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FINAL FATE TD is an Android game with a release date of 09/17/2020 from GameSword. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Codes
  2. Top Characters (Tier List)
  3. Character Leveling Guide
  4. How to Build the Best Squad?
  5. Getting new heroes in the tavern
  6. Tips for Getting Started Right
  7. Secrets of Successful Defense
  8. Story Campaign Guide
  9. Daily Challenges Guide
  10. Ancient Realm Walkthrough
  11. Dungeon Battles
  12. All the secrets of the Arena passage
  13. Mythic Hall and Avatar Battles
  14. Guild and Activity Guide
  15. How to level up VIP on quests?
  16. Most Important Benefits
  17. Events Review
  18. Prayers at Evergreen
  19. Communication, In-Game Friends
  20. Blacksmith Functions
  21. Account and Key Figures
  22. Hero’s Bag Composition
  23. Item Shop Review
  24. VIP system, best donation
  25. Conclusion

Final Fate TD: Codes

Codes (Code) give free gifts, including diamonds, materials for pumping and useful items to participate in activities. To apply the code, click on your avatar in the upper left corner and click "Redeem Pack". In the window that opens, enter the code and redeem it by clicking the blue "Redeem" button. Examples of some actual codes:

Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

Final Fate TD: Top Characters (Tier List)

Gallery and classes of heroes. All the heroes of the game are in the gallery and are sorted by class. There are five of them:

  1. Archers (bow);
  2. Sorcerers (wand);
  3. Mages (book);
  4. Warriors (sword);
  5. Deities (deity).

Available heroes are presented in color, and not received ones are in black and white. There is a general list. By clicking on a specific hero, you see his basic characteristics and can pump sympathy.

Get diamonds from the gallery for unlocking a new character. Don’t forget to go there and collect your rewards.

Hero ranks. Heroes are ranked according to four ranks: R, SR, SSR, SSSR. You start playing as R and SR-rank heroes, forming a fighting squad from them in the early stages of the game. They are subsequently replaced by SSR and SSSR heroes. The quality of the squad and the size of the rank bonuses depend on the ranks of the heroes.

What heroes should you use and download? Getting SSR-ranked heroes is easy enough in the early days of the game if you take part in newbie promotions and follow our tips for getting started right. Use SR heroes during this period, but get ready to replace them with stronger ones. It is recommended to actively download and collect SSR heroes with the prospect of collecting a squad from SSSR heroes. We recommend downloading SR-fighters only at the beginning of the game, R-heroes should not be pumped at all.

Click on "Details" in the hero card to see his characteristics, history, skills and a list of talents that will be unlocked at different levels of awakening. It also reflects the heroes with whom the character has activated proximity.

The best heroes (Tier List). The most powerful heroes in the game are deities. It is these characters of the SSSR rank that have the highest characteristics and have the effects of submission in relation to all other classes. Best team-building tactics: Gradually replace Top-4 and Top-3 heroes (table below) with Top-2 and Top-1 heroes.

SSSR-deities (Top-1)Elysia, Eris, Orion, Nero.
SSSR Heroes (Top 2)Lunara, Inari, Catherine, Yama, Azazel, Valkyrie, Vulcan, Lucia.
SSR Heroes (Top 3)Edesia, Athena, Empress, Beira, Nathair, Revi, Morgana, Leopold, Da Vinci, Angela, Apollo, Yuri.
SR-heroes (Top-4)Eve, Tara, Yutu, Umbra, Pan, Sniper Mk.II, Kid, Baal.
The SSSR deity Orion can be won in one of the newbie promotions, and the SSSR hero Vulcan can be picked up when the new server promotion is completely closed.

Final Fate TD: Character Leveling Guide

By clicking "Hero", you will be taken to the section with the heroes of the current team. For convenience, the total BR of the squad is displayed at the top of the screen (sign of crossed swords), so you can always track the progress of improvements made. Click "Improve" under the chibi image of any character to get to the main leveling menu.

Level up. To upgrade a level, click "Upgrate" in the "Improve" section. When increasing, ethers (Ether) are consumed, which come in three varieties - regular, blue and purple. Depending on its type, the ether gives experience to fill the scale of the current level of the hero. The pumping can be done once or five levels up at once.

Hero level cannot exceed player level. Level up your characters immediately as you level up your game account. It is best to improve the heroes evenly, so that all the fighters in the party are equal in strength.

Promotion and increasing the stardom (Promote). For this type of pumping, use the "essences of emptiness" (obtained in activities, in promotions, when completing daily quests and in the Daily Wish). As the scale of experience is filled, the character increases in rank, which leads to an increase in the indicators of his properties (attack, defense, health, speed). Materials can be selected manually or automatically in 1 click ("Quick Select").

Every time you reach the 3rd rank, you will need gems to carry out the promotion itself and increase the stardom of the hero. After using the gem, the character adds a star, and the pumping of the ranks of the current stardom starts again from the 1st rank. The further you advance the hero and increase his stardom, the more essences and gems you will need.

Awakening. Awakening contributes to the growth of indicators of properties, individual characteristics and skills. To awaken, you need fragments of an identical hero, or a hero of the same rank. Awakening progress is reflected in the character card with an "Ex" icon with a numerical value that shows the number of awakenings made. Each time, the requirements for fragments for awakening become more complicated.

Strengthening due to equipment. The hero uses 4 types of equipment: wand, helmet, armor and shoes. Each class has its own equipment. Men’s and women’s equipment is also different. The equipment has a different quality, while access to use opens as the account level grows. When a suitable outfit appears in the arsenal, in the cards of some heroes, on the "Equip All" button, a red dot lights up - this means that you can change your character into better outfit.

You can also change the outfit manually - to do this, click on the item and select from the list that opens with what equipment you want to replace it. Equipment of one color is a set. Strive to collect sets of equipment, because when using them, the hero receives additional increases in characteristics.

If you managed to get hold of more powerful equipment of a different color, then feel free to use it, even if it destroys the current set. High quality equipment will compensate for the loss of the bonus.

Increasing the level of equipment. The level of equipment is determined by the level of the game account x2. For example, if the account level is 36, then the maximum possible level of equipment is 72. To increase the level of all equipped equipment, click "Enhance All" in the hero card, or choose a specific type of equipment and click "Enhance". Pumping is carried out for gold.

Do not forget to pump the equipment of all heroes after increasing the level of your game account!

Reset pumping. You can reset the hero’s leveling if the need arises. To do this, click "Rebirth" in his card. When resetting, you will be returned 100% of the materials that you spent on leveling up, promoting, awakening and strengthening this character. The reset cost is 100 diamonds.

Installing runes. In total, the hero can use 5 runes. Rune slots open gradually, as the level of the game account increases:

Runes come in different levels and properties (runes of damage, crit, health, attack, speed, etc.). Depending on the choice of a particular rune, the character will receive a corresponding increase in properties. Runes are presented in the form of geometric shapes: triangles, squares and polygons. The more "corners" a rune has, the higher its level.

The red dot on the rune image indicates the possibility of replacing it with a rune of a higher quality.

Crafting runes. Crafting three low-level runes allows you to get one rune of the next level. To go to the craft, click on the runes of any hero, and then click "Go to combine". Select the runes to combine and confirm by clicking "Combine" (see screenshot above).

Sympathy boost. Sympathy is pumped in the gallery. For this improvement you need to "give" the character gifts that can be obtained in the game "Rock, Paper, Scissors". To start pumping sympathy, select a character and click on the collected gifts. The progress of improving the level of sympathy is shown by a gradually filling heart.

When the heart becomes red, the hero’s sympathy increases by 1 level, and he gets an increase in properties. After improvement, the heart changes its status and becomes colorless again, until the next pumping. The higher the liking level, the more items you need to improve.

For pumping sympathy, you get additional gifts, incl. diamonds and fragments of heroes.

Game of "Rock, Scissors, Paper". Click on any unlocked character in the Courtyard to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with him. 5 free attempts to play with each hero are available daily, then for diamonds. For the game you get items for pumping sympathy: for a win - of a higher quality, for a loss - of a lower quality. Winning progress is represented by a victory bar at the bottom of the activity screen. Upon reaching 10, 20, 30, and 40 victories, you will receive a victory chest with the best items for pumping sympathy.

For a fee of 50 diamonds, you can arrange a Free Win - a win-win game.

Additional pumping. Customize your game account to get bonuses to your squad BR. This is possible due to:

Final Fate TD: How to Build the Best Squad?

The composition of the squad and its quality. The squad consists of 8 fighters. The best composition assumes the presence in the party of 2 heroes from each class: archers, sorcerers, magicians and warriors. In terms of quality, the game distributes units into 4 types, from smallest to largest:

  1. Recommended: consisting of 4 SSR heroes and 4 SR heroes.
  2. Advanced: 8 SSR rank heroes.
  3. Expert: consisting of 4 SSSR heroes and 4 SSR heroes.
  4. Master: 8 SSSR rank heroes.

Rank bonuses. A squad of heroes of the same rank receives bonuses for the entire group of fighters:

Remember that higher ranked heroes are always stronger. If you have an SSR or SSSR rank fighter, be sure to place him in the party, even if this leads to the loss of the rank bonus. Such a character will give the unit a larger increase in BR than activating the bonus.

Submission effect. Each class of heroes is capable of increasing their damage by 20% against another specific class. This bonus is used in PvP and in boss battles and is called the "class subjugation effect" (see screenshot above). It means the following:

Deities are a special class, their subjugation effect affects all other classes, that is, they always deal 20% more damage to other heroes.

Use the experience of the ranked players to determine the placement of heroes in a battle party.

Replacing heroes in the squad. To replace a hero in a combat squad, go to the "Hero" menu and select the card of the hero you want to change. Then click "Change" on the right. You will see a list of all the heroes available. Choose your preferred one and click "Replace". The selected hero will appear in your combat squad. Keep in mind that you cannot place two identical heroes in a party.

You must have a collected pumped party for all the activities of the game. We do not recommend assembling teams for each type of activity - it is very long, costly and ineffective. It is best to have one strong team of the highest ranked fighters.

Formation building. To select a formation press "Formation" in the heroes menu. Here you can change the location in the battle party, defining the order of the move of each character. Just hold down the icon of a specific fighter and drag it to the desired location. Knowing the composition of the enemy team, you can arrange the fighters in the party so that the submission effect works on each turn. This is very useful in both PvP and PvE.

Adding support heroes. Click "Support" to add support heroes to the party and strengthen BR teams. 8% of the indicators of damage, defense, health and spell enhancement of support heroes will be added to the properties of the squad. As the level of the game account grows, you will be able to add more support heroes to the team, a total of 8. To increase the strength of support, pump the corresponding characters.

Choose to support characters with available proximity activation. You can find out about this by the "Available to activate" label in the hero list. Such characters are able to develop affection with the heroes of the squad, which further increases its BR.

The bonds of intimacy. The presence of fighters with activated proximity in a squad gives an additional increase to their properties. To see who your fighters can tie the knot with, press the "Affinity" button in the card of any hero from the squad. The menu that opens will list all the heroes of the party and possible combinations.

Try to activate as many proximity bonds as possible to maximize the BR of the squad. The inscription "Activated Affinity" at the top of the list indicates the number of active nodes (see screenshot). Remember that you can also activate bonds with support heroes.

Final Fate TD: Getting new heroes in the tavern

Summoning in the tavern is the main way to get new heroes. There are two types: regular and elite. Summoning books are used to summon and gold is paid. You can make single calls or x10 - ten calls in one click. With a shortage of books, you can pay for calls with diamonds.

Buying x10 summons in the tavern for diamonds will cost you less than purchasing ten summoning books in the store.

The usual call. Drop Chances:

Elite appeal. Drop chances:

Do not spare books and try to summon new heroes as often as possible. This is the best chance to qualitatively change the composition of the battle party, activate new rank bonuses, subordination effects and bonds of intimacy. Remember that even weak characters will come in handy to strengthen other fighters.

Hero rework and Tavern shop. Press the "Recycle" button in the Tavern to recycle the heroes of the first level you don’t need. For them you get currency for the "Shop", where you can buy fragments of heroes SSR and SSSR-ranks.

The Tavern Shop is a great way to get missing pieces to get high-ranked heroes.

Bonus heroes on the new server. The game on the new server makes it possible to get heroes for summons in the Tavern. For the first 30 Elite Summons, you are guaranteed to get a random SSR hero, and for 300 - an SSSR hero. In addition, you get 5 Elite Summons each if you complete 25, 35 and 45 Elite Summons in a row without receiving SSR heroes.

Final Fate TD: Tips for Getting Started Right

Final Fate TD is a tower defense game where you have to assemble a team of heroes to defend the world from the second coming of the Demon King. To make your journey successful and rewarding, make sure you start the game correctly and follow the rules below.

1. Think about the security of your data. When you first log in, you are prompted to link your game account to Google Play, Facebook, or use a guest account. Please note that when choosing a guest account, all game data will be saved only on the current device, and in the event of a technical failure, you risk losing it. In addition, you will not be able to transfer guest account data to another device if the need arises.

We recommend linking your account to Google Play. This is the most reliable way to save your gameplay and ensure you can continue playing on another device.

2. Select a server. After installing and logging into the application, you are automatically taken to the newest server. Servers in Final Fate TD appear with enviable regularity and are divided into 3 groups: Asian, American and European. You are taken to the server closest to you in time zone. If you think that it will be easier for you to play on servers with different time zones, then choose the preferred one in manual mode.

The correct selection of the server is very important, since access to a number of gaming activities opens at a strictly defined time. The newness of the server also matters. Start your journey on a new server - so it will be much easier for you to develop, join a good guild, get into the ratings and get more rewards.

You can adhere to the following strategy: for the purpose of "training", play on the current server for 2-3 days to understand the intricacies of passing and pumping. With the opening of a new server, go to it, and start the main path, being a prepared player.

3. Take some time to play. At the very beginning, it is very important to understand the game, go through the first stages of the campaign, open most of the activities, assemble a team and pump the heroes hard. All this will take you time that should not be wasted. That is why we advise you to start the game on a free day off in order to be as online as possible and devote yourself to the process. In the future, when you figure it out and enter the game mode, you can enter it at any convenient time.

By being active online at the beginning of the game, you will forever ensure your stable development and even be able to compete for top places in the ratings along with donators.

Final Fate TD: Secrets of Successful Defense

Detachment placement. Before the start of the battle, you see the location on which you need to place the soldiers of the squad. By pressing "Start" from different ends of the location, monsters will begin to attack. The task of the squad: to prevent the penetration of monsters into the end point with the main character and by common forces to defeat them all.

By pressing the "x3" button during the battle, you will increase the speed of movement of enemies. Use this option in easy battles when you are confident in strength and victory.

Information about the enemies. Click "Enemy info" to find out information about the enemies and their number. It evaluates the strength, health and resistance of enemies to physical and magical attacks. The "-НР" indicator is the amount of health that the enemy will take away from the final protected hero. Most of all health is taken away by bosses.

Pay special attention to the indicators of enemy resistance to different types of attacks. Against monsters with physical resistance, you need to put magicians and sorcerers, and with magic - archers and warriors.

Using artifacts (Swamp). Artifacts are relics that heroes can take into battles. There are 4 artifacts in total, to unlock them you need to go through the corresponding stages of chapters 1 and 2. Types of artifacts:

  1. Sword of the Apocalypse - releases a destructive force that hits all enemies;
  2. Eternal Banner - inspires heroes, increasing their strength;
  3. Shackles of the Abyss - capable of capturing and slowing down enemies;
  4. Thunder Engine - capable of generating thunder, destroy everything in your path.

In battle, you can choose 1 of the artifacts and, accordingly, use his skill. After collecting all 4 artifacts, you will unlock their pumping for improvement gems. Pumping artifacts will give an increase to the properties of all the heroes of the battle party.

Using different artifacts gives different bonuses that can be changed depending on the complexity of the stage.

Mana and the use of super attacks. You can see the mana replenishment scale during the battle in the upper left corner. Mana is accumulated by killing enemies, its maximum amount is 50. In battle, you use three super blows that consume mana:

  1. The first one increases the strength of the selected hero. Consumes 10 Mana;
  2. The second is freezing rain, capable of destroying enemies in a selected radius. Consumes 10 Mana;
  3. The third is the ability of the applied artifact. Consumes 30 Mana.

After using the super blow, it takes a cooldown, during this period you will not be able to use it even if you have mana.

The use of super attacks takes place in manual mode. Do not forget to react in time and spend the accumulated mana, not allowing it to burn out. This will make it easier for the fighters and finish the battle faster.

How to get through battles correctly?

1. Try a different arrangement. There is a lot of randomness in the game: the first time the squad can successfully complete the battle, and the second time it can be completely defeated. Monsters with different resistances appear randomly at the location, so you just have to figure out where and what heroes are best placed. Don’t be discouraged when you lose and keep experimenting with the squad.

You can change the placement of the heroes during the battle. Place fighters with magic or physical attacks on the points, depending on the enemies you need to fight.

2. Focus on pumping. If you cannot go through a specific battle several times in a row, then think about pumping fighters and equipment. There are many possibilities for improving the squad, and we will talk about all in this article. Upgrade your heroes, put on the best equipment and collect sets. The game is diverse in terms of promotions, events, free offers and bonuses where you can get materials for pumping. If you use all the resources, then be sure to increase the BR of the squad.

3. Do not forget about the properties of the unit. Whenever possible, form your squad so that rank bonuses and bonds of proximity are active. Read more about this in the section on team building. Bonuses increase the properties of fighters, and bonds help them better interact with each other.

4. Place the heroes correctly. Click on the hero on the position to see the radius of damage, the type of damage (physical or magical), its properties (one target or massive) and their decoding. These are very important clues to help you place your characters correctly. Keep in mind:

The "Quick Deploy" button offers automatic deployment of fighters, but we do not recommend using it. Manual construction using the above tips helps to better protect the location.

5. Use super hits correctly. Super attacks are designed to help your fighters defend themselves. Use them so that cooldowns alternate, and you always have a charged Ultimate at the ready. This is especially important in the last seconds of the battle, when single enemies can make their way to the final goal. Ice rain will help you the most here - just apply it on the last enemies.

Final Fate TD: Story Campaign Guide

To enter the story campaign, click "Conquest" at the bottom of the main screen. The campaign map is divided into chapters containing stages with 6 battles. The fourth and sixth battle is a boss fight. There are 2 difficulty modes: normal and elite. Elite stages include only one battle, while the drop in elite battles is much better. In normal battles, you spend 6 stamins, in elite battles - 12.

Stage information. Before the start of the battle, you see information about the current stage:

When passing a 3-star battle, a blitz becomes available - a repeated passage without a battle. Like normal combat, blitz consumes stamina.

Click on the heroes on the map labeled "Story". This will take you into the plot of the game with dialogues between the characters. For watching dialogs, you get diamonds.

Battle score (stars). The stars that you received after the battle are used to evaluate the success of the battle. Three stars are perfect defense when all enemies have been successfully cleared and none of them have made it to the target. Earned stars are accumulated from stage to stage. In addition to chests, for every 10 stars you can pick up Summoning Books. The total number of stars and books that can be earned is shown on the right side of the campaign screen.

Exploration of territories. Send heroes to explore unlocked areas of the map. Depending on the character you choose, you will receive rewards: various shards and materials for pumping. The further along the map you have advanced, the more heroes you can send on the way.

To start the exploration press the "Explore" button on the map, enter the menu, select the hero and press "Explore" again to start the countdown. The research takes 12 hours. To collect your rewards, click "Claim". There is the possibility of collecting double the amount of rewards for 200 diamonds, but this is a waste of premium currency.

Being busy with research has no effect on the hero’s battles in a combat party.

Auto collection of awards. Collect the rewards for the previous stages by clicking on the chest on the right in the campaign section. Auto accumulation is valid for 12 hours. The rate of accumulation per hour and the value of rewards depend on the distance of the campaign stages. Among them: experience for the account, gold, materials for promotion and gems.

Log in to the campaign at least once every 12 hours to collect your rewards. Outside this limit, they stop accumulating.

Bounty Awards. In the Bounty activity, you are invited to find some items during the campaign stages and get a reward for this. To participate, go to Bounty and read the conditions for receiving the prize. If you are not satisfied with the prize, click "Refresh" to change it. Click on the items. You will be presented with a list of campaign stages where you can get them. Select a stage and play the battle - manually or in blitz. When you collect all the items, the "Submit" button will become active to receive the Bounty prize. You have 5 attempts to participate in the activity per day.

Final Fate TD: Daily Challenges Guide

There are currently 6 daily challenges in the game. Access to them opens as the level of the game account increases or depending on the days spent in the game. Call types:

  1. Rumble. Fight with teams of other players to assign their hero badges and get rare runes as rewards.
  2. World Boss. Challenge the world server boss for hitting the damage rating. Battles bring you rewards with hero shards, gold and items for pumping;
  3. Universe Conflict. Opens on the 3rd day of the online game. Set up a defense team to take part in battles against other players. You get 60 points for a victory, and 30 points for a defeat. The rank in the rating is determined by the number of points. Ranked rewards are awarded at the end of the season. The season lasts 7 days.
  4. Realm War. Opens on the 11th day of the online game. You can win the title "Creator", shards of SSSR-rank heroes and rare runes;
  5. Hero’s Saga. Opens on the 7th day of server opening. You can win SSSR-rank hero fragments (available heroes change periodically), as well as materials for pumping them;
  6. Treasure Maze. It opens upon reaching the 50th level of the game account. Gives you the opportunity to get treasures and materials for pumping.


Rumble is one of the PvP arenas where you fight teams of other players’ heroes. Each battle spends 4 units of revival (Eduarance). The maximum amount of respawn available is 30. 1 unit of revival is restored every 30 minutes. You can restore the revival ahead of time by using takoyaki (there is a free attempt for diamonds).

If none of the proposed opponents suits you according to BR, click "Refresh" to choose your preferred one. Always choose opponents with lower BR. Rumble battles can be skipped by clicking "End now".

For victories in battles, you get a currency - hero badges. If you win, you get 10% of the opponent’s hero icons (maximum you can win 100 icons), and if you lose, you lose 10% of your icons. Hero badges are used in the Rumble store, which sells runes of various rarities.

Spend hero badges in the shop and don’t save them. Otherwise, your reserves will constantly be lost to strong winning opponents.

Depending on the total size of the won hero badges, you additionally receive reward chests with runes. All battle records are displayed in the battle report ("Log"). From here, you can take revenge on your offenders by pressing "Revenge", but do not get carried away with revenge - if the BR of your squad is less than that of the defeating enemy, you will lose anyway and waste your revival.

World Boss

The World Boss Battle season runs every 3 days and ends at 22:00 on the last day. The next season starts at 8.00 the next day. In the period from 22.00 to 08.00 the competition is not available. In this battle, you need to fight the world boss to get into the damage rating. Your combat squad takes part in the battle. The battle ends with the death of the last fighter. You get 3 types of rewards for boss battles:

  1. For ongoing calls. Rewards are given for the first 3 boss battles during the day. Attempts are reset at 00.00.
  2. For the damage done. Rewards for reaching aggregate damage thresholds. Among them are gold and shards of SSSR heroes. All achievements are reset when the next season is closed.
  3. Ranking awards. Rewards sent by mail at the end of the season (after 10 pm on the last day). Depends on the place in the overall server damage rating.
Press the "Skip Battle" button to skip the battle. The system will automatically calculate the damage done by the team, and you will immediately receive a challenge reward.

Final Fate TD: Ancient Realm Walkthrough

The Ancient Realm is a 300-story tower with bosses. Your team moves from floor to floor, "cleaning" the area. With each floor, the power of enemies grows, as do the rewards for defeating them. Depending on the prizes, there are several types of Old Kingdom towers.

Before the battle. By clicking "Challenge", you see a window before the battle, where the enemy and possible prizes for a successful challenge are indicated. Check the box next to "Skip battle" to skip the battle and see the results immediately. If you want to fight, just press "Challenge" again.

Battle. The battle takes place in automatic mode and represents alternate fights of the party’s heroes with the current enemy. At the bottom of the screen, you see health bars. You can increase the speed of the battle and end the battle ahead of schedule by clicking "End now".

Activate rank bonuses and submission effects to successfully close battles on each floor!

Blitz. Blitz are rewards for completing floors of the Old Kingdom. Every day you can get two free blitz, and then you will have to pay diamonds.

Additional rewards. In addition to the main prizes for defeating the enemy, you get additional rewards for clearing every five floors (fragments of SSR heroes and diamonds). To claim your prizes, click "Clear Reward" on the main activity screen. The higher the floor, the more you get.

Final Fate TD: Dungeon Battles

Dungeon battles are a source of experience, gold, and artifacts. Depending on the resources mined, dungeons have 3 types. Any dungeon can be completed 2 times a day. One playthrough consumes 12 stamins.

Complexity. Each dungeon has five difficulty levels:

The first difficulty is initially open, the subsequent ones are unlocked as the level of the game account increases.

Assessment of the passage. As in the campaign, dungeon combat is rated based on the number of stars earned. Three stars - a successful battle in which none of the monsters were able to get to the destination. Two and One Stars - an unsuccessful passage in which you could not cope with the influx of enemies.

When you complete a three-star dungeon, blitz becomes available to you - automatically receiving rewards without going through a battle.

Battle. The difficulty of the dungeon determines the trajectory of the monsters’ movement around the location. On normal difficulty, enemies move in a straight line, and the squad heroes are on either side of the path. The exception is the artifact dungeon: in it the heroes stand in a maze, the enemies move along two paths (see screenshot).

You can try to complete the 3-star dungeon as many times as you like. If you lose, the chance of passing is not counted!

Final Fate TD: All the secrets of the Arena passage

How to choose opponents? There are 5 attempts to call in the Arena per day. You must fight the players above you in the rankings to take their place. This is how the leaderboard is formed. The indicator for selecting opponents is the team’s BR. Power counts accurately in Final Fate TD, so if you pick an opponent with a high BR, you will most likely lose. To avoid wasting fighting attempts, challenge opponents with lower BR. Press "Challenge" to go to battle.

In the absence of suitable opponents, you can fight the players who are in the rating below you. You can conduct full fights or use blitz x5 to automatically spend five summons.

Battle. Battles in the Arena are no different from battles in the Old Kingdom and Rumble. Your team fights in auto mode with the opponent’s heroes, each hero strikes in turn. The health bars below show the winner. You can increase the speed of the battle and skip it (button "End Now") after 5 seconds. battle. For winning you get gladiator’s coins and take the place of your opponent in the ranking.

In the "Log" you can see the statistics of battles: the number of victories, defeats and movement on the rating table.

Awards. As you accumulate 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 gladiator’s coins, you gain access to the arena chests. Each chest contains good rewards, including shards of heroes. Accordingly, you will open the most valuable chest for 50 coins.

Be sure to spend all five attempts at Arena battles. Try to climb the rankings as high as possible to ensure you receive a daily influx of ranked rewards.

Rating. On the "Ranking" tab you can see the rating of the Arena. Players from 1st to 10th place daily receive fragments of heroes (places from 1 to 5 are SSSR heroes, places from 6 to 10 are SSR heroes), and the first three participants are given titles. Also, all 5000 players in the rating receive gladiator coins.

The rating is not only a showcase of the best of the best, but also an opportunity to earn gold. Like the players you like. For every like you get 1K gold coins. You can put 10 likes in total.

Final Fate TD: Mythic Hall and Avatar Battles

Who are the Avatars? The Avatar is the strongest player in the event that other players are fighting against in the Mythic Hall. Each Avatar is valid for 5 days and then retreats, regardless of victory or defeat. The next Avatar is the player who inflicted the most damage on the previous Avatar. He also receives the honorary title "Avatar". The event takes place daily, from 20.00 to 20.25. The full cycle of the event is 5 days.

If you are unable to take part in the event at the specified time, you can set up an autoboy for 50 diamonds. Then your team will enter the battle on their own.

Awards. The more damage the player deals to the current Avatar, the higher he rises in the rating and the more rewards he receives at the end of the event. Among them are shards of SSSR heroes and the currency for exchange - sacred tokens. Dealing lethal damage to an Avatar grants an additional 2000 Sacred Tokens. A player who maintains Avatar status for more than two seasons will receive the title of "Avatar of the Kingdom."

When an Avatar player goes online, all players on the server receive a notification to their game mail. Do not forget to check it at least one hour before the start of the event.

Guild awards. The more damage the members of one guild inflict on the Avatar, the more rewards the community will receive (warrior coins). Guild members who did not damage the Avatar will not receive rewards. Also, members who left the guild do not have it. Players who become Avatars receive an additional guild rank reward.

Vote. Vote for the participants in the damage rating. If the person you voted for takes first place in today’s rating, then you will receive an award. You can vote from 00.00 to 20.10 for players from the Top 3 of yesterday’s rating. You cannot vote after the event starts.

Final Fate TD: Guild and Activity Guide

Joining a guild. Find the right guild by browsing the various rankings and studying the recruitment chat messages. It is very important to be in an active, strong guild. Only such a community will help develop in the game, receive additional rewards for guild activities and earn more guild coins for pumping heroes.

Join a guild whose members speak the same language as you. This will make it easier for you to communicate and coordinate your actions.

Guild activity. Guild activity depends on the activity of its members. Each stamina used by a member adds one point of guild activity. The maximum amount of activity that 1 member can bring to the guild daily is 600 units. If a member leaves the guild, all the activity that he brought to the community is reset. New members of the guild can invest in the replenishment of activity only after 24 hours have passed from the entry.

If you see that there is bad activity in your guild, change it urgently, do not linger in unpromising communities.

Praise. With the help of guildmates, you can get additional stamina through praise. To do this, select from the list of participants the one you want to praise (the "Praise" button). Please note that his level cannot be lower than yours. 1 attempt is available per day. There are two types of praise:

Spend your daily attempts at praise and keep them from burning out. The more stamin, the better!

Guild shop. Buy equipment in the store using the guild coins you earn. Keep in mind that you can buy 1 item only 1 time per day. When you leave the guild, your coins do not disappear and remain with you. You can spend them in the new guild shop.

Astral kingdom. To pick up prizes in the Astral Realm, you need to present the three most powerful heroes from three players of the same guild. In this case, the Astral Kingdom will unlock its gifts (gold, guild coins, etc.), and all three participants will be able to receive them. One receipt attempt is available per day. To participate in the activity, click in the guild menu "Astral Realm" and click on an empty slot. Your hero with the highest BR will automatically take it.

Even if you’ve spent your reward attempt, you can still re-place the hero to help those who haven’t yet participated. The higher the BR of placed heroes, the more rewards you will be able to get in the Astral Realm.

Guild dungeon. All guild members must take part in cleaning the dungeon - this is the only way to defeat the monsters living there. There are 2 attempts per day for each one. You can fight in the dungeon alternately. At the same time, enemies will not restore HP between battles.

In this activity, you are given 1.5 minutes to form a formation and 60 seconds to fight. In battle, 200 mana is provided for the use of super attacks. The enemies themselves go in a circle, you and your heroes need to make the best use of all opportunities in order to clean up as much as possible. For the battles fought, guild coins are given and the damage rating is formed. The participant who takes the first place in the rating receives an increased reward. If guild members can clear the entire dungeon within 7 days, they will receive additional prizes.

Guild Guardian. The Guardian is a deity that gives guild members additional buffs when completing a dungeon, guild war and other guild activities. To maintain strength and increase experience, offerings must be brought to the guard. There are 3 types of guards, each of which gives different buffs. Every day at 20.30, the guard loses some of its strength, while the more powerful guard always loses more. The guild needs to monitor the replenishment of the guard’s strength. As soon as the guard receives the required amount of experience, he grants the guild members a divine aura that increases the characteristics of their skills.

Final Fate TD: How to level up VIP on quests?

Daily quests are collected in the "Quests" section on the left sidebar. In general, they are a list of all the activities of the game and serve as a reminder of what you need to go through every day. Also, for completing quests, you get additional rewards, experience and activity points, which are necessary to collect the most important prizes.

Getting VIP points. The system for issuing rewards for completing daily quests provides for the accumulation of activity points. You get them for each completed task. As you accumulate 30, 60, 90, and 120 points, you unlock premium reward chests. The most valuable chest is given for accumulating 120 activity points: among the prizes there are summon books, keys and 600 VIP points for your VIP level.

Be sure to complete all daily quests in order to get the last chest with VIP points. This way you can raise your VIP-level and provide yourself with access to more gaming privileges without donation!

Types of daily quests. These include:

By clicking "Go" opposite the quest task, you will automatically be taken to the desired activity.

Major game achievements. In the "Main" tab of the "Quests" section, the most important game achievements are listed, for which you can also take additional rewards. Unlike quests, achievements are not reset daily and provide for the issuance of prizes when the player reaches the next threshold in a particular activity. The main rewards are diamonds, gold, summoning books. Types of achievements:

Final Fate TD: Most Important Benefits

By clicking "Benefits" on the left sidebar, you will be taken to the section of game bonuses. When used correctly, you will receive additional rewards and benefits.

Sign-In bonus. Don’t confuse this bonus with the 7 Day Newbie Entry Promotion. The latter is a temporary event that ends for new players after the first 7 days of online. Sign-In (daily login) is permanent and gives gifts for every first login to the game within 30 days. After you have received all the prizes, the Sign-In is updated and starts issuing prizes from the beginning.

There are 3 types of prizes for daily entry: regular prizes, super prizes and top prizes. You are guaranteed to receive regular gifts. To receive super prizes, you need to purchase a monthly privilege card, and to receive the highest prizes for daily entrance, you will need a special pass, which can be purchased for donation.

Login rewards are calculated based on the number of days spent in the game. Character Creation Day is the first day. All three types of awards are updated at the same time.

Stamina replenishment bonus (Daily Ramen). Here you get a free ramen to replenish your stamina supplies. There are 3 top-up chances per day:

All times shown are GMT. Depending on the VIP level achieved, the number of attempts to obtain ramen increases. If you missed the time to receive the next portion, you can still restore it and pick up the ramen, but for diamonds.

Try to collect all your ramen for free without spending diamonds. To do this, set an alarm or a reminder to enter the game on time.

Daily Wish bonus. Make up to 7 daily wishes in the Daily Wish to collect additional free rewards. Stamina is spent for the wishes made. To receive the reward, follow the algorithm:

  1. Spend 30 Stamins to open the Daily Wish slot. The maximum number of open slots available is determined by your VIP level.
  2. Place one of the prizes (wishes) offered below in the open cells and confirm your choice. You cannot change one desire for another.
  3. Collect your chosen prize the next day.
Keep in mind that the best and most valuable prizes are usually located on the left of the selection bar. Strive to win the most prestigious awards.

Final Fate TD: Events Review

In Final Fate TD, temporary promotions regularly start in which you can win great prizes (including SSSR heroes and the best equipment) or purchase the desired goods at huge discounts. Stock icons appear on the right side of the main screen as well as in the Events section (left sidebar). Conditionally, shares can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Login-related: here you will receive prizes for online;
  2. In-game purchases: various temporary offers for donators;
  3. In-game activities: Limited time promotions for completing in-game challenges for rewards.

Below are examples of the most popular gaming promotions.

7 days login. Traditional 7-day entry promotion. Starts at the beginning of the game and gives a good start to beginners. Here, for daily online, you pick up great gifts, including summoning books (for the 3rd and 6th day), as well as the SSR hero (for the 2nd day).

Don’t forget to stop by and receive your 7-Day Entry Gifts. This is a great opportunity to acquire strong heroes, the necessary materials for pumping and equipment.

New server event. This new server offer is divided into 7 days. During each day, you are invited to complete a set of quests and make a series of purchases for diamonds. For completing each task, you get points, filling them with the overall progress bar of the action.

Once you reach a certain point threshold, you are entitled to great rewards, the highest of which is an SSSR Hero of Vulcan rank! Action quests are the usual passage of game activities, in other words, development in the game. To start execution, select a specific task and click "Go" - you will automatically go to the desired activity.

Limited Recruit Event. During this event, you are awarded 10 points for each call, and 100 points for the x10 call. This is how the summoning points rating is formed. At the end of the event, players who took places 1-10 of the rating are awarded from one to two random heroes of the SSSR-rank and SSR-rank. Players who finish in places from 11 to 30 receive fragments of SSSR-rank heroes. Players with at least 100 points receive an additional reward: an Elite Hero’s Tome.

Final Fate TD: Prayers at Evergreen

Evergreen is an evergreen tree that produces a harvest of gold and sometimes diamonds. In order for Evergreen to generate resources, you need to send messengers to it to perform prayer.

Collection of resources. To collect gold, click on the bubbles. Please note that the storage time for gold in the bubble is maximum 5 hours. The production size depends on the account level.

Collect bubble gold in time! Otherwise, it will stop accumulating and you will lose your resource.

Making wishes. At Evergreen, you can make 7 wishes and receive for each additional gifts - gold, diamonds or power-ups for heroes. To make a wish, press the "Wish" button. The first wish is free, the rest are paid for with diamonds, and each subsequent one is more expensive than the last.

Prayers at Evergreen Friends. Send messengers to your friends’ Evergreen to earn extra prizes. This can be done both from the friends menu and directly from Evergreen. Click on "Visit" and select the friends to whom the messengers will go to pray for 8 hours.

After the end of the prayer, you pick up the reward - gold and diamonds. Likewise, friends’ messengers come to your Evergreen. To view the attendance log, click "Earning Log" - here you can see who visited you and who you visited. You can make up to 10 visits per day.

Final Fate TD: Communication, In-Game Friends

Add friends in the game to chat, share your gaming experience and get additional prizes. The friends button is at the bottom of the home screen (second row, second button from the left).

How do I add friends? The limit of friends on the account is 50 people. You can add them as in the game chat, for example, by sending the message "Add me", or a specific player by his ID.

It is best to add friends who are equal to you in account development - close to your level or higher. Successful players are more likely to be online, so they will send you flowers and visit your Evergreen every day. Inactive players (offline for more than 2 days) should be removed to make room for new friends.

Giving flowers. When you give flowers to your friends (the "Flowers" button), your stamina supplies increase. You can give from 1 to 99 flowers (see screenshot). You have 1 attempt to give flowers to a specific friend per day. Likewise, friends give flowers to you. Gift cost:

Giving flowers is one of the types of daily quests, do not forget to complete it!

Final Fate TD: Blacksmith Functions

By clicking on "Blacksmith", you find yourself in the forge, where you can not only craft equipment, but also open chests with gifts.

Mystery Chest. There are 3 types of chests: purple, gold and orange. The color of the chest determines the quality of the equipment that can be obtained from it. Before opening chests, you must win them in various activities and promotions. You will also need keys, which are also obtained during the game. Each type of chest has its own keys.

Win chests and open them at the forge. This is one of the fastest ways to get good gear for your team members.

Equipment crafting. In the "Craft Gear" tab, crafting takes place - getting new equipment. There are 4 slots here that should be filled with items of ammunition: every 4 items of the same quality can be combined into 1 item of higher quality. As a result of crafting, a random type of equipment is obtained. Thus, even if you reforged a wand or helmet, you can end up with shoes or armor.

When crafting pumped equipment, you get back all the gold and diamonds that you used to improve and advance.

Final Fate TD: Account and Key Figures

Main characteristics. Data representing your current position in the game is always shown at the top of the main screen (see screenshot above). Numerical designations:

  1. VIP level;
  2. Player level with a percentage scale of experience accumulation;
  3. Affordable stamina;
  4. BR squad;
  5. Major game currencies.

VIP level. The VIP-level determines the amount of privileges provided by the game, additional prizes and opportunities for purchasing high-ranking equipment. By clicking on the VIP indicator, you will be taken to the in-game store. Read more about the VIP system in the dedicated section of the article.

Player level. With the right amount of experience, the player’s level rises. Experience progress is indicated by a percentage scale. As the level rises, new activities in the game open up. Also, according to the level of the game account, the current threshold for pumping your heroes and equipment is determined - they cannot have a higher level.

Stamina (endurance). Stamina is consumed during activities. The available amount of stamina is displayed in the upper right corner. The more difficult the test, the more stamina will be spent on it. The total size of the available stamina depends on the player’s level. The spent stamina is replenished over time. It can also be replenished early by using portions of ramen.

BR squad. The BR indicator of the unit (a sign in the form of crossed swords) is of great importance when choosing an enemy in PvP battles. In this game, it is determined precisely - if you see that your opponent’s BR is lower than yours, then you will definitely defeat him. And vice versa.

Account settings. By clicking on the icon in the upper left corner, you will be taken to the player’s account. Here you can change the name, skin and title of the main character, link your account to Google Play, turn on / off music and sound effects, contact support and change the language (Chinese and English are available).

Major currencies. There are 2 main currencies in the game:

  1. Gold. Earned in various gaming activities. Used for pumping heroes and shopping in stores;
  2. Diamonds. Premium currency available for donation and as a reward. Needed to purchase high quality items.
Check your game mail regularly. It receives awards for many activities, gifts from developers and game news.

Final Fate TD: Hero’s Bag Composition

Tabs. The bag contains everything that you use while playing. Loot, rewards and bonuses go there. To go to the bag, click the "Bag" icon at the bottom of the main screen. The bag has 6 tabs:

  1. Heroes: collected heroes, divided into classes;
  2. Gear: All equipment. The inscription "Equipped" on the equipment icon means that the hero is equipped and used;
  3. Items: All in-game items, incl. suitable for synthesis. A red dot on an item’s icon indicates the possibility of transforming it into a specific thing (for example, you can get a level 3 rune from a random rune);
  4. Treasure: treasures obtained by you during the passage of activities;
  5. Runes (Rune): all the runes that you can use to equip your heroes;
  6. Shard: All looted Hero and Equipment Shards.

Synthesis of heroes and equipment. Having accumulated the required number of fragments, carry out their synthesis to obtain a specific or random hero / equipment. The possibility of synthesis is indicated by the inscription "Craftable" on the icon of the corresponding fragment. Just click on it and confirm the synthesis (buttons "Combine" - "Confirm"). The received hero / equipment will automatically move to the desired section of the bag.

When crafting is available, the "Craftable" inscription also appears on the "Bag" icon.

Final Fate TD: Item Shop Review

The in-game store is represented by six tabs:

  1. Heroes. Purchase of heroes of SSR and SSSR-ranks for the currency obtained during the processing of heroes in the tavern;
  2. Diamonds. Purchase of materials for pumping heroes, increasing sympathy and other items for diamonds;
  3. Arena (Arena). Purchase of summoning books, diamonds, fragments of heroes and equipment for the Arena currency - gladiator’s coins;
  4. Rumble. Purchase of runes for hero icons obtained in the Rumble arena;
  5. Avatar. Acquisition of fragments of heroes for sacred tokens;
  6. Cross-server. Purchase high quality gear with the currency of cross-server battles.
Spend in-game currencies to purchase fragments of heroes, since they are the most difficult to get in activities. Track the assortment of the store, buy the missing fragments to synthesize new heroes and awaken the existing ones. If there is an excess of any currency, purchase materials for pumping. Currency is not worth saving - use it in a timely manner, for the benefit of game progress.

Final Fate TD: VIP system, best donation

VIP benefits. You earn VIP points by completing daily quests and making in-game purchases with real money. Depending on the number of VIP points, your VIP level rises, which gives excellent privileges, including:

Reaching a new VIP level, you also receive all the privileges of the previous level. To access the VIP benefits section, click on your VIP level at the top of the main screen.

Buy the equipment you want and items available at a discount at the VIP level. This is a good opportunity to purchase valuable items at the best possible price.

Gifts for VIP players. VIP players receive free gifts every day, the quality of which depends on their VIP level ("VIP Benefit" button). Gifts can be obtained in double the amount by paying a certain amount of diamonds.

Don’t forget to go to the VIP section every day to collect your prizes.

First payment bonus. Your first donate will be generously rewarded: you will be presented with an SSR hero and a set of equipment for him. In addition, for 8 days you will receive crystals and summoning books to your in-game mail.

Privilege cards. One of the best types of donation in the game is buying privilege cards (the "Perk" button). There are three types: weekly, monthly and unlimited. For purchasing you get diamonds and summoning books:

Purchasing diamonds with Privilege Cards is a cost-effective way to top up premium currency.

Play sets, packs. The game sells many game sets with various items, and you can buy them with huge discounts of 1000% and even pick up some things for free. All offers are limited, start as temporary promotions and have a purchase limit. Current offer icons appear on the right side of the home screen.

Track offers of temporary promotions to buy required items (diamonds, summon books, equipment, etc.) at the lowest prices. For purchases of game sets, you also receive VIP points.

Final Fate TD: Conclusion

Final Fate TD is a rather interesting game with a plot, nice detailed drawing and beautiful characters. The vertically oriented screen is very convenient for playing with one hand, for example, on public transport or on the street. The application itself does not freeze, loads quickly, does not make you wait long when switching between activities, and moderately consumes the smartphone’s battery.

The small disadvantages include many activities, coupled with the lack of translation of the game into Russian, but do not worry, because our article will always come to your aid! Refer to the advice and explanations of the Wise Geek to quickly understand all the nuances of Final Fate TD, wisely pump your heroes and become the leaders of the server.

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.