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Passage of Castle Clash: Tips, Secrets, Reviews

CASTLE CLASH is a strategic game that was born on September 3, 2013 in the depths of the Chinese company IGG.COM. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. To whom, what talents of heroes to put (table)?
  2. The coolest talents
  3. Talents that are not worth swing
  4. Leprechaun’s Forge (Codes and Combinations)
  5. Correct base placement
  6. Baseline Layout 8 through 21
  7. The most successful arrangement - the cross
  8. Base alignment for Dracula waves
  9. How to evolve a hero?
  10. What runes to put heroes?

Castle Clash: To whom, what talents of heroes to put (table)?

Talent Heroes that he fits
Revitalization Treant, Ice Phoenix
Resuscitation Prince Pumpkin, Firewing, Ares, Cupid, Sedna, Valentine, Keeper, Triffid
Burn Ronin
Death blow Skull
Fire protection The keeper, withers, Bigfoot
Scatter Skull, Obsessive, Soulbreaker, Dragon, Arctic
Slowdown Ice Devil
Berserker Prince Pumpkin, Lord of the Storm, Mahatma, Ice Phoenix, Druid
Stone skin Shooter, Bigfoot, Hellbringer, Keeper, Reno, Summoner, Necros, Paladin
God of War Anubis, Freya, Baby Nick, Ronin, Vlad Dracula, Minotaur Leader, Heartbreaker, Spiritmaster, Frankie 1.0, Voltor, Shooter, Storm Lord, Father Frost, Necros, Warlock, Bigfoot, Mage of the Spirit, Ares, Death, Captain Drake, Tessa, Obsessed, Dracas, Athena, Medusa, God of Thunder
Persistence The keeper
Draining life Skull, Captain Drake
Bastion Gargul, Athena, Witch, Freya, Anubis, Captain Drake, Firewing, Shooter, Divine, Obsessed, Bigfoot, Sedna, Reno, Vlad Dracula, Ghost Rider
Corrosion Skull
Heaven’s wrath Ice Phoenix
Inspiration Prince Pumpkin, Athena, Sedna, Vorozhey
Anger Ice Phoenix Heartbreaker
False lunge Firewing, Spellbreaker
Brute force The Lord of the Tempest, Freya
Iron will Lord of the Storm, Minotaur Leader
Healing Prince Pumpkin
Sacred fire Spitters, Asuda, Flamewing, Nekros, Cosmo
Vicious Pact Freya, Lord of the Tempest, Asura, Boogeyman, Mahatma, Flamewing, Ice Phoenix
Zeal Captain Slingshot, Mahatma, Commander
Split Lord of the Storm
Survival Firewing
Resourcefulness Firewing, Ice Phoenix, Prince Pumpkin
Prophet’s Grace Bulldozer
Holy grace Lord of the Storm
Cursed Armor Rosalind

The arrangement of talents is an individual matter, in many respects the choice depends on the desire of the player. Also, the choice may be influenced, for example, by the location where the gamer extracts resources.Pumping some talents depends on the ability to invest real money in the game. There is no single pattern by which certain talents are put to the heroes.

The above setups are the most commonly used options that players voted for. If we consider these options, then you can see the ratio of talents and the main characteristics of the hero. For example, if the character does not initially have a critical attack, then there is nothing to increase.

There are talents that come to the player, but they don’t need to be put, and even less pumped. Some talents are outdated, replaced by newer interesting abilities.

The coolest talents

  1. Renewal - not every hero is put, but twice to resurrect an opponent with 70% of recovery, this is an amazing opportunity. With this advantage in battle, you can easily complete many quests.
  2. A hard blow is a good talent, especially lately. If he falls to a player, it is recommended to first put him on Ares.
  3. The burn is a great talent, especially at level 9, when the chance of resistance to attack rises to 65%. Talent is recommended to put in the first place melee fighters.
  4. Fire protection is one of the best talents. At level 9, the hero can reflect 50% damage and increase health by 40%.
  5. The scatter is also a great talent. At the start of the battle, the talent removes 60 Energy from 4 opponents, and another 90 Energy when attacking.
  6. Stone skin - reduces the damage received by 70% (good talent).
  7. God of War - the most popular talent, applicable to almost any hero. At level 9, increases attack by 140%. Worth to swing to the maximum!
  8. Drain on life - level 9 restores 20% of health from each attack. First of all, it is recommended to put on Freya or Firewing. Great talent!
  9. Bastion - increases attack and the maximum number of lives in battle. Download necessarily!
  10. Brute force - be sure to swing to the maximum. At level 9, increases the attack by 100% and, in addition, deals an additional x1.2 critical damage.

Talents that are not worth swing

  1. A hard blow - many characters have immunity to a nakomu, so talent is not worth the resources spent.
  2. Self - destruction - useless talent, you can die without having a number of opponents.
  3. Mortal blow - you should not swing, because the chance that the strike will take place in the battle is only 15% at level 9. It is better to spend resources on another.
  4. Slowdown is not an actual talent now; if he falls, it is better to postpone it. It is only suitable for bosses, although 5 runes are enough for a boss.
  5. Weakening is a completely useless talent, speeds up 1 hero, who will burst forth and kill an opponent squad in solo.
  6. Berserker - used to be good for Prince Pumpkin, but now there is Healing, which quickly disperses the hero, while still healing.
  7. Enlightenment - the hero for the battle gets more experience by a certain percentage. But after 2 evolution, talent becomes useless.
  8. Corrosion is a very low percentage of chance of use even at level 9. Not worth the resources spent.
  9. Fury of the heavens - there is a 40% chance that the hero will stun 3 opponents (level 9). This is only a chance (especially small) that will cause or not to dance.
  10. The verdict is a chance to lower the attack speed, the chance is low. Moreover, the enemy can have a very high attack, which can kill with a couple of shots. Do not spend resources on it.

Castle Clash: Leprechaun’s Forge (Codes and Combinations)

How to enter the code in the Forge Leprechaun? To do this, go to the main screen in the "Promotions", here squander to ForgeLeprekona. A window will appear where you need to complete 2 tasks to receive the reward:

  1. Enter game 1 per day.
  2. Spend 1 gem.

After completing quests, the player will receive 4 units of each resource, thanks to which you can take a surprise.At the bottom of the window there are 4 resources, for each award a certain amount of ingredients is spent. The code is entered by typing a combination of numbers under the components, then you should click the "Connect" button. If you have enough resources, you can enter 2 combination.

Gift Codes for Blacksmiths Leprechaun:

  1. 3311 - Prime Logo Chest.
  2. 1133 - 100 ice shoots.
  3. 1322 is a box of talent level 5.
  4. 4112 - entities.
  5. 1421 - a rune of talent 9 levels.
  6. 3133 - the legendary core.
  7. 1214 - 30 gems.
  8. 1223 - 3 legendary cards.
  9. 5111 - 100 stones Apogee.
  10. 1115 - 50 Apex crystals.
  11. 2141 - a treasure chest.
  12. 2222 - 5 gelatinous knights.
  13. 1142 - Professor Ribbit.
  14. 2114 - 70 chests of pets.
  15. 1151 - 100 stones of fate.
  16. 1511 - 2 bags of Firewing.
  17. 3221 is a box of glory.
  18. 1331 - 5 knight essences.
  19. 1124 is a box of glory.
  20. 1214 - the essence of a knight.
  21. 1332 - the essence of a knight.
  22. 3212 - the essence of a knight.
  23. 2411 - 3 packs of experience.
  24. 2123 - the legendary pet egg.
  25. 2312 - 5 boxes of fame.
  26. 2132 - the essence of a knight.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Battle Castles: Correct base placement

The principle of attacking monsters on the base. The layout of buildings depends on many factors that affect what waves a player can beat at the moment of buildup. Therefore, base deployments are sorted by Town Hall level. Also, with each new level of the Town Hall, the player receives new links of the wall, hence can make a more powerful structure. For attacking troops (monsters), towers are the priority, not heroes. The first monsters attack the towers. If the attackers beat the usual building, they can be distracted by the hero, and then continue to distribute the structure.

Walls protect against attacks of the foot conquerors. They will move until they reach the goal. This can be used when setting up the base. Here you can offer opponents to go a long way. And on the way to shoot half of the towers and heroes with a remote battle. Flying heroes ignore fences.

It is necessary to make a gap in the wall so that the attackers do not take up the fence. It also gives you the opportunity to control the enemy invasion of the base. Traps can be set up near the hole. To prevent enemies from shooting at the walls, you need to put buildings at least 3 cells away from the wall. The farther from the entrance, the thicker the wall should be.

Baseline Layout 8 through 21

Successful arrangements for small levels of the Town Hall. At the start of the game there are very few links of the wall, so many players are lost in the correctness of the arrangement. When building, first of all you need to focus on the capabilities of the characters.

So that a player who frequently attacks the base, could not immediately navigate, it is necessary to change the configuration after the attack, rearrange the buildings and towers.

The task of each arrangement is to protect buildings and heroes as much as possible during an attack. If the configuration is done under the waves, the alignment should not only withstand the attack, but also help to defeat the player with minimal losses.

The most successful arrangement - the cross

Recently, more than 90% of experienced players use this base. You can start building it at the 21 level of the Town Hall, when a player has received almost the maximum number of links of the wall. The main feature - all the buildings are in the perimeter, which makes it possible to protect them from enemy attacks. The army camp can be carried out for perimeter, it is also possible to offer some insignificant buildings. Totems are placed on the corners of the card. It is recommended that totems and camps be reversed so that attacking players cannot navigate the terrain.

In the center there are 4 magic and 2 rifle towers (you can put 6 rifle towers). The towers reach the edges of the perimeter, the heroes do not run out. Here it is necessary to place the heroes correctly, because the fence is not terrible for the flying rivals. So, remote heroes are placed on the edges. Walking heroes are located in the perimeter and meet guests.

You can also use the set of "Brackets", "Fat brackets", "Rhombus", "Brackets", which will be relevant to the guild wars, in repelling waves and protecting against the attack of other players.

Base alignment for Dracula waves

Why is this hero? He is well established as a great defender. If classic and proven constructions can be set to protect Firewing, then it is recommended to experiment on Dracula. Several bombs should be placed on open spaces (until the enemy reaches, 90% will remain lying). There are many buildings located outside the perimeter, but they are scattered around the edges of the map. This saves many buildings life (since not all buildings, in this case, will be attacked by monsters).

To increase the thickness of the wall, you should put several statues that will bend around ground troops. The thicker the walls, the less the player’s heroes run after them. It is also recommended to put the Dragon to Dracula. He can work around the perimeter using his breath.

How to evolve a hero in the Castle Clash?

Evolution gives the legendary character to become more powerful, also the champion gets a new look. In the game you can evolve 2 times. In order to start the Evolution procedure it is necessary to meet several requirements. First, the hero must be level 180+. Secondly, only those characters who have 10 stars can evolve.

For 10 stars you must have:

  1. 400,000 units of the Badge of Honor.
  2. The storage capacity of gold should be equal to 5000000.
  3. Earn 550 lights in dungeons.

If the Signs of Honor are not enough, then it is not necessary to evolve exactly at the 180 level. This can be done at any level from 180 to 200. If there is not enough gold, then it is not scary. You can click on the button "Improve", after which the missing amount of gold will offer to replace a certain amount of gems.

To get 10 stars, you must go to the Altar of Heroes, select the desired character. In the menu under the character image, click on the "Improve" button. In the window that opens, you can see how many more resources are lacking. When the player has collected all the ingredients, you should click on the button "Improve". After that, the character will receive a 10 star. Now you can safely evolve the champion.

How to make an Evolution?

For evolution it is necessary:

  1. One Fleece of Evolution (costs 1000 fists, is sold in the Stock).
  2. Another such hero or hero card. If a player wants to evolve, for example, Druid, then you need to have a Druid card.If a player wants to improve a rare hero (cards that rarely fall out), then 20,000 crystals of the hero will have to be spent for evolution.
  3. 1000 red crystals that can be earned in dungeons and in various promotions.

Now you can enter the character menu, where the "Evolve" button will already be lit under the hero image. It is recommended to give the hero a little bit of experience before Evolution. To do this, feed the champion green book experience.

After Evolution, the player will receive a purple book in the mail (if the operation is performed at level 180). If you improve the hero at level 200, then there will be 265 purple books. This is returning excess experience. Also, after the Evolution, the hero will immediately receive a 4 star.

Second Evolution

Evolve 1 champion in the game "Battle Castles" can be 2 times. The second rite requires more resources. You also need to pump the hero 10 stars. 2 Evolution takes place at the 185+ level.

For Evolution 2 you need:

  1. 3 heroes or 3 hero cards.
  2. 60000 Badges of Honor.
  3. 5 runes of Evolution.
  4. 2000 red crystals.

After the Evolution, the hero will immediately receive 5 stars.

What runes to put heroes in the Castle Clash?

Runes Heroes that he fits
Iron Will (Fleece 1) Firewing, Lord of the Storm
Healing (Fleece 1) Captain Slingshot
Holy Fire (Fleece 1) Asura
Vicious Pact (Fleece 1) Lord of the Storm, Firewing, Mahatma, Commander
Rune of Zeal 1 Ice Phoenix, Boogeyman, Bulldozer
Rune of Split 1 Lord of the Storm
Rune of Survival 1 Icy Phoenix, Prince Pumpkin
Rune of Agility 1 Ice Phoenix, Firewing
Rune of Holy Grace 1 Lord of the Storm
Fleece Revive 1 Shooter, Spiritmaster, Prince Pumpkin, Cupid, Freya, Firewing, Valentine, Ronin, Keeper
Rune Resuscitation 1 Prince Pumpkin, Guardian, Dividers, Bigfoot, Lord of the Storm, Athena, Sedna, Minotaur Leader, Firewing, Witch, Asura, Gargul, Heartbreaker, Voltor, Frankie 1.0, Anubis, Ice Fenix, Vlad Dracula, Ares, Zaklinitelnitsa,, etc., a man, a man, a woman, a heart, a heartbreaker , Treant, Santa Claus, Medusa, Cosmo, Boogeyman
Rune of Death Strike 1 Skull
Fleece scatter 1 Skull, Druid, Obsessed
Berserk Rune 1 The Lord of the Buri Mahatma, Prince Pumpkin, Dragon, Bulldozer
Rune of God of War 1 Anubis, Freya, Athena, Ares, Reno, Vorozhey
Fleece flowing life 1 Skull, Ronin, Ice Phoenix, Captain Drake, Mahatma, Soul Separator, Freya
Rune of Bastion 1 Anubis, Freya, Reno, Little Nick, Nekros, Obsessed, Shooter, Tessa, Death, Mage of Spirit, Vlad Dracula, Arctic, God of Thunder, Tamer
Psychic (rune 1) Shooter
Inspiration Freya, withers, Sedna, Bigfoot, Athena, Prince Pumpkin
Rune of False Attack 1 Charmer
Rune of Brute Force 1 Freya

The biggest plus of the runes in the Castle Clash is their interchangeability. You can set and change the runes at the discretion of the player, depending on the situation. For example, to put the entire rune squad, which will help defeat the boss, or then put another before leaving the arena. According to the mechanics of the game, the runes strengthen talents, but sometimes you can not use this rule. The battle summarizes the overall performance of all the heroes, so it is important to put the same runes on the heroes in the team for a serious event.

Blue rare runes can be purchased at the store for 2000 crystals. If you do not open the bags with runes, then you can help out good money. A green bag with runes costs 2000 crystals, blue - 8000. Therefore, it is more profitable to sell bags and buy runes in the store. Moreover, the store can only buy the necessary runes.

Runes that need to be collected

  1. "Hard hit" is a good rune for going to the boss (she puts in a coma).
  2. "Bastion" or "God of War" - you can put in front of an attack on the enemy base.
  3. "Self-destruction" - the rune goes well with the talent "Renewal" (especially if it is pumped to level 9). Mainly used against ordinary heroes. Dragons can kill in the distance.
  4. "Deadly blow" - it is recommended to dig, as the heroes can strike several times. Good use in Dungeons.
  5. "Slowdown" - at the start of the game, many players do not know why they are needed. But when they reach the wave "O" and higher, it becomes clear that his purpose is to put on a rune to all the heroes and slow down the bosses on the waves. Until he reaches the base, the characters and the towers will beat him well. It is worth putting his 2 skill.
  6. "Rune of Speed" is needed in the Arena. If the player knows what path the enemy is running, you can speed up the team and cut it on this line.
  7. "Stone skin" - if a player’s healers restore less health than they lose (for example, if the damage is 20,000, and only 16,000 are restored), then it is more expedient to reduce the incoming damage, and this is "Stone skin".
  8. The Rune of Fortitude is effective to increase the amount of health. If the hero is dealt 20,000 damage (for example), the Druid or Bulldozer should heal more than 20,000 units. Under these circumstances, the rune will be useful.

What runes do you need to collect?

There are runes that are completely useless. When the game just came out, at that time they were relevant, but at this time they should not be collected. It is better to sell them and buy the necessary runes in the store.

  1. "Reflection" - used to work well for Ninji, who runs for torches. But it often happens that a character is killed with 2 hits. Runa simply does not have time to reflect something. Therefore, there is no need to leave them (especially since the bag is not rubber, space in the inventory is limited).
  2. "Flame" - reflects 20% damage at the highest level. It is similar to "Stone Skin", but the damage from the towers to the "Flame" does not apply, and damage reduction works on the towers. Therefore, from the "Stone Skin" sense more.
  3. "Burn" - has a chance of 15% (at level 9) to take down all the damage during an attack. That is the probability of 15% that the character in the battle will not receive damage. That’s just not clear where it can be used, so much so that this chance worked.
  4. "Scatter" - not to say that the rune was not useful. You can experiment with it on the bosses, if all the heroes in the team put "scatter". At maximum pumping will reduce 25% of energy. If 5 champions simultaneously beat 1 monster, then a 125% reduction will take place on it. Heroes will not just take away his energy, but also send him to minus.

It is best to have and collect several sets of runes, because they work at different events in different ways: the bosses need their runes, at the Arena - their own, for the waves, Dungeons - their own. Therefore, selecting the runes, it is necessary to proceed from their effectiveness, utility. From how the runes interact with the talents and skills of heroes.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.