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Dynasty Scrolls WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

DYNASTY SCROLLS is an Android game with a release date of December 24. 2020 from YOUZU (SINGAPORE) PTE.LTD. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Top Heroes (Tier List)
  2. Promotional codes (gift code)
  3. How to Start Playing Right?
  4. Hero Leveling Guide
  5. How to use and level up equipment
  6. A Guide to Recruiting New Heroes
  7. Squad Building and Combat Tips
  8. Campaign Walkthrough (Story)
  9. Side Quests Walkthrough
  10. Daily Brawls Guide
  11. Fief Patrol
  12. Arena Battles Secrets
  13. Warrior Trials
  14. Behemoth Raid Walkthrough
  15. Guide to the legions in the game
  16. Adding Friends and Gifts
  17. An Overview of Gaming Benefits
  18. Daily Missions Walkthrough
  19. In-game Events and Auctions
  20. Where to Buy Resources and Fragments?
  21. Donate Rules & VIP System
  22. Conclusion

The Dynasty Scrolls: Top Heroes (Tier List)

Fractions of heroes. The game provides 4 factions of heroes, each of which has strengths and weaknesses:

Shooting list. In our Tier-list, we have collected the best representatives of 4 factions, conditionally dividing them into three categories:

Heroes - Wei

CategoryHero names
SGuo Jia, Sima Yi, Dian Wei, Xiahou Dun.
AXun Yu, Zhang He, Zhen Ji.
BXu Chu, Xiahou Yuan.

Heroes - Shu

CategoryHero names
SLiu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Ma Chao, Jiang Wei, Zhang Fei.
AHuang Yueying, Wei Yan.
BPang Tong, Huang Zhong, Zhao Yun.

Heroes - Wu

CategoryHero names
SLu Xun, Sun Ce.
AGan Ning, Lil Qiao, Sun Jian, Lu Meng, Big Qiao.
BTaishi Ci, Sun Quan, Lu Su.

Heroes - Warlord

CategoryHero names
SJia Xu, Zuo Ci, Yu Ji.
ADiao Chan, Dank Stash, Hua Tuo.
BJue Zhang, Dong Zhuo, Hua Xiong, Gongsun Zan.

Dynasty Scrolls: Promotional codes (gift code)

Activating promotional codes gives you the opportunity to receive gifts from developers. Each code can only be used once for one account. To enter codes, on the main screen, click the "More" button under the avatar, go to Settings and click on "Exchange". Then enter the code and click "Confirm". Examples of current promotional codes (you get gold and some items for pumping):

Subscribe to the official game community on Facebook and stay tuned for new promo codes. Most often, their publication is timed to coincide with the holidays and important game events. Attention! For a subscription, you get 1300 gold.

Dynasty Scrolls: How to Start Playing Right?

Choosing a time zone. First of all, you need to decide on the server time zone. The game offers 3 server options: American, European and Asian. Each of the three options sets its own server time, and you have to choose the one that best suits your own time zone and daily routine.

Choose your time zone deliberately, as this will determine your start of temporary gaming activities that you should not skip. If you are unable to attend these events, then over time you will lag behind other players, and your game will not bring success.

Choosing a server. To play successfully, you need to start your adventures on a new server, best of all - on the day and hour of its opening! On the new server, you will have the most chances to take leading positions in the ratings, become the champion of the arena and find the best legion with active players.

You can also pre-practice on any other server, and with the start of a new one, start your main game on it, relying on past experience and not making any mistakes that were previously made. We did not resort to donation and were able to achieve very good results in mastering the game. Read our article and follow the advice of the Wise Geek to become a successful player on your server.

Do not forget to link your game account to Google Play to save your progress ("Settings" tab).

We allocate the time of the game correctly. At the very beginning, you will be faced with a large amount of new information, sequential unlocking of activities, the need to quickly download heroes and extract the necessary resources. In addition, you will need to complete the 7-day Beginner Challenge. For logging in every day for the first 8 days, you will receive great gifts in the 8-day login event. These include the Phoenix Amulet, Premium Recruitment Order, Gold, and a Relic. On Day 8, you receive the Silver Spear Suit.

We recommend starting the game on a weekend (non-working, not school) day, when you can fully immerse yourself in the process and complete everything you need. In the future, the online time can be reduced.

7-day event and Treasure Hunt. The event starts on the day of character creation and aims to help new players earn their first rewards and even win an epic hero! The event itself consists of completing tasks scheduled on a daily basis and purchasing discount offers for gold. In addition to rewards, for each completed quest you will receive Valor for the Treasure Hunt (the second tab of the 7-day event).

With Valor, you must remove stones from the treasure map, advance your character along it, and gain access to epic hero fragments and other rewards. To collect an entire hero, you need to remove all stones on the map for 120 Valor points. The 7-day event, including the Treasure Hunt, lasts 8 days. On the 8th day, you cannot complete tasks, but you still have the opportunity to shop from the event tabs.

Dynasty Scrolls: Hero Leveling Guide

The main characteristics of the heroes. All characteristics can be viewed in the "Info" menu. These include:

The beginning of pumping. The backpack ("Hero" button) shows all the heroes of the game, regardless of whether you have them or not. The hero’s card indicates his level, status, faction, number of stars, rank and other information. The "Shard" tab shows the hero shards you have. Click on the desired hero and click the "Train" button below to go to the pumping.

Carry out the pumping gradually and constantly, do not save resources, do not stop your development for the sake of acquiring the best uniforms, suits, etc. This is an ineffective development method, because while you are saving and not spending, others are pumping and overtaking you.

Improving heroes (Upgrade). Use upgrade materials to increase your heroes’ starting stardom, as well as base and bonus stats. Materials are obtained in the campaign, by synthesis using jewelry scrolls or by purchasing. Click on the required material, and you will see a list of campaign stages, where you can get it. Use blitz and blitz x10 to get materials instantly.

When collecting the required amount of all 4 materials, click on the "Upgrade" button, pay upgrade stones and coins. After that, the hero receives a new level of initial stardom, and the collection of materials begins anew. After the 4th level of the initial stardom, the hero moves to the next stage of development (Stage).

Upgrade your heroes evenly so that they all have the same starting star level and at the same development stage. There should be no "catching up" characters in a combat squad - those who are lagging behind in the progress of improvement. Such heroes will often lose in activities, and you will not be able to close them by 3 stars.

Raising the level of heroes (Level Up). Use scrolls of experience to level up your heroes and increase their basic characteristics. Scrolls come in a variety of qualities (green, blue, purple, and orange). Each of them gives a different amount of experience.

The level of the characters cannot exceed the level of the main character. Do not use experience scrolls if the hero being pumped has reached the pumping limit. The experience gained is not transferred to the next, not reached level of the hero and burns out.

Increasing the rank of heroes (Rank Up). Use hero fragments of the same name (or universal shards) to increase the rank of heroes, their attack rates and other characteristics, as well as receive bonuses to talents. The rank of a hero is indicated by the number of his stars. To find out in which activities to get the necessary fragments, press the "+" next to their number on the Rank Up tab.

Get additional rewards for leveling up your fighters and increasing the overall strength of your team in the "Power Race" periodic event.

Trainings. Use training pills (training cost) to increase the main characteristics of your heroes. Please note that the increase to the characteristics is always random - you can agree with it or cancel it. After filling all 4 scales of characteristics, activate the corresponding meridians to get percentage bonuses to the base stats ("Activate" button).

Don’t be afraid to make leveling mistakes. Try and experiment, try to work out the ideal strategy for the allocation of in-game resources for you. You can always start over without any damage.

Leveling up with the help of dynastic scrolls. Completing the chapters of the main story campaign and side quests gives you dynastic scrolls. Activate them in the Buffs - Dynasty Scrolls menu and get additional bonuses to the characteristics of your characters. Activating all scrolls within one volume will give increases either to the main character or to your entire group of heroes. The progress of collecting scrolls is always indicated by a bar on the Dynasty Scrolls Fragment screen.

Try to go as far as possible through the chapters of the campaign and side quests. Regardless of the number of stars collected in the stages, you receive new dynastic scrolls when you close the next chapters. This type of pumping is a very good way to increase the combat power of heroes.

The proximity of the heroes. Each hero has characters associated with him, with whom proximity activation is possible. When these heroes are included in one party, some characteristics of both fighters increase. For example, a combination of Lil Qiao and Sun Quan will give these heroes an increase in ATK + 30%. You can view all available character bindings on the Info - Affinity tab.

Increasing the level and rank of the main character. The level of the main character cannot be pumped with the help of experience scrolls. His experience grows as he progresses through the campaign and other activities, and the increase in rank (Promotion) is carried out by activating dynastic scrolls within the same volume.

Collecting combo talismans. Combo - super hits your heroes. With their help, the heroes carry out joint combo attacks in battles. All combo talismans are in the "Combo" menu. Collect the corresponding fragments to get the talismans. Click "Obtain" under the "Shards" tab to find out where you can get and buy them. By clicking on the talisman, you go to the menu for its use and improvement:

The Combo Index tab shows detailed information about all the combo talismans, including their images, roles, skills and heroes required to awaken. First, the talismans that you already have in stock are displayed.

Leveling due to the title. Get titles in various activities of the game, in temporary events, for achievements and when you have VIP levels. Titles not only adorn the protagonist, but also give you bonus stats to increase the overall strength of the team.

The very fact of obtaining the title is important, not using it - you may not wear the title, but its stats will still remain with you. To view all titles in the game and activate the available ones, go to the Buffs - Title menu.

Leveling up by improving the index record. Opening any hero will activate its index entry in the Buffs - Hero Index menu. Increase the stardom of your characters and improve their index records with the help of index improvement scrolls. The higher the level of the index record, the more increases in characteristics this hero receives.

Improving all index records of all your heroes affects your overall Index Score. By gaining a sufficient number of index rating points, all heroes receive additional increases to certain characteristics (ATK, DEF, HP, and others).

Improve the index records of all unlocked heroes whenever possible. Each entry contributes points to the overall index rating and contributes to additional pumping. Also, the size of the index rating determines your place in the Index Race.

Reset pumping. The game provides for a complete reset of the pumping of heroes and all equipment with the return of spent resources. To use the option, go to the "Recycle" menu, select the desired reset section, place the hero (ammunition) in the slot and confirm the operation. For the reset, gold is charged, the amount of which depends on the degree of pumping achieved. Possible reset options:

Dynasty Scrolls: How to use and level up equipment

Finding. All available equipment is stored in the Gear - Equipment tab. There is a separate slot for each item. The maximum number of slots is 200. Equipped equipment is marked as "Equipped". To display only un-equipped equipment, check the "Hide Equipped" checkbox.

Use equipment to increase the characteristics of the hero. Collect sets of equipment to get bonus set stats.

The quality of the gear. Equipment comes in blue, purple, orange and red quality. At the same time, equipment of orange and red quality is considered rare (Rare) and epic (Epic). The higher the quality of the equipment, the more powerful and better it is.

Always wear the best quality gear available, even if it results in a set breakdown. High quality ammunition gives the hero a greater increase in characteristics than set bonuses.

Synthesizing from fragments. Synthesis is the most common way to get high quality gear. All collected fragments are reflected in the "Shard" tab and synthesized into a single piece upon accumulating a sufficient amount of them. Get the fragments you need during the campaign and buy them in the ammunition store. For convenience, the number of available fragments is always indicated next to the product offer.

Use of equipment. Heroes use 4 pieces of equipment: weapons, helmet, armor and shoes. For the first equipment, select the desired hero and click on an empty slot. The "Equip" window will open to you, and if you have the required piece of equipment, you will be prompted to use it. Please note that heroes use different equipment depending on their specialization. To remove equipment, click on the slot and click "Remove", and to change equipment to another, click "Change".

Disassemble unnecessary equipment in the "Recycle" menu and get Renown in the amount of 50% of its cost and the cost of materials spent on pumping. Exchange the received Fame in the ammunition store for epic equipment and higher.

Relics. Relics are not associated with heroes, so replacing heroes will not affect them. Relics can also activate the affinity function. Relic improvements include:

Leveling equipment (Enhance). Spend coins to level up your equipment. This pumping is divided into normal (+1 level), critical (+2 levels) and supercritical (+3 levels). The maximum level of equipment can be 2 times higher than the level of the main character (example: the main character has 35th level, equipment can be upgraded to 70th level).

After completing chapter 10 of the main campaign, a quick pumping opens up for you, which allows you to increase the level of the hero’s equipped equipment by 5 times in one click. Use this option sparingly, as pumping equipment consumes a lot of coins.

Upgrading equipment (Refine). To upgrade, consume refining stones to gain upgrade experience and increase the characteristics of ammunition. The maximum level of improvement depends on the quality of the ammunition.

Level up and upgrade all equipment evenly to unlock upgrade talents (Blacksmith tab).

Equipment engraving (Engrave). Engraving stones are used to engrave equipment. Each new engraving increases the level of engraving. The higher this level, the higher the characteristics of the equipment. When equipping a hero with 2-3-4 pieces of engraved equipment, set bonuses are activated.

The equipment class is determined by the engraving class. The set of bonuses for each class is added up. Thus, when the set bonuses for the higher class are activated, the bonuses for the lower classes are also applied. The maximum class of equipment engraving is determined by its quality.

Costumes of the main character.Change the clothes of the main character to change his usual attacks and skills. This can be done in the Gear - Outfit menu. Each costume has its own characteristics (both basic and advanced), which apply to all open characters. Outfits can be upgraded to increase their upgrade stats and unlock talents.

The maximum level of costumes improvement is determined by the level of the protagonist. Collecting a complete set of clothing activates the entries in the equipment index. Index statistics apply to all heroes and are added across different entries. Recurring outfits turn into outfit essences.

To find out where to get a particular suit, click "Obtain". You will see a list of activities or conditions, under which it is possible to receive it.

Character costumes.Like the main character, the rest of the characters can also change costumes, thereby changing their usual attacks and skills, as well as providing themselves with an increase in characteristics. Leveling up the stardom of the outfit increases its parameters. Collecting the kit will activate the index records of the equipment. You can view all available hero outfits and their characteristics on the Gear - Hero Outfit tab.

The Dynasty Scrolls: A Guide to Recruiting New Heroes

Types of hiring and free attempts. There are basic and premium hiring, while in premium hiring you have a better chance of getting epic heroes. For hiring, hiring orders are used. Thanks to them, you get new fragments, items for pumping or whole heroes. Also, each hiring gives souls of heroes, which are used for purchases in the soul store and for obtaining new heroes.

Basic hiring. Basic recruitment uses basic recruitment orders. Every day you are given 3 free recruitment attempts, which can be used once every 10 minutes. For every 50 souls of heroes acquired in the basic recruitment, you are given fragments of heroes, and for 10 basic recruits, you are guaranteed to receive fragments of an epic hero. Hiring Chances:

Free attempts are reset at 00.00 daily and do not accumulate, so be sure to use them on time.

Premium rental. This type of recruitment requires premium orders. Once a day, you have a free recruitment attempt, which is updated daily at midnight and has no cumulative effect. Also, a 10% discount is provided daily for the simultaneous purchase of 10 premium orders and 50% - for the purchase of 1 premium order. Whenever possible, take advantage of these discounts to restock your premium order stocks.

For every 150 Hero Souls earned in Premium Hiring, you are given Hero or Hero Fragments. For 10 premium hires, you are guaranteed to get a rare hero, and for 20 - an epic hero. Hiring Chances:

When acquiring low quality heroes or fragments, do not try to immediately continue recruiting. It is best to wait a while (10 to 20 minutes) and only then make another attempt. Waiting for a losing streak is very effective for good hiring results.

Hiring by faction. For 50 bonus recruits, recruitment by faction will be opened for you. In it, you can use premium orders to recruit heroes of the factions you need. For every 150 souls of heroes recruited by factions, you receive fragments of a hero or hero. For 10 premium hires, you are guaranteed to get a rare hero, and for 20 - an epic hero. The recruitment rates by faction are identical to the premium recruitment rates.

Hiring by faction is the best way to get heroes of the same faction! Go to the reward preview to see the available heroes for each faction. If you hire a hero that you already own, then he turns into shards.

Dynasty Scrolls: Squad Building and Combat Tips

Team building. There are 6 heroes in the battle party, including your main character. It is included in the squad by default and cannot be removed. To form a squad, go to the "Team" menu. Here you can select the desired formation of fighters and customize the order of combo hits. After completing a squad of heroes, it can only be swapped, but cannot be deleted.

Reserves and support. Be sure to use reserves and support heroes in your squad. These characters do not directly participate in the battle, but additionally strengthen some or all of the fighters:

New slots for reserve heroes are unlocked as the protagonist levels up. Open slots for support heroes depend on the number of legendary heroes participating in the party. To use the reserve and support characters in the squad, click on an empty slot at the bottom of the team formation screen, and in the window that appears, select the necessary heroes.

Always use only characters that have the words "Activated Affinity" next to their names.

The course of the battle. During the battle, your heroes and enemies alternately strike each other. The battle involves 6 fighters from each side. On the screen, you see the names of the characters, the health bars above their heads and the fires of rage. 2 fires of rage are restored for each normal attack. When all 4 fires of fury are lit, the hero uses his skill. Through battles, you pump the experience of the main account and the experience of your fighters.

You can always switch the battle to automatic mode, pause it, or increase the speed of the battle.

Joint combo attacks. There are 3 types of joint combo attacks: damage, control and healing. To make a joint attack, you need to have two heroes in the party, which are required to activate it, and collect a sufficient number of fragments of the joint attack. Shards are restored with each attack and at the end of the round. The total number of shards is displayed at the bottom of the battle screen. After using a joint combo attack, she goes into a cooldown for several rounds. During an auto battle, combined combo attacks are applied automatically and in order - from left to right. In manual mode, you apply them as you see fit.

When facing bosses, it is recommended to use the manual mode and independently think over the tactics of using joint combo attacks at the right time.

Battle statistics. Battle statistics are opened by clicking on "Stats" on the results screen. The total damage inflicted by your heroes and opponents during the battle is calculated here. If you wish, you can share your stats in the world chat and the Legion chat. Keep in mind that zero damage for healing heroes does not mean that the character is useless in battle - it just has a different function in battle. It is possible that in future updates to the game, separate healing statistics will be added, where heroes-healers, on the contrary, will become leaders.

Check statistics for damage done by damage-dealing heroes, compare the best and the worst, replace fighters in the team and form your strongest battle party. By selecting and experimenting with formations, you will definitely be able to create a strong squad.

Dynasty Scrolls: Campaign Walkthrough (Story)

Campaign is the main activity of the game. The progress of the campaign depends on the availability of new side-quests and the opening of other modes. This is where the most stamina is consumed and you can win the most important game resources, as well as fragments of new heroes and equipment.

Plot. The storyline of the game takes place in Ancient China. Your hero and his supporters will have to face powerful enemies and try to defeat them. The transition to a new chapter of the campaign is always accompanied by plot inserts that make up the whole story. You can always view open story episodes in their entirety in the Buffs - Dynasty Scrolls - Gallery menu.

Structure. The campaign is divided into chapters. Each chapter has stages with rivals, gradually, by defeating them, you completely clear the entire location. The ultimate enemy of any chapter is the boss.

Valuable chests are scattered across the chapter map. Going forward, click on them and collect bonus rewards. The value of bonuses depends on the range of the campaign. If on the main campaign map, near the entrance to the chapter, you see a chest, then you have not collected all the chests.

Stars. For battles, you get from 1 to 3 stars. You will get 3 stars if none of your fighters dies during the battle. As you accumulate 10, 20 and 30 stars within one stage, you open chests with gifts. For the overall progress of collecting stars in the campaign, you are given sets of prizes - hero fragments, premium orders, gold, etc. You can view your star score by clicking on "Story Achievement". The red dot on this button notifies about the next award.

To complete battles for 3 stars, your party must have strong, well-pumped heroes. We recommend that you take healers on the battlefield without fail in order to prevent the death of soldiers.

Campaign battles. The battle system in the main campaign is standard - you form your party according to the rules of battle formation and send it to battles. The higher your progress in the passage, the stronger your enemies will be. Many of them have the specificity of striking, for example, inflicting the most damage on specific positions of the combat formation. In this case, put your most powerful hero on the "most vulnerable" position and do not forget about the help of healers.

Constantly try new combinations of formation for successful battles. Every day, try to go through the chapters as far as possible, and then replay the battles that you closed not by 3 stars. When faced with very strong enemies, swing your heroes and spend stamina to close the stages already passed in blitz.

Stamina replenishment. In the campaign you need stamina (stamina). The current limit of the available stamina is determined by your account level. The spent stamina replenishes itself over time. You can also buy stamina for gold 4 times a day.

Be sure to top up your stamina using the free gaming privileges (Events - Benefits - Claim Stamina). There are 3 replenishment attempts per day: from 12.00 to 18.00, from 18.00 to 20.00, from 20.00 to 24.00.

Translation into Russian. The plot contains many dialogues in English that reveal the essence of the story. If you need translation, you can always use the programs:

Dynasty Scrolls: Side Quests Walkthrough

How to participate? The chapters of side quests open as you progress through the main story campaign and consist of parts, each of which is subdivided into a series of tasks with battles, assignments and dialogues between characters. When participating in side quests, stamina and stamina of side quests are consumed. The maximum number of side quests stamina is 10 units. 1 unit is refilled every 3 hours.

Buy additional side quest stamina for gold. You can make up to 3 purchases per day. When you get VIP levels, the allowed number of purchases increases. To buy stamina, click the "+" next to its quantity in the side menu of quests.

Progress and awards. Parts with fully completed quests are marked on the map as "Perfect". Parts that have not been completed to the end show the percentage of completion. As you progress through the tasks, you receive rewards from the Clear Rewards tab for your progress. For completing the entire chapter, you get new combo amulets and materials for pumping them.

Examples of tasks. As you progress along the side quest map, you will complete tasks. Here are some examples:

To automatically find a path on the map, click the boot icon next to the task.

Blitz. After completing all the tasks within one part, the opportunity to blitz opens up for you. To use the option, select the desired chapter, part of it and click "Blitz". As rewards, you get the souls of heroes and fragments, and there are different prizes for each part.

Spend your blitz attempts on rewards in which you can get fragments of the characters you need. There are 5 blitz attempts per day for one part. Do not allow side quest stamina to burn out and spend it completely for maximum reward.

Dynasty Scrolls: Daily Brawls Guide

Dungeons. Daily Brawls are available on the campaign map. Here you can get experience for heroes, coins, combo essences, relics and divine weapons. Dungeons are unlocked as you level up your account, according to the following schedule:

Battles have 3 difficulty levels: easy, basic and elite. Upon completion of a stage at the current difficulty level and provided that the required account level is reached, the next difficulty is unlocked for you.

Features of battles. Each dungeon invites you to complete your own challenges:

When you complete the stage and reach the required level, you will have access to the passage of battles in blitz. A certain number of attempts to complete each battle are available per day. They are all reset at 00:00 every day. The first participation in the stage does not require any costs.

Awards. You are entitled to 2 types of rewards: basic and bonus. The first one you get when you go through the battle. The second - for progress towards the end of the stage. Completing a stage gives all conditional rewards. For completing a stage completely, you collect all the main and bonus stage rewards.

Dynasty Scrolls: Fief Patrol

How to patrol? To start patrolling, go to the campaign map and click the "Fief" button below. Patrols take place on the fiefdoms, new ones are unlocked as the locations are cleared in the chapters of the campaign. You can patrol any of the available properties for 3, 4 and 12 hours. According to the number of awards received, there are 3 types of patrolling:

Send the recommended hero on patrol and get additional heroes’ souls.

How can I help my friends? At the bottom of the patrol menu are the icons of your friends, whose heroes are currently on patrol. The exclamation mark on the icon means the beginning of unrest on their estates. Click on the icon, select the estate marked as "Rioting" and click on "Quell Rebellion" in it. Help was provided to friends.

For suppressing riots while on patrol, you and your friends receive rewards and increased intimacy.

Awards. There are 3 types of patrol rewards:

Dynasty Scrolls: Arena Battles Secrets

To go to the arena, click on the main screen "Arcade" and then - "Arena". Here you can challenge other players. When you defeat a higher rated player, your ratings change. When you lose, your rating does not change.

Challenges. It costs one try to challenge a player in the arena. You have 20 free call attempts per day. The quantity is updated daily at 00.00. When the attempts are over, use the arena challenge tokens to continue your battles.

Challenge opponents who are higher than you in the ranking, but have less power (Power). Updating the list of opponents is not provided. If there are no suitable enemies, lead your hero to the pedestals of the players below you in the rating and press "Fight x5" to fight 5 fights at a time.

Missions. The arena provides daily and weekly missions. Challenge a specific number of players every day or every week to earn extra rewards.

Make sure to spend all free daily challenge attempts in the arena - conduct battles or use blitz. So you not only get a lot of the resources you need, but also close missions for participating.

Awards. When changing your rating after a battle, you are asked to draw one of three reward cards to receive a prize. Standard Daily Participation Rewards are mailed every day at 22:00. Their size depends on your place in the ranking.

Arena shop. The battle in the Arena gives the currency - Prestige, which can be spent on items and rewards in the arena store:

Your highest rating must meet the requirements to complete the purchase.

Dynasty Scrolls: Warrior Trials

What do we have to do? Warrior Trials are available in the "Arcade" menu. In this activity, you need to defeat opponents on the floors in order to open the next floor. For victories you get stars, coins, renown and star chests. Once a day, tests can be reset to the first floor. After resetting, you have 3 respawn chances. When you have no chance of respawning, you cannot continue your adventure. Each floor has its own victory conditions. Failure to observe them leads to defeat.

Star bonuses.After you clear a floor, you choose 1 of 3 random star bonuses for the stars you receive. All star bonuses are summed up, and when you reset the challenge, they are completely reset.

It is best to choose the most prestigious star bonus that is worth the most stars.

Difficulty and Blitz. During the passage, you choose 1 of 3 difficulty levels. At the easiest level, you get 1 star for a victory, and at the hardest level, you get 3 stars. Also, the number of issued awards and currency depends on the difficulty level. When you reach the required account level, a blitz opens for you. Press the "Blitz" button to defeat all opponents on the current floor and collect the star chest.

Conduct the first tests on the maximum difficulty level. When battles become difficult to pass, change the difficulty to medium. On the most difficult floors, choose the lowest difficulty. Your task is to go as far as possible and earn the most stars by all available means.

Awards. After completing a floor, you will receive a star chest depending on the number of stars you received on that floor. There are 2 ratings in activity: weekly star rating and record rating. Ranked Rewards are issued at 00:00 every Monday based on Star Ratings. After that, the rating is reset.

The shops. There are 2 stores in Warrior Trials:

Dynasty Scrolls: Behemoth Raid Walkthrough

Features. The Behemots are categorized into War Elephant and Grizzly Catapult. The War Elephant is available every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and the Grizzly Catapult is available every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

You need to fight the Monsters in order to earn rewards, activity currency (combat merit) and take a place in the ranking. In this case, the enemies must be defeated within a given time frame. After defeating the Monsters, they respawn and level up. The levels of both opponents are independent of each other.

Monsters disappear either after the victory, or if they were not defeated in the allotted time. Always check the countdown to the end of the activity.

How to attack? Monsters can be attacked in two ways:

Initially, you have 10 attack chances. 1 chance is restored every hour. Use Monster tokens for extra attack chances.

When forming a party, always evaluate the activity conditions. If the main emphasis in battle is on the damage done and the passage time, make a squad only of heroes that deal damage. If you need to fulfill the conditions and prevent the death of soldiers, be sure to include healers and tanks in the party.

Dragon Cannon.Winning or fighting again can trigger the Dragon Cannon effect. Up to 3 Dragon Cannons can be activated at the same time. The Dragon Cannon level is always identical to the level of the strongest War Elephant or Grizzly Catapult you will ever defeat.

If you failed to destroy the Dragon Cannon, you can share it with your friends to attack. You can also attack the Monsters launched by your friends.

Awards. Attack of the Monsters gives you combat merit. When you defeat the Beast, additional rewards are sent to your inbox. Rewards are also given based on the total damage dealt to the Beast in the day. Such rewards must be collected manually (button "Rewards").

Players are ranked and rewarded every day based on the total damage dealt and the maximum damage per attack. Rewards are sent to players’ mailboxes before the rating is reset. Combat Merit can be exchanged for items in the Combat Merit Store.

Dynasty Scrolls: Guide to the legions in the game

Joining the legion. Legions are guilds in the Dynasty Scrolls. Legions are created for the purpose of joint play, mutual assistance in development and communication. To successfully level up, participate in more activities and receive high rewards, you need to be a member of an active legion from the Top 3 server. As a rule, it is in the top communities that it is easiest to develop, find friends and move up the ratings.

The assessment of the viability of the legion is based on the total indicator of its combat power - the greater the strength of the community, the more active players and donators there are in it. All legions are divided into open and closed. You join the open legions immediately after submitting the application, and the closed ones only after its approval.

The number of participants in the legion is limited and depends on its level. If you are a member of a weak community, then check the information about the strongest legions on the server, and when there are free places there, immediately apply for membership.

Legion contribution. Clicking on "Registar" in a legion takes you to the legion contribution menu. There are 3 types of deposits:

Each contributor helps to increase the progress of the contribution. Upon reaching 50, 110, 180 and 250 contribution progress goals, all participants can receive rewards. Contribution progress is reset every day at 00:00.

Information about the legion. To view information about your legion, go to the Hall. Here you can see:

Legion statue. Each member of the legion takes part in the manufacture of a statue of the legion using craft stones (they can be obtained for the contribution of the legion and the giving of gifts) and receives awards for this. You can use up to 30 crafting stones per day, and the more stones you use, the better your rewards will be.

As the quality of the statue increases, the experience of the legion grows. To build, click on the statue of the legion, then click "Belt" and confirm participation by clicking "Craft". Don’t forget to take part in the construction - here you can get additional coins, legion contribution and gold.

Statues are of different quality, which depends on the number of stones embedded in it. The constructed statue is brought to the legion for review, and at this stage it is no longer possible to use the stones. Each member of the legion can admire the statue and pick up prize chests, the contents of which depend on the level of the legion and the quality of the statue. The statue crafting progress resets every day at 00:00.

Red envelope system. Red envelopes are divided into:

As the level of the legion rises, new slots for system red envelopes open (3 in total). The total number of awards in them also depends on the level of the legion. After accepting all the awards, any red envelopes will disappear.

Red envelopes are only available for a limited time and are removed when they expire! Check the Legion’s Rewards tab frequently and collect your rewards on time. The presence of new red envelopes is indicated by a red dot on the "Rewards" button.

Hero Battle. Hero Battle is one of the legion’s events. During it, you have 3 attempts to challenge the boss and enemy players. When fighting a boss, you get personal points depending on the damage dealt. Different bosses are available for battle every day of the week. When fighting other players, the winner gets points, and the loser loses them. If you fail to defeat your opponent, you will not receive points. At the end of the event, rewards are awarded based on personal rating and legion point rating.

Dynasty Scrolls: Adding Friends and Gifts

Correct maintenance of the list. The number of game friends is limited and amounts to 40 people. Friends in the game are not only people with whom you can chat, but assistants who send you gifts with resources. That is why it is important to monitor their activity, remove inactive players in time and add new people to their place. As a rule, players who rarely enter the game are calculated by level (it will be well below the server average), team strength (it will be low) and last online time.

The time of the last entry into the game is reflected in front of the names in the friends list. Check your list periodically and remove from it those who have been offline for several days. At the first stages of the game, it is recommended to remove players offline for more than 3 days, in the middle and later stages - offline for more than 5-7 days.

Gifts. To give gifts to friends, go to the "Friends" tab of the friends list and click "Gift" next to the names of the players. Likewise, friends send gifts to you. To collect your gifts, go to the "Collect Gifts" tab. The number of gifts you can pick up per day is limited. This limit increases as you level up your account.

Proximity. Depending on the number of mutual gifts, intimacy with a friend is accumulated and improved. The higher the intimacy level, the more valuable items you will send and receive from that player. Each gift gives 1 intimacy point. To move intimacy to the next level, you need to accumulate 25 points with a specific friend.

In addition to giving gifts, intimacy with a friend can be pumped by participating in joint activities and suppressing unrest on the estate (Fief Patrol).

How to find friends? To add new people, click the "Recommended" button in the friends menu. A list of random server players that match your account level and have not reached the limit of friends in your friend list will be compiled for you. To send a request for friendship, click "Apply" and wait for the approval of the application.

Look for friends in the game’s global chat. Send short messages "Add me" so that other players can find out about you and send a request. As a rule, people who often write in the game chat are active players, so do not forget to check general correspondence.

How to protect yourself from unwanted communication? Spammers, rude gamblers, and any other person you don’t want to communicate with can be blocked. To do this, click on the player’s avatar and click "Blacklist". All people you have blocked will be displayed in the "Blacklist" tab. A total of 200 players can be blocked.

The Dynasty Scrolls: An Overview of Gaming Benefits

Every day you get a number of bonuses from the game, which will be very useful for game development and hero leveling. The main thing is not to forget to pick them up and use them. To view the benefits, click "Events" on the main screen in the menu on the right and go to the "Benefits" tab. Let’s consider all the privileges in detail.

Stamina replenishment (Claim stamina). Replenish your daily stamina stocks absolutely free. There are 3 replenishment attempts per day:

We recommend that you set a push notification to receive a free stamina, so as not to forget to enter the game on time and receive new portions.

Daily mark (Sign-In). Every day you receive rewards for your first login, and if you log in continuously for several days, you will receive additional gifts, including gold, universal shards and stamina. The amount of additional gifts depends on the number of days of continuous entry. For VIP players, the opportunity to receive privileged rewards is open - fragments of heroes, chests with equipment, etc.

It is very important to log into the game every day to receive all available Daily Mark gifts!

Growth fund (Development fund). Thanks to the growth fund, you get gold for pumping your account. The issuance of gold awards for reaching level 10-95 is provided. Both basic and premium rewards are available for donators - for purchasing a premium pass.

Rating system. Your efforts to level up are reflected in the ratings of the game. They are categorized into strength ratings and level ratings. Each of them lists the top 100 players, with the top 5 in each rating displayed in separate rooms on podiums.

Like the best players in the ratings 5 times a day every day to earn extra coins. The number of likes received is constant and is not reset.

Dynasty Scrolls: Daily Missions Walkthrough

Types of missions and their implementation. Daily missions are divided into regular missions and surprise missions. Normal missions are permanent and must be completed every day, while surprise missions are random. Only one surprise mission is available once a day. You get more rewards for it, but it is much more difficult than regular missions.

Completing daily missions provides not only rewards, but also activity. Collect 40, 80, 120 and 160 activity points to pick up progress chests with gold, stamina and valuable materials for pumping. Activity progress is reset every day at 00:00. Activity progress rewards depend on your account level.

Types of regular missions. These include:

Achievements. Achievements are common and hidden. Complete the normal achievement goals for rewards and achievement points. Reach goals in achievement points to earn reward chests. Types of common achievements:

To complete the hidden achievements, you must fulfill certain conditions and achieve the desired statuses in the game.

Dynasty Scrolls: In-game Events and Auctions

Temporary in-game events. Timed events often focus on specific game modes, such as recruiting heroes. The final prizes that you can receive for participation depend on your activity in this mode. Each temporary event has a timer that counts down until the end of the promotion. Keep an eye on him and try to do as much as possible.

In case of temporary events, we recommend keeping in reserve the appropriate thematic items for their active and quick use during the promotion period (for example, passes to battles, hiring orders, etc.).

In-game auctions. Auctions are held at the end of certain events and are only open to players who have unlocked the respective game modes. Here you can bid on goods or buy them at a fixed price. The goods you have bid on are sent to your mail. If you do not bid on an item, gold will be returned to you.

Legion auctions are held first. Upon completion, all unsold goods are put up for auction on the server. Players who take part in the activity corresponding to the auction can receive a gold bonus for the goods sold. The size of the bonus grows with the increase in the total amount of gold, which can be bailed out at the auction.

Red Packet rain. During this event, simply log in every day from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00 to collect prizes from the red envelopes falling from the sky. Together with the envelopes, all participating players additionally receive a good luck code. Every day at 20.00, a trio of random players are selected who will be able to use their luck code. For this, they receive huge awards. Unclaimed rewards are sent by mail.

Dynasty Scrolls: Where to Buy Resources and Fragments?

Main shop. The in-game store is divided into several tabs, each of which uses the currency of the corresponding activity. The assortment is periodically updated. There is a daily limit on purchases in the store, beyond which you will not be able to purchase an item. Examples of tabs:

Discount offers at the main store. Each tab of the in-game store has a subsection "Rewards" where products are sold at a discount. You can get access to discount offers only after fulfilling the conditions of the activity to which the tab belongs. For example, in the arena store, you will have access to the first discounted product in the "Rewards" tab when you reach 200th place in the arena rankings. In the equipment store, discount offers open as the star rating of the equipment is pumped, and in the legion store - as your legion level up.

Be sure to take advantage of the discount offers and purchase items from the "Rewards" tab! They will be much cheaper for you than for other buyers.

Shopping center (Mall). The mall offers merchandise and gift sets for gold. There is a daily discount on the first few purchases of each item. The number of offers is limited. The "Pack" tab offers gift packages to players of various VIP levels. Each VIP Gift Set can only be purchased once.

Soul Shop. In the soul shop, goods are sold for gold and souls of heroes. Update the assortment of this store for free up to 10 times a day at intervals of 2 hours. Free renewal attempts are restored daily, however, if you need to continue the update beyond the limit, you can apply refresh tokens. The maximum number of updates per day is 20 times.

Getting chests. In various activities of the game, you can receive chests as a reward - with materials for pumping, equipment or fragments of heroes. All chests are stored in a bag. Do not forget to periodically go there and open the accumulated chests, since without your participation their contents will not be used.

Please note that when you open chests with fragments of heroes, you are presented with a choice of the desired fragments. Do it consciously, in accordance with the needs for pumping and in the formation of the party.

Dynasty Scrolls: Donate Rules & VIP System

Buying gold. You can buy gold in different volumes, as part of packages and promotional offers (menu "Recharge"). The first purchase of any bundle additionally gives you free gold, so it is recommended that you purchase premium currency from the first offer to the last. This way you can get the maximum amount of free gold.

For the first donate, you get generous in-game bonuses: the epic hero Sun Quan, universal fragments, coins, recruitment orders and leveling materials!

Cards. Buying a 30-day card and a 30-day premium card immediately grants a huge amount of gold, as well as additional gold that can be requested every day:

Buying cards instantly gives you a large amount of VIP experience. This is one of the most profitable types of donation and a great way to quickly raise your VIP level.

VIP system. By purchasing Gold, Premium Cards and a subscription, you replenish your VIP Experience and acquire a VIP Level. For VIP players, there are special sales of valuable in-game items with huge discounts, as well as a number of VIP privileges, including:

Temporary events. In temporary events (Events tab - Time-limited event), you are invited to take part in various sales, in which you not only get your purchases with huge discounts, but also an additional VIP experience. The promotions are varied and periodically change the subject. Basically, they boil down to the purchase of sets, while the larger the purchase amount, the higher the acquired VIP-experience and gifts for participation will be.

Participate in temporary events to receive a huge number of bonuses and prizes for your purchases. As a rule, it is here that the biggest discounts operate and the most interesting, rare goods are offered.

The Dynasty Scrolls: Conclusion

Dynasty Scrolls is a game built on the principle of collecting and pumping teams of heroes to send them to various battles and other game challenges. Undoubtedly, it will appeal to both experienced players and beginners of the genre. Obvious pros:

Cons of the game:

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.