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Final Fantasy Awakening: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FINAL FANTASY: AWAKENING is a free MMORPG for mobile devices, which is the spin-off of Final Fantasy Type-0. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


The prehistory of the game
How to download on Android and PC
Final Fantasy: Awakening - how to swing?
PvE combat system
PvP Battle System
Guides on the main activities of the game
The passage of the story company
World boss
Team Dungeon Game
Daily dungeon
Prize quest
Decoration arena
Eternal tests
FF Awakening World Intelligence
Wikipedia of the Kingdom of Samsara
Hero Tests
Throne of the Paragons
Swing your character right!

Final Fantasy: Awakening

Eidolon Review
Character title
Top Heroes
Hero Experience
Hero Skills
How to raise the stars of heroes?
Hero gains
Classes and Agito
Equipment - buying, improving, raising stars and disassembling
Jewelery - creating, enhancing, improving
Final Fantasy: Awaken - gems: orange, pink and blue
General resonance and gem resonance
Hero’s Chains
Forge: destruction, rebirth, synthesis and conversion
Other game tricks

Final Fantasy: Awakening

Collection and exchange of cards
Final Fantasy: Awakening - mission review
Final Fantasy Awakening WIKI store: supplies, arenas, showers, alliances, equipment, Samsara and artifacts.
Luck Roulette
Summon hero, gems, equipment
Daily plan
Daily entrance
The action on the red hero
Gift codes and sets in Final Fantasy: Awakening

The prehistory of the game Final Fantasy: Awakening

The Final Fantasy: Awakening

Final Fantasy: Awakening takes place on the Oriens continent, which is divided among four states. Each nation has its own crystal, from the symbols of which the names of states originated:

In every state there is an Academy (Peristulum) that researches Crystals. Each of the Crystals can bestow the chosen resident of the country with the power of l’Ci, giving him longevity, tremendous magical power and the so-called "focus" - a task that the elect must perform. The main goal of most people is to become Agito - the legendary warrior who, according to legend, will save the world from the apocalypse.

Advantages of the game:

Disadvantages of the game:

How to download Final Fantasy: Awakening on Android and PC

How to download Final Fantasy

Download the game on Android and iPhone by clicking on the links at the beginning of this article from a mobile phone.

On the PC, the game does not come out. However, you can use the Android emulator, which is also available via the link at the beginning of this article. And the game looks great on a widescreen monitor and goes to the maximum settings. We made screenshots for this article from the Android emulator.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - how to swing?

how to swing

As in any other MMORPG in FF Awakening, the one who puts the real money into the game is the donator.However, if you follow the advice of our website WiseGeek.ru, then even without investing money you will be able to defeat those who invest a certain amount of money.

General recommendations:

  1. In each section of this article on the WiseGeek.ru website, we give advice on how to properly pass this or that test and how to properly pump various elements of equipment and skills. Try to listen to them.
  2. IMPORTANT! At the beginning of the game it is better to choose a new server, preferably one that has recently opened. Better to start playing the day the server opens. Because many rewards are awarded for a place in the ranking, and if you come to an already full server with pumped players, then you will be forced to be content with leftovers from the master’s table. And on the new servers, a 2-week campaign starts with great gifts. Which I will discuss below.
  3. At the beginning of the game, when choosing a main character, you can choose any character. They are all fairly balanced. However, when choosing a voice, it is better to choose one that is quieter.
  4. Every day you need to perform ALL daily tasks and tests.
  5. Try to play on the maximum chart. Since the minimum settings are not visible, some traps and important effects.

PvE combat system

PvE combat system

On the battle screen in the game against the monsters are many elements, but on which it is worth dwelling separately:

  1. Avtoboy is an important and useful element that saves your time. And almost all locations have a temporary limit.When autobay characters run in the right direction and perform strikes. Therefore, it must always be turned on, except when you decide to enjoy the beauty of landscapes))) In PvP mode, avtoboy is almost always on.
  2. Accelerate the battle - the battle is faster. But the game timer is also accelerating. WiseGeek.ru recommends enabling 1x speed on difficult locations. Since many bosses have superudar with the designated red zone. From it you need to have time to run out so as not to get serious damage. At double speed, the reaction time is much less.
  3. Autoboots are automatically hit. However, dodge need to press when you see that you are standing in the zone of defeat of the super boss hit.
  4. Super blows - when filling the yellow bar to the left of the hero’s icon, you can click on it and then the hero uses his most powerful method.
  5. Summon Eidolon - if you perform 5 super hits, you will be able to summon Eidolon. This is your assistant on the battlefield, which, with its appearance, takes away from all enemies a lot of health. He also begins to attack one enemy for a while, diverting him to himself. Eidolon disappears on death or approximately 15 seconds after its appearance.
  6. Story - 5 heroes, 3 of them are on the battlefield and 2 in stock. The commander gives effects to the whole team and cannot be changed during the battle. However, you can change the commander before the battle begins, and it does not have to be your main character. The remaining 2 heroes can and should be changed. Since, being in reserve, they restore the life and energy of a super blow. And this is very important, because to get a star in an adventure you need to keep alive all 5 heroes. Moreover, the dead heroes do not cause damage - this is not a game about zombies.
  7. The results of the damage - at the end of the battle you can see all the statistics of the battle (damage, treatment, damage received). It is necessary to change the tactics of battle, building or pumping heroes.

PvP Battle System

PvP Battle System

All battles in PvP are automatic without calling Eidolon. Super strokes are also applied automatically. Killed heroes are replaced automatically from the reserve. You can influence the outcome of a battle only before it starts.Only in the test of "Sansary" you can change the party during the battle and use super strikes in manual mode.After the battle, you can see the statistics and get a well-deserved reward.



Before each battle it is very important to adjust your system.

The leader of the system gives all its participants buffs - attacks, heals, etc. The leader of the system cannot be changed in battle. But it changes automatically if it perishes.

The first group - 2 heroes who immediately appear on the battlefield. They can be changed during the battle.

The second (spare) group - 2 heroes who are in reserve and which can be changed during the battle. Being in the reserve, the heroes restore health and a little energy of super blow.

WiseGeek.ru recommends setting the healing hero as a leader in PvP and for battles against difficult bosses in which you need to keep all the heroes alive. For some battles (dungeons of the alliance, eternal trials, world boss, etc.), where the level of damage is more important, you need to put a party, with a leader who increases damage, and a composition of attacking heroes.

If the proposed composition is defeated, then you need to conduct several experiments with the leader and the composition of the party. It should also be remembered that in the combat structure it is necessary to include heroes with a maximum BS.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - the passage of the story company

story company

A story company or Battle is a set of tests (dungeons) during the passage of which certain rewards are given. The most valuable awards are: the souls of heroes, elixirs and astral stones. The rest of the awards can be bought or received elsewhere. It is the tests that give these awards to pass most often !!!


  1. The further you go through the plot, the higher the requirements for the level of your BS (detachment power).
  2. If your BS is not enough to pass a key test - use the services of a mercenary. Hiring is carried out for gold, which abound in the game.
  3. With the passage of the dungeon on 3 stars, you can no longer pass it, and to arrange a raid, so faster and more efficiently.
  4. Battles have 2 levels of difficulty "normal" and "elite". At the elite level, prizes are more valuable.
  5. When Agito opens, intrusions will appear on the map. Victory in the invasions gives the material to enhance your Agito.
  6. Do not forget to pick up rewards from the chests when you receive all the stars.
  7. Tests have a limit on the passage. Therefore, the tests with the most valuable prizes pass daily.



The Alliance is a community of 30+ players. Daily tasks and activities of the alliance give good rewards that can be spent in the store of the alliance. The reward for the tests depends on the level of the alliance. Therefore, as soon as possible join the alliance, and if you are in the top of the alliance in terms of BS, we recommend changing the alliance to a stronger one.

Alliances rating can be found in the "ratings" tab. However, it should be remembered that after you left the alliance in the new can not join within 8 hours. Therefore, you need to leave the alliance after you have taken all or almost all of the awards.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to see if there are vacancies in the new alliance or not. As a rule, all TOP alliances are allowed only by request and have requirements on the level of the player and his BS. You can apply only in 3 alliances at a time.

It makes sense to create a new alliance only if you are actively playing and started playing almost at the moment of the creation of the server. Otherwise it will be very difficult for you to recruit good players in your ranks. If the players have not appeared in the game for a long time - feel free to chase them away and look for new ones.

All activities of the alliance need to pass every day:

  1. Donations - You can donate gold or diamonds once a day. For this you get the "contribution of the alliance", which can be spent in the store. This is NOT a profitable exchange, so WiseGeek.ru recommends donating only gold.
  2. Alliance mercenaries - here you stand for a candidacy to be hired by other members of the alliance. The higher your BS, the more money you will get when you hire and the higher your regular salary.
  3. Banquet of the Alliance - you put your character at the table and when there are 5 players at the table everyone will receive a portion of the Force. I recommend doing this in the morning, since in the evening it will be difficult to get a full table. After receiving the Force, sit at the table again, so you will help other members of your alliance.
  4. Alliance envelope - roulette, which can twist anyone and get some reward. However, only a VIP-5 alliance player can send roulette. Therefore, the more players in the alliance with VIP-5, the more roulettes there will be.
  5. Hall of the Alliance - here you can see all the information about your alliance and leave it, if necessary.
  6. Alliance technology - here you can upgrade your BS for technology points. Do not worry when changing the alliance, your development will not be reset, and will go with you. Technology points are very difficult to obtain.

Dungeon alliance

Alliance dungeon - boss battle. It is better to take the heroes with the highest damage, since the battle is limited to 1 minute. For 20 seconds before the end of the battle, we recommend changing the party, using super-blows and summoning Eidolon, so you will deal the most damage. You can choose a boss to fight with, but it is better to fight with recommended bosses (see screenshot), so you will get the most currency from the Alliance contribution.

Awards are given at the end of the battle, when killing all bosses and collecting 15, 30, 45, 60 points. When your personal reward for the boss battle is above the 500 Alliance Contributions - WiseGeek.ru recommends buying additional challenges for Diamonds. So it turns out more profitable than spending diamonds in the alliance store.

Airship transportation

Airship transportation is an adventure in which you have to launch your airships and fight with the protection of enemy ships. If you run the airship from 12 to 14 and from 18 to 20 hours, the reward is doubled. The wisest option is to start from 19 to 20 hours, as the chance of being attacked at this time is the smallest, but it is. By 19.00, many have already spent their attempts to attack, and you can fly calmly.

Running your airship resembles a roulette. The first time is free, then the improvement of the airship is carried out for diamonds. The higher the level of the airship, the more valuable the reward at the end of the path, and the higher the chance of being robbed. We recommend to improve the airship at least to the green level. Attention: in roulette you can both improve and degrade the quality of your airship.

Attack of enemy airships has a standard PvP interface with full auto battles. It is better to choose an object for attack in the side pop-up panel, it is more informative. Choose an airship with a BS below yours. Sometimes all good airships with low BS attack as soon as they appear, so it’s better to watch them from 12 and 18 o’clock respectively. The loss is also awarded, but not enough.

At the end of the day, your alliance takes a certain place in the ranking, according to which the reward is distributed.

Battle alliances

Battle of alliances - available from 8 to 22 hours on Wednesdays and Sundays, if your supervisor applies. The thing is very confusing in terms of awards, but the final reward of all members of the alliance depends on its place in the standings. The place is determined depending on the points collected by the participants of the alliance, there is also an individual rating. Each player receives an individual reward for points collected.

Balls are collected in 2 ways:

  1. Passive. Clicking on squares 1-16 opens a field where each point can be occupied by players. Zone A and B give passive earnings of 600 points every hour. The elite zone gives a gain of 720 points per hour. Plus, in the elite zone, you can take the city, if the members of the alliance live in all points connected with it. Cities give a certain bonus to points. If you are expelled from a point, then you move to another, but already in a zone of lower quality. Therefore, we recommend to take points immediately at 8 am. If in the elite zone all points are occupied by rivals with high BS, then WiseGeek.ru recommends getting lost in zone B - the rewards there are the same as in zone A, but they attack there less often.
  1. Active . During the day, you can attack opponents a certain number of times. This number increases about every hour. Plus 6 attacks can be bought for Diamonds, but this is not very beneficial for you, but it is beneficial for the alliance. It is recommended to attack those whose BS is lower than yours otherwise suffer a fiasco. After a successful attack, you will receive an opponent points and be able to take his place. The successful attack points you get are written under the opponent’s BS on the field (see screenshot). It is better not to attack the allies))) The reward for the attack grows with time, therefore we recommend attacking after dinner in the late afternoon.

This bug or Fitch, we do not know, but one enemy can be attacked several times every 3 minutes. And at the same time the reward is saved every time.

The next day, the reward for a place in the ranking comes in the mail.

World boss

World boss

World boss appears from 16 and is available until 22 o’clock. The award is given for a place in the ranking by the amount of damage done, for achieving the goal by the amount of damage (there are very good rewards), for killing the boss and for the battle. The award should be taken the next day, otherwise it will burn!

In total, you can hold 2 battles for free and another 1 for 100 diamonds (this is not always a bargain). Damage increases in heroes for each star, starting with the orange level. Therefore, before the battle, expose the most stellar heroes.

After a certain moment, the boss deals a super blow that kills the entire party. It is better to start the fight again right away. Eidolon, which was on the battlefield at your death, is preserved this way.

Arena in the Final Fantasy: Awakening


In the arena, you challenge other players. The reward is calculated daily, depending on the place occupied, and also one-time upon reaching a certain place. Arena Fight is a standard PvP battle. You can select an opponent before the battle starts by clicking the "Change Party" button. The button "Raid 5 p" is needed to quickly make a raid 5 times against weak players. For 1 fight consumes 2 energy. Warning: some players with low BS may defeat you at the expense of a well-chosen party.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - Team Dungeon Game

Team dungeon

Team dungeon is a fight with the boss, which is passed along with another player. Partner can choose - expelling those with BS below yours. Each boss has specific hits that must be avoided. Raid, it is possible only when the BS recommended by the boss is significantly lower than yours and is highlighted in green. For the first passage of the boss are given good rewards. After winning, you will be able to choose a reward card, during a raid the card is automatically selected and only the result is reported to you. If you die, you lose, even if your partner finishes off the boss. The reward is used to increase the power of Eidolon.

Daily dungeon

Daily dungeon

This is a PvE battle in which power is expended, when defeated, power is not wasted, so you can try to pass the test an infinite number of times. Dungeons open daily depending on the day of the week. All dungeons are open on Sundays - do not miss the moment. Here you can and need to hire mercenaries, so it is important to find a good alliance.

The stars received upon victory do not affect the size of the reward, but only affect the ability to make a raid and immediately take the reward without a fight.

Prize quest

Prize quest

There is no need to fight here. You need to pick the top 10 cards per day. The main value is the experience of the protagonist. Cards are updated when you collect all 3 cards or when you update them manually (3 times for free, then for Diamonds).

WiseGeek.ru recommends the following tactic - collect level cards with 2 stars and above, if the field remains with 1 star - update them manually. If you really need experience, then you can raise this bar fees to three stars, then you have to update for diamonds.

Decoration arena

Decoration arena

In the arena of jewelery, you will be able to get and collect elements into a whole decoration of blue, lilac and orange quality, as well as materials for enhancing jewelry. Red jewelry is obtained by combining the essence of red jewelry and orange jewelry. Essence can be bought in the store or received as a reward in various activities of the game. To collect jewelry, you need to get all its parts. Parts are mined in PvP fights (raids) against other players, with 2 energy being consumed per battle. The better the decoration, the more parts you need to assemble and the lower the chance to get them. And with the growth of your BS, the level of your rivals is also growing, i.e.freebies will not be))).

Some of the jewelry can be taken away from you, so you should make every effort to collect it as quickly as possible, for this, buy energy in the store. With the growth of your BS, theft can decrease, and at high, it can completely disappear. The only part of the decoration you can not steal.

If you can start collecting pieces of blue jewelry at any time, then at least one part of it should appear in order to collect purple and orange jewelry. It is best to get this part, opening the chests with fragments of jewelry, which can be bought in the store.

Eternal tests

Eternal tests

This is a series of PvE battles against bosses. The award is given for the passage of the tier and for reaching the threshold for the stars. On tier 3 difficulty levels, the harder the boss, the greater the reward. In total, on each tier, you can make 3 attempts to defeat the enemy. The higher the tier, the more difficult the enemies. Stars are spent on the purchase of buffs every 3 tiers. The more stars you have accumulated, the stronger the buff.

Every day you can reset the progress 1 time for free and another 1 time for diamonds. When you re-pass, you will receive all the rewards for defeated enemies. Already passed enemies can not kill, and make a raid. You can make a big raid and collect the maximum reward for all the enemies you have passed on 3 stars. You can also automatically get buffs.

WiseGeek.ru recommends the following tactics - the first time you go through an adventure on the maximum possible number of stars. The next day, when your BS increases - try to go through the battle for 1 star more. For example, you passed 40 tier to 1 star, the next day try to go to 2 stars, etc. If the BS has increased significantly, then try adding 2 stars at once to the attempt. Thus, you will collect the maximum number of awards and spend not so much time.

Some adventures are very insidious, the boss does not fight in them, but runs away from you. In such battles you need to use heroes with great damage and / or those who are able to freeze or stop enemies.

When you collect less than 1000 "test coins", it is unprofitable to drop tests for diamonds, it is easier to buy coins in the discount store. When the total reward is more than 1000 coins, a reset for diamonds becomes the best investment of diamonds.

FF Awakening World Intelligence

Exploration world

World intelligence is the cheapest and most effective way to get the soul of the right hero. However, there are several limitations:

  1. On the day you can get only 6 souls of the hero, and then if you start the exploration of the world immediately after it ends. 1 intelligence goes a maximum of 12 hours and brings a maximum of 3 hero souls.
  2. You can not run multiple intelligence services in search of the soul of the same hero.
  3. You can only get souls of existing heroes.

To open a new territory you need to go through a battle. The battle has a standard PvP interface and you can try to go through it an infinite number of times, however mercenaries cannot be involved there. Travel costs energy - 2 energy per 1 hour of exploration. Therefore, without buying bottles of energy is not enough.

In addition to the shower, you will receive other valuable prizes. Their number can be permanently increased during the passage of certain tests in the main story company. Also, if you have a lot of friends who actively play and help you in your journey, then you will receive bonus energy for such help. You can also help your friends by clicking on the appropriate button on the bottom right.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - Wikipedia of the Kingdom of Samsara

the kingdom of Samsara

The kingdom of Samsara consists of 10 tests (battles) with a non-standard PvP interface. The battles take place here automatically, but you must manually change the parties and apply super blows here. The accumulated energy of super shock and health is transferred to the next test. After another test, the heroes regain their health by about 20% of the maximum. Therefore, at death, heroes do not die forever, but can fight with 20% health in the next battle.

Rewards are issued after each test, daily, depending on the place occupied in the rating, and when a certain threshold is reached. Ether - the currency of the kingdom of Samsara can be spent in the appropriate store for pretty good things. For each 3 tests you get a good reward and you can choose a buff for a certain hero, which is valid for up to 10 tests inclusive.

Every day, the complexity of the tests increases, but still remains adequate to your BS. Tests can be carried out both on a simple and on a complex level.

WiseGeek.ru recommends the following tactics. The system should mainly consist of support heroes who heal and protect, so you will have more chances to bring a living party to 10 tests. The first tests you need to pass at a difficult level and drop to a simple level, when you can not pass it.

Hero Tests

Hero tests

The test of the hero is available from Monday to Wednesday. Only 5 chapters, each chapter of 5 battles, a total of 25. Each subsequent battle is more difficult than the previous one. For every battle a good reward is given. The harder the battle, the better the reward. On the day you can make 3 attempts to go through the battle. Tests of the hero are reset once a week.

If you invite a colleague from your alliance that has passed on to you (the button on the right), then the difficulty of the tests will decrease by 40%, and you will be able to collect rewards that you previously could not afford.Therefore, WiseGeek.ru recommends a strong alliance.

Throne of the Paragons

Throne of the Paragons

The throne of the Paragons gives rewards every hour depending on the place occupied. Unlike standard PvP battles, here the match takes place in 3 rounds. You expose 3 teams of 3 different heroes, a total of 9 heroes. BS hero does not include artifacts, equipment, gems and jewelry, the rest includes everything. Winning counts when you win 2 fights out of 3.

You can take 4 places and, accordingly, receive hourly 1 of 4 awards - authority, broadcast, the contribution of the alliance or coins of artifacts. The higher you move up, the greater the hourly reward. The reward will wait for you for 2 days, then it will cease to accrue. So do not forget to take it.

WiseGeek.ru recommends for each battle to exhibit your system. It is necessary to look at which system the enemy is weaker, and to display their strong groups of fighters there. And then you can beat even superior opponents.

In the battles of the Paragon there is also a defensive system. The defensive line is defended when you are attacked. In this system, we recommend to put troops in force evenly.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - Characters

characters of the game

The initial choice of a character is a matter of taste, since the game needs both attacking and healing heroes.There are no recommendations on this subject, nor can there be.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - Eidolon Review


Eidolon, appearing on the battlefield, can change the outcome of any fight. Even in PvP battles, it has an impact on the party, but it does not appear on the battlefield. The more to the right is Eidolon in the screenshot above, the stronger it is. Do not be afraid to take the new Eidolon into battle, it will be better than even the one that you have already pumped. At the bottom of each Eidolon, there is a way to get it - this is important, as it will allow you to become stronger.

Initial characteristics are given in the "Properties" tab on the right. Bleeding is carried out in the tab "Promotion".When advancing Eidolon, the BS of the entire unit rises, and they do not change, even if you changed Eidolon.Probably not only the characteristics of Eidolon swing, but the entire squad.

Character title


The title is awarded for certain achievements. The conditions of receipt and the bonuses that it gives are written next to its name. Some of the titles you receive may have lower characteristics than the existing ones, so be careful when changing it. You can display the title above the character or remove it, regardless of whether it is equipped with you or not.



Promotion in the astral is the only way to raise the stars of your character. Astral stone, necessary for the discovery of the peaks of Astrala, can be obtained only with the passage of the storyline company. Therefore, we recommend that you use mercenaries every day and change alliances in a timely manner.



A costume is a way to change your hero not only externally, but also internally (skills, super hits, etc.). The costume also increases some characteristics and BS of your main character. Under each suit you can find out how to get it. When choosing a detachment, you can also change the suit. Costumes can be strengthened with the aid of the Stone. The same costume can have several types that can be found in the gallery.

Final Fantasy Top Heroes: Awakening

The best heroes of the game

It should be remembered that the characters (except the main one) have quality and cannot be increased with time. The quality of the characters is determined by its original color and the number of stars. The quality of color heroes are:

  1. Green - these heroes are easy enough to get. The main goal for which they come in handy is to be processed into "Soul Crystals".
  2. Blue heroes can be part of your squad only in the absence of purple in the early stages of the game. Their fate is to be recycled.
  3. Lilac - You will receive them often enough; you should not specifically buy their souls.
  4. Orange - make up the backbone of your battle group. They will be useful to you almost to the end of the game.
  5. Reds are very rare, it is extremely difficult to get them, but they are worth the money spent. The best heroes you can get are red heroes with two stars (King Lorican and Queen Concordia).
  6. Golden. There are no initial gold heroes in the game yet, however, any character can be pumped to the gold level.

The quality of heroes affects his BS, all other things being equal, and his effectiveness in battle. More details on how to improve the color of the hero and the number of his stars are described in the corresponding section.

At the initial stages of the game in the squad there may be blue heroes, then they should be replaced by lilac, then orange, then red. You can get the heroes from the gates of the hero’s call, or be collected from the souls that you can buy in the store. Every 10 calls you will receive an orange hero.

Best heroes

Best characters :

  1. Blades of Shadow, Spiral Swords, Fearless Mind, Voice of Healing - these are orange heroes with the original 2 stars. These are the best characters that you can quickly get in the first 2 weeks of the game. Their souls are sold in stores Arena and Alliance. Moreover, if you took advantage of our advice and started playing on a new server, then there will be a special promotion. At the end of the first and second week of the promotion, it will be possible to buy these heroes very cheaply for diamonds. The tactics are as follows. In the Arena store you buy the souls of the hero "Blades of the Shadow", and you get the hero of "Fearless Mind" at a discount on a promotion on a new server. You acquire the souls of the hero "Spiral Swords" in the Alliance store, and you acquire the hero "Voice of Healing" with a discount on the promotion on the new server.
  2. Captain Concordia, Trump Zero, Ice Guardian, Iceblade Reaper, Apostle Serpa - these characters, while being supported, greatly reinforce the main combat force listed above. Since there are 4 chains with him (one for each). You need to collect them in the second turn or wait until they drop out their gates of conscription.
  3. Rubrum L’Ci is a red hero whose souls are easy to get and buy in stores after the main character reaches level 60. With the appearance of this hero, you should collect almost all the collection of orange characters, so you should not have problems with choosing the main party and support.
  4. Other red heroes. To get them is problematic, unlike Rubrum L’Ci. However, they are able to raise your BS well.

Hero Experience

Hero Experience

The experience of the main character can be obtained in a limited number of ways - by going through a story company, completing prize quests or completing missions. Upon reaching a certain threshold, the level of the main character increases.

The experience of other heroes is enhanced by the use of experience books, but their level cannot be greater than that of the main character. As the level increases, the BS grows and you can improve the skills of the hero.

Hero Skills


The skills of the hero increase the damage from his techniques, and also significantly increase his BS. The maximum level of skill is limited to the level of the hero. Therefore, with the increase in the level of the hero, do not forget to pump his skill. Pumping is carried out for gold, which in the game will be up to the navel and more.

Initially, the hero has several skills, the rest are closed. To open them you need to increase the stars of the character. After opening a new skill can be pumped to the maximum.

When pumping there is a limit - you can pump 30 skill levels immediately, then 1 skill in 30 seconds or for diamonds. But this is not the best investment of diamonds, it is better to just wait.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - how to raise the stars of heroes?

star heroes

Raising the stars of the heroes increases not only its basic characteristics, but also opens up new skills. To raise the stars need the souls of this hero and the higher his starry, the more voracious he becomes.

Souls can be purchased at various stores. As a reward for various competitions. But the cheapest, but the slowest way is to send travelers to the exploration of the world.

Hero gains

Hero gains

Amplification of heroes occurs with the help of amplification materials. Dust, element and the elixir of gain can be obtained in the adventures of the story company, or buy them in the store. And the elixir is very difficult to buy, and it is sold only for diamonds, so it is better to mine it in adventures. Strengthening the hero, as you already understood from the screenshot, gives an increase to attack, defense and life.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - Classes and Agito


In total there are 3 classes of heroes - attack, defense and support.

Attack class heroes do the most damage.

Support class heroes heal and protect other characters.

Heroes of the class of protection have many lives and racks in battle. However, attacking enemies can not only beat him, and switch to your other characters.

The class is indicated in the circle next to the hero icon. This is a sword, heart and shield respectively.

Classes Agito there are 4 - ice, fire, sky, nature (life). Agito pumping is carried out with the help of appropriate awakening materials. When you reach level 10 of awakening, you can open a new kingdom of this hero with the help of his souls and the stone of awakening. The new kingdom gives some active skills to this hero and has a good effect on his BS.

The sum of all levels of agito (awakening) of heroes increases the total potential of the element, which also gives an increase in characteristics.

Equipment - buying, improving, raising stars and disassembling


Get a whole piece of equipment can be collected in parts. Parts can be obtained in various ways, but it is faster and cheaper to buy them in an equipment store.

The outfit, like the heroes, has several colors - green, blue, lilac, orange and red. The higher the quality of a thing, the greater the increase in characteristics and the BS it provides with its improvement. The quality of things can not be increased.

WiseGeek.ru recommends that you first collect all the sets of green equipment, then the whole set of blue, then purple, and so on. And do not jump, for example, from blue to orange, as it will be longer and more expensive in the end.

Things are NOT attached to the character, and this is logical. Each item can be disassembled, for which you will receive back 100% of the materials spent on its reinforcement and 50% of the cost of its initial purchase. All this puts the game a step higher than the competitors, since there is no need to regret when you have pumped over the character, and then you understand that it’s in vain and you need to swing another hero from scratch.

The increase in the level of things is carried out for gold and the upper limit of pumping is determined by the level of the main character, multiplied by 2.

Increasing the rank of things is carried out by improving the stone equipment. The higher the rank, the more stones are required to increase it. Ranks increase slyly and depend on the chance of increase, which increases in proportion to the nested stones. Therefore, the cost of raising the same thing may vary, but not much.

Raising stars things done at the expense of a special stone. The higher the stars, the more stones are required.

Jewelery - creating, enhancing, improving


Jewelry can be obtained in the arena decoration and from the chests of jewelry. Red jewelry is obtained by combining the essence of red jewelry and orange jewelry. Essence can be bought in the store or received as a reward in various activities of the game. Therefore, we recommend that orange jewelry immediately turn into red.

Improvement is accomplished by combining stone with decorating and similar decorations.

Strengthening occurs at the expense of lower quality jewelry, or with the help of "decoration of experience."

Final Fantasy: Awaken - gems: orange, pink and blue


As the level of the main character increases, it becomes possible to insert a certain number of gems. Gems are blue, pink, orange and red. Quality affects its initial and added characteristics. Gems can be obtained in various ways. From 4 gems of the same quality, it is possible to synthesize a gem of enhanced quality. And you can successfully synthesize and get not one, but two gems. If one of the used gems is developed, then during the synthesis you can return all the costs of its improvement.

Gems come in several shapes and different properties. If gems of the same form, but of different properties, are put on one hero, they get a special frame and give an additional increase to the characteristics. You can not put on one character two completely identical gems. The higher the quality of gems, the more options of properties they have.

Sometimes it is difficult to get a gem with the desired characteristics. Therefore, the game has a feature gem conversion. But it should be borne in mind that the cost of conversion may be greater than the resulting effect.

The gem can be strengthened with experience gems or other gems. However, other gems give little experience, therefore we recommend to synthesize gems of better quality from them.

General resonance and gem resonance


For the achievement of all items of equipment and jewelry on one hero of a certain level of improvement and gain, you can get not a bad increase to the BS. Resonance as in the screenshot can be seen by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the hero’s interface. Therefore, it is a wise decision to pump equipment and jewelry evenly.

The situation is similar with gems. But it takes into account the sum of all gem gain levels worn by the character.Of course, you can download with distortions, but it is cheaper and more efficient to pump the gems evenly.

Hero’s Chains

Hero's chains

Each hero can form chains with other heroes, items of equipment, ornaments, gems and artifacts. Chains significantly increase the strength of the hero and should not be neglected.

With equipment, jewelry, gems and artifacts WiseGeek.ru recommends the following tactics - you need to get the thing of the right quality as early as possible. However, you should not jump over the stage. For example, you have a blue quality outfit, then you don’t need to save for the orange thing, but first you need to gradually replace things with lilac things, and only then buy the orange thing you need first.

With chains of heroes, everything is much more complicated. Chains are formed both with the characters in the squad and with support. Therefore, you should not get rid of the orange heroes. The chain gives the effect only for the characters in the squad, for the support group there will be no effect. Especially effective is the first chain, the so-called fate of the hero.

WiseGeek.ru recommends the following tactics :

  1. To determine the characters included in the combat squad. They must be well pumped and form the maximum possible number of destinies. For example, at the initial stages of the game such a composition is recommended - Shadow Blades, Spiral Swords, Fearless Mind, Voice of Healing.
  2. Write out on a piece of paper all the heroes available who form chains with a combat squad.
  3. See how many heroes intersect, and what heroes are needed to form the maximum number of chains. These heroes need to be put in a support group. For example, for the detachment from paragraph 1, we recommend the following support composition - Captain Concordia, Trump Zero, Ice Guardian, Ice Blade Reaper, Apostle Sickle.
  4. If you got a better quality hero, then you will have to rebuild the entire party, reset the development of unnecessary heroes and pump new heroes into the party. The difference between the initial orange and red heroes is colossal. No chains compensate for this difference. Therefore, do not be sorry, but as quickly as possible rebuild the party with the red heroes in battle formation.



Support - these are 6 characters who do not appear on the battlefield, but they can and should form chains with the main squadron, thereby strengthening it. The correct selection of characters in the chain is written in another section of this article.

On the right, when choosing characters, you can see how much they can form chains. However, blindly following these recommendations is unwise.

If the sum of the levels and the BS of all the heroes of support reaches certain thresholds, then this gives another bonus to the characteristics of the main party. If everything is clear with the levels, they swing with experience books, then with BS it is more difficult. You can not wear equipment, gems or jewelry. You can download BS in several ways:

  1. Level - the book of experience.
  2. Skills - for gold.
  3. Stars are the souls of heroes.
  4. Gain - Gain Materials.
  5. Agito - materials of elevation.

However, it should be remembered that the support group BS needs to be pumped not at the expense of the main party. Since the increase in the support group BS is transmitted to combat characters only indirectly.

Forge: destruction, rebirth, synthesis and conversion


In the forge you can destroy unnecessary heroes, their souls, equipment, artifacts and artifact fragments. It should be remembered that, by destroying the listed entities, you will receive only 50% of the cost of purchasing the hero, equipment and artifact. However, you will receive almost 100% of the cost of the development of the subject / hero.

We recommend that you do not hesitate to destroy things if you have replaced it with a better one. However, we do not recommend destroying orange heroes, as they will be useful for you to form chains.

Revival works in a similar way to destruction, with only one difference, you get back all the costs associated with the development of the thing and the thing itself in its original form. You can revive any unused and developed items in the game: heroes, gems, equipment, artifacts, jewelry.

Only gems can be synthesized . From 4 gems of the same quality, 1 gem of a better quality is obtained. In this case, you have a small chance to get a double result in the synthesis.

Convert besides gems and artifacts. Since orange and red artifacts are only suitable for the respective heroes.

Shops, promotions, events

Collection and exchange of cards

Collection and exchange of cards

Despite the fact that the cards are in the "events" in terms of functionality, they are more like a simple mini-game without a fight. However, the original maps can be obtained only with the passage of the main plot. This is an added bonus. When collecting 4 cards of the same color, you will receive a certain amount of diamonds.

Cards can be exchanged and sold. But, honestly, you shouldn’t bother with it. It’s better to wait for the correct card to roll out.

Final Fantasy: Awakening - mission review

mission review

Missions give the most valuable resource - the experience of the protagonist. There are daily missions. And there are missions for the passage of a certain adventure in the story company.

The missions include a dialogue with the NPS in the course, which you will learn more about the world of Final Fantasy, its fate, plot and heroes. These dialogues are perfectly translated into Russian and distinguish this game from similar games.

Daily missions consist of 5 stages, 2 of which - the battle with enemies. The remaining 3 are entertaining adventures with dialogs and even cut-scenes. So their daily passing is a mandatory activity of a wise gamer.



Friends just find and make in the appropriate tab. Friends give each other energy and help in the exploration of the world, as well as giving energy. Therefore, WiseGeek.ru recommends deleting from friends those who abandoned the game and are friends with those who play regularly.

In the "My Friends" tab, they are sorted by the last visit to the game. We recommend to expel those who appeared in the game less than 5 days ago. And send requests to new players, thereby bringing the list of your friends to the maximum - 80 people.

Final Fantasy Awakening WIKI store: supplies, arenas, showers, alliances, equipment, Samsara and artifacts.

WIKI store

At the very beginning it should be said that all stores have limits on purchases. Shops supply and equipment are updated 1 time per day. Other stores are updated several times a day. Many stores can be upgraded for diamonds or with the help of the Update token. Tokens can only be spent in the shower shop and artifact shop.

In all stores, the sets of goods are static. And in the shower shop and the artifact shop, each update resembles a roulette - whether you can buy an artifact, go for the soul of the desired type or not.

From level 60 you can buy the soul of the red hero Rubrum L’Ci in the shower shop and the shop of Sansara.

In any store you can buy goods for diamonds. But you can spend a special currency only in the corresponding store. We recommend not to save and not to spare specialized money, but to spend it on the necessary things that increase your BS. So you can make more money.

The store has good exclusive one-time purchases when a player or an alliance reaches a certain level. Buying them is highly recommended.



Everything that you have is stored in a backpack, except souls - for them there is a separate storage place. In the interface of the backpack, you can open the chests, drink bottles and go to the appropriate interface to use things.Sometimes it is useful to know that you have accumulated too much.

Luck Roulette

Luck Roulette

Daily mini-game, reminiscent of roulette (oddly enough). It can be activated after a certain time, so do not forget to periodically look into the game.



When you reach a certain level of VIP you will be available daily gifts and weekly purchases at a discount. VIP can be raised even without investing real money - just buy a level pack in the store.



Bonuses have many useful and useful tabs. Most of them are focused on encouraging the player to put their hard-earned money into the game. Others, on the contrary, give various bonuses and gifts:

  1. Gaining power and diamonds . Twice a day at lunchtime and in the evening you can get 100 strengths and a certain amount of diamonds.
  2. Two shops. Here, with some discount you can buy things like those that are sold in a regular store, as well as exclusive products. Stores are updated regularly.
  3. Diamonds for repost. Here you should make a reservation that it is not so easy to make a repost - you need to install a special application from Facebook on your phone and log in to it. Otherwise, you will not get 100 diamonds per day. But we recommend doing repost only for yourself. Otherwise, your friends on Facebook will be stunned by the daily advertising of this game.
  4. Activity stocks. For example, you need to win a certain number of battles in the story company, or to win in the arena also the specified number of times. The rewards are not very generous here, but still it is nice to receive them.
  5. Daily rewards. Just a month you can pick up as many awards as there are days in a month. Do not miss them.

Summon hero, gems, equipment

Summon hero

During the call, you can win a random hero, gem, equipment or materials to enhance them. Each call every 10 times gives you a special reward in the form of an orange hero, a red gem or a stone to improve equipment.

All calls can be made several times a day for free and the same number of times for diamonds with a 50% discount. Wise Geek recommends using a daily free call and immediately buy a call with a 50% discount.

During some activities you can win several free calls per day. They do not affect the above free calls and appeals with a 50% discount.

The hero’s call can be the usual (green, blue and lilac heroes) and the highest (blue, lilac and orange heroes).

Daily plan


A daily plan is a great way to not forget anything and get a generous reward. We recommend doing all the activities of this plan. There is also a tab "Achievements" here is a reward for achieving some success in the game.Here you get titles that enhance your BS well.



In the settings you can see the amount of your game currency. And also find out when the character’s strength and energy will be replenished. This is important information that will let you know if your energy and strength will burn or not. The power limit increases with each level increasing by 1 unit. The energy limit does not increase. If you get strength and energy above the limit, they will not burn, just stop producing. Therefore, make sure that would not peremimit. Ways to spend them very much.

Daily entrance

Daily entrance

Every day, when you first enter, a message pops up asking you to pick up the reward. The rewards here are very good, especially on the last day / days. If you missed the game day, the rewards will not be lost, they will just wait for your return. So do not miss the game days.

The action on the red hero


Shares of the red hero - this is probably the only way to get a strong red hero.For diamonds, you get certain rewards and collect the word Final Fantasy. For collecting parts of this word, you get chests with the soul of a red hero. Therefore, save up diamonds and spend (lower) them on stocks.

Gift codes and sets in Final Fantasy: Awakening

Gift codes and sets

Gift codes, sets, diamonds and other valuable prizes are played out on the official pages of the game:



Each time the conditions of the draw change. Also on these pages are published announcements of updates and other valuable information, so I recommend to subscribe.

Kudav led codes in the game Final Fantasy Awakening. To get a surprise, you must enter a special promotional code. This can be done in the menu "Bonuses" (Benefit), which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to the "Gift Code" (Kode Hadian), where you enter the code symbols. After you have entered the data, you must confirm the operation "Exchange" (Tukar).

This is an exciting game, the developers of which periodically indulge users with good gifts. We have collected for you the freshest and available for getting promotional codes from all over the Internet.

  1. Oam0nday - 1000 Eidolon power, 50 update tokens, 2 secret exchange coupon, random orange gem.
  2. Af0600100000j2m - 200 diamonds, 1000 experimental money, 300 improvement stones.
  3. Ae0500100000xah - 200 diamonds, 10 books of experience improvement, 5 bottles of energy potion.
  4. Ag7001000003u7 - 200 diamonds, 4 scrolls of the precious lottery, 5 stones of intermediate experience.
  5. Aq0v0010000097q - 100 diamonds.
  6. Ar0w00100000b84 - 1000 Eidolon strength.
  7. As0x00100000v8n - 100 improvement stones.
  8. At0y0010000040b - 1000 experimental money.
  9. Sdfyjxt - 200 diamonds, 5 experience improvement books, 3 stamina potions.
  10. Narkxcvz - 200 diamonds, 3 ice lightning elements, 5 update tokens.
  11. Rotisfcr - 200 diamonds, 800 experimental money, 100 improvement stones.
  12. Arqimwve - 200 diamonds, 2 scrolls of the precious lottery, 3 stones of intermediate experience.
  13. Indonesiaraya - 100,000 coins, 10 books of experience improvement.
  14. Ad0400w99100ykh - 200 diamonds, 1000 Eidolon’s strength, 200 - experience books (E).
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.