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Coin Dozer WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

COIN DOZER is a game for android with release date 06/27/2011 from Game Circus LLC. Game genre: Casino simulator. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. All Ways to Get Coins for Free
  3. How to Play Classic Mode?
  4. How to Play Chip Dozer Mode?
  5. Do you need to collect prizes?
  6. How to open chests?
  7. A Guide for Donators
  8. Is It Worth Playing?

Coin Dozer: A Beginner’s Guide

ATTENTION! Coin Dozer is a slot machine simulator. The game is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended for receiving and withdrawing real money.

The principle of the game. Coin Dozer is a slot machine from the coin pusher series. Your task is to throw coins, which will be pushed by a moving platform and, according to the domino principle, push other coins towards the basket.

Game mode. There are two modes Classic and Chip Dozer. The classic mode is the main one, in it you have to play until you reach level 60, then you can choose from two.

Balance. To start the game, you will be given 20 coins. One spent coin is restored within a minute, including offline. Recovery does not occur if your balance is above the set limit of 20 coins.

The limit can be increased as the level rises, for example, at 11 and 21 levels.

Main screen. The main screen shows the slot machine itself. At the top of the screen are indicators of the game level, the number of coins earned and Dozer Dollars.

On the left side of the screen there is a speed regulator, a button for going to the store and a button for activating a shake, promotional offers. On the right side of the screen there are buttons for navigating to boosters, menus and current notifications.

Menu and settings. Through the Menu button on the right side of the screen, you can go to the main sections of game activities. You can also set up music, vibration and sending a notification. Leave a review, read the game policy, contact support.

Use the cloud save function to save your current progress.

Coin Dozer: All Ways to Get Coins for Free

Daily quests. For 7 days, you have the opportunity to complete tasks and receive free reward chests. To open one chest, you need to complete 3 tasks, if you do not have time to complete them in a day, the opening of the chests will start from the very beginning from the first day.

Examples of tasks:

Wheel of Fortune. You will be able to access the roulette wheel after reaching level 6. To start the wheel, you need to use a special token, which can be obtained as a reward for watching an ad. Then press the Spin button and get a prize.

Chances of winning prizes:

Level up. For the transition to each new game level, you will receive a certain reward, including coins. For example, upon reaching level 18, silver coins of increased value will appear on the field, and at level 20 - Giant coins worth 3 coins.

Before leaving the game, try to use all the coins so that some of the coins can recover during your absence.

Viewing advertisements. The game has a lot of offers for receiving bonuses for viewing ads, including coins and Dozer Dollars. You can launch bonus advertising through the Menu or Store tab. Also, similar offers may appear on the main screen during the game.

Completing assignments. If you want to get more free coins, then start completing tasks from Coin Dozer advertisers. Open the list of tasks, choose the one you like, their cost starts from one coin, and take the necessary actions. As soon as the advertiser confirms that you have completed all the steps, the reward will be credited to your account.

Coin Dozer: How to Play Classic Mode?

The goal of the game is to get the maximum number of coins, prizes and keys. To do this, you need to push the objects on the playing field with the help of new coins towards the basket.

Tactics. To reduce the number of objects falling outside the slot machine, it is necessary to correctly calculate the trajectory of the coins. Identify the object you want to move to the basket and gently nudge it with coins on each side.

If you need to move several objects evenly, use 2 or 3 coins at once.

Speed. The platform that pushes the coins has several speed modes, each user can adjust the speed for himself. New speed modes appear as the level rises. When the duration of the booster is limited, it is best to use the highest speed.

Shaking. On the left side of the screen, there is a Shake indicator that fills up as you receive coins and prizes. There are three levels of shake from light to powerful. When you press the Shake button, the slot machine is shaken, and objects from the playing field move towards the basket.

Balloons is a type of mini-game in which you have to choose three balls out of nine and earn the required number of points to increase the level of the prize chest. To replay the game in order to get extra points, you need to pay several Dozer Dollars.

Coin Walls is a type of special coin painted in blue with the image of a part of the wall. Receiving this coin activates the extension of the boards on the right and left sides of the slot machines, allowing the player not to lose prizes.

Coin Shower is a type of special coin painted blue with the image of three coins. receiving this coin activates the fallout of additional coins on the playing field, strongly pushing other objects towards the basket.

Giant Coin is a type of special coin colored red with the image of one coin. Receiving this coin activates a giant gold coin of increased value on the playing field, which shakes the slot machine a little.

Mystery Box is a mysterious gift box, obtaining which will allow you to activate one of the boosters or get additional coins. For watching a commercial, the contents of the box can be doubled.

Ducky is a type of mini-game in which you have to choose one of five ducks. The reward depends entirely on your luck, since it is impossible to calculate which gift is hidden behind the toy. Additional coins, keys and collectible prizes are waiting for you as a gift.


Coin Dozer: How to Play Chip Dozer Mode?

Dozer. This game mode is available for users after reaching level 60. The peculiarities of this game are the increased value of each won coin and new special chips.

Tactics. Your task, as in the classic game mode, is to push the maximum number of objects to the prize basket with the help of coins. To push one part of the objects on the playing field, use one coin, to move objects evenly - 3 coins.

Special features:

Slot machine. After activating the slot machine, you will receive 2 free spins of the reels. When three identical symbols fall out in the center line, you will receive a reward in the form of coins, chips and gift boxes with unknown contents. Additional starts of the machine can be bought for Dozer Dollars, for 12 notes you can get 5 starts, for 24 - 10 starts, for 40 - 20 starts.

Coin Dozer: Do you need to collect prizes?

Collections. There is an additional activity in the game to receive collectible prizes. When you receive a coin with a gift, or randomly, a toy will appear on the playing field, which you need to push to the basket in order to get it into your collection.

Stars. Each collection has its own star level from 1 to 12 stars. Receiving the last three stars translates the collection into Platinum status. To upgrade your collection, you need to collect the specified number of prizes.

Pumping. After you collect a collection of the required number of items, the Upgrade button is activated. To increase the level, you need to pay several Dozer Dollars. Leveling up each collection will bring you one of the improvements, for example:

Before paying for a level increase, check out all the improvements in order to rationally spend Dozer Dollars.

Purchases. For the set amount of Dozer Dollars, you can purchase a chest with a set of prizes. Access to purchases opens randomly, so you need to monitor the appearance of the set you are interested in.

Collection types:

Coin Dozer: How to open chests?

Chests are the main way to get extra coins, keys and prizes for free. A section of the menu with a list of chests will be available after reaching level 8.

Keys. In order to open the chest you will need one or more types of keys. Next to each chest will be indicated the number of keys that you need to collect.

Key types:

Obtaining keys. Randomly, different types of keys will drop out on the playing field, to get them you need to push them to the basket with the help of coins. You can also buy keys with Dozer Dollars:

In the chests section, you may be able to get 10 wooden keys for watching a commercial.

Boost of the Day. The contents of the chest change daily, it must be opened within the allotted time. To open the chest you need 3 silver and 2 blue keys.

Key Chest. You need 10 wooden keys to open the chest. You will receive 3 prizes, the opportunity to get rare keys 17%.

Prize Chest. To open the chest you need 6 wooden and 6 silver keys, 3 prizes are provided. The opportunity to get a regular prize 44%, a regular chest - 54%, a rare prize or a rare chest - 2%.

Boost Chest. To open the chest, you need 15 wooden and 3 blue keys, one prize is provided. The ability to get a shake or speed coin 25%, Giant coin or Coin Shower - 18%, Mega Push coin - 5%, Bonus mode coin or Jackpot coin - 2%.

Rare Prize Chest. To open the chest you need 9 wooden, 2 blue and pink keys, one prize is provided. The chance to get a rare prize or chest is 50%.

Rare Boost Chest. To open the chest, you need 12 silver, 3 blue and pink keys, one prize is provided. The opportunity to get Mega Push coin is 33%, Bonus mode coin or Jackpot coin - 17%.

Coin Dozer: A Guide for Donators

Game currency. There are two types of currency in the game. Coins are for main gaming activity, pushing coins and getting rewards. With Dozer Dollars, you can purchase boosters, keys, chests, additional roulette spins and complete daily quests.

Score. If necessary, you can take advantage of the Coin Dozer offers and purchase additional coins or bills for real money. The store has 3 offers in each category, coins can be purchased in the amount of 50, 300 and 750, and dollars in the amount of 20, 150 and 400.

Pay attention to the ratio of price and content of the set. The more expensive the offer, the more profitable the cost of one coin or bill will be.

Wheel of Fortune. In addition to the classic spinning wheel and daily prizes, there is a Premium mode. To launch, you need special gold tokens, which can only be purchased for real money. You can also purchase regular tokens to launch the daily wheel of Fortune.

Chances of winning coins:

Welcome set. A special offer for beginners, which is valid during the day. For a certain price, you can get 250 Coins, 50 Dozer Dollars, Keys or Event Coins.

Supercharged kit. One of the special and inexpensive offers in the game. When you buy it, a lot of special coins and rare prizes will appear on the playing field within 10 minutes. In the allotted time, you can increase your balance and replenish your collection.

Limited offer. When you advertise a sale, you may receive this lucrative and unique offer. For a fraction of the cost, you’ll get 50 Coins, 20 Dozer Dollars, and a Rare Boost Chest.

Coin Dozer: Is It Worth Playing?

Coin Dozer is a unique slot machine simulator of the coin pusher series or the so-called pusher. The game captivates users from the first minutes and is a great option to pass the time or relax.

The main advantages of the game:

The main disadvantages of the game:

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