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Dragalia Lost WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

DRAGALIA LOST is an Android game released on June 13, 2017 by Nintendo Co., Ltd. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Tier List (Top Heroes)
  2. Hero Leveling Guide
  3. How to Upgrade Dragons?
  4. Crafting and pumping weapons
  5. Tips for Team Building
  6. A Guide to Combat Mechanics
  7. Dragon Form Fight Guide
  8. General skills of heroes, their acquisition and modification
  9. Basic Summoning Features
  10. Guide to the construction and types of buildings
  11. How to get a lot of currency?
  12. Quest Guide
  13. Co-op Features (Co-op)
  14. Alliance Guide
  15. Completing Essential Daily Tasks
  16. Walkthrough Raid Events
  17. Astral Raids Walkthrough
  18. How to Win in the Mercurial Gauntlet?

Dragalia Lost: Tier List (Top Heroes)

In our Tier List, we have collected the best Dragalia Lost heroes, dividing them into 4 categories:

  1. Category A - the best of the best. It is advisable to have these heroes in the later stages of the game for passing difficult levels of the campaign and games in co-op mode;
  2. Category B is great heroes. They will show themselves perfectly at the most difficult stages of the game. Have some limitations in abilities, as a result of which they are inferior to category A characters;
  3. Category C are very good heroes. They show themselves well in cooperative quests, subject to the selection of suitable conditions for the passage. Need good equipment;
  4. Category D is good heroes. They work at an acceptable level, but need support from stronger party members. Usually not used in cooperative mode.

Heroes of the flame

CategoryHero names
ANDThe Prince, Mikoto, Ezelith, Gala Laxi, Ramona, Gala Mym, Emma, Seimei, Halloween Lowen, Gala Leonidas.
INNaveed, Marth, Rena, Nobunaga, Halloween Mym, Gala Sarisse, Student Maribelle, Verica, Valentine’s Hildegarde, Yukata Cassandra.
WITHKarl, Valentine’s Orion, Serena, Hunter Berserker, Aoi, Laxi, Renelle, Yuya, Vanessa, Nadine, Chelsea, Xania, Sinoa, Incognito Nefaria.
DChrom, Xuan Zang, Joe, Valentine’s Ezelith, Mega Man.

Water heroes

CategoryHero names
ANDXander, Summer Celliera, Mitsuba, Karina, Gala Elisanne, Elisanne, Laranoa, Jiang Ziya, Dragonyule Lily, Lapis.
INCelliera, Valerio, Dragonyule Cleo, Tiki, Summer Julietta, Xainfried, Catherine, Hunter Sarisse, Lily, Pipple, Yurius, Yoshitsune,
WITHZardin, Eugene, Halloween Akasha, Luther, Orsem, Renee, Lazry, Fjorm, Dragonyule Nefaria, Pinon, Summer Estelle, Forager Cleo, Ricardt, Nurse Aeleen.
DHalloween Odetta, Summer Ranzal, Jakob, Dragonyule Xander, Thaniel.

Heroes of the Wind

CategoryHero names
ANDLouise, Lowen, Ranzal, Gala Ranzal, Gala Leif, Sylas, Templar Hope, Formal Joachim.
INTobias, Wedding Aoi, Lin You, Valentine’s Melody, Kirsty, Noelle, Summer Sinoa, Formal Noelle.
WITHWedding Elisanne, Melody, Victor, Addis, Su Fang, Summer Norwin, Forager Mitsuba, Summer Amane, Aeleen, Pia, Halloween Melsa, Hawk, Eleonora, Meene, Maribelle, Dragonyule Xainfried, Wedding Xania, Akasha.
DMusashi, Joachim.

Heroes of the Light

CategoryHero names
ANDPecorine, Gala Luca, Mitsuhide, Summer Cleo, Lucretia, Peony, Gala Zena, Ilia.
INJulietta, Amane, Albert, Gala Prince, Fleur, Beautician Zardin, Halloween Elisanne, Chitose, Radiant Xuan Zang, Sharpshooter Joe.
WITHAlfonse, Halloween Edward, Yachiyo, Yukata Curran, Summer Luca, Dragonyule Malora, Zhu Bajie, Annelie, Hunter Vanessa, Sharena, Sha Wujing, Luca, Summer Mikoto, Xiao Lei, Hildegarde, Halloween Althemia.
DOdetta, Hanabusa, Fritz, Wu Kong, Ryozen, Elias, Estelle, Vixel, Felicia.

Heroes of darkness

CategoryHero names
ANDGala Alex, Bellina, Patia, Veronica, Grace.
INYaten, Audric, Natalie, Delphi, Summer Patia, Lathna, Forte, Gala Cleo, Zena, Cleo, Heinwald.
WITHRodrigo, Ieyasu, Aldred, Vice, Nevin, Curran, Dragonyule Victor, Botan, Nefaria, Valentine’s Addis, Chelle, Althemia, Kleimann, Summer Verica.
DDurant, Alex, Erok, Sazanka, Norwin, Cassandra.

Dragalia Lost: Hero Leveling Guide

Level up. Raising the level increases the HP and strength of the hero, which affects his overall power. You can pump the level in 2 ways:

  1. Gain experience by participating in battles;
  2. Using bronze, silver and gold crystals of experience.

The cost of pumping increases with each level, so it is recommended to pump your heroes evenly.

Hero promotion. When the hero reaches his current maximum level, the possibility of advancement opens, after which the rarity of the hero and his maximum possible level of pumping will increase. Also, progress unlocks new floors of the hero’s Mana Cycle. The maximum level, based on rarity, is determined by the table:

To promote you will need a special resource - eldwater. It can be obtained by completing Endeavors quests, summoning new heroes, and receiving event rewards.

Pumping through mana nodes. Buy nodes of the Mana Cycle for mana and other resources. Each new node of mana gives the hero a number of improvements: from increasing his characteristics to improving skills. The hero has 5 Cycles with 10 nodes in each. Thus, you can purchase 50 nodes for it. Some heroes have a mana spiral that unlocks an additional 20 nodes after opening all 50 nodes.

Pumping hero’s weapons. Upgrade heroes’ weapons using bronze, silver and gold sharpening stones. Also, weapons can be pumped using other weapons. After unlocking the forge, you will be able to create your own weapons, much more powerful than those dropped in quests. Crafted weapons have levels.

Dragalia Lost: How to Upgrade Dragons?

Leveling up. With the growth of the dragon’s experience, its level increases. Use 3 types of fruits to accumulate dragon experience: simple dragon fruits, ripe dragon fruits and juicy dragon fruits. In addition, you can increase the dragon experience by absorbing other dragons with it.

It is not recommended to use it as a material for pumping 3-star dragons and above. It is best to trade these dragons for Eldwater, a rarer and more difficult resource.

Freeing dragons. Freeing the dragon is able to increase its maximum possible level, i.e. open up new potential in pumping. After the 4th (maximum) release, the dragon’s skills and abilities improve. Liberation is possible with duplicates, moonstones (for 4-star dragons) and sunlight stones (for 5-star dragons).

Dragon connection. Feed your dragons daily to increase your connection level. This gives +10 to the power of the dragon, increases the duration of the transformation in battle and gives you additional materials for pumping the level of the dragon. At 5th and 25th levels of communication, you also get pieces of the dragon’s story, when using which you collect x25 wyrmits.

Dragalia Lost: Crafting and pumping weapons

Weapon attributes. The weapon has several attributes:

  1. HP and Strength - these weapon attributes will be added to the indicators of the character using it. If the elements of the weapon and the character are the same, the strength of the attributes will be increased by 1.5 times;
  2. Skill - some weapons have skills that can be used instead of a general skill during combat. Keep in mind that the skill is available only to those characters that have an identical element with the weapon;
  3. Abilities - special abilities are also available to some weapons. Similar to skills, they will act only if the weapon and the character have the same element;
  4. Slots - Wyrmprint buffs will be added to these slots. The number and types of slots depend on the weapon.

Possibilities of crafting weapons. Crafting is the main way to get new weapons. The types of weapons that can be created will depend on the level of pumping of the forge on the territory of the castle:

Weapon upgrade. The maximum number of weapon upgrades depends on its rarity: the higher the rarity, the more times you can increase the HP and strength attributes. To upgrade you will need sharpening stones, the type and quantity of which are also determined by the rarity of the weapon:

Liberation. After the Liberation procedure, the maximum number of weapon upgrades increases, the skins of weapons of the same type and element are unlocked, and the skill level of the weapon also increases. Initially, weapons can go through 4 Liberation procedures, however, for modified weapons, 8-9 Liberations are possible:

Copies of weapons. If the weapon has gone through Liberation a sufficient number of times, you can make copies of it and equip other heroes in the party with them. Any upgrades applied to the original weapon will apply to its counterpart. The number of Releases required to unlock the ability to copy depends on the type of weapon.

Weapon bonus. A weapon bonus is an increase in its characteristics, applicable to all heroes in a party using the appropriate type of weapon. For example, unlocking the fire spear weapon bonus will apply it to all spear wielding heroes. Bonuses are unlocked after a sufficient number of Weapon Releases.

Dragalia Lost: Tips for Team Building

Choice of heroes and equipment. There are 4 fighters in the battle party. When editing, you select squad members from the Team menu and customize their equipment. To include the desired hero in the party, click on him, and then tap an empty slot where you want to place him. Keep in mind that the added hero by default can only use his basic skills. To equip with equipment, tap the empty slot under the hero, and then click on the ammunition you want to equip him with.

Team optimization. With this option, you can create the desired parties automatically, based on the choice of the dominant element, weapons, focusing on damage, defense and with an orientation towards a larger BR. Optimization significantly saves you time on creating a squad, but it has drawbacks - for example, it may incorrectly set Wyrmprint, which will not bring any benefit to the fighter. It is recommended that you carefully evaluate all the components of a team created using autobuilding, and check its profitability against the tips below.

How to build a battle party?

1. Selection of heroes by elements. Never forget about the rules of dominance and subordination of elements. Before starting a battle, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of your enemies and, if possible, select a team with those elements of heroes that will dominate the elements of opponents. This approach will not only help increase the attacking abilities of the squad, but also strengthen its defense.

For example, against units with a flame element, it is best to put units with a water element. In such a team, water heroes will take 50% less damage from flame heroes and deal 50% more damage to them. Of course, your arsenal may not have pumped heroes of the required element. In this case, put fighters of other elements in the party, but make sure that they do not end up in a position of subordination (do not receive 50% more damage) from the heroes of the dominant faction. For example, heroes of the wind should not be pitted against heroes of the flame.

2. Selection of dragons. If the element of the hero and the dragon match, the dragon will receive an increase of 50% to its HP and an increase in the characteristics of basic abilities. Based on this, it is very important to properly equip the heroes with the necessary dragons and take into account which dragons of which elements are available for a particular fighter. The exception is niche dragons that have no elements. They can also be used when assembling a squad:

3. Selection of weapons. For each hero, you should select the weapon that corresponds to his specialization. For example, for a fighter who knows the technique of using daggers, daggers should be selected. The weapon also belongs to one of the elements, has the corresponding color and icon. If the element of the weapon and the character using it coincide, the hero receives an increase of 50% to HP for the duration of the battle, and the basic characteristics of the weapon increase. In addition, the weapon in this case may open additional skills, if any.

Weapon bonuses will operate regardless of the identity of the weapon element and the hero. Abyssal abilities work independently of weapons, as long as the hero matches an element of an unlocked ability.

4. Selection of snake prints (Wyrmprints). For the correct selection of Wyrmprint, correlate them with the abilities of your heroes:

Dragalia Lost: A Guide to Combat Mechanics

Basic attacks of heroes. To make the hero perform his basic attack, tap the screen during the battle. To combine attacks, make a few taps. The type of attack will always depend on the weapon used by the hero, so if you have several heroes with the same weapon in your arsenal, all their attacks and combos will be identical. For basic attacks, use damage modifiers. Initially, you can apply level 1 damage modifiers, and after increasing the standard attack level in the mana spiral, you can use level 2 damage indicators.

Any hit of the hero that hits the target brings you skill points. SP can be obtained 1 time for 1 attack, regardless of the number of attacks dealt and dealt.

Power strikes. The heroes’ secondary attacks are his power attacks. Unlock this ability by unlocking the first Power Strike Node on the Mana Circle. To perform the power strike itself, press the screen during the fight and hold your finger. After that, you will see a charge icon under or next to the hero. Your power strike will be charged when the icon lights up. There are 2 techniques for controlling power strikes:

  1. Turn. Hold your finger and wait for the power strike charge. The point at which you held it will become your aiming support. Next, slide your finger across the screen from this point in the opposite direction, to where you would like to attack.
  2. Mobility. Move your finger across the screen, but keep it pressed. In this case, your fighter will move, and the personal area of effect of his power strike will "follow" him. For a directed power strike, the direction in which the hero is walking will be selected by default. Enemies in this direction will be targeted.

Power Strikes reduce the Boss Indicator Gauge faster to put it into Destruction. They also instantly break enemy guards, can knock back some enemies or interrupt their attacks. Power strike specialization depends on the weapon used by the hero.

Elements. Each hero, dragon and enemy belongs to one of six elements: flame (red), water (blue), wind (green), light (yellow), and darkness (purple). The elements work in a rock-paper-scissors fashion, each strong against one and weak against the other. The exception is light and darkness: they oppose each other. Schematically, the confrontation of the elements looks like this:

Fighters’ HP points. Each fighter has HP points, which show the maximum possible damage that he can take in battle. You can see HP points on the battle screen, in the lower left corner of the screen - in numerical value, and in the form of a scale, which is colored in color, signaling the hero’s health:

Additionally, when a hero’s HP scores are close to zero, the game screen turns red. Like your fighters, enemy units also have HP and health bars. They are displayed either above their heads or at the very top of the screen (for bosses) and have only two states: light red (with a full supply of HP points) and dark red (when the value of HP points is not at maximum).

How to navigate the battlefield? To move the fighter, use a free joystick with the center of rotation at the point where you touch the screen. If you quickly change direction when your finger is far from the pivot point, the game will move the pivot point to where your finger is currently located. At your discretion, you can turn on or off the option to automatically change the position of the turn.

Life shields. Life shields can be called the second scale of heroes’ health, which is activated when they use the necessary skills and abilities. Life shields are capable of absorbing damage inflicted on a fighter up to the limit, depending on the strength of its source. Shields also have a numerical value and a scale of actions, which can be represented in colors:

If more damage is directed at the hero than his shield of life can withstand, then the amount of damage that the shield was able to absorb will be canceled. The remaining damage will be dealt to the fighter. For example, a hero is dealt 1005 damage. damage, and his shield can only reflect 1000 damage. damage. In this case, the hero will receive 5 units. damage.

Life shields cannot deactivate some debuffs such as Defense Down and Enervation. Even if the attack that inflicted them is completely blocked, the debuffs themselves will still be applied.

Evasion and strengthening. Evasion allows the hero and dragon to avoid enemy damage. To dodge, quickly slide your finger across the screen in the desired direction. If the hero goes flying during the attack, quickly slide your finger across the screen to make the fighter head in the desired direction of movement.

Overdrive and destroy bosses. Damage taken by the boss causes the indicator to gradually fill up, after which the boss switches to overdrive mode. While overdrive, his strength and defense are increased and he can use more powerful attacks. When the boss goes into overdrive, you need to do the necessary damage and reduce the indicator scale to the value necessary to send the boss into a state of destruction.

When destroyed, bosses become immobile and reduce their defense, which makes it easier to defeat them. Usually, the destruction of bosses lasts a few seconds, however, there are some unusual bosses that simply go into this state and remain in it.

Use the Gauge Inhibitor to slow the gauge fill in boss fights. The use of the "Force Strikes" and "Gauge Accelerator" bonuses can increase the effective damage and decrease the indicator scale value.

How to use skills? When completing quests, the hero applies skills. They are all displayed as small gray icons at the bottom of the mission screen. After accumulating the required amount of SP, the skill icon fills up, stops being gray and lights up. Click on it to use the skill itself. When auto-fighting, the skill is applied automatically. Skills can be expressed in attacks, buffs, recovery, etc.

After using the skill, its icon turns gray again. When you accumulate SP again, you can reapply the skill. The hero can have up to 4 skills. All heroes have 2 main skills, 3 and 4 skills are provided when using weapons and from a joint skill with other heroes or assistants. During the animation of the skill, the hero is immune to attacks, except for purple attacks.

Dragalia Lost: Dragon Form Fight Guide

Conditions for the change of appearance. When changing shape, the fighter is able to transform into his dragon. This requires that the dual element dragon sensor is at least 50% full. After that, the dragon icon will light up and the shape change will become available. If the scale of the two-element gauge is 100% full, the fighter will be able to use the shape change 2 times, even if there will be no further gains on the gauge. The filling of the sensor scale occurs when:

  1. Victory over the enemy;
  2. Reducing the boss’s HP to threshold values (every 10% of his maximum HP);
  3. Destruction of the dragon obelisk (25% from the small obelisk and 50% from the large);
  4. When a player’s team activates a personal skill or ability increase.

If your hero has an ailment, then the change of appearance will not be available for him until he heals.

What does the change of appearance give? Thanks to the change of appearance, the hero temporarily fights like a dragon, can use new basic attacks, a new skill (immediately ready for use) and any abilities associated with the dragon. Keep in mind:

The consequences of the change of appearance. As a dragon, the hero is immune to most debuffs and ailments. If the dragon takes damage, then it is not the HP points that decrease, but the time limit for turning into the dragon. If this limit reaches zero, the character will return to his normal form, and re-turning into a dragon will be unavailable for 10 seconds (even if the scale of the two-element gauge is full enough). Any attacks in the form of a dragon break the opponent’s blue shields and can destroy some field obstacles.

Dragons cannot instantly break Kai Yan’s Adamantine Shield unless they are dispelled.

Dragon shockwave. In dragon form, the fighter is able to apply a shockwave that damages enemies with an element that matches that of a dragon. The amount of damage done is determined by the rarity of the dragon, according to the table below:

Characters with unique dragon forms will always do 200% damage, regardless of the rarity of the dragon equipped.

Effects. The following effects end when the hero returns to his normal form. These include:

Other effects continue even after the shape change ends and can be used until the end of the quest:

Unique transformation. When a unique transformation is activated, the fighter emits a strong shock wave that deals 200% damage to enemies. Its duration is determined by the time limit on the activation scale. During the transformation, the character can take damage, which will reduce the HP points, but not the time of the effect itself. You can end use early by clicking on the icon - this is the difference between the unique transformation from the usual transition to the form of a dragon, which ends only after the expiration of time.

After early termination, it will be possible to return to the form of a unique transformation in 5 seconds, provided that the sensor is sufficiently filled to activate. If you did not stop the unique transformation before zeroing the time on the activation bar, reuse will be possible after 10 seconds.

Dragalia Lost: General skills of heroes, their acquisition and modification

Using general skills. The team leader can use up to 2 general skills in battle, which will fill the slots reserved for weapon skills and auxiliary skills. The use of a general skill is identical to the usual one - the required amount of SP is required to activate. In dragon and divine dragon form, shared skills cannot be used. Their effect applies only to the fighter who directly uses them, and does not affect the fighter who provided the skill.

How do I share a shared skill? Characters can share one of their two skills as they see fit. The general skill level will correspond to the skill level that the shared hero has.

How do I unlock a shared skill? To unlock a general skill, the hero who gave it must be at least level 80 and have at least 50 mana nodes. To unlock itself, select a locked skill in the Commands menu and open the Unlock Skill screen. Next, you must pay tomes of the elements corresponding to the elements of the hero who provided the general skill. After that you will be able to use the general skill.

Characters obtained during the main story campaign are exempt from skill unlocks. Their skills are available immediately upon hiring.

Equipping team leader skills. The team leader uses common skills as follows:

Different pairs of general skills can be equipped on each party member, but only its leader can use their general skills. If during a battle you switch control from the squad leader to another fighter, then the skills used by the leader are not transferred to this unit!

List of heroes with no common skills. The heroes listed below cannot share their skills with other heroes:

Difference in application between general and original skills. When you use a general skill, be prepared for the following distinction between it and the original skill:

Based on the differences in the intensity of the action between the initial and general skills, it can be concluded that using the initial skills is more preferable for attack and healing.

Dragalia Lost: Basic Summoning Features

Types of call. Thanks to the call, you can get new heroes and dragons. Here you will need a wyrmite (get it as a bonus for entering, in campaigns, when the player level up, in the Efforts quest), diamanty and summoning vouchers (get it as a bonus for entering, in gifts from developers, in events). Call types:

  1. Call of the day. 1 attempt at a discounted summon, resets daily. Cost: 30 diamantia;
  2. Single call. Cost: 120 Wyrmites, 120 Diamantia or 1 Summoning Voucher;
  3. Tenfold appeal. Cost: 1200 Wyrmites, 1200 Diamantia, or 10 Summoning Vouchers.

Summoning mechanics and teasers. After paying for the call, you see an animated scene, at the end of which you get an item: a weapon (new hero) or a cluster of crystals (new dragon). Item color indicates the rarity of the content:

Also, during the call, you can watch various teasers that also notify you about the results of the call:

Virmsigils. For each completed call, you get 1 unit. Virmsigil. If you summoned with a diamond, you will receive 2 units. Virmsigils. Upon accumulation of 300 units. you can exchange them for the proposed dragon or hero. At the end of this offer, if you do not make an exchange, you will be given another 24 hours to buy out the hero (dragon). Further, if the ransom is not completed, your wyrmsigils are converted into currency for the treasure store.

Dragalia Lost: Guide to the construction and types of buildings

The castle is the main building. Your main building is the castle - Halidom. Build various objects on its territory, each of which will perform useful functions: produce resources, contribute to your pumping and increase the characteristics of dragons. To increase the level of the castle, you must use the necessary materials and fulfill the conditions for pumping other buildings. The maximum level of these buildings cannot exceed the level of the castle. As the castle is upgraded, its ability to include new territories and improve the forge where equipment is made grows.

Types and functions of buildings. All structures on the territory of the castle are divided into 5 categories:

  1. Common buildings - open access to the construction and pumping of other buildings (castle), increase the possibilities of handicrafts (forge);
  2. Production buildings - provide various resources (Rupie Mine, Dragontree);
  3. Hero buildings - serve to pump heroes in accordance with their elements;
  4. Dragon buildings - serve to improve dragons in accordance with their elements;
  5. Decorative buildings - are cosmetic in nature, ennoble the territory of the castle.

Also, objects may appear on your territory that are valid only during time-limited events. They usually grant some ability that disappears when the event ends.

Construction and modernization. To construct any building, you need a free construction queue (in the game it is called Smithwyrm). By default, you have 2 queues, and the 3rd, 4th and 5th are bought for Wyrmite or Diamantium. Building and upgrading a building takes time, but during construction / leveling, you can still collect resources from the building or pump heroes (dragons).

For early completion of construction, use wyrmite or diamantium. The amount of these currencies required depends on the remaining construction time. Also use the "Hustle Hammer" - it will help to complete the construction of any duration.

Moving buildings to storage. In case you need to free up space on the territory of the castle, you can move the constructed buildings to the storage. The buildings located there will retain their level and remain active, with the exception of production buildings - for the time they are placed in the storage, the production of resources in them will stop.

You will not be able to build any more objects of any kind if you have reached their construction limit. In this case, placing other buildings in the storage will not help "bypass" the limit.

Dragalia Lost: How to get a lot of currency?

Wyrmite. Wyrmite is the main game currency needed to summon new heroes. Wyrmite is also used for:

  1. Receiving items in the store;
  2. Purchases of extra stamina and wings;
  3. Acquisition of materials for the construction of the castle;
  4. Completion of construction of objects;
  5. Expansion of the storage of weapons, dragons and Wyrmprint;
  6. Buying parts of the Astral in the store.

How do I get a Wyrmite? Wyrmite can be obtained:

Acquisition of diamantium (Diamantium). Diamantium is a premium game currency that can be purchased for real money. Diamantium is used for the same purposes as the wyrmite, as well as for buying special items and sets in the store. Recommended weekly diamond packs are 75, 150 and 300 premium currency packs.

Eldwater. Eldwater is a currency used to increase the rarity of characters, unlock nodes in the mana circle, and exchange Wyrmprint. The cost of increasing the rarity of heroes with the help of an eldwater is:

Eldwater can be obtained by completing the Endeavors quest block, selling dragons, participating in events, and receiving duplicate heroes in a summon.

Rupees (Rupies). Rupees are used in the construction and improvement of objects on the territory of the castle, in the creation and pumping of equipment and in the exchange of items in the store. Also, gifts for dragons are purchased with rupees. You can get rupees:

Mana. Mana is needed to unlock new nodes in the character’s Mana Circle, which leads to the discovery of new abilities and skills. Mana is obtained by completing quests, in challenges, in the Effort quest block and in other activities. Also, mana can be obtained through the helper bonus.

Dragalia Lost: Quest Guide

Completing quests is the main way to play Dragalia Lost. Win battles, earn experience and rewards. Each quest has its own conditions for victory and defeat. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them before starting a battle or during a battle - for this you will have to pause the quest and refer to the corresponding information window.

The importance of strength. Strength is the main indicator by which your ability to complete the quest is assessed. This parameter determines not only the requirements for the team, but also the complexity of the mission. Usually, the minimum recommended requirements are indicated on the quest, so the total strength of your party must necessarily exceed this indicator, otherwise your battle will end in defeat.

Each character, dragon, equipment and weapon has a power parameter. The totality of these powers determines the ultimate power of the hero, and the cumulative power of all heroes determines the total strength of the party. You see it on the team formation screen and must be compared with the strength required to complete the quest.

Assistants. Helpers are characters from other players who are used in solo quests as an additional combat force. They are selected on the battle party formation screen, in a separate window. Assistant skills can be applied at any time of the battle by simply clicking on his icon at the bottom of the screen. In this case, after using the skills, they undergo a 10-second recharge.

Choose the heroes of your friends who are your friends. So you can use the skills of the assistants 3 times per battle. When using a hero of a player who is not your friend, you have only one use of his skill.

Quest objectives. In any quest, you must complete the goal. Usually it consists of defeating the boss or eliminating all enemies. If this goal is not achieved before the end of the quest, or if all your soldiers die in the process, the quest will be considered unsuccessful.

Upon successful completion of 3 quest tasks, use the pass tickets to automatically complete the quest and receive all the rewards for it.

Obstacles in quests. During the quest, some of the obstacles arise in the path of your heroes:

Respawn mechanics. Use the resurrection of the dead soldiers, if you have this opportunity, and the quest has not yet been completed. Revival will be applied automatically 5 seconds after the death of all characters in the party. In cooperative mode, when the player controls more than one fighter, the number of available revivals decreases. After the revival, the hero’s skill scale and his party are reset to zero, HP is restored by about 30%, most of the non-permanent buffs are lost.

An attempt to revive is not considered used if your party did not die in battle, or if the quest was completed before the respawn time passed.

Dragalia Lost: Co-op Features (Co-op)

How do I create co-op rooms? In cooperative mode, players can join teams and go through game activities together. It is allowed to create a single squad of three players. The co-op mode will be available after completing the second chapter of the campaign. Click "Create a Room" to set the default parameters for the new room.

If you need a private or private room that will not be displayed in the general menu, click the "Create a Private or Local Room" button. When you select "Create an Alliance Room", you will create a room available only to members of your alliance. If desired, the room can always be opened for other players using the switch.

How do I find a room? To join one of the already created rooms, click "Join Co-op" in the main menu. Here you can select the quest you need and apply to enter the room.

Rewards for completing the co-op mode. For the successful completion of the quest in co-op mode, if you completed it with another player for the first time, you receive an additional reward of 50 wyrmits. You will receive this reward for the first 50 people with whom you play together, for a total of 2500 units. wyrmita.

Co-op restrictions. You may be denied a 60 minute co-op game for the following reasons:

Dragalia Lost: Alliance Guide

What are alliances? Alliances is a special game option that allows players to unite in groups to go through various activities together.

Alliance opportunities. You can enter either an existing alliance or create your own. The alliance member limit is 30 players. The alliance provides for the joint passage of tests and communication among the participants in a separate chat. You can also send notifications to all members of your alliance and invite them to participate in activities in this way.

It is very important to be in an active alliance with good online participation. This way you can quickly assemble teams to complete challenges, which means you can master the game more successfully.

Alliance daily rewards. Every day you receive rewards from your alliance, do not forget to collect them. Among the awards:

Dragalia Lost: Completing Essential Daily Tasks

Receiving daily bonuses. For the first playthrough of most daily activities, you will receive one or two bonus chests with additional rewards. That is why it is very important to close as many quests as possible, preferably at the highest difficulty available. These bonuses are very helpful for players in farming the right items.

Receiving daily rewards. Participate in limited-time events on Nightmare Difficulty for another nice bonus in addition to the main rewards - Grand Bounty. Usually it contains a set of rare materials for pumping, for example, solar ore and eldwater.

Daily gifts from the Dragon’s Lair. Exchange rupees in the Dragon Lair and purchase gifts to increase your bond with your dragons. The assortment of the Lair is updated daily. Giving gifts and bonding with dragons has several benefits:

It is recommended to buy gifts for dragons every day, and, if possible, give them their "favorite" gifts (they are marked with notes). This way you will gain more experience and be able to upgrade your connection faster.

Daily receipt of Dragon Essences. Dragon Essences are used to reincarnate dragons instead of the Sunlight Stone. Their use is a great way to strengthen your dragons, and the farming itself can be done daily on the hard and very difficult levels of the main campaign. So, you are guaranteed to get 3 essences on hard level and 3 more on very hard level. One respawn requires about 50 essences, so it will take about 9 days to farm this item. Full rebirth (200 essences) will take 34 days.

Keep in mind that completing difficult and very difficult campaign levels takes away most of the daily stamina limit. If you do not have an urgent need to obtain a specific dragon, it is recommended to farm the essences no more than once a day. Also watch out for temporary events in the game, during which the rewards in the form of essences can be doubled.

Dragalia Lost: Walkthrough Raid Events

Features. In raid events, you need to team up with teams of 3 other players and jointly take part in battles of 16 characters with giant bosses. Winning raid events will earn you 3-Star Heroes, 5-Star Dragons, and 4-Star Wyrmprints.

Components of raid events. Raid events include:

  1. Subject quests. A small plot prologue, as well as 5-8 short tasks. All of them must be completed in order to open the main part of the event and gain access to the epilogue;
  2. Boss battle. The battle with an ordinary boss can be performed by a separate team or joint efforts of all players. The main purpose of this battle is to obtain a fragment of the underworld for access to the raid battle;
  3. Raid battle. The main battle with a giant raid boss, each body part of which has its own HP points. Damage to any part of the body will help reduce its overall HP, and completely depleting HP will give all members of the squad increased rewards.

At the initial difficulty levels of raid battles, you get silver emblems, and at expert difficulty, you get gold emblems.

Raid battles of nightmarish difficulty. These are the most difficult battles of events. In them, the boss has a colossal supply of HP, and it is very difficult to eliminate him. The battle time itself is also limited, so a large amount of damage is required from the players in order to have time to deal with the enemy. Rewards for raid battles of Nightmare difficulty have a chance to drop a pearl of the other world. For your first playthrough of a Nightmare Raid Battle, you will receive a grand reward - one of 5 bales of rare items and emblems.

Getting a new hero in raid events. At the beginning of the raid event, 1 new hero will be temporarily added to your collection of heroes. Include him in a party and perform various activities with him to earn friendship points equal to the amount of stamina consumed. If a new hero takes part in a raid event, but your friendship points are doubled.

Upon reaching the maximum number of friendship points, the hero stays with you forever. If, at the end of the current raid event, you have not reached the maximum friendship points with the hero, he will not join your heroes list. At the same time, if the raid event is repeated, the accumulated points of friendship with the hero will be saved, and you can continue to accumulate them.

The hero element obtained in raid events has an advantage over the raid boss element and has a maximum resistance of 50% to the negative effects imposed by the boss.

Dragons and emblems. In some raid events, you can get 5-star dragons for free with the same element as the raid boss. Since these dragons have a free status, their abilities will be lower than those of 4-star dragons.

Emblems are collectible items that can be obtained in raid battles. Emblems cannot be used in exchange, but they play the role of points, showing your success in battles. The number of accumulated emblems determines the place of your team in the overall ranking of the event and awards are given. There are 3 types of emblems:

Dragalia Lost: Astral Raids Walkthrough

Features. In astral raids, you have to fight various raid bosses. As a reward, you get valuable leveling elements - augments. Astral raids take place on weekends, and only if they do not coincide with the raid events. Follow the announcements of both activities on the official twitter of the game .

In astral raids, 4 teams of players with 4 heroes in a party take part, for a total of 16 fighters. The quality of the rewards received depends on the difficulty of the raid. In Astral Trials, unlike regular raid events, all rewards are fixed and do not change depending on the damage dealt to the final boss. However, every damage to the boss will weaken him and help avoid his attacks.

Parts of the Astral. To take part in Astral Raids, you must collect and use Astral Parts. They drop out in other activities of the game, and it does not matter whether an astral raid is being carried out at this time or not. You can also buy parts of the Astral in the store. The required number of Astral parts required to enter the raid depends on its complexity.

You can have a maximum of 300 Astral pieces available. Items obtained in excess of this limit will not accumulate and will burn! Use the accumulated Astral parts in time and, if possible, avoid losing them. Keep in mind that if you spend Astral parts on several battles at a time, you will receive rewards for several raids in one raid battle (for example, using Astral parts for 3 battles at a time will give triple rewards).

Awards. All Astral Raid rewards are fixed and depend on the difficulty and element of the raid boss. Augments can only be won at the "expert" and "master" difficulty levels. Also in astral raids you can get astral fragments and exchange them in the treasure store.

Dragalia Lost: How to Win in the Mercurial Gauntlet?

Mercurial Gauntlet is a series of quests where you have to fight the dragon - Fafnir Roy III. The more times you defeat him, the higher your level of passing the test, while the strength and HP of Fafnir each time increase by 1 unit. Completing this activity does not consume stamina, so you can test your capabilities as many times as you like.

Victor’s Trove Awards. These rewards are awarded for victories in the activity, and their value is determined by the last completed level. Here you can get a lot of mana, rupees, eldwater and shimmering sand for crafting (starting at 25th level). Victor’s Trove rewards are accumulated until the 15th of each month and then reset to zero. At the same time, the progress of passing the Mercury Gauntlet itself is not reset, so at the end of the next season you do not need to replay the initial levels.

Tips for passing. To make your battles as successful as possible, use the following tips:

Article author: Nadezhda D.