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Final Gear WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Final Gear (Developer: Komoe Technology Limited) is an RPG where you act as a commander and send heroes on missions to conflict zones. Game mechanics: getting and pumping characters, their combat equipment (mechs), forming squads and conducting battles in PvE, PvP format. The game is distinguished by a huge selection of heroes, their beautiful drawing in anime style, the presence of a variety of robotics, addictive gameplay.


  1. Tier List
  2. Cheats (promotional codes)
  3. A Beginner’s Guide
  4. Hero Leveling Guide
  5. Forming Squads, Equipping Characters
  6. Guide for getting new heroes
  7. Undertaking Costume Design
  8. Combat System Guide
  9. Story Missions
  10. Conflict Zone Battles
  11. Evelynn story walkthrough
  12. Conducting temporary events
  13. Requests
  14. Plan of Blacark
  15. Friends in the game, their addition and meaning
  16. Setting Up the Hall of Fame, Conducting a Quiz (Quiz)
  17. Is It Worth Playing?

Final Gear: Tier List

Based on the opinions of top players, we have prepared a Tier List and ranked the best heroes of the game in several quality levels. Use this list as a guide when composing your battle squads to include only the strongest pilots recommended by the gaming community.

SS-level (the best heroes)

If you have these pilots, you can safely go through any activity with them. They are really very strong, have effective skills and are sure to bring you a lot of victories.

1. Nova. Great for protracted battles in the later stages of the game, as it can deal more damage while decreasing its own stamina. Can summon minions to inflict a lot of additional damage on opponents. Grants itself attacking damage boost and critical damage boost buffs. Even if she does not have a personal mech, she can perform impressively on the battlefield.

2. Taysia. Thanks to its ability to inflict colossal damage on one target, it is great for boss battles. Her first skill deals almost 3000% damage to a single target, and her 4 skill adds up attack and attack speed by 1.5% per hit to 75%! The abilities of this pilot are so high that it is likely that she will retain her place in the SS-level of the Tyr-List even after the appearance of UR-rank characters in the game.

3. Rin. This pilot is the new top DPS hero, along with the fighters mentioned above. Rin kills mobs very quickly, dealing massive massive damage. In addition, it has good potential in boss battles, provided that all mobs are defeated in advance. Her active skill deals an impressive 1750% attack damage. Rin leaves Sakura’s markings, providing the pilot with 80% damage, increased critical strike and other useful abilities, including health regeneration when dealing damage. The maximum number of tags can be up to 20. Thus, Rin is a melee striker pilot, characterized by high durability and colossal damage.

4. Shmily. It is considered to be the best healer in the game. The fourth skill, Shmily, is able to restore HP in the amount of the target’s general health. If you pick her a mech with a high attack speed, for example, Mesiola with high critical strike parameters, then Shmily will be able to heal even more and faster. Does not currently possess personal fur.

5. Solveig. The best tank in the game, starting with the Japanese and Chinese versions. Grants all allies a shield and reduces damage taken by 40% for 15 seconds. Due to low energy costs, he can often use his active skill and even dodge for a random teammate every 6 seconds. Make Solveig a part of your battle squad and provide it with immense durability.

S-tier (best heroes)

Worthy fighters of your fighting squad, with whom you will definitely show impressive results in most activities. Use them before the SS-tier heroes appear in the collection.

1. Viorate. An excellent ranged fighter and one of the best damage dealers. Has a 50% passive energy recharge buff along with the first skill, which gives a total of 1000% of total damage. With his personal mech, Mesiola, Viorate can attack enemies with a high attack speed, often inflicting a decay effect on them. This effect causes the target to take up to 50% of Viorate’s attack every second, allowing the latter to deal massive damage.

2. Snowy. This pilot has high support skills, incl. ignoring protection. Every 15 seconds, Snowy gives a random buff to all of its allies. These buffs include: + 20% Damage, + 16% Critical Strike, + 16% Dodge Chance, + 32% Hit, + 48% Critical Strike, and + 2.4% Lifesteal. Snowy is capable of inflicting huge damage on its own, so it is beneficial to place it both as part of a damage distribution squad and as part of a support squad.

3. Elizabeth. Has amazing support skills that give her squad the buff to increase attack, increase the chance of a critical hit, and increase attack speed. This buff can be activated with her 4th skill every 10 seconds. Elizabeth’s second skill gives allies 15% attack. Elizabeth’s third skill provides a 6% attack speed buff and a 10% critical hit chance. General buffs are up to 36% increased attack, 31% increased critical strike chance, and 6% increased attack speed. If Elizabeth fights with her personal mech, she will significantly increase her own damage.

4. Sumora. Great tank. Provides up to 99% enemy damage reduction and massive movement acceleration for allies. Unfortunately, this effect only lasts 5 seconds.

5. Nia. It gives average damage indicators, has an excellent mass damage skill. Her normal attacks deal an additional 30% piercing damage. There is a chance to stun enemies. Nia’s passive skills increase the critical hit chance for lost health. This pilot is great for quickly killing low HP mobs.

A-level (good heroes)

Tier A pilots are not as good as Tier SS and S fighters, but they are still able to prove themselves worthy in the early and middle stages of the game, showing successful resistance in both normal battles and in boss battles.

1. Danngo. This pilot can deal double damage to enemies under 50% health. Possesses passive skills that provide many buffs and increase damage. Danngo is a reliable fighter, but her active skills are not so impressive, so she cannot get to the higher levels of the Tier List.

2. Aya Kujou. An excellent fighter with average damage indicators. Since Ayu can be obtained quickly enough at the beginning of the game, she is able to become an excellent hero for beginners and go through many activities with you, up to the middle stages. Her passive skills provide the ability to quickly recharge energy. The downside of this hero is a very low damage multiplier from an active skill.

3. Viola. Can be called the second best healer in the game after Shmily. For this pilot to be most effective, use a quick-charge weapon. Unfortunately, Viola doesn’t have a personal fur.

4. Natasha. Natasha is a very good support hero as she can give a random ally a 25% attack boost. Natasha also gives a passive 10% attack speed increase for the entire squad. Meanwhile, the damage from her skills is pretty weak.

5. Margaret. Margaret can be called an "attack tank". She pulls enemies into one point, while other fighters can deal massive damage to them with their active skills. Margaret gains invulnerability for 10 seconds before dying, restoring 30% of her health.

6. Evelyn. You will be able to quickly level up Evelyn from the first days of the game, since you will receive her personal mech in the action for newbies. This will significantly increase the power of the squad in which it will be involved. Evelyn is a very good fighter. She is capable of inflicting impressive damage, taking over the functions of a tank and holding back a lot of enemy damage to allies.

7. Coreleah. Has the ability to "taunt" enemies, which reduces their damage by 20%. In general, all her skills are aimed at reducing enemy damage. A very good, decent tank.

8. Flavia. Medium quality fighter. Can increase its own critical strike by 100%. Also has a stunning effect. Her passive skills are capable of greatly increasing her damage output. Regardless, Flavia’s active skills are pretty weak.

9. Favia. Medium quality fighter. Her active skill is capable of inflicting a very weak effect of long-term damage on opponents. Favia can also deal additional damage to protected enemies, completely ignoring their shields. This ability makes her a worthy unit for clearing out enemy reinforcements.

10. Bernadette. One of the best pilots you can get as additional rewards for playing activity. The same goes for her personal fur. Initially, Bernadette’s active skill deals low area damage, but her passive skills can significantly increase it. Bernadette’s fourth passive gives her a chance to deal 4 times the initial damage, while the second passive further increases this chance if a debuff is applied to the target.

11. Illeheath. A worthy member of the support squad, able to give allies 30% energy recharge. In addition, it can increase the critical strike chance of allies.

B-level (valid heroes)

In case you were unable to equip your squads with the above heroes, use the heroes from the B-level. They cannot be called excellent fighters, but they can make up replacements until they get better pilots.

1. Murasaki. A fairly durable tank that can deploy a shield, reflecting up to 420% of the received damage back to the attacker. Unfortunately, Murasaki’s useful skills are limited to this. She does not have the effect of taunt and provocation, which could be very useful for the entire squad.

2. Cynthia. Deals pretty good area damage thanks to its active skill. Her critical hits restore 6% of her own energy. Cynthia’s passive skill significantly improves her damage per second.

3. Alexa. This pilot does not have a personal mech that could significantly improve her performance. Alexa can dramatically increase her attack power, attack speed, and critical strike chance. In general, Alexa has very good potential, so when her personal mech appears in the game, she may well be at higher levels of the Tier List.

4. Leigh. When positioned correctly, she can use her Ultimate every 5 seconds. Thanks to the third skill and the personal mech, Leigh’s energy regen is increased by a total of 40%. Despite the fact that Leigh’s active skill is rather weak, she can effectively spam enemies at the expense of her abilities.

5. Aita. A unit that deals weak area damage. Can increase the critical hit rate of allies and endow itself with various buffs that increase damage. In general, her fighting abilities are of average quality.

Final Gear: Cheats (promotional codes)

How do I redeem a code? Cheats give you the opportunity to receive generous bonuses from the developers. To redeem the code, go to Settings (button "Settings") and click the bottom button "Enter Activation Code" in the menu that opens. Then enter the code itself, observing the rules of lower and upper case, and do not forget to click "Confirm".

Examples of codes (promo codes). All codes have a limited expiration date and periodically expire. To be aware of the emergence of new codes and to use them promptly, we recommend subscribing to the official game page on Facebook - as a rule, this is where the latest information about new developer promotions appears. Examples of valid codes:

Final Gear: A Beginner’s Guide

The plot of the game. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which the Earth was turned into ruins due to a collision with a meteor. The survivors were able to restore the planet thanks to special technologies, and now manage affairs with the help of three factions. Representatives of the factions are beautiful female Mech pilots who are engaged in resolving conflicts and guarding important objects. You are the captain, commanding pilots and sending them into battle.

What do you need to do in the game? You need to play gacha, get new heroes, pump them up and go through battles: stages of the story campaign, daily missions, escorts, various tasks and boss fights. All battles are concentrated in separate regions. New locations of the regions are unlocked as the account level rises. New regions are unlocked with the passage of the main story campaign. After each battle won, you get an increase in the experience of the player, the heroes involved, as well as important pumping resources.

It is best to start playing Final Gear on the day that is as free as possible, when you can devote a lot of time to the game, level up well and get access to most of the game’s features.

First steps: choosing a server. After downloading the game and downloading all the updates, you will be prompted to choose a convenient server. At the moment, the game has 3 servers:

The servers determine the predominant language groups of the players, the playing time for temporary activities, some promotions from the developers. Also, the servers differ in ping - the server with the best ping will be selected for you as your preferred one. Be careful when choosing a server: you cannot change it during the game!

Be sure to choose the server with the game time closest to your time zone. This will allow you to close all temporary activities without compromising your daily routine.

Data binding. It is recommended that you link your game data to Google Play or Apple as soon as possible. This will forever save them from being lost in case of technical failures and will allow you to transfer progress from one device to another. After selecting a server, you will see a pop-up window asking you to select a Google Play / Apple account or start the game as a guest (in this case, your data will only be stored on the device). You are required to provide a valid account and confirm the link. Only one game account can be linked to one Google Play / Apple account.

Learn more about game currencies. There are 3 types of currencies in the game:

Convert crystals to gold for more base currency! So, exchanging 10 crystals will give you 1500 gold.

The basis for the classification of furs. You will fight on mechs operated by pilots. All ’Mechs are divided into 6 classes: bomber, destroyer, defender, attacker, sniper and gunner. Each class requires its own weapon, which differs in the range of attack range: attack at a short distance, attack at a medium distance, long-range attack. To sort the pilots flying Mechs with a specific attack type, go to the pilots lobby and select the desired classification at the bottom of the page. Thanks to this, you will always be able to control the presence of specialists of different types of attacks in your combat units.

Game main screen interface. We invite you to study in detail the functionality of the main screen of the game for further quick transition to the desired options. In the screenshot above, the numbers indicate the necessary elements, below - their description.

  1. Designation of the current number of currencies;
  2. Temporary events tab;
  3. The transition to the functionality of battles: in the campaign mode, daily tasks, etc.
  4. Pilot upgrade menu;
  5. Menu for pumping mechs and forming combat units;
  6. Gachi menu (recruiting new heroes);
  7. Laboratory menu for creating new equipment and dismantling unnecessary ones;
  8. Player account data, progress of experience accumulation;
  9. Mailbox;
  10. Bottom menu (from left to right): store, warehouse, request menu, activity and achievement events, temporary promotions, rank menu, directory, game news, settings, friends menu and Hall of Fame.
  11. Social media links;
  12. Banners of important events.

We recommend subscribing to the official game communities on Facebook and Discord in order to receive timely information on game updates, new promo codes, etc.

How to upgrade your account level? Complete Daily Missions, Premium Missions and Alert Missions to gain tons of experience to level up your account.

How to assemble the components for the furs? Most of the random mech items can be obtained in sets from the store. Some elements can be created through development ("Develop" menu). In addition, you can get Mech Components in Limited Events and Gift Packs.

How to upgrade furs? You can increase the basic parameters of the fur, improve its class and unlock new characteristics.

How to upgrade pilots? Pilot leveling includes leveling up, modification, evolution and skill leveling. Read about all the possibilities for improving mechs and pilots in our article.

Correct settings. The game settings must match the capabilities of your device. Go to "Settings" to set the desired parameters for graphics, animation effects in combat and texture loading. The game also provides a choice of energy-saving mode (for weak phones). You can adjust the volume of music, voices and sound effects as you wish, set vibration, change the language and set the desired parameters for special effects.

Need to Know: Beginner Missions. After opening stage 2 of the campaign, you will have access to the Novice Missions (Events - Novice Mission). For completing them, you get a lot of resources and the final prize for completing all missions. Several sets of tasks are provided. Please note - one of the tasks (completing three daily missions) becomes open for completion only after receiving the 15th account level. Initial assignments for beginners include:

After completing the mission, you will see a yellow dot next to its name. Click on conditions to claim your prize. To proceed to the completion of the mission, you should also click on its conditions. A new set of tasks opens only after the complete completion of the previous set and the receipt of the main reward.

Focus on completing newbie missions when taking the first steps in the game. The awards given out here will be very useful in pumping, speeding up game processes (summoning and developing), as well as in obtaining new heroes!

Gifts for 7-day admission. At the beginning of the game, you will receive great gifts for logging into the game every day for 7 days. Prizes on offer include Gold, Mech Equipment Parts, SR Pilot, Development Materials, Crystals, and Recruitment Promo Codes. If you did not collect your reward when you first entered the game, then open the "Events" menu and receive a daily prize under the "7-Day Login" tab. Unreceived gifts can be picked up the next game day.

Watch for the appearance of yellow dots on the activity tabs. They tell you about the opportunity to do the necessary actions in the game: go through an event, carry out a pumping or get a prize.

Gifts for 30 days of entering the game. Go to the "Monthly Check-Ins" tab in the "Events" menu to receive rewards for 30 days of logging into the game. Do not confuse this activity with receiving gifts for a 7-day entry: these are different events with different prizes. Giving gifts for 30 days of entry is an ongoing activity. Here you can get flowers for pilots, materials for development, items for pumping the level of pilots, gold, etc. The best prize is awarded on the 30th day.

Don’t forget to get your monthly login rewards to take the main prize on day 30 (500 crystals) faster. Only one prize can be claimed per day. No one-time collection of rewards over several days is allowed.

Final Gear: Hero Leveling Guide

Information about the heroes. Go to the "Pilots" tab to view your fighters collection and level up. Your heroes are Mech pilots. Each of them can fight on a certain type of fur, which determines its classification:

In the general menu of the pilots, the numbers of the combat squads are displayed. Additionally, you can select pilots by level, skills, rarity and other indicators (the "Overall" button).

Take a look at the "Details" tab to see detailed information about the attributes of a particular hero, familiarize yourself with his biography, increase the level of intimacy and pump talents.

Leveling up the hero. Click on the portrait of the desired pilot to go to his personal screen and start improving. The first and main pumping is to increase the pilot’s experience and his level (the "Train" tab). For this purpose you will need the "Piloting Theories" experience diskettes. They vary in quality:

Apart from the amount of experience gained, the floppy disks do not differ in any way and give the same result. You can get them when completing battles in the regions, as well as in events and promotions. Pilot level cannot be higher than your account level. Raising the level gives an increase to the hero’s indicators: endurance, control, stamina, reaction and technique. Initially, the maximum permissible level of the hero is 60. This limit can be increased by pumping the rank.

Be sure to pump all the pilots of the combat squads evenly. Try to carry out the improvement in such a way that the total combat power of different units does not have a big difference - in the future this will help you when distributing the combat load in missions. When you level up a player’s account, immediately upgrade all pilots of combat squads to the current level limit.

Pilot rank boosting. Each pilot can be promoted in rank, which is displayed by the number of stars ("Modify" tab). Raising the rank increases the maximum limit of the hero’s level, and therefore his indicators. To upgrade the pilot’s rank, you need his sequences (fragments), which can be obtained when hiring in the "Recrut" menu or in the store.

To get fragments of the needed pilots more often, recruit in regions of regular recruitment according to the pilots’ affiliation, and take advantage of the bonus in which you are guaranteed to receive an SR hero for every 5 recruits.

Pilot skills upgrade. Each pilot has 4 skills ("Skills" tab). In this case, skill 3 opens upon reaching 4 stars by the hero, and skill 4 - upon reaching 5 stars. To improve your skills, use the "System Updater" of various ranks and purposes. The higher the skill level, the more high-ranking pumping materials you will need. You can get them in various activities:

Each type of pilot will require its own "System Updater". For example, only "System Updaters: Bomber" will work for bombers. Likewise for other types of pilots. You can get the necessary "System Updaters" by exchanging common "Updaters" (in a 1: 1 ratio). The exchange itself is made in the pumping window, after your confirmation.

It is very important to spend common "Upgraders" evenly, so that you have enough of them to upgrade the skills of pilots of all types! This is the only way you can form a strong squad, the heroes of which will use the full range of their skills in every combat position.

Pilot evolution. After evolution ("Evolve" tab) the pilot is upgraded in quality (for example, moving from SR-quality to SSR-quality). In addition, he receives a significant increase in his indicators at each stage of evolution. To carry out the evolution, you will need gold and evolution coins for a specific hero, which can only be obtained by completing the battles of the Conflict Zone - by exchanging training coins in the store of this activity. Evolution provides for 5 steps. The final promotion of the pilot in quality occurs after passing the 5th stage of evolution. The progress of the evolution is displayed on the sidebar on the right of this tab.

Increased intimacy with pilots. Go to the Details tab and select the Fondness section to increase intimacy with your chosen pilot, get great gifts for each new level of intimacy, and unlock new phrases performed by the pilot. Prizes include gold, various quality XP diskettes, System Updaters, free crystals, mech development materials, regular promo codes, and sequence kernels. To increase intimacy, present flowers to the pilot, which you collect when completing story missions of any kind.

By pumping closeness with pilots, you will receive a valuable and rare item - the core of the sequence. In the future, it can be exchanged in the store for sequences for pumping the rank and talents of pilots.

Final Gear: Forming Squads, Equipping Characters

General information on units. Initially, you command a squad of pilots T1 - Alpha. In total, 4 squads are available to you, which come off:

The squad consists of 4 pilots. The combat positions of each squad can be viewed in the hangar ("Hangar" button on the right side menu of the main screen).

Selection of pilots, formation of teams. To form / change the squad composition, select it in the hangar and click on the empty pilot slot on the left (if you are picking up a squad for the first time), or on the "Change" button on the icon of any pilot (if you need to change the current squad). You will see a list of all available fighters, from which you can choose the ones you need. Your squad should include pilots with mechs of different attack ranges. For the convenience of formation, use the hero selection table:

Attack rangeFur classPilots
CloseAttackEvelynn, Taysia Graft, Aya Kujyou, Danngo Kobayashi, Coral, Rin Kamiuezono, Phoenix, Miroa, Akari Onikage, Thea, Audrey, Millyna, Adrienne, Maggie, Favia.
DefenderCoreleah, Margaret, Murasaki, Sumora, Rebeyrca, Marma, Esmeralda, Roxanne, Neplim, Whitney, Fulla.
AverageShooterViorate, Nova, Patti, Solar, Leigh, Ariel, Jessie, Memay, Bathtory, Lollar, Mary, Trang.
DestroyerBernadette, Krista, Snowy, Paula, Shmily, Helena, Aita, Rinbell, Breeze Thallo, Sura, Xime, Joranda, Ada, Zoi.
FurtherBomberElizabeth, Natasha, Alexa, Cynthia, Patricia, Chilino, Grave, Viola, Scheer, Kristina, Eggy & Peggy, Nizzy, Aoife.
SniperLilian, Nia, Dolores, Shyaditty, Karan, Michaelia, Hepneyg, Amber, Veronica, Jasmine, Keyla, Vivine, Priscilla.

After completing the main story mission 4-1, you will be able to auto-form a team of pilots. Use this feature to find strong combat teams.

Equipment for furs. To equip a pilot with a mech, select a specific hero in the hangar and click the "Equip" button at the bottom of the screen. Next, you will see the main slots with the components of the fur:

The last 2 slots are for installing chips. Click on the slot and select the required ammunition from the list that opens. The parts of the mechs marked with yellow dots are recommended and increase the parameters of the suit. To complete the equipment, click the "Change Equipment" button. Many pilots have personal mechs. You can get their component parts in exchange stores.

If you managed to collect all the components of the pilot’s personal mech, press the "Activate" button to activate the suit. Your task is to collect as many personal mechs for pilots as possible to unleash their full potential. Some personal mechs, such as the Evelyn White Crow mech, can be obtained through developer promotions at the very beginning of the game. Other ’Mechs can be easily collected by participating in a Special Recruitment promotion and collecting exchange currency. All personal furs can be viewed in the directory.

After development, go into the hangar and check the furs for replacement of their component parts with equipment of higher quality. If this is possible, the "Equip" button will have a yellow dot.

Improving fur. Each piece of fur can be enhanced with gold. To do this, select it according to the method described above (Hangar - the right hero - Equip - the right part of the fur) and press the "Brace Up" button. An upgrade increases the attack and health characteristics of a component, its level is indicated in the upper right corner of the icon.

All component parts of one ’Mech must be improved evenly in order to provide an equal increase in all characteristics. It is recommended to upgrade the components of personal mechs first, and only then standard furs (upgrade high rank and level components).

Final Gear: Guide for getting new heroes

The basics. You can get new pilots by recruiting ("Recruit" side menu). There are currently 2 types of recruitment in the game: special and normal. Each of them has certain characteristics.

Special (special) recruitment

Here you can get the top SSR and SR pilots in the game. Some of them are only available in this type of recruitment (for example, Taysia Graft from the SS-level of the Tier-list). For special recruitment, you need crystals (free and paid). There are 3 types of scrolling:

Why is x10 scrolling so important? When you scroll x10, you take part in a special promotion, the essence of which is to issue exclusive rewards for the first 8 scrolling circles. Be careful: the conditions for this Special Recruitment event, the current top SSR pilot that can be obtained, and the exchange currency are periodically updated. Among them:

Thus, after 8 x10 scrolling circles, you are guaranteed to get the required number of fragments for recruiting an SSR-quality hero. There is also a bonus 9 scrolling circle - for it you will receive an additional 50 units. exchange currencies for the store and will be able to purchase special goods on the "Redeem" tab.

Be sure to keep an eye on the end time of the current Special Recruitment event in order to complete all nine scrolling circles and collect all the fragments for the recruitment of the SSR hero, as well as all the exchange currency for the store. Otherwise, you risk missing out on the chance to get very important Exclusive Pilots and Mechs.

Exchange shop. The currency obtained in the Special Recruitment event can be used in the Exchange Shop ("Redeem" tab). Shop here for exclusive personal mech kits and pilot sequences to upgrade your ranks and talents. In the "Part Exchange" section of the store, you can purchase individual mech parts using special coins - "Appointed Development Part" (get these coins on requests and in the monthly login event). The "Part Exchange" assortment is updated daily at 05.00. Hurry up to buy the necessary components for activating personal furs!

Chances of dropping heroes in special recruitment. Consider the following drop rates when scrolling:

Regular hiring

In regular recruitment, you can hire pilots for certain regions, and you set the region yourself using the arrows in the "Pilot Recruitment" menu. In every region you meet N-SR quality pilots. You also have a small chance of meeting SSR quality pilots. Overall odds:

Check out the representatives of different regions in the reference book (the "Handbook" button in the lower menu of the main game screen - the "Characters" tab).

How do you hire heroes? Select the region you need - it will depend on what kind of pilots you can meet, as well as the percentage chance of getting certain SSR pilots (check them out after choosing a region by clicking "?" At the bottom of the page). Next, click the "Start Recruitment" button and select the number of heroes you want to recruit. Each hire costs 1k gold or 1 regular promo code. Click the checkmark at the end. For every 5 regular hires, you are guaranteed to get an SR pilot.

Your recruitment request will be sent to the queue ("Recruitment Queue" tab). After a given time, you can get your new heroes. If you want to speed up the recruitment process, press the "Emergency Command" button and use the accelerator ("Marvel Accelerator"). In this case, the turnover time will be reset and you will be hired instantly. There are 3 hiring queues in total - they can be opened for free diamonds, which is recommended to be done as soon as possible.

Spend boosters wisely - during an active game, completing requests, event tasks, etc. Be sure to submit recruitment requests before going offline to get new characters the next time you log into the game.

Final Gear: Undertaking Costume Design

Types of development. The development mechanism is similar to the hero recruitment system, only here you get mech components of various quality. To start developing, go to the "Develop" menu. There are 2 types of development:

Development. To do the development, you need gold and solid, the material used to manufacture new equipment. At the same time, a special development consumes more resources than a conventional one. Select the development option you want and pay for resources. The development process is displayed on the "Queue" tab - each is carried out in a separate slot (there are 7 of them in total, opened for free crystals) and takes time. To speed up the development process, you can use mystical accelerators. When the development time is up, press the "Accept Order" button and get a ready-made new piece of fur.

Use accelerators wisely, only spend them when you have no way to wait for development time. Avoid idle development slots, always fill them up. It is also recommended that you unlock all 7 slots to speed up your guaranteed SR parts and increase your chances of getting Personal Mech parts.

Parsing unnecessary equipment. How to get solid? You get solid by completing the main story missions, but the best way to constantly replenish its stocks is by dismantling the low-level parts of the mechs. Go to the "Dismantle" tab of the dev menu, mark unnecessary items and confirm the parsing. For convenience, you can sort items by rank, level and the name of the component parts. In addition to the solid, you get gold when parsing.

Be careful: the parsing list displays all your unused hardware. To protect the necessary parts from accidental destruction, block them (set the blocking lock) in the hangar.

Final Gear: Combat System Guide

The method of passing. Entering a combat mission (storyline, event mission, stories, etc.), you are initially transported to the map of the area where the objects are located: allies and enemies. Your task is to defeat enemies, destroy enemy objects, protect allies, etc. The specific goal always depends on the type of mission. To complete the tasks, move the squads of your pilots across the map, conduct battles and clear the territory, gradually fulfilling the mission plan. Depending on the complexity of the stage, your tasks and the possibility of using units will change.

So, at the very beginning of the game, you will command one squad, but in the future their number will grow (in total, you may have 4 combat squadrons of pilots at your disposal). The same goes for allied and enemy objects - the further you advance in the game, the more global your goals will be. To complete the mission, you need to neutralize all threats and completely clear the territory map from opponents.

To fully understand your task at the stage, do not skip the introductory dialogue between the characters. To get acquainted with the detailed characteristics of enemy and allied objects, click on their images on the battle preparation screen.

Enemies and allies. Once on the territory map, place your combat units. To do this, tap on the blue slot with an arrow and confirm the composition of the pilots. The units of your enemies are marked in red on the map. Just like you, they will move around the map, seek to capture your objects, interfere with the capture of their objects, or guard an enemy target. You are required to think over the route of your troops in such a way as to block the path of enemies and give them battle.

Tap on any enemy squad to see their mechs and test their combat power. This is of particular importance in the later stages of the game, where players need to clearly select the right composition of pilots for certain types of opponents.

Detachment route. To set the route, click the "Auto" button in the lower left corner. Next, tap on your squad, and, without releasing your finger, draw a dotted line showing the direction of its movement. The route can be set for each squad participating in the mission. After setting the route, press the "Enter Battle" button and start the battle.

Correct unit route is essential to victory! Before starting the battle, carefully study the entire territory map. Check which of the allied objects are the most vulnerable to enemies in order to quickly send fighters there. Make sure there are no enemy units near your bases. Never send pilots away from objects, always think of a path by which they can quickly return to defense.

Capture objects and targets. Each object (allied and enemy) has a "health bar". To capture an object (target), the scale must be zeroed. When this happens to your object, the mission is considered lost, and vice versa - when capturing enemy objects, you complete the goal. The gradual reset of the scale gives you additional time during which you can send a squad to defend. If an attack is repelled, the object’s "health scale" is gradually restored.

When an enemy breaks through to an object, you need to quickly repel the attack! Keep an eye on the game screen - if your object is being captured, it will flash red.

Fighting. When faced with an enemy, your pilots will land on positions according to the specialization of their ’Mechs and begin firing at the enemy. During the battle, each pilot’s skill application scale is filled. When the bar reaches its peak, the pilot girl uses her ability. In battle, you encounter several waves of enemies. In some battles, you have to fight the boss. It acts as a separate wave.

To speed up the process of the battle, use autoboy. You can also pause the game - in this case, you will not lose anything, and in the future you will continue the battle from the place where you left off.

The number of battles and their results. As the conditions of the battles become more difficult, the number of battles that your combat units need to go through in one mission will grow. For each battle, you gain pilot experience. After the complete completion of the mission, with the accumulation of the required amount of player experience for all battles, you increase the level of your account.

Distribute the combat load evenly between the squads. Try to validate routes so that all teams take part in an equal number of battles. This is necessary in order to evenly pump the level of the pilots and spend their health. Soldiers’ lost health is not replenished between battles!

Final Gear: Story Missions

Structure, transition. Story missions are presented by chapters, broken down into main stages with a number of side challenges. Passing them, you collect important game resources. To go to the next story chapter, you need to go through all the main stages of the current chapter and have the required account level.

Completed chapters of the campaign in any region can be replayed, however, you will receive the main rewards only for the first victory. To begin completing story missions, select the "Story Mission" section from the "Battle" menu. Next, you will be presented with a list of unblocked regions. The current main stage of the campaign is always in the last open region and belongs to the important missions.

The stage level indicates the conditions for access to the battle according to the player’s account level. You cannot take part in battles if the level of the head of the campaign is higher than the level of your account.

Types of story missions. There are several types of story missions, each of which has its own symbol and provides the growth of the desired indicator. Missions are:

Mission designations are indicated at the top of the region map and correspond to the required indicators. Study them in advance to make it easier for you to understand your tasks in each type of mission.

Indicators in the battles of story missions. At the top of the region map, you see 4 indicators, based on the growth of which your overall progress in completing missions of all types is assessed. These include:

By completing the listed story missions, you unlock special breakout missions and increase the maximum limit for the level of attack, defense, escort and command level. Along with this, you get access to new, more difficult challenges, which means - to new resource rewards and experience.

By completing missions, you earn credits. Use them to unlock new areas on the map, where new missions and opportunities will be available to you. The number of your credits is always shown at the top of the region map (far left panel).

Conditions for the successful completion of the main missions of the campaign. For battles in the main stages of the campaign, you get stars. In total, you can get 3 stars for the battle. Each star is the successful completion of the conditions of the battle. These include:

Collecting the entire set of stars in one chapter of the campaign shows 100% progress in completing the main missions.

Completion rewards. After choosing a mission on the map of the region, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the list of rewards that you will receive for its first passage. Click on "Details" for a complete list of prizes. By clicking on the icon of any of them, a detailed description of the item and its scope will open for you.

Sorting story missions. All types of story missions are sorted into four tabs, so you can immediately understand which tasks you need to complete. On the map of the region itself, the locations of the missions are highlighted (inaccessible missions are shown in red). To view the sorting, click on the Region Mission panel. It provides:

What are Mission Alerts? Alert missions appear on the map of the region for a certain time. After its expiration, the mission disappears, it is impossible to restore the possibility of its passage. Increased rewards are given for completing Alert Missions. Track their appearance on the "Important missions" tab.

Final Gear: Conflict Zone Battles

Finding. "Conflict Zone" refers to daily missions and is one of the tasks of the newbie event, as well as a type of daily and weekly requests. To get to the Conflict Zone, go to the menu "Battle" - "Daily Mission" - "Conflict Zone".

To be admitted to the battle, you need tickets - get them by completing missions in the main story campaign.

Types of activities. In the Conflict Zone, you fight against high-end Mechs on the following schedule of events:

Each event has difficulty categories: basic, normal, hard, hellish, heroic. The battle lasts 1 minute. During this time, you need to inflict as much damage on the enemy (boss) as possible and ideally defeat him. At the end of the battle, you see your damage indicator and receive rewards: training coins, proof of honor and materials to accelerate development. Activity currency can be exchanged for excellent goods in the Conflict Zone store. The higher the difficulty of the battle, the better the rewards, but the more difficult the conditions for victory and damage accumulation are.

Go through the battles in the Conflict Zone as often as possible - this is the only way you can get hero coins for evolution and increasing the quality of pilots.

Configuring Help Options. Other players can assist you in the passage of battles in the Zone of Conflict and the accumulation of damage. You need to define an acceptable way to get help. There are three of them:

You can choose a method of rendering assistance after the end of the battle. To send a request for assistance, click the "Send Rescue" button.

Helping other players. Help other players complete the stages of the Conflict Zone. To do this, click "Support" in the activity lobby, select the "Rescue List" tab and find the request you are interested in (the difficulty of the stage is always indicated next to it). Here you can also see the log of completed requests and your personal statistics for sent requests for help and requests for which you have provided assistance.

To answer a private request, go to the "Rescue ID" tab and enter your private assistance request ID.

Conflict Zone Shop. Click "Exchange" in the activity lobby to go to the store and exchange your currency for important upgrade items. There are 2 store tabs:

Final Gear: Evelynn story walkthrough

Why is it important to complete Evelyn’s story? Evelyn’s story - activity in the "Events" section. It does not apply to temporary promotions and is necessary to unlock a very important functionality of the game - an exchange point for mech parts, which you can use when creating sets of personal mechs. In addition, as you progress through Evelyn’s story, you get special parts that you can exchange for component parts of the kits.

Event structure. Evelyn’s story is divided into 7 chapters. Each new chapter opens after completing the main story quest of the previous chapter. In addition to combat missions, the chapters contain interesting bonuses - a beautiful clip-intro, new dialogues between pilots and even animated episodes with voice acting, made according to all the rules of a real anime!

In the battles of the main story, certain teams of pilots with a given combat power take part - they are given to you by default, regardless of whether you have these fighters available or not. In the same way, their combat strength is set by default. In fact, your task in each story is to strategically think over the route of movement of pilots across the map, give the required number of battles and fulfill the ultimate goal - to capture an object (target) or defeat a boss.

Passing the tasks of the main story (Story). Let’s briefly analyze the passage of the tasks of the main story, since it is on them that the progress of the event depends:

Chapter rewards and missions. For completing the tasks of the main story, you receive items that can be exchanged for component parts of the mechs as part of the event. Also, these items can be obtained by completing the missions of the chapters - special escort tasks and target capture. Earn as many items as possible and collect sets of ’Mechs!

Exchange of awards. Go to the "Redeem" tab in the event lobby to exchange the received items and collect the White Crow, Source Code and Bandit mech sets. You can get component parts of mechs of ranks 20 to 60. The higher the rank of the components, the more exchange items you will need, and some of them can only be obtained in the last chapters of the main stories and their corresponding missions.

Unlock and complete the bonus event challenges by paying 10 crystals. This way you can accumulate even more trade items.

Final Gear: Conducting temporary events

Concept. These events take place for a limited period and introduce temporary innovations into the gameplay: new tasks, battles, and even mini-contests. By participating in events, you get the opportunity to win additional good rewards. Plus, by completing event requests, you get even more rewards. All events are located on the "Events" tab of the "Battle" menu. In the following, we’ll take a closer look at several of the recent temporary events in the game: Summer Memories and Shadow of Cordero.

Summer Memories Event

The event takes place in the Primorsky city, where the inhabitants of the Empire come in search of rest and entertainment. Spend wonderful summer days with your pilots and win summer skins and upgrade resources for them. The event is divided into 4 sections: battles, events, mini games and missions. There is also an exchange shop.

1. Battles. Battles include 4 chapters, each of which is more difficult than the previous one. One chapter provides for 3 types of battles:

Battles are rated with three stars, which are awarded for three achievements: for victory, for victory within 150 seconds, and for victory without losing allied ’Mechs. The total number of stars determines your success in completing the chapter and the missions are closed. The prizes for winning battles are summer memories (festival bracelets and water pistol tokens). In the future, these items can be exchanged in the event store.

Click on the "Buff List" at the bottom of the battle map to view the pilots who can receive additional match points for participating in battles! Place them in your battle squad to collect even more rewards.

2. Events. In the "Events" section, special offers of the store are presented for you:

3. Mini games. There are 3 subsections open here:

4. Missions. Completing missions shows your success in completing the Summer Memories event. Here you can get energy drinks, water pistol tokens and even "Battle Permits" for completing challenges. The list of missions is presented below:

New missions are added as new chapters of the event and new mini-games are unlocked.

5. Exchange shop. To get to the exchange shop, click "Redeem" in the event lobby. You will see tabs with store offers. Here you can buy summer backgrounds, accessories for furs, gold, modules, leveling materials, etc. The store’s currency is festival bracelets and tokens.

Keep track of the event time so that you can visit the exchange store and spend all the earned currency before the end of Summer Memories. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it and buy the necessary items.

Shadow of Cordero

Shadow of Cordero - battles in the event instance, where you can earn special currency and exchange it for exclusive rewards, including Ai Kujiro’s (SSR) special mech: Ronin. Collect Event Achievements to unlock Aya’s Special Memories Artwork. In addition, in this event, you can get Aya fragments.

To take part, you need to pass stage 3-3 of the main story campaign and reach the 11th account level. The event itself begins with a demonstration of the plot episode. This is followed by stages of trials (battles) in which you earn gold, Cordero credits and Puppet Pieces. You will need these items to exchange for rewards:

The stages of the tests can be passed many times, constantly collecting the necessary exchange items. The higher the difficulty of the stage, the more credits and doll parts you can get. Also, don’t forget to get prizes for closing Requests for the specified event - here you can get a lot of doll parts. Check your progress in receiving rewards in the general "Requests" menu (you can go to it both from the main screen of the game and from the event lobby).

Final Gear: Requests

Concept. Queries are analogous to daily and weekly activity tasks. The execution of event requests is also provided. For closing requests, you get gold and important resources for pumping, research and summoning. To go to requests, click "Requests" in the bottom menu of the main screen.

Daily requests. Updated at 05.00, your server time. The number of daily requests depends on the number of regions you have unlocked. Examples of daily requests:

For completing six daily requests, you will receive a chest containing 40k gold, 100 crystals, 5 challenge coins, a crate with crystals and 4 summon tickets.

Collect additional prizes from the daily requests tab if the following conditions are met: Marvel Booster (when logging into the game after 12 PM), Mystical Booster (when logging into the game after 18.00), 10k gold (before reaching account level 50).

Weekly requests. Weekly requests are updated every Monday at 05:00 your server time. These quests are week-long and provide higher rewards. Examples:

Collect all due rewards in 1 click by clicking the "Receive All" button.

Event requests. Unlike constant daily and weekly requests, the list of event requests changes depending on the type of the current event. When a new event starts, check the "Event Request" tab to meet the conditions for receiving rewards. Event requests are updated daily, so be sure to check back every day.

Final Gear: Plan of Blacark

Blacard’s plan. Blacar’s plan is a special achievement system where you need to complete the assigned tasks, get points and increase the level of the plan. New levels of the plan give you new ranks, for which you get free gems.

Blacar’s Plan can be a good source of Gems for you. Check the menu for this activity more often, collect points and raise your plan.

Examples of Blacar’s assignments. To get points, you need to complete the following tasks:

How do I collect points? Completed tasks are always displayed in color. Click "Click to obtain" to get points - you can see the progress of earning them on the left side of the screen. When the outline of the circle turns completely blue, you go to the next level of the plan and can pick up your reward ("Rank Reward Preview" button).

Ranks for improving the properties of pilots. As you increase the performance of your pilots, you increase in rank. To get a new rank, you need to fulfill 4 conditions:

The higher the rank, the higher the conditions for increasing the assigned properties of pilots will be.

Final Gear: Friends in the game, their addition and meaning

What are friends for? Thanks to your in-game friends, you can get additional upgrade resources by accumulating friendship points, as well as complete in-game activities using reserve support teams.

How to add to friends? The "Friends" tab is located in the bottom menu of the main screen. In total, you can add 30 friends, while their language affiliation does not matter, since you will only interact by sending gifts to each other. To find new friends, go to the "Add Friend" section. The list of server players with an empty limit of friends who can be sent a friendship request is periodically updated here.

First of all, try to add as friends players with high squad strength, high account levels and SSR-SR heroes in the main squad. The strength of the player speaks not only of the level of pumping of the heroes, but also that he is active and will send you gifts every day. View the details of the accounts of your potential friends, information on the passage of activities, the number of unlocked regions and battle formation. To add a person as a friend, click the "Add" button.

Check the "Add Friend" section as often as possible in order to have time to send friendship requests to the top players on the server before their friend limit is filled. Also, do not forget to update your profile information and put the best heroes in the collection into your support squad. Send "Add me" messages to the general game chat - this is also a good way to add new friends.

How to send and receive gifts? To send a gift to your friend, go to the "Send Gift" section and click the "Send" button in his friend list line. To send gifts to all friends on the list, click the bottom Send All button. To receive gifts, click the "Receive" button in the line of the friend who sent it to you. If several people sent you gifts, press the bottom "Receive All" button.

A yellow dot on the "Friends" tab notifies you about the possibility of receiving new gifts. Remember to receive your gifts daily. Otherwise, they burn out and cannot be restored.

Cleaning the list of friends. We recommend that you periodically check your friends list and remove from it inactive players who do not visit the game for a long period of time, and therefore do not send you gifts. At the first stages of the game, this period is 2-3 days, and at the later stages - 5-7 days. Remember that the limit of playable friends is limited, so you really need to fill your list with active players who send gifts every day and multiply your friendship points. To remove a player from your friend list, go to the Friend List section and click the Remove button in their row.

Friendship store. The received friendship points are exchanged in the friendship store ("Shop" - the "Friendship" tab). Here you can get "Friendly Supply Crates" of various values. Their types:

R-quality items can be purchased up to 10 times per week, and SR-quality items can be purchased up to 7 times. Do not accumulate the received friendship points, spend them in time to acquire more components for pumping your heroes.

Formation of a reserve support squad. This squad will come to the aid of your friends when they pass instances on the maps of regions. To set up a backup support squad, go to the "Assist" section and click the "Manage Backup Team" button.

Keep in mind - the formation of the reserve support squad does not depend on the selection of the main combat teams and is carried out separately! We recommend that you periodically update its roster and include new strong pilots in it.

Final Gear: Setting Up the Hall of Fame, Conducting a Quiz (Quiz)

What is the Hall of Fame? The Hall of Fame is an all-new activity where you can take a break from the battles and compete against other players to customize your showroom. All that is required of you is to take part in the quiz every day, receiving badges of honor in it - the special currency of the Hall of Fame. With the help of honor badges, you can buy new souvenirs and increase the level of the Hall of Fame by increasing the number of slots for placing items. Earn Renown by decorating your room and create your own showcases that other players - your visitors - can check.

For the successful establishment of the Hall of Fame, it is very important to know the plot of the game and the biography of the pilots. Carefully read the plot dialogs between the characters, view the personal information about the characters in their profiles.

Conducting a quiz. The Hall of Fame Quiz is held daily. In it, you need to correctly answer five questions regarding the biography of the pilots and the game in general. For answers, you will receive 50 honor badges. For our readers, we have prepared a guide with the correct answers to some questions. If you have any difficulties during the quiz - look for the required option in the table below.

Who founded Blacark?Zero.
Who is the captain of "Health and Happiness Sisterhood"?Favia.
What are the Three main forces?Hexel, Kegha, Arita.
What is the Mercenary Team that Evelynn is in?Blacark.
What is Favia’s Height?170 cm.
Who has Leight trying to avenge?Her father.
Who is the captain of Special Forces Akarna?Leangle
Who is the Exclusive Pilot of Cerberus?Bernadette.
What is the name of Evelynn & Carol’s Exclusive Mecha?White Crow MK II.
What does Aya Kujyou like?Flower.
What will Sweety do if you upset her?Cry.
What is Chilino’s role in Steel Witch’s team?Good-natured mechanic.
What is Xime’s username?Fast Bunny.
What is Helena not good at?Calming down.
What does Bathtory like to begin sentences with?In theory.
What is Coreleah’s official position?Commander of the Northern Army.
What family does Sumora belong to?Designers’ family.
What is not included in Aita’s hobbies?Drinking tea and reading newspapers.
What happened to Cynthia’s sister?She was seriously ill.
What pet does Esmeralda prefer?Cats.

Try to always give correct answers to quiz questions, do not put them "at random". Please be aware that participating in a quiz is the only way to get honor badges to buy souvenirs.

How do I buy items? After participating in the quiz, you will have honor badges. Click "Redeem Mementos" to go to the exchange office and exchange the received badges for souvenirs.

It is best to buy items from different tabs of the exchange office. When buying several items of the same type (posters, figurines), you run the risk of not meeting the available decoration limit in accordance with your Hall of Fame level. It is recommended that you check the placement of a particular item before purchasing.

How do I place items? To start decorating your room, click the Decorate button in the lower right corner of the Hall of Fame. You will be presented with tabs with the following categories of items:

Select the desired category, tap on the place in the room where you want to place the item, and confirm your action. By decorating the Hall of Fame, you earn Honor. Its amount determines your place in the overall rating of players.

Leveling up the Hall of Fame. To upgrade the Hall of Fame level, you will also need honor badges. Click "Upgrade" at the top of the screen to go to the upgrade window and upgrade. The higher the level of your Hall of Fame, the more open slots for items of each category will be available in the room. On the first level, only one slot is open for you - for placing one poster. From the second level, slots for placing figures and other items open.

If you want to get a lot of Honor and decorate your room with dignity, start by leveling the Hall of Fame, gradually moving on to buying souvenirs.

Visiting other players. Click "Leaderboard" to view Honor Rankings members and visit their rooms. You can even see in detail what items are used to decorate the Hall of Fame of other players. To do this, click "Warehouse" and explore the souvenirs of each category - perhaps this will help you in arranging your own room.

Final Gear: Is It Worth Playing?

Final Gear combines two diverse elements: battles in gritty war machines and fragile anime-style girls driving them. Someone will undoubtedly be carried away by this contrast, while others, on the contrary, will be repelled from the game. In any case, Final Gear gives you the opportunity to enjoy large-scale battles on the mechs, as well as succeed in drawing up strategic plans for completing missions, the optimal selection of combat units and their special equipment.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: Nadezhda D.