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Brawl Stars: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BRAWL STARS - a game from the Finnish company Supercell, known for such bestseller as Clash of clans and Clash Royal. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Brawl Stars download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full resolution HD with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. How to download and install Brawl Stars on your PC?
  2. How to play?
  3. The best heroes
  4. Try all the ways to control
  5. A review of the characters and the distances of their attacks
  6. Secrets and tactics of the game
  7. Codes (promotional codes) for Gemes
  8. Keep track of every little thing (the circles near the player are important too)
  9. Practice bots until you are confident in your abilities.
  10. How to earn star tokens?
  11. Test the game for other characters
  12. Health recovery in case of a long rest.
  13. Teamwork
  14. Game mode is important!

How to download and install Brawl Stars on your PC?

Play on the phone is certainly convenient, but not all mobile phones can support modern demanding games for Android. As a result, the smartphone lags, hangs and does not allow to enjoy the game. In addition, many phones are quickly discharged, and have to leave the gameplay. However, for real gamers, there is a great opportunity to play the same game on the computer as on the phone with full data synchronization. And the speed and quality of graphics will be several times higher. The program that will allow you to do these wonders - BlueStacks. You can download it by clicking on the link at the beginning of this article.

With downloading figured out, there is nothing complicated, then the installation:

  1. Open the downloaded installer file. Start the installation and wait for the end.
  2. After installation, you will have to enter your username and password from Google Play. So the program will automatically save all your game progress.
  3. After that, open the Play Market, where you can install the game Brawl Stars, as well as on a regular android device.

Benefits of using BlueStacks:

  1. The most important indicator for which it is worth replacing a smartphone on a PC is the speed of the game and the absence of brakes and other problems. The program allows you to play on the computer 6 times faster than the modern Samsung flagship, and all this in HD quality, and 8 times faster than other similar emulators.
  2. The second important fact is the ability to use the keyboard. In Blustax 4, you can assign working buttons on the keyboard and not use the mouse. Full comfort in the management.
  3. The bluestacks emulator allows you to work in multitasking mode, and while in one game you build a building, you can play a parallel, second, and even third game.

In a word, the new BlueStacks platform will give you the opportunity to enjoy the vivid impressions of the game, without thinking about the percentage of battery charge and speed of work. Blustax has already bothered about this for you, and Brawl Stars has filled the lives of gamers with new exciting fights and adventures.

How to play Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a mobile MOVA, exciting players with its high-speed real-time fights, consisting of 3 by 3 or 1 by 9. At first, the game could only be experienced in the Canadian application market and only for IOS devices. But now, the game was fully tested and launched in all countries and on any platform. How to start, become a successful user of Brawl Stars and win, we will tell in this article.

The first mode (Showdown) is very simple and allows you to fight with opponents, destroy them and find the magic elixir on the battlefield to increase their capabilities.

The second mode (Robo-Rumble) is based on the protection of the chest, in which you have important resources stored. In the process of protecting you are piled on a few waves of opponents, robots, with whom you must cope.You can play with your friends. It’s easier to win, and the game becomes more interesting.

Brawl Stars: the best heroes

The learning process is quick and easy. The game will dedicate you to all the key nuances, but this is not enough for a successful and quick start. Most likely, it will be to study your rivals. From the Brawlers menu, you can learn more about their capabilities in order to be ready for the unexpected in a real battle.

Of course, the best way to get to know a character is to play for him (her). However, you will not be able to test many players, because at first you have a limited number of options available. Although the teams of the opponent may well meet new unknown characters, and then you will have a hard time.

For example, Barley is strong with his awesome napalm with a large radius of action, and Jesse has a fixed tower that attacks you from a distance. Try to remember the peculiarity of the characters and get ready for a fight.

Try all the ways to control

The game menu in the form of gears above the list of notifications has 2 control options. The first is "Tap to Move" (Tap to Move), and the second is "Joystick Move".

Touching is a normal operation that was included in the learning process. Touch the place where you want your hero to be located and he will go there.

The joystick allows you to move more accurately, and maneuver (dodge attacks, quickly return, go to the ram) becomes more convenient! In this case, the joystick is used to move, and the touch to attack. It turns out that one finger in any case should be present on the scoreboard, and the second on the joystick.

If you often like to stop and do not run around it or that, then the "tap to move" function is not very convenient, unlike the second control option.

Brawl Stars: a review of the characters and the distances of their attacks

Regardless of the gameplay control scheme you choose, it is recommended to use the "touch to move" option when you play as a new untested hero.

As soon as you run your finger across the screen and linger a little at the end, you will notice that a transparent white stripe appeared in the direction you specified. Know that this is your range of attack, which shows the distance your character can shoot.

For example, the Colt’s attack range is a very long straight line. Shelley’s radius is rather shorter than the Colt with a wide cone. If you decipher about these figures, the Colt is more of a sniper, and Shelly is wielding with a shotgun, and therefore her effective range is much less.

Play more and you will automatically remember the distance of each character’s attacks, and on the battlefield you will calmly orient yourself without ghostly lines - hints. This little nuance will help you better study the characters used.

Brawl Stars: secrets and tactics of the game

Aiming is an important stage of any shooting. With it, you can roughly determine the boundaries of your attack.Many players are constantly moving, and the attacks themselves take a certain time, so it will not be superfluous to predict a bit where the enemy will go next, in order to cover him there with his blow.

An excellent training option for such skills will be Smash & Grab and Heist. Here the enemies are eager to get crystals (the goal is received), and therefore they will strive in that direction. And you, in turn, will be able to practice in effectively aiming at them in motion.

This tactic also shows itself well in pursuit. You can run forward, while shooting back. The persecutors will surely cater to tight fire.

The most important and useful skill in Brawl Stars is a constant practice in targeting. The more practice, the better you play, maneuver, shoot and survive in battles.

Brawl Stars: Codes (promotional codes) for Gemes

Where to enter codes in the game Brawl Stars? To receive a gift, you must enter the game store, then you should go down to the game currency. Here you need to select any package and click on it. The player enters the Google Play dialog. You should pay attention to the arrow near your login. It is necessary to click. Two items will open, you are interested in "Use a bonus." Next, enter the promotional code. At the end, confirm the action "Use".

  2. 4Q15T61D0ETTYC3UH8K3GGF.

Where can I enter Brawl Stars codes on Google Play? There is a second way to get gems in the game. To receive them, you must enter the gift code in Google Play. Go to the Google Play homepage. Then click on the account menu (the button in the form of 3 bars in the upper left corner in the search bar) or simply move the left curtain back. Here you need to scroll down the items to the section "Activate promotional code". In the window that appears, you will be prompted to enter code symbols and confirm the "Use bonus" actions.

$ 5 Bonus:

  1. I love Brawl Stars.
  2. I love Clash Royale is a game from the same Supercell developer as Brawl Stars, so the codes can be used for both games.

Bonus for 1 dollar:

  1. 2YV8Q1N0S5KX7A8.
  2. Z5L3R1M5A56GJ1N.
  3. D1B8K5S0VO5M2C4.
  4. 5VQ2U9R28J7D4Y1.
  5. E3X9A4N7L2B8Q6X.

Cheats via chat guild. In search of promotional codes for you, we met another 1 way that you can use to get gems in Brawl Stars. To do this, you must enter the following codes in the chat clan, and hold 1 battle.

  1. 735art2618 - 1400 gems.
  2. Mag42dh - 1200 gems.
  3. 87hd51g78 - 1500 gems.
  4. 87hf63jc9 - 780 gems.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Keep track of every little thing (the circles near the player are important too)

All characters in Brawl Stars have a blue or red border around their legs, indicating that they are in a certain group. Blue is a friend, red is an enemy.

In the case when the player has another red or blue circle, this means that the character has recharged with a new ability and is ready to use it in battle.

When he also has a yellow frame - this means that a person has already decided on what ability to use and is preparing to use it against his rivals. Of course, he can cancel his choice, but be ready for a powerful attack if you see a yellow circle ignited.

Know, as soon as you press the button, the attack is inevitable. The same principle works with Poko, who has the art of instant healing. Then you have to click attack to heal all your teammates.

The yellow circle is a large marker shouting what is to be a "super attack." If your plans surprise the enemy, try not to press this button until you decide to use it. However, you can push it purely as a red herring. Opponents will surely start running away from you, fearing superataki.

Practice bots until you are confident in your abilities.

The game has in its composition 3 variants of matches: a duel with bots (Bot Brawl), a joint battle (Co-Op Brawl) and a simple battle (Brawl).

Bot Brawl will give you the opportunity to fight only with fictional players - bots. Your team - you and your 2 bot, in the opposite team - 3 bot. This game is only yours, where you can use crazy innovative combat tactics, test your capabilities and just train. And you can leave the game at any convenient moment, without causing problems to the team, because it is artificial.

Co-Op Brawl is a true 3 on 3 match, where real people play for the characters of one team, and bots for the other. This mode is a great way to practice a real game with live players in a team, but so far against bots.

Brawl is a completely human match 3 on 3, where all teams and players are real people. Most often there is the greatest difficulty and unpredictability. Here you will not see the programmed typical actions of bots. Browl is the most suitable way to show yourself and fully immerse yourself in the essence of the game. However, it is recommended to start to try to start with other modes.

The great thing is that all the matches provide you with experience and money, so increase your level by simply winning bots. But the Brawl matches are the only way to get valuable trophies for winning (or losing them for losing).

Brawl Stars: how to earn star tokens?

Each game, including Brawl Stars, has its own coins, which are one of the most important parts of the game.Applications to money players can find in many ways. For example, for every 100 Coin earned, you get a chance to open a chest, in which there can be either new characters or magical elixirs to help improve existing heroes.

There are a couple of simple methods to earn coins. All new events together are highlighted in the upper right corner along with a timer that indicates when the event will be closed and a new task will appear. Opening a new event will bring you as many as 8 coins, and you don’t have to do anything at all.

Completion of events brings you money. It does not matter whether you won or lost, although of course you will win many times more coins for a victory than for a defeat, but somehow you will receive your certain amount.After collecting the maximum possible number of awards for the event, it will stop bringing you money. Will wait for the next job.

Money is also possible to get for raising the level of the account. Your account level grows with EXP, earned by you for playing games. The same rule applies here, you will get your EXP for any outcome of fights.

And the last, on the earned coins, you can increase the level of your characters. And when he wins in Browl mode (3in3), the hero of which you used, earns rewards. For a sufficient number of trophies, he rises in rank, which gives you money.

Test the game for other characters

For the money you get the boxes, which sometimes come across new fighters. Be sure to test it for strength, even in the case when your current hero is satisfied.

Each new character has its own individual useful abilities and skills. Having tried each of them in the game, you can learn something new about him, including not only how to control him, but also how to deal with people like him who are in the opposite team.

You can choose for yourself the most favorite characters for certain game modes and in certain fights. The one for whom you may be playing in the Bounty, may well not fit in another mode - Heist and vice versa. Everything is unique and depends on you and your preferences.

The use of different fighters on the battlefields will contribute to your successful making money and rating.

Health recovery in case of a long rest.

Most likely, you have noticed that health is gradually restored when you are not attacked. This is due to your inaction, i.e. when you rest and do not attack, the hero regains his strength.

In the case of a low standard of living, it is better to retreat, stop shooting and give the character a break. Renew your ammo and HP.


In all modes except Showdown, you are assigned to the team with the other two players. Study your comrades, give them fire support, wisely using the abilities of your characters.

When Nita is with you in the team, be closer to her bear as an extra defense. When Jesse is in your team, lead your enemies to her tower. When you have Poko, then use his ability to heal, if you have very little health left.

With the same accuracy you need to act and you, using your abilities to the maximum. In the case of playing for a hero with a large mass attack, check each bush for secret enemies before your weaker friend flies in there. Do not think about the great harm to your health: share and glory, and effort, and victory equally. Do not limit yourself.

Try to be always aware of the events occurring in the team. Run to their rescue when necessary. And at the end of the match, star players are always shown, battles are won at the expense of the teams as a whole, and not individually because of the characters.

Game mode is important!

Event type and game mode determine the conditions of your victories in matches.

Bounty mode allows you to get stars for each killed player from the opposing team your friend. A player committing a murder rewards himself and all his teammates with stars. When, and the opposite team, someone kills a character crowned with 6 stars, then all the stars go to that team. It turns out that a player with six stars is killed and another team will gleam with six points for killing.

Protect teammates who have many stars or crystals. Do not lead enemies to them. Let the players hide without giving out their positions.

In Smash & Grab, there is a main center map that produces crystals every second. The team that first takes possession of 10 crystals will receive a countdown, in the interval of which must save them in order to win.Enemies can also knock them out from rivals.

Heist throws defenders of the safe against attackers. The main task of the defenders is to protect the safe from encroachment (for victory), and the attackers to destroy it in order to win. The key role is safe. And even if he has only 1 percent of his life, then the victory is awarded to "protection", and if it is destroyed, then "attack".

We advise you not to stick out too far, but also stay in the rear. In any case, trying to kill the safe is laudable, because it cannot be restored, but you are only a matter of time.

Showdown - this mode is free PvP, i.e. all at all where ten or more players can participate. The main and only goal is to survive in spite of everything, or even try to hold out for as long as possible and not die from the raking hands of other players or from a poisonous cloud slowly moving across the map field. Elixirs are available in chests, they can also be taken from dead enemies. Using such a potion will give you a lot of advantages, which will help improve your performance and speed up the fight as a whole. Many fights end at the expense of these elixirs and their correct application.

In a word, the new MOVA from the world famous creators of Clash of Clans spreads around the world, gaining more and more popularity. Everyone who played or plays this game celebrates its colorful and user-friendly interface. An excellent selection of abilities, images and options of the game give Brawl Stars its uniqueness and original originality. The long work of the creators is paying off, bringing pleasure to millions of players around the world and the profits of the project employees themselves.

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.