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Walkthrough Call of Duty Mobile: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

CALL OF DUTY MOBILE - Android game with release date 09/30/2019 from Activision. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Call of Duty Mobile download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Game Mode Overview
  2. Battle Royale
  3. A Beginner’s Guide
  4. The Best Weapon
  5. Character Features
  6. Game Secrets
  7. Tips for Newbies
  8. System Requirements
  9. Graphics and Control Settings
  10. If Call of Duty Mobile: Doesn’t Start, Doesn’t Call, Doesn’t Boot, or Crashes

Call of Duty Mobile: Game Mode Overview

What is Call of Duty Mobile? This is a mobile shooter in which standard multiplayer modes from the PC version fit, along with the exact recreation of maps and characters. Also in the mobile version there is a new mode of the Royal Battle with a narrowing zone, helicopters and many other interesting things.

Online game

Multiplayer mode or Network game, in itself includes several modes:

  1. The front line is a standard team battle to the death. The goal is to get a lot of frags (killed enemies). The player after the killing appears at the base and can continue the battle again. Whose team scores 50 points faster (points are awarded for each kill of the enemy), it wins.
  2. Team combat is essentially the same as the front line. Only the battle goes up to 40 points. The player after the murder appears not at the base, but in a place where there are currently no enemies. Apparently, this was done on purpose so that the opponents did not occupy the base where you are returning.
  3. Excellence is a point capture mode. That is, special places - points A, B, C. And accordingly, the more points you capture, the more points you get for killing. Those who protect the dots should support them as long as possible. The game goes in 2 rounds. As soon as the game has reached 50 points, 2 rounds immediately begin, which lasts up to 100 points. Quite dynamic and exciting mode.
  4. Find and Destroy is a classic bomb mode, very similar to Counter-Strike. One team puts explosives at one of the points, the second protects and detonates the bomb. The game goes up to 6 victories, and after each victory, the game can automatically change the task for the round. However, if you die, you cannot be reborn. That is, you are eliminated from the game. This is the longest of the modes and the game.
  5. Training against AI (artificial intelligence) - the player fights against fighters - robots (bots). This mode is more suitable for beginners or for checking weapons or settings. The bots here are pretty amorphous and stupid.

All these types of Network Games are ordinary fights, participation in them affects the level of characters in the game, but they do not affect the rank. But, after level 10, the players in the multiplayer opens the tab "Rating Fights".

Rating fights

These are battles in which players score and rank, grow in skills. The higher the rating, the more interesting and stronger opponents come across. Initially, only Team Battle will be available. In the future, at a higher level and rank, the Superiority and Find and Destroy modes will appear. If in simple multiplayer you can choose cards on your own, then in the Rating Battle, you accidentally get to one of 9 cards. You cannot select the card yourself here.

Before going to battle, each player can configure several sets of uniforms. At the start, only 1 cell of the kit is available, but at certain levels more slots for the kits will open.

A set is a combination of clothes, weapons, body kits and skills, concentrated in one slot. During the Network game (right in the battle), you can quickly change the kit, rather than picking up weapons and skills individually.This is a very convenient solution. You can choose kits for different situations and for different modes.

Levels. Throughout the game, you will raise your level. For each level, achievements are given. Gradually, you open up different possibilities of the game, weapons, experience cards and much more. Moreover, this rich variety of items and skins (graphic image of the item) is given to you absolutely free!

The higher the level, the more diverse will be the range in your equipment collection.

Zombie Mode

While we were preparing the material for you, a new Zombie came out in the game - a mode that is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Standard raid - here it is proposed to pump your character, open new areas and at the end fill up the boss.
  2. Hardcore raid - dynamic battles with powerful zombies, accompanied by a strong boss.
  3. Survival - endless crowds of the dead. Before the fight, you should dress as best as possible to withstand as many waves as possible.

In the mode, interesting types of weapons drop out, new character skins, pieces of objects (from which epic weapons are assembled). To get a decent outfit, you need to sit in Zombie mode for a very long time. For real money in this mode, you can buy resuscitation coins for resurrection only in this part of the game. You will have several attempts for a free resurrection, then these coins are spent. If you do not have them, you will still rise, but without the weapons that you have earned.

Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you use only free attempts, that is, it is very rare to die.

At the start, you appear in a house that is attacked by zombies. First you need to fill a little gold, then go down to the basement and open a special box with randomly dropped weapons. Opening a box costs 850 gold. If you’re lucky, then you should find the "Miracle - Cannon" or machine gun. On the map in 2 places you can buy AK-47. It is not expensive, but you will not regret it. Weapon cartridges can be bought in the mode itself.

Gold is not worth spending right and left, because it is useful for opening new territories. Also, bottles of liquid are bought for gold, which gives the soldier positive effects. Before you get to the boss you need to drink all the possible effects. Bottles are highlighted on the map with special icons.

In total there are 7 effects for the character. The first 5 are on the 2nd and 3rd floors of buildings in the center of the map. The last 2 are in the basement. To get them, you need to repair the elevator in the main building (in the center of the map) and go down. Then you will die less.

Call of Duty Mobile: Battle Royale

Battle Royale is, in fact, a completely different game, which the developers have implemented in the familiar Call of Duty. But, probably, that the shooter turned out to be alluring and exciting on all sides. Here 100 people land on the island and everyone’s mission is to become the only survivor in this match. There are no preliminary weapons. Players must find all the equipment, body kits, skills, perks on the map itself. In fact, only a character in a suit gets on the plane.

The mode is very interesting. You can switch to the camera from 1 or 3 faces. At the same time, the dynamics are radically changing.

Battle Royale Features

The costume is a wing. Killing falling from a height in this mode is impossible. But you can use a suit in which they landed on the map, that is, fall and open the wings of the uniform. And this is an application for vertical gameplay. In general, a costume is a very useful thing. It will work, for example, when you fly by helicopter, you are hit, and you land on the wing directly to the enemy and at the same time shoot.

Helicopter. Yes, there are helicopters on the map, and there are enough of them in different parts of the island.Helicopters are easy to fly, they fly high, but do not have firearms, except for passengers who shoot while sitting on their sides. A helicopter is not a replaceable thing, because the map is very large, and there is no more mobile way to move in the game. But there is 1 minus - among the weapons full of grenade launchers and rocket launchers, including homing, so a helicopter is not the safest mode of transport.

There are also many other vehicles: motorcycles, trucks, even a jeep with a machine gun for the shooter. That is, everything in order to have a lot of noise and dynamics on the map.

At the initial stages on the map there are many bots - robots. But the more you play, the more interesting your opponents become.

Boss. What else distinguishes the Battle Royale from other similar games? This is the boss - Hellhound. A huge bloodthirsty beast. But if you fill it up, you will get many good items for the match. She appears periodically on one of the card farms.

Map. If you open the map, you can periodically see flying planes with a load of buns for players (drop), which are dumped onto the playing field. Also periodically on the map are shown points with ability amplifiers.Approaching the gain, you can see 4 compartments with microcircuits - these are the very amplifiers. But how they work is not entirely clear. The only difference is that the skill icon lights up poisonously - pink. There are simply no other differences. Medicine heals at the same speed, the shield, as it was, remains bulletproof. The scout also has time to peep.

First Aid Kits. All medicines in the game can be consumed on the go (a very pleasant difference from other similar games). Now it is not necessary to stop to bandage or eat adrenaline. This is very convenient: nothing stops you. They killed on the go, and healed on the go.

Team play

For an experienced layman in the Royal Battle it would be completely boring, so players are given the opportunity to choose a role, each of which makes it possible to use additional abilities during the battle. You can’t change roles during the match.

If you play with friends, then you should have time to choose the profession of soldier you need.Since in the game you can’t take 2 fighters with the same specialties into the squad. Once you select a role, it becomes inaccessible to the rest of the squad.

Thanks to these professions, the battles are more interesting. While someone is putting shelter, another is already highlighting enemies, the third is healing a wounded ally. So with the proper selection of the team, an ordinary battle turns into a real special operation.

Also, before the start of the match, someone from your team randomly becomes a commander, and the rest of the squad automatically clings to him. The team can be composed of 4 people.

After your death, one of the team members may resurrect you. To do this, you need to raise a special token from your corpse in a very short period of time. Thus, after 3 to 4 minutes, you will again be parachuted from the aircraft near the team. If everyone is killed, then no one will be able to resurrect. At least 1 member of the squad must be alive. And if he managed to raise the tokens of fallen friends and live to see your resurrection, then all allies will be able to return to the battle again and continue the match.

Call of Duty Mobile: A Beginner’s Guide

Call of Duty has many fans around the world, a lot of people have tried their hand at PC versions and on game consoles. A lot of people were waiting for the release of the mobile version. Therefore, Call of Duty Mobile has a very promising future. The mobile version has 2 large parts in 1 game, or even not so, and 2 games inside the same shell.

At the first entrance to the game, they propose to log in. But at the moment, you can only register via Facebook.After registration, the player is greeted by the main screen of the game - the lobby. Here you can choose 1 out of 5 heroes, you can change the appearance of the character during the gameplay. It is here that you can create kits (we wrote about them above) for the Network game.

At the input in the mode, everything is standard:

  1. Events - a daily reward for entry is given, plus good prizes for completing temporary tasks are periodically given out.
  2. Clans - you can join a clan and, together with your comrades, go to battle and develop strategies.
  3. Rating tables - you can look at the accounts of guys who do not have a personal life.
  4. Shop - here you can buy various cases and the best weapons for real money. Credits can also be earned in the game. You can also buy a Battle Pass. A combat pass is a monthly activity for which prizes are given for raising the level. There are a lot of prizes, so if you have the opportunity to purchase a pass, then you can do it.
  5. Player profile - here you can see your statistics, achievements, and level rewards. For each new level, you can get rewards: skins, perks, skills and weapons. At each level, the player will be waiting for something interesting. Also for levels you can get experience cards for which you can pump weapons. To open a lot of nice good items, you just need to play. Rewards here are given up to the last 150 level, and not just at the start, to annoy you.
In Call of Duty Mobile in Network mode, you do not need to run around and pick up items.Everything can be put before the match. All settings and weapon selection are done just before the battle itself. You choose a weapon, put additional equipment (body kits) on it, upgrade it, thereby increasing its characteristics, go into battle.

Pumping weapons. The weapons are pumped here very quickly. To open all body kits on a particular gun, you need 2 - 5 battles. You can also use special experience cards that instantly increase the level of your gunshot. They also get quickly and easily for the fights. You just play, score points for kills and get great game buns.

In the kit, in addition to the main weapon, you can put a minor:

  1. Pistols.
  2. Knives.
  3. Bazookas.

The bazooka has 1 cartridge and takes too long to open. While you aim, you will be killed 100 times. So the bazooka in the Network game is not an option. You can also put additional equipment on the gun. The knives in the game are very cool. Damage is written on them - 50, but in fact the enemy can be killed with 1 hit.

Experience cards are recommended to pump guns that you do not use often. The main weapon should be downloaded only in battles. Thus, playing on 1 gun, you actually pump 2 - 3 weapons.

Weapon pumping is needed so that you can hang additional equipment on it (butts, optical sights, handles, and more). Each weapon has its own body kit. But pumping works only in multiplayer.

If you think about some kind of imbalance between people who contribute real money to the game (donors) and ordinary players, then you are very mistaken. Due to the very easy pumping and weapons, the imbalance, you will definitely not feel here. The only difference between the players can arise in the skill and experience of the game.

Game weapon

The choice of gun depends on your preference and style of play. If you prefer a passive game, tracking down the enemy at long distances, then a sniper rifle will suit you. It can be put on the CMO, which increases damage up to 100%, a butt to increase the rate of fire and a quick-detachable magazine. If you put all this on a rifle, then you will turn out to be an excellent sniper.

For medium distances, you should choose a light machine gun. It is better to put a butt on it (increases the speed of aiming), a handle (also increases the speed of aiming) and a CMO (increases damage). Everything - a great weapon for medium shooting is ready! With this weapon you can work in close combat, but the thing is that the sight on it turns on for a long time. And going out with the enemy 1 on 1, which will have, for example, a submachine gun, then the opponent will have more chances to shoot you.

For close combat it is better to take a gun - a machine gun. The damage of these guns is decent enough, and putting on it body kits to increase the speed of aiming will make you a champion.

But if you want to compare and upgrade weapons yourself, you should click on the "Compare" button in the upper right corner. In this tab, you can compare absolutely any weapon that is found in the game.

An auxiliary weapon is an additional weapon that you can take into battle with the primary one. It can be pistols or a cool knife to finish off the enemy. You can also put a grenade launcher in this slot.

Operative costume - this function has no effect on anything, it’s just a decor that pleases your eye.

Special weapon - it can also be taken into battle, and it occupies a separate slot. These guns cannot be used immediately. It is necessary to wait until a special scale is filled, after which this weapon will become available for a certain time.

  1. Scythe is a light machine gun, it hits only on the road and almost 100% sends the enemy to the point of rebirth, not even particularly aiming. It is best used on large, spacious maps.
  2. A purifier is a flamethrower that kills opponents without a chance. That is, if you even slightly - slightly touched the enemy with fire, he will still burn out, even if he managed to kill you. Its minus is that the aiming range is very small.But on certain cards, using it is a pleasure. This refers to small maps on which almost all fights occur point blank.
  3. The war machine is an automatic grenade launcher, has 1 charge, so it is rarely used in the network game.
  4. Storm - Opens at level 35. This is a super-gun that brings down opponents with an electric charge, while it works en masse (it can touch up to 9 opponents).
  5. The shield - transformer - opens at level 50. You can put a bulletproof wall.
  6. Sparrow is a bow with explosive arrows, works over long distances. Great thing.

All these special weapons can not always be used. Firstly, you should wait for the indicator charge. Secondly, when the scale is full, you can use the gun until the cartridges run out or the time of use (the scale will roll back).

Throwing weapons:

  1. Lethal - these are grenades (sticky, fragmentation), as well as mines - extensions.
  2. Tactical - blinding grenades, fumes.

At level 48, a portable active defense system opens that shoots all explosives.

Perks are additional character abilities. There are a lot of them and they perform different functions: they increase running speed, regeneration, and monitor enemy tracks. There is even a Ghost that makes you invisible to enemy tracking systems. There is a skill for silent movement. But you can put only 3 perks. It is better to choose perks of different types.

There are a lot of options for upgrading your soldier. But if you think that at level 1 they will always kill you, since you have few open things, then you are mistaken. Some experienced players, even at high levels, sometimes use the weapons that they received at the start of the game.

Weapon of battle

Right in battle, after death (in Network mode), you can choose 1 of your sets. The higher your level, the more slots for sets you will open. You can make several of your templates for different maps and fights.

In addition to any variety of weapons and lotions for him, there is also a tab "Series of points". These are additional player skills that he can use in Multiplayer. You can choose only 3, but you can make several characters and change them in battle. As you level up, you have more and more options. The skills from this tab are used in battle as soon as you accumulate a certain number of points for kills. But points are reset after death.

  1. UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) - a simple drone that shows enemies on the minimap.
  2. A drone - a killer - kills enemies.
  3. Counter - UAV - this bug turns off the enemy mini - map for a while so that the opponents cannot see the presence of troops on the map.
  4. Rocket "Predator" - you, hiding well, open the UAV control panel and aim the missile wherever you want. Even if you fail, the process will not be interrupted and the rocket will do its job.
  5. Air cargo - a plane with cargo is called and some goodies fly to you. It can be a Molotov cocktail or an additional UAV, for which you need to save points, and it works immediately from the load.
  6. Turrets - shoot down drones and opponents. There is a turret - a machine gun, which can be put, for example, on capturing points, and it will very well help you fight off an attack.

The game has a death replay camera. If they kill you, they show you how the enemy sent you to rebirth. And even if you were killed with a grenade or with an UAV, the camera will show this too.

Call of Duty Mobile: The Best Weapon

There are a lot of weapons in the game, and it is the same in terms of parameters in multiplayer and in the Battle Royale. Weapons are divided into several classes:

  1. Assault (rifles, assault rifles).
  2. Sniper rifles.
  3. Pistols - machine guns.
  4. Light machine guns.
  5. Shotguns.
  6. Launchers.

Assault weapons

Assault weapons are often regarded as the best choice of primary weapons due to high damage and firing speed.They can be used in any range, placing them above some other classes, for example, shotguns. An assault weapon has the function of a single shot, ideally suited to finish off an enemy at a long distance.

AK-47 Red Triangle. Comparing all assault weapons, according to statistics, the best of all options in this category is the AK-47, although it is not the most powerful in terms of accuracy, the rest of the statistics take precedence over all other assault weapons.


  1. Damage - 70.
  2. Accuracy - 45.
  3. Distance - 65.
  4. Rate of fire - 55.
  5. Mobility - 60.

The main advantage of the machine is high damage. Even if you used up the entire clip on the enemy, you inflicted significant damage on him, and you can finish him off with the help of auxiliary weapons (for example, a pistol).

Sniper rifles

Snipers are weapons that are not intended for close combat. Therefore, if you have such equipment, then keep yourself at a long distance from opponents. The speed of the bullet is the highest among all classes of main weapons. Therefore, distance is of secondary importance here. It is recommended that you always arm yourself with secondary weapons, in case the enemy is too close to you.

In this category, 2 rifles take the lead:

  1. DL Q33.
  2. Arctic. 50.

If you have both of these rifles, it is best to take the DL Q33. This is due to the low mobility of the Arctic. 50. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to move in sight, you will not be comfortable doing this with the Arctic. DL Q33 is a more balanced weapon with higher damage.

Characteristics DL Q33:

  1. Damage - 90.
  2. Accuracy - 60.
  3. Distance - 95.
  4. Rate of fire - 15.
  5. Mobility - 45.

Features Arctic.50:

  1. Damage - 85.
  2. Accuracy - 60.
  3. Distance - 95.
  4. Rate of fire - 30.
  5. Mobility - 50.

Submachine guns

There are several PPs in the game that deal high damage, but only in close combat. And this means that you have to approach the enemy, which is a risky maneuver. However, the high mobility of weapons will help you in this endeavor. To do this, you need to find the PP, which will have high accuracy and speed of fire. And the best of them is the AKS-74Y.

Characteristics of AKS-74Y:

  1. Damage - 80.
  2. Accuracy - 55.
  3. Distance - 35.
  4. Rate of fire - 60.
  5. Mobility - 75.

This model, in comparison with the favorite newcomers to the PDW-57 Gen Zombie, has 10% higher mobility and 10% higher firing speed (which means that the weapon will do more damage in a few seconds). Although the "Zombie Gene" does more damage, it loses in all other respects. For these reasons, it is better to choose the AKS-74Y, with which you will run fast enough to dodge enemy fire. To all this, you will have enough accuracy and speed of fire.

Light machine guns

The game has several light machine guns. The advantage of these weapons is that they have high damage and the largest store. But there is a minus to these guns - this is their low accuracy and mobility. And if you nevertheless decided to take a light machine gun as the main weapon, then one of the best options is, without any doubt, the UL-736 Gen Zombie.


  1. Damage - 70.
  2. Accuracy - 45.
  3. Distance - 55.
  4. Rate of fire - 60.
  5. Mobility - 40.

This trunk can be obtained at level 108, well, or bought in the store for loans.

Credits are a rare game currency that you can buy for real money or earn in the game.

This machine gun is a favorite with the highest balanced statistics of all weapons of this class. There is simply no better option.


Shotguns are the best weapon for close combat: high damage, accuracy and mobility. Therefore, it is recommended to equip the gun as an additional weapon. In case you can’t get a shotgun at your target and you need something faster and more convenient as a reserve.

Shotgun BY15 , in comparison with others in this category, is in 2nd place for maximum damage. It is recommended to choose because of the high rate of fire. If the discrepancy were significant compared with the damage indicators of other trunks in this category, then we could take another weapon. But since the difference between the damage is small, and the rate of fire is much higher, this shotgun is ideal.

Features BY15:

  1. Damage - 85.
  2. Accuracy - 80.
  3. Distance - 30.
  4. Rate of fire - 20.
  5. Mobility - 75.


A gun, in most cases, should always be your secondary weapon. Due to high damage, great accuracy and high mobility, which allows you to move quickly without feeling burdened. In addition, in a difficult situation, when mostly weapons run out of ammunition, you can always get a gun in a second and try to finish off the enemy.

J358 - "Blue Sea", despite the fact that its firing speed is much lower than that of other pistols, it leads in other parameters. Yes, you will shoot less, but you are more likely to hit the target and cause significant damage.

J358 Features:

  1. Damage - 80.
  2. Accuracy - 70.
  3. Distance - 35.
  4. Rate of fire - 15.
  5. Mobility - 90.


Launchers - this is a great useful weapon in the hands with which you will not move fast. You can shoot 1 of them.But at the same time they give out very large damage, which can kill more than 1 target per shot. It can be emphasized once again that they are used to destroy helicopters. Against the background of this class, the FHS-18 gun stands out.

Features FHS-18:

  1. Damage - 90.
  2. Accuracy - 90.
  3. Distance - 90.
  4. Rate of fire - 10.
  5. Mobility - 10.

It is this barrel that you are advised to take if you decide to choose a launcher. Despite the fact that he does a little less damage than his alternative, but he has an incredibly high accuracy, which compensates for the discrepancy.

Call of Duty Mobile: Character Features

Characters by roles are divided only in the Royal Battle, in the Network game there is no such difference. Here you can simply choose the look of your soldier. Battle Royale has 6 professions that are selected immediately before the match:

  1. Doctor.
  2. Ninja.
  3. Scout.
  4. Clown.
  5. Mechanic.
  6. Defender.

There is also a 7th class, but so far it is not available - it is a paratrooper. He can set special jumps that throw him and the whole team into the sky in case of danger. And then you can land using a suit - the wing.

All of these classes can be improved. On the map are special purple dots that contain containers with enhancement modules. Each class has its own active and passive abilities. Playing as a team in the Royal Battle, you can not just rashly and bring down all right and left, but act tactically and in concert.


In Call of Duty Mobile, professional active skills roll away very quickly, so you can use them at almost any time.

Medic is a very useful character both for playing in a team and for solo runs. You cannot be cured by adrenaline.And in ordinary pharmacies there is no adrenaline. That is, if you have 150 health points and are shredded a little, then, for example, 135 health points will remain. In this case, you can’t get better with first-aid kits, just with adrenaline. First aid kit at the doctor, restores adrenaline. But adrenaline does not work in every case. Suppose your health scale was filled to the maximum, and after the injury, 101 lives remained, then in this case the adrenaline will work. And if you have 100 units of health, then you have to, there is a complete first-aid kit.

The team must have a medic, as he can restore health during the battle or during a break. Thus, the squad will live longer.


After the beacon has detected the enemy, it can be found in the tracks when the beacon ceases to work.Sometimes you don’t know if someone is sitting in the house or not. Then you can launch the lighthouse and find the enemy. In this case, the zombies released by the Clown also appear.


Clown - very insidious, perfectly smokes enemies from homes. The role is well suited to those who like to play solo.


An ordinary player needs to use a ladder and a certain time to climb onto the roof of the house, and the ninja throws a hook on the roof and calmly climbs the cable. It saves a lot of time. This hero is more suitable for a solo game, because he can occupy positions where other players cannot get. Works great when narrowing a zone. You can take a vantage point and fire at opponents.


If you took the enemy by surprise, the flash gives an advantage of 2 to 3 shots. If you are clamped somewhere in the corner, and there is no way to retreat, you should immediately put up a barrier and shoot back. A very good support class, which gives time to raise the wounded and regroup the team. It is indispensable in team play.


Active ability - causes a drone that can detect an enemy and inflicts periodic damage on it. The drone flies with the hero when there are no enemies nearby. If, for example, you did not notice the enemy, the drone will see everything! He flies up to the opponent, and begins to attack him. But the drone is easy to shoot down.

Passive ability - a mechanic determines the presence of equipment and enemy traps. The technique is visible through the walls, and traps are highlighted in white.

The mechanics are mostly loved because of the nimble drone. Good for team or single player.

Team building recommendation. Since the squad in the Royal Battle can consist of only 4 people, then 3 professions are very useful in each group:

  1. Doctor.
  2. Scout.
  3. Defender.

4 profession can be taken at will.

Call of Duty Mobile: Game Secrets

Map Marks

There are certain places on the map that are indicated by different colors:

  1. Purple dot - indicates the presence of gain microcircuits in this place. These schemes enhance the skills of your hero. Near the amplifiers are 2 chests that you can open and pick up items.
  2. Green dot - marked areas where the airdrome fell (cargo with buns from the plane). The container has weapons, body kits for weapons, armor and more. In addition to good items, you can find 2 TOP guns: the first is the "War Machine" (grenade launcher) and the Arctic.50 rifle. The rifle comes immediately with the best gold body kit and high performance. The gun has an infrared sight that illuminates enemies. If you lay down on top, then you will have a great advantage.
  3. Red dot - shows the location of the boss on the map. It’s quite simple to destroy a dog with a team: 4 people, everyone scorches him, he attacks one, and the rest are killed. But when you are alone, especially a beginner, problems may arise. You should constantly step back, you should not even go into the scope so as not to slow down the speed of movement. You just need to run backwards in a circle so that the monster does not touch you with its paw. Thus, the boss can be killed and 1 person. Just take along more ammo. Epic (purple) equipment, weapons, first-aid kits fall from the boss. With one thug you can put on almost the entire team.

Where are the helicopters?

The team is very convenient to navigate in helicopters and shoot at enemies. Helicopters can be found at different points on the map, but they are stably present in the following areas:

  1. Port.
  2. Nuclear station.
  3. Sakura.
  4. Kill House.
  5. Manor house.

These are the most popular points where you can get hold of flying vehicles. It should be borne in mind that on the map there are still places with helicopters. But if you do not need transport, then you can arrange an ambush for flight enthusiasts.

What do zombies guard?

There are places marked in the space of the Royal Battle with a blue ray. This is a highlighted chest with good items. The violet outfit there goes exactly, sometimes you can find gold. To get this chest, you need to deal with the crowd of the walking dead. By the way, good things also fall from them. We have identified several permanent places where the chests are located:

  1. Bus station.
  2. Sakura.
  3. Forest (near the Cemetery).

You can kill zombies in any way (grenade, guns, knives). In these places you can get hold of equipment and diversify your gameplay.

Bring down a plane

Many beginners do not know that an airplane that drops containers can be shot down from a rocket launcher. If the transport has not yet had time to dump its cargo, then when it falls, the plane immediately drops the container. Drop falls near you. It is very convenient if you do not want to be ambushed when collecting items.

Call of Duty Mobile: Tips for Newbies

Clan. After starting your fighting career, you should join the clan. It doesn’t matter if you need it or not. The clan gives an additional 5% experience at the end of the Network Battle. At first glance, this is not a lot, but when you go through 1000 fights, this is already a significant increase to the basic level.

UAV change. If you are tired of your UAV, or you just want to change the drone to something else, there is a "Series of Points" button in the window before the Network Battle. When you click on it, all additional weapons will open, and you can change your UAV, for example, to an automatic turret.

The drone is a killer. When you work in a crowd of opponents, and you need to use a drone - a killer, it is not necessary to throw him in the direction of enemies. You need to find a secluded place and aim the drone up. He himself will find and destroy his goal.

Possibility of enclosed rooms. If you want to play with friends in the Network game or the Royal battle, before entering the map there is a button "Closed room". By clicking on it, you will be taken to the unit selection menu. Now you can invite friends to your group or group of opponents, and fight against each other.

Shooting under water. In the Battle Royale mode, you can swim and shoot under water, even if the enemy is located on land, you will still fall into it. In this case, the ballistics does not change, there is no distortion of the bullet’s flight. You can sit under water long enough. The main thing is not to suffocate!

Ammo Capacity In the game you can collect items knocked out by another player, and with the help of the Perk "Vulture" you can automatically pick up cartridges from corpses. Perk works in Network mode and in the Battle Royale, in the latter, the skill must first be found. The stock of cartridges can be almost endless, namely 999 pieces, but the cartridges do not take up space in the inventory. It is very convenient and practical. Therefore, cartridges can be kept constantly.

Call of Duty Mobile: System Requirements

Since the game can run on various devices, the requirements for these devices are different:

  1. Android - requires 2 or more GB of RAM. Operating system version 5.1 and higher. Recommended microprocessors based on the Snapdragon 625 and Adreno 506 core. Free space on the drive - 3 GB.
  2. IOS is the operating system on mobile devices of the apple company version 9.01 and higher. The memory and space requirements are the same as on Android.
  3. Emulators Gameloop and Bluestacks - operating system Windows 7 and above. Microprocessor with a clock frequency of 1.8 Ghz, RAM at least 3 GB, free space on your hard drive from 4 GB.

These are the minimum requirements for your devices that can pull the game. But for a comfortable game, you should choose a more powerful hardware, especially for computers, since in addition to the game itself, you should take into account the load that the emulator gives to the chips.

Call of Duty Mobile: Graphics and Control Settings

As soon as you first connected to the game, be sure to go to the "Settings" menu, and put them in a way that is convenient for you. The game mode "Game against Artificial Intelligence" will help you understand the settings (we will talk about it later). In this mode, you will understand how the controls behave, feel the dynamics of the gameplay. Having played a little against bots (these are game characters - robots, the so-called artificial intelligence).

There are several tabs in the "Settings" menu:

  1. Control.
  2. Basic settings.
  3. Sound and image.
  4. Sensitivity.
  5. KB parameters.
  6. Quick message.
  7. Tongue.
  8. Other.

Since the game strives to become a first-class first-person mobile shooter, there are a lot of things to change in the settings.

We advise you to spend a little time and configure the control buttons for yourself, so that you are comfortable playing Call of Duty Mobile.


The game has 2 control modes:

  1. The simplified mode is auto shooting. It is suitable for beginners. Here is the item "Limit the distance of automatic shooting when firing from the hip." If you put it, then reduce the diameter of the auto-sight.
  2. Advanced mode - suitable for those who like to control shooting themselves. There are 4 points that affect only the right button. "Aiming with one touch" - automatic aiming when you press the shooting button. "Shooting from the hip" - here you yourself have to go into the sight. If you click on the gear, you can choose which gun to go into the auto sight. A list of available weapons will open, in front of each you can put or remove the auto sight. "Own" item - here you can set the aiming parameters.

Item "Layout":

The left button, in contrast to the right, is in a static position, namely it does not move, but stands still.

You can also select the settings in "SI" - a network game (multiplayer) and in "KB" - a royal battle.Settings can be set for each mode are different, but the principle is the same.


  1. Car focus - if you are close to an opponent, the system itself will bring the sight for you.
  2. Fast run (from a prone position) - if it is on, then when you lie and start running, your character gets up and runs. If this item is turned off, then your hero will remain lying down and crawl.
  3. Fixed shooting - if this item is enabled, then your shooting button will not jump, but will stand in one place. If the item is off, the button will move around the bottom of the screen.
  4. Quick grenade throw - if you turn on this item, then after clicking on the grenade, the person will throw it without any thought. But if you turn it off - when throwing, you can hold the grenade icon and choose where the projectile will fly.
  5. Automatic running with the joystick - when you turn on this setting, a running icon will appear on your joystick. If you reach the joystick for it, then you will run and you no longer need to pull the joystick. If you turn it off, you will have to pull the joystick yourself to run.
  6. Fixed joystick - if you want the joystick not to jump across the screen, then you should enable this item.

Next is the "Aiming" setting. It will help a lot if you have turned on the Custom section in Advanced mode:

Show the left shooting button - if you enable this item, the left button will appear in aiming mode.

Sliding (when running) - there are two points that can be switched. The first gives you the opportunity to slip when you press the "crouch" button while running, while the second, while holding down "crouch", you will slip.

Gyroscope - if you turn on this item, you can control the camera by the phone itself, that is, you should tilt the phone to move the camera. You can set the phone to control the camera only in aiming mode. Optionally, you can turn off the gyroscope. You can set the gyroscope to work horizontally or vertically.

Camera field of view - I adjust the camera slider to narrow or increase the viewing angle.

Sound and image

Schedule should be set to your taste. Basically, the schedule should be adjusted to fit your mobile device. The only thing we can advise is to put the number of frames at the maximum how much your phone pulls.

But even on the flagship smartphones in the Battle Royale, the frame rate begins to sag after 15 minutes of the game. The mode is very demanding on iron. If you play more often in the Network game, then you can set the settings that are suitable for your device (preferably as much as possible). Since the load on the video chip and processor in the multiplayer is fundamentally different from what happens in the Royal Battle. It depends on the large size of the map, many buildings, equipment, trenches, towers and so on. So, if you play Battle Royale more, then you should lower the graphics settings.


Rotation mode - it is recommended to set as standard.

Preset sensitivity - here the developers took care of the players, and they themselves offer a couple of options.

Camera sensitivity:

  1. Standard sensitivity - that is, camera sensitivity. At maximum, the camera twitches a lot, so it is recommended to set the average value.
  2. Sensitivity in aiming mode - you should also set the average indicator so that the camera does not slow down or jump.
  3. The sensitivity of a tactical sight is an assault rifle scope, x has optics installed. Here, each player sets the slider as they wish.
  4. Sensitivity of a sniper scope - adjusts the scope for sniper rifles. Here, each player adjusts the parameter for themselves.

Shooting sensitivity (i.e. adjusting the camera during shooting):

  1. Standard sensitivity.
  2. Sensitivity during aiming.
  3. The sensitivity of the tactical sight.
  4. Sensitivity of a sniper scope.

Settings can be set the same as in the previous section.

Gyro sensitivity - here, as in the previous 2 sections, the player adjusts the sensor for himself. It should be remembered that the settings are made to tilt the phone.

For after each parameter set, you should check it in action: will it be convenient for you to play or is there a need to change the value. It should be noted that the sensitivity in the Network game may differ from the sensitivity in the Battle Royale.

The rest of the parameters will be understood even by beginners, and they are not difficult to adjust.

If Call of Duty Mobile: Doesn’t Start, Doesn’t Call, Doesn’t Boot, or Crashes

For several months now, Call of Duty Mobile has been in the world official release. A lot of users were waiting for her. But the game turned out to be very demanding on a system on which it can work. Therefore, players often have problems entering the game. If the problems with authorization resolved by themselves during the official launch of the game, but there were still errors when entering and entering the game. At the moment, developers are trying to eliminate some of the errors, rebuilding the login algorithm, but until a global update is released, there is no need to wait for a correction. Today we will talk about the most common problems and offer several options for solving them.

Call of Duty Mobile: Infinite Download

For an endless launch of the game, namely, it does not load the game process and the loading symbol is spinning on the screen, several reasons can influence:

  1. Weak data signal - this problem mainly occurs with the mobile Internet. If you have good hardware on your device, try changing the network to Wi-Fi or a fixed connection (twisted pair, optics).
  2. Weak or outdated device - an endless launch problem may occur if your device does not fit the gaming requirements. That is, your phone has a weak microprocessor, not enough RAM, not enough working video card or chip. The problem is solved by adding memory, changing the video card. But it is quite expensive, and if there is no way to change the interiors of the system unit or smartphone, then you should wait for the download (it will happen anyway) and set the minimum settings.
  3. Out of memory - often found if there is no or little space on the system disk. It is solved by removing unnecessary junk, cleaning the system (for this you can use the CCleaner application). Often there is not enough space for the swap file, which cannot pass the necessary information flow (found on the PC), for this you need to disable third-party programs.
  4. The congestion of the game server is a common problem, because the game is new, and no one expected such a stir of users (in the first days after the official release there were more than 5 million downloads). In this case, try again later.

Call of Duty Mobile: Does not start, does not enter

It often happens that the system suits the requirements of the game, that the gamer has already entered several times, and even reached a certain level, but at one point the game stopped running, often began to crash, hang. The situation is unpleasant, so we offer you the following solutions:

  1. Check the game for updates - you can see the updates through Google Play or the App Store. You should go to the game page, and if there are new updates, just download them. You can also see the availability of updates in the stores menu and in the settings of mobile devices in the "Applications - Updates" item.
  2. Check for updates on Android or iOS - often launch problems occur with an outdated version of the operating system on the phone, so you should check for updates and install them.
  3. An error in the configuration of the game - a problem with loading may occur if the game is crooked, after which it either starts for a long time or does not start at all. This is due to the fact that during the download or installation a communication failure occurred and some files were not installed correctly. The problem is solved by completely removing the game from the device, and a new installation.

Call of Duty Mobile: Crashes

Typically, a game often crashes on emulators through which users play Call of Duty Mobile on computers. At the moment, 2 emulators are officially unveiled - Gameloop and Bluestacks. If the computer supports the necessary requirements, then the OpenGL engine should be installed in the emulator settings, since it is faster and more efficient than DirectX. If you feel that your computer hardware "sags" before the requirements of the game, then set the minimum resolution and frame rate in the emulator and Call of Duty Mobile settings. It is also necessary to supply from 2 to 4 microprocessor cores, which will be used in the program.

If the problem persists, try uninstalling the emulator and reinstalling it, or using another program. The game in the window will also help to solve the problem, that is, you should not play in full screen mode, while it is advised to disable all third-party programs and unnecessary processes.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.