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Empires & Puzzles Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

EMPIRES & PUZZLES: RPG Quest - one of the few creations of the Finnish company Small Giant. The game can be divided into 3 parts: puzzle 3 in a row, leveling heroes, building a castle and adjacent buildings. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. What are the best heroes?
  2. How to effectively raise the level of the hero?
  3. How to quickly pump castle and buildings?
  4. Passing missions
  5. How to play Empires & Puzzles on PC?
  6. Different secrets of the passage of the game Empires & Puzzles
  7. The tricks of combat
  8. How to raise the level of the troops (detachment)
  9. Alliances and Titans in the game
  10. Negative reviews about the game

What are the best heroes in Empires & Puzzles?

The best heroes are those who hit on one goal.Why the following conclusion was made:

The best heroes of the game.

★★ Freak
★★★ Azar, Nashgar
★★★★ Gormek, Kelale, Scarlet, Guardian Falcon
★★★★★ Mariana, Kagan, Captain Kastel,
★★ Brogan, Jenna, Needler
★★★ Bearden, Ishtach
★★★★ Cadmon, Junga Peters
★★★★★ Lianna, Elkanen, Lady Lock
★★ Rangilda
★★★ Sidogriv, Caril, Valen
★★★★ Grimm, Sonya
★★★★★ Magni, Richard, Thorn, Athena
★★ Nash
★★★ Poison, Dawa, Gan Joo
★★★★ Chao, Jackal Guardian
★★★★★ June, Leonidas, Musashi
★★ Julius, Laila
★★★ Balthazar, Prisca, Renfield, Tairum
★★★★ Tiburtus
★★★★★ Sartana, Obakan, Domitia, Hel, Captain Sargaso, Guardian Panther
Important! In the game every month there are "Testing Events" where you need to put a team of heroes of 3, 4 and 5 stars. Therefore, when getting better old heroes should not be deleted!

How to effectively raise the level of the hero in Empires & Puzzles?

1. The level of the hero is most effective to increase immediately by 10 points, and not 10 times by 1 point. Since the next increase in the cost increases, therefore, increasing once by 10 points at once, you will save a lot of food.

level up

2. Calculations showed that it is most effective to produce "fodder characters" at a low price in the training camp (these are 4 and 11 levels of the camp). The probability of getting a stern hero in both 1 and 2 levels, of the wrong color was taken into account, as well as the cost of production and raising the level of the hero.

camp menu

3. If you eat a lot of food, you can use one of the camps for the production of "Unusual" heroes (this is camp level 2)

camp menu

4. It is better to raise the level of the heroes of the same color, because in this case, the gain in experience is greater. See illustration to item 1.

5. No need to download a hero that you do not use, as well as heroes of level 1 - this is a waste of time and resources.

6. The pumped heroes of 3, 4, 5 stars need to be left, because they will come in handy in the monthly contest.Similarly, you need to leave pumped 2, 3, 4 star troops (troops).

How to quickly pump castle and buildings in Empires & Puzzles

Bleeding in the game "Empire and Puzzles" consists of the development of heroes and the development of the castle. About the development of the characters we talked above. Here we describe the secrets of the development of the castle:

If you have a lot of food and iron and you don’t know where to put it, then first of all improve warehouses, because to build them you need a lot of resources. Extra resources can be spent in the forge, producing combat consumables, or in a recruitment camp.

Passing missions

For the execution of missions in the game "Empire Puzzles" are given gems, hero summoning tokens, and other buns.

mission rewards

However, the process of completing missions contains many tricks:

1. For the speedy completion of missions to kill monsters, you need to go through locations on the map that contains the maximum number (13-15) and requires 3 units of energy to pass. Thus, 8 passes are enough to get a chest. Such levels are presented below, in the format of the Province-Stage: 3-2, 4-1, 5-6, 6-2, 6-4, 6-8, 7-4 . At the level of 7-4 is the maximum number of monsters - 15, so for 7 battles, after spending 21 units of world energy, you complete the mission and get a chest.

2. The mission rollback is 12 hours from the moment it ends ! Therefore, it is necessary to pass it as quickly as possible. To do this, by the beginning of the passage of the mission you need to accumulate a maximum of the corresponding type of energy.

different stages of missions

3. In the mission to defeat the heroes, all fallen heroes of the enemies during raids are counted. If, for example, you lost the battle during a raid on an enemy player, but managed to kill 2 of 5 of his heroes, then you will get 2 points for the mission. In total, to successfully complete the mission, you need to kill 40 heroes.

4. Do not seek to get a lot of cups. If you have a lot of cups, then you in PvP will meet strong opponents, respectively, to fulfill the mission, where you need to defeat 40 enemy heroes will be much more difficult. To quickly reduce the number of cups, put a weak character in the defense squad, run from the battlefield during the raid and during the mission rollback. It is necessary to collect cups only in order to enter a strong alliance, in other cases they will only complicate the game.

5. Missions, where you need to defeat the enemies of certain factions (colors), it is best to go to the following locations:

How to play Empires & Puzzles on PC?

You can download and play Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest on a personal computer in a few simple steps:

  1. Follow the link at the beginning of this article and download the BlueStacks program - it serves to install and run android games on PC. The program is completely in Russian.
  2. Install the program and log in to your Google Play account. Otherwise, your progress will not be saved and you will have to start all over again.
  3. Using the search in the program (top right), we find the game and click the "install" button.
  4. After installation, you will see the game icon not only in the BlueStacks program, but also on the desktop.

The game "Empire and Puzzles" on the PC is different from the game on the smartphone:

full screen

parallel input

Different secrets of the passage of the game Empires & Puzzles

new level


Empires & Puzzles: Cheats and Secrets of the Game

"Empire and puzzles" does not provide for the input of promotional codes. But the developers regularly hold events, promotions and contests among players and subscribers. Promotions are held in the official community of the game: https://www.facebook.com/EmpiresAndPuzzles . One of the rewards can be an individual promotional code, which can be entered directly into the Play Market account.

The tricks of combat in Empires & Puzzles

Victory in battle is achieved both by strikes from three elements assembled in a row, and by strikes of heroes.However, the effectiveness of such strikes may be different:

Enemies have certain colors, which can be determined by the color of the circle under his feet. Therefore, a certain element causes double damage to the enemy, and the other hand, on the contrary, deals half damage. It is schematically depicted in the upper left corner of the battlefield and in the image below using colors and arrows. Blue beats well red, red - green, and green takes 2 times more from blue. But if you hit against the red arrow and hit the blue one, it will cause only half the damage. With yellow and purple, everything is simple: yellow is good against violet and bad against yellow, and violently beats yellow enemies but poorly violet ones in the same way.

interconnection of elements

To save time, use the autoboot feature (top right). However, it is better to conduct a false battle on your own.


You need to learn to think 2-3 steps forward. Try to predict how the field will look after your turn. It is clear that you have no idea what new chips will appear on the field, but you can try to make a 2nd or 3rd combo.


Learn the skills of your characters and use them to the maximum. For example, a skill that beats all enemies is better to use against 2 or more monsters; you should not finish off a monster with a small hero’s health, it is better to save the charge for the next round; use the treatment when you really need it.

Before starting a difficult battle, make sure you have the appropriate combat consumables. Their use can decide the outcome of the battle.


By clicking on the enemy, you can get information about his skills, the effects imposed, and find out the exact state of his health.

information about the enemy

It is better not to beat puzzles to enemies who have magic (with a strip of manna), because this greatly replenishes their manna, therefore, enemies more often use super-blows. In such cases, fold the puzzles so that the blows pass by, in this case the strip of manna of your heroes is replenished much faster, and the blows of your heroes against the enemy do not add his manna.

The placement of heroes is important when defending your castle against the attack of an enemy player. In the center of the system it is better to put the strongest hero, better defender or doctor, because It will have the highest number of hits. Therefore, the hero will often use his super-ability.

information about the enemy

How to raise the level of the troops (detachment) in Empires & Puzzles

Increasing the level of troops carried out in the barracks. Any building other than a warehouse can be converted into a barracks, but the building itself must be at least level 5 and the castle must be at least level 10. As a rule, the forge is transformed into barracks. However, at any time, you can return the old building back, it’s free and takes 10 seconds.

The maximum level of increase in units depends on the level of the barracks and the rarity of the troops. You can raise troops at the expense of other troops of the same color. The maximum level of the barracks is 10.

The cost of building and improving the barracks.

Level Barracks Level Citadels Iron Time
one ten 250,000 10 sec
2 eleven 300,000 1 d. 5 h.
3 12 388,000 1 d. 12 h.
four 13 514,000 1 d. 20 h.
five 14 678,000 2 d. 4 h.

Alliances and Titans in the game

Starting with character development level 4, you can join an alliance or create your own. We do not recommend creating your own alliance in the early stages of the game, because due to the high competition it will be very difficult to unleash it. If you decided to acquire your own alliance, it is better to do this when you gain experience and achieve certain success in the game, because Alliance members look first at the leader.

The main goal of alliances is joint beating of the titan. It is also easier to get the help of experienced players in the alliance chat. Although after reading this article questions should not remain.

1. Do not get stuck in one alliance, unless it is your alliance. After receiving every 200 cups, we recommend you look for a new alliance. Because when reaching the next threshold of 200, 400, 600, etc. Cups will be available to you stronger alliances.

2. To find a more suitable alliance you do not need to leave the current one. To search, just go to the Alliances tab and click the Search button. If the search string is empty, it will display almost all available alliances. However, if you repeatedly press the "Search" button, the results will differ. The list of alliances is ranked by their score, which depends on the amount of its players’ cups and the level of defeated titans. First of all, we recommend paying attention to open alliances, since in closed your invitation may be considered for a very long time. The points of a new alliance should be at least 1.5 times larger than that of the current one, otherwise you risk changing the "awl on soap".

search alliance

After you have found a suitable guild, leave your current alliance, say goodbye to all beforehand and join the new one. It is not recommended to leave the alliance at the time of the battle with the titan, which you can kill, because in case of a change of alliance, the rollback of the mission to kill the titans lasts 12 hours.

3. The reward for the defeated titanium depends on the damage done and your place in the alliance rating. Rating is displayed in the chat after winning.

4. The main reason for which they can be expelled from the alliance is the absence of damage to the titanium.Therefore, if you do not plan to attend the game for several days - warn the leader about this.

5. In the battle with titanium try to get three chips in his weak spot. After hitting, the titan will be stunned and will not attack you.

battle with titan

Negative reviews about the game

After playing a game for a long time, we had a steady desire to remove it. There are several reasons for this (negative reviews):

1. The greed of the developers . Free to get new three, four, and even more five-star heroes is very, very difficult. For free token summoning give basically all sorts of nonsense, the chance of getting a good hero is minimal. In the recruitment camp at level 13, the chance to get a 4-star hero for free is also minimal. This is confirmed by other experienced players.

2. Lack of balance of resources . Initially, the main resources of the game - food and iron are sorely lacking, then there are so many of them that you do not know where to put them. Especially when all the characters pumped, and consumables are made. Iron at high levels also becomes a lot, because buildings are built for a very long time, and you can accelerate the construction, only for crystals (read - real money).

3. Low energy storage. Energy reaches its maximum reserve quickly enough on average in 3-4 hours. Let me remind you that a healthy person’s sleep is 7-8 hours, a working day lasts an average of 8 hours. It often happens that the energy starts to disappear. In other games, the energy reserve is enough for the whole night.

4. Curve rollback of events . Rollback missions begin with the receipt of the award. That is, the beginning of a new event may and often happens at the time when a person is sleeping or working. In good games, there is no such mockery of players, tasks are given there once a day, and you do them during the day at a convenient time.

5. Strange rewards in PvP . There is no incentive to achieve a high PvP rating. The reward is given for defeating weak players. Therefore, it is often necessary to specifically lose, put up in defense of weak heroes in order to lower your rating, and then fight with weak players. It turns out like a roller coaster up and down, up and down.

Of course, the decision to play or not, remains for you, but we recommend you to think three times!

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.