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Passage of Dark 3: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DARK 3: HACK AND SLASH - this is an online RPG, where you have to fight in real time with enemies from the Legion Legion. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Gift activation code and bonuses in the game
  2. Gameplay Review
  3. Correct game settings - the key to success
  4. passage of the plot and the Canons
  5. Guide to pumping character
  6. Hyde on Totem and Pagoda
  7. How to get the wings and pump them
  8. How to synthesize items?
  9. Guides Complete Guide
  10. Resource Escort Secrets
  11. We pass Treasure Island
  12. Quiz "Alien World"
  13. How to win at the Arena Championship
  14. Underground Mine: Tips
  15. What is the Magic Gate?
  16. We reflect the Invasion of demons
  17. Proper start of Automatic Battle
  18. Bonus task
  19. We pass the dungeon call
  20. Measurement Gate Tips
  21. Test demon
  22. Secrets of the Cemetery of the Gods
  23. Secrets of the passage of bosses game
  24. Return of resources
  25. Event: Carnival
  26. Mining Treasure
  27. Score
  28. Donati correctly
  29. Conclusion and conclusions

Dark 3: gift activation code and bonuses in the game

Here is the code in Dark 3

The codes of various gifts are the most popular thing that interests our readers. Therefore, we post several codes that will help you in this unequal battle.

MPLQFH1QRBISQ - code for the European server.

59XRYMK1RFU7L - code for the American server.

UF4YC2H294XVC - gift code.

Where to enter the code in Dark 3? If you click on the "Bonuses" icon in the top menu and go to the "Gift receipt" tab, a line will appear where you need to enter the code, as shown in the screenshot.

Do not forget to periodically go to our website - Wise Geek. In this article we will try to publish new codes for gifts and bonuses for this interesting game - Dark 3.

Dark 3: Hack and Slash Gameplay Review

beat the boss

Choosing a server is the first thing you have to face in this game. The choice is not great - either Europe or America. Both are bad. Since the server time in Europe is 3 hours behind, and the American time is 8. Therefore, of two evils, it is better to choose Europe! Since all the battles and activities take place according to server time and European activities fall from about 19 to 22 hours according to server time. Thus, from 22 to 1 hours in Moscow. And if God forbid you choose America, you will have to play 3 nights to 6 o’clock in the morning. Do not make fun of the body so - choose Europe. Although if you live in closer to Vladivostok, then it is better to choose America.

We recommend to monitor the emergence of new European servers. When they appear, you can immediately start playing them again. So you are more likely to take a leading position and create a strong guild.

Then you have to choose one of 3 characters:

Here you can not change the sex of the character, you can not become, for example, a female warrior or archer.But you can create up to 3 characters per server.

The main task of the game is to level up the character and participate in various activities, defeating evil spirits and other players. All battles take place in real time. You are fighting with real players who are currently in the game, and not with their phantoms, as in other games.

In combat, several punches are used, which open as the main plot progresses. Beats consume mana, for whom you play. The blows are located under the thumb of the right hand, the joystick under the left hand. But you will rarely use it, since most of the movements and battles take place in fully automatic mode.

The automatic mode is developed here just fine. Not only battles and movements are automated here. Here, the game automatically buys medicines and manna, sells things and pumps a pet. Here you can go offline and also continue to gain experience, although in an automatic online battle of experience and money they give many times more. Therefore, many players leave the car and go to sleep, and in the morning they get a well-pumped character.

Correct game settings - the key to success

Correct game settings

No matter how strange it seems, the correct settings are the key to a successful game. Because it is here that actions are set that the game will do for you automatically (Offline Control tab). So what we need to know and set:

  1. Auto-recovery of life and mana - the system will automatically consume mana and life potions. We recommend setting them at 50%, as with each level, stronger potions will appear and if you set for example 90 or 80%, some of the potions effect will be wasted. Of course with an important fight, they can be set by the formula (100% effect), where the effect is the power with which the best potion available to you to buy at the bag shop acts. For example, at level 220 you can buy a potion that restores 40% of manna.
  2. Automatically buy drugs - the system will buy drugs for you at the gold store when they run out. It is not expensive, but to constantly die because of their absence is not a wise decision.
  3. Auto collection - everything is clear here. The hero will not only beat countless monsters, but also collect loot and money. Although the hero will be blunt by the terrible, a bunch of junk will lie in front of him, and he will not even lift a finger to pick it up. We think that the developers have done this on purpose so that players buy the Ice Dragon, which collects the loot from the mobs. It is not cheap, but for 30 days you will not know the troubles, although the dragon sometimes dulls. But compared with the dragon - the hero will seem to you at all frostbitten. Moreover, in offline mode, the dragon will sometimes collect things, but the hero will not.
  4. Auto Resale - need to include. When the bag ends, the system will automatically sell the equipment and weak potions.
  5. Pet - you need to include. When there are less than 5 cells in a backpack, the pet automatically absorbs purple equipment that is not in your class.

Dark 3 passage of the plot and the Canons


Passing the plot tasks you will open the various canons of this game. When you open the next canon, you will receive a new ability. Perform plot tasks is not so difficult. Clicking on the task in the menu on the left will turn on auto movement and autoboy. In fact, you only need to watch your hero run and hit monsters. The plot comes down to the invasion of the villains of the Void Legion into this world. You will fight not only with the monsters of the Legion, but also with the good people who have joined them.

The tasks are simple - I don’t know where to go, beat him, I don’t know who, bring what I don’t know. As a rule, this "I do not know what" falls out of monsters. The maps have the main tasks (highlighted in orange) and minor (highlighted in blue). Performing the main tasks you open a new canon, secondary tasks mainly give clothes.When you reach 100% in the opening of the canon you will fight with the boss, but it is quite simple in passing.

Canons come in several directions (scrolls):

Skills are pumped through the expenditure of "Mastery", which is obtained by killing ordinary monsters and passing the gates of measurement. At the gates you can get the Characrist skill, which increases the chances of success of the increase (see screenshot). The higher the level of your skill, the less chance of success, even when using Charkocris.

Guide to pumping character in Dark 3


Level - the most important indicator in this game! Level rises as you gain experience, which is obtained for killing monsters and passing tests. When you increase the level, you will not only be a little stronger, but you will also discover new ways of pumping and more complex insta with good rewards.

Participate, if possible, in all the activities of the game. Leave the game on autobay more often (read below), including at night. And so you will be even stronger mothers donatchikov.


Chin - is displayed above each character and increases due to an increase in BM and Gold promotion medal, which drops from level 150+ monsters. A rank is not only an inscription, but also a good increase in performance.

Title (title) - the inscription which is displayed above the players and which can be obtained for achievements or in a special event. You can activate only one rank. But you can decide to show it above your head or not.


Distributed parameters are given when you increase your level, but we do not recommend them to spend immediately. Since each equipment has its own requirements for these parameters, and if you do not have all the parameters distributed, then when you put on such an item, the system will automatically offer to distribute the necessary parameters. Moreover, only the glasses needed for dressing things will be distributed and nothing more. Given that the distributed parameters bring not so much BM.

When distributing there is a button "recommended" - it may not work correctly. Although she will not pump over the parameters of an unnecessary class, she certainly will not contribute to putting on the necessary thing.Therefore, the wisest decision is to distribute the parameters when putting on a new thing.


Class (awakening) - this is a simple test that can be passed when the character reaches a certain level. After passing which you are assigned a class. This is not just an inscription in your character cards, it also gives significant advantages:

  1. You can put on the best equipment, for example, the Aristocrat of War can dress things up to rank 8 inclusive.
  2. More options for distribution.
  3. Strengthening ordinary skills.
  4. Increase of the main parameters.

The horse is your comrade, which slightly accelerates your movement in this world. But it is not clear whether the horse is lazy, or the character is under doping, the speed of their movement is almost the same. But the horse also gives a boost to the characteristics of the character, although it is impossible to fight on it - in battle he cowardly disappears. But he gives the owner an increase in attack, defense and life.

Horse can and should swing. You can do this in the following ways:

  1. The level that is pumped stone evolution of the horse. The stone can either be bought in a shop for crystals, or obtained by participating in events.
  2. The rank of the horse increases with the improvement of its level and opens up a new look. First a horse, then a KFC chicken, then a McDonalds clown (joke), then a turtle, a motorcycle, a helicopter, a griffin, a shark, an elephant and a dragon. But for shares you can open some more perdoplan, puppy, balloon and even a broomstick. Damn, this is how you need to get rid of the developers to come up with such a thing! It would be better if the server was opened Moscow time! But all these metamorphosis is not just an appearance, each appearance gives its own boost to the characteristics.
  3. The soul of the mount in the form of a stone. If you feed her horse, then he will give you some gain to the characteristics. Souls are mined in the course of events.

Beach suit

Suit. After receiving the item of costume, you can activate its star level. When activated, you will receive a bonus to the parameters and change your appearance: clothes, headgear and weapons. Each item of the costume can be activated no more than 3 times. The activated suit can be removed and put on another at any time. Having examined the extra items of costume, you get points to increase the level of fashion. With the increase in the level of fashion and increase the parameters.

Orders - another way to pump. With the help of various prints, you can raise the rank of an order. The prints are mined either during the events (Championship Arena, the Magic Gate, Underground Mine, etc.) either in the store or during participation in events. Some Orders give an increase to one of the characteristics, others to several. Others, in addition to the increase in characteristics, reveal certain passive abilities at various levels of the order’s development.


Pet - this is your second comrade (the first was a horse). Pet is directly involved in the battle. He not only strengthens the main character, but also has its own blows. Pet eats things lilac and higher quality, as well as special food in the form of a bell. The higher the quality, stellarity and level of things, the stronger will become a pet.

Devouring the soul of the beast, the pet evolves and turns into different creatures. Each new creature is more powerful than the previous one and it not only strengthens the main character better, but also opens up new hits. The pet’s soul is pumped by the Spirits of the ancient beast, which are mined in special events.

The canons and skills we discussed in the previous section of the article.

Bardak in a backpack

Things and backpack. In the backpack is all your prey. And right from the backpack you can wear this or that thing. If the thing is better than the one you already have, then a red up arrow will appear on its icon. Various ampoules, bonuses, quest items and other trash are stored in the backpack. Therefore, to unload a backpack you need to use a warehouse. In fact, the warehouse is the second backpack, which is always with you, only things cannot be used from it, you must first move them to the main hiking backpack.

Backpack and warehouse can be expanded for diamonds. But it is better to clean it regularly. To do this, there is the button Quick sale, which helps in the exchange of blue and white things for gold. Although it turns out for them a penny penny, but still they are only suitable for sale.

Activation of parameters is another increase in your strength, which can be viewed in a backpack (see screenshot). It is given when stepping certain steamboats in pumping things in the Forge (forging):

In the backpack you can still buy mana potions and health potions. But if you set the settings correctly, then these things will be purchased automatically.

Amplification of things is carried out in the menu "Forging". You spend gold on improving things. The higher the gain level, the more gold you need. But do not worry when changing things the level of amplification is transferred to a new thing for free.

Gem insertion

Insertion is the addition of various gems to the Forging menu. The insert opens at the hero’s 120 level. Only gems of heroism can be inserted into the weapon, rings, necklace and earrings. In the breastplates, crowns, gloves, leggings and shoes can only be inserted gems of vitality. Gems of heroism and gems of vitality can be obtained in the store, tasks and events. It is possible to increase the level of gems with the help of synthesis. The higher the level of gems, the greater the increase in parameters.

In the equipment below grade 7 there are only 2 holes for insertion, 7-9 ranks - 3 holes, from grade 9 - 4 holes.VIP 5 and above have another access hole in the gear. Equipment with 3 stars has one additional hole.

Crystal of activity

Crystal activity can be found in daily quests.Performing any tasks from this category you get points that you can spend on pumping this crystal, the higher its level, the more increase it gives to the attack, defense and hero’s life.

Print is the rightmost icon in the bottom menu.Opening and pumping of printing skills occurs in the following sequence:

  1. When you open the print function, you can automatically get the print "Genie Light", which activates the skill "Awakening Force".
  2. When you reach level 20 in the "Light of the genie" opens "Karma sin." When you reach level 10 in the "Karma sin" is available skill "Living swiftness".
  3. When you reach level 50 in the "Karma sin" opens "Apocalypse". When you reach level 20 in the "Apocalypse" is available skill "World of the Gods".
  4. When you reach level 50 in the Apocalypse, "The Wind Instructions" opens. When you reach level 20 in the Manual of the God of Wind, the skill "World of Gods" is available.
  5. Every 10 levels of the first three seals, the corresponding skill is increased by 1 level. Every 20 levels, the corresponding skill is increased by 1 level.

Hyde on Totem and Pagoda


In the Pagoda you fight, rising from floor to floor. The higher, the harder and the greater the reward. For the passage of one level is given a random totem and several sources of the totem. For the passage of levels 8, 12, 20, 28, 36, 40, additional accessible totems are activated. After completing levels 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, new totems are unlocked. Every day at 5:00 am server time, Pagoda participants receive chests with totem sources by mail, depending on the current level of the Pagoda. The pagoda can be tried to run an infinite number of times. This gives little experience and loot (things) does not fall out of the bosses.

After passing the Pagoda, you can get a totem reward. The more levels of the Pagoda are completed, the more types of totems will be unlocked. Totems can still be obtained by drawing in the treasury of totems. When drawing in a treasure, tote stamps are given each time, totem stamps can also be exchanged for a totem. Totem can be installed in worn equipment. Mounted totem gives you a boost parameters. There can be no more than one totem of a certain type. Unnecessary totems can be disassembled into totem sources, sources are needed to improve used totems. The higher the level of the totem, the greater the bonus parameters.

Do not be afraid to pump totems. If the totem ceases to be you need, you can take it apart to get back 100% of the resources spent. Please note that some totems will be useless for your class. Watch the BS increase when you insert or improve a totem, it will tell you which totem works best for you.

Dark 3: how to get the wings and pump them

create wings

Sometimes it is difficult to get wings. At the 5th and 80th level, temporary wings are given (for 24 hours) and they are enough until the creation of permanent wings. At level 200, you will be given a Level 1 feather stone as a gift - this is the basis for creating blue wings. To create them you need to enter the corresponding menu item in the tab "wings creation" on the left and "Wings of 1st rank" on the right. Insert the stone plumage and things.

IMPORTANT: try to insert things only for your class, so you will have more chances to get wings of your class too. In the screenshot were included, including things of another class, we got wings for the Mage, do not repeat our mistake! The better the quality of things, the greater the chance of success. Fragments of plumage stones are mined from the bosses on the map, especially from the bosses of the Strong Battlefield. The angrier the boss, the better he will give a fragment.

The flapping of the wings takes place in the other tabs of this window: melting and strengthening. Melting increases the stellar level of the wings, and their level increases. Like the pet, the wings have a soul (well, at least for now the developers have not done their soul). Materials to improve the soul are mined in special events.

We do not advise taking the wings to level 80 immediately, otherwise they will start a timer. Wait for the previous temporary wings to finish. Otherwise, you will not wear the second temporary wings for 24 hours, but less.

To enhance the wings you can spend gain stones 1, 2 and 3 ranks. The higher the quality, the more gain experience. Increasing the gain level increases the advanced parameters of the wings. When the gain level increases to 100, 150, 230, 400, new parameters open. Increasing the level and changing the wings do not affect the gain parameters. When the wings evolve, the gain level is automatically transmitted as is to new wings.Material for gain is extracted from ordinary monsters, bosses and events. In events you can get the best material gain 3 rank.

How to synthesize items?

Item Synthesis

Synthesis is a way to turn useless things that fall from monsters into useful ones. Using synthesis, you can get the following entities:

In the corresponding window, which is selected from the menu on the right and left of the Synthesis window, you can find out what will come out of certain things and how much it costs gold. Synthesis success is almost always 100%.

Guides Complete Guide

Main menu guild

The guild in Dark 3 is the first help of comrades, help in passing bosses and other group tests. Also, the guild gives an increase to the characteristics, gifts and other buns. The higher the BM of the guild, the more pumped players there are and the more significant the help will be from them. So do not hesitate to change the guild at the earliest opportunity, until you become a member of the strongest guild on the server.

If you have been made the deputy head of a mediocre guild, this is a sure sign that it is time to blame the strong. Raising a rank is a trick to keep strong players with a weak clan.

If you decide to form your guild, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible, since you are more likely to attract the strongest players. And do not hesitate to expel freeloaders. No one likes to bring the weak. Regularly send messages in a special chat - so you will lure even more people. Choose a strong, inspiring name for your clan. Don’t make it funny or idiotic, for example: noobs or teapots. Always keep 1-2 free places for new players. Well, if you are unlucky and your guild is not even included in the TOP-10 strongest, then this is a sure sign that you need to resign.

Battle of the Guilds. From 3 days after the server is opened, Guild Battle is held daily in the evening. The higher the rank of the tournament, the greater the experience and contribution of the guild. In round 1, guilds of the same level are selected at random. The winner of each next round competes with the winner, and the loser with the loser. This determines the order of places.

The reward for the 1st place in the Diamond tournament is the right to control the Hall of Fame. Apart from the Diamond Tournament, the tournament winner of each level rises from a regular tournament to a high tournament. Apart from the Bronze Tournament, the guild losing the tournament of each level decreases to a low tournament. Top-4 in BM from the remaining guilds will be eligible to participate in the Bronze tournament. It is determined every time before it starts.

Before the tournament starts, guilds selected by the system create a battlefield. Players who joined the guild 1 full day before or earlier can participate in the tournament. On the battlefield 5 deposits. Capturing a flag means capturing a reservoir. A deposit is not only an accumulation of resources, but also a place of resurrection. The guild wins, whose resources exceed the resources of the other guild by more than 400. After the end of the countdown, the party with more resources wins.

Guild Battle Presents

Being in the guild you can pick up good gifts every day:

  1. Totem source chest. Inside the 8 orange totem source, each contains 1590 totem experience points.
  2. Experience card. At 1 hour experience for killing a monster is more than 1.5 times. With offline management you can use as usual. At the time of death or offline management after use can not be removed. The effects of experience gain are not cumulative. The effect of increment III replaces the effect of increment I.
  3. Good luck potion (x1, 5). For 1 hour, the drop rate of equipment from a small ordinary field monster increases 1.5 times. In the state of death or offline control can not be deleted. The effects of the application are summed up to a maximum of 10 hours.

The mayor of the guild battle also receives:

  1. The crown of glory, which raises the maximum WZN by 5%.
  2. The special title of mayor who controls the Temple of Glory, which for 6 days gives an increase to the ATK +315, ЗЩТ +80 and ЖЗН +4690.

The list of participants in the guild’s main menu on the right can be viewed, their level and how long they have appeared on the network. With this information, you can clean your guild from the ballast or find out how many active players in the community. Only active players will help you grow and get good rewards.

The head of the guild can appoint 1 deputy and 5 officers. The deputy guild can be engaged in guild members and declare Hunting guild. Only the head of the guild has the right to dissolve the guild. If the head of the guild does not go into the network for more than 48 hours in a row, the post of head is automatically transferred to the deputy (if there is no deputy, then the player with the highest contribution in the history of the guild). If guild members do not go online more than 7 days, the guild is automatically dissolved.

The list of guilds will help you decide what place your clan occupies in the server rating. Here you can find out availability in various guilds. If there is free space in the best guilds, then you can click on the "exit guild" button and try your hand at other communities.

Interserver Alliance . On the server on the second Friday after the end of the Battle of the Guilds, they are assigned a level and the battles are distributed according to the activity. In the estimated guild can enter into an alliance. Please note that you can join the alliance only with guilds with a different rating and from another server. After the conclusion of the alliance, you can chat in the chat channel of one alliance. You can jointly participate in sieges with allies, which allows you to get a tremendous reward. Every week after the end of the battle, all alliances are automatically terminated; after the approval of new battle assessments, new alliances can be concluded.

Guild skills

Guild skills , despite the name - these are your personal skills, they will not disappear when you change guilds.You can improve skills with the help of guild contributions. Contributions are earned by completing weekly guild tasks. Here you can well pump: life, attack, defense, MTC, evasion, attack and defense of the elements.

Guild base

Guild Base - here the head of the guild or his deputy can raise the level of the guild when a certain threshold is reached on the contribution points. 1 additional level is +2 players in the guild. Deposit points are earned by completing guild tasks.

Boss guild hunt

Guild Hunting is a boss battle that brings contribution points and good equipment. To summon a boss for battle, all clan members must earn special energy in the form of a canister and transfer it to the guild fund.Energy is earned again by completing the tasks of the guild.

Tavern - guild institution in which there is a grandiose binge . While drinking, you can have fun with your friends from the guild, enjoy good wine, experience and some surprise. Here give the experience and contribution of the guild. This is a fun event in which you walk through the tavern and regularly turn into various monsters.You can perform tasks: for example, catch the foam. In the middle of the tavern is a cart with barrels - go up to it to get drunk and enjoy. Bukhalovka on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 20.30 to 20.45 on the server or from 23.30 to 23.45 Moscow time.

Guild quests are one of the most important guild activities for which gold, deposit points, and energy canisters give. Just a week given 70 tasks. You can get them from the emissary in the tavern. They are quite simple and come down to the following things:

  1. To fish in a lake, a puddle and even in a fountain.
  2. Answer emissary questions. Correct answers are highlighted in green.
  3. Choose a pet from 3. In turn, choose a pet next to the merchant, and if you guess the others disappear, if not, then not.
  4. Defeating a pest from another guild in the tavern. Their level is yours, but defeating them is easy.
  5. Win in the tavern boss. His level is yours, but defeating him is easy.
  6. Submit - bring. The work of the courier.
  7. And other similar garbage.

Guild Shop

Guild shop is a great way to exchange unwanted or old gear for the right one. You simply bring an outfit that you cannot wear and get Warehouse Points for it. But you can pass only things with stars. The higher the level of things, the more points you get. The reverse is also true - the better the thing, the more points it has to pay for it.Do not be stingy to give good things, they can be acquired and put on by weak players, thereby strengthening the guild. When you exit the guild warehouse points are reset, so before leaving procured in full.

Sharing things is a zero-sum game. For how much you bought a thing, for so much you can sell it.If you still have extra warehouse points, then you can purchase the Bell of the Beast for pumping your pet. But even here a game with zero result, feeding a thing to a pet or buying a bell is still effective. Check the store regularly, remember you are not alone here, others also need a good gear!

Guild envelopes

A guild envelope is a good way to pick up crystals. Envelopes lay out donators with VIP-6 or for the purchase of diamonds. This is another way to aim for a strong guild. Of course you will not get a lot of crystals. On average, up to 10 diamonds are given, the maximum that can be obtained is 25. When the entire envelope fund is spent, issuance is terminated, so do not snap your luck.

Resource Escort Secrets


The event takes place on time - every day from 12:00 to 13:00 or from 19:00 to 20:00 according to server time, as you already understood from the screenshot. The event may be available to you from 110 level. First you need to go to the goblin and take this task. A screen will appear as in the screenshot above. Here are 4 options for carts with cargo: provisions, equipment, gold and crystals. For transportation of supplies, gold and experience are the least, and for crystals, the maximum. Initially, one of the carts is given, it is highlighted with a blue frame (this is not visible in the screenshot). You can change it with the "Update" button, when updating its quality can be either improved or degraded. 3 updates are available for free, then for the crystals. Once the type of load suits you, click Start.

From level 200 you can be robbed by other players, but this is very long and tedious as the caravan is constantly on the move. There are 3 robbery attempts per day. You can not rob players, the level of which is below your more than 50. Each attack of the caravan inflicts 1 points. damage. The caravan has 100 life points, so you do not always have time to rob the caravan before its arrival at its destination. However, before the start, you can insure the wagon, thereby stealing from you not 50%, but 10% of the transported cargo.

We recommend to choose the quality of the wagon Gold or Crystals. We recommend to spend crystals for renewal or insurance only in special cases when you have extra crystals and you need to quickly pump. It is necessary to insure a vehicle when you are often robbed.

We pass Treasure Island

Treasure island

The event opens 2 times every day at 16 and 22 hours server time. Here you turn into a gnome and try to mine ore. Mining takes place in extreme conditions. Guards guard the ore, two-headed guards are killed with 10 blows approximately, the chief guard with 1 blow. Other players also claim the ore. In total, you can collect ore 20 times, failed attempts do not count. It takes several seconds to collect the ore, but if at this time the guard hits you, the collection will be interrupted. With successful mining you will get experience and gold. You can not kill the guards, you can only get away from them. Ore can be 4 types:

But it is not all that bad. You have 4 abilities, many of which are completely useless.

Quiz "Alien World"


question quiz

Going to the quiz you find yourself Astrum, along with other players and by clicking the corresponding icon in the top menu, you will answer 15 questions. The quiz is held on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 13.00 and 19.30. You need to have time to start the quiz, otherwise you will not start with one question, or even skip the quiz. This is an idiotic bug, I hope the developers will fix it soon.

You will be asked 15 questions with 4 answer choices.There are no correct answers, the player chooses one answer out of four; the less a person chooses the answer, the more rewards will be given for it. That is, you need to choose the most incorrect answer. Each topic has 3 stages: choice of answer - 40 seconds, confirmation - 10 seconds, counting - 10 seconds.

An example of a question: "There are two criminals in the cell. One of them was stolen for one year. The other is a robber and a murderer, but it was only two weeks. Why?" Answers:

During each quiz you can get the appropriate number of luck points, the lower the rating, the more questions in the quiz and luck points. Keep the rating low and you can get a rare rank. The left column shows the luck points earned by the player in the quiz. By clicking "Alien World", you can open a large rating of luck points. During the selection period, you can choose the answer, during the confirmation period, you can change the answer, but only 1 time, do not yawn! According to the results of the quiz you will receive gold and experience.

How to win at the Arena Championship

Arena rating

The championship arena is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 20:00 to 20:30 server time. Arena is an event for one person that is available from character level 110. You fight face to face with another player. As a result of the competition you will receive generous awards. You can turn on auto mode and enjoy the fight.Opponents are selected based on the current rating you occupy in the Arena. Every battle you can turn on the "Evil Incarnation" mode (when the hero turns into a big golden angel), this mode will not have a rollback. Do not forget to take the chests at the bottom of the window shown in the screenshot. According to the rating you will receive a reward.

Underground Mine: Tips

Screensaver Underground Mine

The Underground Mine Event is designed for a group walk and is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 20:30 to 21:00. The mine is open to the passage from the 110 level of the main character. With the passage you need to fight a dangerous boss and gain a lot of experience. The tactics of passing does not differ from the passage of any other Dark 3 group dungeon: pick up the squad and turn on the autoboat. The faster you pass it, the better the reward at the end of the ordeal.

What is the Magic Gate?

Magical gates

Magic gates open from 20:00 to 20:30 4 times a week: Tue., Thu, Fri., Sun. The test is designed for a group of players 110 level and above. Gates are free fights with many other players and a great opportunity to show your strategic talents!

The main goal is to score as many points as possible (maximum 2400) in half an hour of play. Points are collected in the following way:

In fact, the gate is the battle of all against all. Since for the victory over other players give the most points - everyone wants to kill you. The motto of this test - kill or be killed. But to pass the test is simple - turn on the autoboy after each death and watch your passing. As a reward, you will receive experience, a totem chest and prints of life and attack.

We reflect the Invasion of demons

The invasion of demons

The event is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 21:00 to 21:15, except for the first 3 days after starting the server. During the event, the first player to enter opens the dungeon for his guild. All subsequent players enter the dungeon of this guild. Monsters attack, forming 8 waves. It is necessary to destroy as many monsters as possible and protect your towers and Karna. Watch out for monsters suddenly attacking Karna from behind!

There is no need to collect a squad, all players are placed on the map of our capital and hit monsters that appear in various places. Even if you stand still, you will still get experience. In the location there are guns for which you can not sit down, they are probably automatic. Karna also sits on the throne and does not help in the defense, although he could. The auto mode works poorly here: you have to look for enemies on your own, and when you find it, you can turn on auto mode.

Proper start of Automatic Battle


The game has online and offline battles that are conducted automatically.

Online avtoboy the fastest and best way to pump the character to pump. Since in this case you will get more experience and more things for sale and gain. The only negative is that you need to keep your gadget on all the time. The output can be the installation of this game on the computer. We do this at the beginning of this article.To reduce the load of Dark 3 on the processor, you need to close the eye, located above the minimap in the upper right corner of the screen. This will remove unnecessary objects and effects from the screen, and the load will decrease. Some wise players leave the car on all night.

The secret of online avtoboya is to take a vantage point. As shown in the screenshot, after some time of autoboat, data appears in the center of the screen about experience points per minute. This indicator depends on many factors - the accuracy of the monsters, their level, ease of killing, the presence of competitors, etc. You can select the desired position experimentally. And do not forget to buy the Ice Dragon, it will help to collect items and gold that fall out of the monsters. We also recommend that you change the settings before starting the autoboat, as we advised in the appropriate section of this article.

Offline avtoboy need to use when it is not possible to run online. For offline also need the right settings. The ice dragon is recommended by the system, but it’s not enough for him, for it raises a few things. Probably lazy in your absence! Offline requires Chrono-sand, which adds time to auto-fight. You can buy it or get it, for example in the guild, or by completing daily tasks. With offline autobay, the system chooses the right place for the fight (not always optimal) and collects the drop itself.

Bonus task

Bonus task

This daily task can be done at any time every day. Its essence is in the victory over monsters and light bosses. The further you go, the greater your reward (gold and experience). The game takes place almost on the machine - it automatically takes rewards and automatically hits enemies.

The size of the award depends on the number of stars that can be updated for gold or diamonds. 5 stars are put up for diamonds at once, and you need to catch luck for gold, as the number of stars may increase or decrease when upgrading. We recommend using only gold - it is more profitable.

A total of 20 tasks are available. You can perform the task instantly for 10 diamonds, you can use a teleport. But it is better to pour yourself coffee and watch how your character works for you, and only occasionally update the star level, especially on the latest tasks.

We pass the dungeon call


Dungeon store

In the dungeon you can get the perfect equipment of orange or purple quality. As a rule, it is this activity that is an excellent way to properly dress a character. If you received items that are not of your class or of the worst class, you can exchange them in the guild shop, maybe someone will need them. Depending on the level of the character you will open all the best and best dungeons with good rewards.

In this inst better to enter a group of 4 people. It is available every day at any time. You can go through the dungeon 3 times on your own, and then help your comrades, but without receiving gifts. The less time you spend, the better the reward will be. The timer runs into the dungeon on the left under the main character icon.

With the passage are also 50 seals of the lord, which you can buy in the appropriate store dungeons. But the clothes are sold there only purple quality, but with 1 star. The ability to purchase also depends on the level of the character. If none are suitable, then you can sell them in the guild shop or feed your pet.

Measurement Gate Tips

Gate measurement

The measurement gate is an adventure similar to a dungeon, but as a reward you get the materials you need to upgrade your skills. We talked more about upgrading skills in the canons section of this article. The measurement gate is a daily event that is available every day. Better the gate to pass a group of 4 people. Total per day is available 2 passes with a reward. The rest of the passage will be without reward, you will just help your comrades.

Measurement gates consist of 8 levels. The transition to the next level is carried out with the passage of the previous one with an assessment of S.

Test demon

Test demon

Testing a demon is a daily event that gives a lot of experience in killing monsters. You can pass at any time. Given 2 attempts to pass. To pass, you need to have a call call, you can get it by synthesizing materials that fall from dead monsters on the map or buy in a store.

The essence of the test - in 6 minutes you need to kill as many enemies as possible. The level of enemies is yours.We recommend that before going to the test to gather a team and activate the buff to increase experience with monsters. The team will help to beat the monsters faster, and the buff will increase your experience. Thus, in 6 minutes the maximum amount of experience will come.

Secrets of the Cemetery of the Gods

Cemetery Screensaver

At the cemetery of the gods, you can get good consumables for pumping your pet. This is a single test, but it passes quickly and easily, just turn on the autoboat and everything will be passed. Available every day at any time when a player reaches 100 level.

Secrets of the passage of bosses game


There are many, many bosses. You can kill only 3 per day and get the reward due from them. But sometimes the action takes place and you can kill more than 3 Bosses (see screenshot). When you have spent your daily limit, you will no longer be able to damage any boss. Killing a boss who is 100 levels below you will not bring trophies.If you beat the boss in the group, then the reward falls to the whole group - who is faster, he will catch more.

A particular difficulty in defeating a boss is the length of the fight. You can beat him for half an hour and when he has some health left some player will come and kill you. In this case, you need to either spend diamonds on the resurrection, or start all over again, as the boss may come to life. This refers to the World bosses on the map.These bosses can be found on the Strong Battlefield main or in other map locations. But there are a lot of them on Strong - 7 pieces, but the risk of running into harmful players is greater.

At the VIP-4 level access to personal bosses and monasteries of the monastery opens. Here, the chances of finishing the boss without any extra adventures and nerves are almost 100%.

Return of resources

Return of resources

The developers came up with the original thing - the return of resources for missing events. Not all players get to go through all the activities for the day, so you can buy the missed rewards for diamonds or gold, but only half of the rewards. But it is better to take part in the events - it is both more interesting and more profitable.

Event: Carnival


In the Carnival section you can get good rewards for their daily activities. There are both temporary and permanent shares. For example, a Gift of 7 days, as the name implies, lasts 7 days, with each entry into the game in this section you will receive a pretty gift.

The gathering of wishes also lasts 7 days. During this event a drop in the form of letters will fall from the mobs.Letters can be exchanged for various utility. So come here more often and participate in new promotions. By the way, after the end of the Wishes Collection, the unchanged letters get in the backpack and it is unclear to sell them or wait for the reincarnation of this event.

Mining Treasure


Treasure gear After spending diamonds, you can take part in the draw equipment. The main prize is red earrings (2 star). 10 draws - 20% discount. In each draw you can get from 10 to 30 points of the treasury, which are exchanged in the exchange shop for equipment. Lottery rewards are subject to change at any time. If during the rally it was not possible to get a great item, good luck rises. The higher the luck, the greater the chance of getting a great reward. After the draw, luck is reset.

Treasure totems. Once a day you can play the lottery for free. For diamonds, you can take part in the lottery and 10 drawings. For 10 draws 20% discount. In each Totem Lottery, you can get from 10 to 16 totem stamps that are exchanged when you click on the "Totem" button. If during the rally it was not possible to get a great item, good luck rises. The higher the luck, the greater the chance of getting a great reward. After the draw, the luck rate is reset. After 56 ur. Pagodas with each draw you can get a totem metacryst as a reward.



A store is a good way to spend your diamonds in large quantities. There are various products for every taste and wallet. Many products here can not be bought even for diamonds, if you have not reached a certain VIP level.Even if your level meets the requirements, there is a limit on the number of purchases per day and per week. This was done so that the experienced donators did not break forward much.

Personal diamonds can be spent here in the appropriate tab. Some products here are more expensive than ordinary diamonds. But personal diamonds can be easily obtained in the game in a variety of ways.

Exploits - here for the currency "Support feat" you can buy everyday items. This currency of support is given for helping other players in the passage of dungeons, bosses and assistance in other events.

Donati correctly


Of course, it’s better not to get into the game, but to pour in some real money. But this should be done wisely!Need to catch the opportunity when investing money will bring great benefits. The first payment can bring you many wonderful gifts (as shown in the screenshot). But you should hurry - not always the developers will be so generous.

Events that are regularly held in the game allow you to receive additional prizes for investing funds. For the replenishment of diamonds for a certain amount you will find a sea of awards! The larger the deposit amount, the more generous the reward. After the completion of the event, the replenishment is not rewarded, and awards not requested in time are not given. Do not forget to receive a reward! Each character can participate in the event only 1 time!

Reiling refill. When you replenish the minimum amount during the event, the character is entered in the rating. At the end of the replenishment event, you can get an award for a place in the ranking. It can not be picked up after the time allotted for the issuance of awards. Replenishment rating is updated 1 time in 10 minutes.

Conclusion and conclusions

We hope that our writings on writing this article were not in vain and you gathered a lot of useful information in it. Of course the game Dark 3 is interesting, and allows you to spend your free time wonderfully. But still, there are some things that prevent her from using the deserved popularity among players:

  1. The terrible layout of the Russian text. You probably noticed on the screenshots that the inscriptions are not enough to fit on the button, they can also overlap each other. It looks awful and badly spoils the impression of the game.
  2. Events by night time. A lot of events pass through the server time.For people living in Moscow time, it is very late, although not for everyone. Need to sleep before work or school. Unfortunately, developers do not want to do Russian server or Asian. For residents of the Asian part of Russia - this is generally unacceptable.

But in general the game is good and deserves to play it at least once!

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.