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Crossfire Warzone WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

CROSSFIRE: WARZONE is a game for android with release date 10/10/2020 from JOYCITY Corp. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Cheats (promotional codes)
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Tips for Gathering Resources
  4. Base Building Guide
  5. Game Characters Review
  6. Walkthrough of the main activities
  7. Alliance Review

Crossfire Warzone: Cheats (promotional codes)

Where to enter the gift code? To do this, go to the Commander menu. The icon is located in the upper left corner, this is your avatar. Then go to the "Settings" section (the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner). After that, a menu with several functions will open, you should go to the "Coupon" section, in which you must enter the gift code in the active line, and confirm your actions "Ok".

How do I get a gift coupon? To do this, you need to be a registered user of the Facebook messenger. The administration of the project very often conducts various draws and quizzes on its official page https://www.facebook.com/cfwarzone, for winning in which (first three places), participants receive gift codes. Coupons are sent to the mail in the game. In order for the developers to send the prize, the winners indicate their game ID in the comments under the post, which contains the results of the drawing.

How do I find the commander’s ID? To do this, go to "Settings", then go to the "Account" section. In the window that opens, in the second line from the top, your identification number is written, which you must send to the administration in case of winning the competition. Here you can also link to your Facebook page or email address. This action will help you not to lose your game progress in case of an unforeseen situation.

Crossfire Warzone: A Beginner’s Guide

Crossfire Warzone is a military strategy game from South Korean developer JOYCITY. Do not confuse the simulator with the shooter of the same name, which is released by the same company. Entering the game, you find yourself in an alternative world, where there is a continuous struggle with all sorts of creatures: zombies, people - terrorists and marauders, with biological weapons with artificial intelligence. Yes, the world is pretty cruel and dangerous.

At the start of the game, you will be offered to undergo training, do not ignore the offer, since some mechanics are different from similar games, and if this is your first time playing a similar project, then it will be useful for you to find out the basic actions that you will perform during your development.

Gameplay - the game is divided into 2 main locations: your base, which needs to be rebuilt and improved, and the map of the region, on which there are various kinds of opponents, your alliance is based, and the main hostilities are held. Also in the game there are 3 types of activity in which you yourself conduct battles.

Destruction of mutants - you shoot a crowd of zombies from a helicopter with a machine gun, who are trying to break into your base. Shooting starts as soon as you touch the screen. Moving the sight up - down (fingers can be located anywhere on the display). For a greater effect, you should shoot at the red barrels, but you still need to manage to hit them, since the sight is constantly shaking, and it gets lost. The mode is updated after a few hours.

Let all the zombies come to the gates of the base, and then start shooting, so there is a greater chance of hitting the barrels, and it is easier to shoot at the crowd.

Destruction of terrorists - you have a comfortable prone and you examine the base through the scope of a sniper rifle. Two terrorists are running in front of you in certain directions. The directions are always the same, so it will be easy for you to determine where the terrorist will run and aim the sight at that point. The main problem with this mode is the high sensitivity of the screen. It will be very difficult to aim at first, so you should practice.

Demining is a very easy activity. Your task is to cut the wires on the explosive device. Red or yellow? Here you need to focus on the color of the burning light that is on on the device: if the red color flickers, then you need to cut the yellow wire. If the yellow lamp is on, then the red wire.

For the successful completion of tasks, you will receive additional rewards. Also, activities, in addition to demining, have their own scale for gaining points. Upon reaching a certain number of points, you will receive the experience of the commander and additional prizes.

The game is very well executed, and additional activities that are not available in such games make the project unique and interesting. There are many events in the game that will give a significant impetus to your development.

You should participate in all the proposed events from the very start of the game, and, if possible, take as many rewards from them as possible. The more prizes you get, the more comfortable your game will be.

Game currencies. In addition to resources, the game has 2 main types of currencies:

Advertising is your friend and helper. With its help, you can double the rewards for battles, speed up production, construction and research. She will help you get more resources for completing tasks. Do not ignore ads, especially at the initial stage of the game. Watching commercials will give you more benefits than buying diamonds.

Battles - in the game you can attack various enemies, including other players. All battles are automatic. You just have to correctly form a team of officers (we wrote about this below), pick up good equipment for the commander (you) and pump the units controlled by your officers.

The recruitment of more powerful units can only be carried out at a certain level of barracks and factories, it does not depend on your level. Therefore, make improvements to your main buildings more often so that you can continuously replenish the army with military personnel and equipment.

Completing assignments

The game has several basic types of tasks that will bring you good bonuses throughout the game. Tasks are divided into several types, and they are located in different menus.

Plot quests are your main missions in the game. They are divided into chapters, in order to move on to the next chapter, you must completely complete the tasks of the previous one. On the screen, tasks appear in a list, but you can complete them in any order by simply opening the Plot menu. Click on the "Chapter" button in the lower left corner to view the entire list of missions. The chapters will help you develop harmoniously and guide you through the basic steps. For the transition to a new chapter, you will receive gold and good prizes.

Daily missions are missions that are updated every day at 7:00 server time. To open the list and see all missions, click on the "Tasks" button in the lower left corner of the screen (above the game chat). At the top of the list is a progress bar that is filled with task points. You can get points by successfully completing daily quests. In total, in order to get the maximum reward and fill the scale, you need to score 2000 points, and for this it is not necessary to close all quests.

Basic tasks - these tasks are not tied to a specific time of their completion. They just are, and you can do them at any time (at least for a few days, but you should not drag out too much). These tasks are aimed at your different types of activities in the game. The list of all missions is located in the "Tasks" menu in the "Main tasks" tab.

Achievements - located in the "Tasks" menu in the tab of the same name. Here you will receive rewards for certain in-game achievements that are listed. And this is practically any action. If you have free time, then you can go through all the items on this list in turn. There are a lot of achievements, so you won’t be bored. They, like the "Main Tasks", are not tied to time.

Menu "Events" - the button for switching to the menu is located on the side control panel on the right side of the screen. After clicking on the button, a submenu opens, which is divided into several sections. Each section carries specific types of events. Since all events in this menu are time-limited, you should review them daily and complete the events as much as possible.

Some events have a progress bar that will give you good additional prizes after accumulating a certain number of event points. If you do not have time or cannot complete any missions from the events, then you should not chase after them. Especially at the start of the game. So you just waste time and resources, and you will not get the proper and effective result, as a result, you will spend more materials and resources.

In no case should you close absolutely all game quests (except for story quests, if you cannot complete them) for gold. Since gold is a rare currency that requires careful handling. It is better to skip an event and not participate in it than to spend gold on it.

Crossfire Warzone: Tips for Gathering Resources

There are 3 main types of resources in the game:

  1. Food - Produced on Farms, which you first need to build.
  2. Steel - Produced at the Steel Works.
  3. Dollars are produced at the bank.

In order for you to be able to produce more resources in 1 hour, you need to increase the level of resource buildings. So that your resources are not carried away by other players during the raid, and you can produce more materials, you need to build a Warehouse with supplies. The higher the level of the warehouse, the more resources can be placed in it.

If you score the Warehouse to the maximum resource limit, your resource buildings will not be able to continue production, and will stop (this is important when you leave the game for several hours). So that the production process does not stop, it is necessary that the Warehouse is constantly several levels higher than your resource buildings.

At the start of the game, you will have enough resources to construct buildings and recruit units. But do not waste them thoughtlessly, for example, exchange them on the market for unnecessary materials. In the future, when you have a lot of units and you reach high levels of buildings, resources will be sorely lacking. Therefore, we recommend that all materials that come to your inventory as kits for use should be left for later stages of the game.

All things that are in the inventory cannot be looted and stolen during an attack on your base. They are safe there. But as soon as you "Use" them, then all resources go to the Supply Depot, and can be carried away when attacking your settlement.

Post office. It is very important to remember that some of the items you receive as a reward are sent to you in the mail. Unlike other similar games, here the letters have a certain period of reading. If you have not read and collected the contents of the letter, then it will be destroyed, and the items attached to the letter will be lost. Some letters can be stored for a long time, and some only a few hours after receipt.

Take all the items and resources due to you as a reward from the mail as soon as you receive a message, so as not to forget to do it later. All items will go into your inventory, and you shouldn’t be afraid that you will lose them.

Collecting resources on the map

A good increase in resources is given by the successful completion of some tasks and participation in events. It is equally important to periodically visit the resource cells on the map of the region. Resource cells are special places that are created on the map for additional resources. There are 3 types of resource objects in the game that correspond to the production buildings in your base:

  1. Farm.
  2. Steel Plant.
  3. Bank.

In order to collect from the cell, you should go to the map through the button in the form of a globe, located in the lower right corner. Then you need to click on the button with the binoculars (the lower control panel on the map, located on the right side of the screen). It is a Radar that shows you the location of all objects. Selecting "Resource object" on the left side of the window, Radar will open you a list of buildings by level on the right side of the window. You just have to choose the necessary building. There is no other way to find objects on the map, since they are hidden from players, and appear after using the Radar.

As soon as you were shown the required building, you need to click on it and click on the "Collect" command, then confirm the "Dislocation" action in a new window. After that a window with "Squad dispatch" will open. Here you can select the officers most suitable for gathering and click on the "Gather" button. In the upper left corner of the window there is a pickaxe-shaped icon that shows the carrying capacity of the selected army. Based on this value, you can choose the most optimal command.

The game system calculates not only the collection time that your team will need to completely empty the cage, but also the amount of resources that you can collect in a minute. And if you leave the resource building ahead of time, you will only collect the amount of materials that you managed to collect.

Cell level. The game has an interesting feature: you cannot collect (or attack monsters) of a certain level if you have not studied all the previous levels of the object. For example, you need to collect from a level 5 cell, but you have not yet collected on the map. Therefore, you will need to first study (complete collection) from cells of 1, 2, 3 and 4 levels. And only after that you can collect resources from the 5th level cell.

Of course, this is not very convenient, but this is the mechanics of the game, therefore, if you have a little free time at the start of the game, then study or attack all objects gradually, so that at the right moment the cell (monster) is already prepared, and you are not wasted a lot of time learning the previous levels.

That being said, the first time you explore an object, you get good rewards that can be doubled for watching ads. And this is a good help when you do not have enough resources for any action.

View cell efficiency. After selecting a resource cell on the map, you can view its supply. To do this, you need to click on the selected building and select the "Details" command. In the window that opens, you will see a figure showing the amount of stock, which is located in the upper right corner of the window. The shown cell limit cannot be exceeded, even if the capacity of the team allows.

After your squad arrives at the gathering point, the icon of the officer - leader and the time it will take to complete the collection of the cage will appear on the left side of the screen. It is important to know the amount of assembly time in order to effectively distribute responsibilities among other officers.

How to recall an army from a resource cell? To do this, you can click on the building itself, where the gathering is currently taking place, or on the avatar of the officer - the leader of the team that is collecting (you will be transferred to the resource cell). After that the "Return" command will become available. Thus, you will be able to recall the squad to the base.

How to increase the collection and production of resources?

A very important moment in the game is an increase not only in the amount of collection, but also in its speed, since in the same period of time, you will receive more materials. There are several ways to improve production and collection efficiency:

  1. Commander’s characteristics - for each new level you will receive several points of characteristics, which you have the right to distribute into 3 main areas, one of which is the economy. Here you can maximize all the parameters that are responsible for the efficiency of collection and production.
  2. Research in the Military Laboratory - This building offers the study of several sciences. At the start, you will have access to 3 branches of research. Your task is to study as much as possible all the sciences in the "Income" branch, since all sciences are concentrated in it, aimed at the efficiency of collection and production. The study of these sciences can be accelerated with the help of guild members and special "accelerators", as collecting resources helps to progress faster.
  3. Alliance gift - joining the alliance, you get access to many additional opportunities for successful development in the game. For example, the guild has a special section "Gift of the Alliance", where you will receive rewards for the actions of your allies. Very often, gifts can be used to get the main resources of the game.
  4. Buying supplies from the alliance store is one of the options where you can quickly replenish your supply of resources. In the guild store, you can purchase items for alliance coins.
  5. Exchange of resources on the market - at your base there is a special market where you can exchange one resource for another, or buy any product for gold. If, for example, you do not have enough food to improve a building, then you can exchange steel for food in the market.
  6. Passing the Underground Laboratory is an interesting game activity, where you have to fight with squads of enemies - marauders. For winning you will receive various prizes (including resources). In addition to the skirmishes, you will receive daily rewards.
  7. Increasing the overall combat capability - the button for switching to the menu is located next to the player’s avatar. Here, for a certain number of hit points, you will receive additional rewards, including resources.
  8. Raising the level of some buildings - there are buildings, for raising the level of which you will be given additional prizes (come by mail). Also, achievements are displayed in the "Tasks", and if the building is included in the list of tasks, then you will be given another reward for increasing it. Often these are resources.
  9. Training soldiers and creating military equipment - in the list of "Tasks" there are several "Achievements" that give rewards for obtaining a certain number of units.
  10. Recruitment of officers is carried out in the Officers’ Barracks. Often, instead of hero fragments, you will receive other prizes, including resources.
  11. Increasing the carrying capacity and the number of troops is an unobvious way of obtaining resources, but sometimes it is he who helps to collect and take more resources from the cell on the map. Since the state of affairs on the map is not stable, and you, for example, collect a cell that is located outside the territory of the alliance base, other players may attack you (at the time of collection). Therefore, it is important to collect faster and carry away as many resources as possible.
  12. The speed of the hike is another non-obvious way to save your resources, it follows from the previous option. The safety of your crop will depend on how quickly the squad gets home. It is also important to quickly occupy a square (not all players will attack you), but a high-level tidy square always attracts the attention of other players.

At the start of the game, you should pay special attention to increasing the efficiency of the collection and production of resources, if you think that it is more important to pump the military direction, then you are a little mistaken. You can do without frequent battles, but it is impossible to upset the city without the required amount of resources (as well as hiring soldiers and equipment).

Crossfire Warzone: Base Building Guide

The base is your main place of development in the game. This is a settlement where you can produce resources, hire officers, units and military equipment. Your prosperity in the game depends on the harmonious development of your base. With the increase in the level of some buildings, you will receive and open some game processes and activities.

In Crossfire Warzone, it is important to develop the city gradually, rather than focusing only on the main buildings. In the game, the progress of one building directly depends on the development of the entire base. You will not be able, for example, to pump the Headquarters without improving the Supply Depot or Workshop. Of course, some buildings are not as important as they seem at first glance (for example, Prison or Radar), but they also carry an important important game element.

The headquarters is the center of your base, on which its strength depends. The headquarters is equipped with a computer from which the entire settlement is controlled. Raising the base level allows you to make other buildings and improvements. Also, when you move to a new level of the Headquarters, you get good rewards, close quests and achievements, also close some events and the combat readiness scale. The headquarters has several teams:

  1. Details - as in other buildings, information on the state of the object at the current moment is given here.
  2. Upgrade - the level of the building is increased.
  3. Strengthening - here you can purchase various positive effects for your city. For example, the shield of the world - while it is deployed, you cannot reconnoiter and cannot attack you.
  4. Appearance - the appearance of a building, given for a certain time, bears only an aesthetic character.
  5. The crosshair is the transition to the "Destroy Terrorists" activity.

Defensive Center - Automatically repels enemy attacks on your settlement and allied bases. Here you can produce rockets that will be fired at the enemy. Also, you can independently change the type of missiles or start the production of more powerful ones (they open at certain levels of the center). To help the members of your alliance, it is important that your settlement is located on the territory of the guild.

Market - the market is barter. Here you can purchase (exchange) rare items. Also on the market, you can start producing "Tactical Training Manuals" (give experience to your officers). The higher the market level, the more textbooks can be produced. In order to start production of textbooks, click on the market building, after which several commands will appear. You need to select "Create tactical training". To exchange goods, you should go to the "Buy goods" section.

Workshop - allows you to produce equipment for the commander, which affects the state of allied forces, buildings and other objects of the game. Also here you will produce "enhancement stones" to increase the level of equipment for officers. To make stones, you need to go to the "Creating Enhancement Stones" section (the section becomes available at level 10 of the Workshop). To produce a commander’s outfit, you need to go to the "Craft" section.

Raise the level of the Workshop as far as possible, as at certain levels it becomes available to create items of higher quality (equipment and stones).

Embassy - the construction of the building will become available after you join the alliance. As the levels of the building increase, you will increase the number of joint troops (for example, when attacking marauders or the base of other players), the effectiveness of allied support and its size when defending.

An operational point is a place where you can receive additional rewards for completing certain missions. With an increase in the level of an item, you will be able to take part in more complex operations, compared to operations at previous levels, and receive more valuable rewards.

In order to send a command to perform a task, you must click on the Operational item, and select the "Operation" section. In the window that opens, you need to select a mission (their name is located on the left side of the window), then select officers on the right side (you can click on the "Auto - formation" button), and start "developing an operation". The officers sent to the mission only nominally participate in the assigned task, since during the operation, you can send them to other tasks. After the end of the mission, you should click on the "operation is developed" button, and get rewards.

Officer barracks - serve to receive officers. With the increase in the level of the building, you will be able to recruit more military equipment and soldiers to the squad for the heroes. There are several sections in the Officer’s Barracks:

  1. Details - here you can see the current state of the troops.
  2. Upgrade - in this section (as in other buildings) you increase the level of the building.
  3. Hiring Officers - This is where you get officers by opening chests. There are 2 types of hiring - regular hiring (for simple hiring tickets) and special hiring. In both cases, there is a chance to get fragments of heroes of any quality, as well as other in-game items.
  4. Officers - all the heroes that you can get for the game are shown here. By clicking on any of them, you can view detailed information about the character.
  5. Base repair - in this section you can assign the strongest heroes to defend the city in case of an attack. If another player attacks you, then he will have to fight with the selected officers.

When choosing officers to defend a base, you must put commanders in charge of all types of troops. If you put, for example, 2 heroes who command tanks and 2 helicopters, then the infantry remains uncovered, and with equal forces with the enemy, you can lose, since there is a system of domination over the troops in the battle.

The military laboratory is a place for the study of various sciences. The higher the level of the building, the faster you will progress through the research. There are several types of sciences in the laboratory:

  1. Army - improvements are made to the combat abilities of units, acceleration of the movement of units.
  2. Regulation - sciences are aimed at reducing the time required to complete combat missions, and at increasing the effectiveness of troops. In this branch, first of all, it is important to pump as much as possible the sciences related to the acceleration of construction, training of troops and the study itself.
  3. Income is a branch in which you research sciences aimed at increasing productivity and collecting resources. We advise you to pump it to the maximum first of all.
  4. War - here you can improve the effectiveness of troops and combat skills of units and officers.
  5. Equipment - By studying the sciences in this section, you will strengthen the pattern of relations between the branches of the military.

Preparation buildings:

In the first three buildings, you can train soldiers and produce military equipment. New, more powerful troops are available at certain building levels. In order for you to be able to get more units, you need to improve the second three buildings.

POW camp - captive commanders of squads of other players (who attacked you or whom you attacked) and marauders (these monsters are considered artificial intelligence players, all interactions with them are equivalent to interaction with live players) are placed here. You can send them to work for your benefit, or let them go.

Radar - with an increase in the level of the building, you will receive more free attempts to explore the map (find the necessary objects on it). You can also get information about the player you are going to attack, or about the player who is going to war against your city. Here you can also select a "starting point" (your settlement or base of the alliance), from which the system will determine the distance to the object on the map and the time of the team’s march to it.

Battle Pass - The building does not require upgrades. It’s not even a building, but a liner at the pier. Here you can get a "Battle Pass" valid for 1 season (about a month), during which you will receive additional rewards for certain successes in the game (eliminating terrorists, bio-weapons and marauders on the map). Special rewards can be unlocked by purchasing the Special Pass with real money (the pass only works in the current season).

Crossfire Warzone: Game Characters Review


These are your main heroes who lead various types of troops. To recruit an officer, you need to get 100 of his fragments. Officers differ in quality:

  1. Regular.
  2. Rare.
  3. Epic.
  4. Legendary.

They differ among themselves in the number of skills. An ordinary officer has 4 abilities, and a legendary officer has up to 8 skills. Each hero can command a certain type of troops. And the higher the quality of the character, the more units he can take into the team.

Each officer has their own skills that can affect the soldier’s martial art (for example, increasing attack speed or increasing critical strike power), others increase economic indicators (for example, increasing the speed of construction or gathering).

Abilities of officers. It is important to recruit commanders for battles who increase the combat effectiveness of the troops; it is better to take officers who increase the build quality for the collection. Such heroes can activate their abilities only at the moment of battle (collection), so they should not be left at the base.

If a hero can increase the efficiency of a process without his participation in it, then such a hero can simply be recruited and left at the base. It will still give its positive effect.

Level up. Also, the number of units depends on the level of pumping of the officer. The level can be increased with the help of the officer’s experience points, which they receive during the battle. But you can get experience for those heroes who do not participate in battles, for example, are at the base. Such experience can be obtained from the "Tactical Training Textbooks", which are earned in various activities.

All textbooks, upon receipt, are sent to the inventory, and in order to gain experience points for the characters, it is necessary to "use" the item. To do this, you need to go into the inventory, and select a textbook. The "Use" command is located in the lower right part of the screen.

To select a specific hero who needs to level up, go to the section with this officer, and tap the "New Level" button in the lower left corner. Slightly above the button, data on the number of experience points is shown, and next (through a slash) - how many experience points a hero needs to increase his level (EXP).

From the very beginning of the game, only 6 - 8 heroes should be pumped for ubiquitous activities. Break them into 2 harmonious teams to fight monsters and collect resources on the map.

Officers menu. You can perform all manipulations with the hero in the "Squad Data" section (the jump button is located on the right side control panel on the main screen of the game). All the heroes you have are located in the upper right corner. There are 3 tabs above the heroes:

  1. Organize - here you can set up a team of units that will be automatically added to the squad after training or production.
  2. Raising the rank - here you can see the skills of the officers, and increase the stardom of the hero. To do this, you need to collect a certain number of fragments of the promoted officer and special officer tokens (they are divided according to the quality of the heroes).
  3. Stage - here you can increase the level limit for officers.

In the center of the screen there are 3 slots with the officer’s equipment. Each equipment can be upgraded with a certain amount of steel. After level 10 of equipment improvement, to increase its level, an enhancement stone is required, which is made in the Workshop. Each subsequent 10 levels will need to produce stronger stones. To get a more powerful stone, for example, blue, you must merge stones in your inventory one level lower than necessary (for example, green). Thus, you can get orange enhancement stones.


Honor points. You can go to the commander’s menu by clicking on the avatar in the upper left corner. In the menu that opens, there are several items that will empower you. In the upper left corner is a medal with an honor level. By tapping on it, you will go to the Honor section. In the window that opens, there is a scale on top, after filling which, you get a new level of honor.

With the help of honor, you can increase the main parameters of the commander, which are displayed in the table in the center of the window. Honor points can be earned by completing activities and completing certain tasks. You can also buy them for gold, just click on the "Buy" button in the upper right corner of the honor window.

Commander points (located on the right side of the commander window):

The number of points of each scale increases with the receipt of a new level. If you spent the commander points, and you are far from a new level, do not worry, as the points are restored over time. But if you need to attack someone at the moment, then you can use the "Endurance" item ("Army Points" or "PvP Points") to replenish the scale yourself. These items can be obtained in battles with opponents on the map or for successfully completing a quest.

Commander experience. Here you can track the progress of your development. The number of experience points of the current level is displayed in the scale, which is located in the upper right corner of the window. Nearby, you can click on the button to change your game name. The commander’s experience is increased for each game action. For some activities and for completing certain tasks, you will receive a book "Commander’s experience", which (after receiving) will be in your inventory. To get experience points, you should "use" the book.

Skills and characteristics. In the lower right corner of the window there are 2 transition buttons: "Skills" allow you to see the game parameters that the commander increases. In the "Characteristics" section, you can open some commander’s passive skills, which give a permanent positive effect to the entire base, officers and units (for example, increasing the attack for all types of troops). Also, abilities affect the speed and efficiency of development (for example, the speed of collecting resources).

We cannot give you a definite advice on in what sequence to pump the characteristics, since you yourself must determine the priority areas for yourself. If you often fight, then it is better to develop military science. If you are constantly short on resources, we advise you to improve your economic skills.

Commander equipment

The equipment that you make in the Workshop has a good positive effect on the development of the settlement and the army’s combat effectiveness. There are 4 types of equipment set:

  1. Researcher’s kit - helps in the development of the base, increases the efficiency of officer equipment, speeds up the process of training infantry and the production of military equipment.
  2. Pursuit set - increases the efficiency of the army in the battle against terrorists and bio-weapons on the map. Helps to quickly restore stamina points, increases rewards for battles.
  3. Guardian’s set - increases defense in PvP (in the Arena and during attacks on other players’ bases or during defense). Reduces the effectiveness of the opponent’s skills, increases the performance of the entire army.
  4. Commander set - increases attack in PvP.

For the manufacture of items of equipment, you must have a certain amount of "carbon fiber" (obtained from bioweapons on the map). To make items from the Keeper’s and Commander’s sets, you must have a "project of the Keeper’s (Commander’s) set, which can be obtained from high-level bioweapons. When you collect all 6 sets of one set, they will give you a bonus to the main effect."

In order to create an item, you need to select the desired set and an item from it on the left side of the window, then on the right side, if you have enough materials, you should click on the "Make" command button. In the game, items are divided by quality (like officers), but there is no separate recipe for creating, for example, a legendary pursuer pistol. You just create the element first, then equip it on the "Equip" commander. Then you can produce other set items (or this item), and enhance the already equipped item.

For example, let’s say you have a regular explorer pistol. You create several items from the set (the quality obtained does not matter). Then, in the commander’s menu in the "Equipment" tab, select the researcher’s pistol, and click on the "enhance" command. After that, a window of the selected item will appear, which has 6 layers for simultaneous enhancement (it’s not scary if there is 1 item in stock). With each new reinforcing equipment, you will increase the quality of the reinforced object. Thus, from a regular pistol, you can get a heroic pistol.

In the commander’s menu, you can switch between sets. Let’s say you need to attack the player’s base, and you select a set of a guardian or a commander (depending on which indicators you should be pulled up). When you come to the base, and leave the game, then put the set of the guardian for defense, or the set of the researcher for production.

Crossfire Warzone: Walkthrough of the main activities

Defense nano - mode. In this mode, crowds of zombies, which you shoot from a helicopter, will rush to your settlement. When the infected of the same level are destroyed, stronger opponents will attack the base. To get more points for destroying monsters, you should clear the gate before the timer runs out. You will receive rewards for the number of killed zombies.

If you destroy enemies of level 6 and above, then there is a huge chance of the appearance of a Ferocious mutant, the victory over which will bring a lot of points. The data about your battle is recorded in the general rating of the mode, where you can compete with other players. If you do not have time to destroy all the zombies, then Natasha will strike a direct blow at them from a rocket. In this case, you will not receive points for winning.

Underground laboratory walkthrough

The laboratory building is located under a mountain a short distance from your city. It doesn’t require improvement. Here you will go through the floors of the laboratory, fighting against squads of opponents. The strength of the enemy team of monsters depends on the difficulty level. The building has 2 difficulty levels: normal and hard. In hard mode, you can only go through the floors that you have already visited.

There are special stages in the laboratory. To go through such stages, you must use a special type of army or officers. In the laboratory, you can get daily rewards, which depend on the amount of points scored per day. When fighting in the laboratory, your units do not die.

For successfully completing a stage, you will receive a certain number of stars (maximum 3). Stars can be obtained under the following conditions:

  1. Victory must be won.
  2. All forces involved in the mission must stay alive.
  3. Achievement points are the product of the stars gained and the health points of the surviving officers.

Before entering the laboratory stage, you need to see what troops the enemy has. The outcome of your passage directly depends on your formation. Place those types of troops that dominate the enemy.

This rule works in all battles of the game (except for the Arena, where you cannot see the enemy troops until the battle is loaded). Infantry is weak against tanks, but strong against helicopters, helicopters are good against tanks, but show weakness against infantry, and tanks are good at resisting infantry, but weak against helicopter attacks. This must be taken into account, since with equal forces, the side with more dominant troops than the enemy will win.

Crossfire Warzone: Alliance Review

Alliance is one of the main mechanics of the game. The earlier you join the ranks of any active guild, the more you will get advantages over other players. If you see that you have no activity in your union, and it does not develop, then you should leave it and find yourself another alliance.

The alliance is not only the group development of the guild, but also the receipt of individual benefits for each of its members. In the guild menu (the jump button is located on the right side control panel of the main screen and the map screen), you can see the main activities of the union.

The main advantage of the Alliance is the joint placement of allied bases on the same territory, which is protected by towers and buildings of the union. Being close to each other, you can conduct joint trips with the members of the guild on the marauders and other players. It is also easier for you to request assistance in the event of an attack on your settlement. There are also other important benefits that the guild gives.

Visit - mark your visit in a special tab of the alliance daily, for this you will receive alliance coins, and additional rewards that will come to your mail. Alliance officers can send a message to the rest of the members to check in. Each visit increases the total points of the alliance, which affects its development. The letter arrives once a day, and the reward in it will depend on the total number of allies who have noted.

Help - depending on the level of your Embassy, ??allies can help you (accelerate) in the construction and strengthening of buildings, in research, in training soldiers and in the production of military equipment. To get help, after starting the process, click on the building and select the "Request help" command. You can also help your comrades. To do this, go to the alliance menu and select the "Help" section. You can help with resources if a request is made.

Alliance gift - issued for certain actions of each of its members:

  1. For the first victory over terrorists, marauders and bio-weapons.
  2. For a joint attack (against a huge bio-weapon).
  3. For the rating in the capture of the city.
  4. For the purchase of some sets (for real money).

For the gifts received, you will receive alliance points, which are summed up. With the accumulation of a certain number of points, the level of the general supply box rises, and the rewards received from it increase. Also, when you receive a prize, you will receive Fire points, which are given in each gift. These points are spent when using the machine gun (on the left side of the "Gift of the Alliance" window), with which you can reduce the strength of the box. When the strength of the supply box reaches 0, then all members of the alliance will receive a trophy.

Alliance Shop is an additional place where you can purchase rare and necessary items for alliance coins. After purchasing a product, a second purchase is available only after the update (it can be updated for alliance coins).

Alliance Coins can be earned by doing the following:

Also, alliances can unite with each other, which gives an even greater impetus for development. With the filling of the server, at a certain moment of its existence, all alliances have the opportunity to capture the main city of the region, which will bring additional benefits. But if the alliance does not flourish, all its members cannot develop with dignity.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.