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COSMIC WARS: THE GALACTIC BATTLE - Android game with release date 12/02/2019 from the company UTPlus Interactive. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. The main guide is on ship modules.
  2. Secrets of the best combat equipment of the ship
  3. Item Guide. Installation and deactivation of equipment
  4. Basics of Making and Creating
  5. Key Details of the Interceptor Plant
  6. Colony Guide. How to conquer and manage?
  7. PvP Guide
  8. Gift Secrets
  9. Overview of the Universe, Resources, and Ships
  10. Essentials on Warehousing and Ship Formation
  11. Black Market Guide
  12. Review of the logbook
  13. Conclusion on the game

Cosmic Wars: The main guide is on ship modules.

Types of modules. There are four categories of modules on the ship:

  1. Functionality. Modules responsible for the viability of the ship and the production of the most important components for its operation;
  2. Attack. Attacking modules. Determine the combat power of the ship;
  3. Protection. Defense modules Perform the function of protection against enemy attacks.
  4. Skill. Equipment that determines the skills of your ship in battle. Its use involves the use of special skills.

Slots and building limits. The entire ship consists of slots that house the modules. The number of slots depends on the leveling of the Command Center - the higher it is, the more slots are available for installation. The allowed number of slots can be viewed at the construction service.

Be sure to fill in all available slots! If you do not have enough attack modules, fill the slots with bakeries and foundries. Such a maneuver helps to win the battle, as it serves as a means of distracting enemies from other important modules.

Improvement of modules. To pump the modules you need food, iron and cores. To improve the module, select the module and confirm the improvement. Do not forget that the maximum level of pumping of the module depends on the level of pumping of the Command Center.

A bit about the construction service. The construction service is responsible for building new modules and repairing damaged ones. It is always near your ship, regardless of which sector you travel in. By clicking on the yellow construction ship or by clicking on the corresponding menu button, you will see two tabs: construction and repair. In each of them there are several queues of the corresponding function. The number of queues unlocked depends on the level of improvement of the construction service.

Improving the construction service. In total, the construction service can be improved to the fourth level, and, accordingly, open 4 stages for the simultaneous construction and repair of modules. To improve the service, click the "Improvement" button and pay for it with uranium. The higher the improvement level, the higher the fee.

Do not strive to improve the construction service to the fourth level. Level three is quite sufficient for its full functioning. Uranium is going to be quite laborious for improvement, so it may turn out that improving the service will cost you more than directly improving the modules themselves!

Command Center

Value. Command center - the main module of the ship. Provides its energy supply. The power of the Command Center affects the number of modules that can be installed. Its improvement allows you to improve other modules and increase the storage capacity of resources. In other words, if your Command Center is not sufficiently pumped, you will not be able to pump other modules.

Adjoining module. A module connected to the Command Center supplies power to the modules connected to it. It is important to know that disabling an adjacent module will instantly disable those that were attached to it! The so-called "chain reaction" principle works here - disabling one will immediately disable the others.

Characteristics of the Command Center. The higher the level of the Command Center, the stronger the following indicators grow:

The consequences of disabling the Command Center and placement tactics. The Command Center is the first target of your opponents. They will want to break it in the first place, although such tactics are meaningless. The fact is that even if the Command Center is disabled, the ship itself will not shut down and continue the battle due to the power supply.

When placing the Command Center, try to move it outside the ship’s main body. Such tactics will help not to touch other important modules when firing.

Consequences of improving the Command Center. Keep in mind that with an increase in the level of the Command Center, they will automatically pick up more powerful enemies in PvP. It is not provided for in the rules, it is just a fact. This game solution is very doubtful, since it devalues the meaning of pumping the main module and upsets the balance of forces.

If possible, develop the Command Center only when the remaining modules have been pumped to the maximum. So far, this is the only way to maintain the balance of the system of selection of opponents.

Functionality Modules

Space Bakery. The space bakery is responsible for the production of bread. Its improvements increase the productivity and capacity of the food warehouse. 1 bakery occupies 1 slot. The higher the level of the Command Center, the more bakeries you can build.

You will have to place at least one bakery - as provided by the gaming system. However, do not get carried away: constantly keeping on the ship a lot of bakeries will also be unnecessary, because you get most of the food anyway in battles and in colonies.

When you exit the game, you can install and leave several bakeries to work. This will help increase the supply of food on the ship offline.

Foundry. Foundry produces iron. With the improvement, the foundry increases the productivity and capacity of the warehouse. One foundry is required on the ship, and this will be enough. 1 foundry takes up 1 slot. The higher the level of the Command Center, the more foundries you can build.

Remember that the bulk of the iron you get in battles and in colonies. A large number of foundries will affect the combat abilities of the ship, because these modules occupy slots where combat modules could be installed! Thus, as with bakeries, do not overload the ship with foundries.

To increase the reserves of iron offline, you can install and leave several foundries to work when you exit the game.

Power Supply. The module is responsible for supplying energy to other modules. Elements powered by it work 100%. Even if your Command Center is fired upon and ceases to supply power to the ship, the modules connected to the power supply will continue to function. The power supply is an indispensable alternative power source on the ship. Its maximum level is 1. Further improvement is not possible.

Often, enemy ships try to damage your Command Center, which destroys adjacent modules. That is why the construction of a power supply on the ship is so necessary. In the event of the loss of the Command Center, this unit will be responsible for the viability of the entire ship, and the adjacent defense and attack modules will continue to repulse the enemy.

Attach more defense and attack modules to the power supply than to the Command Center. This will ensure the continuous operation of more modules during the destruction of the Command Center.

Plant Interceptors. Allows you to build interceptors - missiles, early attacking the enemy before he collides with the ship. 1 plant occupies 2 slots. On the ship you can place 1 plant. The plant is not used in battle, so you can install it on the periphery of the ship. If the interceptor plant becomes an attack of the enemy, the other modules will not be affected in any way, the combat effectiveness will not be lost. Improving the plant can increase the number of manufactured interceptors, production speed and health points.

Hangar Interceptors. Interceptors for battles are stored in the hangar. Improving the hangar increases the amount of free space for interceptors, and, accordingly, affects their total number on the ship. The hangar occupies 2 slots. In total, only 1 hangar can be installed on the ship.

Be sure to pump the plant and the interceptor hangar. The number of interceptors and your ability to capture colonies depends on their work. The more interceptors you have, the more colonies you can conquer.

Laboratories "Viper", "Marceline", "Swordfish." Each laboratory occupies 1 slot. On the ship, you can install 1 laboratory of each type. They are responsible for producing the Viper, Marceline, and Swordfish interceptors. Improvements in laboratories can strengthen their attacks.

Attack Modules

Types of simple modules. The ship can accommodate up to a thousand conventional attack modules of various types. These include:

Legendary modules. In addition to the usual ones, there are also legendary attack modules, the most powerful ones that turn your ship into a real machine for destroying enemies. For the construction of legendary modules, special drawings are needed, obtained in battles and quests. They can also be bought on the black market for uranium. Legendary modules include:

Security Modules

Kinds. There are two types of protection modules:

  1. Induction shield. Partial protection. Installs a barrier around the induction shield that protects against enemy attacks.
  2. Aegis Shield. Full protection. Establishes a barrier around the entire ship that protects against enemy attacks, regardless of the location of enemy shells.

The limits for the construction of both types of shields are quite generous - 1000 units.

Modules protected by the shield are not affected by the effects of weapons such as Ice Flare, Liquid Acid, Petrified Virus, and Snake Absorption Module.

What modules should you protect in battle? This applies to those modules that do not play any role in the battle: a bakery, foundry, interceptor hangar, laboratories, etc. If a shell hits these modules, they can be sent for repair after the battle, in the battle you don’t lose it.

Preferred protection option. The best thing is to use both types of shields in their interaction. The protection of attack modules and skill equipment should be strengthened with the help of induction shields, and the ship itself should be completely "placed" under the shields of Aegis. In this case, you will be able to protect the entire ship and further strengthen the sectors that need increased strength (those on which your battle depends).

If your ship is attacked, it will be protected for 6 hours, regardless of the outcome of the battle.

Equipment skills

Concept. Equipment skills differ from all other weapons in that they use special skills in battles. Placing this equipment on the ship will help to gain an advantage in the battle and lead you to a quick victory under a number of conditions.

Kinds. There are four types of equipment:

  1. Commanding;
  2. The kiss of death;
  3. Liechtenstein.
  4. Bad trip.

Each of the presented types can be installed on a ship in a single copy.

Commanding. For the equipment "Commander" you can use the skill "Bullseye!". It allows attack modules to conduct targeted fire and adjust it. In other words, when using the "Commander", you can shoot at enemy ships in the manner of a sniper - i.e. specifically for a specific goal. Improving the equipment allows you to increase the duration of the shelling and HE.

The kiss of death. For the Kiss of Death equipment, you can use the Hydrogen Bomb skill. The hydrogen bomb deals massive damage to enemy targets. You also set and correct the specific target of the attack. Improving the "Kiss of Death" contributes to an increase in HP and damage, as well as a reduction in preparation time for a shot.

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein can use the Long Range Radar skill. Long-range radar allows modules attacking enemy interceptors to also attack enemy ships. Improving this equipment increases the duration of the attack modules.

If you are building a ship aimed at quick attacks, that is, only with modules attacking interceptors and Liechtenstein, then keep in mind: it will be the most vulnerable spot on the ship. In fact, with the destruction of Liechtenstein, you will be left without modules capable of withstanding the onslaught of an enemy ship. Try to combine weapons without relying on just one.

Bad trip. You can use the tailwind skill for the Failed Travel equipment. A fair wind distorts space and time, slowing down the speed of enemy missiles and speeding up yours. With the improvement of equipment, the speed of the rocket, HP and the duration of the attack increase.

In our opinion, "Unsuccessful journey" does not have much impact on the outcome of the battles. In addition, the equipment itself occupies quite a lot of slots and is bulky. Not recommended for use and improvement.

Recharge Should I use the equipment? Skill equipment needs time to reload, so it all depends on what goal you are pursuing. If the main thing for you is quick multiple victories, then use the usual attack and defense modules. If you want to make the ship more powerful and technically more complex, then you have to wait the time between attacks to reload equipment skills. In addition, with equipment skills you can defeat more powerful opponents.

Cosmic Wars: Secrets of the best combat equipment of the ship

Which weapon is better to use?

Of course, the top weapons are the legendary attack modules. However, you still need to try to get them, so you still have to use the usual ones. But do not worry - even with the help of conventional modules, your ship can be turned into a deadly war machine. We have gathered the opinions of top Cosmic Wars players regarding the best combat solutions for the game.

1. Bundle: ordinary module + equipment. For conventional modules, special equipment is provided, that is, what needs to be installed specifically on it. These are various guns, missiles, shield amplifiers, etc. The use of equipment at times increases the combat characteristics of the module itself, even if it becomes obsolete by the middle of the game.

Do not forget to install military equipment on the modules and increase the damage they cause. Use several types of weapons for different modules.

2. Bundle: Bambi + Liechtenstein. According to many players, it is the strong and fast Bambi that is the best module for destroying enemy interceptors. Its use in conjunction with the skill "Liechtenstein" takes away from your opponent 50% of HP in the first seconds of the battle.

3. Bundle: "Merciless" + special equipment. The Ruthless attack module is often used by players in the middle and late stages of the game due to its type of damage and high rates. "Ruthless" shoots through enemy ships through. According to top players, the following equipment should be installed on Ruthless:

With this composition of equipment, only one shot of the "Merciless" will inflict enormous damage on the enemy ship, at the same time de-energize it and immobilize it. Especially great effect is achieved on horizontally oriented ships - in this case, "Merciless" is able to destroy half of the ship at a time. Use "Merciless" at the beginning of the battle - and 50% of the victory will already be yours.

4. A bunch of "Winged Hunter" + special equipment. "Winged Hunter" is good with double functionality. First, it deals with interceptors, and then hits an enemy ship. Installing special equipment on it will help to make both attacks several times stronger and faster.

Correct placement of modules

The advantage of a vertically oriented ship. When building a vertically oriented ship, you provide its resistance to the blows of the "Merciless", often used by players, in advance. If your ship is assembled in length, it will very quickly become a target for this powerful module, which, in combination with correctly selected equipment, can cut off half of the vessel in one shot.

It is the vertical ship that will suffer the least from the "Merciless" and other powerful attack modules, including the legendary ones. If the enemy’s shot hits the target on such a ship, then it will hit only a few modules following one after another, and not all of their piling up, as on a horizontal ship.

To see interesting layouts for building, you can visit the ships of the most successful Cosmic Wars players. To do this, click on the overall rating table on the left and click "Visit Ship".

What about the Command Center? Do not install the Command Center in depth. Take it out as far as possible from the main attack modules. The fact is that he will be attacked in the first place. However, incapacitation of the Command Center will not de-energize the ship itself! It will continue to function thanks to the power supply from the power supply.

Landmark on the power supply. Unlike the Command Center, it should be placed inland, well defended and connected as many modules as possible following each other. In this case, if the Command Center takes a hit on itself, the Power Unit will be responsible for continuing the fire.

Cosmic Wars: Item Guide. Installation and deactivation of equipment

Value. Items - this is all that can be in your game, for pumping and strengthening modules. Also, items include various gifts (with fairly good prizes), items left after completing quests, etc. To go to items, click the "Items" button in the menu.

Varieties of objects. There are three kinds of items:

  1. Materials.
  2. Equipment;
  3. Other (quest items and gifts).

Selling items. You can sell some items. To do this, select the one you need and click the "Sell" button. Depending on the value of the item, it can be sold for food, iron, or even uranium.

Materials Items required for leveling the modules. Examples: jet engines for interceptors, pulse drives for shields, machine components of various classes for weapons. Also included are drawings for legendary attack modules. Materials can be made and, in very rare cases, received as quest rewards.

Equipment. Special technology installed on modules to enhance their performance. Special equipment includes various missiles, bombs, engines, etc. There is also equipment designed for only one type of module. All equipment is divided into classes: S, A, B and C. The most powerful equipment is class S. Accordingly, the basic equipment is class C.

Installation and deactivation of equipment. There are three free slots on the modules - for three types of equipment. To install:

  1. Select the module on the game screen or use the "Equipment Management" function in the Menu;
  2. Click on one of the slots. If you have the necessary equipment, its image and characteristic will appear on the right of the screen.
  3. Click Install.

To deactivate equipment, perform the same procedure by clicking at the end "Deactivate equipment".

Cosmic Wars: Basics of Making and Creating

Equipment creation

Slots to create. Click the Items tab and go to the Manufacturing section. Click the Create button. Before you open five slots for creating equipment. At first, only one slot will be unlocked. The remaining four are unlocked with uranium and when the Command Center reaches the desired level.

Adding components to create. Equipment is created by combining two required components. It:

An optional component is one of the materials to choose from. You can select it by clicking on the cell labeled "optional."

Better not add materials when creating equipment. Leave them to pumping specific modules.

When all the required components are assembled into cells, click the green Create button. A timer will start with a time after which you will receive new equipment. You can complete the manufacturing process instantly, but by paying uranium.

Creating high-end equipment. At the very beginning of the game, you can only create equipment of class C. In the future, increasing the level of the Command Center, increasing the limits on the placement of modules and, accordingly, the development of resources, you will gradually move on to creating high-class equipment. Also, there is always some chance of getting powerful equipment as a reward in any promotion.

Equipment manufacturing

Process. Manufacturing differs from creation in that the process involves not resources, but equipment. By connecting two specific types of equipment, you get a new one. To do this, open the Manufacturing tab and select the equipment that will participate in the connection. Having selected, click the "Production" button.

As a result of the connection, you will receive new random equipment. Exactly the same procedure is provided for the drawings of legendary modules: connecting two, you get a new one. However, be aware that selling them on the Black Market is still more profitable.

Materials manufacturing

Concept. If in the manufacture and creation of equipment you get a random thing, then the situation is different with materials - here you know in advance what you can get at the exit. Manufactured materials are needed to improve the modules.

What do you need? You can make components of machines of a certain class. What you can produce is reflected on the left side of the Materials tab of the Manufacturing section, and on the right there are five free cells that need to be filled in with the required materials. After filling, click "Make" and pay for the process with the right amount of food.

Cosmic Wars: Key Details of the Interceptor Plant

What are interceptors and why are they needed? Interceptors are responsible for the collision with the enemy before the decisive battle and often affect the winning advantage. Their goal: enemy interceptors and modules. Interceptors quickly get off with air defense, however, if there is no air defense on the enemy ship, your chances of winning will increase significantly. The critical importance of interceptors is that only with their help can you capture new colonies.

Interceptors are manufactured in a factory that includes three laboratories, in each of which a specific type of interceptor is developed. You can get to the plant by pressing the corresponding menu button, or on the module itself on the ship.

Types of manufactured interceptors. In total, the plant can produce three types of interceptors:

  1. Viper;
  2. Marceline.
  3. Swordfish.

The most effective interceptor of the presented is the Swordfish due to high damage and health points. It occupies the most space in the hangar, however, and in battle shows the best results.

First of all, organize the production of the Swordfish interceptor and place the received units in the hangar. Next, use the remaining free space to accommodate other types of interceptors.

The volume of production and what it depends on. There are two main factors affecting the production capacity of an interceptor plant:

  1. Level interceptor hangar. The ability of the hangar to contain manufactured products affects its allowable amount. The more spacious your hangar will be, the more interceptors the factory can manufacture. Without a pumped hangar, the operation of the plant will be ineffective.
  2. The level of pumping plant interceptors. In total, the plant can run 4 simultaneous production lines. Their unlocking depends on the level of development of the plant. A powerful plant produces 4 times more interceptors.
Simultaneous pumping of the plant and the interceptor hangar will help you establish a line of continuous production of interceptors in large numbers.

Laboratories. Each type of interceptor is manufactured in its own module - special laboratories:

  1. Laboratory "Viper";
  2. Laboratory "Marceline";
  3. Laboratory "Swordfish".
Improvements in laboratories allow you to strengthen the attack of interceptors, their damage and health indicators.

Special modules for laboratories. A distinctive feature of each of the laboratories is that they can put special modules - rescue equipment. When the laboratory is destroyed, special missiles are deployed on it:

Thus, in the event of an attack, your laboratories can become powerful weapons that can strike at the enemy and play a decisive role in the battle.

Be sure to install three operational interceptor laboratories on the ship, even if you are not going to produce them! Remember that the presence of laboratories with the appropriate modules provides you with additional missiles in battles.

Cosmic Wars: Colony Guide. How to conquer and manage?

Why are colonies needed and how to get them? Colonies can mass produce iron and food, and therefore are an important source of replenishment. Colonies need to be captured. The only way to do this is to use interceptors. A large number of pumped interceptors guarantees you the receipt of new colonies, which means a lot of food and iron, which do not have to produce on the modules themselves. In total, you can own five colonies. It is impossible to pump over colonies.

Characteristics of the colonies. Each colony is characterized by indicators that determine its power and utility. These include:

Choosing a colony to attack. All colonies can be viewed on the general map of the sector. By clicking on the preferred one, you will see its indicators and the number of interceptors attached to it. Characteristics of interceptors and their level of pumping are also available for viewing. To attack, click the "Attack" button.

Not all colonies can be attacked. If someone else attacked her before you and activated the defense shield, no one will be able to approach her for the time set by the shield.

Sending interceptors for protection. Enemies will constantly attack your captured colonies. To strengthen the defense and protect their colonies, they must send interceptors to them. It is they who will meet the first wave of attack in the event of an attack. To send interceptors:

  1. Go to Colony Management (the button on the right side of the screen in the middle);
  2. Select the desired colony;
  3. Click "Submit" and confirm the action.
The number of interceptors to protect the colonies depends on the number of interceptors that can fit in the hangar on the ship.

Collection of resources produced by the colony. To collect resources, simply click on the image of the corresponding resource on the colony itself. Produced resources will automatically be sent to the appropriate warehouse. Know that if the limits for filling the warehouses are reached, then the resources received from the colonies will have nowhere to be placed. In this case, they simply burn out.

With maximum storage capacity, do not take quest rewards. Due to the black box storage function, your rewards will not be burned.

Cosmic Wars: PvP Guide

Preparing for the battle. Click "Adventure" in the lower right corner of the screen. You will see the starry space of the sector with many enemy ships. Next to each ship is the level of its Command Center. The higher it is, the stronger and more powerful the enemy. By clicking on the ship, you will see detailed data, including:

  1. The expected reward in case of victory over this opponent and a bonus for the rating depending on the league occupied;
  2. Rating points received upon victory and taken away upon defeat;
  3. Enemy combat parameters (OZ, shield, damage);
  4. The number of its interceptors.
Do not forget to compare your combat parameters with the parameters of the enemy. If they are higher, then attacking such a ship is risky. Also keep in mind that the HP and damage of interceptors is displayed separately and is not included in the HP and damage of the ship itself.

By clicking on the "i" button on the details screen, you can additionally familiarize yourself with all the enemy modules, view their levels and installed equipment. Next, if you are ready to continue, click the "Attack" button. For the attack you take a certain amount of food.

Rating points (medals). You get rating points when you take part in PvP battles. With each victory, the number of your points increases and affects the rating and the league rating.

Leagues. The game has 6 leagues, hit in which depends on the number of rating points (medals):

  1. Bronze - from 400 medals;
  2. Silver - from 800 medals;
  3. Gold - from 1400 medals;
  4. Platinum - from 2000 medals;
  5. Diamond - from 2600 medals;
  6. Master - from 3200 medals.

PvP Rating. The criterion for compiling a PvP rating is the number of rating points (medals). The rating button is located on the left side of the screen, next to the indicator of your number of medals. Here you can see what place you occupy in the rating, and what bonus you have for the rating (a certain amount of resources). There are 4 tabs in the rating section:

  1. Overall rating. Rating of all players in PvP mode;
  2. League rating. Separate ranking of players in your league;
  3. League. Information on the number of medals required to be in a particular league;
  4. Reward. Information about the rewards laid out for being in the league and the league rating.


The awards in the form of uranium are given on Thursdays at 00:00 (UTC) in accordance with the ratings. Weekly rewards are available in the in-flight magazine inbox.

League rewards. The size depends on the league you are in:

League ranking rewards. Depends on your place in the league ranking:

Cosmic Wars: Gift Secrets

Cosmic Wars is generous enough to give gifts to its players. To find out about the awards, click on the colored flashing ship with the inscription "News", which is located near your ship.

A special event for beginners. Provides gifts for beginners for the first seven days of entry into the game. Every day - a new gift:

Entry reward for beginners. The reward for entry depends on the time spent online in the game. You can play or just keep the phone on. The main thing is to be in the game the declared time. The stock is updated daily at 00.00 UTC.

Growth support event for beginners. An additional incentive for a beginner to pump and improve his Command Center. The award is given for the achievement by the Command Center of development levels:

Reward for monthly entry. A reward encouraging players to enter the game. Click on the ship with the inscription "News" and see if you have received all the monthly entry rewards. Received reward and day are marked with a tick on the tab "Monthly entry".

Resources to support Sarah’s growth. You have the opportunity to increase the amount of uranium for increasing the level of the Command Center. To do this, buy the item "Resources to support the growth of Sarah." You can make a purchase once for each account. As you level up the Command Center, you will receive a reward in incoming mail.

This offer is the most profitable and justified for the game donation.

How to pick up gifts? The game alerts you of available rewards via push notifications. It must be borne in mind that gifts come in the inbox of the logbook and require confirmation of action to receive.

Be sure to enable push notifications so as not to miss your gifts. Remember to check your inbox to receive them.

Rewards for viewing ads. On the map of the Universe there is a ship called "Billboard." Click on it. Here you can get one of the random rewards for watching ads. In total, 20 views per day are available.

Cosmic Wars: Overview of the Universe, Resources, and Ships

What is Cosmic Wars about? This game is about the wandering of a spaceship through the vast universe. You have to build your ship and fight enemies in PvP mode. Get to know all the characters and find out their stories. Upgrade ship modules, win and move on.

Universe. Cosmic Wars Universe consists of many sectors. You can move from one sector to another by paying for food resources. The higher your level, the more resources you will have to pay to travel around the universe. As you progress through the game, new sectors will be unlocked with new opponents and story quests.

Some sectors on the general map of the Universe are marked with a "Q". This means that there are quests to complete. Also, certain sectors are marked with the names of special ships - the most powerful in this sector. These ships will not attack you, but you can try your luck and attack them.

Plot. The development of the plot depends on the level of your Command Center. Pump it and discover new story chapters of the game. Various tasks and character dialogs can be hidden in a variety of modules, so do not forget to periodically click on them and check what happens there.

Resources. The game has 4 main types of resources. Their number is always reflected at the top of the main screen. Resources include:

Ships By clicking "Adventures" your Galaxy will open in front of you, on which many ships fly - your potential opponents in PvP. Ships come in several varieties:

Cosmic Wars: Essentials on Warehousing and Ship Formation

Why do you need a warehouse service? Warehouse service performs the function of storage. This is where you put the modules you don’t intend to use yet. In the future, you can pick them up and install them on your ship.

Sale of modules. Warehouse service provides access to the sale of modules. To do this, enter the service and select a module on the ship that you do not need. Click the "Sell" button. When selling a module, you help out 50% of the resources spent on its construction and improvement.

Warehouse service limit. In total, you can transfer 100 modules to the warehouse service. Service capacity can be increased by 5 storage containers per uranium.

Change in the formation of the ship. The game has the ability to save several ship formations and call each of them by its own name. To do this, open the Warehouse Service tab and select a new formation on the right side of the screen. In total, you can save three formations. Slots for saving will be unlocked as the level of the Command Center of the ship increases and the number of modules installed on it increases.

To use modules with a system of formations, it is necessary to build, improve and repair all modules.

Cosmic Wars: Black Market Guide

Concept and structure. The black market is an indispensable assistant and guide to the game. Here you can use the services of an in-game store, get acquainted with the Legendary ships of the game, refresh the plot and find interesting tasks. The black market is represented by four main tabs:

  1. Black market. Shop for the purchase of resources and components;
  2. Legendary ships. The best ships of the universe;
  3. Gossip. Dialogues and stories related to the storyline of the game. Rumors will open as you progress through story missions and pumping the ship.
  4. Wanted. Game quests with great rewards.

Black Market Tab

Here is the Cosmic Wars in-game store with a wide variety of offers. It is possible not only to buy, but also to sell extra and unnecessary modules and equipment. There are five sections on the Black Market:

  1. Kits. Selling different sets for real money. The composition of the kits themselves varies, and is represented, both by uranium and uranium in combination with equipment and materials. Discount system available;
  2. Blueprints. Buying and selling drawings of legendary attack modules for uranium. It is also possible to buy a random drawing - with the likelihood of receiving a drawing;
  3. Components. Buying and selling materials and equipment for uranium.
  4. Resources. Buying food and iron for uranium.
  5. Uranus. Acquisition of uranium for real money.

How to sell? Go to the "Drawings" or "Components" sections of the Black Market and click on the "Sell" button. Keep in mind that the selling price of the drawings will be 10 times lower than the price for which you purchased it. For example, if you bought a drawing for 500 units. uranium, then sell for only 50 units.

What are the most profitable and disadvantageous purchases? If you want to invest, it is better to buy sets. They are affordable and have a generous amount of resources. In addition, you can buy very good sets with discounts - stay tuned. The most disadvantageous purchases are the purchase of uranium for real money and the purchase of resources for uranium. The first is best acquired in sets, and the second you can get yourself in battles.

Legendary Ships Tab

Description. Here are the best Cosmic Wars ships. These are great tips for new players to build properly. The section consists of three sections:

Wanted Tab

Description. Wanted is a tab with various tasks, the implementation of which gives you an additional opportunity to get a lot of uranium, cores and valuable materials for the modules.

Limit. The number of tasks that you can take from the Wanted tab is limited. The timer and the number of tasks above it determine your capabilities. If you keep within this limit and complete all tasks at a given time, the number of available tasks for you will be increased.

Notifications and collection of rewards. Notifications related to the task will be sent to the black box of the logbook. This will also receive awards.

Be sure to take new tasks from the Wanted tab. This is a good opportunity to replenish uranium reserves and obtain valuable materials.

Cosmic Wars: Review of the logbook

Finding. All in-game messages, a log of events and information about completed quests are displayed in the logbook. You can find it by clicking on the "Logbook" button on the right side of the screen.

Structure. There are 3 tabs in the logbook:

  1. Black box. A list of your quests. Also here come rewards for their implementation;
  2. Battle magazine. Statistics of your battles and capture colonies. Here you can see the result of the battle, nickname and level of the opponent. You can visit the enemy’s ship (the "Visit the ship" button), or take revenge on the victorious one (the "Revenge" button);
  3. Mailbox. In-game messages come here, including about rewards for entering, reaching a ship’s level during an event, etc.

Tab for active quest tasks. Also applies to the logbook, as it briefly shows the active tasks of outstanding (frozen) quests. Hint for the player. It is displayed as a pop-up tab on the right side of the screen.

Cosmic Wars: Conclusion on the game

The game is quite interesting, with well-developed characters, world and plot. Undoubtedly, it can captivate for a long time and make you move as far as possible. If you love space related topics and PvP battles, Cosmic Wars is definitely for you!

The disadvantages include the fact that at a certain stage you will suddenly lack resources for further pumping modules and the Command Center. As a result, you will be forced to actively resort to the help of an in-game store and spend your money. Whether or not to do this is up to you.

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D. , Yaroslav I.