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Diggy`s Adventure WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Diggy’s Adventure: Maze Games is an adventure game developed by Pixel Federation Games. Help Diggie, Professor, Linda and Rusty explore the fascinating world of ancient civilizations. You have to carry out archaeological excavations, complete quests, look for treasures, build your own camp and solve interesting puzzles. The game is ported from PC, features a large variety of content, weekly updates, interesting time events, a rich storyline and addictive gameplay.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of the Game
  3. How to accumulate energy?
  4. Booster Guide
  5. Professor Switching System
  6. Cooking in the Kitchen
  7. Maintaining a list of neighbors
  8. Gift System Guide
  9. Daily Rewards
  10. Features of playing as part of a team
  11. Conclusion

Diggy`s Adventure: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? Diggie’s adventures are about digging tiles in mines, puzzles, stories and events. The game also provides ways to optimize energy production and progress.

regional mines. In the game’s main storyline, Diggy, along with Linda and Rusty the Robot, travel through several ancient regions and times. You start playing in ancient Egypt and meet gods and famous ancient characters along the way while trying to find the protagonist’s father. You have to complete regional quests and tasks, solve puzzles and dig more than 1200 mines.

Read the signs and talk to the characters you see in the mines. They give you clues and help tell the story.

Camp. Your camp is the central place from where you control the game. Here you can:

Events and special weeks. Events make up the bulk of the game. In general they give better rewards (higher XP/En) and better new equipment to upgrade your camp. Every 4 weeks, 2 events and a Special Week start.

Energy. Digging a path through mines requires energy. The top screen shows how much energy you restore per hour and when it will be full and stop generating. Hover your mouse over the panel to see more details, or click on it in the mobile version of the app. When setting up an underground camp, use the gauge to track when your energy bar is full and reaches its maximum capacity.

Additional features that improve the gaming experience. Several tools to aid in gameplay are available in the store/additional sections.

Progress. Only quests with a yellow border are required to complete the game. On mobile devices, quests are located on the "History" tab in the task list. When you finish one quest, the next one begins. The blue-bordered side quests are optional and are often mini-stories. Full excavation of the mines is also optional.

Level up. The yellow experience bar on the top screen keeps track of the levels, shows the accumulated experience and how much is left before moving to the next level. Leveling up increases the energy limit available to you, which helps you dig more tiles and unlocks better equipment for your underground camp. It is also a multiplier/factor of the cost of green, red and Christmas rings.

Leveling strategy. Trying to time your level up to a certain point can greatly help you participate in events and special weeks due to the significant energy rewards. You have some control over leveling up. Look ahead and plan your actions:

By doing this, you are preparing the "Stash" for instant XP and level up as you wish. All this leads to the fact that you can easily go through many events and mines.

Diggy`s Adventure: Secrets of the Game

What is Diggie’s Adventure? Diggy’s Adventure is a fun Facebook social game full of logic puzzles and adventures. You can follow the story of Diggie and his father, complete various quests and interesting puzzles, level up, dig through many locations, take care of your base camp, help friends, hunt for treasures and much more.

Can I play this game with my friends? Yes, you can play with your Facebook friends. You can visit their own camps and help each other by sending gifts and setting up windmills.

How to change the language? The language can be changed by clicking on the corresponding flag on the right side of the top game menu. The game is currently available in English, German, Slovak, French, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Greek, Russian and Turkish.

How can I move the screen to see other parts of my camp or mine? You can use the click and drag system. The mouse button must be pressed to capture the screen. The button must be held down while the screen is being moved ("dragged") to the destination/direction. Then the mouse button must be released.

What are the two bars at the top of the home screen? The number in the circle shows your level.

What is energy for? Diggy needs energy to dig tiles to complete various tasks. It replenishes over time based on the regeneration rate, even if the player is offline. The maximum speed and energy regeneration rate can be changed in the camp settings. The player starts with 200 energy. The bar shows 200/200 when the energy is full. In this case, the maximum amount can be raised with the help of camp equipment, for example, up to 300/300.

When a player eats some food or drinks something energetic (or clicks on a child god or levels up), they can raise the maximum to, for example, 350/300. At this point, the regeneration stops and the counter starts when the player reaches 299/300 again. There are several large tiles in the game (which require, for example, 600 energy), and by accumulating this additional energy, you can dig them up.

Hovering the mouse pointer over the energy bar displays additional information.

There are several buttons at the bottom of the main screen. What are they for? The lower left side shows your friends list. You can navigate through it by pressing the right or left arrows. It shows the friend’s profile picture, name and level. By clicking on a friend’s profile picture, you can visit their camp. The lower right side shows several buttons:

What is a camp? The camp is a unique place where you can create equipment and decorations for your camp. Each player can customize the appearance of their camp according to their taste and needs. Camp equipment and decorations can be purchased at the store.

Equipment in the camp. Changing gear at camp is essential. The best way to customize equipment is to increase capacity when you log out of the game for a longer time; have regeneration equipment when you are online for a longer time so that the energy level is replenished quickly and at the same time, for example, use the production equipment to cook food that instantly replenishes the energy level. After the equipment for the camp is bought, it can be sent from the camp to inventory, and then back to the camp.

My kettle/other equipment is gone and I can’t buy it again! It’s probably in your inventory. Just click on the green backpack icon at the bottom right of the menu. The first button - the red tent - will show all your hidden camp equipment.

What do I need to do to unlock more space in my camp? More camp space means more camp gear, giving you more power! This means that you can dig more and progress faster in the game. All you have to do is click on the bomb icon that appears on the wreckage currently being removed. The window will tell you what you need to unlock a specific location.

How to unlock lower floors in my camp? The lower floors become available as you level up in the game.

What are the materials for? Materials are your resources that you need mainly to buy camp equipment and decorations.

I’m out of materials. On the world map in the "Repeatable" tab there are mines of materials. They are called repetitive because after a full flush they fill up again after a certain amount of time. Another way to get materials is to send caravans for them in exchange for a price in coins.

How can I get bronze/any other material? If you need it for the quest - just read the hint under the requirements. If you need a building material in the shop, just hover over the material. The last option is to open your inventory (green backpack icon) and click on the materials tab. You can hover over each to see additional information, such as where to get the material.

What are diamonds for? Diamonds are a special currency in the game, by spending which you can buy special items. For example, special equipment of the camp, decorations or speeding up certain actions (instant return of a caravan with a full load without waiting, instant completion of production without waiting, instant completion of a mine restart without waiting, etc.). Diamonds can be bought with real money, but they are also scattered here and there as loot in the mines, and can be obtained through leveling up and achievement rewards.

Windmills. What are they for? The windmill is an item that you can send as a gift to your friends. When someone sends it to you, you can accept this item, and then it will appear in your inventory on the "Windmills" tab. After you place her in a friend’s camp, she will give you 5 experience points and add 5 points to your friend’s regeneration speed. A player can have a maximum of 5 windmills. This limit can be increased if the player buys a special add-on from the store.

How can I get a caravan outpost and what does it do? The caravan outpost is part of the reward for helping Mr. Bill. This allows the player to buy camels. They can be sent to different places to get certain items that cannot be obtained in any other way (milk, sugar, flour, etc.).

What does the card give? The world map shows available and blocked locations. Diggy can travel to these locations, if they are not blocked, and progress through the story. There are several tabs at the bottom of the map - the main tab, which shows all the main locations; a repeating tab and other tabs showing places belonging to each god. There are three types of locations: your home camp and city mines.

What does a repeating mine mean? Repeatable mines are special mines with a restart indicator. They will start updating after the player has cleared the entire location by digging out all the tiles. The mine, meanwhile, is inaccessible, and the reboot takes several hours. After restarting, the mine is filled with tiles again, and they can be dug again and again. Restart can be accelerated with the help of diamonds. Basically, these are material or pantry mines with a chance to get treasures. Most of them are on the "Repeated Map" tab.

I came across these strange round stones, what should I do with them? Round stones are part of most of the puzzles in Diggy’s Adventure. They usually block your path and most of them need to be moved to a specific location with a symbol on it. These rocks can be both pushed and pulled, so don’t be afraid to play with them a bit.

What kind of bubble glows above the character’s head? These "bubbles" appear when an NPC (non-player character) wants to give Diggy a quest (question mark bubble) or complete a quest (exclamation point bubble). The player must click on the NPC himself to start a conversation. NPCs can appear and disappear in the player’s camp, in the city, and also in the mines. If you don’t know what else to do, always find an NPC with a bubble.

After talking to the NPC with a question mark, you will receive a quest, indicated by an icon on the left side of the main screen. The quest window contains the name of the quest, a monologue from an NPC, a hint (describes exactly what the player must do to complete the quest), and basically also a quick button that quickly moves the player to the location of the quest.

I found a divine child. What does it do? Finding a child god in a game is always helpful. When you click on it, it instantly gives a certain amount of energy and coins to the player. After the first click, it moves to the player’s camp. He runs around the camp and can sometimes recharge. After that, the player again receives a certain amount of instant energy and coins. However, these children cannot remain in the players’ camp forever. After a few clicks or a certain amount of time, they disappear.

Why do some of my friends have such strange icons? This icon is an indicator of a child god. Children appear once a day at your friends’ camps. This does not mean that you are taking their children away from them, this is just an added bonus. A gift - bonus energy - can be sent to them by taking all the energy from their god children.

Diggy`s Adventure: How to accumulate energy?

Underground camp. Your energy is generated by the green regeneration equipment and stored by the blue tank equipment. You buy this equipment in the store for materials, tokens, diamonds or money. You place equipment in your underground camp. There are 3x48 slots available, 144 in total.

Unlock slots. Opening the slots/grid of your underground camp is an absolute priority. This allows you to place more regen and capacity equipment and dig more. Accumulate all stone and wood to unlock the network, do not buy equipment with these materials.

Purchase of equipment. Each level up and move to a new region opens up access to more equipment in the store. Apply a filter and set the power/network and try to buy the most powerful equipment at a reasonable price. The best way to improve camp equipment is to quickly advance through the regions.

Not everything in the Region Gear line is worth buying, so always look to see how much extra power or power you’re getting for future equipment purchases. In most regions, each God quest line has a special material that you can find in the mines. With these special materials, you can buy power equipment that is worth your investment.

Ways to get the best equipment. Pay attention to these ways:

Energy production optimization. The goal is to generate energy non-stop at the highest possible speed and never stop. Green equipment regenerates energy, the more/higher the better. But you also need to be able to store energy with blue equipment. Therefore, a balance is needed between the two types.

Camp setup. How to set up your camp in the dungeon depends on how long you are away from the game. Camping is best when you are completely out of energy. Now place your best green and blue items and look at the timer on the green energy bar, adjust the camp setting until the bar fills up when you can return to the game. Be active: Change camp settings to fit your daily schedule.

The installation that takes 30 minutes is probably the most efficient. Quickly dig and restart the kitchen and foundry and move on. Try to use settings that never stop recovering. Before going to bed, do a setting that fills 8-9 hours. It’s a lot of work, but it’s made easier if you buy a professor switching system that allows you to store 2 different camp setups.

Passive: Energy saving. Energy saving can be bought and upgraded in the Shop/Extras. When fully upgraded, it will randomly return the energy used to dig any tiles into 2.5% tiles. The long term average means you save 2.5% energy.

This is a rather expensive feature that costs a lot of diamonds and may seem like it only provides a small percentage of energy savings, but it will actually improve all your equipment by 2.5% across all regions and times, and it adds up. Once you find that you love this game and will be playing it for the foreseeable future, buy this passive.

Food preparation. Cooking in the kitchen at your campsite is another major source of energy. The more you cook, the easier it is to play the game. Each region unlocks new and better dishes/recipes. Food will be stored in your backpack/inventory. You can use food whenever you want, but it’s wise to leave it to prepare for expensive tiles, events, or special weeks.

The ability to "prepare your way out" will increase as you progress through the regions. So make sure that your kitchen prepares the best dishes around the clock and seven days a week. Food is also rewarded in some regional mines, events, and daily rewards.

How to level up faster? In addition to the actual digging, there are many strategic decisions that can be made in the game to help you speed up the process. You can only spend your energy once. Trying to play the game in a way that gets the most out of every energy invested is more thoughtful and proper gameplay.

Regular tiles only give 1 XP for each energy spent. Tiles with materials or loot boxes of events have much more value (experience cost - caravans, pillars). "Rushing" mines, trying to avoid having to dig regular tiles, can save up to 50% of the energy needed for a mine and help get XP/En for an event up to 8-9. In the end, this means that you will level faster and get more energy.

Sell ​​materials for extra XP. Another important way to level up faster is to sell materials and gain extra experience. Preferably through the Caravan at your camp. Send materials and coins, as well as a caravan ticket for additional experience. This is best done during the double production week, when you get twice as much experience from the caravan.

This tactic can take you up to 10 levels, giving you a lot of extra energy to play with. If you didn’t pick up the last 6 caravans and sent them out before the double production week expires, you can use them later in a few weeks or months and still claim double of them.

Passive: Experience Booster. The experience booster can be bought and upgraded at the shop/subshops. When fully upgraded, it grants double experience points for excavating 10% of the tiles. This feature has a maximum potential of 0.1 XP/En and is therefore not very effective.

Windmills. The feature is only available on the PC version connected to Facebook. You also need at least one FB friend who also plays the game. Neighbors can place 5-8 windmills in your camp, which will give a maximum of 176 additional energies per hour. At a higher level, these windmills are no longer very important compared to your total energy output.

Diggy`s Adventure: Booster Guide

Search for the last tile. Missing the last 10 tiles or less in a location? This tool will help you find them! Last Tile Finder (LTF) is a reusable tool that will help you find the last 1-10 tiles in a mine. It works everywhere except in repeating mines, but only when there are 10 or fewer tiles left. LTF is sold in the "Extras" tab in the store. Once purchased, it is permanently available (but takes time to recharge after use).

Using LTF. Whenever you are in a non-repeatable mine, an LTF button is visible in the corner of the screen. In the mobile version, the button is in the lower right corner. In the computer version, it can be found in the upper left corner. Clicking on the button opens a dialog box that either tells you that there are too many tiles left, or displays the recharge options, or allows you to activate LTF. Once activated, the gold trail will go from Diggie to the first tile or door that is found that leads to the tiles.

When you pass through the door (or if you lose sight of the trail), press the LTF button again to show the trail again. LTF will remain active in this mine until it is cleared. The cooldown takes 24 hours from the moment the LTF is activated, and it can be active in several mines at once - no need to rush to clear them. Recharge Options: This dialog box displays the time remaining before a normal recharge.

To instantly top up your account, you can either pay 30 diamonds or watch ads (no more than one ad per day, ads are updated at midnight GMT).

Troubleshooting LTF. Some maps, especially those with looped paths, can confuse the LTF. If he sends you around from door to door, ignore him and go to the next screen. Eventually you will be on a screen where he can lead you to the tiles. If the last tile is not available somewhere, LTF may not work, or it may send you straight through the obstacle. Try to clear a path by moving rocks, pulling levers, etc.

Golem. Allows Diggy to move draggable stones across more tiles with just one click!

Passive effects. There are currently two types of passive effects:

If an experience passive is acquired, you have a chance to gain double experience for the tiles you dig. The chance increases with each level. When you enter the mine for the first time, the percentage of tiles will be randomly doubled. When an effect is active, its effect is indicated by the yellow "Bonus" special effect in the mine. Basically, you level up faster.

If you acquire an Energy Passive, you have a chance to recover energy from the tile you just dug. The chance to return energy increases with each level. When you enter the mine for the first time, the percentage of tiles will be set randomly for energy return. In essence, this improves energy production by a percentage in the long run. When an effect is active, its effect is indicated by a green "Bonus" special effect in the mine.

You will always see the next level of the passive effect in the store, not the current one (except the last level). Example: If you see level 4 in the store, you are currently at level 3.

Potions of speed. Potions of Speed ​​can be obtained from regional and event achievements, as quest rewards, as event final rewards, daily rewards, in the store, some offers, some events/main events, and by repeating some old events.

If you use multiple speed potions, they will stack (using 2x 4 hour speed potions results in 8 hour speed).

Diggy`s Adventure: Professor Switching System

Concept. The professor’s switching system allows you to save 2 equipment settings of your underground camp and switch between them with a single click. It’s a time-saving tool instead of manually changing camps every day and helping you optimize the use of your equipment. Does not improve camp equipment. The system can only be bought for diamonds in the Extra store and is recommended for level 100+ players. Upon purchase, a tent icon will be added to your camp.

First setting. After you buy the Professor switching system, your old camp will become your day camp and you will start with an empty night camp and the camp’s stats will decrease to 200. Don’t panic! Simply fill the empty slots with all of your available equipment that is in your inventory.

Night mode setting. It’s best to set up an underground camp when you run out of energy (this makes the timer easier to read).

Day mode setting. If you’re happy with the nighttime setup, optimize your daytime camp setup.

Be active: change the camp settings according to the daily schedule, constantly upgrade equipment (new equipment is unlocked with each level), buy event equipment with tokens found in events. Arrange the equipment in order of strength to better understand which equipment needs to be replaced. After a while, all this will become a routine for you.

Equipment. Always put the best blue or green camp gear first. There are 2 types of equipment:

Now that you’ve bought the professor’s switch, there’s a new tent icon on your camp screen. You can use this icon to switch between two different (underground) camp setups. All equipment can be used in both day and night modes. No need to have double sets. You will start with your old camp and an empty overnight camp.

Timer. The most important part of setting up camp is looking at the timer. Hover your mouse over the energy bar and the timer screen will go down. In particular, look at:

underground interface. Once underground, you will have these two options:

Start placing items, keep an eye on the timer, and balance your best green and blue items until the "Your energy is full" time on the timer is what you want it to be.

Diggy`s Adventure: Cooking in the Kitchen

Kitchen. The kitchen will prepare food for you (6 dishes at a time). Cooking is a big and important part of your overall energy production. Try to cook without stopping. Recipe materials can be found in repeatable and normal mines, as well as bought using caravans. You will also need to buy pots to cook according to your recipes. There are 6 pots available for purchase and you only need to purchase them once. Certain tiers and/or regions are required to purchase pots.

Food ratio. Simply put, this can be explained as "how many times a pillar is better than food" or "how many times more experience do pillars give than food." In general, the higher the ratio, the better the pillars digest the listed dish. Pay attention to the pillar: the food ratio is not just an indication that you should get a pillar instead, but that you can use the ratio to compare different foods to see which ones are more efficient to cook. So here’s how to interpret the coefficients:

Fast food. There are some food materials in the game that are not used in recipes, but are available for immediate consumption. They are in the "Consumables" section in your inventory. These products are "energy return" products. Initially, they expend energy to dig, but after eating they return more energy than they used to dig.

FoodConsumed energyReturn energy

Reward food. Other food for immediate consumption is given either as a reward for completing quests, or as part of the daily login rewards, or as a reward when leveling up. Some of these products are also available in the store.

Diggy`s Adventure: Maintaining a list of neighbors

Introduction. A huge number of neighbors can greatly facilitate progress in the game. However, adding thousands of other players can turn your Facebook account into a big mess. This can be very annoying, especially if the player uses their real fb account to play. Below you can find some tips on how to manage your neighbors and how to limit the visibility of Diggy’s Adventure reward messages to only your game friends.

Creating a Facebook list and its virtues. The most popular way to sort neighbors is to make a list. The advantages of such lists are as follows:

You can also make a list for your real friends if you already have a lot of Diggy friends and it would take too long to add them all.

How to create a friends list on Facebook? Follow the instructions:

  1. Find the "Friends" option in the menu on the left and click "More".
  2. Now click "Create List" (see screenshot).
  3. In the popup window, you must choose a name for your list. You don’t need to add members right now, you can save that for later. Click "Create" to complete the process.

Adding neighbors to your list from the list page. Start typing a name in the field, a drop-down menu will appear and you can click on the name to add the person to the list. Below the field, you can also see some recommendations. In addition, you can use the top option "Manage List" and "Edit List". This will display the following popup. Here you can switch between "On this list" and "Friends". This makes it easy to add multiple people by simply clicking on their avatars. A blue check next to a person’s profile picture means that the person is already on the list.

Adding neighbors to your list from their timelines. Whenever you send a friend request to someone, you can quickly add them to the list from their timeline. To do this, hover your mouse over the "Friends" or "Friend Request Sent" button (which means you can add people to your list who haven’t accepted your request yet). A drop-down menu will appear - select the "Add to other list" option. Do this for everyone you send/receive a request to and they will be added to your list.

Limiting the visibility of your posts on the wall. Show your game posts only to a specific list:

  1. Find the Diggy’s Adventure app and open settings.
  2. In the pop-up next to App Visibility and Post Audience, open the drop-down menu and find the list you created earlier.
  3. Done - now all your shared posts from the game will only be visible to your Diggy list.

Show your game posts to everyone except people on a specific list. This item is for people who used the alternate option and instead created a list with their real friends.

  1. Go to the same popup as above, but this time just "Custom".
  2. In the new pop-up window, look for the text that says "Do not share this with". Add a list of your real friends there.
  3. From now on, posts about Diggie’s adventures will be visible to all your friends, except for people from the "Real Life" list.

Removing inactive players. Removing an inactive player is simply a matter of determining who is inactive and removing them from Facebook friends. There are various reasons why players do this.

How to determine the activity of neighbors? Here are some ways:

Diggy`s Adventure: Gift System Guide

Sending gifts. The easiest way is to send gifts only once a day (you can send gifts every 22 hours). Many people do this first thing when they first log in in the morning. To give a gift:

  1. Open the "Friends" tab (lower right side of the screen).
  2. Select the Send a Gift tab.
  3. Select the gift you want to send.
  4. Select "Select Friends".
  5. The easiest way is to use "Select All", but you can also send gifts individually and to a group of selected players in "Best Friends".
  6. Click Submit.

Collection of gifts. Gifts will arrive at random times, depending on when your neighbors send them. Collect them whenever you want. On the Friends tab (lower right side screen), the number circled in red will indicate how many gifts are waiting for you to collect them. Only the last 2000 gifts are displayed in the list of received gifts. Players with many neighbors can expect more gifts. Re-entry will give the next 2000 gifts. Gifts not collected within 15 days are deleted.

Why are gifts needed? This social interaction feature is only available on PC versions of the game and requires your game to be associated with a Facebook login. It is strongly recommended to connect the game to FB and be able to log into the computer at least once a day to send and receive gifts and extra energy. Every 22 hours, players can send a gift (Egypt level materials) to all their friends.

Recommended gifts. Use the filters to send certain gifts to a certain region, for example, to send a stone to players from Egypt and Scandinavia.

Initial values ​​(EXP) of each gift. The gifts with the highest value are not always the best gifts. Very often, players prefer gifts with a slightly lower value due to their versatility and usefulness. The cost of materials is calculated based on the fact that they are turned into pillars, and not smelted into metal ingots.

Recommended gifts by day of the week

Use the guidelines below to send the right gifts.

1. Monday. Gifts: copper, vegetable roots.

2. Tuesday. Gifts: stone, coal, herbs.

3. Wednesday. Gifts: coal. Coal has the best XP value. Required in all regions for cooking and in the foundry.

4. Thursday. Gifts: stone, windmills, herbs, vegetable root.

5. Friday. Gifts: tin. Tin has the best XP value and is a very important foundry material. The only day when it can be given.

6. Saturday. Gifts: iron ore, windmills.

7. Sunday. Gifts: lumber. To clear the mesh, lumber is needed. Higher regions require larger volumes for cooking and in the foundry.

Diggy’s Adventure: Daily Rewards

Daily rewards. When you first log into the game after 2:00 CET, you will receive a daily reward. These rewards are segmented (region-specific) and based on your level.

I didn’t see the rewards screen and couldn’t click on it! Does this mean I didn’t get the award? No, you will receive a reward even if you miss the rewards window for some reason (this often happens to people with auto-update plugins).

When does this gift interface appear? The window appears at midnight for players using CE(S)T (Central European Time). There have been reports of players from other countries renewing gifts at different times of the day. The reset time is fixed. You will receive a daily bonus after the first registration on any day.

If I don’t receive my reward on a certain day, will I start from the beginning? No, even if you miss one day, when you return, you will pick up where you left off, not from the beginning.

What if my level is 101, how will the formula work then? The formulas round all values ​​down, so a level 101 person will get 50 apple pies, not 50.5 or 51. Also, for energy gifts, the system seems to round them down to 100, so if you were supposed to get 3350 energy , you will get 3400 (or 3300).

Tent "Happy cards". These rewards can be obtained from the pink tent in your camp. For this feature to work, you must disable all ad blockers for gaming sites. This feature is unlocked after the first Isis quest "Continue Adventure"; My system of small caves. You can get the tent reward 3 times a day with an 8 hour cooldown.

You can receive rewards from 3 different boards after watching 3 cutscenes. This amounts to 9 rewards per day. If you draw only one and/or two cards, all boards are discarded after 8 hours. The rewards are random with an average chance. This feature is segmented, which means it’s different for each region. The size of some rewards depends on your level.

Chest of cards. Every 15th lucky card draw will activate an additional reward chest. In it you will find XP, coins plus random material with an average chance. You don’t need to watch ads to open the chest. This function is also segmented. The number of rewards depends on your level.

Daily extra energy. Once a day, you can get 3 times more energy by watching ads. This feature will be unlocked after Anubis’ 2nd quest "Smuggler’s Hideout"; mine: an abandoned smugglers hideout.

Diggy`s Adventure: Features of playing as part of a team

Access. The "Teams" feature can be accessed at the camp (you must insert a camp mobile phone and a camp computer).

First use. If this is your first time using the Teams feature, you will need to select an avatar (which you can change in the future). Then you must select a username (it cannot be changed). The username must meet the following criteria: minimum 4 characters, no spaces, only letters and numbers.

Choose a team. There are two ways to join the Team:

Create a team. There are five elements to consider, each of which can be updated later:

Command type. There are 2 types of command:

Team Draft. You can request material every 6 hours.

Player points. Players are given 1 point per action in each category.

Team points. A team’s score is the sum of its current player’s points.

Leaderboards. Each team and player is assigned a ranking position in their country and the world. Some players and teams are very aggressive about their progress and points.

Diggy’s Adventure: Conclusion

Diggy`s Adventure is a very entertaining adventure game that is loved by players all over the world due to its interesting storyline, addictive and intriguing puzzles, charismatic characters and constant novelties. In this game, you will not be bored and will always find something new for yourself: from building an underground camp and improving the power generation system, to hundreds of crosswords, riddles, quests and secrets that are fraught with new places for your adventures. To play successfully, you will have to develop your own strategy for spending energy and act in such a way as to get more benefits from each of your quests and dug tiles. Pros of the game:


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