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ERRANT: HUNTER’S SOUL is an Android game with a release date of 12/28/2018 from Longcheng Ltd. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. Weapon Guide
  3. Hunting Souls (Divine Essences) Overview
  4. Walkthrough of Giant Hippopotamuses
  5. Walkthrough of alien species of hippos
  6. Dragons Walkthrough

Errant Hunter’s Soul: A beginner’s guide

Errant Hunter’s Soul is an MMORPG from the Chinese company Longcheng. This is a strategy in which you need to pump your hero and increase his combat power. An open world game with interesting game mechanics. Almost all the characters that you can meet during the passage are living people, other players with whom you can unite in groups to complete some events.

A significant plus of the game is the lack of energy or stamina, as in some other games. Here you can spend as much time as you want, completing numerous daily tasks. Also a plus is the ability not to bring real funds into the game, all events can be performed using game resources.

Game Tips

It is recommended to complete main missions. There is a horn icon below the mini-map. If you click on it, a list of the main missions (storyline) will appear. These tasks are the main source of materials, equipment and experience. These missions are titled - "Hunting Quarry". After completing some of the storyline missions, you can get a Hunter Medal, which can be exchanged for a Crusade Ticket.

All daily tasks should be completed. Upon reaching a certain level, a "Notice Board" will appear in your menu, in which tasks will appear. These are not required quests, but they must be completed, as they will help in raising the level of the character and his combat power. Some quests should be taken in the city from the character Shani. In order to take some tasks, you must pay with gold coins. These coins will be returned to you in case of unsuccessful completion of the task.

It is advised to participate in the "Secret Kingdom" event. For participating in the event, you can get Crusade Tickets and other rare items. Here you can get cards of the gods - your game companions. The secret kingdom opens every week, the start time of the event can be viewed in the "Events" menu.

At the start of the game, it is not recommended to chase gold coins, advanced equipment and horses, since at the beginning of the game you will receive prizes corresponding to the level of your character. In the mid to high stages of the gameplay, you will unlock new adventures and events that will allow you to realize your gaming ambitions. At the start, it is better to focus on increasing the level of the hero and his weapons, as well as getting gold.

It is necessary to increase the attachment of higher beings. Divine creatures are your in-game companions who increase your combat power and fight with you on the battlefield. Each creature has unique fighting skills that will help you pass certain monsters.

It is not recommended to fight monsters in the Hunting Desert. In the early stages of the game, you will have too little free gold to complete the Desert of the Hunt, since gold is taken to enter the dungeon, and at the start of the game you will not receive high rewards for passing. Therefore, until you have free gold coins, you should not go on an adventure.

You can use one or no more than 2 weapon specializations. The weapons in this game are divided into various elements and states. It is recommended that you choose the option that is most interesting to you and go through the path of pumping the selected weapon, and then choose another branch of development.

Errant Hunter’s Soul: Weapon Guide

There are no hero classes in the game. The professional affiliation of the soldiers is determined by the type of weapon chosen at the start of the game. Each type of weapon has individual skills that need to be developed. Weapon skills increase survivability on the field and the gamer’s type of play.

At the start of the game, you choose the type of weapon, which then needs to be improved in the Forge. Each improvement is made at a certain level of the hero. To enhance weapons, you need special materials (the recipe is given in the Forge).

The Combat Knife is a melee weapon. Introduced into the game in one of the latest updates:

  1. Slash - the hero swings a knife diagonally and cuts the nearest target. It is recommended to press and hold the skill button to continue the attack and make up to 2 consecutive hits.
  2. Residual clouds a - starts a continuous attack on the spot. If you press and hold the ability button, then you will continue to absorb morale and increase your attack. If more than 8 consecutive attacks occur during the use of 1 skill, a small horizontal cut can be activated, and the battle will proceed to the next stage after the impact.
  3. Bloody battle - the hero lunges forward when the stage of casting the spell reaches its apogee, the attack increases, and the warrior continues to attack the target.

The epee is a melee weapon with massive damage abilities:

  1. Epee verdict - the hero holds the epee for a short period of time in order to gather the strength of the whole body, after the completion of the charge, the warrior makes a jump and strikes a powerful blow at the nearest opponent in front. Skill activation can stack up to 3 hits.
  2. Breakthrough through the air - with all his might, the champion throws the sword far forward, and quickly transports to the target to make a chopping blow, after hitting the sword.
  3. Blade piercing wind - gives the blade the energy of a soul hunter, the hero swings his sword, and launches 2 blade auras forward, causing damage to opponents on the way.
  4. Dragon Slayer - the hero holds the sword tightly to collect the strength of his body, jumps up, and delivers a powerful blow after a full charge.

The spear is a melee weapon, it has an ability with massive damage, and the warrior also uses a shield in battle:

  1. Revenge Barrier - press and hold the skill button to raise a shield that blocks and reduces incoming damage. If the enemy hits the block, then your character will make a quick and powerful counterattack.
  2. Spinning Flying Shield - Throws the shield forward, and then the hero uses it for a powerful blow to the ground. All nearby enemies take damage from the hit.
  3. Fearless strike - the hero sharply raises the spear to make a quick attack that continuously damages the enemy for several seconds.

Longbow - a weapon for battle at a distance (ranged combat), has the ability to inflict massive attacks:

  1. Rain shooter - the character shoots a rain of colored arrows at a certain area in front, can make (while holding the skill button) several attacks.
  2. Snapshot - the hero shoots 2 arrows connected by energy, hits enemies in the area in front, and makes several attacks.
  3. Arrow Through - The champion launches a powerful piercing arrow. The greater the distance from which the shot was fired, the higher the damage done.

Double swords are melee weapons, the hero uses a pair of blades in an attack, there are skills with massive damage:

  1. Flurry - the hero performs a dance with swords, quickly moving across the battlefield, damaging several targets along the way.
  2. Aerial cutting - a warrior, having turned over, flies into the air, and swings 2 swords. If the warrior hits the target, he will continue the carnage.
  3. Dead end chapter - after pressing the ability button, the hero strikes, after which he applies a residual blade effect to the enemy, and inflicts damage for some time.

Staff - a warrior who carries a staff, behaves on the battlefield, like a magician with high massive damage, attacks from afar in the area:

  1. Control element - the character casts a spell, after which, hail falls from the sky and deals damage in the area. The hero makes several attacks, and deals damage with the attribute - ice.
  2. Impulse of destruction - the character shoots a high-energy beam in front of the area.
  3. Austrian rocket - the warrior quickly launches several arcade attacks at the target, each of which deals high damage. Launching magic bullets requires the use of secret energy (studied separately), which can be restored by hitting with basic attacks or other skills.

Boxing gloves - the warrior uses gloves in melee:

  1. Explosive flash - the hero inflicts a high-speed blow, while performing blows moving between opponents. The skill can be restarted within 5 seconds after the sprint. Thus, you can complete up to 3 runs. The power of each subsequent blow is increased by 15%.
  2. Thunder and lightning - the warrior stands firmly in place and inflicts a continuous flurry of strikes at high speed for several seconds.
  3. Sinister blow - summons a clone to perform a powerful combination of blows, while the warrior produces a shadow attack. In the next 20 seconds, an additional clone will be generated - a ghost that attacks the opponent from the front.

Errant Hunter’s Soul: Hunting Souls (Divine Essences) Overview

There are several types of divine essences in the game:

  1. Sacred light.
  2. Titans.
  3. Army of Darkness.
  4. Power of nature.
  5. Adherents of the occult.

Each type of creature faction has its own advantages.

Sacred light. This type of hunting soul comes from the gods of the Immortal Temple, once led by the King of Light. This faction will give the user the protective power of the Light, and the rangers who use the Light are more difficult to get injured in battle.

Souls of Sacred Light are good for melee use.
Soul Skill NameDescription
Angel of DesiresSummons angels of light, dispels negative conditions and enhances armor
Keeper of the LightSummons a Shield of Holy Light that converts some damage to stamina
Roar of devotionTaunts the enemy, tying him to the hero (the enemy attacks only you), gives the warrior high protection from wounds
Cleansing PowerAfter use, it increases attack power and the warrior receives an additional bonus to critical damage for alien creatures
Body of lightAfter activating this state, all received damage is converted into a light shield, after the expiration of time, all accumulated incoming damage is converted into attack power
Star of lightWhen attacking with monsters, there is a chance to drop a light star. In doing so, you get a critical damage bonus. Duration of action - 10 seconds, the maximum possible number of spell casting - 5 times
Fearless ShieldProduces a shield of fearlessness and the hero gains multiple damage resistance effects for a few seconds
Holy shieldAll teammates receive a certain amount of shields while increasing the effectiveness of healing
Holy light of healingThe hero quickly regains his health points over a certain period of time

Titans - This type of hunting soul comes from the Titan gods who once ruled the earth. They are all brave warriors, and their wrath is enough to tear the earth apart. The soul will give the rangers a high fighting power, and the blood of zeal greatly improves the fighting ability.

Titans are recommended to be used by magicians (warriors with a staff).
Soul Skill NameDescription
Titan SummonBless the entire team, granting additional net damage for each attack (not counting armor and resistance)
Cruel soulThe spirit of rage breaks out, and the chance of a critical hit is significantly increased for a certain amount of time
Put it all on the lineTransforms defense into attack, increasing base attack power, but reducing armor
Elemental rageIncreases elemental damage
Demon bloodAwakens the power of the devil and adds the effect of blood
Chaos StrikeAttacking a hippo gets a weak point effect (if you hit the giant’s weak point)
The pursuit of victoryWhile the beast is under control (paralysis, stun, falling to the ground), increases its own damage
Destructive forceCritical hit dealt by an attack on a monster has an additional bonus to damage
Titan TreatmentRestores health points quickly, and continues to restore blood for a certain time

Army of Darkness - This type of hunting soul comes from the gods of the Abyss, led by Queen Nika. They deeply hate other gods and can live in their hearts. A dark soul will give the player the power of a curse, and an evil force will constantly weaken your enemies.

Souls of Darkness work well with champions who have a lot of massive attacks.
Soul Skill NameDescription
Corrosion of armorReduces the armor value of enemies in a certain area
Bloody fogReleases a bloody mist, and an enemy that enters this area becomes vulnerable, and takes additional damage when attacking
Eclipse bladeSummons the power of moonlight to give each attack an additional paralysis value
WeaknessAbsorbs the enemy’s etheric attack, reduces his resistance to all attributes, and increases the hero’s resistance to the same attributes by the same amount
Extracting EtherReleases a debilitating spell to reduce movement speed and attack power of opponents within the spell’s radius
Ghost walkAfter being freed, the hero escapes into a black fog. Attacking an enemy from behind increases damage. Each critical hit while invisible increases the invisibility time by 2 seconds
Dark StarPermanent skills: when attacking monsters, there is a chance to summon a dark star. Collecting Dark Stars grants a bonus to Elemental Damage. Lasts 10 seconds, stacks up to 5 times
Dark cureQuickly restores the hero’s health points, and continues to restore it for a certain time

Power of Nature - This type of hunting soul comes from Amaka’s partners, former spirits of existence who guard all creatures in the world and bring the world to life. Souls give the champion more vitality, and using them will quickly restore life and stamina on the battlefield.

Souls of Nature is suitable for those players who like to position themselves as healers on a team.
Soul Skill NameDescription
RejuvenationApplies healing to all teammates, and restores health points for a certain time
Soul flipTakes all current stamina points and converts them to health points
Mana madnessSummons a frenzy of mana, greatly increases the speed of stamina recovery for all party members
Divine activationThe hero gains the power of the gods, instantly recharges all skills
Serene rainSummons a rain of tranquility, and a friendly unit (team member or companion) caught in the rain gets quick healing
VineyardSummons vines that surround the character’s body, increase armor and restore health points
Heart like waterAttack power is greatly increased, but critical hit is impossible while the skill is active
Natural vitalityPermanent skills: significantly increases the rate of stamina recovery, reduces the time it takes to enter "fast attacks"
Natural healingQuickly restores the warrior’s health points, and continues the regeneration for a certain time

Occultists - This type of hunting soul comes from the blood of the ancient gods. They symbolize the ancient rules and order of this world. It is difficult to determine if they are fair or evil. Souls give ancient powers to control domains (beings). In these summoned domains, the hero is the master of time and space.

Occultists can be used by ranged heroes.
Soul Skill NameDescription
TrapPlaces a trap, the monster that stepped on the mine launches a force field, and will be immediately paralyzed, the effect of paralysis will decrease with an increase in the number of releases
WoodlandReleases a force field of invisibility, all players who enter the field become invisible
Absolute domainThe breath of a powerful dragon creates a force field in which friendly units gain resistance to damage
Back in timeActivates a time stamp, at the moment the skill is turned off, your state (life, stamina) will return to the moment when the time stamp was set. Disabling the skill is done by pressing the ability button again
Time lagThe speed of all enemy units is close to zero. The effect of stagnation will weaken as you increase the use of the skill
Energy concentrationAfter activating the skill, the hero receives a certain amount of soul energy, and increases the rate of accumulation of soul energy
Mysterious bloodlinePermanent skills, attack power and critical strike chance are increased. If the enemy is a giant or alien type, then the bonus will be higher
Occult healingQuickly restores the warrior’s health points, and continues the regeneration for a certain time

Errant Hunter’s Soul: Walkthrough of Giant Hippopotamuses

The game specializes in destroying huge powerful bosses. The monsters have several varieties, and each has unique abilities.

Ground frog. Dwells on the Plains of Promise. It can secrete corrosive poison from venom glands, deals huge area damage over a long distance.

To defeat the frog requires resistance to poisons and toxins.


  1. Toad poison - the monster shakes its body, throws out a large amount of poison from its back over a certain area. Striking a player, causes a poisoning effect.
  2. Big dive - the frog dives underground and jumps out from under it. If you hit her with a group, then the enemy is selected at random.
  3. Poisonous Nova - the entire body of the frog glows green, and the poisonous bag on the face will shake, gradually splashing poison over a circular area, while causing devastating damage.

Weaknesses - front legs, back, tail.

Mantis blade. Dwells in the Whispering Forest. Has a pair of ferocious crescent blades and tremendous movement speed. Its sickle releases toxic substances that make the metal armor vulnerable. Rarely kills the enemy immediately, he has repeated attacks. But it has low protection, and its wings support flight in a few short seconds.

Players must pay attention to the movements of the praying mantis while avoiding deadly attacks.


  1. Break - Mantis attack gives a break effect and reduces the protection of the opponent’s equipment.
  2. Air Attack Blade - The praying mantis flies backwards and then repeatedly bombards the target with the blade. By breaking the double blade, you can reduce the number of air attacks.
  3. Three-stage dash - maximizes attack speed, attacks twice "forward - left" and "forward - right". Aims at the enemy’s head.

Weaknesses - antennae, arms, wings.

Wild horn. Dwells on the Plains of Promise. They become aggressive after they spot people. He has no specific attack method, his body is very heavy and he can only deal damage when facing a victim. For experienced players, the Wild Horn does not pose a particular danger, so it is better for beginners to train on them. Veterans can train youth on the Wild Horns.


  1. Collision - lowers his head and throws himself at the enemy, uses his body to collide with the enemy. At the same time, it does huge damage.
  2. Rollover - The clumsy Wildhorn is not very agile, so they roll over, attacking the enemy from the side.
  3. Stone attack - raises huge stones with horns, and throws them at the enemy.

Weaknesses - horns, front legs, tail.

King Kong Great Ape. It lives in the Whispering Forest and has incredible stamina. compared to other monsters, he has a higher intelligence, and has limited use of tools. The monkey can collect bones, tie from vines, thus he is protected. In battle, he uses double strikes and jumps, throws huge stones at opponents. If he recently ate poisonous red berries, he will spit at rivals with their poisonous juice.


  1. Crazy clapping - the monkey impatiently and awkwardly leans back to fend off enemies who fought from behind.
  2. Giant rock attack - picks up a stone and throws it at a distant enemy.
  3. Falling from the sky - jumps towards the target, upon landing deals huge damage.

Weaknesses - fangs, arms, back.

Frozen scorpion tail. Dwells in the Flawless Desert. They can inflict huge damage to their prey with a sudden blow. It can accumulate water in its abdomen, and when attacked, water is compressed and sprayed through the tail. The splashed liquid beam has a very low temperature, and can instantly freeze the enemy. If the enemy encountered actively resists, then the scorpion hides in the ground, and when it emerges from under it, it becomes more ferocious and dangerous.


  1. Continuous cutting - The scorpion swings its claws for a double attack in front of it.
  2. Frozen rays - rotates its tail, and uses ice rays to freeze the attacked enemy.
  3. Sandstorm - dives into the ground and raises a sandstorm to attack enemies in the area. After appearing above the ground, the scorpion gains an attack power boost.

Weaknesses - double tail, claws, abdominal bursa.

Ice horned wolf. Dwells in the Stormrage Mountains. The etheric glands under his skin can absorb cold breath from the environment and release it through the ice horns on his head.

When fighting a wolf, the back and tail are the most dangerous.


  1. Tail Sweep - Uses the tail to attack the enemy behind him, the affected enemy goes into a state of frozen slow. Once you break the wolf’s tail, you cannot be frozen.
  2. Icy Roar - A strong roar knocks surrounding enemies into the air, causing them to fall into a cold slow state.
  3. Ice Bomb - the wolf condenses the ether with horns, and then releases 3 ice bullets forward, after landing, an explosion occurs.

Weaknesses - horns, front legs, tail.

Icefield mammoth. Dwells in the Stormrage Mountains. He has a very hard and durable hide. His nose is the most dangerous weapon, as it has claws. In addition, the ice mammoth, which is accompanied by blizzards in the north all year round, is also familiar with the characteristics and structure of snow. This characteristic allows him to cause a violent avalanche simply by stepping on it correctly, or it can cause cold air by burying his nose in the ice.


  1. Freezing snow - the mammoth opens its nose, grabs a snowball and throws it at the enemy. Enemies gradually slow down and eventually freeze.
  2. Deadly Poisonous Thorn - Raises its nose to breathe and accumulate energy, then exhales, and an ice thorn forms on the ground. The thorns appear at the victim’s feet, dealing massive frost damage.
  3. Whirlwind Smash - The mammoth lifts its nose and then shakes it violently, forcing its body to attack the enemy behind it.

Weaknesses - horns, hind legs, proboscis.

Yang is an imperial bird. It lives in the volcanic zone of the Noisy Forest. The Yang bird united around itself the fierce power of flame, which gave it an attack ability with the attribute of flame, and an amazing ability to resist fire. When Yang takes damage that exceeds the limit, his body turns into pure ether and dissolves into the soul of the hunter, forming an egg-shaped crimson crystal. This crystal will absorb ether from the atmosphere at high speed. If it is not crushed before enough ether has accumulated in it, the Yang body will be reborn from it safe and sound.

Yang can be destroyed - it will be weaker with each new birth, increasing the time required for the next rebirth.


  1. 3 consecutive pecks - jumps forward and then performs 3 beak strikes to the left, right and center in turn.
  2. Flame Tornado - retreats at a distance and simultaneously releases a fire tornado to attack the enemy.
  3. Nirvana - after the death of the Yang-emperor bird, it turns into an egg to accumulate strength. If the egg does not break within a certain period of time, the Yang Emperor bird regenerates and restores a certain amount of health.

Weaknesses - crown, wings, tail.

Armored Bear Blade. Dwells in the Whispering Forest. It has sharp claws on its front legs that can tear through powerful armor. His bone armor protects the bear. When he becomes fierce in battle, some of his skin and hair also turn blood red. At this time, he has only one goal in his eyes: to destroy all enemies in front of him.


  1. Sweep - uses two claws to alternately attack the enemy in front, the number of attacks increases after anger.
  2. Bite - quickly jumps forward, bites and attacks the enemy.
  3. Sprint - attacks the enemy and jumps high when approaching the enemy, crush the enemy with his body.
  4. Crushing Stone - Strikes the ground with sharp claws, and raises stones to attack distant enemies.
  5. Backstab - When an enemy is behind, a backstab is applied directly to attack the enemy behind him.
  6. Ground Attack - Hits the ground with both hands, attacks the enemy in front, and causes an earthquake. When angry, he will shoot spikes at the same time to expand his attack range.
  7. Whirlwind - rotates the body and swings its claws, tearing apart surrounding enemies.

Weaknesses - claws, legs, backstab (after rage).

Heavenly wolf. Dwells in the Whispering Forest. The Wolf’s body is covered with sharp bone blades, the blades on the head and on the tail are especially dangerous. When a wolf rushes towards an enemy or flaps its tail, it can rip the surrounding air, creating tremendous wind pressure to injure a distant enemy.

You must pay attention to every movement of the wolf so as not to become its victim.


  1. Blade Destroying Air - The wolf’s horn blade uses its sharp angle to send massive wind pressure to attack distant enemies.
  2. Double jump attack - the wolf shows its powerful mobility and jumps twice to attack the enemy in front of him.

Weaknesses - tail, front legs.

Errant Hunter’s Soul: Walkthrough of alien species of hippos

Armored horn. Dwells on the Plains of Promise. The body of the horned devil is covered in sturdy black iron armor, and its defenses are more extensive than that of a common wild horned beast. Artillery, propelled by aetheric energy on its back, also allows the horned devil to obtain a very dangerous method of attack with long-range artillery. From the machine on its back, the monster can shoot powerful incendiary bombs and catch the enemy.


  1. Petrol Bombs - The horned devil shoots petrol bombs at the enemy, and the fire resistance of the hit enemy will be reduced. An area of fuel residues will remain on the ground.
  2. Explosion around the body - the monster vigorously shakes its body, spreading gunpowder around itself, the gunpowder explodes after a short delay.
  3. Incendiary bombs - the devil monster launches a large number of incendiary bombs into the sky, they fall over a large area, and ignite all areas with fuel on the ground.

Weaknesses - horns, front legs, tail.

Chimera. Dwells in the Stormrage Mountains. The multiple beings that make up the Chimera are distorted during transformation, and their limbs are connected to each other, forming an entirely new form. Therefore, the actions of the Chimera are often complex and changeable, creatures can make attacks with several attributes, freezing, flames, toxins and others.

Chimera’s attacks cover almost all types of anomalous damage. Based on its characteristics, Chimera is considered one of the most dangerous hippos for humans.


  1. Mysterious Poison - The snake’s tail rises quickly and sprays a poisonous mist onto the enemy behind it.
  2. Blizzard - the head of a blue sheep roars into the air, hail falls on the enemy from the sky, and there will be frosty areas on the ground. Enemies entering the cold zone will gradually slow down until freezing.
  3. Thunderstorm - After the Chimera enters a state of violence, it flaps its wings very low and roars loudly for a certain amount of time, causing a large number of random thunderstorms that attack the enemy.

Weaknesses - shoulder, forearm, tail.

Thunder Stone Statue. Dwells in the Whispering Forest. The statue can collect and control ether in the atmosphere. By transforming this ether, the Statue can release destructive energy (usually thunder and lightning) in battle to make up for the lack of movement. As a monster made of stone and metal, its weakness is that the collected ether can be used for a limited time.

During the battle, the Statue should summon a charging body from time to time to recharge, leaving time for the rangers to attack.


  1. Fury - The statue is propelled by the stone ball below, and quickly rushes forward. But at the same time, the upper body rotates rapidly as it moves, swinging the sword in hand and slashing all enemies in the way. After breaking the stone ball under the body, the monster will fall to the ground.
  2. Degenerate Ray - Standing in front of the selected target, the statue quickly releases a beam from the chest, dealing lightning damage to all enemies in the path and sealing the opponent’s skills.
  3. Rechargeable Seat - The statue summons a rechargeable seat around its body that will restore life to the statue.

Weaknesses - shoulder pad, weapon, power unit.

Skull Crusher. Lives in the Dead End Desert. The upper body of the Skull retains the bust of the barbarian warrior, and the weapon mace is integrated with the arm. And the lower body has turned into a four-legged beast that can jump and run with amazing speed. The fighting style of the Skull is bloodthirsty and insane, like a warrior - a barbarian. Under his attack, the victim is exhausted and dies.


  1. Bleeding - Enemies hit by the Skull Crusher have a certain chance to enter a bleeding state and continue to lose blood volume and health points.
  2. Kickback - the entire body of the Skull jumps and turns back, and at the same time he chops down enemies to the right and behind with an ax.
  3. Bloody Prey - When the Skull rages, it absorbs the enemy’s blood in a bleeding state, and regenerates itself, dealing damage.

Weaknesses - Sharp corners, hind legs, weapons.

Bronze puppet. Dwells in the Whispering Forest. Compared to the bizarre Thunderstone Statue, the Bronze Puppet is more agile and graceful. Bronze gears surround the core, forming her body. During the battle, these parts can scatter, and cause damage to surrounding enemies. The most amazing thing about a puppet is its ability to manipulate time. It can evoke multiple areas around the body, and control the flow of time between them. Enemies that enter these areas will be tightly controlled by the puppet and become its servant.


  1. Hook - The right arm is extended to fly out, then the movement is made to the left, and then pulled back. The player who received the hit simultaneously dribbles the monster around him.
  2. Bomb with a clock - the puppet throws a bomb with a clock at the enemy, which is attached to the hit enemy, and explodes after a certain time. If it doesn’t hit the enemy, the bomb will fall to the ground and explode after a while.
  3. Slowing down time - the puppet controls time and space around the body. When the long hand of the clock spins, it slows down and damages surrounding enemies until it completely stops opponents. When the short hand of the clock rotates once, the puppet appears behind the enemy, and forcefully splits him.

Weaknesses - head, arms, gears.

Errant Hunter’s Soul: Dragons Walkthrough

Obsidian dragon. Dwells on the Plains of Promise. An obsidian dragon’s wings are not enough to make its bulky body fly, but it can blow hard, causing an air current to pull surrounding prey towards it. It can release and control "dark ether" like a black hole, and can capture the etheric power of its victim, causing it to quickly sink into exhaustion. Constantly pulling the victim towards him, releasing the dark ether, draining his physical strength and then delivering a decisive blow is a common tactic of the Obsidian Dragon. Its bulky body only has a few attack methods such as bumping and crushing, and these tricks are not hard to avoid.


  1. Side roll - the dragon removes its wings and attacks enemies from both sides, rolling sideways.
  2. Energy response - the dragon screams and emits a fan-shaped energy wave. Players take damage related to their stamina. The less stamina, the higher the damage.
  3. Energy absorption - summons 4 crystals on the field, which continue to burn the player’s stamina and inflict damage.

Weaknesses - long horns, wings, front legs, tail.

Skeleton. Dwells in the Desperate Desert. His hot body seemed to be burned to another, and only hard bones remained, hence the name. Its brutality is unmatched among giants, and its skeleton madly attacks all nearby targets.

Whenever the skeleton moves quickly in battle, it spreads floating ash dust around. This dust can slow the speed of the victim’s wound healing, even if the ranger uses the hunting soul’s healing ability. The ash surrounding the dragon’s body will explode violently until it is hit or ignited, which is very lethal.


  1. Blazing Dust - Part of the dragon’s attack forces the player to absorb fire dust. This reduces the amount of healing the heroes have, and any further attack will cause an explosion.
  2. Claw Attack - The skeleton hits the ground hard with its wings and claws, and forms dust around itself.
  3. Flamestorm - The dragon flies into the sky, spewing out powerful flames to burn the enemy, and at the same time unleashing a firestorm to attack a distant enemy.

Weaknesses - horns, wings, tail.

Crystal Dragon of Flame. Dwells in the volcanic zone of the Whispering Forest. During battle, the dragon spreads energy-infused red crystals, and when they explode, instantly set surrounding targets on fire. Due to its special flight mode, the monster’s behavior is elusive and difficult to prevent in combat. His characteristic behavior when he goes into a rage is very unique - his entire body is surrounded by rapidly growing crystals, and conventional weapons are unlikely to harm him.


  1. The curse of the flame falling from the sky - the dragon strains its back, its wings turn red, and summons flame crystals that fall from the sky.
  2. Declaration of Sovereignty - explodes flame crystals on the field.
  3. Crystallization - When the dragon is strong, it activates a flame in the body and enters a crystalline state. In the crystallized state, it receives a large bonus to physical resistance, but, accordingly, frost resistance decreases.

Weaknesses - horns, hind legs, wings, tail.

Thunder Crystal Dragon. Dwells in the Desperate Desert. Usually he wanders above the clouds, looking at other creatures like a king. His behavior is not much different from that of the Flame Dragon, and he can also float freely in the air. The difference is that the Thunder Crystal Dragon does not control heat pressure, gust of wind and flames, but thunder born in the clouds, and what it exhales and emits is white lightning.


  1. Arc Lightning - The dragon spits out thunder bombs forward, causing an arc lightning to attack the enemy upon landing.
  2. Thunderstorm spreading - the monster accumulates body energy, causes thunderstorms from near to distant enemy.
  3. Thunder of world destruction - accompanied by crystal thunder, the dragon rushes into the sky, and then sets off enemies who will be swept along the ground by a powerful lightning. After landing, it snaps its tails to repel enemies who are trying to get closer.

Weaknesses - horns, hind legs, wings, tail.

Article author: Evgeniya G.