the "Hero Summon". Here you have 3 types of summoning: basic, heroic and friendly. The first two types are carried out for draft vouchers. To carry out a friendly call, you need friendship points received from friends. Drop Chances:

It is recommended to spend vouchers on single summons. When receiving low-quality heroes, take breaks from 5 minutes, and then try to summon again. With this approach, your chances of getting good heroes increase. Upon receipt of 4 and 5-star heroes, immediately carry out the next call.

Summons at the Chronos Gate. Summon the heroes of the selected factions in the Gates of Chronos by consuming the Chronos Deeds currency. Here you can get fragments of 4 and 5-star heroes, as well as universal 4 and 5-star fragments. Drop Chances (Terrans, Orcs, Undead, Elves):

Chances of dropping Daimons and Zelos:

Make calls, save up their number and get new heroes as trophies ("Trophy" button). For 5000 summons, you get a legendary 5-star hero.

Summoning at the Gates of Chronos is the best opportunity to get the heroes of the factions you need. It is recommended for use, starting from the middle stages of the game, after determining the composition of the battle party, where you will know for sure which heroes of which factions you need.

Replacement of heroes. Each call gives you Chronos Dust, which can be used to replace heroes of the same faction. To make a replacement, click "Replace" on the right, select the hero you want to replace, and confirm the action by clicking the yellow "Replace" button. The heroes exchanged must be of the same stardom. You cannot change the heroes of the Daimons and Zelos races.

Use the swap function to knock out the right heroes to increase the stardom of the target characters, activate the hero connection and build a battle party for the aura effects.

Chronos coins. You get Chronos Coins for completing summons. These coins can be exchanged in the Chronos store, where you can purchase fragments of the characters you need.

Synthesis of heroes from fragments. All fragments obtained during the game go into the inventory, and when the required amount is accumulated, they can be synthesized into a whole hero. Keep in mind that without performing the synthesis procedure in your inventory, a new sulfur will not appear in your collection! To synthesize, go to the Fragments tab, select the fully assembled ones and press "Combine".

Brave Dungeon: Features of parsing and rebirth of heroes

Heroic Altar. Disassemble heroes you don’t need in the Hero Altar. For dismantling, you get coins, experience crystals, enhancement stones and soul shards. The first two resources are used in character leveling. Soul Shards are the currency of the Altar Shop, where you can purchase new fragments. The exact amount of resources obtained on the Altar depends on the quantity and quality of the heroes being dismantled. When dismantled, the hero disappears from your collection forever and cannot be restored.

To "protect" the hero from accidental analysis on the Hero Altar, put a closed lock on his page (displayed opposite the name).

Rebirth of heroes. In addition to parsing, on the Hero Altar, the heroes are reborn (Rebirth) with the reset of the pumping and their return to the first level. This procedure is only possible with heroes who have reached 7 or more stars.

To respawn heroes with 7-9 stars, you will need universal respawn stones. To respawn heroes with 10-15 stars, you will need hero rebirth stones. After rebirth, you will return all the materials used by this hero in the process of pumping: fragments (including his own), experience crystals, enhancement stones, awakening stones, diamonds, equipment and relics.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes and pump unnecessary heroes. Carry out the rebirth procedure with them, and then use the returned resources to improve the fighters you consider more important in the battle party.

Brave Dungeon: A Guide to Forming a Combat Squad

In Brave Dungeon, you need to form one team that will participate in all game activities. There is no need to select different parties for different modes, however, if you wish, you can always replace some heroes with others. The squad consists of 6 fighters and a pet.

The location of the heroes in the squad. To distribute fighters on the battlefield, click "Lineup" on the page of any hero in the "Hero" menu. Here you can put the characters in the combat positions that you think are correct. To do this, just hold down the hero and drag him to the desired place in the front or back row.

Put the strongest fighters with high HP in the front row. First of all, these should be warriors and magicians. It is recommended to place priests and archers in the back row.

Keep in mind that enemy tactics change from battle to battle. It is quite possible that you will meet opponents whose main damage will be directed to the back row. In this case, reshape the formation of the squad, based on the conditions of the battle. Experiment and replay battles to achieve the desired result.

How do I recruit heroes for a squad? Go to the "Hero" menu to set up a battle party. At the top of the page, you can see the current squad composition. To change it, click on the slot with the hero you want to change and click the "Switch" side button on its page. You will see a list of all unused heroes, from which you can select any by clicking "Use". After the change, you will see how much your total BR has changed.

Gather a fighting squad based on the heroes you have. Do not seek to get only specific recommended fighters, as while you try to achieve this goal, other players swing and overtake you. Use all your characters to the maximum and follow the pumping rules.

Where can I find pets? You will receive a Marnie pet for free on day 19 of the game. You can get the Fat Dada pet the first time you deposit. Look for the rest of the pets on the Monthly Sale tab.

Brave Dungeon: Secrets of Combat Mechanics

Battle interface. All battles are automatic. On the battle screen, you see:

Be sure to check the battle statistics, where the damage done by your heroes is calculated. Based on the statistics, you can select the weakest party members and quickly replace them with other fighters.

Race effects. The dominant race deals 1.3 more damage to its subordinate race, and the subordinate - 1.3 less damage to its dominant race:

Schematically it looks like this:

Aura effects. These effects are activated when collecting heroes of the same race or class into a squad. Each effect gives a different increase to the characteristics of the fighters:

When using the effects of the aura, proceed from your combat capabilities. If you can use these effects, but for this you need to put unlevelled fighters in the squad, then abandon this idea. There should always be strong heroes in the party, even if this leads to the cancellation of the effects of the aura. Ideally, your leveling strategy should be aimed at building a strong squad that applies 2 or more aura effects.

Characteristics of heroes. Your heroes have the following set of characteristics. All of them in one way or another affect the outcome of the battle:

Brave Dungeon: Campaign Walkthrough (Adventure)

Main structure. The zones of the story campaign are grouped into a single map, divided into continents with locations. To view it, click on the diagram in the upper right corner and click "World" on it. Locations marked with stars are 100% completed by you. New locations can be opened only if the main character meets the level requirements.

Scheme. The current location of the protagonist is shown in the diagram in the upper right corner. According to the plot, the character goes through the dungeons and performs various tasks in them. By completing tasks, you get a lot of rewards, and the passed location is marked with a star.

You must also complete the Map Quest that appears on the right side of the screen. They mainly boil down to finding treasures and eliminating monsters. For completing these quests, you receive additional rewards.

Dungeon Quests. The main passage of the dungeon comes down to the following set of tasks:

See your progress on the quests for the current dungeon by clicking on "Progress" at the bottom of the campaign screen.

Participation in quests. On the diagram, quests are indicated by a question mark. If you approach him in the dungeon, you will see an object, character or board. By clicking on them, the quest task will open in front of you (throw the dice and guess the number, play paper-scissors-stone, answer the question correctly, solve the riddle with numbers, etc.). For winning the quest, you get a reward.

Quest questions can be very diverse, and when preparing an answer, you should carefully analyze both the illustration to the question and what you are asked. For example, in the picture for the question, a man is sitting in a car, and you are asked which door he will open: a gold, silver, bronze or car door. The correct answer would be "The door in the car."

If you need translation from English, use translation apps. The free application on Google Play "Translate to Screen" is perfect for mobile phones, and the built-in translator of the BlueStacks emulator is perfect for playing on a computer. Just press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + L to translate the text into the language set in the emulator settings.

Battles with monsters. Monsters are marked with purple heads on the diagram and represent a group of enemies with whom you need to fight for rewards. Go to the next monster and click on it to find out the composition of its battle party and check the prizes for the victory. Then press "Battle" and go through the battle. The last enemy of any dungeon is a powerful boss. Only after defeating him, you can open the next dungeon.

For defeating the last boss, you get very high rewards, including shards of 5-star heroes!

Search for items. The items are various pots, vases, statues, swords, etc. Walk up and click on them to collect your reward. You don’t need to do anything else. On the diagram, objects are indicated by a sign in the form of a chest.

Hidden dungeons. Hidden Dungeons are a "mini-version" of the main dungeon where you also need to complete several tasks (defeat monsters, complete quests, find items, etc.), after which it will be considered "Passed". In the diagram, a hidden dungeon is indicated by a gate-shaped icon. Keep in mind that the higher the level of the hidden dungeon, the more tasks it has.

Mining. Mining is the extraction of various resources (coins, diamonds, experience, equipment, relics, etc.) in mines that you recapture from enemies during the course of the campaign. The higher your progress in the campaign, the more mines will be available to you and the higher the resource production rates will be.

Use the daily "Quick mining" to instantly take all the resources produced in the mines. Each new attempt gives you more resources. There are 2 free attempts per day, every 30 minutes.

On the diagram, mines are indicated by a mountain icon. Find them, join battles, win and take over for yourself. To collect resources from mines, click on the treasures at the bottom of the campaign map screen. The maximum resource accumulation time is 8 hours. To check the statistics, click on the mine at the bottom of the screen. You will see a general list of all your mines and readings of resource extraction in seconds.

Outside the 8-hour limit, resources stop replenishing, so do not forget to visit the Adventure campaign page before a long absence from the game and reset the already accumulated reserves. Avoid production downtime in mines.

Mystical shop. Sometimes in the dungeon a mystical "Mystery Store" opens with offers to buy good heroes, coins and materials for pumping. The store is designated in the form of a gate with a blue glow. If possible, use the offers of the mystical store and buy new heroes in it - there are very favorable prices here. For holders of permanent cards, there is also a 70% discount. The store opens for 48 hours!

Brave Dungeon: Lots of coins and diamonds without donation

How do I get coins? You can get coins in the following activities:

How do I get diamonds? There are the following ways:

Shopping on the black market. Spend diamonds and coins on the Black Marketeer, where you can buy a lot of items at great discounts. Once a day, you can update the assortment of the market in one click. Then the update takes place every 3 hours (when paying for diamonds - in one click). Some items on the black market have a daily purchase limit and level requirements to purchase:

Brave Dungeon: Daily Dungeon Walkthrough

The Daily Dungeon is your source of the most important resources for development in the game. To get into it, go to the "Main" lower menu, select Dungeons and click on the "Daily Dungeon" in the list.

Types of Dungeons. The Daily Dungeon is divided into 6 grottoes, in each of which you can win the corresponding type of resources:

In each grotto, you have 2 free daily battle attempts, and only victorious battles are counted. You need to participate in the first fight. You can skip the second battle and receive instant rewards in one click. Subsequent battle attempts are bought with diamonds.

Be sure to participate in the battles of the daily Dungeons. Prevent free attempts from burning out.

Complexity. The grottoes have 8 difficulty levels that open as you level up your account. The higher the difficulty of the grotto, the more rewards you get for winning it.

Always complete the challenges in the grottoes at the highest difficulty level available to you. This will make the most of your daily efforts.

Brave Dungeon: Expeditions Guide

Passage. The expedition opens upon reaching the 30th account level (Main - Dungeon - Expedition). Gather a fighting squad and set off to conquer lands in 15 stages. The last stage is battles in an enemy castle. All progress of the passage is reset daily at midnight. Heroes who died during the Expedition cannot continue battles.

The difficulty of completing the Expedition increases after each capture of the castle.

Awards. Winning a stage gives you Coins and Expedition Coins. You also get the opportunity to open a prize chest. The higher the stage, the more rewards. The most prestigious chest and completion rewards are awarded for winning the final castle at stage 15.

Exchange Expedition Coins for Hero Fragments at the Expedition Shop.

Brave Dungeon: Walkthrough Group Dungeons (Team Dungeon)

Features. The Group Dungeon opens on the 15th day after the server starts and is a map divided into chapters with floors. In the chapters, you have to fight alongside other players who approve of your invitation and join the group.

You can also approve invitations and join groups of other players. 2-3 players participate in one group. The battles themselves take place in the order determined by the leader. The group can only challenge the unlocked stages, provided that the lower stage is open by all members of the group.

We recommend that you go through the group Dungeons in the afternoon and evening. As a rule, it is at this time that high online is observed, so you can quickly find friends in groups.

How do I join a group? Click on the desired boss. You will be prompted to challenge him solo or in a group. Keep in mind that bosses are very powerful and difficult to defeat in solo. To join a group, click "Join", and in the list of groups that opens, approve any that is currently preparing to strike.

How to create your own group and invite players? Follow these steps:

  1. Click below on "Team-Up Hall";
  2. Click "Create" and enter the name of your team (it can repeat your nickname or be original). Click "Create" again;
  3. In the created group, click "Invite" and select players from the list of your friends or guild members;
  4. Players who have accepted the invitations will appear in the list of party members. A formed group of 3 players can join the battle.

Having players with high BR in your friends, as well as being in a strong and active guild, is your key to success in quickly completing group Dungeons!

Acceptance of applications. All applications to join your group are displayed on the Applicants tab of the Team-Up Hall menu. Check the tab when a red dot lights up on it. To approve the application, click "Accept".

When approving applications, always pay attention to the BR candidates and approach the formation of the group carefully. Together with weak players, you will not be able to defeat bosses. On the most difficult bosses, we also recommend that you additionally check the teams of participants for the presence of heroes with good damage in them.

The powers of the group leader. The powers of the team leader include removing players, transferring leadership, managing the team, and choosing the order in which it plays. The other members of the group fulfill the conditions of the battle set by the leader.

When determining the order of battles for players in a group, always put the players with the highest BR ahead.

Attempts. Each player has two attempts to fight in group Dungeons. Party members who use up their attempts will not receive rewards for victories in battles, but they will receive rewards for helping.

At each stage of group Dungeons there is a reward for the first cleanup, which goes to players from one server. Invite your mates to play for the first time, and get great additional prizes in the mail!

Trophies and awards. For victories in group Dungeons, you get Dungeon Coins, which can be exchanged for fragments of heroes in the store. Depending on your progress in clearing the Dungeon floors, you also get trophies in the "Trophy" tab. Among them are nominal and universal hero fragments, summon vouchers, etc.

Brave Dungeon: Endless tower walkthrough

Participation. New enemies await you on each floor of the Infinite Tower. The higher the tower floor, the stronger the opponents and the more rewards for defeating them. If you are defeated in battles, you expend 1 Eternal Power (indicated by a lightning bolt icon). Eternal Strength is not consumed on victories. This resource is replenished independently at the rate of 1 unit. at one o’clock. The upper limit of Eternal Strength is 10 units.

Be sure to take part in the battles of the Infinite Tower on the floor that is the maximum for you. It is recommended to spend as much Eternal Power as possible and not to allow it to accumulate up to 10 units. You will always need the resources you receive here in the Gates of Chronos!

Battles. You can skip battles on floors only after reaching level 150. After the end of the battle, check the "Auto Battle" checkbox and click "Next" for further automatic passage of the next 5 floors. This method saves you time, since with autobattles you do not have to confirm a new battle every time. In addition, you will efficiently use your Eternal Strength reserves.

See the rating of the passage of the Infinite Tower and the composition of the squads of other players who have climbed to higher floors. If possible, learn from the experience of your comrades and form the necessary parties for new successes in your own battles.

Awards. For passing the floors, you get coins, stones of increase and crystals of experience. Every five floors, you pick up chests with Chronos Deeds coins, which are used to summon heroes in the Gates of Chronos, diamonds and account experience.

Don’t forget to pick up the reward chests after every 5 floors of the Tower! Only after receiving the chest can you continue battles and set them to auto-pass.

Brave Dungeon: Arena Battles

To go to the arena, click on the "Competition" building in the city and select the desired section. Here you fight against teams of other players in PvP mode and collect rewards according to your place in the leaderboard.

The choice of the enemy. To conduct a battle, choose an opponent from the 4 offered. If desired, the list can be refreshed by clicking the "Refresh" button. To challenge, click "Challenge" next to the name of your opponent. 10 battles are available per day. All battle records can be viewed in the battle log.

Choose for battle players who are higher than you in the rating, but have a lower BR. Challenging opponents whose BR is several times higher than yours is not recommended due to the high risk of losing.

Battle. Arena battles are limited to 15 rounds. If the fight lasts more than 15 rounds, the attacking player is considered defeated. You get points for victories, and lose them in case of defeats. Based on the points received, the overall rating of the players is calculated.

Awards. Each victory in the arena gives you Honor Coins. Also, you get the coins of the part in accordance with the rank occupied. This currency can be used to purchase fragments and summon vouchers in the arena store. For reaching a certain place in the arena rating, you pick up trophy awards (Trophy) - all of them are issued only once.

Arena rating rewards are sent to the mail. Check your inbox on time and collect your prizes. Trophy awards must be collected manually from the "Trophy" tab.

Rating Match

Ranked matches start on the third day after the server opens. Players of level 70 and above are allowed to participate. There are 3 types of rewards: weekly rating rewards, rewards for testing Dalli’s chest and weekly rewards for trophies.

Weekly Ranked Rewards are awarded according to the Ranking. Challenge a certain number of times a day to get a treasure chest. If you reach a certain rank, you can get weekly prizes.

Every day you have 5 call attempts. Use diamonds to buy additional attempts (maximum 20). In battles you get points, in case of defeats you lose them. When the conditions of the battle are fulfilled, you also receive a star and lose it if the conditions do not meet. In the battle log, you can view the most recent battle records.

Brave Dungeon: Ruins Games

Ruins (Ruins). The Ruins are your chance to get new relics for your heroes by playing the Dice of Fate. You can get them in various activities, promotions and events. The ruins are a territory divided into squares. One cell corresponds to one value on the die. Depending on the dropped number, your hero moves to the required number of cells, picking up the chests with rewards scattered around them.

Rules of the game. Moving the hero across the cells, you get green, blue and purple relics. If your hero enters a cell with an orange chest, then he takes an orange relic. On cells with a red chest, you can take a red relic.

When the hero returns to the original ruin space, from which he began his journey, you get 50 fragments of the hero and 10 fragments of a red relic.

Brave Dungeon: Mirage of Fate

Mirage of Fate opens from the 5th day of the server launch and when the player reaches level 70. The activity is on the main map, Castle Land of Destiny, Mirage of Fate menu.

Participation. You have 1 participation attempt every day. Before starting, you need to select 6 heroes. In total, you need to complete 3 chapters of the test. Defeat the last boss of each chapter to advance to the next.

Features. Heroes do not recover HP in Mirages of Fate. Dead fighters cannot fight. As the battles progress, you will receive resurrection medicine and life medicine to revive or restore the heroes’ HP. However, if all of your characters die, you will have to start the challenge over with a new roster of fighters.

Be sure to include healer heroes in your team to quickly replenish your squad’s HP supplies.

Map designations. As you progress through Mirage of Fate, you will encounter the following symbols:

Awards. You get huge rewards for defeating the boss of each chapter. Also, along the way, you are given various buffs to strengthen your party. Keep in mind that they only function within the Mirage of Destiny.

Brave Dungeon: Guild Guide

Joining a guild. Being in a guild, you get more rewards and opportunities for game development by participating in various guild activities and developing a guild farm. Also here you can find new friends and take advantage of the help of comrades in arms.

It is very important to be in a strong guild, preferably from the TOP-3 server. Guilds with active members perform best in the game, develop the farm and technologies faster, which guarantees more rewards. Leave inactive guilds and look for the best option for yourself, based on the data of the general rating and the rating of guild wars.

Guild hall. Visit the Guild Hall every day and sign in by clicking on "Sign-In". For the marks you get coins, guild coins and guild experience for pumping your community. With the experience of the guild, its level and the limit of members grow.

Also in the Guild Hall information is available about all members and the time of their last online. Accordingly, it is very convenient here to track the activity of other guild members. If you have made a decision to leave the guild, press the "Exit" button in the Hall.

Guild Tech Center. Upgrade the characteristics of characters of various classes by developing their technologies in the guild Tech Center. Carried out for coins and guild coins. Choose to improve the technologies of those classes whose heroes prevail in your party. You can reset the progress of technology development for diamonds with the return of spent resources. The first reset is free.

Leveling up in the Guild Tech Center is one of the ways to improve your heroes. If possible, invest the earned guild coins here, this is one of the best ways to use them.

Guild shop. Buy guild coins in the Guild market. Fragments of 5-star heroes (universal and personal) are available here. Be sure to spend coins on the fragments you need, it is clearly not worth saving them for some special purpose.

We recommend that you always invest in the purchase of fragments - universal or personalized (for pumping or getting specific heroes). It is getting characters and improving their stardom that are the most difficult moments in the game, so fragments will never be superfluous.

Guild Dungeon Battles. You can fight in the Guild Dungeon 2 times a day. Attempts are reset at 00.00 am and don’t accumulate, so don’t forget to use them! For defeating the bosses of the Dungeon, you receive a reward (guild coins and coins), the size of which depends on your position in the damage rating.

Bosses previously defeated by the guild do not recover and do not bring rewards. As with the guild boss, send a team of damage dealers into these battles. The size of your winnings is determined only by the damage that the heroes were able to inflict on the enemy.

Guild boss battles. Each member of the guild can participate in battles with the guild boss. The longer a guild exists, the higher the level of its boss. After the kill, the guild boss is revived, and the reward for killing him is reduced. You have 2 free battle attempts per day.

For the boss fight, you get coins and guild coins, the size of which is determined by the place in the damage rating. When the boss is defeated for the first time in a day, rewards for the first kill are awarded to all guild members. This is followed by the "Daily Non-first kill" awards.

In battles with a guild boss, damage is very important. In this regard, we recommend choosing heroes for battles that inflict damage on one target. Exclude healers and tanks from the squad, since the damage received from the boss is minimal.

Passage of clan conquests (Tribe Conquest). You will be able to participate in guild clan conquests when your account reaches level 60. Activity time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 12.00 to 20.00 (UTC). Here you need to fight with representatives of other guilds. Victories over them are worth points. The main task in the event is to accumulate personal points and points for your guild.

Points are used for individual ranking and guild ranking, and rewards are awarded according to the points. The losing side can take revenge on the enemy. Such a fight will be considered another battle and will waste an attempt to participate. At the end of the event, rewards are sent by mail in accordance with personal points and guild point rating.

To successfully participate in activity, choose to attack those players who are inferior to you in combat power. Do not seek to challenge the strongest representatives and do not get carried away with revenge - if the enemy is much stronger than you, you will waste your attempts.

When leaving a guild during an event, the total points of the old guild and your personal points remain unchanged. After joining a new guild, your personal points will not be counted for the new guild, but new savings and robbery points can be accumulated for the new guild.

Brave Dungeon: Guild Farm Development

Each guild has its own farm, and its prosperity directly depends on the activity of the community. To get to the farm, go to your guild and click "Guild Farm".

Farm pumping. The head of the guild or his deputy can improve the farm. With pumping, the amount of available arable land increases and the maximum level of improvement of other buildings on the farm increases. To improve the farm, you need silver coins, earned by guild members from collecting and selling crops.

Landing. Plant fruits and vegetables on the farm’s arable land. To do this, click on the plot of land with the shovel icon and select the crop seeds to plant. The seeds you have on hand are stored in the Storage on the farm. Each guild member can plant up to 4 beds.

Growing. During the growth of crops, adverse events occur that reduce yields: drought, pest infestation and lack of fertilizers. To prevent these events from happening, do the necessary work: water, disinfect and fertilize the plants.

Look after both your own cultures and those of your guildmates. For preventing adverse events, you receive rewards: seeds, items, etc.

Harvesting. The ripe harvest is marked on the garden bed with a hand icon. Just click on it and get vegetables and fruits. Help your guildmates collect their cultures. In this case, the owner will automatically receive his harvest, and you will receive an additional part of it. Assistance in the collection can be provided no more than 5 times a day. You also get silver coins for harvesting.

Mature crops dry out if not harvested within 24 hours. Don’t forget to check the guild farm and collect your crops on time! We recommend planting the beds before going to bed or leaving the game, so that the next time you enter, your vegetables and fruits are ready to be harvested.

Sale of vegetables and fruits. Sell the harvested crop in the market of the farm (Market) and get silver coins for it. With the pumping of the market, the profitability of the goods sold increases. The market can be improved by the head of the guild or his deputy.

Buildings on the farm. In addition to the farm itself, the beds and the market, you will also find here:

The consequences of leaving the guild. When you leave (banished) from the guild, your ripe fruits will be automatically collected and placed in your inventory. Unripe fruits will be removed from the guild farm beds.

Brave Dungeon: Friends in the game

The importance of friends. You can have 50 play friends. First of all, you need them in order to receive and send friendship points for a friendly call. Along with Friendship Points, you also receive Basic Summons vouchers. In order to collect all your prizes and send your friendship points, click the "Claim all" button in the friends menu.

Friendship points do not come from players who are not online. To constantly replenish your friendship points, you should only have active friends who come into the game every day. Otherwise, you will limit yourself in obtaining this important resource.

We recommend that you periodically clean your friends list and free it from inactive players. The allowed offline time for friends at the first stages of the game is no more than 3 days, at later stages - up to 7 days. It is best to remove players who have not logged into the game longer than these deadlines.

How to find friends? The most efficient way to add friends is by typing in chat. Just monitor the world chat for requests and periodically send "Add me" short messages yourself. This will help other players know that you are looking for new friends. As a rule, those who participate in chat correspondence are the most active and successful players.

Pay attention to system messages about players reaching new chapters, gaining heroes, etc. Watch for the nicknames that appear in these messages most often. The player’s constant achievements also indicate that he is often online and interested in the game.

Adding and removing friends. To add a friend from the chat, click on his avatar and click the plus sign. To remove a friend from the list, click on his avatar and click the minus icon. To approve friendship requests, go to the friends menu to the middle tab with a plus sign - the players who have sent you applications for adding will be indicated here. Accounts blocked by you are indicated on the minus tab.

Try to add players with high BR as friends in order to help each other in the passage of group Dungeons in the future.

Brave Dungeon: Tips for Getting Started

Server selection. It is best to start playing on a new server. So you will develop evenly with other players, you will be able to take worthy positions in the arena and in other activities, and also join the top guild. You can pre-practice in mastering the game on other servers in order to understand the mechanics and get the "first bumps". By starting the main game, you will not make past mistakes, so it will be easier for you to swing and develop.

Track information about the appearance of new servers in the official communities of the game and on the loading start screen. It is advisable to switch to a new server on the day and hour of its opening.

Play time. At the beginning of any new game, you always get a lot of information and tasks, so you will need maximum free time from you. In this regard, it is best to start playing on a weekend, when you can devote a couple of hours more to the gameplay. In the future, you can shorten the time of your stay in the game, but for this you must have an active start.

Account linking and correct settings. Be sure to link your account to Google Play or Facebook to save gameplay. You can do this in your account settings. We also recommend setting the image settings from the very beginning, based on the capabilities of your device. Remember that high-resolution graphics use up battery power much faster.

Brave Dungeon: Completing daily quests and trophies

Daily quests are your additional source of resources for development in the game. To complete them, you need to go through game activities a specified number of times, along the way picking up prizes from the "Quest" tab on the left side of the screen. All daily quests are updated once a day.

Awards. For completing each quest, you receive 10 activity points. As activity accumulates up to indicators of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100, open prize chests with coins, diamonds and materials for pumping. In the last chest you get a treasure map.

The opening of chests is carried out only in manual mode, the accumulated rewards will not go to you automatically! Be careful and don’t forget to collect your prizes. Uncollected rewards are not recoverable after updating the daily quests.

Types of daily quests. These include:

Collecting trophies. You collect trophy points as you master the game activities and reach new thresholds in them. Objectives for obtaining trophy points are not updated, only the conditions for obtaining them change. As you accumulate the required number of trophy points, you rise in the level of trophies and take away the trophy reward. All tasks for collecting points are in the "Trophy" menu. These include:

Brave Dungeon: Events overview

Cool Event. The event serves as an additional source of good rewards for various in-game achievements and is intended to increase the activity of players. It is divided into several tabs, in each of which you need to fulfill the conditions to receive prizes. The most important tabs:

The rest of the event tabs are donation rewards for account replenishment, purchase of cards, growth fund, etc. If you are a donator, be sure to pay attention to these offers, as they are the most profitable types of purchases in Brave Dungeon.

Do not miss the daily Sign-In, try to log into the game every day. In the last days of the 30-day cycle, you get a 5-star hero and lots of diamonds!

7-day Gift. This event appears on the side tab from the moment you create your account. Just log into the game every day, check in and collect rewards. On the 7th day, the 5-star hero Olaf becomes available to you. Offer is available to new players only and ends with a daily Sign-In (during the event you will receive both 7-Day Gift and Sign-In prizes).

Timed Challenge. Temporary tests appear periodically in the Main menu. These are alternating boss battles, and for defeating each of them, you receive various rewards. The most prestigious of them are awarded for defeating the strongest, last bosses on the list.

Maze Tour. In this event, you have a chance to get the Main Treasure by opening ordinary slots with the help of golden keys (obtained in activities). After receiving the Main Treasure, the event moves to a new stage. Every 9 stages, there is a general or heroic stage with more generous rewards.

After the end of the event, each unused gold key is returned for the price of 50,000 coins, so use them in time.

World Boss Battles (BOSS Challenge). Permanent event, located in the city on the "Main" tab. Available from the 3rd day of the server opening and upon reaching the 50th account level. Here you and other players will have to challenge a powerful boss. For battles, you receive rewards (coins, diamonds and experience crystals), the size of which depends on your place in the damage rating. All awards are sent to the post office. After destroying the boss, wait for the next start of the event and the discovery of a new enemy.

For battles with a world boss, it is recommended to use a squad of damage-dealing heroes that inflict damage on one target.

Brave Dungeon: Player Account

Account data. To go to your account, click on the avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. Here you see your basic data: name, ID, guild name, level, experience bar, size of combat power (BR) and the composition of the combat squad, including the pet. You can change your name (first time for free, then - for 50 diamonds) and avatar (you can choose any image of open heroes).

Settings. In the settings, you are asked to choose your preferred game option: turn on / off sounds, select a language and set the frame rate (high or low, to save more battery power). Account linking is also carried out in the settings.

Be sure to link your game account to Facebook or Google Play. Linking ensures your game data is safe in the event of a crash, and also helps you transfer the game from one device to another.

Titles. In the "Title" tab of your account there is a list of all possible titles for the game. Each of them gives bonus increases to the main characteristics of the team. Below are the conditions for obtaining titles and the "Go" button to go directly to the desired activity.

Brave Dungeon: A Guide for Donators

Buying cards. Buy a monthly or permanent card to secure an influx of diamonds:

For purchasing a card, you additionally receive a gift set, which includes diamonds, coins, VIP points and other prizes.

Buying monthly cards is one of the most profitable ways to replenish your premium currency stocks. We recommend purchasing cards in the first donate in order to simultaneously pick up the bonus of the first payment.

Other offers. VIP-packs, monthly and weekly packs, various promotional offers and other donated purchases are available for you. Track the appearance of new stock icons on the home screen and in the side menu. Please note that some of the offers are for a limited time only. At the bottom of their icons there is always a timer that counts down the expiration date of the promotion.

As a rule, promotions offer the largest discounts on the necessary items, fragments and equipment.

Growth fund. With the growth fund, you get diamonds for increasing your account level. However, the Level Reward and Growth Fund awards are added together. Along with cards, the growth fund is considered an economically viable option for purchasing diamonds. Please note that you do not receive VIP points for purchasing the Growth Fund.

VIP levels. With the donation, your VIP points are added and the VIP level grows, which opens up the possibility of purchasing packages with valuable items. In addition, the VIP level provides a number of gaming privileges, including additional mining attempts, new chances of completing activities, etc.

For the first payment in the game, you get a significant bonus: the 5-star hero Isabel, the pet Fat Dada and orange gear. All gifts are given within 3 days.

Buying diamonds. To fund your diamond account, click on the "+" next to the premium currency. This brings you to a diamond shop offering various packages. Opposite each of them is the number of VIP points that you will receive upon purchase.

Buying diamonds as part of diamond packages is not the most profitable type of donation. We recommend using this feature only when necessary, without entering into the system. Other donation offers of the game are more economical and give much more bonuses.

Brave Dungeon: Conclusion

Brave Dungeon is an interesting new game with an original presentation of the gameplay. You need to gather your team of heroes and go with them to conquer the campaign dungeons, fight treacherous bosses and fight other players for places in the arena.

Here you not only linearly go through the plot and participate in activities, but also constantly explore new locations, look for rewards and solve riddles. Thanks to this approach, the game resembles such legendary projects as Diablo, Perfect World, etc., which will undoubtedly surprise and delight its fans. Pros of the game:


The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.