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Divinity`s Rise WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Walking the Game

Divinity’s Rise is an interesting RPG from Outstanding Game Pte Ltd. You have to gather a team of heroes and save the world from monsters. A feature of the game is a very thoughtful and at the same time simple system for pumping heroes. The variety of battle modes, game activities and colorful graphics will also not leave you indifferent.

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  1. TOP of the best heroes
  2. Hero Development Secrets
  3. All About Gear Up
  4. How to get started right?
  5. Combat Tips
  6. Guide to the passage of the story company
  7. How to complete the Spire levels?
  8. Arena Battle Tips
  9. Tips for Completing Timed Events
  10. What’s the Use of Legion Membership?
  11. A Beginner’s Guide
  12. A Guide for Donators

Divinity’s Rise: TOP of the best heroes

Choosing a hero. There are many different heroes in the game and it is difficult for a beginner to immediately determine in whom it is worth investing resources and developing to strengthen the combat squad. We suggest you use our top heroes, which have clear advantages and will definitely help you defeat strong enemies.

ArtemisURIncreases the maximum amount of health for all heroes of the team, increases the attack speed of heroes. Can weaken enemy defenses and increase damage dealt.
SatanURIncreases the attack of all heroes during the battle. Cleans heroes from negative effects and transfers them to enemy monsters.
GabrielURIncreases the defense rate of all heroes. Reflects a critical hit on any hero on the team.
PompeiiSSRPossesses the skill of healing the team during the attack and control over the enemy team.
CaesarSSRA strong hero with a high damage rate.
OctavianSSRIncreases the health, attack and damage indicators of the team’s heroes.
HeraclesSSRCan protect the heroes of the team and increase the time of confronting monsters.
CleopatraSSRThe most powerful hero for a massive attack.
LiviaSSRA strong hero for versatile attacks, both individual and group.
SeleucidSSRCan defend heroes with weak attack. Attack stat increases significantly at minimum health.
AristotleSSRThe main member of any counterattacking team, influencing the performance of all heroes.
HelenSSRIt is immune to negative influences.
DidoSRThe hero is good at both attacking the enemy and defending the team.
HannibalSRAble to increase the attack speed and at the same time affect the enemy to weaken the defense. Grants the team hero a shield.
Xie jie laiSRApplies a combo effect when destroying enemies and deals significant damage.
CynaneSRApplies the healing effect to team heroes.
FiroxySRPossesses the skills of controlling the enemy.
ArchimedesSRPossesses the skills of healing the heroes of the team.

Divinity’s Rise: Hero Development Secrets

How do I get a hero? To open a new hero, you need to collect a certain number of items. You can get them during the passage of the story campaign, participation in daily and temporary events, as well as by summoning heroes. For the discovery of each hero, you can get several emeralds.

Summoning heroes. With the Summon function, you can get items from heroes of all ranks. After every 20 summons, you will receive a gift. To make a call, you must roll one of two dice:

Gems. Special gems are required to trigger a call. The cost of 1 call is 1 stone, 10 - 9 stones. Every day you can roll one blue and one gold dice for free.

It is more profitable to make 10 calls at once, so save up gems for simultaneous launch.

Lucky Reward. Every day you can get hero items using the slot machine. Choose the hero whose elements you want to get and start the machine. If 3 cards of heroes of the same element are dropped, the reward will be doubled. If you are satisfied with the reward, press Accept, then Start to proceed to the battle. The higher the rank of the selected hero, the more difficult it will be to win the battle.

You may be asked to redeem a reward for materials. This is an easier way to get double the reward or elements of high rank heroes.

Pumping. Each hero has a number of characteristics that summarize his power and effectiveness during the battle. To increase the power of the hero, it is necessary to constantly improve his level and basic indicators.

Hero characteristics:

Level. The maximum level of the hero is determined by the level of the game account. You can study in advance how the characteristics of the hero will change with an increase in his level and assess the perspective.

Level up. Leveling up requires experience points, which can be obtained in most game activities, or bought for emeralds in the store. If you have resources, you can increase the level at once by 5 points using the corresponding button.

Do not pump the hero to the maximum level so as not to lose the opportunity to gain additional experience points during the passage of the story campaign.

Class. A colored border around a hero’s avatar determines his class and the available stat bonus. The hero must reach a certain level, after which, using special materials, you can increase his class.

How do I get the materials? Click the Go button next to the desired material and you will automatically be taken to the desired game activity. The higher the class of the hero, the more difficult it is to get materials, but you can use energy to buy missing items. Click the Get more button and exchange energy for materials.

Using energy to obtain materials allows you to pump heroes faster.

Stars. The maximum star level of the hero is 6. To move to a new level, it is necessary to activate 10 spheres with the help of the hero’s elements, which affect his characteristics. The cost of activating the sphere is different for all heroes, it increases with each star received.

Heroes of rank N, R and SR are much easier and faster to pump. Therefore, if the power of such a hero is higher than the hero of SSR or UR rank, use it in battle.

The quality of the stars. Starting at level 30, you can increase the characteristics of the hero by pumping stars. To do this, you will need special elemental items that can be obtained by passing the floors of the Dungeon.

Dungeon. Each of the 3 dungeons has 10 floors that open one after the other. To participate in the battle, you need to spend the specified amount of energy, the first few battles are free. The team will receive a 50% bonus to damage dealt for each surviving hero, up to a maximum of 300%.

Skills. Each hero has 3 skills, the higher their level, the more powerful and effective the blows are. The maximum skill level is 10. For pumping, you need to use special books that can be obtained as a reward for passing various tests. Select a skill, then the books you want to use and click Sanctify.

The heroes of the team must be pumped evenly in order to increase their overall power and the ability to resist strong enemies.

Conversion. This function allows you to quickly pump new heroes without high resource costs. Choose a pumped hero that you do not use in battle, and the hero you plan to pump, press the Convert button and the heroes will exchange their level, class and equipment.

Requirements. Lower class heroes can be converted for free an unlimited number of times. To convert heroes of the Mythic class and above, you must pay with emeralds or use a special ticket. You cannot transfer stars from one hero to another.

Divinity’s Rise: All About Gear Up

Equipment - items for additional pumping of the hero and increasing his characteristics. Each hero can wear 6 pieces of equipment, you can study it in the Equip tab, where you can sort items for quick orientation.

Items of equipment:

Equipment. Next to the slots for equipment items, there is a button to automatically equip or remove all equipment. The hero will automatically be equipped with the best elements, but rarely is such a kit useful. It is necessary to select sets for each character independently. If necessary, you can save the assembled set of equipment for quick use on other heroes.

Remember that all heroes must be well equipped before entering the battle.

Equipment classes:

Level. The level of each piece of equipment can be increased and thereby increase the characteristics of the hero. The maximum level of pumping is determined by the equipment class. The higher the level of equipment, the more bonuses to the characteristics of the hero.

How to choose equipment? In the hero’s information card, you can find out which equipment suits him best. The equipment category is identified by a special icon, such as a skull or a shoe. If you put on a hero a set of elements of the same category, then the hero receives an additional bonus, for example, + 40% to the damage dealt.

If, after changing equipment, the hero’s power indicator increased, then you did everything right.

How to upgrade? To increase the level of an item of equipment, you must use other equipment or special potions. Select an item, click the Enchance button and check the boxes to mark the equipment class that will be used for leveling. First of all, use weak and common equipment. In the future, improved equipment can also be used for pumping.

Raising the level of equipment at the initial stage is quite simple and inexpensive, so allocate resources wisely and pump the equipment of all heroes evenly.

The best sets. Heroes of rank UR and SSR can be equipped with equipment that affects the characteristics of the entire team. These items are very difficult to obtain, but you can try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune. The best gear sets are:

Divinity’s Rise: How to get started right?

Study of the game. Divinity’s Rise has a lot of game activities and various time events, so to conquer the top of the rating, you need to find time to study the rules of the game. At the very beginning, you will be accompanied by a personal assistant - the Green Fairy, she will give you tips, advice and help you quickly get used to the game.

Upon entering the game, you can study the in-game guide and developer tips. To do this, click Support, then FAQ.

Server selection. Since many activities are tied to server time, it is best to choose the one that is closer to your location, for example, Europe or Asia. New servers rarely open, but if you want to be in the top players, then get familiar with the game and switch to a new server in your region as soon as possible. You can change the server when you enter the game in the Log In line.

Strong team. At the beginning of the game, you can get a lot of rewards and unlock good heroes of higher ranks. Following our advice, gather a team of the best heroes and use the resources you receive to develop them. First of all, strive to get and pump SSR heroes.

Active play. For newbies, there are several ways to quickly get the resources they need and build a powerful team of heroes. The most important thing is to play as actively as possible during the first 7 days. With an active game on the new server, you will be able to overtake even the most inveterate donators.

Newbie bonus. For logging into the game daily for the first 7 days, you can get good rewards for the development of heroes. Go to the 7-Day Login tab and pick up the due gift:

Growth goals. In the Growth Goals section, you can find tasks that must be completed during the first 7 days of the game. Quests open gradually day by day. To go to the desired game activity, press the Go button and begin to complete the task.

Reward. For each completed task, you receive a reward that can be increased after purchasing a Battle Pass. If you manage to complete 60 tasks, you will receive a hero of the SSR rank as a reward. If you have completed the task before its opening, then the reward will still be awarded to you.

1PumpingUpgrade heroes to the specified class.
CompanyComplete story chapters 2, 5, 8, 10, and 12.
ArenaRank above 2000, 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10 and 3.
2LevelReach level 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.
The appealSummon heroes 20, 40, 60, 80 and 120 times.
SpireGo through the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th Floors of the Spire.
3PumpingUpgrade your equipment to the specified level.
PurchaseGet Spire Tickets 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 times.
The final testDestroy monsters 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 times.
4DonationsEarn 100, 200, 300, 500, and 800 Legion Tokens through donations.
EscortEscort the cargo 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 times.
An experienceAttack monsters and earn experience 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 times.
5QuestsComplete 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 tasks.
GoldAttack monsters and earn gold 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 times.
Rating tournamentWin 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 matches.
6AttackChallenge the Legion Monster 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 times.
PurchaseReceive energy 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 times.
Clash of heroesWin 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 battles.
7The appealSummon heroes using coins 20, 50, 100 and 150 times.
PumpingUpgrade your heroes and get a total of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 stars.
SpendingSpend 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 Emeralds.

Quests. In the Quest section, you can see the list of achievements, daily and weekly tasks. Each completed task brings you 10 or 20 points, which fill the indicator of receiving chests. In the achievements section, you get a reward for every 250 points, in the tasks section - for every 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 points.

Examples of tasks:

Gems Pack. During the first 7 days of the game, you can take advantage of exclusive offers for purchasing items with emeralds. A huge plus is the ability to purchase elements of the hero’s SSR for 3, 5 and 7 days of the game. Thus, you can quickly get a strong hero and pump him right away.

Divinity’s Rise: Combat Tips

How to choose a hero? Explore the positive aspects of each hero, choose the most suitable equipment for him and evaluate his interaction with other heroes on the team. Based on this information, you can form the strongest team.

Category. All heroes are divided into 3 categories according to the elements. The team must include heroes of different elements, since each has its own advantages in the fight against monsters. Heroes have the following benefits:

Line-up. Go to the Team tab to form a team. To add or replace a hero, drag him from the list to one of 6 places. At the top of the list are the heroes with the highest level. You can save 3 team squads to use them in game activities.

Strategy. Heroes who can land strikes with a wide range are effective only at the beginning of the battle, when there are many monsters on the field. At the same time, heroes who inflict a pinpoint strike are effective at any time of the battle, so rely on them.

Battle. The battle takes place on a special location, the enemy team is located opposite, and each hero strikes in accordance with the order. Above the heroes are indicators of health and additional effects. At the top of the screen is the boss health indicator and the number of incoming waves of enemies.

Effects. During the battle, heroes and monsters can receive a positive or negative effect, for example, bleeding. The effect lasts for several turns, their total number can reach 10.

Hand fight. In this mode, you independently choose the target and type of strike. This way, you can adjust the targeting and wide-range hits, and save the most powerful hits for the boss.

Arrow types:

It is better to fight strong monsters in manual mode, so you can think over a battle strategy and defeat the enemy with minimal losses.

Automatic battle. This battle mode is suitable for players who have little free time. Since the battle cannot be missed, you can start the battle and go about your business. If necessary, you can double the speed of the battle.

Battle analytics. After the battle is over, you can study the analytical data and evaluate the contribution of each hero to the victory. In case of defeat, identify the weak link and replace it with another hero. The game provides you with information about the health of the heroes, the damage done and received.

Divinity’s Rise: Guide to the passage of the story company

Subject company. The passage of the story is the study of the game location, the battle with monsters and the boss. The chapters open one after another, and the plot is revealed in dialogues between the characters.

To open a new chapter, a condition can be set for the presence of a hero of a certain class in the team, so do not forget about the development of your heroes.

New hero. When passing a location, you can meet a random hero who can be invited to your team during the passage of the story chapter. The characteristics of this hero can be much better than the heroes of your team, so before the battle, evaluate what benefits he can bring you.

Moving. To select a hero who will personify your team and move around the location, mark the desired hero with the Set as leader button. To move around the map, click on the cell where the hero should go. Hidden areas are revealed after the hero gets closer.

Monsters. To open hidden areas and complete the passage of the location, you have to fight with monsters. In case of victory, each hero of the team will receive 1000 experience points to increase their level.

Please note that if there is a invited hero in the team, then one of your heroes will lose the opportunity to gain additional experience points.

Reward. The battle with each monster is estimated at 3 stars, which you can get if none of the heroes dies. Upon completion of the passage of the story chapter, you must collect 30 stars to collect all the awards. For obtaining 9 stars, 18 stars and 30 stars, you can open a chest with a reward.

Obstacles. When passing the location, you may come across obstacles in the form of thorns, they cannot be bypassed. To go through the spikes, you need to find a special switch, which can be located both nearby and in another part of the map.

Gin. On the map, you may find a blue light, if you collect 3 of these, you can summon a genie. He is ready to fulfill one of the three wishes indicated on the prize cards. It is better to choose a card with hero elements, as this is a great way to quickly pump a hero to a high level.

Map. In the upper right corner, you can click on the location map and examine the minimap. The location is a maze of cells on which monsters, obstacles and bonuses are located. When passing the location, you can collect coins, emeralds and elements of the heroes. Below is a description of the items that you can meet on the maps of game activities.

HP Potion. The potion restores 50% of the health of the entire team after receiving it. Watch the green team health bar above the commander and take the potion if needed.

Secret potion. The potion is needed to use the magic scrolls when passing the floors of the Spire. Each potion brings 5 ??secrets with which you can activate the found effect.

Secret bag. After collecting such a bag, you will receive additional secrets for activating magic scrolls. When using a secret bag, the effect of the magic scroll is doubled.

Box. As you go through the map, you can find a treasure chest. Be sure to collect them to get an additional reward for completing the location.

Scroll. This item contains a secret code for opening chests with a more significant reward. Take the scroll and memorize the code so that you can then enter it on the lock of the chest.

Shop. Here you can purchase additional magic scrolls and prepare for the upcoming boss fight. Buy scrolls only if necessary, it is better to use previously found ones.

Scroll of the Arcana. This item will allow you to get an additional magic scroll. Most often, they contain powerful spells that will help you defeat powerful enemies.

Game dice. The lucky die is very rare on location cards, so be sure to use it. The dropped value will increase the effect of the use of magic scrolls.

Advice. Before engaging in a boss fight, check out the information sign located next to it. Here you will find tips from your heroes for passing the boss.

Wheel of Fortune. After defeating the boss, a stake appears on the map, which you can launch once for free. Most of the time, good hero gear awaits you as a reward.

Magnifier. This item will allow you to immediately detect all enemies on the map. You can study their location and coordinate the route.

Red mine. If you go through this item, your team will lose 10% of their health. Be careful and avoid such mines if possible.

Blue mine. If you go through this item, you will lose 5 magic scrolls collected earlier. Be careful and avoid such mines if possible.

Divinity’s Rise: How to complete the Spire levels?

The Spire is a place where you can get good equipment for heroes. The spire has several floors to visit, which requires a special ticket. Every day you will receive 2 free tickets, but their total number cannot exceed 10.

You can use tickets to quickly progress through already cleared floors and receive additional rewards.

Task. Before the start of the game, a random boss is selected and complications when passing the map, for example, after a battle you will leave a bomb behind you for 3 steps. You need to clear the location of five enemies to get the key to go to the boss. To complete the clearing of the floor, you need to go to the portal.

Peculiarities. The map and monsters are randomly generated each time. When passing a location, health is restored only with the help of a special potion. The collected rewards will be credited to you only after defeating the boss.

Reward. Items of equipment that can be obtained for completing a floor change every day. The higher the floor, the better the equipment. You can also get coins, emeralds and experience when studying the map, so try to go through all the cells so as not to miss out on the reward. For the first passage of each floor of the Spire, you can get 100 emeralds.

Arcana. After each victory, you can choose one of 3 magic scrolls that can be used in subsequent battles. To use the Arcana, you need to spend a secret potion and can only use it in manual mode. Open your inventory bag, select an item and indicate the monster on which you want to apply it.

Before choosing a scroll, study their properties and effects on your heroes.

Boss. After moving to a new location, restore health if possible, click on the monster and join the battle. When fighting, try to use all the collected scrolls to win and collect the collected rewards. After the victory, collect the rewards and use the Wheel of Fortune.

Otherworldly world. Additional locations open after passing all floors of the Spire. The map, monsters and rules for passing the location are randomly generated. 8 monsters and 2 treasure chests await you, which you can get only after clearing the entire map.

If you leave the location before you destroy all the monsters, progress will be reset.

Divinity’s Rise: Arena Battle Tips

Arena. Battles in the Arena take place daily. You have the opportunity to fight with real players and measure their strength with them. The best Arena player will receive great gifts every day for the development of heroes.

The choice of the enemy. You can fight one of the three proposed opponents who occupy different lines in the rating. Click on the opponent, find out his power and study the composition of the team, so you can assess your chances of winning. If none of the proposed rivals suits you, please update your candidacies.

Battle. Every day you can fight for free in the Arena with 5 players, attempts are updated at 05:00. To start the battle, select your opponent and press Fight. There is no manual combat mode, but you can choose the primary target for the attack. If during the battle you reach turn 30, then the defending side will win.

Before the start of the battle, be sure to check the composition of the team that you are placing in the Arena.

Rating. If you defeat a player with a higher place in the rating, then you will take his place and rise in the standings. If you fight a player whose rating is lower than yours, then you will simply receive a reward for winning.

Reward. After the battle, you can choose one of three reward gift cards. Also, every day at 21:00, players are sent a reward by mail in accordance with their place in the rating. You can spend the received Arena tokens in the store to buy items.

Spend Arena tokens to buy hero items for quick progress.

Divinity’s Rise: Tips for Completing Timed Events

Developments. In the Events tab you can see all the events that are currently available to you. Some events are of a daily nature, others are temporary. Participating in events is a great way to get good rewards and powerful heroes.

The final test

Participation. To enter the battle, you need to pay 30 units of energy, but 5 times a day you can take advantage of a discount and pay only 10. For some battles, the Blitz mode is available, where you will immediately find out the results of the battle.

Enemy. You have to fight the boss and his associates in order to receive a reward. The higher the floor, the better the reward will be, but the boss is stronger. Before the start of the battle, you can view the composition of the enemy team and assess your strength.

Battle. The main task is to destroy the boss, if he dies, the round will end, despite the fact that ordinary monsters survived. To win, you need to destroy the enemy in 30 moves.

Click on the Lowest Power button on the right side of the screen to view the composition and power of the weakest team that defeated the current boss.

Rating tournament

Participation. Every day from 19:00 to 20:00 there is a competition between the players of all servers. The season lasts one week. To participate, you need to recruit a team of 6 heroes that will oppose the team of another player.

Enemy. The opponent is selected randomly based on the game level. Before the battle, you have to take turns recruiting heroes into the team, you will see who the other player is putting up, so you can apply a certain strategy. If the battle does not end before turn 30, the one with the lower game level wins.

Reward. You can get the main reward for the first 3 battles, then you will only receive experience points. At the end of the tournament, the best players will receive an additional reward by mail. The obtained Tournament coins can be used in a special section of the store to buy hero items.

Tower of dreams

Participation. There are 20 floors in the Tower, at each level monsters are generated automatically in accordance with the indicator of the power of your team. After the battle, the heroes go into hibernation for a day and cannot take part in subsequent battles, on an easy level - 1 hero, on a hard level - 3.

Reward. Depending on the chosen difficulty, you can get 1 or 2 triumph points for passing. The reward for completing the Tower of Dreams is calculated at the end of the week based on the number of points earned.

Exile of Amon Ra

Exercise. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 17:00 to 05:00 you have to attack Amon Ra and banish him back to the kingdom. The event ends when the time expires, or when Amon Ra is destroyed.

Battle. You have the opportunity to attack Amon Ra 2 times for free and 3 times for emeralds. In battle, it is better to use heroes striking single targets, so you can inflict maximum damage.

Reward. During the battle, you can get emeralds for reducing the health of Amon Ra to 75%, 50% and 25%. The first 3 players in the standings will receive the reward, as well as the players who took places from 4 to 10, from 11 to 20, from 21 to 50, from 51 to 100, from 101 to 500, from 501 to 1000, from 1001 to 9999.

Treasure hunt

Task. Monsters with treasures will appear on the main location of the city for 10 minutes every hour. Defeat such a monster to earn a reward and activate combination elements.

Enemy. Monsters differ from each other in power and attitude towards the elements. If you destroy all the monsters, the location will be updated and new monsters will appear. Depending on the power, monsters are divided into 3 levels:

Combination. Each victory will allow you to activate an element of the element to which the monster belonged. To receive a reward, you need to activate 3 elements. Each combination brings a specific reward.

Collecting a combination of the same elements is very difficult, so fight all the monsters to get more rewards.

Divinity’s Rise: What’s the Use of Legion Membership?

The Legion’s Choice. To join the best legion, you need to study the rating. To receive all the bonuses, players in the Legion must be powerful and active. Joining such a Legion will allow you not only to receive rewards, but also to strengthen your team of heroes.

Donation. Every day you can donate coins and emeralds to the development of the legion. As a reward, you will receive experience points for increasing the level of the Legion, tokens and coins of the Legion. For joint efforts of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 tokens, members of the Legion are entitled to an additional reward in the form of a chest.

Technique. The earned Legion tokens can be spent on upgrading equipment, which will bring you gold, hero experience and energy every hour. Also, the level of technology affects the overall power of the team. It is necessary to evenly pump all 9 elements.

It is necessary to collect resources every 3-4 hours so that they can continue to accumulate.

Mercenaries. You can lease your heroes to other players to receive a reward. After choosing a hero as a mercenary, his characteristics will be fixed in this section and will not change after pumping. Every day, the hero can be used once to participate in the Ultimate Challenge, Spire and Dungeon floors.

Coat of arms of the Legion. For 500 emeralds, you can purchase a medal and award it to one of the guild members. As a reward, you receive 300 emeralds and 2 tokens, and then 100 emeralds per day for each entry into the game of your friend. The bonus is valid for 7 days, but if the player is not logged in, you will lose the reward.

Find a reliable Legion member and agree to use the Legion Crest in relation to each other.

Escort. Every day from 7:00 to 06:59 you have 2 attempts to get one of the four reward chests. Your task is to escort the caravan with cargo to the designated place. During the trip, you may be attacked by other players, but this happens very rarely.

Attack. Every day you can fight 2 times with the monster that attacked the Legion. Together with other players, you gradually destroy the boss and receive a reward commensurate with your contribution to the victory. The next boss will appear only after the destruction of the previous one.

Brawl. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 07:00 to 05:00 a competition between the Server Legions takes place. The event is divided into 3 stages, you must pass the qualifying round, win in the semifinals and finals. Each player can put up only one team of heroes during registration, then the battles take place in automatic mode. The results are announced the next day, the awards are sent to the mail.

Shop. You can spend the earned Legion coins in a special section of the game store. It is best to purchase scrolls that allow you to craft a random hero of the SR or SSR rank in the future.

Divinity’s Rise: A Beginner’s Guide

Entering the game. Upon entering the game, an information window with news and updates is displayed. Here you can change your account, server or contact support in case of a problem. You can start a new game at any time.

Authorization. Immediately after installing the application, you need to log in through the game center or Facebook. If this is not done, then in the future there may be problems with transferring progress from the guest account and you will have to start the game over.

Main screen. In the center of the screen is the main location with game activities, along the edges of the button for switching to events, settings, etc. In the upper left corner, the avatar, level, experience and power of the team are displayed, to the left - the number of main resources, time and battery charge.

Under the avatar, you can see the requirements for opening a new game activity.

Movement. With the help of a joystick or movements on the screen, you can move the hero around the main location. When switching to game activity through the Go button, the hero begins to independently move to the desired place.

Key Resources:

Getting energy. Energy is restored over time, additional units can be bought for emeralds or received from friends. The maximum amount of energy depends on the current game level, if the limit is exceeded, then the recovery will not occur.

Before leaving the game, try to use up all the energy so that it can recover during your absence.

Assault. A great way to get gold and experience is by participating in the EXP Assault and Coin Assault events. You can fight monsters 2 times daily to get a reward. To participate in the battle, you must pay the specified amount of energy.

Reward. The higher the level of the location, the more coins and experience points you can earn. If the level has already been completed, you can use the blitz passage to quickly receive a reward without fighting.

You have to fight with gargoyles, which have a common health indicator. In this event, it is more effective to use heroes with wide-range attacks.

Getting emeralds. If necessary, you can buy emeralds using the offers for donators. However, there are many ways in the game to get emeralds for free as a reward for achievements or completing tasks.

Daily reward. You are entitled to a reward for each day you enter the game, for example, emeralds, coins or items of equipment. You can get the best rewards in the last days of the month. At the beginning of the month, the rewards will be updated and their receipt will begin anew.

Shop bonus. Don’t forget to stop by for guaranteed free gifts. You are entitled to a daily, weekly and monthly gift. Click on the offer with Free instead of the price and get a gift.

Bonuses for pumping. Upon reaching each 5th level up to 60, you will be awarded a reward for developing your game account. If necessary, you can use the offer for donators and increase the size of the reward.

Main Funds. In this section, you can get a reward for completing story chapters. In total, for completing 30 chapters of the game, you can earn 2,400 emeralds.

Purchasing an additional reward from Main Funds is one of the most profitable purchases in the game.

Mail. Most of the rewards from gaming activities with ratings, for example, Arena or Rating tournament, come in messages to in-game mail. The maximum number of saved messages is 50, so you need to periodically delete old messages. To get a reward, you must click Collect or Collect All.

Friends. Finding active players and adding them as friends is a great way to get additional units of energy. The maximum number of friends is 99 and can be found using the magnifying glass icon. On the left, a list of friend candidates will be displayed, on the right - applications sent to you from other players.

Periodically remove inactive players from your friends and add new ones to get additional resources.

Invitation. For an additional reward, invite your friends to the game using your personal code. Your friend enters the code when registering, and you start receiving 20 emeralds every day, when registering 2 friends - 100 emeralds each. If you enter your friend’s code during registration, then within 7 days you will receive 300 emeralds.

You can chat with other players via general chat or legion chat. The jump button is located in the lower left corner.

Rating. Ratings between players on all servers are updated daily. The ratings are based on the most popular gaming activities. You can examine your position in one of 6 ratings:

Settings. Click on the gear icon to customize the game for a more comfortable game. There are 4 tabs in this section:

The game has three-dimensional graphics, so the phone can get hot and quickly sit down. To save battery power, reduce the quality of the graphics and the number of displayed players in the location.

Divinity’s Rise: A Guide for Donators

Shop - a store for selling game currency and purchasing hero items. Here you can shop for emeralds, Legion, Arena and Tournament tokens. The store offers are updated several times a day, if necessary, you can update them for 50 emeralds.

Do not accumulate in-game currency, invest it in the purchase of elements of heroes or equipment for faster pumping.

Mail is a store for making purchases with real money. Here you can buy emeralds and promotional sets. When purchasing a set of emeralds for the first time, your purchase will be doubled. The store offers are divided into several sections:

If you decide to invest in the development of your account, it is better to take advantage of the offers to buy sets containing emeralds and hero elements.

Beginner’s set. At the beginning of the game after gaining a new level, you will receive lucrative offers for the purchase of resources. Each offer is valid for 1 hour, so you need to decide on a purchase quickly.

An example of the contents of the set:

VIP level. When you make purchases in the Mail store, you will receive special points to increase your VIP level. You can also get points by picking up free kits in the store. Each Vip-level brings you a certain bonus to the game, for example, by opening 15 Vip-level you will receive:

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.