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Dragonscapes WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

DRAGONSCAPES ADVENTURE is an Android game with a release date of 10/27/2020 from Century Games Limited. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Dragonscapes download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. All About Energy
  3. Dragons Guide
  4. All About Island Management
  5. Building Guide
  6. How to Complete Quests?
  7. All About the Island Map
  8. Tips for Using the Tame Dragon House
  9. How to take part in the Dragon Race?
  10. How to participate in Dragon Connection: Dessert?
  11. How to Complete the Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle?
  12. A Guide for Donators
  13. Is It Worth Playing?

Dragonscapes: A Beginner’s Guide

Dragonscapes is an exciting farm simulator with added elements of adventure, searching and breeding dragons. Colorful portrayal of different locations and dialogues of characters will definitely not let you get bored.

Plot. You and your college friend Mia travel to tropical islands to find and study dragons. You have to explore several islands, settle on them and build cozy houses for the found and bred dragons.

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to meet the main characters Mia and Steven. They will teach you the basics of the game, give you various tasks and encourage you.

Interface. The main screen displays an island with all the plants and buildings built. At the top of the screen, the game level indicator and the number of available energy units are displayed.

In the upper right corner there is information about the number of gems and coins that you can spend. In the lower left corner there are tabs with story missions and the store menu.

On the right, promotional offers and tabs for settings, mail and adjustments for the display of buildings are displayed. In the lower right corner there is a transition to the island map, storage, dragon breeding, dynamite.

Settings. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to the settings menu. You can enable / disable notifications, link to support, get information about the app, set up music and sound, graphics quality, connect your account to Facebook.

Turn on notifications so you know when a certain action in the game is over.

Gift codes. Subscribe to the Facebook fan page (" https://www.facebook.com/Dragonscapes ") to receive free in-game bonuses. Click on the gift icon in the lower right corner of the settings menu and enter the gift code.

Hidden resources. Sometimes buildings and trees obscure other game objects. To see such objects, click on the tree icon, after which all tall objects will be trimmed.

Player profile. Click on the photo in the upper left corner, here you can change the name and find out your game level. Below are three slots where you can place your favorite dragons.

Avatar. You can also change your profile photo. Portraits become available as you reach game levels and complete tasks. You can also change the frame of the photo.

AvatarConditions for receiving
MiyaReach level 1
Tame dragonReach level 12
StephenReach level 20
HarryReach level 30
Lani’s grandmotherReach level 40
BriannaReach level 50
LilyReach level 60
Chef MaxComplete Special Order 97 times
Trader RasulComplete a full deal 30 times
FoxHelp the fox 30 times
FawnHelp the fawn 25 times
Polar bearHelp the white bear 20 times
Venus flytrapClear Venus Flytrap 30 times

Player level. As you level up the game, you progress through the story and gain access to more features. By clicking on the level scale, you can find out how many experience points you need to earn to go to the next level.

After each level increase, all energy is restored. You also get an additional reward in the form of energy, coins, gems and resources of acceleration.

Game currency:

Confirmation of spending gems. Gems are very difficult to obtain, so you need to spend them wisely. In order not to accidentally spend them on the wrong action, you must turn on the confirmation of spending gems.

Go to the Settings section and check the box next to the Confirmation of spending gems option. After that, when spending gems, you will need to press the spend button twice to confirm your decision.

Don’t waste gems to buy coins, petals, energy, etc. Gems are best spent on increasing the production queue in buildings.

Resources. Special bonus improvements that are needed to speed up some game processes. You can get and use the following resources:

Reward of the day. During the first month of the game, you definitely need to log into the application for 7 days to receive an additional reward. Gifts include coins, energy, gems, flowers, fertilizers, dynamite, tickets and an exclusive dragon.

Gifts of the day. Log in 25 days in a row to receive a gift box. For every day you enter you will receive a small gift, every fifth day is more significant and at the end of day 25 the largest and best gift.

Viewing commercials. Sometimes a special advertising icon will appear on the screen for a few seconds. By watching a commercial, you can get several units of energy.

If you come across a backpack with a promotional badge, watch the video to collect additional coins. If a bunch of balloons appear on the main screen, watch the video to get a candy, and if you’re lucky, a gem.

Collections. As you explore the islands, you will find various collectibles. After collecting all the items from a specific collection, you can exchange them for a good reward.

Collections can be collected and exchanged an unlimited number of times. There are 6 collections in total:

Encyclopedia. There are many different objects in the game that have different properties. To avoid confusion, information about each new object will be available for study in one of the encyclopedia tabs:

Dragonscapes: All About Energy

Energy is the main resource for exploring the territory, both in the main location and on the Island Map. Energy needs to be spent cleaning rocks, trees, rocks and bushes.

Recovery. Every 90 seconds, 1 unit of energy is restored, after all units of energy are restored, the timer stops. The maximum amount of energy possible depends on your current game level.

At the initial levels, you need to enter the game as often as possible in order to spend energy. At higher levels, you can enter less often until all the energy is restored. So it will take 2.5 hours to restore 100 units of energy.

When playing, spend all your available energy on clearing the island.

Lack of energy. If you do not have enough energy units to completely eliminate a large obstacle, then you can remove it in several stages. Each time you click on an object, the available energy will be taken away, and the counter on the object will decrease.

Receiving. The game provides several additional ways to obtain energy in addition to restoring it. In order to earn more energy you need:

You can earn more energy than indicated in the maximum value. However, in this case, the energy will not recover on its own until its value is less than the limit.

Dragonscapes: Dragons Guide

Dragons are the local inhabitants of the island you travel across. Dragons will help you harvest from trees, find items and get rid of various obstacles on the islands.

When the plant is completely depleted, it turns golden. Click on it to receive a gift.

Types of dragons. In the encyclopedia you can familiarize yourself with all the open types of dragons. The game features more than 30 varieties of dragons, individuals of which differ from each other in basic characteristics.

The stage of development depends on how many units of vitality and dragon power the dragon has. Each dragon has 4 stages of development:

Breeding dragons. Each dragon is unique and has its own characteristics. To breed a dragon, you need to obtain or purchase dragon eggs of the appropriate type.

Every 3 eggs of the same type can be connected to get a dragon of the first level. Three dragons of the same level can be connected to create a dragon of a higher level.

You can open a new type of dragon by traveling on the Map of the Islands. After receiving a new type of dragon, new dragon eggs will be available for purchase.

To get information about the characteristics of the dragon, click on it or study the information in the encyclopedia.

Liveliness. In order for the dragon to complete any task on the island, he needs to spend a given number of units of liveliness. The larger the dragon, the more liveliness it has and the more tasks it can complete.

After the dragon runs out of energy, he goes to rest in the dragon’s house. It takes some time to recover. If necessary, you can restore vitality with gems.

The more houses you build, the faster all dragons can rest.

Petals. In-game currency is required to buy dragon eggs and unite dragons of the same level. You can get petals from dragon flowers after your dragons collect them.

The purchase of each subsequent egg will be more expensive than the previous one.

In order to earn petals you need:

Dragon power. In-game currency is needed to buy fruit trees and buildings, travel around the islands and expand the territory of the main location. The amount of dragon power depends on the open dragons and their level of development.

To get more dragon power, you need more adult dragons.

Dragonscapes: All About Island Management

The island is a game location where you will perform all game actions. The mechanics of the game on the main island and on the Island Map are similar, with the exception of planting plants and producing food.

You can rename the island by clicking on the stone that says Home Sweet Home.

Territory. The islands are covered with fog, which dissipates as the area clears from plants and stones. You will have to spend energy on clearing the territory.

By removing stones and plants, you will receive the necessary resources for construction and production. Also on the island you can find various treasures, for finding which you are entitled to a small reward.

Planting plants is the main source of primary resources for food production. For planting each plant, you will need to give a certain amount of seeds.

Seeds can be obtained by clearing the area of grass or by purchasing them with coins in the store. The larger the grass, the more seeds you get for harvesting it.

To plant a plant, select the one you want and drag it over the beds to be sown. When the plants are ripe, click on the garden bed and pull the sickle over the plants to collect them.

Building. Most buildings need to be built prior to use. For construction, you will need a certain amount of materials.

Some buildings, according to the plot, are built in several stages. To see what stage of construction a building is in, open the construction dashboard.

If you do not know where to get the materials, click on the question mark and the game will tell you where you can make or collect the necessary materials.

Score. Click on the cash register icon in the lower left corner to go to the shopping section or explore the contents of the Warehouse. You can purchase:

Warehouse. You can store unnecessary buildings and decorations here. To place an object on the territory, drag it from the warehouse to the main screen. To remove, hold down the object and click on the cardboard box icon that appears.

Storage. Click on the backpack icon in the lower right corner to explore the vault. It contains all collected and produced items, upgrade resources and collectibles.

There is no limit in the storage, so you can collect an unlimited number of items. Click on any item to see its description, where to get it, or what it is for. You can also select unwanted items and sell them for coins.

Island decoration. In the store, you can purchase various decorations that are necessary to diversify the territory and show your personal style. Decorations must be dealt with after establishing the production of all products.

Dragonscapes: Building Guide

All buildings are located on the main island, their construction and operation is also possible only on the main location. You can open some of the buildings by exploring the island, others must be bought in the store.

All buildings differ from each other in function and purpose. The game features 5 types of buildings:

Use of machines. Select the food you want to cook and drag it to an empty slot. The product card indicates what resources are needed for cooking and how much time will be spent on its production.

It takes some time to produce products, but it can be shortened with special speedup coupons You can also open additional slots in the production queue, their maximum number is 6.

Using exchangers. By filling the progress bar with the necessary resources to get energy or a product. If you added too many resources, then the surplus will be carried over to the next progress bar.

Filling of 3 scales is available, you can re-fill the scale after a while. The number of progress bars cannot be increased. You can skip waiting times by using ice cubes.

Use of manufacturers. Select the food you want to cook and drag it to an empty slot. The product card indicates what resources are needed for cooking and how much time will be spent on its production.

As soon as you collect a product, it is immediately converted into energy units. A maximum of 2 products can be queued. You can reduce the waiting time by using acceleration coupons.

You cannot cancel production of a queued product.

Laboratory. If you run out of resources on the available maps, you can use the laboratory to produce objects for subsequent clearing. Currently, the following objects are available for creation in the laboratory:

Dragonscapes: How to Complete Quests?

Complete as many tasks as possible daily to get the necessary resources and game currency. To complete the tasks, you will need to grow or produce something, build buildings, clear the territory of the island, etc.

Subject quests

Click on the tablet icon in the lower left corner to go to the list of story missions. By clicking on the selected character, you will receive information about the actions that you need to perform and the reward that you will receive as a result of completing the task.

By clicking on the part of the task that you are going to complete, the game will give you a hint and show you in which building or where on the island you can take the necessary action.

If you do not want to complete the task, then you can skip it by paying a certain amount of gems.

Order board

Click on the Order Board next to the island’s namestone to open a list of available orders. The order card indicates which products must be assembled or produced in order to receive a reward for completing an order.

If there is a gift icon above the order, then after completing the order, a pleasant surprise awaits you. To receive an additional reward in the form of energy units, you need to complete 10 orders.

The quest can be canceled by clicking on the trash can icon. After that, a timer is started to wait for a new order. The waiting time is 20 minutes, it can be accelerated by paying gems.

Try to complete the most difficult orders, as you will receive a better reward for them.

Helicopter orders

After you open the helipad on the island, you will be able to fulfill special orders. Within the allotted time, you need to fill the boxes with the necessary products.

Once the crates are full, click the Deliver button and you will receive your earned reward. After that, the helicopter will fly off, and new orders will appear in 5 hours. If within the allotted time you manage to fill all three boxes in one row, then you will receive a bonus reward.

After submitting orders, an informational tip will pop up about what products will be needed to complete the next orders. You can make them in advance so that next time you have time to fill as many boxes as possible.

Helicopter orders are the most profitable, so complete them first.


In addition to completing the listed tasks in the course of performing the main game actions, you can get diamonds for your achievements. There are 42 achievements in the game, each with 4 difficulty levels.

In order to receive a reward for achievements, you will need to perform the following actions:

Dragonscapes: All About the Island Map

In addition to the main island where you organize production and study dragons, there is an additional story of island exploration in the game. Click on the map icon in the lower right corner to go to the Map of Islands.

Your task is to explore each island and complete certain tasks to learn the storyline. Upon completion of the exploration of the island, you can get a new type of dragon.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Study. The entire island is covered with fog, which dissipates as the territory clears from plants and stones. As soon as you remove the object next to the fog, you can see what was hidden behind it.

Completion of the study. Moving around the islands occurs gradually one after another. Once you move to a new island, the previous one will disappear after 24 hours.

Before moving to a new location, completely clear the island of plants and stones in order to get the maximum amount of resources.

Trolley. By clicking on the minecart icon in the lower left corner, you will open the list of tasks with resources for this island. After completing each task, you will receive a reward, and for completing all tasks - the final prize.

Exchange with a merchant. During your trip to the islands, you will meet the merchant Rasul, who is ready to exchange rare materials for items that are useful to you. After appearing, the merchant is available for 24 hours, during which time you need to complete all transactions with him in order to receive an additional reward.

Clear the island from the very beginning so that you have more items to trade with merchants.

Dragonscapes: Tips for Using the Tame Dragon House

After reaching level 6, you will open the Dragon House. In gratitude, your dragon will periodically give you various useful gifts.

Dragon gifts. Gifts can be received every hour of direct play, when you are offline, the timer is not running. As soon as the gift can be collected, a gift icon will appear above the dragon’s head.

Dragon machine gun. After reaching level 14, you will have access to a slot machine. Press the lever or the Scroll button to start the slot machine.

The maximum number of twists is 20. Each twist is restored within 15 minutes. As soon as the torsion is restored, a joystick icon will appear above the dragon’s head.

Try to use all the twists so that during your absence from the game the maximum number of twists can be restored.


Autoscroll. Press and hold the Scroll button to run all available spins automatically. The prize won is also collected automatically.

Use the dragon assault rifle as an additional source of energy to complete tasks with a time limit.

Dragonscapes: How to take part in the Dragon Race?

Dragon Race is a game event during which you will need to earn points to get a good reward. Click on the icon at the top left of the screen or navigate to the event directly from the message board.

Order. At the beginning of the event, 9 orders will become available to you. You can only accept 1 order, the next one you will be able to receive only after completing the first. Orders must be completed within the allotted time to earn points.


Points. To receive points for an order, you must successfully complete the task. Points are required to earn rewards and rank higher on the Leaderboard. Points are not awarded for deleted orders or orders that were completed outside the deadlines.

Reward. After collecting the required number of points, you can pick up the chests with rewards. You can pick up the prize only after the completion of the Dragon Race. The more points you earn, the more treasure chests you will receive.

Leaderboards. Complete any order to enter the leaderboard and take the corresponding position. There are 30 players on the race leaderboard. The higher you are on the list, the more rewards you will receive.

The competition takes place among users from all over the world. If you can get into the top 300 players, then you will receive an additional reward. If you manage to take a prize, then a unique reward awaits you.

If there is a game event, complete the event quests first, and then proceed to the story quests.

Dragonscapes: How to participate in Dragon Connection: Dessert?

Dragon Connection is a game event during which you will need to earn points to get a good reward. Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen or navigate to the event directly from the message board.

Products. Collect basic products by completing normal game actions. Combine the received products and create new ones to complete tasks.

Methods for obtaining products:

Points. To earn points, you must complete event orders that require special products. Points are required to earn rewards and rank higher on the Leaderboard.

Reward. After collecting the required number of points, you can pick up the chests with rewards. You can pick up the prize only after the end of the event. The more points you earn, the more treasure chests you will receive.

Leaderboards. Complete missions to enter the leaderboard of 30 random players. The higher you are on the list, the more rewards you will receive.

The competition takes place among users from all over the world. If you can make it to the world leaderboard, which displays the top 300 players, you will be able to receive an additional reward.

Dragonscapes: How to Complete the Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle?

Dragon Puzzle is a game event during which you will need to assemble a picture from puzzle pieces in order to get a good reward. Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen or navigate to the event directly from the message board.

Puzzle. To get a piece of the puzzle, you need to collect the required number of coupons to make an exchange. You can get the coupon after the successful completion of the order, located on the right side of the event panel.

Reward. After collecting one row or column of the picture from the puzzle pieces, you can get a reward. Thus, you can get 8 regular rewards. After the entire puzzle is completed, you will receive the main event reward.

Dragonscapes: A Guide for Donators

When performing various actions in the game, you will have to spend coins, energy, petals and gems. If there is a shortage of any units of game currency, you can purchase them in the Store for real money.

To make purchases, click on the Plus icon next to the indicator of any game currency. There are four tabs in the store, where you can get acquainted with offers for the purchase of gems, coins, petals, energy.

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers.

To view special packs, click on the More offers button in the Gems tab. Kits available for purchase:

Gift for your purchase. By making any purchase in Dragonscapes, you can get an additional reward. Such a gift will include 30 gems, 100 energy units, 1000 coins, 3 grass dragon eggs.

Dragonscapes: Is It Worth Playing?

Dragonscapes is an enjoyable pastime game that will appeal to both adults and children. Colorful graphics, musical accompaniment and several game directions.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons that may turn you off:

We recommend that you install Dragonscapes on your gaming device and play for a couple of days. Then you can figure out if this game is right for you. If yes, then start exploring the amazing world of dragons.

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.