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Walkthrough Era of Legends: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ERA OF LEGENDS FANTASY MMORPG is an Android role-playing game that was born on March 18, 2019 in the bowels of the international (Russian) company 101XP. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Promotional Codes
  2. Guide to Classes (Heroes)
  3. Guide to the Shaman
  4. Guide to the Witch
  5. Guide to the Mage
  6. Archer Guide
  7. Guide to the Warrior
  8. Guide to Assassin (the Robber)
  9. Priestess Hyde
  10. Hyde on the Druid
  11. Newbie Game Review
  12. What is the best profession?
  13. Guide for Families (Pets)
  14. Lost Treasure, quest completion
  15. Historical Arrow, quest completion
  16. Items and Combat System
  17. Equipment System
  18. Guild and interaction with other players
  19. Wise Geek Tips

Era of Legends: Promotional Codes

How to activate a promotional code? To activate the gift code, you must select the menu "Bright Events" (in the upper right corner of the main screen). Here you need to go to the "Promotional code" section. In the window that opens, enter the code symbols and click on the "Activate" button.

A player who has reached level 11 can receive a gift by a promotional code. A gamer will not be able to get a surprise earlier.

Promotional Codes:

  1. AAAEZgimobccGFwR - the player will receive the title of "Chosen", which gives a certain advantage in the game and slightly increases the combat power of the character.
  2. AAACZHsPQtGtPmgv - given a unique pet mount Night hunter.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes for the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

How to enter a promotional code for pre-registration? After the player registers the account and confirms the e-mail, he will receive a letter with codes that give interesting buns. But many players note a problem when entering a promotional code in the game. After entering the characters, the code is not activated. Activation does not occur because the password system is case sensitive. What does it mean? If you need to enter case-shifting characters, then the code has large and uppercase characters. But in the received letter, the player will see only capital letters.

In order to make out which letters how to write, you need to right-click on the free field of the letter, and select the line "page source code". Here, you should carefully review each line until the characters of the promotional code are found. Here they will be written in case-sensitive manner. This is the way to enter the gift code in the game.

Era of Legends: Guide to Classes (Heroes)

The game has several classes of heroes, on one account you can get only 5 characters. Therefore, the choice of heroes must be thoughtful. The character should benefit not only the player himself, but also the surrounding allies. Many tasks, the destruction of bosses, require the joint creativity of the players. Therefore, it is important to always be in demand. For example, they constantly take a sensible tank to the party (melee fighter, with increased health and defense points), they love fighters with high damage indicators and support.

Era of Legends has 8 character classes, and only 2 of them have melee skills. Each type of heroes (when choosing it) shows the complexity of the game. The most difficult characters to manage are Druid and Assassin.

Each hero has a number of abilities:

  1. Skills are the main abilities of characters, and skills are built on them. In total, each hero has 6 skills.
  2. Engraving is a complement to abilities. There are 3 branches of engraving, each branch belongs to one or another specialty. Engraving complements the basic skills of the characters. Each branch carries 1 skill with its own characteristics.
  3. Specializations - there are 3 for each character. Determine the direction of engraving. For example, the Shaman has a branch of healing and support (his engravings of healing are selected for it), he has a branch of control over the enemy (she has her own engraving).
  4. Talents - open at certain levels, can complement or replenish abilities.
  5. Secret skills - a few more abilities, they open in turn. Used during the battle and perfectly complement the basic skills.

Experience daily activity. Press the button "Daily activity" in the main window of the game, and in the upper right corner you will see the maximum daily experience that your character can collect. The higher the level of the character, the more experience you can get in one day. For example, the screenshot below shows that for the current character level, the maximum daily experience is 49,000. Experience points are awarded for participating in the events of the day, completing daily tasks and reputation tasks, as well as for defeating monsters.

Experience for completing storyline and side quests is not taken into account here. If you have not taken the experience gained during the day, it is transferred to the next day. If you have already reached the daily limit of daily experience, but still continue to participate in daily activity, the experience gained is converted into practice points that can be exchanged for items in the store.

What is the maximum level of the character and how to increase its characteristics? The maximum level of the character is 60. Characteristics depend on your equipment, which can be changed in the Character tab.

Can I customize my character’s skills? Yes. Click the Skills tab to customize your hero’s skills and talents.

How can I change the look of my character? Open the Appearances tab and go to the Outfits tab.

Can I recreate my character? You cannot delete your heroes or reset progress. Use slots for characters wisely. Maximum can have 5 characters on one server.

Era of legends: Guide to the Shaman

Skills and engravings to them

"Thunderclap" - heals allies for a certain time. The effect of treatment can be summarized. If the chosen target is an opponent, then damage will be dealt instead of healing.

  1. "Blessing" - increases the damage from the ability, gives the hero a chance to apply an effect on the target, which will increase the healing of the ally.
  2. "Strengthening" - imposes a shield on the ally, which will reduce incoming damage. Engraving works well on melee fighters.
  3. "Reload" - increases the damage from the ability by an additional 25%, if the character applies 3 effects to 1 target, then the enemy will receive increased magic damage.

"Collapse" - this ability not only deals damage to the enemy, but also resets the cooldown of all abilities.

  1. "Seal" - engraving marks the opponent. If allies attack this target, they will receive a 50% health recovery from the attack.
  2. Silence - Increases damage from the skill by 40%, and stuns the target for 1.5 s.
  3. Thunder Rock - Increases damage from the skill by 60%, plus imposes a negative ability on the enemy of Electric Stream (inflicts gradual damage to the enemy over time).

"Crazy Thunder" - an area of a certain size appears around the target, which deals damage to all enemies that fall into the field of the spell.

  1. "Charging" - if the hero uses this engraving, then instead of damage in the area, he will heal the allies in this area (for a team battle, it is better to choose this engraving).
  2. "Prohibition" - each damage inflicted by area will impose a numb effect on opponents.
  3. Residual Shocks - Increases damage from an ability by 20%. There is a 50% chance that with each damage caused, up to 3 effects of "Electric current" will be superimposed.

"Oscillation" - heals the health of 1 ally, and then jumps to several more goals.

  1. "Ray" - the effect of the treatment will be enhanced by 30%, the chance of a critical response is increased by 20%. The ability is recommended for the same purposes as Blessing.
  2. "Seal of Protection" - imposes a shield on 1 hero, which will grant 30% of vampirism.
  3. Chain of Lightning (will change ability) - Instead of healing his team, the Shaman will deal damage to the enemy.

Totems (only available with the Shaman) and their engraving

"Fire Totem" - after activation, the Shaman leaves a totem on the ground that will deal damage to the enemy in a certain area. If reused, the totem will explode, causing damage to all enemies in the area of effect.

  1. "Supernatural powers" - Will grant a 5% increase in damage to all allies within the range of the Fire Totem.
  2. "Tide" - gives a shield in the area of the totem.
  3. And - deals damage to enemies within the range of the totem while it is active.

"Water Totem" - will heal 1 ally within the radius of the totem. When reused, it will explode and heal all allies in its area of effect.

  1. "Prayer" - as long as the Water totem is in effect, all surrounding friends will recover their health.
  2. "Cleansing" - when reusing the totem of Water, it will remove all negative effects from allies, and accelerate them by 50%.
  3. "Quagmire" - will slow down all opponents in the field of totem work by 30%.

Recommended Talents:

  1. Connoisseur of totems.
  2. Electric repulsion.
  3. Stormy Shield.
  4. The power of thunder.
  5. Electric recharge.
  6. Endless thunder.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
Critical damageHealth points

Era of legends: Guide to the Witch

Skills and engravings to them

"Hellfire" - releases a magic charge over the enemy, causing increased magic damage.

  1. "Torment" - shells several opponents. Duration - 3, 1 s. Superimposed up to 3 times.
  2. "Devilish Fire" - imposes a special effect on the character’s auto-attack: when 3 auto-attacks are applied to 1 enemy each, the enemy will explode and cause damage to surrounding enemies.
  3. "Demon" - invokes a demon, 3 demons can be summoned.

"Curse" - The witch curses his enemy, and he takes gradual magic damage. Duration - 10 s.

  1. "Bloody soul" - vampirism (will replenish your health for causing damage). Duration - 8 s.
  2. "Fire spell" - the hero imposes a burning effect on the opponent. Engraving can be used with other mass damage branch abilities.
  3. "Curse of Institution" - will sacrifice 1 demon, while significantly increasing the damage from the ability.

"Retribution of Evil" - Deals gradual damage to the enemy. Duration - 8 s.

  1. "Cycle" - increases the damage from the ability, gives a chance of imposing burning, after the engraving has finished its duration.
  2. "Elimination" - increases the instant damage from the skill, gives a 30% chance of critical damage.
  3. "Evil Spirit" - sacrifices a demon to increase damage from an ability.

"Summon" - the hero summons a powerful demon into the battle, which inflicts great damage. After a certain time, it is possible to merge with it and turn into its demonic form. In this case, the Witch cannot use her abilities, but she will do tremendous damage.

  1. "Otherworldly Spirit" - after the Merger, the hero deals increased mass damage, uses vampirism.
  2. "Unclean Flame" - increases the mass damage after the Merge, while the Witch gets a 10% chance of critical attack.
  3. "Devil’s Plate" - significantly increases the magic attack and defense. At the Merger, the hero sacrifices his demons. Each sacrifice increases attack, physical and magical defense.

"Hell" - increases mass damage, while the character restores his health, in the amount of 50% of the damage done.

  1. "Dead Souls" - the damage will increase from each negative effect that is imposed on the target. The skill can stack up to 3 times.
  2. "Fire ritual" - if the opponent is on fire, double damage is inflicted on him.
  3. "Demonic dance" - when using "Hell", will call 1 additional demon.

"Area of Darkness" is a standard ability that deals massive massive damage.

  1. "Bite of the Spirit" - engraving will additionally stun opponents within the radius of the ability.
  2. "Fire funnel" - pulls enemies into one point. Drawn opponents take 80% more damage.
  3. "Demonic system" - engraving will sacrifice all demons, but at the same time increased damage will be applied not once, but several. The amount of damage depends on the number of victims.

Recommended Talents:

  1. A continuous series.
  2. The shock of evil.
  3. Nightmare.
  4. Inflammation of the spirit.
  5. Fury of the Demon.
  6. Liberating fire.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
Critical damageHealth points
Breaking through

Era of legends: Guide to the Mage

Skills and engravings to them

"Magic Arrows" - for 1.6 s. weakens opponents and inflicts increased magic damage over the area.

  1. "Ice and fire" - the damage of the skill increases, the burning effect is superimposed on opponents.
  2. "Quick freeze" - increases damage from arrows by 15%, while speed decreases by 30%.
  3. "Burst of energy" - damage from arrows increases, while there is a chance of imposing the effect of "Secret energy".

"Storm" - deals increased damage to the enemy.

  1. "Hell fire" - Increases damage from an ability, while the burning effect is increased by 30%.
  2. Ice Spikes - imposes glaciation on the enemies, which causes them damage.
  3. "Secret Art" - increases the damage from the skill, while consuming less secret energy, which increases damage with each layer.

"Magic spray" - causes increased damage to the area, while removing from the enemies the positive effects of skills.

  1. "Lava" - engraving increases the damage from the skill, plus the chance of dealing critical damage increases.
  2. "Frozen" - spray impose an additional effect of freezing. Duration - 3.5 s.
  3. "Mystical Shell" - the hero fires shells at opponents with 3 shells, while the Secret Energy effect is superimposed on him.

"Mystical Rain" - increased damage in the area. Duration - 3 s.

  1. "Rain of Fire" - engraving increases the damage of the skill, while hurting the enemy, while the damage of opponents is reduced by 8%.
  2. "Avalanche" - increases the damage from the ability, while reducing the speed of the hero.
  3. "Stream" - when dealing damage to an area, the enemies that fall within the radius of the skill have positive effects.

"Supernova" - a fighter deals increased damage to surrounding enemies.

  1. Fire Strike - the damage from the skill increases, while the speed of the mage also increases, the casting effect is applied to the opponents. Duration - 5 s.
  2. Critical Shield - the damage from the skill increases, the targets get frozen, and the hero shields in the amount of 100% of the attack. Plus, the attack speed of opponents is reduced by the duration of the skill.
  3. "Mysterious Spirit" - increases the damage and area of effect of the skill.

"Elemental ball" - the call of the fireball, which deals damage to all enemies that fall under its action.

  1. "Higher Punishment" - increases the chance of critical damage from the skill.
  2. "Freezing" - when a ball hits the enemy, an additional 30% slowdown effect is applied to it.
  3. "Black hole" - the ball attracts opponents.

Recommended Talents:

  1. Trench warfare.
  2. Icy fetters.
  3. The screen of life.
  4. Heat and cold.
  5. Absolute cold.
  6. Combat readiness.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
Critical ChanceDurability
AttackHealth Points

Era of legends: Archer Guide

Skills and engravings to them

"Continuous fire" - knocks back opponents several times, causes increased damage for 2.1 seconds.

  1. "Accuracy" - damage from an ability increases by 15%, and in a third attack by 50%.
  2. "Seal" - the damage from the skill increases, there is a chance of overprinting the enemy (when attacking the same character, the chance of critical damage increases by 10%).
  3. "Mastery" - with each attack, damage is increased by 15%, and when hit, there is a chance to reset the reload of the "Powerful Blow" skill.

"Summon Pet" - the hero summons a strong wild beast, while the animal on the battlefield, the skill "Threat" will work.

  1. "Battle Cry" - the assistant issues a battle cry, which increases his attack power and allied attack power.
  2. "Raging Beast" - if the attack is carried out by a pet, then there is a chance of increasing the owner’s damage by 40%. Duration - 3 s.
  3. "Spirit of the beast" - Archer calls for a more powerful pet, which additionally inherits 15% of the maximum health and strength of the owner.

"Powerful strike" - deals increased damage to 1 target, removes all positive effects from the enemy.

  1. "Spray Poison" - increased damage from the skill, and 1 time will be increased physical damage.
  2. "Shake" - increases damage by 50%, imposes a slowing effect by 50%. Duration - 4 s.
  3. "Soul Tracking" - increases the damage of the skill, attack, the physical and magical protection of the hero is increased by 5%. Duration - 8 s.

Dispersion - Inflicts increased mass damage to enemies.

  1. "Armor Damage" - damage from the ability increases, but physical and magical protection is reduced by 10%.
  2. "High-speed shooting" (changes skill) - 3 arrows are issued in order of 1 opponent, damage is gradually increased. If the enemy has a print effect, then damage will be increased by 30%.
  3. "Crackle" - increases the damage from the skill, when an arrow hits, an explosion occurs, causing damage to the opponents surrounding the target.

Poison Arrows - A fighter repels 1 enemy with poison arrows, which deal damage every 2 seconds. Duration - 10 s.

  1. "Poison Fog" - the effect of the ability increases by 3 times.
  2. "Wyrmtongue" - gives the opportunity of 1 additional attack with "Poison Arrows" with 50% physical damage.
  3. Poison Fan - Reduces the target’s attack by 5%.

"Wild temper" - increases the attack of the hero and the attack of the wild beast by 195 units. Duration - 8 s.

  1. "Hunting" - an additional effect is imposed on the "Wild temper"; during its action, the character’s chance of combination increases by 5%.
  2. "Shadow of the Leopard" - for the duration of the skill, the Archer’s speed increases by 20%, immunity to slow is granted.
  3. "Promotion" - additionally increases the pet’s attack.

Recommended Talents:

  1. Eye of the falcon.
  2. Concentration of mind.
  3. The road of life.
  4. Crazy break.
  5. Artful hunter.
  6. The instinct of the beast.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
AgilityCritical damage
Breaking throughHealth points

Era of legends: Guide to the Warrior

Skills and engravings to them

"Hard hit" - the hero deals several times increased damage, while at the same time his incoming damage is reduced by 10%. Duration - 3 s.

  1. "Armor" - increases the effect of the ability.
  2. "Vanguard" - the damage from the skill increases by 15%, there is a 10% chance of resetting the cooldown of the "Pounce" skill.
  3. "Armor Damage" - increases the damage of the ability, while the opponents have reduced physical damage by 2.5%. Duration - 3 s.

"Pounce" - the fighter deals increased damage to 1 target and stuns the enemy for 2 s.

  1. "Hardness" - damage is increased by 15%, plus the hero receives a shield for 8 moves in the amount of 150% of the warrior’s health.
  2. "Interruption" - increases the damage from the skill, plus the effect of stunning is increased by 1 s.
  3. Wildness - Damage from the skill increases by 60%, and damage from the next ability increases by 50%.

"Grunt" - the hero deals 1 enemy increased damage and several points of physical damage.

  1. "Provocation" - increases damage and forces the enemy to attack himself. Duration - 4 s.
  2. "Fatum" - increases the damage from the ability. At the same time, the enemy reduces vampirism by 50%. Duration - 8 s.
  3. "Furious execution" - increases the damage from the skill. Opponents with health below 25% deal double damage.

"Split" - causes massive damage to surrounding enemies, while receiving immunity to control movement. Duration - 4 s.

  1. "Sea of Blood" - the damage from the skill increases by a certain percentage, while 50% of the damage is returned to the hero by health points.
  2. "Tornado" - increases the damage from the skill, slows the opponent by 30%. Duration - 3 s.
  3. "Broken Bamboo" - damage from an ability increases by 15% while the skill is in effect, with each new hit, damage increases by another 15%.

"Stomp" - deals massive damage to surrounding enemies, slowing them down by 30%.

  1. "Recession" - damage from the ability increases, reduces the enemy’s attack by 5%. Duration - 5 s.
  2. "Anger" - outgoing damage increases, enemies are discarded upon impact. The effect of fear is superimposed on opponents, but the slowdown is reduced.
  3. "Cracks" - increases the damage from the ability, the effect of "Tearing" is applied to opponents (every 1.5 sec. 20% of physical damage is applied) and the chance of critical damage is increased.

"Strong Shield" - increases the physical and magical protection of the hero by 522 units. Duration - 6 s.

  1. "Block" - during the action of the skill, the block is increased by 10%, and the incoming damage is reflected by 10%.
  2. "Defense" - the hero protects the allies at a distance of 30 meters, imposing 50% of the ability on them. Duration - 6 s.
  3. "Rabies" - during the duration of the shield skill, damage is increased by 15%, and the chance of a critical attack is increased.

Recommended Talents:

  1. Reflection of strokes.
  2. The wind of the god of war.
  3. The hardness of the rock.
  4. Dedication.
  5. The ideal wall of shields.
  6. Desperate Resistance.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
Health pointsDurability
BlockHealth points

Era of legends: Guide to Assassin (the Robber)

Skills and engravings to them

"Massacre" - inflicts several attacks on the enemy causing physical damage for 2.6 s. Gives 5 units of energy.

  1. "Persistent Shadow" - increases the damage of the ability. There is a 5% chance to reset Cooldown cooldown.
  2. "Crushing blow" - increases the damage from the ability, while there is a chance of 15% additional physical damage to 100% of the attack.
  3. "Intoxication" - increases the damage from the skill, there is a 25% chance of imposing the effect of severe poisoning on the enemy, which every 25 seconds deals damage in the amount of 25% of the attack. Duration - 6 s.

"Stealth" - Assassin becomes invisible, sneaks up to the enemy and deals damage from the skill "Sudden Blow".

  1. "Devil’s Shadow" - during the action of invisibility, the chance of a critical attack of the next skill gradually increases.
  2. "Heavy Blow" - applies an additional stun effect for 2 sec.
  3. "Poison Killing" - increases the damage from the skill, there is a 25% chance of applying the effect of severe poisoning to the enemy, which every 25 seconds deals damage in the amount of 25% of the attack. Duration - 5 s.

"Strangulation" - consumes all the accumulated energy, every second deals physical damage to the opponent. The duration of a skill depends on the amount of energy available. The maximum run time of the ability is 12 s.

  1. "Twisting" - enhances the effect of the skill by 30%.
  2. "Splitting" - increases the effect of a combination of skills by 10%.
  3. "Toxic blood" - the ability imposes an additional effect that prolongs the effect of poisoning for a maximum of 8s.

"Cross section" - spending all the energy, does huge damage to enemies (damage depends on the amount of energy).

  1. "Weak Point" - increases the damage from the skill, while increasing the chance of a critical attack.
  2. Powerful Raid - Increases damage from the skill, while stunning the enemy for 4 seconds.
  3. "Cruel poison" - increases the damage from the skill, while imposing an additional poisoning effect on the opponent.

"Prick" - Assassin instantly moves to the target, inflicting huge damage on it. Skill gives 20 units of energy.

  1. "Power buildup" - engraving increases the damage of an ability by 35%, and increases the damage of the next skill by 50%.
  2. Devastation - Increases damage from an ability. The hero can attack several opponents at the same time. Incoming damage is reduced by 10%.
  3. "Deadly poison" - increases the damage from the skill, imposes poisoning, which reduces the healing of the opponent by 30%. Duration - 6 s.

"Blade Dance" - causes increased mass damage to opponents, while discarding the positive effects from them. The skill gives 20 units of energy.

  1. "Bloodthirst" (completely changes the ability) - the hero turns into a Ghost and 4 times attacks random enemies around him, receiving 20 units of rage.
  2. "Bonebreaker" - significantly increases the damage from the skill, immobilizes the opponent for 4 s.
  3. "Paralysis" - engraving imposes paralysis on the enemy, which reduces the speed of movement by 30%, and increases the damage from the ability.

Recommended Talents:

  1. Flattening.
  2. Burst of will.
  3. Mimicry.
  4. Detection of weaknesses.
  5. Accurate shot.
  6. Sudden death.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
Critical damageHealth Points

Era of legends: Priestess Hyde

Skills and engravings to them

Consolation - Heals 1 ally for 2.1 s. If the Priestess chooses an adversary, increased magic damage is inflicted on him.

  1. "Protection" - enhances the effect of the ability, with treatment there is a chance to strengthen physical and magical defense by 10%.
  2. "Wash" - enhances the effect of the ability, with the treatment there is a 50% chance to remove the negative effect from the ally.
  3. Black Light - Increases damage from an ability, while the Priestess can be healed.

"Cleansing" - cleans enemies, while doing them increased magic damage, while slowing targets by 40%. Duration - 3 s.

  1. "Illumination" - the ability imposes an additional health effect on surrounding allies in the amount of 50% of damage.
  2. "Astral Cracks" - increases the damage of the ability, mass damage is possible.
  3. "Shadow Heat" - during the duration of the ability, the damage is constantly increased by 40% each time.

"Holy speech" - causes shadows that inflict gradual damage on the enemy. If the target is a comrade, then he is given a shield in the amount of 150% of the target’s attack. Duration - 8 s.

  1. "Protection" - while the shield is in effect, the target, if attacked, will restore health in the amount of 40% of the Priestess’s attack.
  2. "Swift shadow" - while the shield is applied, the speed of the target increases.
  3. Shadow Spray - Increases damage from the skill by 50%.

Irrigation - Heals allies for 3 seconds.

  1. "Mystical Light" - in 1 second of healing increases the effect of the skill by 150%.
  2. "Holy Shield" - enhances the healing effect, incoming damage to the Priestess and targets is reduced by 15%.
  3. "Shadow defeat" - deals magic damage to enemies (the effect of the skill changes).

"Shine of Shadows" - the Priestess intensively heals the members of her squad, while restoring them a large percentage of health. If the target is an adversary, damage equal to healing is inflicted on it.

  1. "Holy Joy" - enhances the healing effect of an ability. Duration - 5 s.
  2. "Shadow fetters" - enhances the effect of the skill, if the enemy is the target, the duration of the ability’s effect is extended by 2 s.
  3. "Assault of Darkness" - the damage from the skill increases, if the opponent’s health is below 25%, double damage is applied to it.

"Sacred Circle" - restores the health of surrounding allies, while doing similar damage to opponents.

  1. "Holy Light" - enhances the effect of treatment by 40%, while energy costs are reduced by 30%.
  2. "Praise" - causes massive lasting damage to the enemy, while simultaneously restoring allies. Duration - 6 s. Skill can be applied while moving.
  3. "Court" - increased damage by 25%. Duration - 5 s.

Recommended Talents:

  1. Unbelievable luck.
  2. Sunday.
  3. Wise keeper.
  4. Spiritual Resonance.
  5. Holy heart.
  6. Holy angel.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
AttackHealth Points
Critical damageStrength
Health Points

Era of legends: Hyde on the Druid

Skills and engravings to them

"Claw strike" - the hero inflicts several blows on the opponent with increased damage for 2.3 s.

  1. "The Bloodthirster" - increases the damage from the skill, after every 3 attacks the hero increases 5% of his health.
  2. "Bleeding" - increases the damage from the skill, imposes the effect of bleeding, which causes gradual damage. Duration - 6 s.
  3. "Moon deity" - increases the damage from the ability, while causing 1.5 seconds of gradual damage to the enemy.

"Giant bear" - the hero turns, the character’s health is significantly increased, physical protection is increased. The hero will use the skills of the beast.

  1. "Iron Mane" - increases the maximum health points of the beast by 10%, reduces incoming damage by 5%. Duration - 3 s.
  2. "Beatings" - the beast deals increased damage over time.
  3. "Protection" - if the Druid is in the form of a man, then all allies receive an increase in strength, agility, intelligence and stamina.

Moon Raven - Summons a raven that strikes a specific area.

  1. "Set" - increases the damage of the skill by 15%, while restoring the health of the Druid 8%.
  2. "Torn wounds" - the raven deals increased damage, superimposing the effect of wounds that cause gradual damage. Duration - 6 s.
  3. "Decrepit" - engraving increases the damage from the skill, reduces the speed and attack of enemies.

"Cyclone" - inflicts massive damage to opponents, knocking them back.

  1. "Hardness" - increases the damage from the ability, after its application increases the chance to block attacks by 20%.
  2. "Muscle Break" - increases the damage from the skill by 50%, increases the speed by 50%.
  3. "Flurry" - increases the damage from the skill, plus imposes numbness on the opponents.

"Master" - healing allies. Duration - 8 s.

  1. "Growl" - if the target is an enemy, then the hero deals increased damage on it, causing the target to attack itself. Duration - 4 s.
  2. "Break" - if the enemy does damage to a target, it can deal additional damage 1 time.
  3. "Recovery" - enhances the healing effect of an ability, if the target is an opponent - it takes away a certain percentage of health.

"Blessing" - increases the companions attack and speed. Duration - 30 s.

  1. "Potential" - increases the effect of the ability.
  2. "Terrible Roar" - increases the damage from the skill, imposes confusion for 2 s.
  3. "Grace" - increases the level of attack of the Druid, plus increases the chance of critical damage.

Recommended Talents:

  1. Frontal attack.
  2. Power of nature.
  3. Cruelty.
  4. Rivers of blood.
  5. Lunar fetters.
  6. Child of the forest.

List of stones to be inserted into the character’s clothes:

If you pump on the attackIf you pump for protection
Health PointsHealth Points
Physical protectionPower

Era of Legends: Newbie Game Review

Era of Legends is a classic MMORPG: you need to select the main character, pump it, and run through locations, while not forgetting to destroy monsters and opponents. There will be guilds in the game - these are player’s companions, you can also collect several players in 1 squad (party) at the beginning of each battle and swing together.

Character Options

In Era of Legends, the parameters are different from the parameters in other games. Here, before interacting with the characteristics, you must see the description of the characteristic.

The main characteristics of the characters:

  1. Strength - slightly affects the block parameter.
  2. Dexterity - slightly affects the critical strike parameter.
  3. Intelligence - affects the attack parameter, slightly affects the parameters of critical damage and accuracy.
  4. Persistence - affects the number of health points, the speed of its recovery. It also slightly affects the block parameters and strength.

How to change and supplement the characteristics:

  1. In the Workshop, through "Hardening" you can transfer statistics from one thing to another.
  2. Insert stones and enchant objects.

Game Resources:

  1. Gold - given for quests, you can buy for real money. Experienced players are advised to spend gold only on bait or making cool items.
  2. Runes - bought for real money, you can buy chests with bonuses, rare things you need. Basically, silver and good things from the store are bought for runes. It is not recommended to spend runes on a suit.
  3. Silver - given for daily quests, after the battle, drops out of the chests on the map. Silver needs to be spent only on buying and improving stones.

Character clothes

Each hero can buy or make clothes. The big plus of the game is that additional properties of the old thing can be transferred to a new thing of a higher level. Items in the game:

  1. Ordinary.
  2. Greens.
  3. Blue.
  4. Violet.
  5. Legendary.

Each item can be improved, which increases the Combat Power (BM) of the character. For improvement, stones are used. The stones themselves can also increase the characteristics. Stones can be combined. You should not be afraid to improve any clothes and weapons, because stones can also be carried. Weapons in the game improve in the same way as clothes. Stones can be transferred to the Workshop, in the "Hardening" tab. The stones in the game are not tied to objects, but to characters.

Try not to put unnecessary stones, you do not need to sharpen the entire gear with stones for physical or magical protection. Stones for each hero must be balanced, increasing and improving its basic parameters.

What is the best profession in Era of Legends?

A player on 1 account can choose 1 profession, with which he will be able to earn money, receive rare items. There are 4 professions in the game. Each of them is unique in its own way and will be relevant at all stages of the game. Things made thanks to the profession can be left to yourself or sold at auction. By class, professions are not distributed, you can choose any one that a player personally likes.

Things are made easily, all the necessary ingredients can be bought at the store, or obtained on the cards. Some materials can be purchased at auction. As soon as a player pumps 100 points (out of 100) of skill, one can begin to pump 2 level of craft. The better the profession is pumped, the better things the player will make.

The collection and production of energy is spent. It can be received in gifts of events and in gifts of friends. Goods made using the craft can be sold at the Auction and bought in the "Shop - Crafts" section.

How to get the ingredients? You must select the ingredient that is needed to create the item. A dialog box appears where full information about the reagent will be given. To the right of the window there is a magnifying glass, if you click on it, the player will move to the place of collection of the resource. Also in the description there is information about where the ingredient is extracted.

If suddenly a player wants to change his profession, then this can be done at any time. 1 change does not impose transition fines on the gamer. Upon transition, the skill level is reset.

Leatherworking. This profession allows the player to craft (craft) the following things:

  1. Hats.
  2. Shoulders.
  3. Chest armor.
  4. Belts.
  5. Drums (the most popular additional items in the game to increase BM).

All manufactured items sell well at auction. Drums are in great demand.

Forging. This craft is studied at the Forge in a home location. As soon as the player is trained, then 1 level of forging will be available to him. The following items can be made:

  1. Weapons.
  2. Bracelets.
  3. Amulets.
  4. Rings.
  5. The keys.

Using the keys, you can open the chests, which are located on the cards. There are silver and gold chests; blue and purple keys are made for them, respectively. Chests give interesting and necessary things. Therefore, the keys diverge well at auction. Excellent at auction weapons are sold.

Sewing. The coolest profession to start the game, because you can make bags for inventory. With increased skill levels, bags will improve. The difference between the bags is the number of cells where you can put the item. This profession gives the player the opportunity to sew:

  1. Boots.
  2. Bracers.
  3. Boots.
  4. Trousers.
  5. Bags.
Sewing will be relevant at all stages of the game. Most often, bags are bought.

Alchemy. The most interesting craft. It makes it possible to produce a variety of elixirs, which will give for 1 hour an improvement in the characteristics of the character. For example, increasing by a certain percentage of the level of health, damage, chance of critical attack. Over time, you can completely hang in cans.

Some ingredients are expensive, but they pay off very well. Elixirs can be sold at auction.

All secret skills, starting with the third, are tied to the evolutionary functionality. The third skill becomes available immediately after activation, and the subsequent ones after increasing the level of evolution of your weapon. To activate evolution, you must go through the story quest "Wanted", which opens at level 35. He will open a whole chain of tasks, after passing through which a new function will become available in the "Workshop - Evolution" tab.

Evolutionary weapons have their own parameters, which can be increased by loading the weapon. For charging, use the Tincture of Clarity. Charging is not always successful, but materials are consumed in any case. Runic parameters accumulate and act even if the character changes weapons. When all runic parameters have reached a maximum, evolution can be carried out. After that, a new weapon is activated, and the character receives a new secret skill. Weapons of evolution can be worn on the character. To do this, select it in the "Appearance - Weapons" section.

Guide for Families (Pets)

What is a familiar system? The familiar system is one of the important elements of development in the game. It is available from level 24. character. Each familiar is endowed with a unique and attractive appearance, but besides this, they can participate in a variety of game processes.

Types of familiar. There are 4 types of familiars in the game, divided by specialization: attack, physical defense, magic defense and health. Families are also divided in quality into orange, violet, blue and green, while orange is the strongest. Families have various basic parameters and growth abilities, as well as their own skills, the effects of which are added to the effects of your character’s skills. Up to 4 familiars can be included in the system at the same time, but remember that their active skills only work when the squad leader is on the battlefield and follows you.

Pets give a tangible bonus to the main characteristics of the character. They increase not only combat power, but also help to fight with the enemy. Pets are pumped with food that you can buy or collect on the cards. Pets are divided into several types:

  1. Greens.
  2. Blue.
  3. Violet.
  4. Legendary.

How to get pets:

  1. Buy at the store. But they just do not sell. It is necessary for real money to purchase the "Gift of the Familiar", from which the pet will drop out. A very small chance that the player will come across a legendary animal.
  2. Catch a trap. Every day the player is given a certain amount of bait, on which you can catch the animal.

How to catch a pet? In the Friendship Shop you can buy traps for which familiars are caught. The trap automatically goes into inventory. After selecting a trap, click on it. In the window that appears, click on the "Catch" button. The hero is transported to the place of fishing. Here you need to select a plant in the form of a fungus, click on it. The Auto Trap button will appear. Even a green trap has a good chance of catching a pet.

Where to get eggs of familiars? Familiar eggs can be bought at the store or obtained on Familiar Island using traps. Depending on the quality of the egg, with a varying degree of probability a whole familiar can hatch from it.

You can select up to 4 main familiars, put them in defense. There will be 1 active leader. The leader has an active skill, each pet has its own. He will use it during the fight.

How to remove a pet? Unnecessary familiars can be disassembled. In the menu of pets (pets) there is a tab "Analysis". Once inside it, select the animal, then click "Parse". For the analysis, objects necessary for the development of pets are given.

How to pump a pet? In the pet menu on the main tab there is a button "Feed" (there will be that animal that is highlighted in the window). Feed that feeds the pet automatically pops up. That is exactly what familiars in the game pumped. If the animal becomes unnecessary, you can click on the "Rebirth" button and all the resources spent on it can be returned to the player. Therefore, one should not be afraid to pump blue or green familiars.

It should be remembered that pets do not swing above the level of the hero. In this case, the animal can raise stardom. This is done in the Awakening tab. The first star can be taken at level 30 of the pet.

Level Up Familiar

The initial level of the familiar is 1st. To increase it, you need to feed your new pet. Each level increase will improve the basic parameters of the familiar, but remember that its level cannot exceed the level of your character. The main sources of food in the game: fortresses, traps and analysis of unnecessary familiars.

The initial star level of familiars is zero. It can be increased by spending special materials up to 5 stars. Raising the star’s star level is limited to the usual level. In the process of increasing sound. level points of the constellation are gradually ignited. As soon as the entire constellation is fully ignited, the star level immediately rises by 1 point, and with it the basic parameters of your familiar.

Awakening improves the base ability of the familiar, but remember that the ability cannot be developed above its maximum level. After awakening, the familiar also has a new random ability, but the stellar and ordinary levels remain the same. Therefore, to fully reveal the potential of your pet, we recommend not only raising the normal and stellar levels, but also regularly perform awakening.

As you can see, the education of a devoted and powerful familiar is a process that requires patience, but at the same time it can significantly increase the chances of your character in battle. By opening the "Directory" tab in the familiar window, you will see all available pets sorted by class. There are so many, just awesome! Rather, go to the Island of Familiar and make yourself a new friend!

Families Stars

Pumping Stars is a great way to increase your combat power. This feature becomes available upon reaching level 40. Thanks to her, you can activate several passive skills at once.

Skills are divided into several categories: Strengthening, Tactics, Survival, Plaque, Ingenuity and Grace. The use of Stars depends on the Star level of familiars. Stellar power rises when green and blue familiars reach 2 stars, and purple and orange familiars reach 1 star. Do not forget to check the conditions for raising the Stars in the corresponding tab!

How to get Stars skills? Skills can be synthesized from Scrapbooks of skills books. To create one random skill, 10 scraps are required. You can also synthesize 14 Skillbook Scraps into one rare skill during the "Swap Skillbook Exchanges" event (located in the Highlights tab).

Where can I get scraps of skill books? Complete the tasks of the Fortress. You can purchase a Casket with fragments of a skill book in the Store: inside you will find a scrap of a skill book x1 and a Chest with a skill book as a gift:

Scraps of the book can also be obtained during special events. Do not forget to develop your familiar, and they will become effective assistants during your adventures!

Era of Legends: Lost Treasure, quest completion

All quests in the game are performed automatically, but some of them must be done independently. They do not appear on the map, so finding places where a particular goal is located takes a very long time. These quests include the Lost Treasure. In the process of completing story quests at the Golden Steppe location or completing reputation tasks on this map, the player will receive a letter. It will contain a description of the treasure and the reason for its search. You should read the letter and "accept" the task.

1 part of the treasure. If you do not know where the treasure is located, then you will have to run for a very long time. Therefore, experienced players shared with beginners the location of parts of the lost treasure. On the map, a white arrow shows where the first fragments of the task are located. Having reached the place, the player will be able to see the pink - red petals (this is 1 part of the treasure). They should be clicked on, enter into dialogue with Faus, get 20,000 silver, and then run for 2 of the treasures.

Part 2 of the treasure is located at the crossroads near the Instance (portal) "Dead Hillfort". Upon arrival, the fragments will be located just to the left of the portal. To complete the mission you need to talk to the fragments by clicking on it. At the conclusion of the dialogue, the player will be asked to pick up 20,000 silver, "Ancient Treasure Chest" and complete the quest.

Era of Legends: Historical Arrow, quest completion

This is one of the quests that must be completed independently, that is, the player himself for a long time and gently searches for the necessary ingredients to complete the mission. The "historical stele" is taken at the location of the Forest of the Sand Empire. You need to take it from a stone stele on the river bank near the fort. The stela is marked with a purple exclamation mark. After talking with the stone, you should find 2 piece of the stele.

1 part of the stele is marked with a white arrow on the location map, and the blue arrow indicates the place where this mission is taken. You should click on the desired location on the map, and the hero will rush off on his way to a meeting with 1 part of the task (the stele is marked with a blue question mark). Upon arrival at the place, you need to talk to the stone, pick up 20,000 silver, and run in search of 2 parts of the stele.

Part 2 of the stele is located under the bridge on the south bank of the river. This bridge connects 2 banks of the river, which in the center divides the map. The stele is located just under the bridge. Having found a stele with a yellow question mark, you need to talk to the obelisk again, get a bonus, and rush off in search of 3 parts.

Part 3 of the stele is between the cape and the island in the lower left corner of the map. The player needs to find the stella, talk to her, and get the treasured bun. Immediately after the conversation, the hero will automatically run to report to the bishop for the task. Do not disturb him - let him run. After the bishop’s monologue, the player receives 2,000 gold and epic bracers of the wonderful 21st level put. Therefore, this task is useful to the player level 19 - 20.

Era of Legends: Items and Combat System

Auction. At the Auction, players can sell resources, items and trophies for gold, silver and runes. You can view product categories in the "Shop" tab.

For identical products, the total quantity is shown. First you buy goods at the lowest price, gradually moving to more expensive lots. For products with the same price, those that were put up for sale first are shown first. Only equipment for its class is shown and is sold individually. Other types of items are sold in batches.

The market is closed from 02:00 to 05:00. At a guild auction, you can buy and sell rewards for the siege of guilds and trophies from world bosses. When a guild receives a captured item, it automatically appears at auction. The guild auction is held from 20:00 to 23:59. You can buy items for the runes. The proceeds after deducting a commission of 9% are equally divided between the players who participated in the murder of the world boss. If the item has not been sold, its base value is converted into deposit points and divided among the players equally, and the item is sent to the World Auction.

To put items for sale, select the necessary items in the "My shop" window. The price of an item can be changed within 50%, both up and down. A commission of 1% of the selling price is charged for putting the goods up for auction, and after a successful sale, a tax of 9% is additionally charged.

Why can’t I use some items? Some items have their own requirements, for example, to the class or level of the character.

Where can I buy game items? Many of the items can be purchased at the game store.

What is the difference between PvP and PvE? In PvP battles, your opponents will be live players, while in PvE battles - monsters.

How do I use skills? Click on the skill button to use it.

Instances. In Era of Legends, you can test your strengths in various PvE instances where you have to defeat powerful bosses. The higher the level of the character, the more instances available to him.

Instances are divided into ordinary and elite. On the day, the player has access to one attempt to enter a regular instance and two attempts to enter an elite instance with a reward. To get rewards for completing additional dungeons, you can use the Scrolls of the regular and elite instance (purchased at the Store). In normal instances, you can get blue equipment, and in elite ones - purple.

In the tab of each instance, you can see the description and special abilities of each boss, the recommended level and combat power of the character, as well as instance trophies.

You can enter the dungeon as part of a detachment of 3 to 5 people. You can assemble a squad manually or using the auto-selection of players.

Is there an autoboy in the game? Yes. If autoboy mode is on, your character will use the skills himself while completing tasks. You can configure the mode in the Auto tab.

What can I get after killing bosses? You can get rare rewards and new equipment.

Are there any guild wars? Yes, they are available in the Guild Wars tab.

Does the game have PvP events? Yes, they are available in the Campaign tab.

Fortress Quests

You can send your companions to complete fortress missions while completing story quests or participating in battles. After completing the mission by satellite, you will receive valuable resources, as well as a chance to get an additional reward.

For each task, the required race and class of satellites are indicated, as well as the number of satellites necessary for accepting the task.

Tasks vary in quality: white, green, blue, purple and orange. The higher the quality of the task, the more generous the reward for it and the more satellites will be needed to complete it. In addition, you have a chance to receive a special award if you have correctly selected the race and class of companions. Companions can be purchased at the Reputation Store for reputation points, and also obtained during adventures. Reputation Points are earned while completing Reputation Quests in Daily Quests.

You can update the fortress quest using the Fortress or Rune Update Scroll if you do not have the item you need. After the task is completed, a new one automatically appears in its place, in this case objects and runes are not consumed.

Battle with world and elite bosses

World and Elite Bosses - A time-limited PvE team event. Units take part in battles with elite bosses, whole guilds participate in battles with world bosses.

Event "Elite Bosses". Available from level 20 character, it is carried out 4 times a day: from 11:00 to 11:30, from 15:00 to 15:30, from 18:00 to 18:30 and from 23:00 to 23:30. The number of daily attempts to participate in an event with a reward is limited. To receive a reward, it is enough to participate in the event 5 times during the day, regardless of the time of the event. Thus, you can choose a convenient time to participate in the event.

Elite boss trophies include purple gear (except cloaks, outfits, and badges) and craft materials. Elite bosses are most conveniently fought in a squad of 5 players. Elite bosses appear on the map several times a day. Rather, create a squad and fight with the bosses with your friends!

Event "World bosses". Available from level 28 character. It is held daily from 20:00 to 20:30. During this period, 1 world boss will appear on the map. It is best to fight with him at once with a whole guild. Trophies are distributed through a guild auction. Unfortunately, if the guild did not have a single daily attempt to participate in World Bosses, then it does not receive any reward for the battle with the boss. During the event, it’s enough to open any list of evil world bosses, and upon its completion you will receive a reward for participating in the mail.

Trophies of world bosses: epic raincoats, outfits, badges and various gems. World bosses have a Guild badge immediately after their name. World bosses are more difficult to defeat than elite ones: the guild officer must correctly distribute the combat functions between the members of the squad, and only if the soldiers act together, the squad can defeat the boss and get valuable rewards.

Era of Legends: Equipment System

Concept. The equipment system is an important component of the combat system and many game processes. Equipment of different classes and levels affects the characteristics of the characters and their appearance.

Classes and elements. In total, the game has 5 classes of equipment: white, green, blue, purple and orange. White is the base class available to the character initially, and orange is the highest, giving maximum bonuses to the characteristics of the hero.

The following elements of equipment are distinguished in the game: weapons, helmets, shoulder pads, necklaces, jewelry, armor, belts, bracers, greaves, gloves, shoes, rings and 3 types of items made in the guild: raincoats, badges and uniforms; total - 15 types of equipment. The sooner you become part of some friendly guild, the more you will have the opportunity to update your wardrobe.

Equipment Parameters. Types of equipment parameters: basic, random, spell parameters, inserts and bonuses from equipment sets. The basic parameters of equipment are usually indicated in its description: this is the name, elemental element, requirements for the level and class of the character, status of binding, strength, etc. With the help of tempering in the Workshop, you can replace random equipment parameters with the ones that match your style of play. Enchantment options are classified as acquired, they depend on the type of enchantment scroll used.

Equipment can have no more than one enchantment parameter, but when enchanted multiple times, their effects can overlap previous ones. Note that all spell options are temporary. Insert parameters are activated when magic gems are inserted into special slots on equipment. The type of effect depends on the particular gem used. Set parameters are activated when you put on a character a certain number of items of equipment from the same set (set).

Parameter transfer. Using the quenching function, you can transfer parameters from one equipment to another. As soon as you get the right number of random equipment parameters of a certain class, he will further increase the basic parameters, and if we are talking about weapons, then his appearance may also change. Click "Workshop" in the main window and open the "Enchantment" tab on the left side of the interface. On the left side of the menu that opens, you will see a list of equipment worn on the character, and on the right - enchantment effects. Each enchantment scroll gives a corresponding time parameter for the selected item of equipment.

How to get equipment? The main ways to obtain equipment in the game: a reward for tasks, instances, the use of craft skills, a purchase in a store, a loss of rewards from chests. 5-player instances are already available at the initial stages of the game: from level 10 opens the instance of the "Cave of Weeping", where you can get greaves, belts and blue class jewelry. As your character’s level grows, more and more instances open, both normal (for the most part with blue class equipment) and elite (with purple class equipment).

It is also recommended that you join the guild as soon as possible, because as soon as it reaches the desired level, you can make 3 new items: a cloak, badge and uniform. In the current version of the game, 2 guild instances are available: level 30 and 40. They can get equipment of the highest class - orange. Such a chance must not be missed! The following craft skills are also available in the game: alchemy, forging, sewing, and leatherworking.

With the help of alchemy, you can brew potions, elixirs (including for conversion) and potions. With the help of forging you can get weapons, jewelry, necklaces and rings. Using stitching, you can get gloves, bracers, shoes, greaves and backpacks that increase the capacity of your character’s inventory. With leatherworking, helmets, shoulders, belts, and bibs can be obtained. In addition, there is always a chance to find equipment and other items in chests on the map, but a limited number of attempts to open chests are given per day.

Insert. Gems can be inserted into equipment - this will significantly increase combat power and give additional bonuses to equipment parameters. After insertion, the gem is tied to the equipment position, that is, the parameters of the gems do not change when replacing the equipment.

When the conditions for the level and number of all inserted gems are met, the insert bonus is automatically launched. It gives an additional increase in parameters.

The level and number of gems to insert depends on the level and quality of equipment. Only gems of a certain color can be inserted into specific cells on equipment. Red, blue and yellow gems can be bought at the Store for silver, found on a treasure map or caught during fishing, as well as obtained during events. Multicolored gems can be purchased at the Gold Auction, found on a treasure map, or received as an Arena Rating Award.

Enchantment With the help of a spell, temporary effects can be applied to the equipment, which will give bonuses to the parameters for 7 days. Spells can be found in the "Workshop" tab.

No more than one type of enchantment can be cast on equipment at one time. When enchanting equipment that has already been enchanted, the new effect overlaps the old. When replacing equipment, the spell parameters do not disappear. For enchantment, special materials are used: enchantment powder, various stones, essences, etc. If you lack one or another material, click on its icon to find out where it can be obtained.

Quenching. To increase the parameters of your equipment, you need to temper it. Click the Workshop - Hardening tab. For hardening, equipment of the same type is used. You can transfer parameters from them to the current equipment. Only equipment with random parameters can be tempered. As a material for hardening, you can use only equipment whose level is lower than that of the current one.

The number of random parameters during hardening depends on the equipment level. The maximum number is 4 parameters. If the number of parameters reaches its maximum, you can replace one of the parameters with a new one. The old parameter disappears. You cannot transfer a parameter of the same type that the target equipment already has if its rate is lower than that of the target.

Era of Legends: Guild and interaction with other players

You can join a guild from level 10. To join a guild, open the Guild tab. You can join any available guild by clicking on "Membership Request".

You can automatically join the guild that the game will select for you, select a guild from the list of existing ones and submit an application to it, or create your own guild. After joining a guild, its full functionality will be revealed to you: the opportunity to participate in guild events, passing raid dungeons with guild guilds, craft equipment in a separate workshop and buying goods in the Guild Store. Available events can be found in the main guild hall.

The guild can simultaneously have up to 3 deputy leaders, 1 mascot, 20 officers and 30 elite members. Members with a higher post can manage a lower level. The maximum number of participants increases with the level of the guild. Guild instances are designed for 10 people. Every week, each player receives trophies from the bosses of the group instance once, the player has three attempts to enter the instance, the total number of attempts to get trophy awards from bosses per week is 10 attempts per player.

Attempts are updated every Friday at 4:00 server time. The guild can compete for territory. During the siege of guilds, participants declare war on each other and fight on a special map. Each guild can occupy only one part of the territory. The head of the guild that captured the holy city of Dragondar becomes Lord Dragondar.

How can I create a guild? Click the Guild tab. Click the Create Guild button. Enter a name and description for your guild. The fee for its creation is 450,000 silver.

How can I leave the guild? Click the Guild tab. Open the membership list and click "Exit Guild." After exiting, you will not be able to join another guild for some time.

Can I send private messages? Select a player from your friends list or click on the player icon in the chat and click "Submit".

How can I play with other people? Click the Squad tab in the upper left corner of the screen and select Create Squad.

How can I join another squad? Click the "Squad" tab in the upper left corner of the screen and select the squad you want to join.

How can I add someone to my friends list? Click on a player and select "Add Friend."

Wise Geek Tips

Era of legends: how to remove a character: on the official website of the game, the developers explained that it is impossible to delete a character or to reset pumping. Therefore, slots for heroes must be used wisely. You can have a maximum of 5 champions on 1 server.

Era of legends: how to raise BM? BM is the combat power of a character. There are several ways to increase the hero’s power:

  1. Raising the level of the hero.
  2. Clothing. It can be bought at the store and at auction, made. Often things drop from monsters and bosses in the Dungeons.
  3. Making and upgrading items and weapons.
  4. Improving skills, opening talents.
  5. Raising pets.

Era of legends: how to restore vigor? Vigor is given for daily activity, drops out of chests, friends can also increase player vigor (1 friend - 1 vigor). Vigor is necessary for work in the Craft workshop (Craft).

Era of legends: how to transfer an item? The game has Mail, with which you can transfer items to friends. To transfer, you must enter Mail, select the "Write a letter" item, in the window that opens, select the addressee. Then you should pick up an item for transmission. Here you can write a message to the recipient. The player can send resources, items, elixirs.

How to put auto-attack in Era of legends? In order to enable auto-attack mode, you must enter the account settings, select the "Auto" tab. It should be noted here that the player agrees to use automatic combat. When the "Autoattacks" mode is on, the hero independently (without the participation of the player) use abilities during the fight.

Era of legends: why can’t I swing further? The game has limitations on the daily experience that the player can get during the day. Therefore, it is recommended to perform various secondary quests, and then the main ones. Even if the player has reached the maximum daily amount of experience, then for the main tasks he will still receive experience. If a player reaches the limit of experience, then all the experience that he will earn beyond the norm is converted to experience points. They can be exchanged in the store for the necessary things.

Era of legends: how to see the beginning of events? You can watch the appearance of events in the "Daily" menu (in the upper right corner of the main screen). Then you should go to the tab "Records for the week." Here is a schedule of the start of daily competitions and the time of their holding. Many tasks are performed as part of a detachment (party) of 10 people. 5 bosses must be destroyed in 1 hour.

Era of legends: how to make weapons glow? In the "Workshop" menu in the lower right corner of the screen there is a "Spell" tab. Here you can enchant weapons. Each type of witchcraft has its own ingredients. By clicking on the recipe you can see where to get the desired component. There are things that are going to locations. By clicking on a thing, the hero is automatically transferred to the place of collection of the ingredient. Enchantment gives a significant plus to the characteristics of the character.

Article author: Evgenia G.