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Clash of Empire WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

CLASH OF EMPIRE is a game for android with release date 03/26/2019 from LEME GAMES. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Clash of Empire download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. How to properly start the game?
  3. City Building Guide
  4. How to Protect Your City?
  5. Resource and gold production, storage
  6. Prepare and Deploy Troops
  7. Lord Strengthening Guide
  8. Secrets of the Forge, how to get the required equipment of the Lord?
  9. Features of leveling up and getting new heroes
  10. Research Guide
  11. Conducting reconnaissance, collecting information about the enemy
  12. Guide to using the Lion and leveling it
  13. The importance of the alliance, activity within the alliance
  14. Guide to battles on the Kingdom map
  15. Conduct the Throne War
  16. Completing Quests and Quests, Artifact Card
  17. Land of Desires
  18. Market Shopping
  19. VIP System
  20. Guide for donators, bargains
  21. Is the Game Worth Playing?

Clash of Empire: Gift Codes

Entering a gift code. Gift codes from the developers give players the opportunity to receive free resources and other interesting gifts. To enter the code, click on your avatar in the upper left corner, select "Settings" in the menu and then - "Code". Enter one of the current gift codes and click the Buyout button. All gifts will be sent to your mail. Examples of gift codes:

All gift codes have an expiration date and are periodically renewed. In order not to miss the appearance of new codes, subscribe to the official game community on Facebook .

Clash of Empire: How to properly start the game?

Best start strategy. Any kingdom in Clash of Empire is a separate world with powerful leaders. Without a doubt, you can achieve the same success, but for this you need to start the main ascent in a new kingdom, where all players are on an equal footing and develop in the same way. If you decide to build in the old kingdom, but fall under the rule of local top players who started pumping much earlier than you.

The new kingdom gives you a number of advantages, the main of which is the ability to join a top alliance or create your own. You can also take high places in the ratings and get the maximum rewards. Recall that you can always practice mastering the game in any other kingdoms, but the main start should be carried out in a new one, ideally on the opening day of a new kingdom.

Be sure to link your game account to Google Play (Settings - account). This will give you a guarantee of the safety of game data in case of an unexpected system failure, and also allows you to transfer your progress to other devices.

Online at the beginning of the game. Leveling up the castle, building and pumping buildings, completing story missions, wars on the Kingdom map and unlocking new modes - all this awaits you after registering an account. Your activity at the very beginning will determine all further development, so we recommend that you devote the maximum free time to the game in the first few days.

Collect daily tribute from the ship in your harbor. You will recognize it by its gift icon. Collecting more than 8 times can bring triple rewards.

A high online early game is very important for staying ahead of other players, high ranking results and getting more rewards. In the future, you can easily reduce the playing time, but only when your possessions are properly functioning, and the most important game activities are unlocked.

Follow the announcements of in-game events and participate in them whenever possible. Many of them provide rewards for normal gaming activities. The exclamation mark on the event icon indicates the possibility of picking up the reward.

Novice teleportation. Teleport to a new kingdom thanks to the Novice Teleport if the following conditions are met:

Thanks to the beginner’s teleport, you have the opportunity to start the game in a new kingdom with basic development opportunities and acquired gaming experience. The most important thing is to have time to teleport within the time allotted by the game. Otherwise, the rookie teleport will disappear from your items and will not be used.

New Kingdom Event

The New Kingdom Event is a special event for newcomers to the game to help them get off to a successful start. Lasts 7 days and includes blocks of individual tasks. New tasks open every day. To unlock the next day’s tasks in advance, you must complete the required number of tasks from the previous day. For completed tasks you get rewards and points. Based on the points earned for the entire duration of the event, you will receive the final rewards, which include acceleration, gold, wood, resources, etc.

Floating castle. Collect the required number of points to get the Floating Castle - a unique castle skin that accelerates construction, research and resource gathering. For 70 points, the Castle will become available for 1 day, for 120 - for 7 days, for 130 - the Castle will become permanent.

1. Tasks of the first day. Hiring block:

Block "Castle":

Resource block:

2. Assignments of the second day. Development block:

Preparation block:

Allies block:

3. Assignments of the third day. Agriculture block:

Block "Technologies":

"Support" block:

4. Assignments of the fourth day. Wealth block:

Block "Lion":

Harvest block:

5. Assignments of the fifth day. Block "Status":

Block "Acceleration":

Equipment block:

Clash of Empire: City Building Guide

The importance of the castle. With the increase in the level of the castle, new functions, territories for construction and activity become available to you. A prerequisite for upgrading the castle is the achievement of certain pumping levels by certain buildings. For example, in order to raise the castle to level 9, you need to pump the wall and the stable to 9 and 7 levels, respectively. Leveling up the castle consumes resources and needs manpower.

Take part in the "Castle Level Up" event and collect additional rewards for upgrading your castle. To get acquainted with the action, go to the "Event Center".

Castle decoration. Change the skin of the castle and get additional bonuses to attributes. The attribute bonus will only take effect after using the corresponding skin. The leather includes a lock, troops, ornament, and a plaque. Attributes can be superimposed on each other. All display effects are the same. New castle skin can be obtained in game activities and promotions.

How do I build new buildings? Each type of knowledge (resource, military, etc.) is grouped into specific zones in your city. To build the required building, click on an empty place with a foundation (usually it is indicated by a square on the ground) and select a building to build from the list. The higher the level of your castle, the more buildings of various types will become available to you.

How do I upgrade buildings? To upgrade a building, click on it and click the "Level Up" green arrow icon. Improving the building requires resources and workers. At the bottom of the construction screen, set the value of the slider with the number of workers sent to the building (at least the minimum number must be sent).

When going offline for a long time (for sleep, study, work), start several construction projects (improvements) of buildings, sending the minimum number of workers to them. This way you can complete several processes at the same time and take advantage of your absence. You should always have new buildings to level up to avoid downtime for workers.

Instant improvement (construction). An instant free upgrade is possible if the building takes less than five minutes to level up. In any other case, instant improvement is carried out for gold.

Seek help from the alliance for an additional reduction in improvement (construction) time. To do this, click the icon with the image of a handshake over the improving building. After that, comrades from the alliance will be able to help you. In response, also do not forget to help other players from the alliance.

Strengthening buildings. Strengthening increases the functionality of your buildings. To enhance, you need special items obtained in activities. Similarly to the improvement, to strengthen it, you need to click on the building and press the "Strengthen" button.

The importance of workers. Workers can be employed in construction, troop training, and research. The more workers work, the faster the process will complete. To get more workers, activate the work package in the store for a donation. For every 5 levels of pumping the castle, the number of your workers also increases.

It is best to occupy workers with pumping buildings, since it is the fortification of the city that most of all raises your power and contributes to faster development.

Removing buildings. To delete an unnecessary building, tap on it and click "Details". Next, in the window that opens, select "Destroy". Keep in mind - the destruction of any building leads to the loss of your strength!

Clash of Empire: How to Protect Your City?

Properties of the city. City properties are buffs that help you develop and protect the city. You can view the full list of city properties from the castle menu. Views:

All properties are green to orange. The strength and duration of the property depends on the quality. You can get properties in activities or buy for gold.

Sometimes you see a wagon with a character icon moving through your territory. Click on it and take part in a quick game-themed quiz. For a wrong answer you get 2000 resources, and for a correct one - 5000.

The wall is the defense of the city. When your city is under attack, the wall will help you defend it. If you fail, your castle will continue to burn, greatly reducing the wall’s defenses. You can extinguish the fire to clear the debuff. When the wall’s defense falls to 0, the castle will be randomly teleported and restored. Leveling the wall helps to increase the wall defense and the capacity of the traps.

Hidden cave. The hidden cave is a special defensive building where you can hide a given number of troops from attack. The higher the level of the hidden cave, the higher its strength and capacity. The hidden cave allows you to save your units from unnecessary battles, for example, when there are no resources in the warehouses and it is pointless to defend the city from attack.

Use a hidden cave so as not to involve troops in battles and not waste resources on healing them in the hospital.

Clash of Empire: Resource and gold production, storage

Buildings for the production of resources. The city has the following production buildings:

To access quick information about the statistics of your resource enterprise and the number of buildings in operation, click on the board next to them - your overview menu. Here you can get all the information about resource buildings in a quick and accessible form.

How do I collect resources? Resource icons appear above the roofs of filled production buildings. Click on any one, and all resources of this type will automatically move to the appropriate storage. You don’t need to click on the icons above each building.

The maximum storage time for wood and food in a production building is 10 hours. Outside this period, resources cease to be produced. Collect resources in time to avoid downtime for farms and sawmills.

Safe resources. You get lots of safe resources by participating in gaming activities and promotions. Unlike the resources produced by buildings, safe resources do not automatically add to your basic supplies, but go into your backpack. Secure resources are protected until activated.

Use safe resources only when you really need them to make up for missing supplies. In all other cases, keep safe resources in your backpack, as they cannot be looted during the assault on the city.

How to start gold production? To produce gold, you need precious stones:

To start a mine, select the desired type of stone, set its amount and press the yellow "Use" button.

Please note that the mine will stop mining when its capacity is full. Collect gold on time.

Auto collecting gold. From the 3rd level of the gold mine, autocollection becomes available - automatic gold collection after filling the gold mine. All collected gold is sent to the post office.

Leveling up the gold mine. To upgrade a gold mine, you need cores. With pumping, the amount of gold produced and stored increases. Starting from the 6th level of improvement, gold mines will affect the increase in the attack of your troops. So, at the maximum 9th level, they increase the attack by 26%. Each mine gives attack bonuses to a certain type of troops.

Storing resources. Resources stored in the warehouse cannot be looted or used by troops. Warehouse-protected resources are in fact unprotected resources turned into protected ones. The higher the level of the warehouse, the more resources you can put into it and protect it.

If there are constant enemy attacks on you, pump over the warehouse and load it with resources - in this case, you will save your supplies. Resource weight: 20 Food = 20 Wood = 5 Iron = 1 Silver.

Clash of Empire: Prepare and Deploy Troops

Types of buildings for training troops. Each type of troops trains in its own building:

You need to constantly train and increase your troops to increase the size of your army! Only in this way can you win at new stages of activities and earn more rewards for further pumping.

The advantage of the troops. Each type of troops has an advantage over each other. Use these rules when building your army and prioritizing training:

You will need siege weapons when storming enemy cities. In other cases, they will reduce the speed of the march due to slow movement.

How to train troops? Select a building and click "Military Training". Your ability to train various types of troops (from T1 to T10) depends on the level of the building. Troops from the T10 category are the most powerful warriors, the possibility of their training opens on the last level of the building.

You will need resources to train your troops. Preparation takes time, you can complete it instantly for gold, or speed it up - due to accelerations. Speed ??up troop training by sending workers to military buildings. You cannot upgrade military buildings at the same time as training troops.

To increase the speed of training troops and increase the number of students, pump a military tent.

Training in the barracks. By upgrading the barracks, you unlock the possibility of training improved infantrymen:

Shooting range training. You train archers:

Training in the stables. You train the cavalry:

Siege workshop training. You train the siege:

Trap workshop training. You train traps:

What is the platform for? On the platform, you can see all the statistics of your troops: in numbers, food consumption, wounded and marches. It also indicates which of your troops are found in the city, and which are outside of it. The platform is used to edit templates for battle groups. A total of 4 templates can be saved for different types of battles.

The troops are consuming food. With a lack of it, the size of your army will begin to decline. In order to avoid the disbandment of troops, come into the game more often and quickly replenish food stores.

Healing troops. The wounded troops are sent to the hospital. Improving the hospital increases its capacity and the speed of treatment. Only those troops that are inside the hospital can be healed. The troops that did not fall into it will die. Healing soldiers consumes resources. During a cross-server invasion, wounded troops will first enter the kingdom hospital and will be healed for free after the event.

Build more hospitals in the city to quickly heal your troops! Healing troops is cheaper, since it spends much less resources than replenishing the army by training new troops.

Clash of Empire: Lord Strengthening Guide

Lord. The Lord in Clash of Empire is the master of the city and its ruler. The strength of a lord largely determines the combat and production abilities of the city that belongs to him.

Achievements of the lord. Achievements are categorized as 1-star and 5-star. Each achievement stage adds 1 star and gives the corresponding prize. Complete the achievement of a lord by completing all of his stages and get achievement points. According to points, a rating of achievements between the lords is compiled. After completing some achievements, you get achievement medals.

Leveling up the lord. The level of the lord is increased by using the "Lord’s Experience" item and gaining experience in various activities. As the scale of experience is filled, the lord moves to the next level, adds power and receives talent points.

Lord’s talents. With an increase in the level, the lord receives the talent points necessary to open and pump new talents of the lord. All talents are divided into 3 categories: combat, economics, and development. To pump a single talent, select it, mark the desired number of points and click "Use".

You can always reset the current development of talents of any category and invest talent points in another, more needed direction. The reset is carried out for gold.

Lord’s battle talents. This group of talents is directly related to the troops and the increase in their combat characteristics:

To instantly use the abilities of the Lord’s talents, press the "Skills" button on the main screen.

Lord’s economy talents. These talents affect the production and construction capabilities of the city:

Lord’s development talents. The talents of this category directly affect the conduct of battles on the world map of the Kingdom, as well as the defense of the city:

Clash of Empire: Secrets of the Forge, how to get the required equipment of the Lord?

Equipment of the lord, its purpose and types. The lord’s equipment includes: weapons, helmet, breastplate, shoes, gloves, token. Each type of equipment is additionally subdivided into:

All equipment is made in the forge. When the lord uses the equipment of the required section, you will receive bonuses to the corresponding attributes.

To quickly switch between sets of equipment, use the three bottom buttons "1", "2" and "3" on the main page of the lord.

Creation and pumping of equipment in the forge. There are two ways to get to the forge:

To create and pump equipment, formulas are used that include various components. All of them are obtained in the "Trial of the Treasure" activity. After accumulating the required number of all components, press the "Increase" button - the equipment is ready and can be applied on the lord.

Pay attention to the exclamation marks on the icons of specific equipment types - these are your clues about the availability of the required number of components and the possibility of creating new equipment.

The quality of the equipment and its benefits. The equipment has a quality ranging from the smallest (gray) to the highest (orange). The higher the quality, the more attribute bonuses the use of this equipment gives. Starting with purple, equipment of the same quality can be assembled into sets. Depending on the number of items in the set, you get advantages - additional bonuses to the main stats of the equipment. For example, collecting a purple set of equipment gives:

Try to activate set bonuses when equipping a lord. This way you get the most out of your gear.

Trial of the Treasure

The "Test of Treasure" event gives you the opportunity to get the necessary components to create and level up the Lord’s equipment. Lasts 7 days with a reward for 2 ranks:

The event is divided into chapters, each with stages. After completing all the stages within one chapter, you move on to the next. Every day you have free attempts to participate. Use test stones to increase the number of attempts. The further you advance through the chapters of the event, the more powerful enemies you will come across. Accordingly, the rewards for victories over them will be higher.

Be sure to spend all free attempts in Trials of Treasure battles, try to complete as many stages as possible to get the maximum available rewards. In case of difficulties, go through the previous stages - rewards are also issued for repeated battles, but in smaller quantities. Better army matching can provide a higher score in battle.

Clash of Empire: Features of leveling up and getting new heroes

Hiring new heroes, their appointment to the post of army commander and pumping is carried out from the Hall of Heroes.

Information on heroes. Heroes differ by class. The weakest heroes are B-class, and the strongest are S-class. Each hero has unique characteristics. Hiring heroes gives you additional bonus stats in various areas. The general gallery of the game’s heroes is located in the Hall: the heroes you have are presented in color, those not received are darkened. To get a hero, you need to collect the required number of its fragments or hire.

The best and strongest heroes have an S-class. Strive to collect them all in your collection and appoint them as commanders. S-heroes have an extended set of skills and the highest bonus stats.

How do I get heroes and their fragments? Getting heroes is about hiring them. Carried out from the Hall of Heroes (button "Recruitment"). Reception is of two types:

Use your Morale Received and Advanced Morale in the Recruiting Shop to purchase fragments of various heroes. This is a great chance to get the missing fragments for collecting the hero or pumping stardom.

How do I assign heroes? Each commander position can only be occupied by the corresponding heroes. Any hero can take a general position. Each hero takes only 1 position.

The battle buffs of the Kingdom card will take effect after the appointment of Hero.

Leveling heroes. Go to the Hall and select a hero to level up. You can:

Where can I get the Hero Experience item? The Hero’s Experience item quality ranges from the lowest blue to the highest orange. Accordingly, the higher the quality, the more experience the hero will receive when using the item. Collect the "Hero’s Experience" in the activity of the Polar Desert - the entrance to it is located next to the Hall of Heroes, presented in the form of a magic arch. In the Polar Desert, you:

The amount of "Hero Experience" earned depends on the number of troops in the camp!

Clash of Empire: Research Guide

Types of research, university. Research increases the combat and resource efficiency of the city. All research takes place in the university building. The available research technologies depend on the leveling of the building - the higher it is, the greater your opportunities for upgrading. All research is divided into 4 large groups: resource, military, development research, and defense research. Each group contains the corresponding types of technologies.

Researching. By clicking on a specific study, you will find out the requirements for conducting it. All of them are related to the required level of university, in addition, you will not be able to conduct research if you have not done previous research. Each research becomes available in turn.

To do research, you need to spend resources. You can speed up the research with the help of speed-ups, workers or alliance help (icon with the image of a handshake). Instant research can only be completed with gold.

It is recommended to raise the level of the university only after you have completed all the research for its current level. Otherwise, pumping the university (and spending resources on it) will not bring you any benefit, since you will not be able to start new research without completing the previous ones.

Resource research. General types of resource research:

Military research. General types of military research:

Development studies. General types of development studies:

Defense research. General types of defense research:

Clash of Empire: Conducting reconnaissance, collecting information about the enemy

Placement of the clock tower. The clock tower scouts the enemy and warns of troops marching in your direction. The higher the level of the clock tower, the more information it can provide about the enemy.

Types of enemy warnings. Depending on the level, the clock tower provides information:

Types of intelligence information. The information of the scout in the enemy camp also depends on the pumping of the clock tower:

Clash of Empire: Guide to using the Lion and leveling it

Who is Leo? The lion is a magical animal that accompanies your army in battle along with the heroes, and gives the troops additional attributes to the characteristics. The lion lives in a building called "The Lion’s Throne". The higher the level of the building, the more positive effects will be available to you. Among them: reducing the cost of the Lion skill, protecting resources in the storage from looting, etc.

Types of Lviv. There are 4 types of Lions available in the game, each of them has its own specific bonus attributes:

You can choose a Leo of the desired type for yourself, depending on the specific activity and the need for the necessary bonuses to the characteristics in it. To switch between Lions, go to the "Lion’s Throne" and use the "Switch" button.

Leveling up the Lion. Use the "Lion Experience" item to increase the level of the Lion and your power. The Lion Experience item is obtained in various activities on the world map, most often when attacking single monsters and monster camps.

Leo skills. Leo skills include battle and development skills. You can use attack and defense points to improve these skills. The skill will take effect only when it is equipped. Upgrade the Lion’s Throne to unlock more skills.

Use the Skill Combination menu to equip the Lion with the desired skills and receive attribute bonuses from the skill combination.

Lion battle skills. These include:

Leo development skills. These include:

The Lion King of the Alliance. This is a cutting edge technology in the alliance that can be unlocked through donations. Alliance members can use the Lion King after unlocking.

Aslan Spirit. Aslan Spirit owns a 100% Lion bonus. Can only stay in the city to protect your castle. The activated time can be accumulated. When Aslan Spirit and Lion are in the city, only one bonus can be activated. When the VIP level rises to 10, the Aslan Spirit bonus will increase.

Clash of Empire: The importance of the alliance, activity within the alliance

Types of alliances. Alliances provide tremendous advantages in game development, so look for the right community for you from the first days of the game. Alliances are divided into two types:

As a rule, all top alliances are closed, and to join them you need to meet the requirements (for example, have a castle of the required level and a given combat power). Such tough conditions are justified, since there are many activities in alliances, and players receive additional support in the construction of buildings.

Your city must be within the territory of the alliance in order to receive alliance bonuses and provide its protection. Use the extended teleporter or alliance teleporter to move to the desired area.

How to successfully join an alliance? The most important thing about the alliance is its activity and ability to provide support to its members. You can only reap the full benefits of a community if the majority of its members are as focused on development as you are. If you notice a decrease in online in an alliance, constant skipping of alliance events, a drop in rankings, etc., you should think about changing the community.

We recommend joining multilingual alliances, since they are the most numerous, which means they are the most active and comprehensively developed. As practice shows, alliances consisting of players of the same language group fail to achieve such high places in the ratings as multinational ones.

Before changing an alliance, it is highly recommended to secure the necessary support in the new alliance. When leaving a previous alliance, you must be sure that you will be accepted into another community immediately after the end of the penalty period. Otherwise, you will have to play for some time without being in an alliance, which is highly undesirable for game development.

Alliance help. Thanks to alliance help, you reduce the time spent on improving buildings, conducting research and training troops. The help icon depicts a handshake, and is located in three places: in the alliance menu, above the chat on the main screen, and above improving buildings.

By clicking on the help icon, you will help your comrades or request help for yourself. To view the full list of alliance members awaiting help, go to the alliance menu. You can help both individual players and all at once by clicking the "Help All" button.

To increase the effectiveness of alliance assistance, pump the embassy building in your city. Upgrading the building increases the number of daily assistance attempts and reduces the assistance time.

Alliance territory. The territory of the alliance includes a group of buildings that function for the benefit of the members of the alliance. Each alliance has its own territory. Types of buildings:

Alliance gifts. Receive gifts from the alliance for improving the castle, daily quests, rallies in camps, leveling up the alliance and purchasing a package. After the gift progress bar fills up, an alliance package will be sent. The gift will be displayed for 24 hours after which it will be deleted.

Alliance store. Use your personal points to buy items in the alliance store. If the store is running low on an item, R5 and R4 members can use Alliance Points to exchange items for the store.

How do I get personal points? You can get personal points for donating and charging the magic mine. Personal points will not be reset even if you change alliance.

Magic mine of the alliance. Alliance members can donate a piece of the magic mine to get the alliance magic mine charge. After fully charged, the magic mine is activated and lasts for 5 hours. Alliance members can have a longer investment time, while a larger investment of resources can provide more income. Attacking the camps on the maps can bring a piece of the magic mine.

Fight in the Magic Mine for double lion experience, attack power and defense power! All troops killed in the Magic Mine will be counted as wounded.

Donations. Through donations, you help develop the technology of the alliance. Donations fill the bar for technical expertise. After full filling, the technology rises in level. For every donation you get personal points and alliance points. You have a chance to earn a bonus for the next donation x5 and x20, in which you will get more points and contribute more technical experience.

Alliance market. In the market, alliance members sell resources. Raise the level to increase the trading volume, quota and lower the market tax rate.

Clash of Empire: Guide to battles on the Kingdom map

Exploration of other cities. On the global map of the Kingdom, you can see the cities of other players, you can see information about them and scout them. To do this, click on the city, click "Exploration" in the menu that opens and send a scout to it. All reconnaissance reports go to your mail ("Battle report" tab). The content of the scout’s report depends on the leveling of your clock tower.

Upgrade the clock tower to receive the most detailed intelligence reports on all aspects of enemy activity.

Attack of other cities. By attacking the cities of other players, you get the opportunity to plunder their resources and replenish your supplies. Be sure to do reconnaissance before starting an operation to assess your chances of winning and its possible benefits.

Contact the members of your alliance to attack the cities of other players together.

Search for objects. To find an object on the map of the Kingdom, click the "Search" button on the left. Using the search, you can find monsters, monster camps, farms, sawmills, iron and silver mines of the level you need. For a detailed search, place an object and specify the required level using the slider. By pressing the yellow "Search" button, you will be taken to it and you can organize a march.

Formation of the detachment. Heroes and troops of various types take part in the march. In the preparation for the march menu, set the desired values ??of the sliders for each type of troops - you can refuse some, increase or decrease some. To instantly set the same number of all types of troops, use the general lower slider. At the end of the formation of the troops, press the "March" button.

Hunting for monsters. There are various monsters on the map of the Kingdom. For defeating them, you get lord experience, lion experience, resources, and other rewards. The value of the rewards depends on the level of the defeated monster. Look for monsters using the search, move to them and start an attack. To fight high-level monsters, you need to defeat monsters of lower levels in advance. Hunting monsters consumes stamina.

Check the recommended troop strength before attacking a monster. If your army is inferior in strength, we advise you to pump it to the required parameters and only then join the battle.

Attacking monster camps. In these complex attacks, the troops of several members of the alliance fight. For the victory, rewards are given: the experience of the lord and the lion, VIP points, resources, etc. To organize an attack, select a suitable camp, click the "Concentration of troops" button and select the time of concentration. After sending the troops, the battle begins. In case of victory, all rewards are divided among the participating lords. In case of defeat, the monster camp returns to its original state. Stamina is wasted in monster camps.

Do not accumulate stamina and constantly waste it in battles with monsters. Please note that the rewards for victories in monster camps are higher and more prestigious than for defeating single monsters.

Resource points, their occupation and attacks. Farms, sawmills, iron and silver mines are resource points on the map of the Kingdom. Having sent troops there, you can occupy the point and use it to collect resources located there. The amount of the resource depends on the level of the resource point. You can attack resource points occupied by lords who are not your allies. In case of your victory, their resource points will remain under your control.

Constantly send troops to collect resources at resource points in order to quickly replenish warehouses and prevent unit downtime. It is the collection of resources at the points that should be the main way of obtaining them, since it is faster and more economical.

Collecting resources at resource points. All resources on the Kingdom map are divided into zones, with the most abundant level 5-8 zone located near the Throne. In the window for forming a squad for capturing a resource point, you see:

Send the maximum possible number of units to the collection. Take siege weapons with them - due to their load, you can take away more resources in one go.

Resource tower occupation. Resource Tower Occupation - activity in the alliance. There are 4 resource towers in total: one for each resource type. By capturing a tower, you receive the corresponding resource rewards. The alliance leader needs to be allocated additional resources. Occupying more than one resource tower can earn the resource tower skill.

Using the resource tower skill at the right time can bring more bonus. One alliance can occupy up to 2 resource towers. Gathering resources in the tower area will be protected from attacks. The castle can teleport to the resource tower area when it reaches level 10. The castle wall burns faster in the resource tower area.

Fight in the resource tower to gain double lion experience, attack power and defense power!

How to unlock the resource tower skill? To unlock the resource tower skill, you need to occupy 2 resource towers. Each resource tower has different skills that affect all members of the alliance. It takes a long time to cool down the resource tower skill. Choose the right moment to use.

Clash of Empire: Conduct the Throne War

Throne War. The Throne War lasts 48 hours. Any alliance that occupies the Throne for 8 consecutive hours can claim victory in the war. The victorious leader of the alliance has the right to appoint any member of the alliance as king. If no alliance occupied the Throne for more than 8 hours during the entire time of the event, then the alliance that occupied the Throne the longest will win. After the war, all troops in the Throne and Watchtower will automatically return. Attacking or sending reinforcements to the Throne will end your Shield. The Throne War will cause your troops: 50% death and 50% wounds.

Battle of the watchtowers. Only 2 watchtowers will open in the first 18 hours of the throne war, after which 4 watchtowers will open. When a watchtower dweller and a Throne dweller are in different alliances, the Throne dweller will be debuffed and attacked by the watchtower, wounding 400 soldiers (in the first 18 hours). On the contrary, the inhabitant of the Throne will receive a buff and will not be attacked by the watchtower.

The battle in the watchtower or for the Throne gives double lion experience, attack power and defense power. The more watchtowers one alliance occupies, the more damage the watchtower will inflict. A march to the watchtower, whether it is reinforcements or an attack, will destroy your peace shield. The battle in the watchtower will injure the troops.

The powers of the king. The leader of the winning alliance can designate any member of the alliance as king. If within 24 hours the king is not appointed, the leader of the alliance will become him. The king can send one reward to any member of the alliance. The king can dismiss or appoint any lord and reappoint him one hour after his dismissal. In the event of a cross-server invasion, the lord who scores the most points in the upper kingdom will also be king.

Clash of Empire: Completing Quests and Quests, Artifact Card

In the game, you complete 2 types of permanent quests: daily quests and sphere of influence quests. All tasks, their acceptance and collection of rewards are carried out from the tavern. Also from the tavern you get to the artifact map - an event where you can get artifacts for your lord.

Artifact card. To get an artifact for your lord, you need to rob other lords on the artifact card. Once received, the artifact will be protected from theft for 3 days. An artifact obtained as a result of looting has no theft protection time. When the owner of an artifact is first defeated in battle, other lords have 30 minutes to attack him and steal the artifact.

Sphere of Influence quests. These quests are your assistants in completing tasks for the development of the city. All of your current actions that you need to complete are listed here, in accordance with your castle level and the stage of mastering the game. The main task of the sphere of influence is moved to the main screen and is displayed above the chat.

To go to the full list of sphere of influence quests, go to the tavern or click the "Quests" button in the bottom menu. All quests are sorted into thematic groups. For closed tasks you get rewards (to collect them, click the "Collect" button). To start running unclosed tasks, click the Go button next to a specific task.

Remember to periodically check the Sphere of Influence quest list and collect your rewards. This opportunity will be indicated to you by an exclamation mark next to the corresponding quest tab.

Daily tasks. Daily tasks must be completed every day. For each closed task, you receive rewards and activity to fill the activity bar. As you accumulate 40, 90, 150, 230, 310, 390, 460 and 520 activities, you get the opportunity to pick up a gift for the activity. Types of daily tasks:

Try to close all daily quests to collect all activity rewards! The last reward (for 520 activities) will give you a lot of gold, haste, lord experience and a universal S-class hero fragment.

Clash of Empire: Land of Desires

What is the Land of Desires? The Land of Desires is a separate building in the city where the ruins of God are located, as well as the residence of the goddess of wisdom. In it, the willing roulette has divine power. Use gold to make wishes and get good rewards.

The higher the level of the Earth of desires, the more free desires you can make. Free wishes are reset every day.

How to make wishes? Each wish made increases the status indicator. When one status indicator is filled, the bonus countdown begins. You have the option to initiate a bonus or free wish while the bonus is counting down. The status indicator resets when the bonus countdown ends.

Clash of Empire: Market Shopping

To get to the markets, click on the airship in the city and go to the merchant menu.

Markets. There are 5 types of markets for you:

The range of markets is updated every 8 hours. For early renewal (up to 5 times) use gold. After each update, there is a chance for discounts from 20% to 70%. All goods on the market are bought for gold or other resources.

Be sure to buy discount items as it is very economical and profitable. All resources purchased from the market are protected and end up in the backpack.

Clash of Empire: VIP System

How do I get VIP points? You get VIP points for logging into the game daily and attacking monster camps on the Kingdom map. As you accumulate points to the required amount, you increase your VIP level. By activating the VIP level, a number of in-game benefits will become available to you. The game has 15 VIP levels in total.

The main rule for accumulating VIP points is a stable and daily online game!

VIP benefits. The full list of VIP benefits includes:

Clash of Empire: Guide for donators, bargains

New lord package. For the purchase of this package, you get 10 additional workers for your city. This is one of the best ways to invest money in the game, since you will always need new workers, especially in the early stages of the game, during the period of the most active construction.

City development package. Purchase this pack to reduce the time and resources required for all buildings by 50%:

This package will expire when the castle reaches level 16. Recommended for purchase by novice players to quickly build a city and upgrade its main structures.

Buying a growth fund. The growth fund is your investment in future gaming achievements. Buying a fund package, you are guaranteed to receive rewards for pumping your castle. So, the first reward is available already at the 5th level of the castle (see screenshot) and is calculated up to the 30th level of the castle. Rewards for levels already reached are issued at a time. Among them: a large amount of resources, gold and acceleration.

Buying a growth fund is one of the most profitable ways to invest in a game, as the total value of the rewards given out significantly exceeds the cost of purchasing them individually.

Participation in events for donators. If you decide to purchase gold using a donation, do it during the period of temporary promotions to replenish your account. This way you will receive additional gifts, the value of which will depend on the amount of the top-up. Attention: to receive prizes, only the gold that was purchased during the promotion is taken into account. Don’t miss your chance to collect gifts!

For viewing offers of shares, you are given free chests with resources.

Purchase monthly resource packs. Monthly packages can include Gold, Food, Wood, Iron, and Silver. In addition to the direct assortment of the package, you always get free gold for it, which is very profitable and economical. Follow the discount offers.

Clash of Empire: Is the Game Worth Playing?

You are the lord of your own city. You have to rebuild your possessions from scratch, develop them, provide yourself with resources and a reliable army, take part in battles on the world map and defend yourself from enemies. This strategy, made according to the best laws of its genre, will not leave indifferent those who like to develop, manage and conquer.

The undoubted advantages of the game is a very beautiful drawing of the area, buildings and characters. Various locations are complemented by inspiring music accompaniment, which sets the game in the right mood. Due to its two-dimensionality, the game loads quickly, does not make you wait when switching from one activity to another.

The disadvantages of the game include the requirement for a permanent stable Internet connection and the focus on long-term online due to a very large number of game modes (both single and as part of an alliance). In general, the game turned out to be very interesting, capable of capturing the players for a long time and immersing them in the realities of a lord-manager, striving to become the most powerful in the Kingdom.

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.