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Dawn Crisis Survivors WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

DAWN CRISIS: SURVIVORS ZOMBIE GAME is an Android game with a release date of 11/6/2019 from Penguins Studio. Game genre: Casual. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to Fight Zombies?
  3. Weapons Guide
  4. How to upgrade weapons?
  5. Buffs Guide
  6. All About Talents and Skills
  7. How To Make A Lot Of Money?
  8. Is It Worth Playing?

Dawn Crisis Survivors: A Beginner’s Guide

Plot. The zombie apocalypse has come, your hero is possibly the only surviving person on the planet. Every day he is attacked by zombies, which he destroys in order to save his own life.

Time. The game is counting down the days of the hero’s survival, every day is a new level of the game. At the moment, the game has 145 days. Over time, the seasons change, new weapons and abilities are unlocked, and zombies become stronger.

Level. Your game level will differ from the number of days lived. Kill as many zombies as possible to earn experience points and increase your level.

Interface. In the center of the main screen, the hero’s camp is displayed with an indication of the day of survival. In the upper left corner, your game level is indicated, as well as health and defense indicators. The number of available resources is displayed at the top of the screen.

At the bottom of the main screen, there is a model of the weapon used, indicating the main characteristics, as well as a transition to the skills and talents menu. On the right is an information tab about the approach of a boss or the opening of a new weapon model.

Health. A green indicator indicates the character’s health, the maximum number of health units is 1500. Health decreases when defeated in a battle with a zombie, in this case it takes some time to recover. Health is restored by several units every 4 seconds of online play.

If you exit the game with incomplete health of the hero, then not only will it not be restored, but it may also decrease. Until your health is fully restored, watch commercials and earn additional resources.

Protection. The blue indicator indicates the status of the character’s protection. In battle, when attacking a zombie, units of protection will be spent first, and then health. Protection will not recover on its own, you need to get a special helmet.

Settings. Click on the health icon next to the health indicator to customize music and sounds. There is no synchronization of the game when changing a game device, so you cannot save and restore progress.

Advertising. There is no donation in the game, so getting additional resources and bonuses is tied to watching commercials. Take advantage of all the game offers to obtain resources and watch as many videos as possible.

You can skip some of the commercials without watching them in full. Pay attention to the Rewind icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

The Internet. Connect the Internet to get the opportunity to view advertisements and get additional resources. You can turn it off so that you do not get bored with advertising, but in this case your income will be minimal, and diamonds will become completely inaccessible to you.

If the message Only after playback appears on the screen, then wait until the game is loaded or check the Internet connection.

Dawn Crisis Survivors: How to Fight Zombies?

The beginning of the battle. Click the Start Battle button to switch to the zombie combat mode. If you are starting a battle with incomplete health, watch the commercial to replenish your health bar.

Interface. The screen displays the camp of the hero, which is being attacked by zombies. There is a machine gun tower next to the fire, which will help you and automatically shoot at enemies. At the top is an indicator of the number of enemies that must be destroyed to go to the next level.

The health and protection indicators are displayed in the upper left corner. Below is the number of coins that you were able to earn in battle, gold is collected automatically. There is a pause icon next to it, click on it to take a break or return to the main game screen.

Control. On the left there is a joystick for moving the character around the battlefield. On the right are buttons for starting shooting, applying a skill and calling an air strike. Apply airstrike to finish off bosses or the last wave of zombies.

The use of weapons. Shoot at enemies, taking into account the amount of ammo available. Do not hold down the fire button in order not to quickly use up all the ammunition. Move enemies closer, as many weapon models have a limited range.

To save ammo, shoot at clusters of enemies.

Recharge. The number of cartridges remaining is indicated next to the weapon icon. The game provides automatic reloading. If necessary, click on the cartridge icon to reload the weapon yourself.

Skills. Use the skill at the very beginning of the battle so that it has time to recover and is ready for use at the most opportune moment. The use of the skill allows you to destroy enemies without using your main weapon and thereby save ammunition.

To increase the effectiveness of skills, use them when destroying groups of zombies.

Zombie. On the levels of the game, you will meet zombies with different skills. Study their attacks so that they cannot defeat you. For example:

Every 10th level zombies will receive an additional bonus, for example, health regeneration. Also, an anti-bonus may apply to your hero, for example, limiting the area of movement.

Pay attention to the clues during the battle. The game will warn you so that you can prepare for a big wave of zombies.

Bosses. Every 5 and 10 days you will have to fight bosses. Before the start of the battle, you will be offered to watch a commercial to get triple health and an air strike. Use this opportunity so that during the battle you will not have any difficulties with the destruction of the boss.

End of the battle. After completing the battle, you will be able to receive the earned gold and proceed to the next level. At the end of the round, you can also choose one of the additional rewards:

Defeat. If the zombies have killed you, then watch the proposed commercial to fully restore health and get more powerful weapons to complete the battle. We also advise you to use this opportunity when you run out of cartridges.

Dawn Crisis Survivors: Weapons Guide

Weapons are the main way to destroy zombies and bosses. The game has 17 models of weapons with different characteristics and features of use in the fight against zombies. Below is a classification of weapons by type from the most powerful models to the weaker ones.


  1. SKS.
  2. M24.
  3. Mini-14.

Grenade launchers:

  1. RG-6.
  2. RPG-7.
  3. Kar98k.

Automatic machines:

  1. MG42.
  2. M4.
  3. S12K.
  4. M249.
  5. FAMAS.
  6. UMP.
  7. Thompson.
  8. UZU.

How do I get a weapon? You will begin the passage of the first levels with the S1897 pistol. After a few levels, you will be asked to get an AK-47 for watching a commercial.

The rest of the weapon models you will open after passing each 10th level of the game. You can get a new weapon only by watching ads, it will always be more powerful than the previous one.

The choice of weapons. The weapon currently in use is displayed at the bottom of the main screen. Click on it to go to the list of all open models and choose the most suitable one to complete the new level.

Weapon characteristics:

Use weapons with the highest firepower to deal more damage to zombies.

Shooting tactics. Understand the peculiarities of the weapon used and study the mechanism of its action so as not to waste valuable ammunition. Be careful or you will not be able to advance in the game.

Rifle. For example, the Mini-14 shoots single penetration rounds and thus can destroy several zombies at once in one shot. The rifle shoots accurately, but has a small supply of ammunition. Do not use the rifle to destroy single enemies, as the ammo will be wasted ineffectively.

Grenade launcher. For example, the RG-6 fires powerful projectiles, an explosion occurs, and all enemies in range are damaged. Shoot a group of zombies in order to effectively use all the shells, which are very few in the set.

Machine. For example, the M249 fires an automatic burst, but the shots are scattered and you will miss a lot. Shoot quickly and in short bursts to increase your accuracy and efficiency, as the first shots accurately target zombies. Move groups of enemies closer to you to increase your hitting accuracy.

Machine gun tower. On the battlefield next to the character there will always be a machine gun that can provide you with good support in the fight against zombies. The machine gun tower automatically shoots at enemies as long as there is ammo in it. There are enough cartridges for 3-4 battles, and if necessary, before the start of the level, you can replenish the stock of cartridges using diamonds.

Dawn Crisis Survivors: How to upgrade weapons?

Improving weapons. Weapon damage can be increased by increasing its level and number of stars. The maximum star level of the weapon is 5. All major weapon upgrades are made at the expense of gold.

Weapon level. Raise the level of your weapon to change its characteristics and status. When you move to a new level and change the status, the color scheme of the weapon changes:

Weapon Upgrade Tips:

Additional weapon equipment. Most weapon models can be modified by purchasing special spare parts. For example, on the M24, you can additionally install a muzzle, bullet loops and a sight. So the muzzle will increase the damage done by 50%, the sight - the critical chance by 40%, the bullet loops - the magazine volume by 20 rounds.

Buy additional equipment for diamonds to improve your weapons. The purchase is made once, such parts cannot be upgraded and cannot be installed on other weapons.

Machine gun tower. Level up the machine gun using diamonds to increase the damage done to the enemy in battle. An additional bonus when upgrading a machine gun is the automatic recovery of all cartridges, so do not waste diamonds to purchase cartridges.

When pumping a machine gun turret, a timer appears, which starts counting down the time until the upgrade is completed. Watch the promotional video to reduce waiting time by 1 hour.

Until the upgrade is completed, the machine gun tower will not be able to provide you with fire support in battle, so set it to pumping when you exit the game.

Dawn Crisis Survivors: Buffs Guide

Gains. When passing difficult levels, special items with special properties will always come in handy. You can get them after killing zombies, in which case a special enhancement icon will appear on the battlefield.

Run through power-ups to activate their actions. Please note that the icon will only be active for a few seconds and then disappear. The buff also lasts for a limited time.

Do not kill zombies when they are in the grass, as you will not be able to see the drop-out power-ups.

During the battle, you can use the following power-ups:

Be sure to pick up all the drop-down bonuses to cope with a powerful zombie attack.

Dawn Crisis Survivors: All About Talents and Skills

Talent. Your character has 6 special talents, the development of which will enhance the main characteristics of the hero and increase the income received. Raising the level of each talent is carried out for diamonds. Upgrade all talents to level 10 to get maximum improvements.

Since the properties of talents are valid throughout the game, we advise you to first of all spend diamonds on their pumping.

Develop all talents and get the following bonuses:

Skills. Use one of the five available character skills to destroy zombies faster or carry out a powerful attack on the boss. New skills become available for use and pumping with increasing game level. To improve a skill, you need to spend diamonds.

Character Skills:

After opening the Serrated Blade, we advise you to pump this particular skill as the most effective in the fight against zombies.

Dawn Crisis Survivors: How To Make A Lot Of Money?

Resources. Resources are of great importance for character development and weapon pumping. Making a lot of money is not difficult, there are many different ways to do this in the game, but you will have to watch a lot of ads.

Types of resources. In Dawn Crisis Survivors, resources are presented in the form of gold coins and diamonds. Gold is needed to increase the power of weapons, and diamonds are needed to pump skills, talents and a machine gun turret.

Passage of levels. For destroying zombies and bosses while completing levels, you can also earn gold. The more enemies are destroyed, the more will be the amount earned that you can receive regardless of victory or defeat in the game.

Additional income. Click on the gold or diamonds indicator to watch the video and get additional resources. The higher your game level, the more resources you will receive for watching ads. The number of views is unlimited, but this method is not the most effective way to make money.

Wheel of Fortune. Click on the wheel of fortune icon located on the right side of the main screen to use your chance to win a prize. You can win gold, diamonds and an exclusive weapon - the Fiery Blade.

Spinning the wheel of fortune is a great way to earn extra gold to upgrade your weapons. The higher your game level, the more resources you can win. If you run out of chances, watch the commercial to try your luck again.

Spin the wheel of fortune as often as possible to win the Fiery Blade. This is the only way to get hold of the most powerful weapon in the game.

Prosperity. Click on the wheel of fortune icon located on the right side of the main screen to receive a daily gift. Log into the game for 7 days and earn an impressive amount of diamonds - 5800 diamonds. To claim the daily reward, you also need to watch the promotional video.

Daily income. Click on the bag of gold, which is located on the main screen to the left of the character, to receive daily income. The maximum amount of gold that can be accumulated depends on your playing level.

When the bag is full, a coin icon will appear above it. You can get the accumulated amount at any time during the game or when entering the application. Click Get and increase your income.

Book reading. Click on the stack of books to the right of the character to get bonus diamonds. The advantage of this method of obtaining is the lack of viewing ads. The reward depends on the number of pages read, for one page you can get from 1 to 3 diamonds.

Container. Sometimes a container appears to the left of the character, click on it to get additional resources. Be sure to open such containers to get a drop with a good set of resources.

Dawn Crisis Survivors: Is It Worth Playing?

Dawn Crisis Survivors is a casual shooter in which you have to destroy zombies every day to survive. Simple game mechanics, variety of weapons and power-ups allows each user to play in their own individual mode.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons of the game that can turn you off:

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.