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Walkthrough Dungeon & Heroes: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DUNGEON & HEROES - Android game with release date 02/05/2018 from the company DroidHen. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Dungeon & Heroes download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Which Heroes to Download?
  2. Hero Level Up Guide
  3. How to properly upgrade equipment?
  4. Heroes & Combat
  5. Walkthrough of Castle Activities
  6. Walkthrough Story Company
  7. Forge Secrets
  8. An Overview of the Outbuildings in the Castle
  9. Guild Guide
  10. Arena Overview
  11. How to quickly pump heroes?

Dungeon & Heroes: Which Heroes to Download?

When pumping heroes, you need to understand why you need them. What benefit will they bring to the team. In the game, the characters are distributed by role. It is by this criterion that it is necessary to pump characters. If you start pumping thoughtlessly, you get a high-level, but weak five, which falls from several attacks.


Tanks are heroes with high health and defense, who can restrain the onslaught of attacks, allowing characters with low health to live longer. These champions cover the whole team. How long the tank lives depends on how long you can fight. You can make almost any hero of the game a tank, the main thing is that it has properties that help you live longer and win the battle. All tanks are placed in the front row.

The stone giant.Prevents the use of an active front line skill. He has a lot of health. Additionally, there is a property that reduces all incoming damage from normal attacks by 34%. If the player wants the Stone to block the attack of the 1st row of the opponent, he can be put on the left (good for the Tower).
Pumpkin-headed Jack.He has the Mysterious Shadow ability - when you deal more than 20% damage per hit, the hero turns into a ghost for 4 seconds. The ghost gives immunity to physical damage and increases damage done by 47%. In this case, the hero is treated for 6 seconds. It can be put in a tank: it does not allow opponents to be treated, it is healed when it heals the front line. There is immunity to physical attacks.
Anub’arak.Surrounds itself with parasites and infects anyone who hits it with parasites. Then he has an active skill, in which parasites begin to inflict damage on enemies. Opponents with 2 or more parasites are stunned for 3 seconds. That is, if all 5 enemy heroes beat him, then all of them will be infected. The skill scatters another insect. Then collapse occurs, and the whole five of the opponent falls. It can be used as a hero that gives good damage. If he is in the 1st row, and not in the 2nd, he beats faster.
Necros.He has shields, which makes him a great tank.
Osiris.He has a camp (a skill that prevents opponents from moving and attacking). Plus, it deals additional physical damage during an attack when the targets are heroes of intelligence. 2 the ability reduces the damage from a normal attack and increases the damage of the skill by 58%, by 9 seconds at the beginning of the battle.
Dr. Mega.When attacking an enemy, heals itself by 30% of the damage dealt, while reducing the target’s healing by 50% for 6 seconds. Has a skill that removes all negative effects from Mega, restores 2820 health per second for 3 seconds.
Defender.There is a camp, there is a special skill that reduces damage from enemies from the back row by 13%.

There are two types of pumping tanks:

  1. It is to dress him with survivability. That is, it will be such a shield that takes a lot of damage and calmly holds it.
  2. Dress him in good strength armor with very high protection. He will take damage, and he will attack. It all depends on whether your hero can withstand the damage, or if he needs vitality (endurance).

Stamina increases health by 20 points, health recovery by 3 points. The endurance parameter increases regeneration and improves health (which is very necessary for the tank). But the tank does little damage.

Mass attack

Mass attack is very important against large units and in the Arena. There are not many heroes of the mass attack in the game, so you can download any of them:

  1. Anub’arak.
  2. Necros.
  3. Pumpkin-headed Jack.
  4. Elf Archer.
  5. Archmage.

Some of them can be put in 1 row. An archmage can be collected at Dragon Nest. Necros gathers from the Golden Chest and at special events.


The healer is a very important player in the team. Some players do not take it and do not download it. But they do it in vain. At the start of the game, the Priest is given a quest. Of course, Cassandra, Brünnhilde and the Bishop allow a good treatment, but you should not forget about the Priest. It will come in handy anyway. His ability to remove shields in other cases greatly helps. Can randomly disperse harmful effects on 2 heroes and increases their maximum defense by 6 seconds. And if you give him a good staff, for example, "Paradise Light", then when you start healing spells, there is a 30% chance to remove negative effects from yourself. The healer is well opposed to the Alchemist. Usually the Priest is placed either in 1 row on the right or in 2 row on the left. The priest heals himself well, so he can calmly stand on the first line.


Support should help your primary healer. It would be nice if support had good damage, it would give shields to the team and do other things. Such heroes in the game 2:

  1. Brünnhilde - an active skill that hits several enemy heroes and heals randomly selected heroes in your team. But the heroine rests on anti-healing. That is, she does not currently heal.
  2. Kassandra - beats great, gives regeneration, which improves health every second for some time. It is important to note that if the Alchemist threw an anti-cure, she gave the unit regeneration, the shields were asleep or the doctor removed them, the treatment started.

Support is best placed in the 2nd row on the right.

Who else is worth downloading?

There was one more slot not occupied. The fifth member of the squad can be any champion. It depends on the equipment you have, on your priorities, on the bunch.

Dead swordsman.Every 5% of health lost increases attack. The swordsman causes the effect of immortality for 5 seconds if the health is below 1%. Immortality can be triggered every 20 seconds.
Osiris.He has a camp and damage reduction.
Momochi Sandao.When one of the warriors is critically hit and is ready to die, Sandao invokes a double. The double does not allow the allies to die when taking mortal damage. The effect is available every 20 seconds.
Bishop.This is an additional healer, gives a shield that is superimposed on 1 line. He is put in the first row. The Bishop is usually placed in 1 row on the right, because the Stone blocks 1 row, and the Bishop throws a shield after him. It’s good when the damage passes in a row, it will not be so strong.
Jellyfish.Put in 1 row. It perfectly blocks 1 row of the opponent.
Archangel.Increases damage of magicians by 28%. For 4 seconds, reduces the magic defense of all enemies at the beginning of the battle by 9 seconds. This parameter is important for mass attack heroes.The archmage increases his attack and attack to the entire group while he is alive. Most importantly, he can be reborn when he dies.

Dungeon & Heroes: Hero Level Up Guide

All the heroes that the player has can be found in the "Heroes" menu. It is located on the lower right. To the right are the champions icons. If your hero is not yet assembled, but there are some fragments on it, then the character’s shadow will be shown on the central menu screen. Below, under the phantom, it is written how much has been collected and how much remains to collect fragments. In the left side of the character’s window, the main data about him goes from top to bottom:

  1. The name of the hero.
  2. The total strength of the character.
  3. Type of attack - magic attack and physical attack. This is the main parameter by which other characteristics of the hero and equipment are determined.
  4. The turn reload time is the time during which the character can fill the energy scale to apply an active skill. All characters have different characters. Therefore, when placing warriors before the battle, this criterion should be taken into account. Also, the rate of energy storage depends on the location of the slot where the player placed the fighter before the fight.

Next are the basic parameters of the characters. The bonus distributed from the basic characteristics will depend on what class the hero belongs to. The increase is fixed for all classes: 2 units for each unit of characteristic. Thus, magicians increase the attack, pumping intelligence. Dodgers are agility, and siloviki are strength. In addition to the attack, the basic parameters give some more bonuses available to all soldiers:

  1. Strength - gives +2 points to physical defense.
  2. Dexterity - Gives +1 to physical defense and +1 to magic defense.
  3. Intelligence - gives +2 units to magic defense.
  4. Endurance (vitality) is a basic parameter for all classes, gives +20 units to the maximum health of the character and +3 units to restore health per round.

The main characteristics of the heroes

In the game, damage is represented by 2 types:

  1. Magical.
  2. Physical.

It is very important to understand what type of damage the character inflicts, as this will affect the construction of the team. The archmage and Brünnhilde, although they are representatives of the class of Strength, do all their damage through magic. Therefore, pumping them a pass (ignoring) physical protection is a meaningless exercise.Hero parameters and equipment are similar, equipment also affects the increase in the characteristics of heroes.

Maximum health - increases the maximum health of a warrior. It makes sense to pump tanks and heroes that often fall. She looks good on all characters. The longer a fighter lives, the more he will bring benefits to the team.It is better if health is a pleasant bonus to the TOP parameters on the equipment. Only tanks should search for it purposefully. But this characteristic is more important than Endurance, because there is more efficiency from it.

Attack - increases the damage done by a normal attack and the damage from skills that are defined with this characteristic in champion skills. It is important to understand that the usual attack is always made as soon as the hero has the opportunity to move. First, a regular attack is carried out, and then a combat skill or active ability is applied (if the energy scale is full).

Physical Defense - Reduces all the damage a warrior receives from enemies who hit with a physical attack. The higher the score, the less damage the fighter will receive.

Magic defense - the same as physical defense, only reduces incoming magical damage.

Energy per round - at the end of each round increases the energy level of the hero. It is relevant only in those battles where you need to go more than 1 wave (Caves, Dungeons and more). In single battles there is no gain. If the battle is carried out without the "Autobot" button, the relevance is greatly reduced, since on 1 - 2 opponents you can charge all the heroes before moving on to another wave. Generally useless feature.

Health per round is the same story as with energy, only here the current state of health of the heroes at the end of each round increases. In fact, a little treatment before the next wave. It makes sense in protracted battles, but the increase is not big. Therefore, there is little more benefit from it than from energy. In single battles there is no gain.

Additional healing - increases the amount of health that the character will recover from treatment. Good feature for tanks that need to take a lot of damage. The effectiveness of the treatment of the same Priest increases.Consequently, the survival of a warrior is increasing.

Physical Block Chance - Increases the likelihood that a fighter will block a physical attack or physical skill. In the case of a block, the damage from attacks and skills will be reduced by 30%. Characterization makes sense for tanks, especially those playing with Org’s Hammer, as each successful block will add energy.

The chance of a magic block is the same as the chance of a physical block only for magic attacks and skills.

Critical Strike Chance - increases the chance of a normal attack to receive a critical hit for all heroes. In the event of a critical strike, the enemy will be dealt additional damage in the form of half of the actual damage. For example, if the normal damage is 1000 units, then during a critical hit it will be equal to 1500.

Spell Critical Chance - Increases the critical strike chance of an active skill or combat skill. In the event of a critical hit (crit), an additional 50% damage is dealt from the base skill. It does not affect the effects it imposes, but it works on healing abilities. TOP feature for all high attack warriors and healers. Also, the parameter is important for those characters whose passive skills trigger the chance of a critical spell. For example, the shield of the Necros.

Critical Damage - Increases the damage dealt during a critical strike with a normal attack. Percentage is added to the base 50%. For example, a fighter deals damage of 1000 units, the chance of crit deals another 500 units (50%), plus a percentage of critical damage, say 20% - this is another 200 units. At the output, the damage will be equal to 1700 units. The critical chance of the spell is the same as the critical damage, it only works on active skills and combat skills.

Skipping (ignoring) physical defense - the hero’s attacks ignore the enemy’s physical defense. The higher the percentage of the parameter, the more damage will pass. This feature is useful for champions with a physical attack. But useless for characters with a magical attack.

Skipping (ignoring) magic protection is the same as ignoring physical protection, only now the attack of the warrior will not notice the magic protection. Useful for magicians and useless for physicists.

Reducing Physical Damage - this feature reduces incoming damage from physicists. It is important for tanks, and for all heroes in general. Useful at high levels.

Decrease magic damage - this feature reduces incoming damage from magicians. At high levels, every hero needs it.

Sustainability - increases the ability to withstand the negative influences that opponents inflict on the hero (stunning, silence, sleep, and more). A very useful skill for tanks and for heroes who depend on the use of an active skill. For example, Bishop.

For each champion, the priority of the parameters will be different. It all depends on the style of the game and on the character’s positioning.

TOP features for all warriors:

  1. Reduces magical and physical damage.
  2. Chance of a critical spell.
  3. Ignoring physical and magical protection.
  4. Increase maximum health.
  5. Magical and physical resistance.

So, the heroes are divided into three classes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence) and the type of attack. But in the game there is still a division into ordinary and rainbow characters. Rainbow heroes get very hard. But their basic characteristics are higher than that of ordinary characters. If you look at the statistics of TOP players on many servers, you will find that they have almost no rainbow champions. With the full pumping of ordinary (yellow) warriors and rainbow fighters, the difference in parameters is reduced to almost 0.

If the player wants to be one of the best on the server or in his region, then it is worthwhile to responsibly approach the choice of champions, to equipment (or rather to the equipment parameters) and correctly place the squad members. To do this, you need to consider many of the components that are in the game. For example, Dodger heroes have a large percentage of basic dodge (the ability to dodge the attack).

Ways of leveling heroes

The game has several possibilities to increase the overall power of the heroes. Each pumping option requires an individual approach.

Stardom. In the hero’s menu you can see the number of stars in the upper right corner. Each star increases the character’s level limit. The higher the stardom, the higher the player can increase the level of the hero. Stars increase by collecting the necessary number of fragments of the hero. For example, Wolf, to go from 3 to 4 stars, you need to collect 160 fragments. When the player collects the required number of fragments, you should click on the icon (it is located next to the stars) and raise the star to the warrior. Stardom significantly increases the basic characteristics of the character.

Level. To increase the level of the hero, it is necessary to collect a certain amount of Spirit (blue spheres). If the level limit is reached (in the picture the Wolf has level 40), then for further promotion of the champion it is necessary to increase the level of the account. The calculation is this: account level + 10 = the maximum available hero level at the moment. For example, the level of the account (player) is 30, then the limit of the level of heroes is 40. The level gives a good increase to the characteristics of the fighters.

The menu has several tabs, they are located on the right side. Changing them, you can trace the options for pumping heroes. Above, we talked about two main types of pumping. Following the main tab, the tabs "Equipment" and "Skills" (we will talk about them a bit below), there is also a tab "Talents".

Talents are additional character skills that become available when a warrior reaches a certain star. The Talent Branch for all characters is different, but it is necessary to pump it based on the role of the hero in the battle.Talents can be reset if you began to pump them incorrectly. Each Talent is unique in its own way.

Communication is an important tab, it is duplicated in the Gallery. Communication is activated on a 5 star. It defines the relationship of champions in battle.There is a double and triple bond, that is, which 2 - 3 fighters will jointly bring more benefit to the team. The bunch gives the heroes additional benefits. At the start of the game, it is important to view the connection in the Gallery and make up the top five based on these tips.

Unique weapon. This is a weapon that is given to the character to enhance individual characteristics. It can be improved and raised to its level, but it is impossible to transfer it to another hero. Each hero has his own individual weapon, gives the warrior additional talent.

Relics. An additional type of leveling hero. Increases the main parameters of the heroes. Relics must be chosen, starting from the role of the hero. Relics can be upgraded with gems. The relic, like a unique weapon, gives the soldier one more ability.


Each hero has 4 skills. The skill limit is determined by the character level. Skills open gradually. Raising levels, the player gains access to a new skill. The ability level is increased with the help of Magic books. In the hero’s menu in the "Skills" tab, select a skill and click on the "Improve" button, after which the skill level will increase. It is his champion who determines his role in the battle. There are no specializations, as in other games, so it is important to look at the Gallery all the skills on the full leveling of the hero in order to determine whether you need a warrior or not. That is, the abilities show what the character is capable of, how he will help the general cause of the detachment, what place it is better to put in a particular situation (there are a lot of activities and enemies, so it is sometimes important to change the places of heroes).

The strength of the skill depends on the basic parameters of the hero. For example, the Priest heals all allies by 2070 units + the number of intelligence points is multiplied by 2.07, and the Priest has 351 intelligence units. 351x2.07 = 726.57 + 2070 = 2796.57 units will be healed by the Priest.

The higher the basic parameters of a warrior, the more he will give effect to skills, the more he will bring benefits, the longer the team will stand.

Skills are shared:

  1. Active skill - triggered when the energy scale in the battle is completely filled, through an interval that depends on the attack speed and the location of the hero. Some items increase the speed of this skill.
  2. Skill of battle - the skill is triggered with every ordinary hit of the character.
  3. Passive skill - works constantly or under the necessary conditions. It does not depend on speed.
At the start, do not be shy, it is recommended to invest resources in existing heroes. Over time, you will collect a good top five, which will guide you through the main activities and help to achieve success. But in the initial stages you need to go as far as possible the storyline, pump buildings, get more resources and materials. Therefore, you should choose 1 tank and 1 healer (better than the Priest), and form the remaining heroes as far as possible.

Dungeon & Heroes: How to properly upgrade equipment?

Each class of heroes has their own equipment. Equipment increases the basic parameters and characteristics of warriors. There is a standard uniform that must be worn according to the class of the hero (strength, dexterity, intelligence), this is the most correct approach to putting things on heroes. In order not to make a mistake, the game has a "Put on automatically" button, after which the system will select the best version of items on its own and put on the hero. If a thing appears better in your inventory than already worn on the character, then such items are highlighted in red.

But if a fighter performs a non-standard role in your team, then you will have to dress the warrior manually, choosing the necessary parameters. In the initial stages of the game, until you have the legendary things, the main thing is to choose suitable wardrobe items for the soldiers. But with the advent of yellow armor, it will be necessary to pay special attention to them.

Level up. All ammunition can raise the quality and level. The level is increased in the hero’s menu, by the button "Improve" (after selecting the subject of improvement). In the opened "Equipment Upgrade" window, an existing item will appear (it will be on the left), in the center of the recipe the ingredients for improvement are shown, on the right - the final result of the work. To improve, you must have all the components and a certain amount of gold. With the growth of the level, all the characteristics of a thing increase or complement.

Stars of equipment. After the player receives the legendary items, they will have another button to improve "Develop". With this button you will increase the stardom of garments. With each star, the basic parameters of the object will increase (highlighted in white and are the first in the characteristic). A recipe will be given in the Evolution window of the armor or weapon.

In the recipe, the first thing that is inserted into it will be considered the main game, its indicators will be taken into account, all information will be transferred from it. The second item is simply pouring in; its indicators will not be taken into account by the system. It is worth knowing that if you want to increase the stardom of an object with the parameters you need, and you have it at level 1. And you go to merge it with an item, for example, with level 30, then the resulting item will have level 30. That is, everything that you spent on pumping things with level 30 will not go away, it will go to a new item. But at the same time, the characteristics of the object will remain from the main one (although it is of the 1st level, but you made it the main one). On which they clicked "Develop", that is taken as the basis.

Changing the characteristics of an item. Initially, when an armor or weapon hits you, its parameters are written on it (what it gives the hero: attack, defense, critical chance and more). The game has the ability to change the primary characteristics of the subject. If you select an item, a window appears with information about the item. At the top of the window is an item icon. On the left side of it there is a circular double arrow. It should be clicked on it to change the characteristics (highlighted in green).

But it should be remembered that 1 change of characteristics will cost 100 diamonds, 2 - 200, 3 - 300 and so on. Parameters drop out in random order. Experienced players already know that you can merge 700 - 800 diamonds to find the necessary characteristics. How important is it? As much as the characteristics themselves are important.

If you want to have legendary things with the parameters you need, save diamonds. From the very first day of the game! If you do not want to pour real money into the game, all the more - collect diamonds. They should be spent only out of great need. It is very important for many players to play comfortably so that the leveling of heroes is not wasted, but has a serious approach (if there is a desire to become the best). In order for the heroes to stand firmly on the bosses and the Arena, one should pay attention to the characterization of objects (stats). Ultimately, when you get tired of falling, you have to change them anyway.

Why it happens? If you fully adhere to the standard development, only to increase the level of the hero and the level of equipment, then you will ultimately run into the ceiling, there will be no further development. If the player is really focused on the result, then the stats will have to be changed in any case (if they are bad or do not suit your character). But as long as you don’t have a legendary thing, it’s worth saving diamonds and just raising the level of armor.

What are the correct parameters?

Above in the article, we examined all the characteristics of the hero and equipment that are in the game. Now you need to figure out how and where to get the right parameters. You should go to the Gallery, open the "Equipment" tab (you can use the filter). This shows all the available equipment at the maximum level of pumping. Yellow items should be chosen (these are legendary things to strive for). Information about the selected item is displayed on the right side.

Now you need to look at its parameters. 2 white parameters - these are the main characteristics - they do not change. In the picture, this is attack and survivability. But the additional parameters, they are shown below, may vary. Moreover, the Gallery shows the stats that are possible on this type of subject. Each thing has its own, but can be repeated. Several attributes are presented. It is from these attributes that good ones should be chosen.

Weapons In this example, if you give the ax into the hands of a magician, then you should choose: pass magical protection, if physics - pass physical protection. This point is important to clarify (many ask). These attributes are important for those who attack, and not for those who attack. Mages do not need a pass of physical protection, because they beat with magic, and physicists do not need a magical attribute.

The critical chance of the spell is very important. Under the word "spell" the developers mean everything that is not included in the usual attack. Namely: active skill, combat skill, passive ability. Therefore, it is important to give physicists and magicians this parameter, it will work there and there.

Armor. It is important to select this ammunition (regardless of the type of hero’s attack) - stability and reduction of physical damage.

Helmet. It’s best to take a block chance and reduce physical or magical damage. Some players argue for additional healing. But if you make the calculations, it will be seen that blocking and reducing damage is much more profitable than healing. Well, if you get a chance to block the spell - it is definitely to take.

Footwear. It’s best to take the chance of a magic / physical block and the critical damage of the spell. In boots, only 3 of the parameters are selected, so finding the right parameters is easy.

But there is such a hero in the game as the Stone Giant - it’s just a tank that blocks 1 row of the enemy. He needs to select all the parameters of clothing for survivability. He must stand and cover the rest. It is better if he will stand in full armor without damage (he has a small one), but with survivability. Other tanks are more mobile and should wear clothing to suit their abilities.

Dungeon & Heroes: Heroes & Combat

The game has many activities where it is necessary to conduct battles: fight for prestige with other players or with monsters to receive rewards and complete the game. Types of fights are the most diverse. If special conditions (restrictions) are not given before the battle, then any character can be taken into battle. Limitations can be imposed on the number of characters or on the character class. For example, only dodgers and security officials can participate in the battle. Therefore, it is important to pump the main five heroes as much as possible, but also not to forget about the rest of the champions. Too much to swing, too, it makes no sense. You must select 1 tank from each class, by healer, and by support.


It is very important to have 2 - 3 heroes with a powerful single attack. This is useful for fighting against bosses. Mass damage, in this case, is less effective. It is desirable that heroes who hit 1 target have additional advantages (applied along with the main damage, long-term - bleeding, burns, freezing, parasites). In the battle with the boss you need to take a very powerful tank. At the same time, each hero should have a well-developed defense or reduction of incoming damage. Since the bosses, basically, beat with a mass attack and cling to the whole team.

It is very important to see information about him before the battle with the boss. Usually on the image of the boss before the battle there is a button "i", clicking on which you can see detailed information about him. It is important not to go blindly at him. The boss information window on the left side shows the type of boss attack, the main parameter and the attack speed (move time). For example, a boss beats with a magical attack and possesses intelligence. Therefore, it is better to put dodgers or security officers against him, since they will do more damage to him. A magical attack will tell you that you should put characters against it with a decrease in magic damage and with magic defense. On the right side are shown all the skills of the boss, which makes how he hits, whether he has control. It is also important for choosing heroes against the boss.

Before the battle, you can see the rewards, as well as the Battle Log. It made notes about the passage of the current boss by other players. This is also a kind of clue for you which heroes are better to pass the battle.


Before the battle, a window for selecting heroes for a fight opens. At the bottom of the window is a strip with all the characters you have. In the line the warriors are put in strength. First come the most powerful, then a little weaker. You can send 5 heroes to the battle. Sometimes 3 characters.

There are 2 rows of slots: the first line is closer to the player, and the second line. Heroes in the first row should be able to restrain the defense, because they get more. The rear also hits, but less. Seats are distributed as follows:

  1. 1 slot - located in 1 row in the center. This should be the tank.
  2. 2 slot - 1 row on the left. Usually they put a strong attacking hero who can keep the blow.
  3. 3 slot - 1 row on the right. They put a Priest or a support hero here. You can put a bishop. If the hero has a skill that works on 1 line, then this hero is put here.
  4. 4 slot - 2 row on the left.
  5. 5 slot - 2 row on the left.

The last 2 slots should be occupied by the most fragile heroes. But it should be remembered that the speed of attack is affected by the location of the characters in the battle. If you want the hero to hit first, then it is better to put him on the left.

The game has an interestingly developed arrangement system. The hero who was first clicked on is automatically transferred to 1 words, the second is put at 2 and so on.

Before the battle, you can select heroes by the filter, it is located just above the strip of heroes on the left.

When choosing heroes for battle, you must use the connection. It opens at high levels. Warriors who are interconnected according to certain parameters can bring additional benefits to the team.

The overall power of the team is written in the upper left corner. If you change 1 hero, then the power will change. It is necessary to monitor the level of power in order to focus on the enemy.


Before the battle, you can select the "Assault" mode (check). Then the fight will be fully automatic, and its player will not see. They will show you only the results and, in case of victory, give prizes. The assault can only be used in the activities of your castle. The story company does not have this feature. There you can only speed up the battle itself.

The player, being in the battle, sees only the detachment of the enemy or the boss. The heroes themselves, or rather their icons, are located at the bottom of the battle window. Under each icon there are 2 scales:

  1. Health - you can see how quickly the character loses health, how it is restored.
  2. Energy - when the scale is full, the hero uses an active ability.

Sometimes icons appear above the icons - this is an indicator of the effect imposed on the warrior. There are positive effects that the characters of the squad impose on the fighter, to strengthen it. There are negative effects that the enemy applies to weaken the hero.

Icons of heroes and opponents pass in turn from above. This is an indicator of the progress of the characters, and the sequence of attacks. The upper left corner shows the time of the battle. If a player does not have time to defeat an opponent during this time, he is considered a loser. A time limit is present in all contractions.

In the upper right corner is the speed of the battle. With reaching level 20, you can speed up the battle 2 times. In the activities of the guild there is a rewind of the battle. It is located under speed. She works like Sturm. The player will just see the results. Only players with VIP3 and above can skip a fight. The bottom left shows gold and Spirit (a substance to increase the level). These items will give you in case of victory. If you lose, you won’t get anything.

The "Auto" button is located in the lower right corner. The battle is fully automatic. A player can only activate an active skill on his own. When the "Auto" button is pressed, the heroes themselves will use the skills (without the participation of the player).

Until the player has learned to play well, it is recommended to turn on "Auto". If the skills are lived by hand, then there is a delay in the attack. Roughly speaking, during the battle you will apply not 3 times the active skill, but only 2. Of course, you can beat yourself, but the battle is fast, and you may not have time to apply the skill on time.

Round. Many players ask what is a round? A round is 1 wave in a battle. There are 2 and more waves. The time of a 1-wave battle by the opponent is a round. In battle, it will look like this: opponents come running to you, you kill them - 1 wave, after a couple of seconds more enemies come running - this is 2 waves. Etc.Also, battles in the Dungeon are called rounds. In the next round, the indicators of the health scale and the energy scale are transferred. If one of the heroes died, then in the next round he will not be reborn.

Dungeon & Heroes: Walkthrough of Castle Activities

In this section we will talk about all the buildings that are located in the Castle. What they give and how to pass them.


There are 2 types of chests:

  1. Gold - you can open it for free once a day. If you need to open more often, you will have to spend the golden keys. They get it hard. You can open the chest for diamonds. It is best to open 10 chests at the same time for diamonds. So it’s cheaper.
  2. Silver - can be opened free of charge every 12 hours. In other cases, it is necessary to spend silver keys or hearts received from friends. 1 opening costs 10 hearts.
It is necessary that at least 1 gold and 1 silver key for chests remain daily. This is to complete the daily quest.

Resources, equipment, and weapons drop out of chests. In the settings you can specify weapons and equipment of what quality will be automatically disassembled when the chest is opened. The timer for opening the next chest starts after the opening of the current chest. There are much more resources in the gold chest and they are cooler than in silver. Fragments of ordinary and rainbow heroes drop out of a golden chest.

Gold chest is one of the best ways to invest crystals in the first stages of the game. Because here are fragments of heroes that are very difficult to obtain. After collecting all 5 stars of heroes, you should start saving diamonds for pumping legendary weapons and armor.

Magic rotation

The game is located in the upper left corner under the player’s avatar. This is a kind of roulette, where you can get decent rewards for magic coins. You can rotate the wheel 1 time, but it is better to do it in bulk of 10 rotations, so you will save 1 Magic coin. Magic coins can be bought at the guild store, received in events or in rewards in some activities.

Periodically once a month, an event is held to rotate the wheel. The event gives a lot of good prizes for the development of the account, so you should save up Magic Coins and not spend them until the promotion. The event is called "Spin Magic." You complete simple tasks, spin the roulette wheel and get additional rewards for this. The awards give fragments of rainbow heroes.

Bulletin board

This is the place where all the information about the first 3 players who passed the bosses on each Map is contained. There is also information about victories and defeats. There is data on those cards that have not yet been completed. The first 3 winners receive an award at the Post Office. The higher the boss level, the better the rewards.

This is useful information for beginners - you can always see who and what composition passed the test.

Hell Gate

Gates open at account level 15. All the bosses that are found on the World Map are concentrated here. Every 2 hours, 5 attempts are made to conduct fights with each monster. For the victory over the boss, the player will receive worthy rewards: gold, Spirits and Magic books. The first time a player encounters bosses on the World Map, then they migrate to the Gates of Hell. Therefore, as soon as you defeat the boss on the World Map, he will immediately appear here.

The boss fight is normal. And since there is only one boss, it is recommended to beat him with a roster in which there are heroes with powerful single attacks. In the game, battles take place situationally, and victory can depend on any attack not carried out by the boss or during a dodging character. Therefore, if you could not get through the boss 1 or 2 times, you will be lucky with a 3-4 attempt. After all, you already won him in the story company, since he is here.

If you have a great desire, you can spend 100 diamonds and get a new try, but spending crystals on this is not recommended. The reward, although good, but it does not pay off. If you periodically come in and beat bosses, then the Gates will be a good source of gold and funds for leveling champions.

It is worth noting that with a loss, attempts are not spent. Therefore, on some bosses you can test your characters, how they hold the blow, how much they beat, so you can trace the dynamics of the development of warriors.

Infinity tower

This is a building with many floors. At the moment, there are 900 of them. Periodically, developers increase the floor limit. This is for players who have already reached high levels in the game, and so that they have something to do, build up floors in the Tower. The tower opens at level 20. A monster or team of game characters sits on each floor. For each bunch at high levels will have to choose a team and equipment. It just makes this Tower so interesting and fascinating.

For each victory, a reward awaits you. Here you can get an attack potion, magic coins and even golden keys. The higher the player will rise, the stronger the opponents will become, but the reward will also be better. Some monsters guarding the floor will have to tinker with before moving on to the next floor. After all, without defeating the guards on one floor, you cannot climb to the next level of the Tower.

On each 5th and 10th floor, bosses will be waiting for you. These are the same heroes that met earlier, only much stronger. And the reward for them will be better. On every 10th floor the player will be guaranteed to receive a golden key. On each floor ending in 6, you will be waiting for equipment. Approximately 350 to 400 floors, the equipment will become legendary.

To pass the floor requires stamina (in other words, an attempt to summon monsters). If you defeat the guard, then the attempt is not wasted. But, and if you lose, you have to spend another attempt. In this case, endurance is gradually restored. If you really want to go through the floor without waiting for a new attempt, you can spend 50 crystals. This is not the best, or rather a bad waste of diamonds, which are not so easily taken in the game.

Try to come in daily and use all the attempts, even if you can’t defeat the monsters. Accident is a very strange thing, and what didn’t give in yesterday can be easily passed today. All the same, players get attempts for free, so it’s better to spend them on possible progress than they will hang out with a dead weight.

On higher floors, it is recommended to use an attack and defense potion. They will help you rise higher and pick up rewards sooner.

There are different opponents on each floor, so there is no definite team with which it would be possible to go through the entire Tower - no. Basically, the Tower is the main five, because these are the most pumped characters. But if a player is stuck on some floor for a long time, then it is necessary to change the composition of the team and pick up equipment.

Statue of heroes

Opens at account level 30. The principle of climbing floors here is similar to the principle of the Tower. Just getting up here is much harder. There are currently only 200 floors. Every Friday, the player is lowered back to the 1st floor, and you will have to go up again. On the one hand, it’s even good, because walking through the floors you can earn a lot of gold, essences, and celestial essences for pumping Talents from champions.

If the player falls into the TOP 100, he will receive golden keys and a fragment of the hero - the Guardian of the statue. The boss will expect players on each floor. Moreover, he will not be alone, but with a company of 4 similar monsters. This is very interesting, since it completely changes the rule of the game.

To successfully progress through the floors, it is necessary to study all the weaknesses and strengths of the keeper. You should choose a team that could withstand its strengths and hit as hard as possible on the weaknesses. This will allow the Statue to go as far as possible. The strength of opponents with each floor is seriously increased.

The statue can be walked 10 floors at a time. This saves a lot of time. Attempts are restored, as elsewhere, every 2 hours. An extra try costs 50 diamonds. In case of victory, the players go further, but the attempt remains. Fights in the statue can be fought in 3 modes:

  1. Automatic - on 10 floors.
  2. Sturm - on the 1st floor.
  3. Manually - fully watch the battle.

From the observations of experienced players, the team overcomes the simultaneous assault of 10 floors with the worst results. If you take the assault on the 1st floor, the squad will behave more aggressively and will go a little further. But you will get the best results if you go through the floors manually. For some reason, the heroes do more damage when the leadership watches them.

Therefore, as soon as the week in the Statue has begun, it is necessary to storm 10 floors with the main team up to 1 defeat. Then you should storm the 1st floor. After the second defeat, it is recommended to go directly into the battle and follow the fighters. So you can understand how the enemy acts. And when in this mode the player overtakes another defeat, it is necessary to build the five already under the Guardian.

Servers in the Statue are combined into regions of 10 pieces. The best players are shown in the ranking. Many newcomers simply copy leadership teams. If you have heroes with whom the TOPs went through the floor, and they are well pumped, you can use the example from the rating. You should get to the maximum that is possible at the current level of pumping, and with the top you can experiment with the trains.

The rating is based on the maximum floor taken by the player. Moreover, if 2 players stopped on the 1st floor, the player who first occupied this floor will be higher. Therefore, on the first day of the launch, it is recommended that the main composition of the floors go all the way. In the ranking, the player who came first to the floor will have an advantage over those who came here and got stuck later.

The rating is shown on the player’s server, in the region and in the world ranking. If you want to copy the composition of the team, then it is better to focus on the rating of your region. The difference in 10 servers is not as great as between 100 servers and 2. Therefore, if a player is in the lead from the first servers, then it is worthwhile to understand that the player has a full team (he just plays for a long time). And if a beginner copies his composition, then he will not bring anything good.

Dragon Nest

Here the players are waiting for the huge Dragon, which must be defeated by the whole server in a day. The next day, he is reborn with a higher level. And he must be visited again in order to inflict feasible damage on him. If the Dragon server does not kill, then the next day he will again wait for the players, but already a little weakened.

The rewards for challenging the Dragon are good. You can also get a reward for the last blow to him and for reaching the first positions in the server rating. The rating is calculated based on the strength of the total damage that the player has inflicted on several attempts. You can use diamonds to get another try. For each attempt, you receive gold, and the main reward comes after resetting the server to Mail. But not gold should attract players in this activity. The best prize is the Dragon’s eyes.

To do more damage, the developers propose to use a special gain, which is bought for diamonds. Inspiration gives + 5% damage to all team heroes. The next Inspiration is more expensive, but the increase in damage is greater.

In the Dragon store, fragments of heroes can be bought for his eyes. But experienced players recommend not to spend a valuable resource, as a special event is held monthly.

Event on the eyes of the Dragon. Event is an event that is held periodically on each server. During the event, you can get a good boost in the development of your account and get rainbow characters. What do I need to do? Of course, at the start it will be difficult to go through the whole event, but it is still recommended to participate in it.

What gives the event:

  1. At the event you can get very good prizes for completing tasks.
  2. You can exchange heroes for the eyes of the Dragon.
  3. Dragon eyes are exchanged for rainbow heroes.

The heroes who are given in the event behind the Dragon’s eyes are new each time. But it is recommended to collect eyes and not waste them, but to catch Osiris, Nekros or Anub’arak. These are very strong heroes that will strengthen your main five.

In order to prepare for the event as much as possible, you need to challenge the Dragon daily. We also recommend saving heroes, even if you do not need them. Beginners often make a mistake by spraying heroes in the Forge, it is better to leave them to participate in the event and get a good hero.

200 hero fragments are exchanged per 1000 eyes. But it should be said that in an event, exchanging eyes for fragments of a rainbow hero, you should understand that you can get them if you have one. Therefore, when the event starts, and you decide to choose one of the heroes, you should pay attention to the tasks. If you don’t have the desired characters at all, then you won’t be able to catch fragments by exchanging eyes. In the tasks of the event, they often put one of the exchanged warriors. Therefore, you must first complete the task, and only then exchange your eyes. If the player does not have the desired heroes, the exchange will be prohibited.

Crystal Wasteland

The building has two adventures:

  1. Treasure hunt.
  2. Crystal wasteland.

Crystal wasteland - is a map on which it is necessary to capture resource points. These points are the same as in the story company, they also generate income for their owner, and you can also send workers from the meeting room to them. Opens at account level 40. Points are divided into 3 levels:

  1. Level 1 - brings a small income. You can own it for only 6 hours. For every 3 hours the player receives an additional reward in the form of crystalline stones and fragments of relics. Spend 6 units of crystalline endurance to capture the building.
  2. Level 2 - brings more income, there are 9 hours. For every 3 hours of possession, a player receives fragments of a blue relic and fragments of gems, plus crystal stones. Spend 9 units of crystalline stamina to capture a building.
  3. Level 3 - brings maximum income. There is 12 hours. For every 3 hours of possession, the player receives fragments of an epic relic and fragments of gems, plus crystal stones. Spend 12 units of crystalline stamina to capture a building.

If there is no desire to capture points, you can just run around the map and kill monsters. Crystal stones and other rewards are given for them.

When capturing a building, the player is invited to put in a defense team. Since this is a map common to the entire server, other players can capture your structure. Level 3 points are attacked by strong opponents. Therefore, you should capture buildings 1 - 2 levels. So more likely to collect all the resources from them. In total, you can own 5 buildings at the same time.

To attack an already occupied point should be the main team. After capture, the player must put 3 defense teams at each point. Betting is not necessary 5 heroes. You can put 1 character on each block, you can put a generally not pumped warrior. The main thing is that 3 blocks on one point are filled.

Why is it important to store crystal stone? At account level 100, you can exchange this resource for a legendary relic. And this is a very valuable item that will strengthen the hero. The more stone, the more relics.

Every day you need to win points. For them, the player accumulates fragments of relics and gems, and also receives additional resources.

Crystal stamina. This is a special energy that allows you to capture the building. A certain amount of stamina is deducted for attempting an attack. It is restored for a long time 1 unit in 30 minutes. Therefore, it must be saved.

Treasure hunt. This is just a window where they offer to exchange treasure cards for random relics and gems. You can open one card, you can wholesale - 10 pieces. The Treasure Hunt event is held monthly, during which the player will be able to exchange cards and receive very good additional prizes.

You should save cards, do not spend them outside the event, since during the event you can get very good rewards for exchanging cards.

Where to get cards? Cards are sold in the Wasteland store, and you can also get them for completing the event or buy for real money.

The rift

Rift is quite an interesting activity where you can earn resources for leveling characters. There are 4 adventures in the Rift, each adventure has several passing levels. Levels open at a certain level of leveling your account. The higher the level, the more stories are available to you.

The passage of chapters is updated every day, and the next day you can start the passage again. Initially, 5 attempts are given - Endurance (energy), which is displayed near the player’s autark. The stamina of this activity and Stamina in the story company are summarized in some periodic events. For example, the Eye of the Dragon. This is important to know in order to calculate the possibility of complete completion of the event tasks.

With each new level of passing adventures, opponents become stronger. For the victory you do not lose the attempt, and for the defeat you will have to part with 1 stamina.

For stripping, it is better to take a composition where there are heroes with a mass attack, since not 1 boss, but several monsters will wait for you.

What give adventures:

  1. Royal Duel - Spirit.
  2. Magical Test - Magical books.
  3. Legendary treasures - essence.
  4. The hunt for gold is gold.
At the start of the game, you must choose where to spend Stamina - energy. It is better to go through daily tasks first, then go through the story company. If the Energy remains, then it can be distributed to other activities.

Dungeon & Heroes: Walkthrough Story Company

You can enter the story company by clicking on the "World" button. Then you get into the main adventure. The interface is very similar to the legendary game "Heroes of Might and Magic", released in the distant 90 years. There are a lot of cards here, they open as you progress through and as your game account increases.

Passing a story company is the only way to raise your account level. Only here you can get the player experience. In other activities, you get resources for pumping heroes, which should promote you in the story, thereby increasing your level.

When a player is on the map for the first time, they may be confused. There are many buildings for various purposes, there are monsters and other objects with which you can interact. Battles are held in different modes, thereby the game does not become monotonous and routine.

You can move around the world by clicking on a particular place on the map. For passing enemies, Energy - Stamina is spent. But this is her most profitable investment, because the level of the account is growing. The maximum level of heroes is tied not only to the stars, but also to the level of your account.

Passage does not depend on the level of the account. All that you can go through will depend on the strength and level of your squad.

Once on one of the cards, the player can see his castle on it, as well as several buildings and monsters:

  1. Portal - clicking on it, the player will see all the stages of the passage of the story company. The second tab is Dungeons. This includes all the dungeons completed by the player on one of the cards. The Card Portal lists those that the player has already passed, and those that he has yet to pass. By clicking on the passed maps, you can move to them.
  2. Resource buildings - here are captured on an ongoing basis (in contrast to the Crystal Wasteland) buildings that produce resources. After defeating the enemy, the building becomes yours, and here you can send workers. The more buildings of the same type, the more efficiently the population works.
  3. Caves - increase the tax.
  4. Colosseum - there are several waves in it, the heroes are exposed in order. First, the battle is 1x1, then 2x2, and so on until the 6th wave. After winning, the player will increase tax collection.
  5. Shop - here you can buy the necessary things, but it is not recommended to buy fragments here, it is easier to buy a chest for the money. The store prices are high, so items should be bought only in case of urgent need.
  6. Tavern - is on almost every map. Here, for 20 units of energy, you can challenge a monster or a game character to a duel. After the call, the enemy appears on the map not far from the Tavern. After his victory, you should return to the Tavern and receive a reward. The rewards are very good, but the challenge can be made 1 time.
  7. Village - gives 1 worker.
  8. Basement - adds a percentage of taxes.

In the upper right corner is a mini-map. The yellow dot is the player and his movement. Green dots are captured buildings. White dots - houses and red ones - are not defeated opponents.

The Portal shows the percentage of passing the card. It is necessary to pass the card at 100%. If it is shown to you that you have passed the stage by 95%, then somewhere there remains 1 bored opponent. He needs to be found, and made so that he no longer gets bored. For this, he will give you a reward and add experience to your account. All monsters here give experience to the player.

There are buildings where 3 heroes must be put up for battle. In the story company there is no way to use "Storm". There are places where the battle takes place in several rounds. If there are many rounds, you need to take a healer. There are opponents who can be defeated only with a certain class of warriors.


There are dungeons on almost every map. After passing, the Dungeon is displayed in the Portal, and you can enter it from any card. Each boss has a battle log where players who have completed the Dungeon before you are recorded.

The first time a player goes through the Dungeons manually. Then, through the Portal, you can pass them in automatic mode. In total, 3 attempts per day are given to storm the passed Dungeons. Each attempt spends 20 units of Energy. This is a good investment of Energy, as the rewards are good.

Dungeon maps of the same type. Here you can not be treated between monsters. Each battle with enemies is considered a round. All round rules are saved here. That is, if the hero received 50% of the damage, with such health he will approach the next opponent. The energy accumulated during the battle is also transferred to the next.

Each Dungeon has 10 enemies - 9 ordinary monsters and 1 boss. If in one round 1 of the heroes dies, then he can be resurrected 1 time. There are no restrictions, so you can use any formulations. There are several steles:

  1. Restores health to the entire unit.
  2. Resurrects 3 random heroes (1 - for free, 2 - for gold, 3 - for 50 crystals).
  3. Enhances the protection of the entire five.
  4. Increases attack team.

Experienced players recommend using steles before the final boss battle. That is, you will pass all the enemies, and it will be necessary to go around all the statues, only then challenge the boss.

In the Dungeon, a good healer is very important, and preferably 2.

Dungeon & Heroes: Forge Secrets

There are 3 tabs in the Forge:

  1. To make.
  2. Decompose.
  3. Compilation.

To make. The tab is intended for the production of equipment. As the player’s level grows, items that can be made independently grow. In the left part of the window, you need to select the thing of interest, after which a manufacturing recipe appears in the center. In the right part of the window it is shown which main parameters it will have, and it is also visible from which characteristics additional characteristics will be selected.

If you do not have enough materials, then the recipe will write about it. All resources are mined in the Assembly Hall. The most valuable resource is a scroll of manufacture, which is necessary for different weapons and a warrior class.

Decompose. Here you can make out unnecessary items to get materials for making. But in this way it is not profitable to invest things extracted by labor, since little material is given for them.

Compilation. Epic and legendary items are made here. To do purple things, you need to spend a few blue (rare) things on it. But a new thing can only be selected from the type of equipment:

  1. Helmet.
  2. Armor.
  3. Weapons.
  4. Footwear.

Which thing will fall out - the case decides. It can be a helmet on a magician or a security official. Characteristics also fall randomly. To make 1 ethical thing, you need to spend 100,000 gold. Each item is made of the same type as manufactured. For example, armor is made only of armor. In the manufacture must be guided by the scale, which is located in the center of the right side of the window.

In the Merger, you can prepare materials for the manufacture of legendary items. When making items, there is an exact choice of what you need. Therefore, it is better to make materials, then to make the necessary subject. Legendary materials merge from epic materials.

For quick selection in each tab there is a button "Quick Add". After choosing the thing that you want to produce, simply click on the button and the right ingredients will appear on the right side of the window.

Good things should be left behind because new heroes will appear over time. And they also need to be worn.

Dungeon & Heroes: An Overview of the Outbuildings in the Castle

The game has three buildings that can be pumped. Each of them contributes to the game:

  1. Tax authority - brings gold. The more buildings you have captured in the story company, the more gold the player receives. Once every 12 hours, you can collect tax. The higher the tax level, the more bonuses it gives. Improvements to the building give an increase in the basic tax.
  2. House - in the house you can see the workers that you have. Raising the level of the House gives an increase in workers. The parameter is increased in the line "main population". The population growth in the surrounding settlements is achieved by the seizure of buildings in the story company.
  3. Warehouse - here are all the resources that are mined on the plot maps. Raising the level of the building gives more space for materials. When the warehouse is full, production stops. If you could put any resources in excess of the limit, they will continue to be there.

All buildings are improving instantly. But for improvement it is necessary to collect the required materials. When you take these 3 buildings to maximum levels, then there will be many workers. And, therefore, resources can all be directed to the Forge, for the production of legendary armor and weapons.

It is necessary to constantly use tools to improve the efficiency of workers and production accelerators. No need to save them. Let there be more materials for development. For example, it is important to have and process materials for the legendary merger at the Forge. Suppose you have accumulated a lot of blue material, you can make epic items from it, then legendary ones.

Meeting room

In the assembly hall, workers are distributed among the production buildings. There are several types of buildings:

  1. Forest village.
  2. Career.
  3. Iron mine.
  4. Tissue factory.
  5. Leather workshop.
  6. Mana pool.

These buildings open during the passage of the story company. After the capture of the building, it becomes possible to use wage workers and receive resources for this. It is often necessary to pass maps of the world, thereby opening up new industries.

Each building produces resources of one type, but of different quality. For example, in the Forest Village, wood of different quality is produced. Higher quality resources require 5 resource units per rank lower. For example, to produce 10 units of moon wood, you need to spend 50 units of hardwood on it, meaning a regular tree will need 250 units.

If you leave the game or turn it off, you need to calculate the production time so that it does not stand idle. The production time of 10 units of the resource is 220 seconds.

Dungeon & Heroes: Guild Guide

It is important at the start of the game to choose a good active guild for yourself. There are several activities in the guild that will help you upgrade characters and raise your account level. During this guide, we will talk about how the guild benefits. First you need to deal with the guild window.

In the guild window there is a log of the activity of guild members (tab "Guild Member"). Here you can see what benefit this or that participant brought. The guild itself is described on the left, its level is shown. You can trace the process of its development on a scale that is located below the level. This scale shows the current state of the points scored, and how much is left to score to go to the next level. The chapter can change the guild icon. You can also see the guild rating here. If the guild is strong, with active players.

Active players go through more activities together. Consequently, all participants will receive more rewards. Therefore, it is important to find a friendly living guild. It is better that the alliance is well pumped. In order for you not to be kicked out of the TOP guild, you must take an active part in its life.

Weak guilds have a trick: when a strong player comes to them, they put him in a command post. After that, the player may think that this will give him some kind of status. But it’s just a ruse to have a strong member in the guild. Do not cling to the position. Because it is better to be ordinary members in a strong group and receive better rewards for advancement than to remain with nothing in a weak squad.

When the guild leader decides to expel one player or another, he looks at the power of his main squad, at the account level, at the contribution to the team’s common business. Each boss can see the statistics of fights and compare who - how much damage was done. If you do not show the desire to grow and develop, then most likely you will not stay long in the TOP guild.


This activity with many diverse bosses. On the right side of the window you can see all their diversity. Each new boss is stronger than the previous one. Bosses are defeated by the joint efforts of guild members. Each player deals a certain damage, which is counted in the piggy bank rating. Depending on how much health the boss has left, all guild members are given the right to open a chest (by 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%). The more health they took, the better the reward they received. The rewards for defeating the boss are distributed according to the amount of damage done.

You can buy more attempts for diamonds. When the boss is defeated 1 time, all participants receive additional rewards. After defeating one boss, the next boss opens.

If a player moves from a low-level guild to a high-level guild, he will receive all the rewards that the members of the new guild received for killing bosses, if the player could not get them in the old guild. That is, if only 3 bosses were killed in the old squad, and 10 bosses in the new alliance, then the player will receive 7 awards.

The process is reset at 00:00 GMT every day. The Challenge Chest for all members must be picked up before the time of reset. If the boss could not be killed in a day, then the next day they will have to start a war with him anew. A record of damaged bosses will be saved.

It is better to take heroes into the battle, who beat with powerful attacks on 1 target. But if you have fighters with massive damage, which are pumped more than single shooters. It is more expedient to take them. Here it is necessary to maintain a balance of pumping and damage to 1 enemy.

All Call attempts must be used. So you will help the guilds, and take more rewards. After each Challenge, the player also receives a reward.


An interesting activity, which is carried out by a team of 3 members of the guild. Here it is necessary to reflect as many waves of opponents as possible. Each member of the guild can form their own team, and may 1 go on an adventure.

It’s best to choose a time when a large number of guild members are online.

To create a team, you must go to the "Test". After that, a window will appear where there is a "Create Team" button. By clicking on this button. Here you can check the box "By invitation only". If you check this box, you can send out individual invitations. You can invite by clicking on the free place to collect the team.

It is better to choose the most powerful and pumped out guilds as a team. So you can go further and get more rewards. Weak players do not contribute to reflecting a large number of waves.

After you send an invitation to the Sogild, a pop-up message will appear at the top of the screen. The translation is strange, and those who first see such an inscription may not understand its meaning. So, if such a message "Such a member of the guild is busy" pops up on your screen - this does not mean at all that he does not need to be disturbed, you are invited to the team. If you can, then accept the invitation.

On the day of the Test, you can get a reward only 3 times, the remaining attempts (and there can be as many as you like) are initiated by the player himself. For example, help other guilds.

It is important to set the sequence of players’ moves before the start of a battle. First of all, a weak player should enter the battlefield, then the strongest member of the team should be stronger and close the squad. Adventures take place in this order. 1 in the list of the team goes to fight, he stands until his heroes are killed. Then comes the second player. If he is weaker than the first, then the next wave will kill him without straining, and the team will not advance forward. The trailing player must be the strongest in order to bring out a few more waves and move on. The more rounds a team stops, the better the prizes will be. Rewards and battle statistics come to the Post Office.

The battle can be skipped, and it will take place automatically. In the Tests window you can see the total number of waves (there are 100 of them at the moment), completed by the guild. Of course, you can dance alone and go through several rounds. But it is not effective. There will be fewer prizes. The only reason you can go 1 in the Test is the testing of heroes.

If no one accepts the invitation, you can try to try again after a while. A game can be launched by a person, but in real life, he has moved away from the phone somewhere.


There are two types of guild championships:

  1. The conquest of the kingdom.
  2. Power over the world.

Conquest of the kingdom

Each guild, starting from level 5, can take part in the championship. The battle is held once a week. Fights are held automatically, after which participants can see the results. The leader or his deputy must register for the championship. If this is not done, the guild will not be able to speak. Each member of the guild can also apply for participation, but only after registration of the guild itself.

The head of the alliance can put members on the list, or rotate it.

Each guild battles another one time. The teams with the highest combat power are the first to meet, and then they conduct battles in descending order. The participant takes part in the battles 3 times. The player can win only 3 times, then he is replaced. The loser is replaced immediately.

Guilds are rated after all battles. All wins and losses are taken into account. Results and rewards are mailed at the end of the competition. One of the rewards is the Warrior Badge, which is required to purchase legendary equipment at a guild store.

In the championship window you can see the Battle Log and trace the rating of your guild. The damage level shows how the team fought, how many Sogildians did damage and how much damage they received.

Power over the world

The best guilds of 10 servers take part in this championship. Servers form a region. The rules for participating in this championship are similar to Conquering the Kingdom, but there are slight differences. Each week, a restriction on the type of heroes is given. For example, only dodgers and security officials can take part. The championship starts at 13:00 GMT every Monday.

You need to pump heroes of different types to take part in the championships. There are also similar restrictions in other activities.

In the championship window, you can see the guild rating, view Battle Logs and damage level.


Guild technologies add certain characteristics to all members of the guild. There are a lot of technologies. As a rule, the guild leader gives an indication of which technologies need to be downloaded first.

Internal affairs. This branch develops guild parameters:

  1. Expansion - increases the limit of guild members. Usually they pump her in the first place, because she increases the number of team members. The more participants, the faster you can go through some activities.
  2. Tax increase - each level increases the percentage of tax for a certain number of units.
  3. Stamina (Energy) Transfer - increases the limit of Stamina requests. That is, if a player has run out of energy, you can ask her from the guilds. They will not cost them anything, just the team supports each other. It is recommended to pump this technology together with Expansion.
  4. Work efficiency - increases the efficiency of workers of each member of the guild by a certain percentage.
  5. Tactical leader - increases the damage done in the Challenge and Expedition. In the third place, the more damage, the further the guild will advance, the higher it will have a level.
  6. Discount for the guild - reduces the cost of goods in the store by a certain percentage.
  7. Strategy Master - increases the damage done by heroes in battle. Also a lot of important technology.

Technologies for heroes of the power class.

Tightened body.Increases strength by a certain percentage of security forces.
Skill attack.Increases attack to security officers.
Precision parry.Increases physical and magic blocks.
Cutting hit.In a normal attack, the security forces have a chance to stun the target for 1 second. With each level, the percentage of chance increases.
Mastery of Defense.Increases security and physical and magical protection.
Damage reduction.Increases magic and physical damage reduction.
Weakening blow.Increases damage done by security forces on a target with health below 50%.
Viability.Increases health points to security officers.
Convert Damage.The siloviki have a chance (at the 1st level of technology only 3%) to restore health by 2% when taking damage.
Dead blow.Increases damage to Dodger heroes.

Technology for agility class heroes.

Combat skills.Increases Agility by a certain percentage to Dodgers.
Skill attack.Increases attack to dodgers.
Exact hit.Increases the chance of crit and the chance of spell crit by dodgers (the chance is very small, only 0.3%).
Silence.In a normal attack, dodgers have a chance to silence the target for 1 second. With each level, the percentage of chance increases.
Mastery of Defense.Enhances Dodgers’ physical and magical protection.
Deep wound.Increases crit and crit spells of Dodgers.
Fast reaction.Increases Dodge to Dodgers.
Viability.Increases Dodger Health Points.
Critical Transformation.Convert damage taken from an attack or spell into health points.
Mage Hunter.Increases damage for mage heroes.

Technologies for heroes of the intellect class.

The light of wisdom.Increases intelligence by a certain percentage to mages.
Skill attack.Increases attack to magicians.
Resistance improvement.Increases resistance by a certain percentage to mages.
Magic appeal.Increases ignore magic defense percentage.
Mastery of Defense.Enhances magical physical and magical protection.
The blessing of god.Increases the chance to Clear an ally to heroes with healing skills.
Transformation of life.Convert damage taken from an active skill into health points.
Viability.Increases Dodger Health Points.
Strengthen healing.Increases healing from active and combat skills.
Brute force enlargerIncreases damage to heroes of the security forces.
Technology is another plus to play for a strong guild, and not be afraid to move from one guild to another.

You can donate gold for Technologies 3 times a day, 3 more Technologies can be increased with diamonds. For the sacrifice, players receive petals, which are then needed to increase the guild level, and guild coins (for purchases in the guild store). For sacrificing crystals the rewards are higher. But diamonds are a rare currency, it is better to donate it only to yourself. It makes sense for the leadership to donate crystals, since this is their guild, therefore, they donate for their own benefit.

Guild Store

A guild store is another plus in favor of a strong active guild. The more activities and championships the guild holds and wins, the better prizes you can get. Most of the rewards come in the form of guild coins (coins of honor) and Warrior signs. The store is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Shop - here you can buy things for coins of honor.
  2. Honor Shop - Legendary items sold here for Warrior Marks.

The store has a small but very useful assortment, which is updated once a day:

  1. Spirit.
  2. Essence.
  3. Magic coin.
  4. The magic book.
  5. Sign of the Warrior.
  6. Golden Key.

Some items are limited to purchase. It is better to spend resources on Golden Keys (buy first) and Magic Coins. You can accumulate the Signs of the Warrior and buy legendary uniforms in the honors store.

Guild rating

Here you can see all the guilds on the server. Their total power, the number of members. This is important because when moving to a new guild, you need to make sure there are free spaces in it.

Dungeon & Heroes: Arena Overview

There are 2 types of fights in the Arena:

  1. Elite fighters.
  2. Absolute champions.

Elite fighters

There are 6 gradations:

  1. Bronze.
  2. Iron.
  3. Silver.
  4. Gold.
  5. Platinum.
  6. Titanium.

Each gradation has 5 leagues: from V to I. The higher the level of your rank in the Arena, the more prizes you will receive. For victory, players receive Arena points (on the screen they are indicated in the form of cups). Points are taken for defeat. If the selected opponent has more Arena points, for his victory you will add more cups. If you often lose, you may lose a place in your league.

Each battle costs 1 sign of Fight. Several free Calls are given per day. But you can buy them for diamonds. Every week, the results are summed up. Rewards are sent to the mail, depending on your rating.

It is necessary to place a Defense unit in the Arena. As a rule, this is the main unit of the player. They will fight with attacking enemies in your absence. How they spent the battle, you can see in the Journal.

The Arena has a store where you can buy good items and fragments of heroes. The higher the player’s rating in the Arena, the better the assortment in the store.

You should fight more often in the Arena. Even for defeat, you will get some Arena coins (for a present in the Arena store).

If the power of your chosen opponent is slightly lower than yours, this does not guarantee victory. He may have a better team than yours. Therefore, when choosing an enemy, it is necessary that its power is 20% lower than yours. Then the probability of victory over him is almost 100%.

Some players expose 1 pumped hero. Often, beginners do not watch the line-up of the opponent. Seeing him low power, without looking poke "Into battle." But there might be a cool guy who all shimmers with legendary armor and bends under the weight of stars. He alone can put a reckless player on both blades in a few seconds of battle. Thus, such tricks rise in the ranking. Therefore, it is important to watch the composition of teams of a likely opponent before the battle.

Absolute Champions

Here, unlike the Elite Fighters, competitions are held between players in your region (10 servers). But the main difference from the first Arena is the restrictions on the type of heroes. The restrictions may change for the next season. Signs of Struggle are spent for a call (as on 1 server). Badges can be obtained in daily quests. The season lasts 14 days. The interface of the window and battles is the same as that of the "Elite Fighters".

Dungeon & Heroes: How to quickly pump heroes?

As soon as a beginner decided to play on an ongoing basis, he always raises the question of how to quickly and correctly pump heroes and allocate resources.

Change of server. If you decide to stay in the game and achieve high results. Then you should start playing on the newly created server. Periodically, as one server fills up, developers launch another. Players who came to the new server in the first hours or days have an advantage over those players who entered the game in the last hours before closing the server. Because several weeks in the game have a big development gap. The first players get more time for development, join the best guilds, take good places in the Arena. And for those who came later, there are no more places in the TOP guilds. Yes, and the Arena is more difficult to break into the high positions of the rating.

We recommend that those players who entered the game to close the server wait for the new server to start and go play on it. Thus, you will already know the mechanics of the game and get an advantage in time.

You can go to the new server in the account settings: click on the avatar. Here in the "Settings" tab (first tab) there is a line with a number (for example, S148), next to it is an active icon. By clicking on it you can see the server. And as soon as a new server appears, immediately switch to it.

The progress that you made on the current server is not transferred to the new one. There you have to start from scratch. But this is more effective than continuing to play on the old server if you visited it by the time it was closed.

The collection of all resources. At the start of the game for several days the player will be given resources in random order. They appear near the player’s avatar. They must be taken away, because after a few hours the reward will change, and you may not have time to receive it. Sometimes fragments of heroes are given.

Around the amount of gold a red circle periodically appears, symbolizing the opportunity to pick up a certain amount of gold for free. This amount increases with the level of pumping tax and game account.

Daily assignments.

It is necessary to complete the daily tasks as much as possible. Good rewards are given for them. The tasks are simple and will not take much time. For example, open the silver and gold chests, rotate the Magic Wheel, perform at the Arena and more. There are also one-time tasks related to upgrading your account. They are carried out as they develop. Separately, you can not deal with them, just pick up the award. The reward is not great, but still nice.

Enter the game daily.

For daily entry also give great prizes. The first 7 days at the start, the player receives fragments of the hero and material for pumping warriors. You can also get gold, diamonds, magic coins and gold keys.

Participation in promotions.

In the game, the first 7 days are promotions for the beginner. During this time, you must complete all tasks as much as possible. For them, the player will receive fragments of the hero and resources. Often you can get equipment.

Promotions are held periodically, they are located on the right side of the main screen of the game. We talked about some of them above.

It is necessary to accumulate various resources: golden keys, Magic coins, Dragon Eyes, fragments of blue and above heroes in order to close events as much as possible. For regular game actions during events, you get good additional prizes.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.