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CHIEF ALMIGHTY: FIRST THUNDER BC is a game for android with release date 05/08/2018 from YottaGame. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Secrets of a Wise Leader
  2. Getting and pumping heroes
  3. Troop Guide, Troop Rank Up
  4. Beasts (getting and pumping)
  5. Tribe Building Guide
  6. Relic System
  7. All the features of the continent
  8. Clan Guide
  9. Permanent Events
  10. Walkthrough of the Primal Domain
  11. Sanctum Clash
  12. Chief of the Continent
  13. Vipas Strike
  14. Bounty Hunt
  15. Battle of Akaham
  16. Lost Land
  17. Legendary War
  18. Battle Royale
  19. Continental Migration
  20. Player Profile & Friends

Chief Almighty: Secrets of a Wise Leader

Leader skills. With the increase in the level of the leader, it becomes available to study his skills for skill points. When you open skills, bonuses and skills will be unlocked. Skills are divided into 3 types: combat, development and support. To learn skills, click on the avatar in the upper left corner and click "Skills".

Skill points can be reset using a skill reset item, or by paying 1000 diamonds.

How to provide the tribe with resources? Resources should be in charge of your tribe:

All resources can be collected at resource points. At the same time, collecting gems requires a greater load on the squads than other types of resources.

How to speed up construction? Hire a second builder to simultaneously build and upgrade 2 buildings. For this purpose, click on the golden hammer in the upper left corner of the screen. The hiring cost is 250 diamonds. If you have a monthly card, then you can hire a second builder for free.

Teleportation of the tribe. Chieftains can teleport their tribes to other parts of the continent - safer and more resource-rich. Teleportation is of 3 types:

  1. Clan - the tribe teleports to clan leader;
  2. Random - teleports the tribe to a random location on the continent;
  3. Advanced - teleports the tribe to a selected location on the continent.

To accomplish teleportation, you need special items. You can buy them on the item market, on the clan market, or buy in sets during special promotions. An item for advanced teleportation can be purchased for 2000 diamonds.

Use the free rookie teleport if you meet the requirements: your account was created within the last 3 days, your Tribal Center has not reached level 6.

The strength of the tribe. Strength is a generalized indicator that characterizes the strength of your tribe. It includes the characteristics of the strength of troops, buildings, traps, symbols, relics and heroes. The total strength indicator is always displayed at the top of the main screen.

Tribe defense. Garrison. Thoughtful tribal defense is the guarantor of the security of your territory. For this purpose, you will need to select the defensive formations in the tribe’s garrison. This feature becomes available when the tribe wall reaches 13th level. Go to the garrison and prioritize the defensive troops (see screenshot below).

Choose the percentage of each troop type in the garrison. In the event that one type of troops is not enough, the missing percentage will be equally distributed among the troops of other types. The number of defending troops will change depending on the number of troops of the attacking tribe.

Hunting for elite monsters. Elite monsters are much stronger than regular enemies, so for defeating them you get more valuable rewards - relic materials for creating relic sets. To challenge, enter the Temple of Wisdom, click "Elite Hunt" and activate the elite assassin symbol.

Also in the Temple of Wisdom, you can activate other symbols to get a bonus in battles with elite monsters.

Obtaining units. Each time you get 1 additional squad upon reaching development milestones:

How to increase the capacity of units? Use the following methods:

Tracking the march using trails. The chief can track the movement of troops across the continent using marching trails. The green dotted line is the route of the unit under your command:

The blue dotted line is the route of your clan member’s squad:

The red dotted line is the route of the enemy that attacks you or a member of your clan:

The white dotted line is the route of a unit that belongs to neither your enemy nor a member of your clan.

Communication with savages. Dealing with savages is one of the most important parts of the gameplay. You gain access to this feature when you reach the 2nd level of the Tribe Center. To increase intimacy with wilds, give them roses. You can give 9 roses a day. This limit is determined by the level of pumping of the Tribe Center. Additionally, roses can be obtained from donation sets.

When you reach the desired level of intimacy with the savage, you will unlock her skill system. Meet with the savage every day and get bonuses for the development of the tribe. At the maximum level of proximity, it will be possible to increase the stardom of the savage and unlock even more of her skills. Also give gifts to savages.

Be careful: the gift is tied to a specific savage and cannot be sent to others.

Chief Almighty: Getting and pumping heroes

Receiving and classification. You will be able to recruit heroes when your Tribal Center reaches level 3. To go to the heroes menu, click "Tribe Center" - "Hero". Hero quality ranges from green (base heroes) to gold (top heroes). Also, heroes are classified into 3 categories: heroes of battle, development and support.

Characteristics of the hero and the leadership of the squad. Heroes can lead squads and give them bonuses. The higher the level and quality of the hero, the higher the value of his characteristics:

To select a hero who will lead the squad, press "+" in the garrison interface.

Leveling up the hero. Click the "+" sign next to the experience bar to level up the hero.

Rank boosting and unlocking skills. As the rank of the hero grows, the number of skills that he can use increases. Initially, the hero has 1 skill available, and there are 5 of them in total. To pump the rank of the hero, collect his fragments. Having typed the required amount, go to the hero card and click "Rank Up":

Skill upgrade. The hero’s open skills can also be pumped. To do this, click the "Upgrade" button in the skill description.

You can also use hero fragments to improve skills:

The use of artifacts. You can put artifacts on the hero, thereby increasing his characteristics. Artifacts are obtained from the Artifact Sanctuary (opens at the 14th level of the Tribal Center). There are 2 types:

  1. Common artifacts. To activate them, you need special materials. If you deactivate the artifact, you will receive these materials back. You can also sell materials and get artifact coins;
  2. Mythical artifacts. Activated using artifact coins - gold, silver and bronze. You can get them in the hunt for wildlings, in the hunt for mammoths, in the lotteries of desires and sets of artifacts. Unlike materials, artifact coins cannot be returned when a mythical artifact is deactivated.

Mythical stones. Mythical stones are another type of equipment that gives bonuses when used. Unlocked at level 15 of the Tribal Center, can be obtained in the Hut of Fortune or crafted using Star Opals. Mythic stones come in a variety of qualities, from green to gold. Change the characteristics of mythical stones to make them better. 2 free modification attempts are available per day. If you don’t need a mythical stone, you can disassemble it. This will give you back all the Star Opals that you spent on creating it.

Chief Almighty: Troop Guide, Troop Rank Up


Barbarians train in barbarian camps. They are divided into two groups: guards (ranged combat) and warriors (melee). You unlock new, improved barbarians at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26, 30 of the camp.

1. Guardians. The guards (see screenshot above) are your tanks. They have high indicators of health and protection, take the main damage in battle. Guardians are for defense, not attack. Thus, do not judge their usefulness by the number of damage dealt and killed.

During attacks, you need to predict the most accurate number of guards in the army: place from 30 to 50% of the guards (of the number of the entire army) if the battle is against a strong enemy. Against weak opponents, you can put up from 10 to 20% of the guards. These indicators can change depending on the leveling of your troops, their ranks, learned skills, etc.

It is not recommended to use many guards with a large number of this type of troops in the enemy formation. The Guardians are ranged fighters and are excellent blockers against ranged attacks. Accordingly, your guards will be completely ineffective in battle against the enemy’s guards.

2. Warriors. Warriors are damage dealers, melee fighters. They are characterized by high parameters of ATK, they have the probability of applying crit. blow. As a rule, warriors have excellent damage, but not very good defense. It is recommended to place tanks in front of them - then the low HP of the soldiers will not be a problem, and they will be able to inflict huge damage on enemies while the tanks keep damage and prevent opponents from breaking through to the damage dealers. Warriors can develop additional skills that will help them become even more effective against the attacks of horsemen.

Do not rush to increase the number of warriors in the army if there are many horsemen in the enemy camp. Remember that there are usually enemy guards in front of them, holding back damage. If you cannot overcome these guards, then any attempts to break through to the riders will be unsuccessful.


Hunters are ranged fighters. These are shooters who train in the shooting range. Subdivided into archers and javelin throwers. New hunters are unlocked upon reaching tier 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26, 30 levels.

1. Archers. Archers are characterized by double attack speed and crit rate. damage. They are the first to attack enemy guards, but inflict the least damage on them. Like warriors, archers have low HP, but if you have a lot of tanks in your squad, the archers will not suffer and will successfully carry out their attacks.

Increase the number of archers in the army if there are few guards in the enemy squad. In this case, archers will show maximum efficiency and allow melee troops to quickly get close to the enemy.

2. Javelin throwers. Troops with long range, very high ATK and ATK bonus when defending Tribal Center. Throwers are very strong on defense, but not as good on offense. Place them on the way to the main building of the tribe in order to use the defense bonus to the maximum and get a lot of kills of enemy troops.


Horsemen are divided into vanguard and cavalry. They are trained in the horsemen’s camp. New, more powerful types of riders open at camp pumping levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26, 30.

1. Vanguard. Melee fighters with a high chance of dodging enemy attacks. They enter the battle after the defeat of the warriors and use their talent "Dash" with the help of which they can bypass the melee troops and directly attack the ranged troops.

Use the vanguard to defeat enemy hunters and guards.

2. Cavalry. Ranged troops with high ATK. Use "Charge" to attack enemy ranged troops and "Agility" to increase the speed of the march. After triggering the "Dash" talent and defeating the enemy ranged troops, the cavalry continues to attack the melee troops, which do not have strong defense, which means they are easily killed in the absence of tanks.

Cavalry is indispensable in battles for resources, do not forget to include this type of troops in your squads.

Beast riders

Beast Riders train in the bestiary. They are subdivided into raiders and catapults. New types of riders unlock at bestiary levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26, 30.

Raiders. Melee troops, have high indicators of defense, health, load, defense bonus when attacking the Tribal Center. The downside of the raiders is low speed. Very useful at resource points. Raiders are good at tank duties, but not as good as guards.

Use raiders instead of guards when attacking weak tribes. This tactic will reduce the loss of guards in order to save them for stronger enemies.

2. Catapult. Troops with high ATK, but low ATK speed. They perform very well in attacks on the Tribal Center. Do not pay attention to their slowness - it is compensated in full by the high characteristics of the damage dealt.

Use catapults when attacking the Centers of enemy tribes. Due to their ATK, they can inflict huge damage.

Raising the rank of troops

Raising the rank. Upgrade the ranks of your troops upon reaching level 15 of the Tribal Center. For this purpose, you will need the Rising Cores, which can be obtained by defeating the fiery pterosaurs on the continent or in special events. To rank up a certain troop type, go to Training Camp - Troop Rank Up. Next, select the type you want (for example, increasing the rank of all barbarians) and complete the pumping. The characteristics of this type of troops will be improved.

The further you increase the rank of troops of the same type, the more Ascending Cores you use. We recommend pumping all types of troops evenly, so that your fighters do not have a big gap in strength.

Experience bonus when increasing rank. Each time you use Ascending Cores, the experience of the selected troop type is increased by a random amount. When the experience scale is full, a random bonus experience is determined, which will give an additional increase to the experience of the selected type of troops at the time of rank increase. The bonus experience gained is not counted the next time you rank.

Additional attributes of troops. When troops of each type reach the required development threshold, they will be able to learn new skills that will further increase their characteristics. You can find out more about the list of unlockable skills on the information page in the game.

Chief Almighty: Beasts (getting and pumping)

The beast is a powerful creature with which you can strengthen your tribe and increase power. Together with you, the beast participates in battles, is pumped and has its own equipment. The beast can have different skills, some of which affect the entire tribe, and some only affect the unit in which the beast is located. Keep in mind that the beast can be put into a squad with a hero, which means that this squad will receive a double increase in its strength and become a serious multi-tasking enemy on the battlefield!

The cave of the beast. Upon reaching the 4th level of the Center, an egg of the beast will appear in the cave on the territory of the tribe. Later, this cave will become the cave of the beast, where he will rest in between battles. From the cave, you enter the beast’s menu, where you upgrade its level and skills. The cave of the beast needs to be improved. The higher the level of the cave, the faster the skills of the beast are pumped.

Leveling up the level and skills of the beast. First of all, the beast needs to pump the level and skills. For these purposes, the experience of the beast and the experience of the skills of the beast are used, which can be obtained from special sets, while collecting resources on the continent, as well as in battles with the wildlings.

Beast rank boost. When the beast reaches level 30, it becomes possible to increase its rank. To pump your rank, use special items - crystals of growth and crystals of wisdom. You can get them in special packs, as well as in temporary events. Leveling up the rank contributes to an additional increase in the characteristics of the beast’s skills.

Equipment of the beast. Access to equipment opens when your beast reaches level 20. To view and improve equipment, go to the beast menu and click "Equipment". Here you will see 4 slots: head, body, legs and tail. Initially, the slots will be unavailable - you will have to unlock them using animal slate (can be obtained in gift bags). Next, place the necessary equipment in the slots - 2 types are inserted into each slot. Craft new equipment using materials from nature - get them on the hunt for the wildlings.

Start collecting a set of equipment from low-level to high-level. Do not strive to immediately deliver the best equipment - it is very costly and time-consuming. The configurations of different slots do not depend on each other.

Pumping the equipment of the beast. Shimmering amber is used to pump equipment (can be obtained when collecting resources and in gift bags). In total, the equipment has 10 stages of improvement - each gives a new increase to its characteristics. Equipment is divided into 6 types of quality: from white to gold. The quality can be improved by leveling.

Disassembly of the beast’s equipment. If you have a need to dispose of equipment (for example, when you receive a better one), you can disassemble unnecessary equipment. At the same time, the resources that you spent on pumping it will return to you: all the materials of nature and part of the shimmering amber.

Chief Almighty: Tribe Building Guide

Tribe center. The Tribal Center is your most important building. It is on him that the current maximum level of pumping of all other buildings depends, and therefore the development and efficiency of the tribe as a whole. Improving the Tribal Center is the main condition for the construction of many tribal buildings - they will be unlocked only when the Center reaches the required level. Improve the Center, unlock its new functions, fulfill the conditions for pumping the rest of the buildings and lead your tribe to prosperity!

It is recommended to improve the Tribe Center last (with several construction queues), when all other buildings are pumped to the maximum level at the moment. This avoids unnecessary downtime during construction.

Resource buildings. There are 4 types of resource buildings (see screenshot): sawmills (produce wood), hunting grounds (produce food), quarry (produce stone) and gold mine (source of gold). Pump over your resource buildings and increase the amount of resources they give you. Sawmills and hunting grounds are available to you from the very beginning of the game, the quarry opens at the 10th level of the Tribal Center, and the gold mine at the 15th.

Military buildings. Your troops train in military buildings. There are 4 types: barbarian camps, horsemen, shooting gallery and bestiary. As you level up military buildings, further improvement of the types of troops becomes available. You can disband your troops and reduce your food consumption. To do this, select a specific building and click "Train". These troops will stop consuming your food, but the already used food supplies will not be returned to you.

Warrior huts. This is where your wars live. Upgrading this type of building helps to increase the effectiveness of training in military buildings. Build up to 8 warrior huts to train your fighters faster.

Horn of War. Thanks to the horn of war, you team up with your clan members to attack enemies together. As the Horn of War level rises, so does the number of troops you can send into battle. This means that the number of clan members who can go into battle with you is also increasing.

To upgrade the Horn of War, make sacrifices to the Huge Rally clan ritual. These sacrifices will increase the limit of leaders who can participate in attacks.

Cave. The cave is your warehouse. A certain amount of resources are stored here, which cannot be looted when attacking a tribe of enemy troops (protected resources). Pump over the cave to increase the amount of protected resources.

Watch tower. Send scouts to the enemy’s camp using a watchtower. Pump over this building, and from the second level you will be scouting the Tribal Centers of your rivals, their camps, getting information about the troops, etc. When attacking a tribe, you receive a report from the watchtower about the attacker. The higher the level of the tower, the more detailed it will be.

Wall. The wall is the first line of defense. The strength (hit points) of the Center and the entire tribe as a whole depends on the wall. Upgrade the wall to increase the number of traps and protect the Tribal Center from invasion. When the Center is attacked, it will begin to flash and gradually lose strength. Heal 80 units every 30 minutes. the strength of the Center, but if it still drops to zero, the Center will be teleported to a random location on the continent map.

Trap workshop. Build a workshop and make traps in it - special weapons to protect the tribe from enemy attacks. All traps made are kept in the workshop. Its capacity depends on the level of pumping the wall.

Each type of troops has its own traps. Make sure your workshop makes all of them.

Healers’ huts. Heal wounded soldiers in the healers’ huts - it is much cheaper than training new troops. As the tribe flourishes, the number of your raids and the number of troops used increases, which means that you will certainly face a large number of wounded. In order to heal your soldiers on time, do not forget to build new healers’ huts and pump them over. To increase the capacity of the huts, keep researching the healing skill. Your troops will be injured when:

Activating the healing oracle will help reduce the number of injured. Troops that do not fall under its effect should be sent to the healers’ huts. Troops left without treatment will die if the hut capacity limit is reached and the clan’s sanctuary is completely full.

Oracle totem. The oracle totem is a special building of the tribe, where you need to pray for the sending of resources and skins. You need to pray for a specific resource, and then you will receive it. Moreover, each subsequent time you get a little more than the previous one. In prayers, prayer stones are used. The total limit of prayers per day is no more than 200.

Pump over the oracle totem to increase the number of prayer stones, increase the limit of prayers and the size of the resources received.

Tavern. In the tavern, you exchange resources with clan members as part of clan assistance. Upgrade the tavern to increase the limit of received and sent resources, as well as reduce the loss of resources during their transportation.

Temple of Wisdom. In the Temple of Wisdom, glyphs are revealed, with the help of which the tribe receives development bonuses from spirits. Pump over the temple of wisdom and unlock more glyphs.

To hunt elite monsters, you need to unlock the elite assassin glyph in the "Elite Hunt" section.

Altar of War. This is where your troops gather before entering the continent. To increase the number of troops, upgrade the altar of war.

Also activate summoning glyphs in the Temple of Wisdom to increase the number of available troops.

Clan Chamber . Thanks to this building, you have access to clan help. Improving buildings, healing wounded troops, opening glyphs, receiving reinforcements when attacking enemies - your clanmates can help you with these and many other actions. Pump the level of the clan chamber to increase the limits of received help and its effectiveness.

Good luck hut. Here is the mythical stone control center and games are held:

  1. Turtle for good luck. Just spin the turtle and win different rewards. 1 free spin is available per day, and additional attempts were worth diamonds;
  2. Lucky tile. When scrolling the turtle, you may get a "Tile" sector. In this case, you will play this game. Shuffle 9 slabs and then flip them over paying pearls. From inverted slabs, you can get rewards of various values and a multiplier x2 - it will double the reward from the next slab. If you are even more lucky and draw x2 again, the next reward will be multiplied by 4!
Get pearls to flip tiles from a merchant, a shop, a clan market, or directly from the hut of fortune.

Tribal embassy. Build an embassy to study ancient lore for the prosperity of your tribe. Access to the construction of this building opens when the Tribal Center reaches level 23. There are 6 categories of ancient knowledge, each of which has its own impact on various aspects of the development of the tribe. To use the ancient knowledge, you need dinosaur eggs. Collect them in the dinosaur den, in activities, or purchase in packages.

Chief Almighty: Relic System

After reaching the 5th Tribal Center and erecting the altar of relics, you will be able to make various relics to receive additional bonuses.

Making relics. Enter the altar of relics and click "Craft". Next, choose a relic to create and attach the required amount of skins and materials. You can get them in the scavenger hut (materials) and through a prayer at the Oracle Totem (skin). Additionally, you get skins for completing daily quests.

When combining 4 of the same relic materials, you get 1 higher quality material. With its help, you can create a stronger relic.

Synthesis and analysis of relics. Synthesize multiple low-quality relics to create a higher-quality one. The quality of the relics ranges from white to gold. Also, relics can be disassembled, returning random materials that were spent in the manufacture of the relic.

Hero Relic Sets. When your altar of relics reaches level 10, you will unlock relic sets that grant a set bonus on use. There are currently 3 relic sets: Swamp Shaman, Lion Warrior, and Skeleton Soldier. You can get the first set of the Swamp Shaman in the battle with the Tyrannosaurus or buy it, and you can buy it in different qualities at once: white and gold. Swamp Shaman level 10 and gold quality can be upgraded to the Lion Warrior and Skeleton Soldier sets of level 15.

To create Hero Relics, Hero Relic Scrolls are required, which are different from the Main Relic Scrolls.

Upgrading relics. Pump over relics and add improvements to them that give bonuses to characteristics. Relic Upgrades can be obtained by fighting a Centanosaur. They are also available in packs and special events (stay tuned). Synthesize up to 4 Upgrades on the Relic Altar for a more advanced upgrade. To insert an improvement, click on the desired relic and confirm the action. The upgrade can be removed from the relic, but for this you will have to acquire special materials to remove.

Only one type of improvement can be attached to one relic. When upgrading relics, all upgrades will be automatically removed and returned to the bag. When dividing the relics, the enhancements will be destroyed and cannot be restored.

Chief Almighty: All the features of the continent

A continent is an area outside the tribe. Entering the continent, you take part in battles, replenish your reserves of resources and collect rare rewards that you need to upgrade your tribe and heroes.

Resource points. Send squads to resource points to collect resources: wood, food, stones, gold and gems.

Most of the resources are located in points closer to the center of the continent!

Wild ones. Wild dangerous animals roam the continent - wild ones. Send squads to fight the wildlings and earn Warchief Experience, Gems, and even VIP Points. Hunting wildlings consumes energy.

To fight the high level wildlings, you need to defeat the low level ones.

Vipas. More opponents on the continent. For defeating them, you will receive leader experience and resources.

Troops sent to battle with vipas cannot be attacked. Send part of your troops to the Vipas camps in case of an enemy attack on your Tribal Center. This way you are guaranteed to avoid losses.

Desert. The desert is a special place on the continent, the presence in which adversely affects the troops: their stamina and speed of the march decrease. Be careful when crossing the desert - if your army is attacked here, it may lose.

Elite monsters. Elite monsters are stronger than normal wildlings. Fighting them is not easy, but it is for defeating them that you can get special materials for creating relics. To summon an elite monster, you need an assassin symbol, which must be activated in the Temple of Wisdom.

Chief Almighty: Clan Guide

A clan is a community of players, united for the purpose of joint development, mutual assistance and participation in game events. The success of the game of each of its members ultimately depends on the activity and strength of the clan, so it is especially important to take part in the life of your community, donate resources and help build buildings.

Which clan is the best to join? We recommend that you be a member of an active clan, aimed at the prospect of further development. Only in an active clan will you be able to take advantage of the finished clan buildings and get worthy support in the event of an attack by enemy troops.

If your clan is not very active, has many members who do not go online for a long time, then this is a sure sign that the clan needs to be changed. Do not get fooled by possible high "positions", which you can be awarded by the leaders of weak clans - these titles will not give you anything and will not help you in your development. It is better to be an ordinary member in a strong clan than a "boss" in a weak one.

How to create your own clan? Upon reaching the 4th and 5th level of the Tribal Center, you can create your clan for 200 diamonds, and upon reaching the 6th level of the Tribal Center - for free.

Remember that managing a clan is a job that requires extra free time. If you don’t have one, it would be more expedient to join an existing clan. A clan leader cannot leave his clan until the leadership is transferred to another member.

The benefits of being in a clan. As a member of a clan, you get the following features:

  1. Participation in activities. Do not forget to check the message board every day so as not to miss important battles and help your comrades;
  2. Clan barter. Help your clan members complete barter transactions for rewards;
  3. Clan quests. By participating in clan quests, you not only receive rewards, but also replenish the fund of your community;
  4. Clan gifts. Exchange gifts with your friends for donate purchases;
  5. Clan building. Help the clan leaders build various buildings to equip the clan’s territory and protect your own tribe;
  6. Clan rituals. When performing rituals through sacrifices, you can get bonuses available only to clan members;
  7. Clan shop. Clan points can be purchased at a local store. Clan points are earned through sacrifices at clan rituals;
  8. Clan help. Help your comrades and yourself request help in the construction of buildings, pumping them, summoning, healing and creating relics;
  9. Clan polls. Decide the affairs of the clan and express your opinion on the agenda items at the polls conducted by the members of R4 and R5;
  10. Communication. Use the clan chat to find new friends, ask questions and just have a good time.

Clan barter missions and how to close them. Access to barter clan assignments opens when the Tribal Center reaches level 10. The essence of barter is as follows: you take a task and ask for help from clan members. If no one responds to your request, you fail the task. If you receive help from a clan member and successfully complete the task, then both take the rewards.

The tasks themselves come in several qualities - green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. The quality of the assignment determines its duration and the value of the awards. The task is considered completed after a specified time has passed, but it can be completed ahead of schedule - for diamonds. 1 attempt is available per day, for diamonds you can buy additional attempts. Available tasks are updated every 2 hours. Manual update of the list is possible: the first 2 times are free, then - for diamonds.

Clan assistance. You can provide and receive help from other members of your clan when you build and upgrade your clan chamber. To access the function, select the tribe center you need and click the icon with the handshake. There are two ways to help:

  1. Defense and strengthening of territories. Protecting the territories of clan comrades (or yours) from enemy attacks. Clan members can send their troops to each other and participate in joint battles. The number of possible clan reinforcements is determined by the level of pumping of the clan chamber.
  2. Help with resources. Clan members share resources with each other, but keep in mind that not all comradely resources reach the treasury - losses during transportation affect. To reduce the number of these losses will help pumping the tavern.
Being in a strong clan is the key to receiving timely clan assistance. Choose your clan wisely!

Clan rituals. Clan rituals give bonuses to clan members and require sacrifices. Go to Clan - Clan Rituals to make your sacrifice and receive personal and clan credits. Each new sacrifice gradually accumulates cooldown time. When it reaches 4 o’clock, you will have to wait to perform a new action. At the end of the week, a summary rating of all sacrifices is compiled. Clan members who are in the first three places receive honorary prizes.

The speed of filling the general scale of sacrifices of the ritual depends on the number of sacrifices. When it is full, the clan ritual can be improved. Once the clan rituals reach the required pumping levels, the clan can unlock even more rituals and open new types of bonuses for all members. Only 1 ritual can be upgraded at a time.

Clan shop. In the clan store, you purchase various items for personal and clan credits. Both currencies are earned by making sacrifices to the clan ritual. The assortment of the clan shop can be replenished by R4 and R5 members for clan credits.

Clan orders. Clan orders help to manage the clan more efficiently and coordinate all members for cohesive actions. Only R4 and R5 members can issue orders. To create an order, click Clan-Management-Clan Orders. All orders are delivered to clan members by mail.

Leadership transfer. If during the first week on the new Continent the clan leader was not online for more than a day, the R3 and R4 members have the right to compete for the place of the new chapter by paying 1000 diamonds. Participants R1 and R2 also have this right, but they will have to wait 3 days from the moment the chapter is offline (the payment amount is the same, 1000 diamonds).

If a week or more has passed since their stay on the new Continent, members of R3 and R4 can apply for the position of a new leader, when the current chapter has not appeared on the network for seven days, and members R1 and R2 - if the chapter is offline for more than 10 days. In both cases, the claims are also paid with 1000 diamonds.

Clan territory and buildings

The clan’s territory is located around the clan towers and is gradually growing due to the construction of new buildings and pumping the clan. Territory bonuses:

1. Clan Towers. Clan Towers are the main buildings of the clan territory. It is on their pumping that the development of other buildings depends, as well as the size of the privileges provided. Only members of clan R4 and R5 have the right to create towers. After determining the location of the new tower, the troops of the clan members are sent to build it.

The speed of construction will depend on the level of troops and their number. In addition, the size of the first squad entering the tower will further determine its capacity. Clan towers can be attacked by enemy clans. In this case, the wounded warriors defending the towers will be sent to the healers’ huts.

2. Watchtowers of the clan. Watchtowers help clan members defend Tribal Hubs when attacked by enemy troops. In total, a clan can have no more than 12 watchtowers. Only members of the clan R4 and R5 have the rights to build them. Conditions for placing watchtowers:

  1. The presence of a completed clan tower in the clan;
  2. The Watchtower must be located in the area of effect of the Clan Tower.
Watchtowers will only operate if an enemy attack occurs within their reach!

Watchtowers can be upgraded by donating resources from clan members. After pumping towers to level 7, their new functions and capabilities will be unlocked.

3. Clan cave. In the clan cave, you can store parts of the resources of the clan members. However, they cannot be looted or confiscated in any way. 1 clan can own only 1 cave. The cave capacity limit is determined by the clan’s development level, and the total amount of resources available for storage during the day depends on their weight. You will receive your resources back in case of leaving the clan or destroying the cave.

Elixirs take up more space than stones and other items as they are improved resources. So, 1 stone is equal to 6 units. weight, and 1 elixir - 24 units. weight.

4. Clan Sanctuary. The clan’s shrine is a place where wounded troops are healed. It can only be built by members of the clan R4 and R5 and only once. If the clan owns this building, then all its wounded troops will be sent there automatically upon reaching the specified number of wounded. The total population limit for the sanctuary is 50,000 soldiers for each clan member, excluding the wounded healed. Personal loans will have to be paid for treatment in the sanctuary.

The clan’s sanctuary can be destroyed if the clan itself falls and is destroyed. The troops that will be in it at the moment will die. The same fate awaits them if you leave the clan when your troops are healed in the sanctuary, so choose the right time to change the clan.

Chief Almighty: Permanent Events

The game is rich in various events, during which you can successfully replenish your resource reserves. The main thing is not to forget to look at the schedule of activities in the sidebar on the right, so as not to miss anything. Below we provide examples of some persistent events.

A hellish event. Complete the tasks of the hellish event and earn points that can be used to get various rewards (see the screenshot above). The Infernal Event consists of stages that include 3 tasks. Complete all 3 tasks and proceed to the next stage. From stage to stage, the size of the points received grows. The leaders who managed to complete all the tasks at all stages are included in the rating of the continents. The first 50 participants in this rating receive rating awards.

When moving from one stage to another, you will be placed in a 5-minute preparation period during which you will not be able to complete tasks.

Hunting for mammoths. Hunt mammoths, earn rewards and look for ivory. Keep in mind: Ivory drops are independent of the mammoth’s strength and size. They can be obtained even from weak enemies. Ivory bones are used to summon giant mammoths. Team up with your clanmates to attack giant mammoths and earn clan rewards (clan gifts and points). At the end of the event, a rating of the participating clans is compiled. Leaders receive rating awards.

Single event. You have to go through three stages of the event. Each stage includes three tasks. Close them all and get points for it. Depending on the speed and the number of points earned, a rating is made for the leaders of a single event. The first 50 participants in the rating receive additional rewards.

Event "Crown of Glory" (3v3). Upon reaching the 10th level of the Tribal Center, you can participate in the "Crown of Glory" event (3 vs 3). You need to unite with two other leaders in the command hall, create a single squad of 3 armies and challenge a squad of rivals! The head of the detachment becomes the leader who registered the united detachment. Once registered, the membership of a group cannot be changed.

Battles in Crown of Glory are divided into 3 rounds. The winners of the rounds receive points, and the losers lose them. The winner is determined based on the points earned based on the results of 3 rounds. All event rewards are sent to players by mail.

Crown of Glory event. The "Crown of Glory" event is divided into 2 stages.

If you win a stage challenge, you will be promoted in rank. If you lose, your rank remains the same. Based on the ranks, the final rating is compiled, and all participants receive rating awards depending on their place in it. The 3 best leaders of the event will be featured in the Hall of Fame. Ascend them for rewards.

Chief Almighty: Walkthrough of the Primal Domain

The Primeval Realm is the arena boss battles for awesome prizes. You can only participate in the event as part of a clan. Rewards are available: fragments of relics (equipment) scrolls, fragments of a swamp shell, diamonds, resources, items for pumping and much more!

Requirements for participation. The event takes place in a special clan building - in the Primeval Arena. Here you can challenge powerful bosses. If your clan is strong enough to resist these monsters, then each of those participating in the battle will receive their own rewards.

To unlock the ability to challenge the clan, you must fill the reputation scale. To do this, each clan member must bring in hunter trophies - items obtained from killing wild and elite monsters. As soon as there are enough hunter’s trophies, the clan will be able to begin the passage of the "Primeval Domain". The right to choose the start of the event is given to the head of the clan or R4 participants.

Area bosses and restrictions. Bosses need to be defeated within a given time limit. At the same time, the clan does not have a limit on the number of battle attempts, however, each member can send his squad to attack only once. Repeated participation is not allowed!

We recommend starting the battle with weak bosses, gradually moving on to stronger ones. This tactic will help you climb higher in your damage rating and get more rewards.

Awards. The amount of prizes received is based on the distribution of clan members in the damage rating. If the clan was able to defeat the bosses before the expiration of the specified time limit, everyone involved will receive increased rewards! After the end of an event, at least 48 hours must elapse before the start of the next one. During this time, clan members can continue to accumulate hunter’s trophies to fill the arena reputation scale.

Chief Almighty: Sanctum Clash

Participate in the clash of the Sanctuaries as a clan to get a lot of diamonds, boosts, VIP points, relic chests, artifact coins, and even a special honorific title. The clash of the Sanctuaries lasts 7 days and consists in the capture of the Sanctuaries on the continent.

Sanctuaries. When the event starts, 10 Sanctuaries appear on the continent map for a period of 24 hours. During this time, the clans scout them, capture and defend them, fighting with other clans. Each clan can capture no more than 2 Sanctuaries at the same time. When occupied, clan members receive clan points and crystal fragments. They can also get personal points if they destroy a sufficient number of enemy troops. Keep in mind that shields cannot be activated during the occupation of the Sanctuaries!

Unconquered Sanctuaries are not displayed on the continent map. Shrines that could not be found in 24 hours disappear and reappear elsewhere after 30 minutes. You need to search for them yourself, within about 200 miles. Confirmed Shrines are indicated by a gray icon on the map.

Awards. The total number of crystal fragments that each squad can collect during the occupation of the Sanctuary cannot exceed 100. At the end of the event, a summary rating of the participating clans is drawn up. The clan leader of the event receives a special "King of the Sanctuary" badge and a frame with his name. Its participants take 1000 diamonds, acceleration and other prizes. The player with the most points in the event becomes the leader of the personal rating, receives a 7-day title, 4000 diamonds, 15 silver artifact coins, 3000 star opals and other rewards.

Chief Almighty: Chief of the Continent

This regular single-player event includes 6 themed stages, during which you need to show the skills of a real leader and earn points. As you accumulate points, you gain access to event rewards. Also, points at each stage determine your place in the rating and the possibility of receiving a rating reward. The event starts every 2 weeks.

Stages. The event consists of stages:

  1. Wildling hunting. The more you win, the more points;
  2. Collection of resources. You get points depending on the quantity and quality of the extracted resources;
  3. Pumping. Increase your strength and earn points. If your strength decreases, you will lose points;
  4. Tribe development. You need to upgrade buildings to increase the power of your tribe. If during the event you demolish any buildings, you will lose points;
  5. Troop training. The number and quality of trained troops also earns you event points;
  6. Killing enemies. Defeat other troops to get event points.

Event rewards. All event rewards are sent to in-game mail. There are 3 types of awards in total:

Chief Almighty: Vipas Strike

In this event, all clan members will have to fight Vipas in order to receive personal and clan rewards. The event is held every 2 weeks, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Features. Clan members R4 and R5 start the event. During the invasion, Vipasa will attack your clan, respectively, you need to fight off enemies and protect your possessions. The more Vipas you can defeat, the more points you earn. In total, you have to withstand 24 waves of attack. If the clan loses the battle twice, the Vipas will stop advancing, and the invasion itself will be considered lost. The victory is considered to be the crushing of more than 50% of the Vipas.

Vipas’ attacks cannot be blocked with shields. Each clan member has 1 attempt to participate in the event. If you leave the clan during the event, you will not receive any rewards.

Awards. According to the results of the event, a rating of points is made. The awards are divided into 3 types:

  1. Personal awards. Awarded for winning Vipasami, when your points reach the required indicators;
  2. Clan rating rewards. They are received by members of the top 100 clans of the event rating;
  3. Personal rating awards. Rewards for the top 10 leaders with the most points in the standings for destroying Vipas. All awards are sent to the player’s mail, the next day after the end of the event.

Chief Almighty: Bounty Hunt

Bounty Hunt is a clan event. To take part in it, your clan must have 25 or more members, and the level of your Tribal Center must be 16 or higher. During the Hunt, the clan must fulfill contracts for which you can get points and rewards.

Contacts. Clan contracts have 5 levels. The higher the contract level, the better the rewards you can get. Also, the level of the contract affects the number of attempts to receive rewards:

The clan is given time to complete the contract. It is necessary not only to close all his tasks, but also to pass. Otherwise, the quest will not be counted. After the end of the event, the points that the clan was able to earn during the execution of the contract are calculated. The increase or decrease in the level of the award depends on the number of points. Not accepted contracts are deleted by clan members R4 and R5. Moreover, new contracts will appear no earlier than 30 minutes later. after deletion.

Raising the level of rewards. The total clan reward increases:

Decrease in the level of rewards. The total clan reward is decreasing:

Chief Almighty: Battle of Akaham

Akaham Hieron is located in the center of the continent. Having captured this building, the clan will rightfully be called the strongest on the continent, will have the right to choose a commander-in-chief and receive significant bonuses and awards. The Battle of Akaham kicks off 2 months after the launch of a new continent. After the end of the next battle for Akaham, the next one can begin no earlier than in 5 days. To become the full owner of Akahama, the clan must hold him for at least 8 hours.

Basic rules for sending troops. You send your troops to either Akahama Towers or Akaham Hieron. If by the time the troops arrive, these objects are already occupied by your clan, then the troops will strengthen the defense. If the objects are not occupied by your clan, the troops will start an attack.

After occupying the Akahama or Akaham Hieron towers, the clan will have to defend 30-second tower attacks, in which a random number of players will die. The capacity of troops in the Akahama towers and in Akaham Hierone depends on the size of the commander’s detachment that entered the facilities first. Troops will automatically leave the Akahama Towers and Akaham Hieron if the commander does.

Akaham Hieron is surrounded by a desert that adversely affects the troops and the tribe. The desert slows down the speed of the march, and the strength of the Tribe Center in the desert depletes much faster in a fire.

The appointment of an archbishop. The leader of the clan that has managed to defend Akaham gets the right to appoint Archbishop Akaham. If he does not do this within 2 hours, if the clan wins again, the previous archbishop will remain in this position. If this is the first victory of the clan, then its leader will take this position. The Archbishop receives bonuses:

The use of Akahama stone coins. Stone coins are Akahama currency that can be used for various purposes:

Get stone coins when you kill wildlings on the continent. You can convert them to Akahama Coins to earn continental fame and many rewards.

Elders of Akahama. The Archbishop can appoint anyone on the continent to the positions of elders below, and that player will receive certain bonuses. All offices will cease to function when the archbishop loses his power:

  1. Patriarch: resource production + 15%, cave capacity + 20%;
  2. Sage: construction speed + 5%, learning speed + 5%, spell speed + 5%;
  3. Ranger: resource production + 10%, learning rate + 5%;
  4. Quartermaster: resource production + 5%, food storage + 10%;
  5. Guardian: attack of troops + 5%, march speed + 10%;
  6. Assassin: attack of troops + 5%, defense of troops + 5%;
  7. Prophet: spell speed + 10%;
  8. Constructor: construction speed + 10%.

Akahama’s slaves.The archbishop has the right to define slaves - players who will lose some bonuses during his reign. Usually, these "titles" are given to players from enemy clans:

Other powers of the archbishop.The Archbishop has to choose the flag of the continent to be displayed on the map. He can also give out gift sets to any chiefs of the continent, however, each chief can receive a gift only once.

Chief Almighty: Lost Land

The basics.Fighting in Lost Lands is a competition between clans from different continents. During the event, the lost ruins should be captured and held. The leader who holds the lost ruins for the longest time becomes their master. The total duration of the event is 8 hours. Leaders with a Tribal Center level 19 and above are allowed to participate.

Lost Towers function. There are 4 lost towers around the lost ruins, which are also subject to capture. If the ruins and towers are occupied by different clans, then the invaders on the ruins will be attacked from the towers every 30 seconds. In this case, a random number of troops will die on the ruins. Tower Invaders can optionally disable the Ruin Attack feature.

Leaders who sent troops to the lost ruins and towers will not be able to activate shields. The blessing of skills in this event cannot be applied.

Tower of Souls. The Tower of Souls contains the troops that died in the battles for the lost ruins and towers. Use soul stones to revive your fallen warriors here. Soul stones can be obtained in sets in the clan market. The tower will be open within 72 hours from the end of the battles. The tower of souls contains:

Sovereign privileges. The Lord of the Lost Lands receives the following privileges:

Event rewards. During the event, you get two types of points:

  1. Kill points - given for killing enemy troops, they are needed to form a kill rating;
  2. Honor points are given for the loss of troops during a battle. These points can be exchanged for rewards.

Participants in the event are also ranked according to the time they hold the Lost Ruins. The leader of the rating is the lord of the ruins. Leaders occupying the 2nd and 3rd places in the rating receive rating awards.

During the event, the rate of resource collection increases. Collect resources on the battlefield to get personal and clan collection points. Personal points can be exchanged for rewards, and clan points can be exchanged for bonuses valid for the entire clan. The exchange of clan gathering points is carried out by participants R4 and R5.

Chief Almighty: Legendary War

Team up with your clan to take part in the massive Legendary War cross-server event. During the competition, an opponent is determined for each participating clan. The competition itself consists of several matches. During each match, you have to capture points on the battlefield, defend them and gain command points. The clan with the most Command Points wins.

All participating clans receive division points and awards based on the results of the war in accordance with their rank in the rating. After the end of the regular season, the playoffs with the 64 strongest clans will start to determine the Strongest Clan and the Almighty Leader of the continents.

Application for participation.Members of the clan R4 and R5 have the right to apply for participation in the legendary war. Application time: Wednesday 00.00 (UTC) to Friday 12.00.

When submitting an application, you must select the time interval for the battle. Discuss in advance with the clan members the most preferable time in order to avoid massive offline.

Clan requirements. Clans that are in the Top-30 rating for their continent and have existed for at least 2 weeks can participate in the legendary war. The squad for the battle has 50 clan members. At the same time, the composition can only include those members who joined the clan no later than 3 days before the scheduled battle.

Selection of opponents. Clan Rivals are determined based on their overall Strength. If an odd number of applications are submitted for participation in the event, then a clan will be randomly selected, which will be subtracted from the tournament. Its participants will not take part in the event and will receive basic rewards.

Battle. Your clan enters the battlefield through the Event Center. Each battle in the legendary war lasts 2 hours and begins with a 5-minute preparation phase, during which opponents cannot attack each other.

Send squads to occupy buildings and earn command points. The correct coordination of the battle depends on how cohesive your squad will work. Some buildings provide bonuses for the occupying unit. Attack enemy buildings, fortify your team’s buildings.

Features of the legendary war. These include:

Earning points and bonuses. Leaders who seize a building receive 1 personal point for every 10 minutes they hold. Distribution of command points and bonuses depending on the type of captured building:

Every 100,000 defeated troops are worth 1 command point and 1 personal point.

The results of the battle. The team with the most team points wins the battle. According to the number of personal points, the participants in the battle are distributed in the rating and receive star opals as rewards. Both participating clans receive division points, and their ranks are adjusted based on the results of the battle.

Leaving the battlefield during a battle will not affect your team points, however your personal points will be reset and you will not receive your rewards.

Playoffs of the legendary war

The playoffs begin 7 days after the end of the main event and lasts 6 weeks. 64 strongest clans, divided into 8 groups, take part in it. Pairs in groups are selected randomly. Elimination matches are played weekly. Based on the results, the 8 best clans will be determined, which will continue to fight with each other until the absolute leader is determined.

The application for participation in the play-off tournaments is submitted on Thursdays-Fridays, from 00.00 (UTC) to 12.00 by the members of the R4 and R5 clans. The time of the battle is chosen by the clan. If all clans have chosen a different time for the battles, then a single time is automatically set, taking into account the time periods selected by the clans. Only those clan members who entered it no later than 72 hours before the scheduled battle can participate in the series of playoff battles.

During a battle, units have a 2.5% increase in the capacity of the wounded. Injured people exceeding this capacity will die. The other rules for the playoff season are the same as for the regular season. There are spectators in the playoffs. These are players who do not take part in the event, but place bets on the winners. When they win, they receive a reward.

Playoff winners receive rewards for each round. Clans eliminated from the playoff series in the first round will receive a consolation prize. Ranking rewards are calculated based on the final ranking at the end of the playoff streak. Members of the 8 strongest clans are sent rewards by mail. The winning clan receives the honorary title of the Strongest Clan.

Chief Almighty: Battle Royale

Requirements for participation. Leaders whose Tribal Center has reached level 15 or higher can participate in the battle royale. Starting with the second round of the battle, you will need a military contract to participate. It can be purchased in the market or won in the first round of the battle royale.

Battle rules. After entering the activity, your Tribal Center will be moved to a random location. All leaders will be divided into continental teams. Moreover, during a battle, the leaders of one continent cannot reconnoiter or attack each other.

Participant levels. Initially, the participants in the battle will be ranked by level, depending on the level of their Tribal Center:

In the future, the level of participants will change based on the stars earned. Bronze and Silver members will fight in Standard Battles, while Gold and Platinum members will fight in Elite Battles. At the end of each round, participants will receive a star if they can be among the top 60 participants in a standard battle and the top 50 participants in an elite battle. If they cannot do this, they will lose the stars.

Battle points. At the end of each round, participants receive battle points. Their size depends on the winning streak, level and rank. Save up battle points to pay them off when you lose a round - then you won’t lose a star. When your battle points reach their maximum value, you can exchange them for an additional star. The winner of the round gets extra points. In a tie, both sides receive an equal number of points.

Rounds. The battle royale lasts 24 hours and consists of 6 rounds. There is a 2-hour break between rounds. Ratings are calculated after each round.

Complete random tasks at the beginning of each round to get additional rewards.

Winning streaks. A winning streak gives you extra points when the number of streak wins reaches a certain value. When interrupted, the win streak is reset. If you manage to complete the enemy leader’s streak, you will receive a bonus. The higher his winning streak, the better the bonus will be.

A permanent defense tactic without defeat is not a winning streak.

Ratings. Ratings are based on the level and number of troops defeated. There are 2 types of ratings:

  1. Personal. Based on the points earned in each round;
  2. Continental. It is based on the total score of all the leaders of the same continent.

All rating rewards are sent to players by mail.

Ancient ruins. Ancient ruins will spawn randomly on the battle royale. The chief can occupy this ruin 1 time, having received a boost booster for 5 minutes.

Special battle royale rules. While participating in this event, keep the following features in mind:

The tribes of chieftains taking part in the battle royale cannot be scouted and attacked by other players on the continent.

Chief Almighty: Continental Migration

Continental migration is the resettlement of a tribe to another continent using a continental teleport. This action includes 3 phases:

1. Voting phase. Lasts 4 days. Only chieftains whose Tribal Center has reached level 16 can vote. You can vote for free (1 time) and additionally for diamonds. The more often you vote, the more diamonds you will spend on your next attempt. In this case, the cost of voting is reset daily. The continent will open for migration if the votes are "For" or the votes "For" and "Against" are equal.

Voting results do not affect the ability of a particular leader to migrate. Leaders with a 5 legendary Tribal Center level must pass a check before migration.

2. Research phase. The research phase lasts 3 days and includes the publication of the voting results of the first phase, as well as the lists of leaders with 5 legendary Tribal Center level. During this period, clan leaders publish information about their clans on the event page, and leaders from another continent study this data and decide which clan they will join after migration.

3. Migration phase. Lasts 7 days. The event page publishes a list of continents available for migration. To migrate to another continent, you need a continental teleporter. Keep in mind that the higher the level of your Tribal Center, the more teleports you will need to use.

After migration, the tribe moves to a random location on the continent. All troops, items and protected resources will be saved, and unsaved ones will be reset to zero. Archbishops and elders who were promoted to positions during the Battle of Akaham will lose their positions. Various event ratings will be recalculated.

During continental migration, you can migrate only once. Limits are set on each continent for finding leaders of different levels. Clan leaders and chiefs on the cross-server battlefield cannot migrate.

Chief Almighty: Player Profile & Friends

Account binding. Be sure to link your account to your Google Play, Game Center or Facebook account. This will help protect your game progress from unforeseen technical failures, in which there is a risk of completely deleting game data. To link an account, click on the avatar and go to settings - account. You can only link your account to one Google Play, Game Center or Facebook account.

Invite friends. Use the invite code to bring your friends into the game and get rewards for it! To get started, go to the Rewards Center, click on "Invite a Friend" and "My Invite Code". Tell this code to a friend. After he installs the game and binds his account, he will need to follow the same procedure and enter the code provided in the "Accept invitation" field. You can invite up to 6 people to the game. Requirements for invited friends:

Change of name and avatar. To change the name in the game, click on your avatar, and then on the button for editing the name. The first shift is free, the subsequent ones cost 200 diamonds each. The avatar can be changed when the Tribal Center reaches level 6. Go to profile - avatar - "Update" button. Changing your avatar is free.

Character change. To change the character go to the player’s profile, click the "Update" and "Change character" button. For a character change, you need to pay 400 diamonds or use the "Character Change" item.

Article author: Nadezhda D.