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Dig Out WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

DIG OUT is an Android game with a release date of 01/27/2016 from ZiMAD. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Excavation Secrets
  3. Choose the right hero
  4. Secrets of the Kings Pass
  5. A Guide to Boosters and Objects
  6. Monsters and Traps Overview
  7. How do I get gold for Achievements?
  8. How to Win a Championship and Close Daily Goals?
  9. A Guide for Donators

Dig Out: A Beginner’s Guide

DIG OUT is an exciting adventure game from ZiMAD. Easy gameplay makes the game accessible for children and adults. Intricate puzzle levels allow the user to be smart and think out their own unique game strategy. And the endless underground world and randomly generated levels keep the player from getting bored.

The plot of the game

The creators of the game tell us about the life of treasure hunters. Previously, mountains of precious stones were mined from the ground, but the invading kings invaded the settlement and destroyed everything. The kings settled underground and set free monsters and traps. Now it is very difficult to get treasures, and only a real hero can help the inhabitants of the town.

The user tries on the role of various heroes and begins to extract treasures. Earning various bonuses, the player fights against the invading kings, and also helps to restore the destroyed settlement, rebuild the bastion, houses and rooms. To develop the storyline company, you need to complete a number of tasks.


During the passage of the story chapters, the player encounters the inhabitants of the town of treasure hunters. You cannot play for Grandfather, Talgo and Caleb, they do not participate in excavations, but they help the player get treasures, fight the Kings and restore the bastion.

Grandfather is a long-liver of the bastion. After completing tasks to restore the town, the grandfather tells part of the storyline and reveals the secrets of the bastion.

Talgo is a green goblin, the most important in treasure. The character helps the player in the mines, having reached the checkpoint with Talgo, all achievements and earned bonuses are saved. Lives in a hut with a special jewelery lift.

Caleb is a blacksmith who is in charge of weapons in the bastion. The character helps to improve the strength of the pickaxe, which is necessary for excavation underground. The forge needs to be restored to increase Caleb’s ability to pump a pickaxe.

The hero is the main character of the game who carries out excavations, fights monsters and destroys kings. The game features 32 heroes with unique abilities.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to excavate mines, collect gems, iron and crystals, destroy kings and rebuild the settlement. To start the game, you must press the "Play" button. At the first excavation, the user receives hints and free boosters.

The game doesn’t work without internet. To save progress, you need to connect via Facebook.

To repair buildings, you need to complete tasks and earn stars. Stars are given for reaching a new player level. The level rises for obtaining silver coins during excavations. The player receives coins for collecting diamonds, destroying enemies and breaking totems.

The main menu lists the tasks and how many stars you need to spend to complete it. For example, to rebuild a bastion wall you need 2 stars. To complete the story chapter, you must complete several stages of the tasks. For completing the chapter, the player receives a red chest with prizes. The contents of the chest can be found by clicking on it.

Complete the side quests first, then the chapter quests, so that a large number of side quests do not accumulate.

For killing kings, achieving achievements, completing daily goals, opening chests and watching videos, the player receives gold coins. This is the main currency of the game, for which the user can purchase boosters, restore life or open a new hero.

Coins are better spent on buying the right heroes than on purchasing boosters.

Also, the user needs to constantly improve the buildings in the bastion. In the first stages, the forge and the lift are improved. Further, there is a need to improve alchemical skills, the throne room and the arsenal.

Forge - by improving the forge, the player improves the pickaxe and increases its durability. The higher the strength of the pickaxe, the deeper the player can go down in the mine. At the bottom are the rarest diamonds that help in the fight against kings and get stars.

Lift - By improving the lift, the player gets more bonus silver each time, which helps in the fight against kings. Upgrading the elevator is purchased for crystals that can be found in chests during excavations. Spending crystals increases the percentage of the bonus received by 2.5%, 3%, and so on.


The main screen displays the bastion. Here the player can roam the area, climb stairs, jump off and explore the town. The main game location opens after swiping down, or pressing the "Play" button.

Main home screen buttons:

Dig Out: Excavation Secrets

Each excavation map is generated automatically and the user needs to rethink the passage. The screen displays information:

During the passage of the storyline, the user has the opportunity to use the teleport before starting the excavation. This device for the runes moves the hero immediately deep underground to the last checkpoint reached by the player.

Checkpoint is a specially equipped room in the mine, entering which the player saves all the bonuses earned during excavation and inflicts damage to the king. Checkpoints are located after a certain number of meters from each other. Its location can be determined by the compass icon with Talgo, the arrow indicates where you need to move to get to the checkpoint.

Pickaxe is the main tool for excavation. Important indicators of the pickaxe are its durability and the amount of remaining energy, they are displayed on the indicator in the upper left corner.

Energy is spent on cleaning blocks in the mine. The deeper the excavation goes, the more energy needs to be spent on one block. If the energy runs out, the player loses and loses all accumulated and not saved bonuses. You can restore energy by collecting special objects in the mine.

Remember the pickaxe! Restore its durability in time by collecting energy in the excavation.

At the beginning of the excavation, the player is shown the task that must be completed. Also, at the beginning of the round, you can buy boosters, since during the game you can buy them only at the checkpoint.

Tasks can be completed over several excavations, progress is saved at checkpoints. The main missions to be completed during excavation:

After the end of the round, if the hero was killed by a monster, he fell into a trap or the pickaxe broke, it is possible to resurrect the hero, or return to the bastion and watch a commercial to open the chest and receive a reward for completing the round.

The very first resurrection in the game is free, then you need to pay gold coins for it. The more often the user returns the hero during one excavation, the more expensive it is. For example, the first resurrection costs 750 gold coins, the next 1000 coins.

Pay attention to the tips that appear when loading the game. They contain valuable advice.

Dig Out: Choose the right hero

The hero is the main character, with the help of which the player performs excavations, collects useful objects and destroys monsters. At the beginning of the game, two free characters, Chuck and Scarlett, are given, who do not have any special skills. To get a new hero, you need to collect its fragments, from 5 to 50 fragments for one hero.

A fragment of the hero can be obtained:

There are 5 types of heroes in the game:

  1. Common - you need to collect from 5 to 20 fragments: Chuck, Scarlett, Lando, Frosty, Lara, Conan, John, Jake.
  2. Rare - you need to collect 25 to 35 fragments: Arthur, Richie, Jafar, Xena, Robbie, Crowe, Barry, Steve, Rocky.
  3. Epic - you need to collect from 25 to 30 fragments: Bonnie, Vlad, Flint, Wayne, Jura, Ford, Sylvia, Nemo.
  4. Legendary - you need to collect from 25 to 35 fragments: Leach, Joe Chan, Woody, Paulo, Ramses.
  5. Unique - you need to collect 50 fragments: Cupid, Hunter.

Each user individually chooses a hero depending on his strategy. When kings are destroyed, various game situations arise, it is necessary to select the appropriate hero to successfully complete the levels.

It is best to choose heroes who know how to shoot at enemies. Better to play as Nick or Lando in the first levels.

ChuckNo special skills
ScarlettNo special skills
NickBreaking 30 blocks will immediately stun the nearest enemy with a ball.
LandauAfter breaking 12 blocks, it automatically launches an arrow at a random enemy.
FrostyAt a random time, upon impact, it freezes the ground or an enemy nearby.
LaraTotems break faster.
ConanCan push the stone up.
JohnRecovers a pickaxe by 25% for each snake killed.
JakeThe cannon does not react to the hero.
ArthurOnce every 2 minutes, it can walk along the thorns without harm to itself.
RichieOnce broken, totems give more coins.
JafarRecovers a pickaxe by 20% for each broken thorns.
XenaAfter breaking 12 blocks, automatically launches a boomerang in the direction of the last blow.
RobbieRecovers a pickaxe by 20% for each broken cannon.
CroweOnce every 2.5 minutes, kills a monster (excluding a ghost) upon colliding with it.
BarryThe helmet will protect against the stone and disappear, the helmet will be restored after 2.5 minutes.
SteveGains explosion protection every 10 seconds.
RockyCan push several stones in a row.
BonnieGoes for his own from the ghosts and will not be them.
VladRecovers a pickaxe by 25% for each mouse killed.
FlintThe compass will show the way to resources, chests and a cage with a hero.
WayneTNT crates detonate with a 3 second delay.
YuraThe character is accompanied by a companion, which will protect from the nearest enemy (with the exception of the ghost), recovers after 45 seconds.
FordRecovers a pickaxe by 30% for each spider killed.
SilviaAfter collecting 15 spheres of energy, it will fill the flask of power and immediately refill 75% of the pickaxe (but not less than 30 hits) if it breaks.
NemoWill highlight the energy in the boxes.
LeachKills a ghost every 2.5 minutes on collision with it.
Joe ChanAll enemies in the excavation are slowed down.
WoodyAfter killing 3 enemies, it turns into a ghost and can fly over the playing field for 6 seconds.
PauloAfter breaking 15 blocks, turns a random stone in the field of view into diamond or energy.
RamsesIncreases the mined silver by 2 times.
CupidAfter collecting 15 of any diamonds, it hovers above the ground for 4.5 seconds.
HunterAfter breaking 10 blocks, it automatically loads the cannon and shoots an energy beam in the direction of the last blow.

Dig Out: Secrets of the Kings Pass

Kings are the bosses of the game. Your task is to destroy the kings one by one and get a good reward for this: various boosters and 2250 gold coins for each.

You can kill the king with the help of special swords that the player receives when collecting precious stones. For example, for a red diamond you can get 10 swords, for a purple one - 20, for a blue one - 50. The less often the diamond, the more damage it can inflict on the king.

All the swords accumulated during the excavation can be used by reaching the checkpoint. At this moment, the king is damaged and the amount of his life is reduced. The higher the difficulty level of the king, the more damage he needs to inflict.

An additional way to damage the king is by using a diamond totem. It is necessary to drop stones on the totem, or drop the totem from a height, then the damage is done immediately. The maximum damage can be inflicted by breaking the totem.

KingComplexityNew at excavation
Kobold1st levelSpiders, snakes, bats, stones, TNT boxes.
Kobold Miner2nd levelUseful items begin to appear more often in ordinary boxes.
Shaman-land1st levelCarnivorous bush and slugs. Wind and Thunder Totem, Diamond Totem. Monsters and obstacles can turn into a random object or enemy.
Kobold Hunter2nd levelLevitator and mortar. Some monsters start moving faster.
Kobold SorcererLevel 3Unstable TNT box. Some monsters can explode upon death.
Shaman water2nd levelFire totem and thorny vine. More energy crystals in the dig.
Goblin WarriorLevel 3-
Immortal4th levelSkeleton and headstone.
Goblin Engineer2nd level-
Air shaman2nd levelObjects temporarily stop falling.
Skeleton ArcherLevel 3A curse.
Goblin Demoman4th level-
NecromancerLevel 3Spiders tend to leave cobwebs.
Fire shaman2nd level-
Goblin ShamanLevel 3-
WarlordLevel 3-
Vlad Mrakula4th levelVampire. After killing monsters, ghosts appear.
Mushroom2nd level-
Klaus the MercilessLevel 3The ghost vampire heals his king when the victim bites, killing him damages the king.
KristenLevel 5-
GrowlLevel 3Cursed totem.
AlphaLevel 5Werewolf.
Schrump2nd level-
Mrotus2nd level-
ShadeLevel 3Darkness.
ScarraLevel 3Poisoner.
Chucky4th levelSide wind.
InfernoLevel 5Panic fear.
Deidara2nd level-
TildeLevel 3-
CentorioLevel 5Smoke.
Victor FrankensteinLevel 3-
Fair2nd levelRoots.
GrugardLevel 5Worm.
ScrappleLevel 5-
Hard rockLevel 3Barrel.
Bells4th level-
KlureLevel 5-
Mranmore4th level-
Cravan4th level-
IzayaLevel 3-
Obellum4th level-
KrastosLevel 3Gargoyle.
Khefra MikerinLevel 5-
Noil4th level-

Dig Out: A Guide to Boosters and Objects

The player receives boosters as a reward for destroying kings, they can also be purchased before starting the game or at the checkpoint for gold coins. Each booster has its own distinctive feature that helps the player overcome difficulties in the mine.

During excavation, the player encounters many different objects that can bring both benefit and harm. Useful objects bring coins, cups and swords to destroy kings. It is necessary to use objects wisely and think over the way to them past monsters and traps.

Dig Out: Monsters and Traps Overview

To make it more difficult for the hero to get gems, crystals and iron, the kings let monsters into the mines and set traps. If the hero is caught, he will die, and the player will end the round. In case of death, all received coins, cups, crystals, iron are lost, and swords earned are also canceled and do not damage the king. For killing monsters and destroying traps, you can get coins and cups.

Dig Out: How do I get gold for Achievements?

During the game, the user, performing certain actions, can receive rewards for their achievements. There are only three levels of achievements. For the first level of achievement, the player receives 25 gold coins, for the second - 50, for the third - 75.

The player receives achievements for the following actions:

Dig Out: How to Win a Championship and Close Daily Goals?

The Dig Out Championship is held every few days. The user participates in the championship automatically. The place occupied in the table depends on the number of cups earned during the excavation process. Cups can be obtained for diamonds and the destruction of enemies. On the championship board, you can follow the progress of the competition and understand how many points still need to be earned in order to receive a medal and an award for a prize place.

The content of the prize that the player receives depends on the level of the league the user is in. The higher the league, the better the prizes. Occupying high places, the player moves to a higher league. There are 7 leagues with 3 levels of promotion each:

Every day the player is asked to achieve 11 different goals, for achieving one goal you can get 10 or 20 points. The content and the number of prizes received depends on the number of points earned. The maximum number of points per day is 100.

Daily goals :

By gradually completing daily goals, the player can receive 5 valuable prizes :

  1. For 20 points collected - 25 gold coins, 1500 silver coins, 1 life.
  2. For 40 points gained - 25 gold coins, 30 crystals.
  3. For 60 points scored - 25 gold coins, 1 life.
  4. For 80 points gained - 25 gold coins, 80 iron.
  5. For 100 points scored - 1 hero fragment, 1 life.

Dig Out: A Guide for Donators

In the store, the user can purchase various improvements for currency: gold coins (from 3000 to 187500 coins), boosters, increasing the strength of the pickaxe. There are various sets that differ from each other in price and purchased bonuses:

Any purchase disables push ads. The best buy is the growth kit. If you plan to play for a long time, destroy all the kings and restore the bastion, purchase it.

The author of the article: Maria M., Yaroslav I.