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Era of Celestials Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ERA OF CELESTIALS is a full-fledged MMORPG on your phone. The game was released on the Android platform on August 8, 2018 by the Chinese company GTarcade. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Gift Codes (Promotional Codes)
  2. guide on mage, arrow and war
  3. A Guide to Improving Things
  4. Turning into an Angel
  5. Getting an Elf
  6. Flight
  7. Getting and pumping a riding pet
  8. Workshop Rules
  9. Guild Guide
  10. Pass the Bosses
  11. Passing the Dark Ruins
  12. Full Event Guide
  13. Other Important Game Chips
  14. Councils of the Wise Geek
  15. How to download Era of Celestials on PC?

Era of Celestials: Gift Codes (Promotional Codes)

Where to enter codes in the game Era of Celestials? In order to activate the gift code, you must enter the Bonus menu from the main screen (in the upper right corner is a box with a bow). Then select "Other Awards". In the menu that appears, you should click on the "Exchange" button. Next, you must enter the code data and confirm the action.

Developers reward their players for loyalty to good and valuable gifts. Each promotional code brings a significant increase in gamers’ resources. We have selected fresh promotional codes for you from all possible resources on the Internet.

  1. Q1MYOWHB-38 - 1,000,000 gold.
  2. KAFXQJA9-98 - 500 rubies.
  3. 7PGYVOCY-82 - 100 crystals.
  4. FBFANSGIVEWAY - 1,000,000 gold, 300 rubies, quest scrolls S.
  5. INCREDIBLEJOHN - 10 Bayaran Strength Scrolls, 15 Strength Extract, 2.5X Experience Potion, 15 Base Extract.
  6. RBHY6CFX - 10 platinum keys, 5 diamond keys, 10 dragon flames.
  7. 64J5RYPG - 10 strength extracts, 10 base extracts, 600 rubies.
  8. QDGFTK3J - 800 rubies.
  9. CELESTIALS - 10 Bayaran Strength Scrolls, 15 Strength Extract, 2.5X Experience Potion, 15 Base Extract.
  10. J4Q29PSS - 1,000,000 gold, 300 rubies, task scrolls S.
  11. 77WVJQEKR2UQK6E8SN - 5 basic thanks, 5 extended thanks.
  12. ECdjse32 - 900 crystals.
  13. HC5TGA3O-17 - these symbols make it possible to disable advertising in the game.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Era of Celestials: guide on mage, arrow and war

Warrior. - the only melee class in the game. Since it needs to get close to its target butt for damage, it can yield to ranged classes under certain conditions. (PvP, farm)

Arrows and Mages. - two ranged classes, which gives them some advantages. With relatively equal pumping and approximately equal equipment, no significant differences in the damage \ defect were found.

Specifications. Talking about all the characteristics is meaningless, since in the vast majority of the games currently available they are absolutely the same. We distinguish two important indicators:

Suits For a variety of in-game events and achievements, as well as for donation, there is an opportunity to receive and use costumes. The game has three types of costumes - Effects, Weapons and Armor. The activated suit increases the character’s characteristics, even when not worn.

Separately, I want to note the bonus accrual system for the experience gained by the character. "Level of the World" - the average level of ten characters, who have the highest level to date. If a character has a current level, below the "world level" by more than twenty-five levels, or above one hundred and forty, this character will have a bonus to the experience gained.

Titles There are also Titles in the game. They turn out similarly to Costumes. But unlike costumes, a certain title must not only be activated, but also chosen. Only then will he give an increase in performance.

Artifacts. All game artifacts are divided into four types:

Ranks In addition to improving individual characteristics, they reduce incoming damage in PvP. The higher the rank of the character, the greater the percentage of cutting incoming damage. The limit is twenty percent. To enhance the ranks are used "Medals". They are knocked out from mobs, in the "offline" mode, on the location "Wilderness".

Inventory. The number of available cells is limited. Expansion is possible only for special keys that are not so quickly assembled. And the greater the character level, the greater the number of special keys required to open additional cells.

With the increase in the level of the character becomes available new content, access to new items. They are divided into two categories - items that can be sold to other players and items tied to a character. And naturally they all occupy different slots.

It is also possible to increase the number of cells for "rubies". They also need quite a lot to add the required number of cells. The number of items of the same type, which are folded in one cell - is limited.

Spending "rubies" for additional cells is necessary. Without them, at the 400+ level it will be extremely difficult to play. I also advise you to purchase for "glasses of help" and "fruits of wisdom."They are extremely rare and necessary to improve the riding pet.

Skills. Any character has five skills. All of them with damage to the area. Gold is being spent on increasing their level. You need to download them about the same.

Runes. When the character reaches a particular level, the Run system is opened to him. With their help, improve skills. Any skill is improved by three types of runes. Each of them gives a bonus. The higher the level, the lower the chance of improvement.

Paskovy. After complete completion of the "Angelic Power" task, a certain passivation becomes available to the character.

There are four passive skills in the game:

Gallery. There are three types of "cards":

After passing the tenth floor of the Tower, the character opens the first slot of the "Exhibit Equipment". With the passage of each subsequent ten floors, up to the eightieth, one slot will open.

Era of Celestials: A Guide to Improving Things

In the forge can be improved equipment. Consider a little more detail.

Strengthening (sharpening). The higher the lvl things, the higher the sharpening limit. Also sharpening has a chance of success. If sharpening is not passed, its level does not change. Sharpening is automatically transferred to other things when replacing gear. Each sharpening of things consumes a certain amount of reinforcement stones. They come in three levels - high, medium and low. The higher the level of sharpening, the stronger the gear shines. The effects of the glow of each item are independent. The strength of the glow depends on the level of sharpening.

Inlay. There are stones in the game. The maximum level is ten. They are divided into two types - some are inserted into the armor, others into the weapon. Each item has five cells for stones, but without an infusion of real, only four slots will be available. When stones are inlaid, the cell level rises, and it gives additional bonuses.

Additions. Upon reaching a certain level - the character opens additions. They give the equipment bonus values and raise the percentage of the basic characteristics of things, depending on their type. When crafting add-ons, "luck gems" are spent. The higher the lvl things, the more "gems" you need to improve it. The higher the character’s ulvl, the higher the add-on limit. The highest level is twenty. Beginning with the sixth lvl of improvement, if the attempt fails, the likelihood that the lvl of the supplement will fall is high.

The probability of lowering the lvl supplement:

Sets From the fourth rank of equipment, activation of "sets" becomes available. For this you need "legendary" equipment. Sets are divided into two types - "normal set" and "ideal" (gold). Each of them, in turn, is divided into a "set of protection" and "set of attack."

To activate the "golden set" - the equipment must have an active "simple set". Also, for the "gold set", in addition to ordinary stones, the ideal ones are also used. When 2/4/5 items from the set of armor / attack reach an identical rank, they are assigned the status of "set", and after activation they give bonus characteristics. The higher the level of things, the greater the number of stones required to activate the "set".

The bonus from the "set" is quite difficult to activate. Necessary items drop exclusively from bosses, and in extremely small quantities. You can buy them on the market, but given the amount needed to activate the "set" at higher levels, it turns out quite expensive.

Example : To activate the "simple set" of the seventh grade, you need three hundred simple items to activate each bonus. The minimum price of one item on the market is seven diamonds. If you are already wearing the sixth grade and the first bonus from two things is active, which requires a hundred and fifty stones per item, you will still be lacking in the activation of the full "set". Even if you assume that you have fifty simple stones for each item, you will need to get another hundred stones. It turns out that in order to have a bonus from the whole set, you will need to purchase another five hundred stones, and these are 3,500 thousand diamonds at the lowest price per piece. It is also worth considering that there may be an insufficient amount of these stones on the market. In such cases, sellers greatly increase the price. Up to ten to fifteen diamonds per piece. And the cost of activating the "ideal set" is even more expensive, and it will take even longer to collect the "golden" stones. They are needed by all, and their sale is getting smaller. They fall even less often than bosses from bosses, and their minimum price is twenty-five diamonds. It is for these reasons that it often happens that a character is dressed in a certain set with a fully activated "set", and he cannot put on a collected set of the highest level, because there are not enough stones to activate all the bonuses. Wearing an inactive set does not make sense. A fully activated set below the rank gives a much larger bonus.

Polishing. For polishing rar bonuses on equipment special stones are used. They can be obtained on the territory of "Hunting grounds". Four polishing slots are available for each equipment item. Initially, only one is open, the next ones can be opened by spending a hundred "rubies" for the first and two hundred for the second cell. To open the fourth, you need the eighth lvl VIPa.

Polishing is tied to cell position. To polish something, you must first select the cell with the thing and place a stone for polishing in the slot. After pressing the button, the item will receive certain characteristics. Additional stats are very diverse.

Cells are blocked. If the slot is blocked, more resources will be required to polish the item. However, the type of blocked stat will remain unchanged.

Cleansing To increase or decrease the stats of polishing - cleansing is done. It can be applied to all cells, but only with open stats. Their value does not change immediately after the procedure. If you are not satisfied with the final numbers, you can re-use cleansing and save the stats after the desired result is achieved.

I do not advise you to immediately remove the lock from all cells and stat. You will spend much more materials for this. The effect of cleansing affects all stats and quite often only one of them increases, while reducing the rest. There is also a possibility that polishing will reduce the performance of all add. stat immediately. If you still open all the cells at once, I do not advise you to try to "catch" the promotion on all the articles. It is necessary to choose some one and try to pump it to the maximum. I advise you to do the same with all the other indicators, because after reaching the highest purification, the stats will not decrease anymore.

Alchemy. For the destruction of equipment of low rank is obtained "crystalline". This resource is needed for quenching. For the destruction of the "legendary" equipment you can get the "magic sediment", which is required to learn skills.

Era of Celestials: Turning into an Angel

When the character is completely filled with "scale of anger," he becomes an angel. The game has five types of Angels - three melee and two ranged. Available after completing certain tasks:

All the characteristics that angels receive are added to the main characteristics of the character. To raise the "Angelic rank" requires certain materials.

The required "extracts" are divided into three types, depending on the rank of the angel. After the Angel reaches a certain level, the Angel’s Weapon becomes available to him. All Angels also have weapons, and improvements are also available to him.

Each weapon has four symbols. Improving all the main characteristics, and increasing the level of skills, gives each of them. The limit of the improvement level is directly dependent on the rank of the angel. The larger the lvl mark, the greater the number of pieces of weapons required to improve it.

The characteristics that Angels get after raising their rank are added to the main characteristics, for this reason, in my opinion, you should download all available Angels without exception. But I advise you to give priority to pumping the "Angel of Death" to at least the twelfth level. It will be very useful in some PvP events, and will be very useful when passing through several floors of the Tower of Legends.

Era of Celestials: Getting an Elf

Each character, after he reaches a certain level, is given an Elf. Consider the four main elves.

The characteristics that elves get when they raise their rank are summarized with the characteristics of your character. I advise apat all elves available to you.

Ties elf. After the character has reached a certain level, he will have access to the "Elven Uzes". If you are actively using elves, they are pumped over and increase some characteristics for you. There is also a "Skill", access to which is open when certain conditions are met. It is necessary to use in battle a specific elf, thereby pumping it.

To enhance the Elf required "Fragments". Each improvement improves all characteristics by the N-th number of percents, and also raises the levels of all available Elf skills.

Era of Celestials: Flight

Upon reaching the 250th lvl character is given the opportunity to craft a flight. The flight has five levels. When crafting a flight from first to third level, the system will give you a flight of one of three classes. When crafting from the second level, there is a chance that it will not work.

For crafting a second or higher lvl flight, a previous flight and equipment is required. When using the equip higher lvlva - the probability of failure decreases. For crafting the flight of the fifth lvl, you also need the "Feather of the catalyst". It can be vyfarmit in the raid on the bosses.

Era of Celestials: Getting and pumping a riding pet

The first you give Voronoi horse. In addition to the fact that it has a higher movement speed, the pet also raises your har-ki. The higher the class of your riding pet, the greater the bonus to the characteristics it gives. And on reaching the seventh lvl - your horse turns into a riding wolf.

With some RBs, items for pumping the "animal soul" of your pet are dropping, which gives a bonus to the characteristics. The pets also have skills, when pumping which additional buffs appear and stats increase. To learn pet skills you need to reach a certain level. Also need a book specific skill.

On the eighth and tenth lvle pet become active cells for equipment. They also increase stats, and when opening all cells, they give a bonus. Pet gear is dropped from certain RBs.

Era of Celestials: Workshop Rules

In the workshop a lot can be crafted. Gems, forging materials, pet outfit and other equally useful items. Also here you can craft equip:

  1. Legendary gear can be crafted from the second rank. Craft "mythical" equipment is available from the sixth rank.
  2. Legendary outfit with two stars (red), crafted from three epic (orange) items with three stars of the same rank.
  3. Legendary equipment with three stars (red), crafted from the "legendary" (red) with two stars of the same rank.Equipment class does not matter.

Starting from the fourth rank, the chance for a successful craft of equipment is reduced. If it is not possible to create the item, all the resources spent will be lost. Among other things, the craft is available craft "Divine" equipment and "special" rings.

You can only receive resources for crafting this equipment as a reward from the Guild League for a certain number of victories. So, it will take a lot of time to collect this top gear. Especially when you consider the big competition on the server between guilds. Resources for crafting "special" rings fall from the chests in Treasure Hunt with a very low chance.

Era of Celestials: Guild Guide

Reaching a specific level, the character gets the opportunity to join the gi or create it yourself. If you do not want to create your own gi, I advise you to join the ranks of one of the guilds already created.

The hierarchy is simple. Head gi - Leader. He appoints "officers" - Deputies and Guardians. And, of course, "soldiers", that is, ordinary members. Admission to the gi leads officers. Let’s see what advantages can be obtained, consisting in the guild and using its structure.

Hall. The lvl guild hall is the lvl of the whole guild. The maximum level of all other buildings depends on the lvl of the Hall. The higher the lvl Hall, the greater the number of characters you can take in Guy. The pumping of the Hall raises the number of "officers" gi available for appointment. All guild buildings are also improved there.

Shop. In the gi shop there is an opportunity to buy "Basic extract" and "Basic elvish leaf". These resources are required for the development of Angel and Elf. The more lvl shops, the more diverse the range.

Coffers. The treasury has the opportunity to make contributions in the form of "flags" and / or "rubies". For these contributions, you will receive a "Contribution", and this "Contribution" can then be spent to improve the characteristics of the character in the laboratory.

"Flags" drop from mobs, as well as they can be obtained as a reward for killing bosses. Also, for these contributions, the gi receives "Fund coins." These coins are required for the improvement of all buildings.

If you have your own gi - I advise you to pump the Treasury equally with the Hall. LVL Treasury directly affects the number of donations that players can contribute. The higher the lvl - the more contributions, and the faster the buildings are pumped. And the player receives a greater amount of "Contribution", which is required for improvement in the laboratory.

Laboratory. In the laboratory, the character is available to improve the basic characteristics.

There you have the opportunity to get such bonuses as - increase in the amount of health (oz), attack (atk), accuracy (exact point), evasion, critical hit and stamina. The more labs you have, the more stats you will get.

Initially, I advise you to pump the crit. It will give an increase to the total dps. And in PvP, persistence will be very useful. Then I advise you to increase the amount of health.

Storage. For the exchange of equipment between the characters, you can use the warehouse gi. When a player puts in some kind of equipment in the Vault, instead of it he is given "equipment points". The higher the rank and the more "stars" on the subject, the more "points" are added to the player. When a player withdraws items from the Store, the corresponding number of points is deducted from him.

Storage size is limited. Storage Clearing is available only to the Leader or his Deputies. They recycle unclaimed items. After processing - Fund gi replenished.

Quests. After joining the gi, you become available daily quests that consist of ten points. They are beneficial because, in addition to experience for their implementation, you will receive gold. It will help you develop skills at the beginning of your journey. I want to draw your attention to the fact that, in contrast to the usual tasks, the guild tasks are available for passing offline. The higher the level of quest taken, the more money you get for completing it.

Activity. In this structure, the Head of the gi can set the start time of the gi events - "Guild Feast" and "The Strength of the Dragon Soul".

During the "holiday" event, all members of the club are able to teleport to a special location where they will receive experience and "Contribution" while taking part in the event. For "rubies", the purchase of special items is available to members of the gi. These items increase the total percentage of the experience gained during the event.

During the event "Fortress of the Soul of the Dragon", the gi members are also teleported to a special location.But at this location it is necessary to kill the mobs that are resolved in batches. Ten waves for the whole event.

Your task is to kill all the mobs and zadefat two towers and a statue of a dragon. For killing mobs will drip experience. You will also receive chests containing Basic Extract and Basic Elvish List.

The amount of experience from mobs is approximately identical to the experience that you get in a daily event - "Instance of experience". I will write about it below.

For "rubies" you can buy items that will increase the total percentage of damage to the character. Each of these events is available twice a week. The time of the event is chosen by the Heads. In the chat gi there will be a text notification about the time of the event. But still, I advise you to independently check the time of the event.

League of Guilds. Every Saturday on the server are fights between guilds. They consist of two rounds of fifteen minutes each. The main goal is to capture the enemy’s flags. Those who gain more "flags" by the end of the round, will be declared the winner. The winners of the first round go to the second and fight among themselves.

There are only five Leagues in the game. "S League", "A League", "B League", "C League" and "D League". In each "league" four gi. The Guild, which defeats all its rivals and takes first place in the "S League" - becomes the "League Champion" and receives an award. The leader of this gi gets the "Sapphire Dragon". It is needed to transform a pet.

Also, all members of the winning gi will receive every day, during the week, additional gifts. And, if the gi wins the N-th number of times in a row in the Guild League, its members also receive super-cool prizes from the Head of the gi.

And the Guild, which will be able to interrupt a series of two or more victories of the current "champion", will receive a very cool prize. And the more victories were in the defeated gi series, the steeper the prize.

After you leave the current gi, you can not enter another for five minutes.

Era of Celestials: Pass the Bosses

The boss is the unique, most powerful monster in the location. With bosses you can knock out good things and other useful items (loot, drop). Call these monsters in different ways. For example - raid boss (RB), pit boss (pit), etc. Such monsters are usually killed in a constructive party.

Konsta is a group of players of about the same level, which is related to common goals. They swing together, fight, farm, etc.

Single Bosses

Every day, any character has only two attempts to kill a single boss, in which no one will interfere. Solitary bosses are weak, and die pretty quickly. Easy to farm in solo. Loot from them is quite decent, corresponding to the current character level. There is only one drawback: The cost of each call - ninety "rubies".

Secret Room Bosses

Players who have apun the 200th lvl, I can try to farm bosses "Secret Room". But, if a character’s lvl is one hundred and ninety-nine units above a lvl pit, then it will not take damage.

After killing a pit player or party, who caused him the greatest amount of damage, loot the entire drop. After the first kill of the pit, he will have one "fatigue". When the "fatigue" of the pit reaches three, it will stop taking damage.

After killing a pit, the top 10 characters will receive an additional reward in the mail - experience, equipment, and rar materials. Each character can kill a pit in the "Secret Room" three times a day.

Damage to pita will be canceled in case of:

Since I personally observed such situations, I decided to give a little advice: Do not be worth spending "rubies" on resurrection. If you died under the pit and there is not a single opponent nearby, and you beat the pit in the party - watch the OZ of your consta. In this case, the main thing is that at least one live character be within reach of the pit. In this case, the damage caused will not be reset. And, if you beat the pit in a solo, and the damage arriving from it is too high, you do not have to wait until you die. At ten-fifteen percent of OZ, you can click "Exit instance", and then, quickly, again, go to the pit. If you do this in less than thirty seconds, pit will not retract, and you will continue to beat him. Plus - with each similar re-entry you will again have access to the "Elf skill" and "transformation into an Angel". This will also help you if other players try to take a pit away from you.

Boss Lair

When you reach the third VIPa level, you can enter the Boss’s Lair. But only if the time available on the location is not zero. For "rubies" you can purchase thirty minutes of access to this location. The available access time to this location is reset to zero every day at 5:00 am server hours.

After killing a pit player or party, who caused the maximum damage - collect all the loot that fell from him.

Top 10 characters will receive an additional reward by mail. Each character can receive a reward up to five times a day.

World Bosses

Daily at 11:00, 14:00, 18:00 and 22:00 World bosses appear on the server clock.

Loot with RB receive, as well as with the rest of the bosses, character or party, which caused him maximum damage. After the first kill, he activates one "fatigue". When his level of "fatigue" reaches four - he will stop to pass on damage.

After killing him, the top 10 characters will receive an additional reward by mail.

With RB great opportunity to get a two-star "legendary" thing, and three-star "epic" equipment. In order to raise your chances of getting loot, I advise you to unite with the group. As a rule, top characters start farming with the strongest RB, gradually moving to weaker ones. You can try to "select" RB. This is possible at 500+ levels. And get loot + "rubies" for your guild in the event that you are the party leader. Then you can immediately go to the second RB two hundredth lvl. From this RB there is a chance to get a "feather" on the craft / flight cleaning. Or the first to kill the most powerful RB, having received loot from it by mail, and then go to the second.

Era of Celestials: Passing the Dark Ruins

In the Dark Ruins, killing pits, you can farm "Set Stones". In the process of killing pits and mobs, the character grows "rage." The amount of "rage" that a character receives is directly dependent on the dead mob and boss. As soon as the level of "rage" reaches one hundred units, the character is thrown out of the instance.

Death in this location raises the "rage" by twenty units. Every minute, players who are in the Dark Ruins, receive one unit of "rage."

The price of the primary access to this location is seventy rubies. The purchase price of each subsequent access rises to seventy rubies. The daily available number of visits is three.

I advise you to choose a period for the farm of this location, during which no one will interfere with you. First you can kill three pitas in one go. When you have enough BR (and attacks), you can kill four bosses. I advise you to kill the weakest first. From the first three pitas, get thirty "rage", and from the fourth - thirty-five. And try not to beat the mobs in between kills pitov. Spending on killing each pit for two or three minutes, you will have enough time to kill the fourth.Since when choosing a pit, which you are going to beat, auto mode is enabled - the Elf will automatically attack the mobs that you will meet on the way to the boss. In order for this not to happen - I advise you to switch to the "Queen of the Mermaids". She has less damage and skill she treats, unlike the "Panda". So, she will not be able to kill many mobs along the way. When a character enters the pit zone and starts to beat him, you can switch back to "Panda". This little trick will help to avoid killing mobs, and you will be able to kill four pits in one go, getting a little more "set stones". After the last boss is killed, you have thirty seconds to kill the nearest handful of mobs to get the "universal gems". Do not be worth forgettingthat stones of all classes and species drop from bosses. I advise you to release the inventory for loot in advance. It will be a pity to throw an embossed drop on the location. "Set stones" that are not suitable for your class, then you can sell on the market.

Era of Celestials: Full Event Guide

Inside, game events are updated daily at 5:00 am server hours. After the completion of each of the events, the player receives "Activity Points". For them, an additional reward. In order to get all the rewards - you need one hundred and fifty "activity points".

The game has several types of events. "Daily", "Group", "Time" and other game modes. Let’s look at them all separately.


This group of events includes most of the game dungeons and tasks.

The experience instance is a daily instance for pumping. Without donat you can go to this location twice a day. Subsequent admission to the location is activated from the fifth level of the VIPa. But to enter you will need an "Instance Ticket", which is knocked out of the mobs in the "field".

Mercenary Quest / To complete this task, you need to activate a "mercenary order". This "warrant" has four ranks. The higher the "order" rank, the higher the reward for completing the task. The ability to activate "orders" - eight pieces per server day.

I do not advise making "orders of S rank" all the time. Such "warrants" are required only to receive rewards in a variety of game events. For example, perform eight tasks "S rank" to get points "Treasure of angels." And to increase the experience gained and money, after completing the eight "gold tasks", it will be better to use "green orders" every day. Or "blue" and "purple", which you get in bonuses.

Arena is a place where players can raise their PvP rating by killing other characters.

Each player has the opportunity to throw ten "challenges" daily, having received money and reputation for each "challenge". After you reach a certain position in the ranking, a reward for killing the target will be issued. At 22:00 on the server clock players are rewarded according to the current position in the rating.

Inst Angels and Elves. In order to pass the dungeon and get a reward, you need to kill a certain number of mobs and bosses. To open the "blitz" is required to pass danzh three "stars" (SSS). For such a pass, you will receive a bonus reward.

Warrior guard. After entering the dungeon, mobs begin to disappear "waves" and run to the exit. It is required to kill all mobs before they escape. After that, a new "wave" of mobs will appear. If three mobs run away - the passage will be considered not failed and the character will be thrown out of the location.

Entry to this location is not limited, but after each entry the character will appear on the other side of the mobs. Also, all conversions to an Angel and Elf skills will be reset to zero. This will make passage much more difficult.

It is possible to use the "Blitz" for "rubies" to complete the previous "waves". For the "blitz" character will give "Base stones gain" equal to the number of dead "waves."

For every five killed "waves" character gets extra. awards in the form of "Base stones gain" Titles and Costumes.

Tower of Legends. Going into the tower, the player turns into an angel for the entire period of being there. In order to cause as much damage as possible and pass floors faster, it is better to use the proposed transformation into an Angel, which is indicated on each floor.

For this reason, earlier I advised to rock the Angel of Death. This Angel will be of great help in the high towers of the tower.

The number of entries into the tower is not limited. For killing monsters on each floor, the player will receive experience and sets of cards for the Gallery.

Reaching specific floors, the player will receive an additional. reward for killing a target. Daily reward is given at 22:00 server hours. What kind of remuneration is available to receive depends directly on how many floors have been completed.

Guild Quest and Daily quests. Each player has twenty regular tasks and ten daily tasks.

The goal of each mission is to kill a certain number of mobs in the wilderness location. After completing the task, the character gets experience and money. In order to complete the gi task, you need to join it.

From the third VIPA VIPA, the experience gained for completing the Daily Assignment grows one and a half times.

Hunting bosses. consists of the Secret Room bosses, the Lair of the boss, the Solitary bosses, the World bosses and the bosses of the Dark Ruins. To complete the task and get a chest with equipment as a reward, you need to kill five bosses, or make the maximum damage on five group pits.

In the chest there are twelve pieces of equipment from blue to legendary. And again, I strongly advise you to spend "rubies" to open inventory cells.

Group quests

A bottomless dungeon. To pass the inst, the group needs to kill a certain number of mobs and bosses. For killing each boss, players get equipment and other things. A certain time period is allocated for the killing of each "wave". The quality of the award depends on how quickly you pass the inst.

Tower of infinity. This instance includes eight floors, and is divided into three lvl. "Easy", "Normal" and "Difficult". In order to get rune improvement materials from the first floor to the second and third, you need to earn an "SSS" rating.

If the average BR party is enough to go straight to the final floor, players will receive rewards for the previous seven floors after passing the instance.

Hunting grounds. In order to receive "stones of purification" as a reward, you need to completely clear the instance, killing all the bosses in the allotted time. After the start, players appear in the center of the instance.Bosses are randomly resolved in one of the six rooms and players need to split in order to quickly find all the bosses.

Killing the bosses of each "wave" (the leaders of the "waves", on the third and fifth "waves", appears immediately by two) extends the available time in the instance. Follow the prompts to quickly kill the bosses.

Temporary assignments

Fans of PvP and entertaining events will love these events. Temporary events also include the World Bosses, the Guild League, the Guild Feast, and the Dragon Soul Keep, described above.

Winner of the dragons. Every day from 20:00 to 20:15 on the server clock, the players of the entire server need to get together and kill the "dragon god". PvP in this mode is prohibited, and no one will be able to prevent you from making this pit.

During this event, the experience of the character is calculated online for damage inflicted on pita. Upon reaching the required total damage, the player is rewarded with "Base Stones Gain." The reward for the rating is given based on the total amount of damage done.

If the "dragon god" is defeated in the time allotted for this time, the mass of the equipment and other loot drops from it. Trophies are taken by all who participated in this event. The treasures protected by this boss are auctioned. Top 20 players get the "diamonds" that were spent on the auction, depending on the damage rating.

Crimson match. From Monday to Friday from 20:30 to 20:40 on the server clock passes PvP-event. In this mode, the PC is always on. To pass up the floors of this location, you need to kill other players. If you die, you will be thrown to the floor below. The higher you go, the more points you get for passing it. On the location of all five floors.

Top 10 players of the rating are skipped to the final floor. It is built according to the final points scored during the passage. After the player has scored a certain number of points, he is given "Stones of the soul" to improve the "Artifacts".

Still, at each level, along the edges there are areas where crystals with the "Stones of the Soul" are solved. By collecting them, the player will receive additional. glasses and stones. For the total number of points earned, reward is given for rating. Players of the first rank will receive a unique title "Bloodthirsty God of War."

Duel the best. This event takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 21:00 to 21:30 server hours.Event period is every two weeks. At the end of the event, the awards are sorted by discharges.

Each player has ten battles per day. Search matches are limited time. The player, regardless of the search result receives a reward. But for the victory - the reward is better. For a series of victories, the player gets even more rewards.

After the end of the season, players who received the "Bronze III" and above, will also be awarded the "Medal of Honor", which gives bonuses to the characteristics for a two-week period.

If you are not a "TOP", you can wait for ten minutes, since at the beginning of the event TOP players usually participate. If you have the opportunity to play with two devices, ten to fifteen minutes after the start, when participants become much smaller, you can try to "catch" your twin in order to earn more points.

Lava Expedition. Held on Sundays from 21:00 to 21:20 server hours. Three lvl complexity.

When the event begins, treasure chests and bosses appear in the dungeon. At the start of the event, "exquisite chests" appear, in five minutes "magnificent chests", and in ten minutes the boss himself. Ten minutes are set aside for his murder.

The reward for killing the boss and loot from the chests are divided into all those who participated in the event, at a specific location, the guilds.

The harder the dange, the higher the quality of the reward. Guild Mode is active in the default dungeon. On the second and third levels of complexity, it is forcibly activated, as on the first, the "world mode".

Other game modes

For completing these quests as a reward, the character receives twenty "rubies" and gold. Make sure.

Monster Hunter. To complete this quest, you need to kill three hundred mobs per day.

Master of gains. To receive rewards for this quest, you need to strengthen any thing five times.

On higher lvlah, I do not advise you to spend all the available "stones gain". The higher you level, the more high-ranking "stones" you will need.

Auto mode (offline bot) You have the ability to configure the bot so that after you exit the game, the character himself goes around the designated area and kills the mobs.

To activate this mode, you need a "Basic" (two hours) or "Elevated auto mode card" (five hours).

"Base cards" are available for the daily, and the "Increased card" can be purchased for "rubies".

In the settings of the bot, you can choose - who to beat, what to do with the loot, if the inventory is full, at what level of OZ and OM you can use the banks and within what area the character can move.

Treasure Hunt

Every eight hours, one free attempt to find "treasures" is available to the character.

In addition to the free try, you can use the "silver" and "gold" keys to search. Golden Klch gives you the opportunity to receive items in the amount of x10. Each use of such a key brings a character a hundred "luck points".

With the accumulation of the required number of "luck points", it will be available for opening a chest with "treasure hunt points". This glasses can be used to purchase "special rings" in the treasure hunt store.

When the total amount of "luck points" reaches five thousand, the character will be able to pick up three "treasure chest of luck." After that, the points will be reset to zero.

All things to be found are placed in the search repository. One from there, you can take only items and banks.Equipment is removed all at once.

Popular events

This section holds a variety of time events. For example - go through one dungeon or take part in the murder of one RB. Sometimes temporary events are launched, where you can earn money and buy rar things.

Era of Celestials: Other Important Game Chips

Score. In the in-game store, you can buy banks to restore health and manna. They are in the Potions Shop.Stones of souls for raising the level of artifacts are located in the Arena Shop. Also there you can purchase rare items in the Treasure Hunt Shop.

In the "Help Shop" you will find some items for character development, using "help glasses" to buy. The character gets these points for helping other players in the party fashion dungeon.

In the Limited Store, only characters with the fifth VIPa level and above can shop. The reset of items on sale occurs every Monday at 5:00 am on the server clock.

Bonuses For daily entry into the game character gets a variety of bonuses. Every three, five, seven, fifteen and twenty-eight days the character will receive an additional. prizes in the form of "fragments to enhance the panda" and "emerald pen" to create a flight of the second level.

For reaching certain levels, the character will also receive rewards. Their number is limited, so you should try to get them all. Also, six times a day, you can turn the roulette. The chance to get an item is 100%.

Throughout the day, you can also open the "Golden Chest" for free. It can also be opened for "rubies", and the gold award for such a discovery is increased several times. When a character is online, the recovery rate of attempts is increased by five hundred percent.

Every Monday a chest is available to the character, in which there are a hundred "rubies", two "orders of a mercenary of S grade" and two "potions of experience x1.5". Every day from 19:00 to 22:00 on the server clock you can get a chest with twenty "rubies", three thousand "crystallites" and two "potions of experience x1.5". For "diamonds", there is an opportunity to get extra. experience in the daily angelic prayer. Lv VIPa increases the available number of prayers.

Donat For the first infusion, the character receives a legendary 2-star Phoenix Staff, gain stones, experience potion x2.5, a welcome pack and activation for Mount Horned Raptor.

Each VIPA VIP provides new features and quite a lot of advantages. In addition to a simple infusion of "diamonds", the game has the opportunity to purchase limited gifts with elf fragments or game materials.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the Weekly and Monthly deposits of "diamonds", which will give additional bonuses in the form of "rubies", gold, "soul stones" and "tickets of a single boss". Whether it is worth joining is up to you, but this is quite a profitable offer.

Councils of the Wise Geek

1. I advise you from the beginning of the game to get yourself the fifth lvl VIPa. And, if you have the opportunity, make two accounts on different devices, and be sure to join these characters in one guild. It is not necessary that both characters have VIP. Stop making it based.

2. Twink will help you in the passage of group dungeons and bosses, if the difference in your levels will not be strong. It will help the base to quickly dress in top gear. Wearing a twin in the same gear as you do is not required at all. Also, twin will help you further in the extraction of "set stones". When the market prices for certain types of "stones" will rise several times (for armor, weapons, and "ideal set stones"), you will be able to sell unnecessary "stones" at a reduced price. But this option works better if you have two Persians of different classes, so that both can develop steadily, even if the foundation grows faster.

3. If you have diamonds, I would also advise you to create your own guild and another twin. On one account with a twin or base. It does not matter. And make him Head Guy. This guild can later be used as a warehouse. No matter how much you increase your inventory for "rubies", on high lvlah it will be very beneficial to have your own guild with an additional one hundred and ten cells. There you will be able to throw off equipment for its subsequent use (for example, when you start collecting the seventh + rank, which has a lower chance of crafting).

4. Daily enter the game. Try to complete all the tasks and complete all the dungeons. Go to all RB and time events.These actions will help you not only to quickly swing, but also to dress in top gear. And do not forget to go to the Dark Ruins every day, so that later you will not have problems with the "set stones" and that you have the opportunity to use them as quickly as possible. This will give the character a serious boost to all the important characteristics.

How to download Era of Celestials on PC?

With advanced settings BlueStacks 4 play in the Era of Celestials will be even more convenient. Managing the game from the keyboard is much more convenient than the phone.

Thanks to Swipe and Tilt - it is possible to customize the keys for manipulations, which until now were available exclusively on mobile devices. By default, the slopes on BlueStacks 4 are set to arrows. But you can reassign them to any convenient keys, and when you click on them - the platform will imitate them.

Also, you can use a special skill management button thanks to the MOBA mode. Just drag the selected button and put it on the skill. You will also have the opportunity to send casting skills to a certain point. Just click on the desired skill and move the mouse in the desired direction.

There is a Zoom, which will be very useful in both PvP mode and PvE. It is very convenient to look at the location, with the possibility of a larger overview of the position of opponents. In my opinion, this opportunity provides significant advantages in battle.

For example - you decided to farm the Boss on a location where the PK mode is active. Using zoom, you will be able to observe a large area around the boss and, seeing potential enemies, you will have the opportunity to better prepare for battle. Quick access to the inventory will also greatly facilitate the game, as it will require only pressing one button on the keyboard.

You must admit that not all the items necessary for a comfortable game, there is quick access when playing on the phone. Much remains in the inventory, for the opening of which you need to do a certain amount of manipulation. And playing on the computer through BlueStacks 4, you can open inventory by pressing one key on the keyboard.

You can also customize the call menu, store, events or information about the character. Yes, almost anything! In addition, BlueStacks 4 has the ability to run multiple games at once. If you are in "standby" mode in Era of Celestials, you can play something else by simply opening a new tab. It is also worth noting that not all modern phones have good performance. And on the computer, the game will no longer slow down and freeze.

Plus, you can fully enjoy the graphics of Era of Celestials, thanks to an improved full-screen mode. And the picture on your monitor will be in "Full HD" format. Playing through the computer, you can truly enjoy your time in your favorite game.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.