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EARN TO DIE 2 - Android game with release date 05/04/2015 from the company Not Doppler. Game Genre: Racing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Machine Parts Guide
  2. Pumping Tips
  3. Walkthrough
  4. Guide to the basics of the interface and driving along the highway
  5. Secrets to a Successful Trip
  6. Store Offer Overview
  7. Free ride guide
  8. Mission Guide
  9. Research Guide
  10. Game Conclusion

Earn to Die 2: Machine Parts Guide

Machine parts. Your car has the following details:

  1. Engine. Adds auto acceleration speed and efficient fuel acceleration.
  2. Transmission. Significantly increases the maximum speed of the car you are driving.
  3. Wheels. Well-pumped wheels increase traction and also make it possible to drive uphill faster.
  4. Weapons Your "kickback" zombie. It is mounted on a car and shoots out uninvited guests before they collide with the machine itself.
  5. Accelerator. Mounted on the rear of the machine and increases speed.
  6. Weight distribution. Redistributes the weight of the car, which helps to break through crowds of zombies and obstacles.
  7. Armor. Protects the machine from external damage. Strengthening the protection will help you resist zombies seeking to tear the car into pieces.
  8. Fuel tank. Refilling the car. The capacity of the fuel tank can be increased, which in turn will allow you to drive a greater distance without refueling.

Part improvement rate. When you open the car in the garage, you will see a list of its parts along with indicators of their improvements. The completeness of all units of the indicator leads to the pumping of a particular part to a "maximum" - a corresponding mark appears above the part. If the improvement indicator is not completely filled, the price of one pumping unit is displayed above the part.

With each improvement of the part, the cost of its next pumping becomes more expensive. The exception here is weapons. Its first improvement will be expensive, and subsequent ones cheaper.

How to pump? Select the part you want to pump. Click on it and click the Buy button. The pumping cost will be written off from the amount of earned game currency, and the improvement scale of this element will be filled by one unit.

Earn to Die 2: Pumping Tips

1. Want to get there? Strengthen the car! You just won’t be able to drive and drive to your destination.Difficulties will arise very quickly, because hordes of zombies are not particularly "friendly", and the state of the terrain itself leaves much to be desired. Your way out is a complete pumping of the car, and conducted competently, timely and evenly.

2. No priorities! All details work in interconnection, therefore each needs to be improved. Thus, in the car there are no elements that need to be pumped priority - they all have the same value and none gives a competitive advantage. After all, even if you have excellent armor, you are unlikely to be able to climb a mountain with weak engines and wheels. In the same way, a full fuel tank cannot help you repulse the pursuing zombies, if the car itself is not equipped with weapons and has no armor.

3. Pump evenly and save. If you have already pumped, for example, a gearbox, having earned one pumping unit for it, then next time pay attention to the weight distribution or something else. Try to pump what is currently cheaper. So you get the opportunity to drive much further.

Keep in mind - you can pass the next level only if all the elements of your car are extremely pumped! Otherwise, you will not achieve success, and it doesn’t matter how well one piece is improved. Unless others are improved, you are unlikely to win.

4. Extra bonus. With the maximum pumping of all elements you will be given an additional bonus - increasing the engine power of the car! So be aware - your engine will soon become stronger anyway.

Earn to Die 2: Walkthrough

Earn to Die 2 is a continuation of the game of the same name about the flight of a zombie surviving from hordes, which they strive to enjoy a delicious dinner. Unlike its predecessor, the second part has a very significant plus - it is free to download. So now the opportunity to drive a car, fleeing cannibals, has become even wider.

Plot. The main idea is simplified to the maximum, which, however, does not spoil the game at all - it turned out to be exciting, intense and full of drive. There is a world where the apocalypse occurred. There is a surviving hero trying to escape from zombies. He manages to catch the television signal and listen to the military alert: all those who survived urgently need to arrive at the Vault port to evacuate from the contaminated area.

The military warns - time is running out, the evacuation ship is leaving soon! Our hero needs to get to his destination as soon as possible. For this purpose, he takes his first car and begins an adventure through the streets filled with zombies. It will not be easy - after all, the cannibals do not sleep, and it is still necessary to change the transport on each highway and improve it, otherwise it will not work far.

How to play? In front of the player is a map indicating the route, and the final destination is the port "Vault".Each track on which the hero must pass is a level. There are ten levels in the game. Player’s goal: for the minimum number of gaming days, drive different cars along the entire route, successfully break through obstacles and crowds of zombies, pumping cars for this.

Cars. The game features ten cars in the number of levels. Each of them needs to be upgraded to resist zombies and overcome obstacles. You will be able to pump cars for the money earned as a result of the trip.

A new stage - a new car. At new stages, you will not be able to use the cars from the previous ones - they will be replaced by other, more powerful ones, but which you still need to pump. However, the further you drive, the more money you earn, so there should not be any difficulties for full pumping.

I went through the plot. What’s next? The game has three more interesting modes that will become available after passing the main storyline campaign:

  1. Free ride;
  2. Missions.
  3. Study.
If you wish, you can re-go through the main storyline campaign. To do this, click "Play" in the game menu and select "History" - the passage will begin from the first day.

Advertising. There is advertising in the game and sometimes it will have to be watched forcibly. Also, for viewing ads, you can get additional game currency. The number of such views is unlimited, respectively, and game currency can be earned on them as much as you want.

If you want to play without forced advertising, we recommend disconnecting the Internet. The game works great offline. But do not forget to turn it on if you want to earn money for watching videos.

Saving game progress. When connected to the Internet, the progress made is saved automatically in your Google Play (Game Center) account. The player does not need to do any additional actions for saving, except for authorization in the account. If you want to keep progress forcibly - click on the lowermost icon on the left in the game menu, go to the save page and click on the "+" icon that appears. In the future, you can continue to play from the place where you saved.

Before starting the game, do not forget to link the game account to your Google Play (Game Center) account. Otherwise, you risk your game progress and, accordingly, achievements in passing the game.

How to continue playing on another device? When linking a game account to a Google Play (Game Center) account, you can continue to play the game on another device - just download the game to it and log in to your account. All previously saved saves will be displayed on the new device when you click on the lowermost icon on the left in the game menu.

Earn to Die 2: Guide to the basics of the interface and driving along the highway

Stages of the track. Each route includes three stages - gas stations. On the first two, you refuel the car, and on the third, at the end, you get a new car for the next stage.

Scale. You track movement on the track on the scale at the top of the screen. In accordance with the stages, gas stations and the final destination of a particular route are marked on it - on which you will receive the next car.

Your location is indicated by an orange triangle - this is the maximum distance on the track that you were able to cover at the moment. Thus, you can roughly calculate which way you have to go and when the next gas station will meet on your way.

Cartridges. The number of rounds for your weapon is displayed in the upper left corner of the trip screen. One cartridge is consumed per zombie.

Driving a car. On the left side of the screen there are buttons for maneuvering the car, and on the right there are buttons for the gas pedal and turbo acceleration. In the middle of the screen are the devices:

From the improvement of the gas tank depends on its capacity. A pumped gas tank is filled with a lot of gasoline.

The results of the trip. At the end of the trip you are credited with money for the following:

  1. Distance. The number of feet that you have traveled. As you approach the destination, the amount of money for the distance covered increases.
  2. Downed zombies. Charges depend on the number and "danger" of zombies shot down - the larger the defeated opponents, the more you will receive for them.
  3. Average speed. You also get a certain reward for the speed with which you crossed the route.

How to pause the game? Press the top button on the right. When you want to continue the game - click the "Continue" button on the panel that appears.

How to start the trip again / return to the garage? Also use the top button on the right. In the pop-up window that opens, select the desired action: return to the garage or repeat the trip by clicking on the second button from above.

Starting the trip first, a day is not wasted to overcome the route.

Earn to Die 2: Secrets to a Successful Trip

1. Break forward. A lot of obstacles will come across your hard way: barrels, boxes, walls and zombies of course. In order not to cripple your car and successfully overcome all this, try to hit the obstacles with the front bumper on the car or the front wheels (see screenshot). So you perfectly smash into chips not only boxes and other objects, but also the zombies themselves.

2. Navigate in flight. "Fly" in this game will have to often. When your car is off the ground, keep it at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Such a solution will help to keep the engine intact and avoid its breakdown. A broken engine on the track is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to a driver surrounded by a crowd of hungry zombies.

3. Protect the engine. Try not to crash into structures that cannot be demolished: floor, ceiling, steel reinforcement, etc. All this will certainly put the engine out of action, and then you have to do it badly.

4. Landing on wheels! In this fight, you can only rely on your iron horse, so handle it carefully. When landing, try not to hit the components of the machine (bumper, glass, etc.). An ideal landing is only on wheels, without the collision of the machine itself with the ground and obstacles. Any damage to the machine is reflected in its condition, which means that it can drive less.

5. Spare option: accelerator. If you run out of gas, and you’re still far from refueling, try stretching this distance on the accelerator. Perhaps you will reach safely.

6. Explore the routes. There are many ways on the highway, so you can choose where you better go. Explore the ways, select the route that is most advantageous for yourself, remember where the most zombies, obstacles, etc. are located. On the passage of each track can take many attempts. Spend time wisely. Look for the best option for fast and long-distance driving.

7. Remember the route. The route is not enough to explore, it also needs to be remembered. Where you need to turn on the accelerator, where to turn onto an alternative route, and where to slow down - all this you must keep in mind when driving through the track.

Earn to Die 2: Store Offer Overview

Game currency. The game currency in the game is one, and these are dollars. The amount of charges increases depending on the stages passed - the closer to the goal, the more money.

Score. In the in-game store you can buy game currency for real money. For sale are different sets of money, varying in price and quantity:

Money doubler. You have the opportunity to double for real money already earned game currency. Depending on your personal account, this can be a much more profitable investment than buying a set with a certain amount. In any case, spend money in the store wisely, calculating the profitability of your purchases.

Money for nothing. Watching ads in the store gives you a chance to get paid for it. The number of views is not limited.

The amount of reward for viewing depends on the number of stages of the route completed - the further you go, the more you get by watching the advertisement.

Earn to Die 2: Free ride guide

What is a free ride? This is an additional game mode, in which you can select any route that you covered in the story campaign and drive through it again.

Differences from the story mode. The track itself is no different, but you don’t need to worry about fuel and car improvements - you won’t have to refuel and pump it. As for the enemies and obstacles, then everything is still the same: zombies are advancing, and various obstacles can disable the car.

How can I switch to the "Free ride" mode? To do this, you need to completely complete the passage of the plot, i.e. safely deliver your hero to your destination. Only then will you discover additional game modes. Click the "Play" button in the game menu. If History mode is completed, other activities are unlocked.

The choice of route and stage. In the free trip mode, a general map of the hero’s route opens from the starting point to the destination point - the Vault port. The map shows us all ten levels of tracks. Choose your preferred one, and then indicate which stage of the route you want to go through:

  1. Before the first refueling;
  2. From the first refueling to the second;
  3. From the second refueling to the end of the route route.

The choice of car. A free trip is noteworthy in that here you can choose any car from any level to ride, while in the main History mode at each level you are given strictly your own car to go through.

Leveling up. As such, pumping in this mode is not necessary to deal with - all of your cars by default are pumped to the maximum. Moreover, you are given the opportunity to "experiment" with the improvements and independently adjust the improvement rate for each element. This means, for example, that you can choose the maximum characteristics for a car from the first level and try to drive on it at the last. Or vice versa - set the minimum pumping parameters for a car from the tenth level and see how it will behave at the first.

Do not forget that some levels are provided for cars of a certain complexion. For example, large cars will not be able to drive through narrow underpasses. Choose a car for a free ride wisely.Experiments are experiments, and the laws of physics have not been canceled.

Earn to Die 2: Mission Guide

What is the "Mission" in the game? The Mission mode provides for the player to complete tasks with transition from level to level. Each task level has its own car with maximum leveling and its own track. Just at one level you need to complete five tasks. The total number of tasks is 50.

Stars. For the successful completion of the task, the player receives one star. At the same time, the task itself is also marked by an illuminating star. All in missions you need to collect 50 stars.

Super turbo accelerator. The most important component for passing all levels of missions. The accelerator helps the player to complete tasks - to overcome obstacles, sell boxes and zombies, jump on a car in length and "fly".

How to get a super-turbo accelerator? Unlike fuel, the mission accelerator is not unlimited. Its quantity is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen when completing a task. To replenish the accelerator supplies, click the "+" icon in the main menu of the Missions and select the acceptable method:

  1. Having watched an advertisement. For one movie you watch, you get two units of the accelerator.
  2. Buy for real money. Each purchase - 10 units of accelerators.

Completion of the assignment. By clicking on the job button, you get to the route screen. It differs from the standard interface only in that at the top you will see the task and the scale of its implementation, and even higher - the track itself, along which you are driving.

Level Assignments

There are ten levels in missions - according to the number of cars represented in the game itself. Level tasks are sometimes repeated, but it can be easy or difficult to complete, depending on the machine.

Level 1:

  1. Flip forward.
  2. Shoot down zombies at 88 mph.
  3. Jump 370 feet in length.
  4. Shoot down 250 boxes.
  5. Do not shoot down giant zombies.

Level 2 (4 stars required):

  1. Reach a speed of 120 mph.
  2. Destroy 7 barrels.
  3. Shoot down all the giant zombies.
  4. Do 5 flips back.
  5. Jump 60 feet up.

Level 3 (8 stars required):

  1. Shoot down 11 zombies in white shirts.
  2. Break off your accelerator.
  3. Fall 75 feet down.
  4. Jump 240 feet in length.
  5. Double flip back.

Level 4 (12 stars required):

  1. Slide up wheels 170 feet.
  2. Shoot down 120 zombies.
  3. Shoot down a giant zombie.
  4. Reach a speed of 120 mph.
  5. 750 feet without turning off the accelerator.

Level 5 (16 stars required):

  1. Shoot down one hanging zombie.
  2. Break off your accelerator.
  3. Do not shoot down giant zombies.
  4. Jump 60 feet up.
  5. Take 5 turns forward.

Level 6 (20 stars required):

  1. Shoot down 90 zombies.
  2. Shoot down 25 zombies upside down.
  3. Shoot down zombies at 120 mph.
  4. Double flip back.
  5. 1250 feet without turning off the accelerator.

Level 7 (24 stars required):

  1. Do 4 flips back.
  2. Jump 200 feet in length.
  3. Break 350 boxes.
  4. Break off your accelerator.
  5. Do not shoot down giant zombies.

Level 8 (28 stars required):

  1. Reach a speed of 120 mph.
  2. Slide up wheels 200 feet.
  3. Destroy 13 barrels.
  4. Wake up in the air for 3 seconds.
  5. Shoot down all the giant zombies.

Level 9 (32 stars required):

  1. Shoot down 7 hanging zombies.
  2. Shoot down 8 zombies upside down.
  3. Take 3 turns forward.
  4. Jump 200 feet to the top.
  5. Shoot down zombies at 150 mph.

Level 10 (36 stars required):

  1. Destroy 10 barrels.
  2. 950 feet without turning off the accelerator.
  3. Shoot down 120 zombies.
  4. Double flip back.
  5. Shoot down 4 giant zombies.

Earn to Die 2: Research Guide

What is Research? Research Mode is another offshoot from the main game mode. Unlike missions, here you only need to successfully complete one task - to search for special Survival Kits hidden on the tracks. In total, there are five levels in the Research mode and each of them is divided into three stages: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, etc.Depending on the level and its stage, you will need to find a larger number of Sets. So, on sublevel 1-1, you need to find only 3 Sets. And by 1-3 - already five.

Collecting all sets the first time is not required. You will have several attempts at this. Driving on different routes of the same track again and again, you gradually look for hidden sets.

Attempts. The number of circles marked in black (next to the level designation on the map) shows the number of attempts to collect all the Sets at that level. Accordingly, the more divisions, the more attempts you used. If by the time of coloring all the divisions in black you still have not collected all the Kits - alas, you will lose at the level.

Survival kits. These are wooden boxes with a "+" sign placed on the highway. See this - just crash and break.This counts as a successful Kit search.

Methodology Passage of Research you start on your first car, driving on special routes. You collect Kits on them, simultaneously shooting zombies and overcoming various obstacles. The higher the level, the more difficult the track, but you can collect a lot more sets on it.

Differences from other modes. In Research, everything is focused only on finding Survival Kits. Time for passing the route is not limited, fuel reserves are not depleted, there is no need to pump the car.

Try to drive your car slowly and carefully - no one drives you. Sometimes, in order to search for Sets, you will have to explore hidden and inaccessible places that you can easily miss if you drive to the full.

Game Conclusion

Before you, of course, a very good, dynamic and fairly understandable game with action elements. Here are its main advantages:

  1. You do not have to rack your brains because of in-game difficulties, abstruse plot moves or a reward system.Everything is quite simple and free.
  2. Interesting story. The goal pursued by the hero is clear to everyone, but this is what makes you join the game to the fullest and help him finally reach the shelter.
  3. Pumping cars successfully carried out using gaming achievements. You can specially buy currency for real money, but refusing it will in no way affect your progress, i.e. there is no "pressure" from the developers.
  4. The gameplay is complemented by driving music, thematically very suitable for what is happening on the screen.With her, crushing zombies will be even more fun.
  5. Good graphics, excellent rendering of backgrounds, terrain, cars and, of course, the zombies themselves.
  6. The game is constantly updated, and therefore the levels change slightly from time to time and become even more interesting.
  7. Little advertising. It is, but it is not enough, and it does not distract from the gameplay. In which case, you can always pause the game and turn off the Internet.

We completely passed this game and can safely say that this is a great thing for a fun pastime. One of those games that is sure to be remembered and will leave a good impression if you are looking for something unobtrusive and moderately intense, with good music and an interesting storyline.

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.