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Download android emulator for PC on Windows 7, 8 and 10

The rating of android emulators for computers on Windows is based on an objective and independent assessment of the popularity of SimilarWeb service resources. It is the number of people from all over the world who monthly use the resources of these programs most objectively reflect their popularity. Clicking on the links in the ranking will take you to the official websites of the programs and you can download the emulator you need and install it. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Top 5 Android PC Emulators
  2. Top 10 Android emulators on PC
  3. How to download and install BlueStacks on Windows 7 and 10
  4. Comparing BlueStacks 4 and Nox App Player
  5. BlueStacks 4 system requirements
  6. How to find out the characteristics of your computer?
  7. BlueStacks 4 for Windows 7 and 10 and its difference from BlueStacks 3
  8. Bluestacks xpack
  9. Bluestacks PikaWorld
  10. What are Bluestacks PikaPoints?

Top 5 Android PC Emulators

A placeTitleRatingLink
oneBluestacks18 334 421DOWNLOAD
2Nox App Player9,735,468DOWNLOAD

Top 10 Android emulators on PC

A placeTitleRatingLink
eightYouwave313 017DOWNLOAD

How to download and install BlueStacks on Windows 7 and 10

Step 1. Go to the download page of the official site https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html and click on the big "DOWNLOAD" button. After that, the program will start downloading. We are waiting for the download to finish.

It is not recommended to download BlueStacks from other sites, for example, from torrents, as you risk downloading an outdated version or an unstable build. Or even pick up the virus.

Step 2. Run the downloaded file. Press the "CONTINUE" button and wait for the installation to finish. If you already have BlueStacks emulator installed, then before starting the installation the program will offer to backup all your data.

Run the downloaded file

Step 3. We see the welcome screen, where you can change the language settings. We press the button "START".We are waiting for your computer and its settings to be checked for compliance with the program requirements.

welcome screen

Step 4. An important step is to enter your login (phone number or GooglePlay email address) and password that you use on your other device. So you save all the progress made in games that support data synchronization.Otherwise, you have to start all over again.

login login

If you forgot your username or password, you can restore them. To do this, you must enter information about your account, which you remember: an associated phone number or an additional email address. Also in the interface of BlueStacks you can create a new Google Play account.

Step 5. After logging in to Google Play, you will be taken to the standard BlueStacks screen. Opening the Google Play Market you can download any available game or application.

BlueStacks 4 main screen

Comparing BlueStacks 4 and Nox App Player

BlueStacks 4 and other emulators

There are anroid emulators that allow you to carry out the process of launching modern and exciting games and applications (Android format) on a personal computer. Among the most current versions of BlueStacks 4 and NoxAppPlayer. To select, compare certain characteristics.


Installing BlueStacks 4 is no different from installing any other program on Windows. Run the installer and follow the installation instructions provided. It should be noted user-friendly interface. In the process of working with the program, there will be no difficulties or problems, since everything is intuitive. As for NoxAppPlayer, the installation of this software is also not particularly difficult, but the interface has not been worked out very carefully, which often raises certain questions and entails the need for in-depth study of the program as a whole.


Both programs provide support for Android 7, as well as the most popular games. Android N allows you to run almost all popular mobile games on a personal computer, while you get incredibly high-quality graphics. In addition, Nougat (BlueStacks 4) provides an opportunity to get an improved graphics engine, which adds the ability to use the keyboard and mouse during the game. This is what makes the games incredibly attractive and more convenient (than the options for playing on a tablet or smartphone).

Both programs have a Russian version. But here you need to say about the benefits of BlueStacks. The program interface allows you to quickly find the installation option of the Russian language. All descriptions are clear and concise.

Based on all the above, it becomes clear that BlueStacks 4 still exceeds NoxAppPlayer by certain parameters. In addition to this, it is necessary to note a number of advantages that the exacting and demanding gamers cannot but interest:

BlueStacks 4 system requirements


Operating system (OS): Microsoft Windows 7
Processor (CPU): Intel or AMD.
Random Access Memory (RAM): 2GB.
Video card: Intel, Nvidia, ATI or equivalent. Current drivers.
Hard disk space (HDD): 4GB.
Internet speed: 256 kb / s
Input Devices: Mouse, keyboard or joystick.
Other requirements: Administrator rights on your PC.

BlueStacks 4 will work on systems that meet minimum requirements. But for comfortable work, other characteristics are recommended.


Operating system (OS): Microsoft Windows 10
Processor (CPU): Intel or AMD with PassMark more than 1000.
Random Access Memory (RAM): 6GB.
Video card: Intel, Nvidia, ATI PassMark more than 750. Actual drivers.
Hard disk space (HDD): 4GB on SSD.
Internet speed: 1MB / s.
Input Devices: Mouse, keyboard or joystick.
Other requirements: Administrator rights on your PC. Enabled BIOS virtualization.
BlueStacks 4 will work fine with minimal requirements, but Nox may require higher performance.

How to find out the characteristics of your computer?

The easiest way to see all the settings of your computer or laptop is to press a combination of keys on a Windows + R keyboard. In the window that appears, enter "msinfo32" and click OK.

Window run

The System Information window opens, where you can find out the OS version, the processor (CPU) and the amount of RAM (RAM).

System Information

If in this window go to the right menu in "Components> Display", then you can see all the information about your video card.

To see the data on the free space on your disk, use the menu items "Components> Storage> Disks".

Similar, but somewhat shortened information can be obtained by pressing Windows + R on the keyboard and typing "dxdiag" in the line that appears.


To find out the PassMark of your processor - find its name at this link .

To find out your video card PassMark - use another link .

BlueStacks 4 for Windows 7 and 10 and its difference from BlueStacks 3

BlueStacks and Samsung Galaxy S9 +

BlueStacks 4 surpasses the previous version (BlueStacks 3) in certain parameters. Increased productivity (six to eight times), the new version has become more understandable - intuitively, which allows us to get prospects for saving time. It is considered very important that the version requires minimal expenditures of the processor resource and RAM.

The main differences and advantages:

  1. The main screen of the program is minimalist and simple, without unnecessary data and tabs;
  2. It is possible to use the BlueStacksWorld application center;
  3. A lower menu has been developed in which all the necessary services are integrated. The panel looks comfortable and concise;
  4. Through the menu is formed easy and quick access to all features.

New game management

Be sure to note the new editor for the management settings. It is equipped with an innovative interface through which you can create unique control schemes, and you can simply focus on the use of existing systems. Accurate control provides the ability to create a more skillful and fast gameplay.

Accordingly, the BlueStacks 3 version has a number of flaws, which were completely eliminated in the new version. With BlueStacks 4, the game benefits have become even brighter, and the control system has become simple and intuitive, which will significantly save the time spent by the potential gamer.

Bluestacks xpack


Xpack improves gaming performance, forms management optimization, and also adds specialized content for the game. Through Xpack, completely different possibilities are being formed that can significantly improve the gaming experience. Having tried this opportunity to return to the past no longer want.

Main advantages

  1. Incredibly comfortable touchscreen. Forming at least five virtual buttons that can be used simultaneously, it is also possible to wipe the screen. It really creates a unique atmosphere of a great and interesting game;
  2. Through a convenient control system, you can quickly run, change a pose, aim, shoot, collect loot, while the effectiveness of such actions increases significantly. In fact, it will be possible to perform all actions with two thumbs;
  3. Xpack provides perfect precision and accuracy. The specified buttons always work in the same way, no accidents or errors.

Bluestacks Xpack seriously contributes to improving the gameplay, making it incredibly interesting, vivid and delightful.

Bluestacks PikaWorld


PikaWorld is a unique space of game format (virtual). It is here that you can carry out the process of a full-fledged game, with obtaining cards, their exchanges and acquisitions. Previously, all this could be purchased at the BlueStacks Store.

The structure of the World system remains the same. In essence, an improved structure is being formed, through which it will be possible to use the previous functionality and store assortment, only the name has changed.

This service contributes to the creation of new gaming opportunities. Every person who uses Bluestacks to achieve their gaming goals will certainly use the PikaWorld system to provide more advanced features.

The official site clearly defines the instructions for use, and also presents the structure in the form of pictures, through which you can quickly understand all the nuances of using PikaWorld. It remains only to explore and take advantage of the opportunities offered, and get perspectives for a more interesting and exciting game.

What are Bluestacks PikaPoints?


Using your favorite games, you can receive specialized PikaPoints, which can later be used to exchange valuable prizes, purchase premiums, or to receive coupons.

Naturally, regular users have a serious interest in receiving such awards. After all, in fact, the whole structure of the game is changing, it becomes more interesting and incredibly reckless. Since in addition to an exciting pastime, you can also get something valuable.

How to get Pika Points?

  1. When you first enter Bluestacks;
  2. When installing and running new applications (you need to run at least two different applications). Note that if you start the game, but do not play, points will not be awarded;
  3. Play various games immediately after launching the system;
  4. Also, scoring is carried out in case if a Bluestacks installation is made via a personal referral link. It is for this reason that it will be rational to place the active link in various social networks;
  5. Every half hour that you spend in the game, points are awarded.

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.