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FLEET COMMAND KILL ENEMY SHIP is an Android game with release date 04/17/2017 from Movga Games. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to level a character correctly?
  2. Features of the applied technologies
  3. Base Building
  4. Where to Produce and Get Resources?
  5. Warships
  6. Legion Guide
  7. VIP System

Fleet Command: How to level a character correctly?

Level up. The number of ships that you can use in battles depends on the level of the commander. Level up by using books of command - buy them in the store, win in activities and collect them at resource points.

Your energy replenishes over time. Buy additional energy as needed. To do this, go to the character interface and tap the arrow (behind the energy button).

Combat power. Combat Strength determines the strength of your fleet. To increase your power, create high-level warships, research technologies, raise the level of the commander and his skills.

Upgrade low tier ships to high tier ships at the conversion factory.

Military rank. The higher the military rank, the more reputation you get. Increasing your military rank depends on how you reach the required commander level. You also need a special resource - rare earth.

Reputation. The reputation level corresponds to your current technology level limit. Raise your reputation through Honor, completing quests, completing events, and in the Legion of Donations.

Leveling character skills. Improving skills helps to increase the power of your troops. Use medals of honor to improve your skills. The number of medals of honor required is equal to the numerical value of the rank of the skill by which you want to increase it. Earn medals of honor on difficult challenge levels, when attacking resource points, in the lucky lottery, in the legion instance and in events. With each upgrade, the skill attribute increases by 1%.

If you are not satisfied with the current skills of the character, you can reset them and redistribute skill points. To do this, click "Reset" in the skills interface and pay coins.

Skill types:

Fleet Command: Features of the applied technologies

Technologies are unlocked and pumped at the Research Center. The development of technology depends on the technological level, which rises simultaneously with the growth of the reputation level. To pump the technologies themselves, you will need resources.

Research. By default, you can research no more than 1 technology at a time. Upgrade your VIP level to unlock additional research queues, thereby speeding up the process.

Types of technologies. With each increase in the level of technology, the indicators of the following actions / characteristics increase by 5%:

Fleet Command: Base Building

Command center. The Command Center is the main building of your base. By pumping it, you can increase performance and increase power. The current level of the command center determines the limit for improving other buildings in the base - their levels cannot exceed the level of the main building.

Improving the command center takes the most time. Pump this building last, when the levels of all other buildings are increased to the current maximum.

Research Center. The research center promotes the pumping of resource and combat technologies. The speed of resource extraction depends on them, and this is very important for a powerful fleet.

To pump the level of technology to the maximum, you must raise your reputation level to the required limits.

Shipyard. Warships are manufactured here. Each increase in the level of the building increases the construction speed by 5%. Raise the level of the shipyard to build more powerful warships.

Conversion factory. In this factory, low tier ships are upgraded to high tier ships. For example, to create a medium battleship you need 1 starter battleship. Each increase in the level of the building increases the improvement speed by 5%.

Installation plant and warehouse. The setting plant produces rare items that can only be purchased with diamonds. All the resources you have produced are stored in the warehouse. These resources cannot be looted when attacking your base.

Fleet Command: Where to Produce and Get Resources?

Capture resource points on the world map. Collecting resources from the world’s resource points is the best way to replenish resource reserves. Direct your fleet to resource points on the world map, capture and collect them. The higher the level of the resource point, the more resources you can collect from it. The highest level of resource points is 50. You can try to recapture resource points from other players. As a rule, powerful fleets are stationed at high-level points. We recommend scouting such objects before attacking.

Your troops must be constantly busy collecting resources. At the end of the current collection and the return of the fleet to the base, send it to the next collection. If there are multiple march queues, this process should be as continuous as possible.

Resource buildings on the territory of the base. At your base there are a number of resource buildings for the production of the necessary resources. Level them up to increase power and performance. Base resource buildings include:

When the storage limit of any resource building is reached, the production of this type of resource is suspended. Don’t forget to collect resources on time! Pump over the warehouse to increase its capacity and protect as many resources as possible from robberies.

Fleet Command: Warships

Types of warships and their buffs. In this game you will come across the following ships:

  1. Battleship. Increases the damage done to all allies;
  2. Submarine. Increases the critical strike chance for all allies;
  3. Frigate. Reduces damage done to allies;
  4. Aircraft carrier. Reduces damage done to allies by enemy aircraft carriers.
If you are often attacked by other players, then move your base to another location. Use a migration order for this. You can also purchase a Protective Shield to protect your base from attack.

Containment system. Each type of warship has certain damage indicators in relation to other ships. Be sure to consider them on the battlefield:

Attack order. When attacking a world resource point, the attacker attacks first. When attacking another player’s base or resource point owned by another player, the defender attacks first.

To find the coordinates of other players, click the icon at the bottom left and go to the world map. Click "Coordinates" at the top right, enter the coordinates and click "Submit" to search.

Raid rules. If you defeat another player’s defense squad at their base, you can loot 10% of their unprotected resources from the warehouse. If you defeat a garrison unit at a resource point, you can take from it all the resources that it managed to produce and will produce in the near future. The loot limit is determined only by the maximum load of your squad.

The amount of resources obtained in the raid cannot exceed the maximum load of your squad.

Fleet Command: Legion Guide

Creation of the legion. Creating your own legion becomes possible upon reaching the 5th level of the command center. To create you need to contribute resources. There are 2 types of payment available:

Joining the legion. You can join an active legion upon reaching the 5th level of the command center. Click on a legion building to open a list of all the legions on the server, and select the one you want to join.

List of participants and importance of activity. Open the list of legion members to see general information about each of them. If any of the participants has been playing for a long time, the color of their name in the list turns gray. Keep in mind that if there are many such members in the legion, then this is a sure sign of poor community activity, and therefore - its hopelessness. Leave such legions and look for active communities for yourself where you can fully participate in activities, enjoy benefits and receive support.

High positions in a weak legion will not do you any good. It is very important to be a member of a strong legion, if possible from the TOP-3 of the server rating.

The consequences of leaving the legion. When leaving a legion, you will not be able to use the legion’s technology bonus until you join a new one. Your contribution to the legion will be reset and returned to you. After joining a new legion, you can add it.

We recommend that you look for a new community in advance, before leaving the old one. This will minimize the time you are not in the Legion.

Legion donations. For the development of the legion and the pumping of its technologies, it is necessary to make donations in the form of resources. Each member of the Legion can make up to 6 donations per day and receive rewards for this. The more donations you make, the more resources you spend and the more rewards you get:

If you donate to the development of the legion by contributing diamonds, the received technology points and contribution will be doubled.

Legion aid. Members of one legion can help each other in defense - send additional troops to the bases of their comrades. In total, up to 5 units of troops from different members of the legion can be placed on one base. Units arriving later will not be displayed in the interface and will not be able to accommodate. The owner of the base can choose only 1 army out of 5 to participate in defensive actions.

You cannot leave the legion or migrate if there are troops from other members of the legion at your base.

Legion leveling. Leveling up the legion unlocks its new technologies, increases the limit for their improvement and the maximum number of legion members. The Legion’s technology level cannot exceed the level of the Legion itself. Legion technologies:

Fleet Command: VIP System

What does the VIP level give? Thanks to the VIP level, you get additional build, production, research and march queues. Also you are given additional chances to buy energy.

Click the button on the left side of the main screen to get additional queues. Otherwise, even with the required VIP level, they will not work.

How do I upgrade my VIP level? The VIP level is determined by the number of diamonds you buy:

VIP levelTotal number of purchased diamonds

Article author: Nadezhda D.