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Dress up Time Princess WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

DRESS UP TIME PRINCESS is an Android game with a release date of 09/10/2020 from IGG.COM. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Code
  2. A beginner’s guide
  3. Tips for Completing Books
  4. Endings book Queen Mary
  5. Magic Lamp Ending
  6. Memoirs of Gotham Ending
  7. Other Book Endings
  8. Game Room Tips
  9. Boutique Crafting Tips
  10. Cat Guide

Dress up Time Princess: Gift Code

How to enter a gift coy? To do this, go from the main game screen to the "Player Profile" (located in the upper left corner). After that, you need to select the "Other" command (bottom menu bar), and click on it. A menu will open where you need to click on the "Gift Code" button. Then you should enter the code characters in the active line of the new window, and confirm the correctness of the input "Ok".

Gift codes have a limited validity period, so if you were not given a gift, then the time limit for entering the promotional code has expired (the message that appears on the screen after confirming the code will tell you this).

Gift codes:

Codes for new players:

Dress up Time Princess: A beginner’s guide

On her birthday, the heroine receives an interesting tome as a gift, which takes her through portals to different times in the past. Also, through the book, you find yourself in various fairy tales. With the help of magic, your consciousness is transferred to famous women of different eras. Together with the new personality, you get all her memories up to the moment you moved into her body. Now you can change the history of the events that happened to these women. For example, you have the power to save Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, from the bitter aftermath of a popular uprising.

Each story carries an echo of the past: manners, fashion, etiquette of that time. You can change the course of the story as you see fit. If you do not like the ending, then you can always return to the stage with an important decision, and choose a different answer or action, then you will change the plot of the story.

Game currency

Gold is the main currency with which you will produce clothes, gifts, communicate with friends. Gold can be obtained in any activity, during game events, in gifts for completing the game ("Guide") and Achievements.

Diamonds are a premium currency that can be purchased with real money. Diamonds can be obtained not only in the store, but also for completing adventure stages, for some Achievements. Also for leveling up in some temporary in-game events. We recommend spending diamonds on rare items of clothing in the store and on blueprints that can only be purchased with diamonds.

Energy - regenerates on its own over time. The limit of energy that can be restored is limited by your player level (it is displayed on the "Profile" icon). But if you receive energy from other places, then it can accumulate above the limited mark.

Energy is needed to go through the stages of books, to conduct small talk with acquaintances, and to go through stages during temporary events. You can get energy in several ways:

  1. Raising the level of the player.
  2. Increasing the level of the process of passing temporary events.
  3. In the "Guide" for completing some tasks from the gameplay.
  4. From gift boxes.
  5. It can be obtained from the permanent event "Energy Reserve". To get it, go to the "Event Center" menu (located on the left side of the main game screen), then select the "Energy reserve" section. Energy accumulates here for 12 hours, then you can receive it.
  6. At the start of the game, you will receive daily gifts in which there will be a certain amount of energy.
  7. For daily entry into the game.
  8. For obtaining a level in the season.

Golden Ticket - can be obtained for successfully completing adventure stages, for Achievements and in the "Guide". Required in the "Lucky Jerry" activity, where you will pop balloons for tickets and receive prizes in a random order. After accumulating 10 tickets, you can burst 10 balls at the same time.

Fashion Points - Needed to level up in the Season. During this event, you need to complete certain tasks for which you will receive fashion points. Having accumulated a certain number of points, you will increase your level in the Season. As you level up, you will receive valuable prizes.

Frequently asked Questions

What are Treasured Stardust and Caring Stardust for? They are used to upgrade relics once they reach levels 20 and 40. The modification allows you to continue to increase their level.

How do I get the Lady’s Power? Lady Power is a hairstyle, part of the Bourbon Rose set. It is given on day 24 as a bonus for logging into the game every day.

What happens to my bonus if I don’t log in during the day? You don’t start over from day 1 and don’t miss the bonus. It will simply continue where you left off, even if you miss a few days.

What does it mean when the "Magic Gift" is the source of clothing? This means that the item is either a gift from the game (for example, the pieces of the Bourbon Rose that you get for starting the game) or clothing obtained as a result of events.

How do I get items in the Single Item Image section of my collection? Makeup details can be obtained from Lucky Jerry in the book Queen Mary. Other items can be obtained through unique means such as the Kitty Bank or in events such as the Treasure Hunt.

Where did Isabelle (Hyde) go? Isabelle leaves as soon as you reach her last quest, "Reach Player Level 15".

If I have wasted an item, can I wear it again? If you donated an item in the Lovecraft store or applied a designer in the Workshop, then you can dress up in these wardrobe details.

Where can I get clothing items? Toilet parts can be obtained from several locations:

  1. During the passage of the book.
  2. Some acquaintances you meet while traveling may gift you with wardrobe items.
  3. Buying outfits in stores and during game events.
  4. You can borrow clothes from friends for a while for gold and diamonds.

What are Memories for? In them, you can track the stages of the passage of stories, the main points of the plot, the collection of outfits for books.

Why do you need to level up the player? The account level affects the amount of energy limit. As you level up, you unlock new gameplay possibilities.

Dress up Time Princess: Tips for Completing Books

The passage of stories is the main task of the player, all other activities that are in the game are created to facilitate the passage of adventures. Each story is unique. At the start of the game, several stories will become available to you at once. The stories are located in the "Stories" section (an open book on the table in the heroine’s room). Stories are called books. New books can be purchased from the Bookstore. To do this, you need to go to "Stories", at the bottom of the map of the current adventure you will see the icon of an open book.

By clicking on the icon, you will be taken to the "My Bookshelf" menu, where all the stories available (purchased) to you at the moment are located. By clicking on the plus sign in an empty slot, you will be taken to the "Bookstore". In it, you can buy new books for passing with "reader coupons".

How do I get a "reader coupon"? Coupons can be obtained for completing the stages of the books. The higher the score for the outfit you choose in the plot, the higher the chance of getting a "reader coupon".

Block diagram. Each story has several main and several secondary plot endings. The highlights of the adventure segment you have already traveled are displayed in the "Flowchart" section. You can go to it by clicking on the icon in the form of a route, which is located in the lower left menu next to the icon "My bookshelf".

Opening the section, you will see the passed stages of history. Those stages where you need to make an important decision lead to a fork in the plot. Your choice is shown in the diagram, the rest of the paths are closed with ellipses. Some points are not important for the further development of events. Such moments, after branching out, again return to the main narrative.

Stages of books. To move on to a new stage of the adventure, it is necessary not only to successfully complete the previous stage, but also to have the required level of Benevolence towards the key characters of the story. Also, upon entering the stage, there is a hint as to what style of clothing you need to choose for the successful completion of the plot.

To complete the stages, you must have a sufficient amount of energy, which is restored on its own over time. But energy can be obtained in other places (we wrote about this below).

Stage objectives. Each stage has goals that must be achieved in order to receive all the rewards due to you. Also, achieving goals gives you access to the next chapter.

To complete the story, you need to get the required number of points for choosing a wardrobe. Put on the appropriate clothing items, upgrade your cats and relics to get the maximum number of passing points.

How to choose the right outfit for the stage? Each wardrobe item has a specific style. There are several of them in the game. You need to choose the option that best suits the moment in history. So that you do not make a mistake with the choice, at the time of changing clothes, a menu appears, in which there is a hint. It is located at the top of the window (a light bulb icon). Opening it, you will see what style of clothing you need to complete the stage of the book.

If you cannot immediately navigate the variety of clothes and accessories, then you can use the search for items of the required style. The searched section can be opened by clicking on the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen.

How to change the course of history? During the passage of the stages of the book, from time to time you will be asked to choose one of several options for actions or answers in a particular situation. The further passage of the book will depend on your choice. The result of your decision will be displayed in a block diagram.

How do I complete a book 100%? To do this, you need to play all the versions of the book finals, including the minor ones, which are displayed on the block diagram. You also need to get a perfect score at each stage and create certain story outfits. After an unsuccessful outfit, you will be shown the desired options for clothing items. If you collect them, you will get the highest mark for dressing up.

When should I open new books? You can open the "Deal with the Necklace" and "The Servant’s Resolve" as soon as you have enough tickets. These are short stories with no dress requirements, just a fun way to get high-end wardrobe items.

The first main story you have to unlock after Queen Mary is the Magic Lamp. The relics in this story are mostly required in the other two books. When you open the Magic Lamp, Parven’s shop will start offering items from this book, and the dolls in the Phantom Mirror will wear clothes from the Magic Lamp. Only open it when you feel ready to devote time to a new book, or complete Queen Mary Stage 2-8 before opening the Magic Lamp.

Figaro Fever is a sequel to the story of Queen Mary with some intense crafting requirements. You can open it in front of the Magic Lamp, but having Fever relics can make it easier to get through the Lamp.

Swan Lake is much shorter than the Memoirs of Gotham. Most players recommend unlocking Swan Lake for your third main storyline.


Goodwill affects the development of the story between you and the character. To get more goodwill points, you need to constantly talk with new acquaintances whom you meet in books and give them gifts.

Companions are characters that are unlocked as you progress through the stories. Increasing their friendliness to you is required in order to complete certain stages of the books, with level 7 being the highest required level at the moment.

You can interact with your unlocked companions in Lantern. They will reward you for gifts and communication with them by gifting random gift boxes, relics, and souvenirs.

You can click on a companion 5 times to raise its benevolence by 50 points and give 16 gifts. Players who purchase the Fancy Booster can gift 30 Companions with gifts. Clicking on the companions causes them to give you a gift box.

How can I get good gifts from Companions? Resist the urge to tap a companion five times in a row for a conversation. If you are patient, you will receive more valuable gifts. If you can distribute your tapping sessions so that there are about eight hours between them, you can maximize your gift box collection.

The game has a timer for gifts from friends. You will not receive rewards if you spend all attempts at the same time. If you click on a companion before reset (occurs daily at 00:00 server time) and receive a gift, and then click after reset without waiting for the offering timer to reset, you will not receive a gift.

Different companions will give different gift boxes. However, the gift boxes are not randomized: the companion will give the same gift box every day.

You can also give gifts to your friends. To do this, at the bottom of the window there is a special menu with gifts (you can make them in Grifford’s Gifts). The menu is divided into several sections:

The sections concentrate gifts on the taste preferences of companions. If you give your friend the wrong gift, which he prefers, then your benevolence will decrease. The preferences for each satellite are written on the left side of the window. For example, Lafayette loves to engage in culture and art, give him something from the relevant sections, then he will be very happy, and your sympathy will increase.


Relics are tools that increase the rating of your outfit in books. Unlike garments, there is no specific history that will affect the score. Relics can be obtained by completing certain stages of the books, in Lucky Jerry, or by increasing the level of benevolence of companions. As soon as you receive the first relic, the next similar relics will automatically turn into shards, which are used to increase your skill or awaken the relic.

You can view the relics you have in the Lantern. There are several relics in the game, each of which increases the indicator of a certain style of clothing. For example, Ebony Violin raises the base score alongside "Elegant" and "Luxurious". You can increase the percentage of the indicator in the following ways:

  1. Improving the relic - the level rises with the help of special items: a potion of loyalty, a potion of passion and a hug potion. All potions can be obtained in "Travel of the Cats" and in "Lucky Jerry".
  2. Strengthen the skill - you can use a copy of the relic, turned into a shard.
  3. Awaken - the operation can be performed at relic level 50. To awaken, you need to have 10 shards of an upgradeable relic.

Dress up Time Princess: Endings book Queen Mary

Since many players ask about what endings exist in the books, we decided to write about them in our article. Below we have listed the endings of the most popular books on which the most questions arose.

Queen Mary is the first story available from the start of the game. Players will take the place of Marie Antoinette, the historically infamous Queen of France before the 1789 French Revolution. Your character appears within the story as the queen herself. The book consists of 2 chapters.

Main endings

Full of hope:

My own Knight:

I belong to you:

For all eternity:

Prayer for everyone:

Eternal goodbye:

History and destiny:

Swim into the future:

Minor endings

Fairy Friendship - 1-3 Fairy Tale Treasures Select "Refuse", then "Borrow the Choker" and then "Borrow from Gabrielle."

Fixed output:

Individual Queen:

Farewell Versailles:

Until the death separates us:

Dress up Time Princess: Magic Lamp Ending

The Magic Lamp is the second main book available in the game. It is unlocked after completing stage 2-1 of the book "Queen Mary". In the story, players will wake up in the form of Gina, a ferocious girl from the world of Arabian fairy tales. The book consists of 2 chapters. Price: 45 reader coupons. The magic lamp has 10 main and 3 minor plot endings.

Main endings

Time travel:

Kingdom in chaos:

Eternal night:

Sorrow and Remembrance:

Eternal darkness:

Grand wedding:

Lady of the Hall of Wisdom:

Beyond the sand and the sea:

Rivals in love:

Minor endings

Buried Fool - 1-5 Cave of Hazard Select "give him an oil lamp".

Before the storm (this ending can be unlocked in several ways):

Lost in Mirages (this ending can be unlocked in several ways):

Dress up Time Princess: Memoirs of Gotham Ending

Memoirs of Gotham is the 3 main book that will become available after completing stage 2-1 of the book "Queen Mary". Immerse yourself in the bustling New York city of the early 20th century as trainee reporter Elizabeth Colvin. She is 23 years old and is an intern at the Sun News newspaper. The chief entrusts you with a potentially dangerous investigation to find out what is happening behind the closed doors of the capital’s hospital. And if you don’t succeed, you will be fired. This book is divided into 4 chapters. Cost - 45 reader coupons. The Gotham memoir has 12 major endings and 10 minor endings.

Main endings

Successful Official (can be obtained after completing Stage 4-14 Public Reaction):

To get this ending, you must have enough evidence to win the case against the advisor:

  1. 3-14 Former friends choose to "softly reason with her."
  2. 4-8 Dilemma choose "pass evidence".
  3. 4-12 Heaven select "Appeal to her sense of justice" so that you are given permission to use the vehicle in step 4-13 of Publishing the article.

Lonely future (can be obtained after completing stage 4-14 Public reaction):

Ordinary life (can be obtained after passing stage 4-5 Second test). To unlock Stage 2-6 New Affiliate Route, select Ask Davis for Help in Stage 2-5. To unlock this ending, you must avoid Diana’s drum sounds and Taylor’s files:

To get this ending, you must go through all stages: 4-2, 4-4 and 4-5.

Reporter’s Life (can be obtained after completing stage 4-7 Bright future):

Complete Chapter 4 in the following order:

  1. 4-2 Return to the station.
  2. 4-3 Mysterious Mail.
  3. 4-5 Second test.
  4. 4-6 The moment of victory.
  5. 4-7 A bright future.

Unsolved Puzzle (you can get the Moment of Victory after completing stage 4-6):

Complete Chapter 4 in the following order:

The same fate (you can get the Moment of Victory after completing stage 4-6):

Complete g lava 4 in the following order:

Unreliable ally (can be obtained after completing stage 4-19 Beginning of the plan):

Lack of equity (can be obtained after completing stage 4-19 Start of the plan)

Mafia couple (can be obtained after completing stage 4-19 Beginning of the plan):

Sunset in Cefalu (can be obtained after completing stage 4-20 Equivalent exchange):

Infinite Waiting (you can get it after completing Stage 4-20 Equivalent Exchange) - complete the adventure in the same way as described in "Lack of Justice". In step 4-20, select the "go with Vittorio’s plan" option.

Pulitzer Prize

You can get it after passing stage 4-7 A bright future. Don’t try to get this ending until you’ve finished The Successful Official, The Mafia Couple, and The Life of a Reporter. To earn a Pulitzer Prize, you must get a "better end" from each major route, as well as find additional evidence along the way. Before starting the connection, make sure you have received the 3 specified endings, and then make adjustments based on the following steps.

First, go through Stage 4-7 A Bright Future to make sure you have a Reporter’s Life successfully unlocked. In addition to the steps listed, you must obtain evidence from Counselor Harris’s safe to obtain a Successful Official Route. There are two ways to get evidence. The first one uses your "time travel" abilities:

The second method, which may be less difficult for some players, is to gather evidence and ask Charlotte to help you:

These methods can be used in the secondary ending "Death by Fire". In addition to the steps listed, to get the Mafia Couple route, you must get information from Darya and find Giuliano’s Bible.

To get information from Darya:

To find the Bible:

Replay Stage 4-7 A Bright Future and you should earn the Pulitzer Prize finale. Note that the first half of the scene is almost identical to The Life of a Reporter.

Minor endings

Final titleDescription
Death in the alley1-3 Festive Party Select "Roll Into Lane"
Farm inheritance1-5 Interview select "Sensationalism, Subjectivity, Compromise"
Forever an ordinary reporter2-3 Farm infiltration select "take advice". But there is another way to approach this ending, it is to choose at least one wrong answer, deciding why Rossi is suspicious. Wrong answers to 1 question: "his relationship with Taylor" and "he went to the hospital." Wrong answers to question 2: "the reason he borrowed Taylor’s name" and "his story with the mafia"
Reckless end2-4 select "call Nino"
Foolish honesty2-4 select "keep quiet" then "tell the truth"
Reckless maidComplete stages in sequence: 3-9, 3-11 and 3-12
Reporter’s suicideYou should get proof, but not Charlotte’s help. To get evidence 3-12 When making your way into the office, turn the statue to the left, then to the right, then to the left. To avoid Charlotte’s help, 1-2 write about "The Tragic Story of a Mad Woman", 1-12 select "eliminate the mafia" and in step 3-7 "use it"
Leaving New York4-9 don’t get evidence, and step 4-8 "don’t turn in evidence"
Flaw in the plan4-15 "tell me you overheard the conversation"
Death by fire3-12 "conduct research" and step 4-8 "do not turn in evidence". There are two ways to get evidence, which are described for the Pulitzer Prize finale

Dress up Time Princess: Other Book Endings

Swan Lake

Swan Lake - Book 4, but you can buy it at the start of the game. You will become Signy, a charming princess faced with the responsibility of becoming a queen.

This book is currently the shortest main story, with one chapter and 17 stages. There are no event logs or mementos to collect in this story. Cost - 30 reader coupons. Swan Lake has 3 main and 5 minor endings.

Fairy Finale (you can get it after completing stage 1-17 The Foretold Path):

Dream Life (can be obtained after completing stage 1-17 The Allotted Path):

Minor endings

Final titleDescription
Queen’s debt1-17 Prescribed Path select "Select Neither"
Lost in the woods1-10 Forest at night turn "left"
An expensive choice1-11 An Unexpected Development Select "kill him"
Fallen kingdom1-14 Unexpected "hide in the grass" plot
A trap for life1-15 Tough decision choose "stop begging"

Elena Spartanskaya

Elena Spartanskaya is the 5th book that will be available to you for passing. It consists of 1 chapter with 20 stages. Cost - 40 reader coupons. Elena Spartanskaya currently has 3 main endings, and history implies that new ones will appear in future updates.

Final titleDescription
Princess fate1-17 Charon Carrier select "ask Artemis for deer sinew"
Bloody Shield1-18 Cerberus choose no
Blessings of the LaurusComplete Stage 1-20 Major Curse

Judging by the flowchart and player testing, Elena Spartanskaya does not have a "good" ending at the moment. When the Laurel of Blessing is unlocked, the story implies that there will be a further passage of the book.

Romy and Julius

Romy and Julius is a 6 book, has 1 chapter with 22 stages. Players will become Romy, a young noblewoman in 14th century Italy. This is just a reworked interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. Cost - 40 reader coupons.

Final titleDescription
Abyss of Blood (Lawrence)Select "discuss this with Lawrence" in Step 1-16 of the Combined Counter. Then select "Dodge" in Stage 1-19 Final Battle
Bloody Abyss (Julius)To get this ending, you don’t have to meet the requirements for either the Bloody Rose or the Romantic Walk. The easiest way is to select "Chase the Man in Black" in Step 1-12 Meeting Someone
Dark prayerSelect Eagles Can’t Catch Me in Step 1-14 Unexpected Visitor. Then "talk it over with Lawrence" in steps 1-16. 1-17 Return to Verona "squeeze Lawrence’s hand"
Bloody rose1-7 Ancient legend choose "hesitate", then at 1-16 "go back alone", at 1-11 Lonely youth choose "I want it, and still." 1-12 The Truth "He Couldn’t Have"
Romantic walk1-7 Ancient legend choose "hesitate", in 1-3 Red rose "show your affection." At 1-11 Lonely Youth, select "I don’t want to ask him," and at 1-12, "confess" and "stay with Bellona." 1-16 "go back alone" then in step 1-21 True select "he couldn’t have had"
Blessed Citizens1-5 Scary Night Shake Your Head. 1-7 Explain and Leave. 1-14 Unexpected Visitor select I want them to pick me up. 1-16 "talk it over with Lawrence." 1-17 "Hold Lawrence’s hand" or "Squeeze Lawrence’s hand." 1-19 "do it now"

Dress up Time Princess: Game Room Tips

Fantasy Fair

This is a competitive game in the playroom. Every Sunday at 00:00 server time, a new style challenge will be announced, and you can play your outfits against other players’ toilets. Each Fantasy Fair season lasts three months.

To start playing, first click on the shirt icon in the lower right corner of the screen to enter the closet. Create an outfit that matches the theme to get as many points as possible. You can change the toilet at any time if you get a better item. Once your outfit is saved, enter the Fantasy Fair.

Every day, you are given 10 free dice rolls that you can use to beat the map. You can buy additional moves of 25 diamonds each, or ten moves for 250 diamonds. You can buy a maximum of 999 tosses per day, but you can only win Fantastic Coins from matches 20 times, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Description of cells:

Enemy - You will face a random enemy. If your outfit has more points, then you will win.

Coin - The next time you win a match, you will receive 2x the amount of Fantastic Coins.

Red dice - you get 2 free moves (free attempts are not used).

Come back - move back a random number of cells. You will be able to interact with the cage you land on at no cost.

Change direction - from the next turn, you will move in the opposite direction.

Forward - you are transported forward by a random number of cells.

Free winnings - you are automatically awarded a victory, without choosing an opponent.

Gift - you get from 5 to 15 Fantastic coins.

Back to Start - The game takes you to the start of the stage at the Launch Pad.

Start - the place where you start the stage. If you land on this square or walk naturally, you will be rewarded with 15 Fantastic Coins.

Reset - the game will shuffle the squares of the board.

Fail Void - The next time you are defeated, it will not be counted.

Strong Enemy - Your next match will be against a "formidable opponent". If you win, your rating may go up slightly.

When you win the match, you will be rewarded with 25 fantastic coins and 500 gold. When you lose the match, you will still be given 10 coins and 100 gold. There is no penalty for reversing or sending back to the start, except that you lose the chance to compete on that turn.

Ratings. By winning matches, you can level up and earn the best prizes at the end of the week. To see how many wins you need to level up, look at the bottom left of the screen: it will show you how many wins you currently have out of the total you need.

Fantastic coins. These coins can be exchanged for limited items of clothing and resources. To exchange coins, go to the Fantasy Fair opening page and click on the shopping bag symbol on the right side of the screen. As you progress in rank, you will be able to gain access to more clothing items as well as materials.


Phantom mirror

Rules of the game:

  1. There is a doll in the ghost mirror that will change its appearance every day.
  2. The more your outfit looks like a doll’s outfit, the higher the recognition and the greater the reward.
  3. Key parts of the dolls’ clothes will be hidden, and you will get 2 chances per day to use the "Spy Camera" to view the details of the wardrobe.
  4. If you don’t have similar items of clothing, wearing the same style of outfit will also bring you a certain level of recognition.

How to play? Upon entering the Mirror, you will see a doll with several mysterious symbols surrounding it. You can click on the two symbols in front of the locker room (4 chances total daily) to reveal the item of clothing the doll is wearing. If you want to know its name and origin, hold open clothing. Press the "enter" button at the bottom of the screen to dress your character, picking up as many similar details of the toilet as possible.

Click on the mask symbol at the top of the screen while dressing if you want to see the doll without leaving the dressing room. If the doll does not have an item in a certain category, such as a necklace, but to increase the points, it is better to add an item that matches the style. This means that if you can perfectly recreate the doll’s outfit, you should still add items to any empty categories.

Items borrowed from friends cannot be used in the Mirror.

Dress up Time Princess: Boutique Crafting Tips

Workshop of designers

Making clothes. This is the place where you can use whatever blueprints you’ve earned or bought to make clothes. You can get the blueprints for the passage of the story stages or buy for diamonds in the Parven store. The material for clothes can be obtained in the store or in any activities of the game, and the material also drops out of gift boxes from your companions.

If you use your "last" piece of clothing to craft another item, it will still be in your wardrobe. Once you purchase an item of clothing, you can always wear it.

Drawings of clothes in the section are divided into types of items (head, bottom, top, and more). To find the drawing faster, flip through the tabs on the bottom pane of the window.

On the right side of the window, after selecting a drawing, icons will appear with the required amount of ingredients for sewing an item of clothing. Also under each icon is the amount of materials you have.

Changing Clothes is a method of upgrading low rarity wardrobe items to obtain high rarity items. Dozens or even hundreds of basic toilet items can be used in this process, along with a lot of materials and gold.

You will need to have a copy of the item you want to change in order to see the complete recipe in the changes section. You will not be able to see the parameters for changing the third level until you have passed the second level. If you use up all of your copies of the clothes, you will temporarily lose the recipe in the change section. For example, if you use up all of your Pure Hearts to make Exquisite Wings, you will no longer see Pure Heart as an alteration option until you make another copy.

As with tailoring, the upgrade menu on the right side of the window shows the amount of materials needed to upgrade an outfit. With each new improvement, you increase the stardom of the outfit. And this is the only way to increase stars on clothing items in the game.

Clothing change workshop

This is a feature that allows you to dye, stamp and print specific garments according to your tastes. There is no bonus point associated with this feature. An option intended solely for entertainment.

At the moment, only five items of clothing can be used here:

Dye - Dye changes the color of the clothes. The part has different sections that can be painted in different colors.

ColorRequirement to receive
Light blueAlways in stock
OrangeAlways in stock
IndigoObtain 50 types of clothing
GreenComplete Stage 2-22 of Queen Mary
AquaReach player level 10
PurpleComplete Stage 2-22 of Queen Mary
YellowReach Player Level 20
PurpleReach player level 30
PinkCraft 100 garments.
Hot pinkGive companions 500 gifts

Printing. Embossing adds intricate patterns to garments. A stamp can be added to any position, but each position can only have one stamp.

Paisley is a fantastic design featuring the flowers and leaves of the tree of life. Can be done for 8 hours of Kitty’s exploration. Available from the start.

Baroque symphony (gold) - an imitation of reality with the beauty of imperfection - this is the miracle of the baroque. Can be done for 8 hours of Kitty’s exploration. Available after the player reaches the 8th account level.

Pale yellow - sentimental daffodils crave other people’s views. Can be done for 8 hours of Kitty’s exploration. Available after the player reaches 20 account level.

Flora Rococo (silver) - languid, tense, beautiful, but at the same time fragile and fabulous ... This is the essence of Rococo. Can be done for 8 hours of Kitty’s exploration. Available after the player reaches 30 account level.

Flora Rococo (gold) - possible for 8 hours of Kitty’s exploration. The seal will be available after you reach 10 goodwill with 10 companions.

Vines - All family members are connected to each other like leaves on a vine and rely on each other to survive. Can be done for 8 hours of Kitty’s exploration. The seal will be available after you reach level 10 benevolence with 40 companions.

Prints - create a pattern on clothing. The pattern can be added to any part of the wardrobe. You can get it after conducting 8 hours of reconnaissance by cats.

Twilight Rococo (gold) - The decline of a great empire accompanies the fall of Rococo. Available from the very beginning of the game.

Twilight Rococo (silver) - you need to get account level 8.

Lush flowers are a trendy pattern based on blossoming flowers. It will be available after the player receives a level 10 account.

Springfield - flowers bloom in the fields in spring. It will be available after the player receives the 20 account level.

Luxurious Paisley is a trendy pattern made up of interwoven paisley. You need to get 40 account level.

Curls of petals - Summer flowers fill the air with a sweet, enticing scent. You need to get 30 account level.

Grifford’s Gifts

This is where you give gifts to companions. The cost of creating a gift is 200 gold coins. Gifts are sorted by feature and rarity. Higher rarity will bring more affection points, as will traits. The gifts correspond to the sympathies of the companions, and the blueprints for them are located identically to the types of gifts in the Lantern.

The most effective use of materials and gold is to make rare 3 items that match both of the friend’s favorite hobbies.

By clicking on the red heart located above the sections of materials, you will immediately be taken to the Companions menu. In it, you can specify what exactly needs to be made to increase the friendliness of a friend.

In the center of the window, materials for crafting are placed in 2 free slots. To find out exactly what ingredients are required to create a gift, go to the "Drawings" tab. By clicking on the selected drawing, materials will automatically move to free cells.

Fashion laboratory

The Fashion Lab allows players to "explore" different fashion categories and rank up all clothing in a specific category. Categories are categorized by wardrobe detail (top, bottom, and so on). Each category increases the style score. This is important for passing the stages of the books, since, sometimes, very few points are not enough for the successful completion of the stage.

To increase the parameters, you must pay in gold. You must also have the required amount of "study materials" (sketchbooks and pencils) available.

Since the training materials are used to make gifts, it is recommended that you first raise all categories to the maximum mark, and then create gifts from the remaining materials.

What are Stylish stars and special hearts for? They are designed to level up your fashion lab. After you upgrade the category 5 times, you can level up with these items.

What are Fashion Lab Levels? There are several levels of categories in the fashion lab:

  1. Nile.
  2. Mesopotamia.
  3. Cretan.
  4. Mediterranean.
  5. Elam.
  6. Classical.
  7. Byzantine.
  8. Dunhuang.

When you switch to Cretan, it will reduce the number of notebooks and pencils required to complete the modification.

Dress up Time Princess: Cat Guide

Seals are companions that can be used to gather materials and increase your dress up points as you progress through the book stages. There are three cats that can be obtained at the beginning of the game: Dusty (male) and Teddy (female) at the start, and you are given Cocoa (male) once you reach the completion of the two stages of the book.

If you have 1 cat and 1 cat, you can breed kittens. When breeding pets, you can get rarer cats that can collect better items and give higher scores and stories.

Research. You can send cats out for scouting at intervals of 2, 4 or 8 hours. Keep in mind that these cats will need an equal amount of time to rest before they can go scouting again. If you choose 2-hour research, you will receive gifts back after 2 hours, but you will not be able to use the cat (s) you sent within four hours. Resting cats know how to go on "dates" and have kittens.

You can speed up your exploration by using diamonds. If you want to speed up your 2-hour exploration from the start, it will cost 120 diamonds. If you have 30 minutes left, it will cost 30 diamonds. Alternatively, you can buy cat bells to speed up your exploration and use cat beds to shorten your resting time, however, cat beds only work for one cat.

You can get more gifts if you send several cats on the trip at the same time.

Date with the Kitty. The time and cost of breeding cats will depend on their rarity. For example, 1 star cat and 1 star cat will take 3 hours and 20 minutes to date. The higher the stardom of the pets, the longer they will stay on a date. Bred cats cannot research, dress, or interact with you until their date is over. But the process can be accelerated for diamonds.

After choosing which cats will be dating, click on the kittens in the mind bubble before clicking the Start Dating button to see which kittens this pair can produce.

Kittens will only grow through interaction with cats, and will not be able to explore or meet until they are adults. They will grow into adult cats once they reach Level 4 of Love Kitty. Kittens can wear feline clothes, and provide an increase in dressing points during the book stages, although they give a lower score than adult seals.

Feline Glory - Earned by purchasing a new unique cat or by leveling up Kitty’s Love. Increasing your cat’s love for the kitten will also increase her clothing appreciation. However, love for a cat can only be fostered by giving "gifts". Cats often ask for 1 to 5 cat food, clothing supplies or gift boxes as gifts. By default, you can only give your cats 10 gifts per day. Additional interactions can be gained by raising your kitten fame.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.