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Cyberika WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

CYBERIKA: ACTION ADVENTURE CYBERPUNK RPG is a game for android with release date 04/05/2021 from Kefir! Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. Tips for beginners
  3. How to choose the right weapon and clothing?
  4. Tips for Gathering Resources in the Outskirts
  5. How to hack e-mail boxes
  6. Overview of apartment options
  7. Augmentation and Cyber ??Modules Guide
  8. Walkthrough
  9. Answers to frequently asked questions
  10. Secrets and features of the game

Cyberika: A beginner’s guide

This section will mainly provide tips for beginners. The game is quite simple at first glance, it has an interesting plot. Actually, the first time you enter the game, you find yourself in 2087 after a 5 year coma. A chip was implanted into your head - a kind of memory card of a millionaire who asks you for help. Throughout the entire plot, you will investigate the murder of a tycoon, and, in parallel, clear the streets of bandits, of which there are a great many in the game.

The game has a number of features that fundamentally distinguish it from other RPGs: here you will not automatically replenish your health. You will constantly have to be in search of medicines, food and candy to restore it. Various medicines help well in this. The second feature is the complete zeroing of the location after leaving it. It is enough just to get behind the wheel, and the mutant dogs and thugs you killed will resurrect on the map.

If you go to carry out a mission, and you have few reserves of healing items and low durability of weapons, you should not even start the passage. Better to accumulate armor, repair a good weapon (preferably a firearm), a lot of healers, and only then go to the map with a quest.

Regular maps can be played many times, exited and re-entered. You need this to replenish your supplies and resources to restore the apartment, and repair equipment.

Character selection. At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose a type of hero that will have one of 3 abilities clearly expressed:

  1. Accelerator - increases your running speed.
  2. Possession of melee weapons - allows you to deal double damage with melee weapons.
  3. Hemophorosage - drugs restore more health.

The second 2 skills are most preferable, since the cards are small, so you don’t have to run too much. At the start of the game, it is better to have double damage with a bat or brass knuckles than fast legs. Moreover, the running speed does not increase much, it is better to find shoes that add 5% to running.

Game currency. There are 2 types of currency in the game:

Credits do not fall from dogs and other animals. Despite the fact that there are plenty of places for obtaining credits, at the start of the game you will sorely miss them, so you need to take care of them like the apple of your eye.

If you pass the card and feel that you are about to die, take the credits in the trunk of your car. This is important, since when you kill, not only your health is restored, but you will also lose all the accumulated credits that are in your pocket (inventory).

At the start of the game, you should spend credits only as needed. You can find weapons and resources on the original maps. Your first location where you can get hold of materials is Cyberslam. There are not strong opponents in this area, they run almost without weapons.

ATM. There are several ATMs in Downtown where you can deposit your honestly looted or earned credits. The first terminal is opposite the spawn point, the second is behind the clothing store. After you "interact" with the ATM, a window will open, where on the right side you will be shown the current state of your account. To transfer currency from inventory to the terminal, you just need to drag it to the empty slot on the right side. After the operation, the robot will tell you the new state of the account (taking into account the due credits).

You should not accumulate a lot of cash, since all purchases in stores are made from your account. The money received for completing quests is automatically credited to your account.

Loading the map. The loading of the map and the transition between destination points are very interesting. Sitting behind the wheel, you start driving in your car along the city’s motorway. In the upper right corner, the speed of movement and the time after which you will arrive at the place are displayed. In the lower right corner on the joystick there is an acceleration button, pressing it, you will increase your maximum speed, and remove the control from the autopilot. You can maneuver between passing cars with the left joystick (left and right).

Do not be afraid to crash into someone else’s transport, as the system will not let you do this and will simply slow down your car. You will not be penalized for emergency braking. To switch back to the "autopilot" mode, you need to tap the "Auto" button in the lower right corner.

The trip can be shortened to 0 seconds simply by paying a certain amount of credits. The payment button is located in the upper right corner under the speed and travel times.

It is not recommended for beginners to accelerate for credits, as they are difficult to obtain, and you do not need to spend them on such a trifle.

Treatment drugs - there are several different healing substances in the game that will help you in difficult times. Since the health in the game does not automatically increase, the means of regeneration are very necessary. Medicines are divided into 2 types:

  1. Instant recovery are those items that immediately restore a certain amount of health points. They are best used during a fight.
  2. Gradual healing - in the description for the healer, the maximum number of health points that the item will restore is written. But some of them (especially the coolest ones) increase the level of intoxication in the body. They regenerate health gradually and are not suitable for fights. Better to use them between battles.

The world map is the cities between which you travel by car. To access the map, you just need to interact with the car, select the "Behind the wheel" command, after these actions you will find yourself on the map. here you can choose any place to visit. Objects on the map have different colors:

Each city, at the time of this writing, there are only 3 of them, has its own cooling time. That is, when the level of anxiety rises in the city, then you will not be able to calmly run around the districts for some time. The maximum alarm level is 5 stars. They are shown in the upper left corner in the area description. But they have different cooling times:

After the cooling time is over, you can safely enter the areas and not be afraid of being caught by the regulators. Typically, regulators are sent to pick you up after 4 stars of anxiety. But sometimes, we do not know for what reason, the regulators appear next to you at 2 (and sometimes at 1) stars. This circumstance makes it difficult to pass.

Cyberika: Tips for beginners

Console. When you start the game, you will have 10 hypercoins in your account. It is a currency that can be bought with real money. But the developers gave you 10 coins. And now they need to be properly disposed of. Go to the Bradbury Space Store under the Resources tab. Here, at the bottom of the list of goods (on the right side), there is an Engineering Container. And here your task is to knock out the "Console" item. Since it will not be possible to assemble the Kitchen, Recovery Machine without a console, you can also assemble additional storage cabinets with the help of consoles.

Create characters until you get the console from the container. You will receive 10 consoles, and you will collect several tables from them in the Apartment.

Shower cabin. It can be assembled from several components that you find on the starting cards. But the screws are much more difficult to obtain. The screws can be obtained from the Hacked Vending Machine. It can be found in the store under the Resources tab. Once a day, you can get any item from the list. The roulette can be played once a day (if you have not received an additional opportunity in the tasks), so enter the game every day and open the Hacked Machine.

Kitchen. When you repair the Kitchen in your Apartment, you will be able to craft various food items, each of which gives different bonuses to the character. It is important to have different foods as they will help you win in different situations.

Remember that food bonuses do not stack. That is, you cannot eat a taco and a burger at the same time and get 2 positive effects. Only the bonus that you get from the last meal you eat will remain.

At the start of the game, it is best to buy or make "rice", as it gives not only Satiety, but also increases experience by a certain percentage. Before you go into battle (immediately after spawning on a location), you must eat it. Thus, you will pump faster.

Hidden boxes in locations. In all locations, in addition to the usual orange boxes, which are highlighted when you approach, there are containers on the maps that do not stand out visually. This can be a green container that looks like a trash can, as well as a beige box with an orange lid (usually located near the transition point (entry and exit from the location).

Threat level. In the game, when you defend locations, your threat level rises. If you entered the map, then you will have a zero level, but as soon as you start shooting bandits, then gradually the level of threat will increase. He is displayed as a policeman with a blue silhouette near the mini-map. As you pass the locations, the silhouette will fill with orange. As soon as the silhouette turns completely orange, then the regulators (guardians of the law) will come and destroy you. These are very strong opponents, and it is better not to mess with them at any stage of the game.

Do not leave the location until you have completely cleared it. If you leave and leave rivals in it, then your threat level will automatically increase as soon as you enter it again. Better get ready for the cleanup well, and inspect the map as quickly as possible.

The threat level decreases gradually, after about 60 minutes there will be no threat, and you can continue to destroy the bandits again.

A temporary task for bosses. From time to time, temporary quests for the destruction of bosses will appear in the game. But we do not advise you to follow them, as the costs incurred for killing him will be more than you will receive from him. For its destruction you will be given only 2000 credits. So just ignore the task execution.

Equipment and weapons repair. Since in the game the same type of item can have different characteristics, we advise you to repair only those things that have the highest rate (damage, protection). The rest of the items can be simply disassembled after use. Do not be afraid that repairing weapons or equipment with high performance will cost more. In fact, the cost of repairs depends on the type of item, not on its parameters. For example, repairing a pistol with 12 damage will cost the same as repairing a pistol with 9 damage.

How fast can a newbie pump?

It is important to pump your hero as quickly as possible. Each new level gives you +1 health unit to the maximum indicator (that is, over time, you will be able to live longer in locations). At the time of this writing, the maximum level is 60. With the new level, new opportunities open up. For example, in some tasks or purchases, you need to have a certain level. If your level is not enough, then you will have to pump it up.

Dishes. To get more experience at locations, find and eat (before entering the map) those products that give you a bonus to gaining experience. At the start of the game, rice will help you a lot (it gives + 5% experience for 10 minutes), then you will get more effective products. when you build the Kitchen, you can craft the necessary dishes yourself. If the kitchen is 2 levels, then you can cook noodles, which gives + 10% experience for 20 minutes.

Completing tasks - in addition to the main storyline, you will receive new tasks that we recommend to complete. Quests are organized by chapter, and until you close the current chapter, the next chapter will not open. Some tasks are completed during the passage of the story or contract, others - during the collection of resources on the maps, and third will take a separate time to close. But there are not many such tasks, so it will not take a lot of time.

Passing contracts (temporary tasks) - some contracts are not difficult, they can be completed. On a contract, you can make good progress in experience. This is equivalent to 4 sorties into the Outskirts. The difficulty of contracts increases as you level up. This must be taken into account when entering a location with a temporary assignment. When you go through almost the entire location, and feel that the boss (the most tenacious bandit) is about to appear, we recommend eating rice or noodles. Since a certain amount of experience is given for killing a boss. For example, for Skulls - 2500 experience units, then eating noodles, you will already receive 2750 experience units.

Cyberika: How to choose the right weapon and clothing?

There are several categories of weapons in the game:

If you use a pistol a lot, then do it right. Do not come close to opponents. When an opponent enters the field of action of your firearm, you can already inflict damage.

Usually bandits fall from 3 hits (at the starting area). This knowledge will save you not only life, but also healing items. When you approach an enemy and he falls within the range of a firearm, the name of the thug and his health bar appear at the top of the screen.

At the start of the game, carefully study the first 2 locations, they will be useful to you. Also, do not run headlong around the area. You raise all the dogs and bandits in the district on yourself.

Clothing has several categories:

At the start, only a jacket, pants and boots will be available to you, other types of wardrobe become available as you level up.

How are weapons of the same type different?

Each weapon in the characteristics has a run-up in terms of indicators, that is, from the lowest possible value to the maximum. Therefore, the same equipment may have different stats when dropped.

Damage. For example, let’s take 2 pistols. In the gun shop, they are valued at different prices: the first - 2500 credits, the second - 1500. How are they different from each other? As we wrote above, both pistols will have different damage values. The first pistol has 9 to 19 damage, the second has 11 to 17 damage. That is, you can get a pistol with 9, 11, 15 points of damage (these parameters apply to the entire equipment of the character).

Attack speed. But another important indicator for weapons (especially firearms) is attack speed. If we take the pistols from the example, the first has an attack speed of 0.5, and the second has 0.9. In other words, in 4.5 seconds, 1 pistol will shoot 9 times and inflict (9 times x 9 damage with 1 shot) 49 damage in the minimum value. The second pistol will fire 5 times, that is, in 4.5 seconds it will deal a minimum of 55 damage. But if we take the maximum indicators or different values, then the first weapon will bring more trouble to opponents.

If you have a choice before buying 2 barrels with non-obvious (as in our example) advantages and disadvantages, then it is better to "update" the assortment for 100 credits.

The number of cartridges. Another indicator for selection is the number of cartridges in the store. In our example, 1 pistol has 15 rounds, the second 12, that is, it will reload more often, which sometimes leads to a critical situation. But this is not the most important indicator, since if you move carefully through the areas, you will not run into a crowd of bandits.

There are also conventional and upgraded weapons, the second type has a higher damage rate. For example, the damage of a regular bat is 20 units maximum, and that of a modernized one is 30 units.

Always leave upgraded weapons with maximum damage and attack speed for repair.

Cyberika: Tips for Gathering Resources in the Outskirts

Many beginners ask how to quickly and economically collect credits and other game resources. This is a relevant topic for the passage of the entire game, since resources will constantly be lacking. The passage of the story campaign is very difficult and requires certain costs for clothing and weapons. Some missions cannot be completed on the fly, and you have to return to them several times, each time burning the strength of the equipment. Therefore, the collection of materials for repairs is always necessary.

The game has several simple locations, but only the Outskirts can be traversed with minimal losses. This is a location with a recommended level 1. That is, you will not meet serious opponents there. When writing the article, we ourselves went through the game, and it happened that we entered it without protection and with brass knuckles. Therefore, in the Outskirts, you can collect resources in any state. But we recommend 2 ways to accomplish this.

Go to the area with the bat. The minimum damage indicator must be at least 26 units (this is the maximum damage for a 1st generation bat). You also (if any) need to eat a product - tacos (with a built Kitchen, there should be no problems with the product). Tako gives +10 melee damage for 10 minutes. This time is enough to clear the card twice. Tacos can be obtained for completing certain tasks. In total, you have 28 points of damage. This damage is enough to kill thugs and dogs with 1 hit.

Find and constantly repair a modified bat.But if you don’t have tacos, then we recommend taking a modified bat with at least 28 points of damage. The bat can be knocked out in the Courtyards area of ??Skiptown. This location always has 1 vending machine. When you approach it, you can look at the items that lie there. In this machine, you are immediately shown the indicators of those items that can drop out. If there is a bat in the machine with damage less than 28 points of damage, then you should not waste an attempt on it (each attempt costs money). Just keep clearing the area. There is a low chance of finding a modified bat in the Lanes and Trable in the Slum area. But it is very difficult for beginners. In addition, you can get a green bat as a reward for a mission in the story campaign. If you are fabulously lucky, then you will receive a weapon with at least 28 damage.

How to use a bat? There are 2 types of enemies on the map that can hurt you - these are dogs (due to their high attack speed) and guys with a bat. Both those and other opponents have time to hit you 1 time. Therefore, you should not attack enemies that are very close to each other. We recommend that you first lure one bandit to yourself, run away from him a little, and then hit. While his comrade wakes up, the first candidate will roll in the dust. If you meet aborigines with empty hands or with brass knuckles, then she will not be able to hit you (they will not have time).

This method of clearing the location greatly saves you strength and healing drugs. In the Outskirts, you can generally run naked and with a bat. In this location, you constantly find candies and plasters, which you can accumulate over time for more difficult areas.

As a result of clearing the location, you should have approximately 500 credits. When collecting resources, you will need to make a choice, since you will not have enough slots for all materials and items. Some things can be carried to the car. But it is best to take those elements that you lack for something.

You can enter the area at the same time 4 times, then wait an hour (cooling time) and then re-enter the location. For about 4 visits, you will have 2,000 credits, plus you will accumulate plasters (it is recommended to be treated with sweets), you can knock out good weapons and clothes.

Cyberika: How to hack e-mail boxes

Electronic boxes that need to be opened often appear in story missions and in some locations. Basically, at the start of the game, electronic boxes can be found in Cyberslam in the Alley area. The boxes located on the cards look identical to the one shown in the picture above.

When you open the container, you are prompted to "Start Hacking". For hacking, you need to choose a cipher of 3 characters. It takes 30 seconds to find the code. If you have the "Neuroaccelerator" augmentation, which increases the hacking time, then you will have a little more time. The numbers that you should enter are 0, 1 and 2. You will have only 3 attempts to hack. After the start of the operation, hieroglyphs will appear in the center of the window in the hacking window. A number is shown below, and symbols are shown above them.

In the central part, inscriptions with 3 numbers will appear (from bottom to top). Your task is to find one of the below given hieroglyphs. This will be the first number to be hacked. In our example (in the picture above), this is the number 1, the code appeared in the lower right corner. Then comes the numbers 0 and 2. Therefore, the combination that you need to enter is 102. The buttons for entering are located to the right of the center screen. First press "1", then "0" and "2".

Correctly entered cipher will be confirmed by the inscription: "Access granted". If, for some reason, you entered the code characters incorrectly, then do not be afraid to try again. You have 3 of them in total.

Hacking of electronic boxes of the 2nd generation. Basically, such a box can be found in the city of Trouble and in contracts (tasks). In order to break open the boxes, you need to have the "Decoder" augmentation, which allows you to open locks of difficulty 2. If you do not have this chip integrated into your head, then you will not be able to crack the 2nd generation box. The system will write that "I cannot hack this box." When you build a Gen 2 capsule, you get a Gen 3 Decoder.

If you go to Trouble, then you cannot use acceleration. But you can first visit the place "Tess’s garage", already from there move towards the city.

Generation 2 e-mail can be opened without hacking for 2 hypercoins. A window will appear on your screen with the same procedure as for 1st generation boxes. What is the difference? The codes here can be 4 characters long. But ciphers of 3 characters may come across. That is, if there is a three-digit code and they match the ones below, then this will be your hacking password. For boxes of the 3rd generation and higher, the input code consists of 4 characters. For example (picture above), the code is 2301. The time for entering numbers is 30 seconds.

How many crates can be found in the location? The number of e-mail boxes always appears in random order, and depends on the color and level of the passed card. If you want to hack more boxes, then you should go to the red areas. They have an increased chance of spawning multiple boxes.

Cyberika: Overview of apartment options

The apartment belongs to the hero, where you can rest in peace after combat sorties. Also in the apartment you can install various machines for the repair and improvement of clothes. The main place where you can get the necessary recommendations and buy items for your home is your computer. Several plot and secondary quests are associated with it.

Having approached the computer by clicking on the button to interact with it, you will be taken to the main screen, where you will see 4 sections:

  1. Secret Chat - a secure connection with your secret interlocutors Shadow. This is a hacker who will help with some missions. The rest of the time, the subscriber will simply be unavailable and will not answer you.
  2. Black Market - here you will buy the main modules of your house for credits. On the left side of the screen the assortment of goods is presented, on the right side of the screen the description and requirements for the device are shown. To return to the previous menu, you need to click on the "Back" button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. The Vendor Regulator is the caretaker that can reduce the threat for hypercoins. You need to choose an area in which you need to regulate the activity of regulators.
  4. Cyberspace - you need to find a special hypermodule that will give you access. At the time of this writing, this computer function is not available.

The equipment of the apartment - after your long absence, everything in the house collapsed, and in order to restore some devices, a certain amount of different resources is needed. They can be found at locations or bought in Downtown from an arms dealer. Two cabinets near the car will be intact, and in them you can store the materials that you found at the base.

The first item you need to restore is a weapon repair station and a clothing restoration machine. Resources are few and far between, but it’s important to find them in the early hours of your game. Over time, after purchasing more powerful machines, you will be able to repair items of the 2nd generation and above.

Shower - allows you to reduce the intoxication of the body and restore health. A very useful thing. For example, you come from an area with poor health and do not have any medications. You just take a shower, and you can go to knock out resources at the starting location. The shower is already in the house, you do not need to buy it, and it is assembled from simple components.

TV - 3 times every 4 hours you have the opportunity to watch an advertisement. If you are not putting real money into the game, then advertising is your best helper. Do not disdain and prejudice her. First, the developers should get at least something from you, if you don’t donate money. Secondly, the game rewards you generously for watching ads, since at the end of each video a vending machine appears, and you have 1 attempt to play it.

While we were playing, we received 5000 credits, 2 times the machine gun (which was very useful in the task "Selling Regulator"), at the start of the game we got a lot of good healers and much more. Even if a not very expensive item falls out, of which you have a lot, it is still nice. After spending 1.5 minutes, you can get a good income.

The kitchen is needed for cooking, it is convenient so as not to travel to Downtown every time. Here you can prepare the meals you need. We recommend that you study the recipes of the 2nd generation so that you can get noodles (+ 10% to gain experience for 20 minutes) - this will speed up your pumping. Also good is the dish that increases the damage of your weapon. To eat foods to simply increase satiety is not worth it, since you will not die of hunger anyway.

You will buy the rest of the machines as needed. It should be remembered that the collection of some machines does not pay off (for example, charging the cyber hand of the 2nd generation, we will talk below), so you always need to rely on yourself, and collect the most necessary things first, and then you can rebuild your home to your taste.

Cyberika: Augmentation and Cyber ??Modules Guide


Augmentations are special neurobiological chips that you can put on a character’s body to enhance their physical and mental capabilities. Also, some chips give additional bonuses to any actions in the game. For example, + 10% to lock picking time.

Chips can be found at locations, obtained for completing quests, or bought for real money. To modify abilities, you need a special biocapsule. First you buy it on the Black Market, then you have to assemble it from the materials presented (to see the recovery recipe, you need to click on the capsule). The capsule is assembled from simple resources that can be found or knocked out on the Outskirts map.

How to choose augmentation? After recognizing the chip in the capsule, you can "Add" it to the technology section for your further improvement. Then you should tap on the "Augmentation" button, and you will go to the tab with improvements. From the image on the chip, you can determine which part of the body this type of augmentation belongs to. Sections are divided into 3 types:

On the right side of the screen, you can see the distribution of chips. The top row (above the image of the person) is the head chips, the right column is the torso chips, the left column is for the arm. Slots for modules open as the level rises. In order to find out in more detail what bonus you will receive from the chip, you need to go to the "Augmentation" section and read the description for the chip.

Head augmentation

Module nameDescription
AntishockIncreases chance to avoid being stunned
DeconstructorIncreases the number of kits received in the Recyclers
DecoderAllows you to break complex electronic locks
Neuroaccelerator+ 5% to lock picking time

Torso augmentation

Module nameDescription
Cardio amplifierIncreases maximum health
Storage deviceIncreases the maximum number of charges
HormesisIncreases the limit of intoxication
DetoxifierAccelerates the reduction of intoxication in the body
AcceleratorIncreases movement speed
PowerlifterGives 1 slot for items in inventory
DefibrillatorAllows you to restore health when you take fatal damage

Hand augmentation

Module nameDescription
Cold weapon possessionChance to deal double damage with melee weapons 2%
Pistol PossessionChance to deal double damage with pistol 2%
Shotgun PossessionAllows you to deal double damage with a shotgun
Possession of a machine gunAllows you to deal double damage with a machine gun
Possession of PPAllows you to deal double damage with a submachine gun
Rifle possessionAllows you to deal double damage with a rifle
HemophorosageDrugs restore more health

Pump over and install, first of all, those augmentations in your hand with what weapon you are using. At the start of the game, it is better to put the chip on melee weapons and pistols.

Augmentation can be recognized but not placed on the body. Also, if the effect of a chip does not suit you, you can remove it. There are no fines or other penalties for this.

Cyber ??hand

How to get a cyber hand? To do this, you need to go through a series of story quests. The task is given at about 10 - 11 levels, but you can complete it for a long time (if you do not bring real money into the game). Since when you kill a character, you lose not only experience, but also the strength of weapons and equipment decreases, the passage of missions becomes difficult.

Cyber ??Arm Modules

Module nameDescription
ShieldGenerates a protective field that absorbs damage for several seconds
OverloadDisables a synthetic enemy
ShockStuns an organic enemy
JammerGenerates a field around the enemy, inside which it is impossible to use cyber modules
Iron fistInflicts 40 units to the enemy in melee
Ballistic bladeShoots a blade at an enemy
DashThe hero leaps forward
RamAllows you to dash towards the enemy and stun him
HallucinogenForces an organic opponent to fight by your side
SabotagePrograms a synthetic opponent to fight for you

You can take 3 cyber hand abilities into battle. They are installed on the quick launch panel, as shown in the picture. You can switch between skills during the fight.

Upgrade Biocapsules - allows you to install 2nd generation chips and modules. To pump the capsule, press the arrow button (in the lower right menu of the capsule). Improvements can be unlocked only after the following conditions are met:

  1. Reaching level 20.
  2. The presence of the usual Biocapsule.
  3. Purchase cost of 10,000 credits.

Intoxication. When you use your cyber hand in battle, your level of intoxication increases. If intoxication has reached a critical level, then you cannot use bonuses from hand modules or augmentations. The game has 3 ways to remove intoxication:

  1. Wait a little, intoxication will decrease on its own over time, but this happens very slowly.
  2. Showering also reduces toxicity levels.
  3. The use of special medications or products that reduce body poisoning. Medicines can be bought at the pharmacy or found in the districts.

Cyberika: Walkthrough

The game periodically appears temporary events that last for a certain time. You will only have 1 attempt to complete each quest. If you die, you will only receive the property that you pick up from the bandits and get out of the containers. You will not have a second attempt at passing. When you die, as in every district, the durability of weapons and clothing is taken away from you, and all credits that are in your inventory are written off.

Aggressive flock is the first event that you come across at the start of the game. It is easy, you just need to destroy all mutated dogs in a small location. You can go on a task simply with a bat with 20 damage (this is enough to put a dog with 1 hit). The only advice is to keep the whole flock away from you, and so the mission can be completed without much effort and without treatment (if you entered with a full supply of health). The location allows you to explore several containers and garbage cans, which will bring additional profit.

The Van Raid is a new event that is available to all players who have discovered the city of Trouble. For successful completion, you will receive 2000 experience and 3000 credits. Your task is to eliminate the attackers on the van. This is one of the most difficult tasks, so whether it is worth passing it, you must decide for yourself, the recommended level for passing is 31. To complete the quest, you should pick up clothes with a high defense index, and boots for high running speed. In this case, it is better to take a weapon of at least 2 generations.

This is a common area, so you may come across a variety of containers, vending machines and ATMs for you to explore. Bandits drop standard resources, augmentations, and credits. There are few people against you, but they are all very serious opponents. We recommend using the shield in a difficult situation. The container that you will receive for the victory contains good items, do not forget to collect it.

Dealing with the robbers is not a difficult task, the recommended level for passing is 16, so you should not be overloaded with expensive treatment (if you yourself are above level 16), you can take a modified bat so that your opponents fall from 1 hit. If you take a pistol, then more damage will be done to you than you run closer to the robber and hit him with a bat. But do not forget to take a pistol with you, as you come across powerful thugs, and the bandits have augmentation, which enhances their attacks.

If you have the opportunity to overwhelm your opponents with a bat with 1 hit, then use this opportunity, since you will receive more damage in shootouts.

For completing the task, you will receive 1500 experience points and 2000 credits. This is a common area where you can collect materials from containers and tanks. The location is small in size, can be traversed quickly and inexpensively.

Illegal merchant - in the task it is necessary to use the services of a merchant within the allotted time. For the mission, you will not receive neither credits, nor experience. But it is still worth going to the seller, since sometimes he offers good products at an affordable price. If you don’t like the assortment, just leave the area. By the way, this is a regular map, but there are no containers or trash cans on it.

Blackmail - in the task it is necessary to remove incriminating evidence from the computer of the blackmailers. For completing the mission, you will receive 500 units of experience and 1500 credits. The recommended level for the task is 12. The location is an office with several rooms. A container with good items will be waiting for you in the last room. The opponents are not very powerful, so 20 Band-Aids are enough for you. It is best to take a bat with you with a minimum damage of 28 units so that the enemy will fall from 1 hit.

If you are above level 12, then you can go to the office naked, without additional protection. If your level is not high, then you should not run to the bandits, they will come running to you. But this rule applies only to guys with bats and brass knuckles, bandits with firearms must be destroyed first and foremost and quickly. The picture above shows a table with a computer from which you need to remove dirt. You just need to interact with the object.

Pizza Carrier - The recommended level is 5, so the task is easy and not too much of a hassle. You can take a bat with 28 points of damage with you. For completing the quest, you will receive 750 experience points and 1250 credits. According to the assignment, you need to collect 5 slices of pizza (as in the picture above). This is a common area-like location where you can explore containers and tanks to get extra goodies. At the same time, for temporary quests, the map is large enough.

Wiretapping - for the quest you will receive 1500 experience points and 2000 credits. You need to install the bug on the gang’s computer. The quest is held in the city of Skiptown, and the recommended level for passing is 22. The map itself is an office building with several rooms. This is a common quest with common opponents for its level. You just need to go room by room, freeing your way. It is advised to take a pistol here, as there are many objects with a firearm.

In the last room, 4 opponents will be waiting for you, so you should carefully lure out the first two, and then deal with the rest. The picture above shows the computer where the bug should be installed. Here we need to first make a hack to enter the operating system. the code consists of 3 digits, after entering the correct characters, the quest will be completed.

Cyberika: Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of painting clothes and weapons? This feature simply makes your clothes unique. And that’s it! Equipment painting does not carry other useful options. Depending on which generation you will have a machine, therefore, you can repaint objects of this generation. To paint weapons and clothes, you just need to interact with the machine, then place the required item in the upper slot, and a cartridge for repainting in the lower one.

There are 2 types of coloring:

What is food for? Food is needed to increase the "Satiety" indicator. If satiety drops to zero, then the maximum number of health points is reduced by a certain percentage. But it should be remembered that the character will not die of hunger, it will simply have less health.

Food also gives you various bonuses. For example, increased gain of experience points or + 10% to maximum health. It’s important to use different foods at different times. If you want to get more value from a bat or brass knuckles, then you can use a product that increases melee damage by 20%.

But if you want to constantly keep full, then you can build a kitchen or pick up drinks and chocolates in locations. Buying groceries is not recommended, especially at the entry levels.

Where can I get consoles? The game has 4 ways to get hold of consoles. The easiest way is to buy an Engineering Container for real money in the store. But it should be remembered that any item on the list can drop out of the container. And it’s not a fact that the console will come across to you the first 2 - 3 times. Consoles are also awarded for successfully completing story quests. The first console is found in the quest to find Lucius. Until this moment, you will not be able to build machines in your apartment, where a console is required.

Also, the console with a low probability can be obtained from the Hacked Vending Machine (in the store), where you spin a roulette wheel for free every day. The assortment of the machine is updated every month. As a side note: at the time of this writing, there was no console in the vending machine. The last way is to knock out consoles on districts. But on the first map - Outskirts, there are no consoles. consoles can be obtained in areas from level 8 (starting from the Lanes).

In more difficult areas, the likelihood that you will drop the console is much higher than in the starting locations.

How to understand what resources can be obtained in the area? To do this, go to the world map, and select the area you are interested in. After that, a window with its description will appear. There are 2 navigation buttons in the lower right corner:

What are passes and why are they needed? Passes can be knocked out in the usual area or received for completing a task. They are located in the "Passes" section, the transition button of which is located on the lower taskbar of the screen. You can get different types of passes:

How to get passes and cards:

  1. Complete temporary tasks that appear for 1 hour every day. At least from level 18, you have a chance to knock out several passes. The dropped cards are not repeated, that is, 2 times you cannot get the same card.
  2. Passes can be found in Trouble Town (Slum or Hole areas).

How to kill a patrol drone? These drones cannot be killed by melee weapons. They can only be destroyed with firearms. When you attack them with melee weapons, the game will tell you that the target is not available. That is, it is out of reach, so if you shoot down drones, then take a firearm.

Cyberika: Secrets and features of the game

Generation 2 shotgun. He can be found in the city of Trouble. What is its plus? When you put it on the repair machine. Then, with full durability, the shotgun will be shown with 127 durability. This means that the shotgun will not spend durability until it drops to 100 or below. There are 2 generation weapons with indicators above 100 HP. For example, 149, and such weapons spend even longer than a shotgun.

Weapon repair. As you know, weapons are divided over several generations. The first generation is divided into conventional and upgraded weapons, and the 2nd generation - into 3 types (the difference between them is the maximum damage you can receive):

Each type of weapon has its own amount of resources to repair. The higher the quality, the more materials are needed. But there is a Wasteland pistol that has the same recovery cost for any quality. If you constantly plan to play this game, then we recommend using this, and using a high quality pistol and not worrying about repairs.

Cyber ??hand charging station. There are 2 generations of them. In the description under the 2 station, the following is written: "If you collect it, then 2 charges for the cyber hand accumulate." To charge your hand, you need to go to the station, interact with it, and pick up 1 charge. When you pick it up, you will receive the next charge in 4 hours.

To build a station of the 2nd generation will be very resource-intensive. You can easily find almost all materials, if you try, then the transformer. But you need to have 10 trains, which are collected in Trable on the red areas. And after assembling the station, you hope to get 2 charges at the same time. But that’s not how it works. There will be 1 charge on the screen and the time between charges is reduced by 1 hour. That is, you will be able to pick up the second charge not after 4 hours, but after 3. Therefore, think carefully whether you need to quickly assemble the 2nd generation station or not.

Vending machines in locations. It doesn’t matter in which location you find the vending machine, even on contracts. You have 3 attempts to get items from it. You go into the machine, turn off the Internet, and press the "Get" button. You, without spending credits, will receive the bun that will drop out to you. Why do you need to do this? After you turn on the Internet, and scroll the machine again, then with a probability of 100% the item that you received with the network turned off will drop out. This is necessary if you stumble upon a machine with a high scrolling cost, in which case you will understand what you get. Of course, the thing that fell to you without the Internet will not appear in your inventory. But this will save you credits.

For example, if you have 10 chocolates on the first try without the Internet, then you simply turn the network back on and leave the machine. This will keep all your credits in place. 2 and 3 attempts are several times more expensive than the first, so you should not tempt fate. Many guys in groups write that you can scroll without the Internet 3 times in a row, and it will work.

By the way, many players also complain about the machine that, lately, not very good items always fall out of it. That is, if the machine contains really cool things (weapons, augmentations, clothes), but you get chocolates, soda, 10 resources, and so on. It turns out that the probability of dropping rare items is less than 10%.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.