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Forsaken World Gods and Demons WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

FORSAKEN WORLD GODS AND DEMONS is a game for android with release date 11/8/2020 from YOUZU (SINGAPORE) PTE.LTD. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Warrior Guide
  2. Magic Guide (Mage)
  3. Assassin Guide
  4. Priest Guide
  5. Vampire Guide
  6. Arrow Guide (Gunner)
  7. Ranger Guide
  8. Hero Leveling Tips
  9. Secrets of the passing game

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Warrior Guide

This is a balanced class, whose heroes fight in close combat with swords. The class is quite hardy and strong, easy enough to control. But the class is not entirely suitable for the role of a classic defender (among the common people, a tank). Yes, the warriors have a high level of survival, but heroes cannot stand 1 against the boss at high levels. Each hero has its own unique stats.

Hero nameGeneral characteristics
WarriorAll indicators are balanced, there are no pronounced features. Each stat scores above average, high survival rate
PaladinGreat survivability, good mobility, good damage and control. Might be perfect for a defender role. If you like to protect others, then the Paladin is your choice.
HexbladeHas the highest damage of all heroes of the class, excellent survival and control. Blade has medium mobility and support

Active skills

Warrior SkillsPaladin skillsBlade Skills
Jumping Strike - The Warrior deals damage while jumping, while simultaneously hitting multiple opponentsSlam - Launches a bouncing blow, dealing damage to enemies within reach, stunning and shrinking opponentsDemonic Gate - summons a dark gate around itself. If enemies fall into their area of action, then they receive magic damage (but no more than 5 enemies at the same time)
Measured slash - cuts the space, deals double damage to the main enemy and a certain percentage of damage hits nearby enemiesParry - parries incoming damage for a certain time, from which it creates a shock wave. At the same time, it reflects part of the incoming damage to the enemyShackles of Fate - wraps around opponents with roots, which receive 1 time increased damage (when in contact with the roots), and gradually (until the roots disappear) receive periodic damage
Cleave - quickly disassembles enemies, deals increased damageSwift Blades - The Paladin lunges at enemies within range and deals increased damage.Demonic attraction - attracts enemies, stunning them and reducing attack power
Demonic hand - deals damage to enemies in the area, after calling a demonic hand, which increases the attack radius and damage of the WarriorWillpower - super-armor is activated, while immunity to control effects is given, incoming damage is reduced and attack is increased. Every normal attack is guaranteed to deal lethal damage
Tablet - summons 4 monuments from the sky that fall around the character and restore health points to him until they are brokenWhirlwind of Blades - if the Paladin’s skill "Whirlwind of Blades" is activated, then the attacking enemies’ damage is reduced, and the received damage, the Paladin partially reflects into the enemy with pure damage. When the "Bladestorm" skill ends, the skill simply stuns surrounding opponents

Special Skills:

  1. Fake Board - quickly generates a shield that blocks all incoming damage for 10 seconds. When rolling, the level of absorbed damage increases.
  2. Demonization - turns into a demon, attracts opponents to itself and deals increased damage to them.
  3. Demonic scythe (Warrior skill) - being in the form of a demon, pulls up, in front of the enemies standing to itself, inflicting 1 blow, while the opponents will be stunned for a while. After using the skill, the hero’s movement speed is reduced by 80%.
  4. Willpower (mastery of the Paladin) - increases attack and movement speed, dispels and gives immunity to control effects and negative effects.
  5. Demonization (mastery of the Blade) - turning into a demon, deals massive damage and slows down enemies.
  6. Demonic matrix (ultimate ability) - summons a demon that throws boulders from the sky that kill opponents in a certain time.
  7. Whirlwind of blades (ultimate ability) - swings a huge blade, enemies that fall within the radius of the sword’s attack receive huge damage and stun.

Passive skills:

  1. Life rhythm - continuously restores health points for 10 seconds. If the hero is not in battle mode, then health is replenished faster.
  2. Demonic power - the hero summons the power of demons, which increases attack, defense, health. The spell is cast after the skill icon is filled with power.
  3. Basic Conversion - Increases the amount of damage per second after using a Galloping Strike.
  4. The level of possession of armor - if the hero has 5 elements of heavy armor, then the skill gives a bonus to health, radius of attack, magic attack, increases regeneration and damage per second. If a warrior has 5 elements of light armor, then the ability increases attack, accuracy, movement speed and attack speed.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Magic Guide (Mage)

The magician is also quite an interesting class. We are used to seeing wizards with huge massive damage and poor survivability. In this game, the vitality of Mages is at a high level (sometimes it is not inferior to the Warrior).

Hero nameGeneral characteristics
MageIn this profession, all indicators are balanced. Naturally, high damage and control stand out separately. But compared to other heroes of this class, the Mage is inferior to them in some indicators.
ElementalistThe hero controls different elements, has the maximum damage in the game (one target and one area). He has a lot of control, decent mobility and survivability. He lives for a really long time, since the enemies simply do not have time to approach him
Arcanist or WarlockManages the book by casting spells. They can violate the laws of nature with the help of supernatural powers. He has high damage, mobility and support. Medium survivability and huge control (one of the highest in the game)

Active skills

Mage skillsElementalist SkillsWarlock Skills
Lightning strike - hits with lightning, while dealing damage in a large areaElementary dimension - upon entering this dimension, the magician becomes invulnerable and invisible, restoring health. Leaving the dimension, paralyzes enemiesAncient spell - lifts the enemy into the air, then throws him to the ground, causing huge damage to this enemy and opponents standing next to him
Frost Thorn - controlling the elements of the air, freezes them and shoots in front of itself, causing damage to the first row of enemiesGust - the wind knocks down enemies of enormous force, inflicting massive massive damageTime warp - opens a portal, and travels a certain distance. Between the starting and ending points, an anomalous zone is formed for a few seconds, hitting which enemies lose some of their attack power and slow down
Firestorm - Deals damage in a designated area, over which it deals double damage. If enemies appear on the border of the area, they will also be affected by the skillElements - you can select any element from the "Elements" spell for the attack (each element produces colossal damage in area and brings additional inconvenience to enemies)Magic arrow - deals huge damage to 1 target several times with a high attack speed
Gust of Wind - The wind transforms into a sharp blade, dealing massive area damage Flame Strike - A ball of fire explodes rapidly, dealing massive massive damage to the targeted area
Earthquake - under the influence of a spell, tremors inflict massive damage, while tremors can continue after the death of the hero

Special Skills:

  1. Elementary Control (Elementalist Mastery) - for 12 seconds, the elements released by the wizard inflict huge massive area damage.
  2. Elements (ultimate ability) - each element in turn deals huge damage to enemies, then an ice storm appears, which does colossal damage in the area. If someone remains alive, he will be frozen for a while.
  3. Assault Watch (Warlock Mastery) - Summons the Black Cat, which inflicts deadly bites within the allocated area.
  4. Call of Fate (ultimate ability) - creates a zone in which it deals huge damage to enemies and does not allow opponents to use magic spells for several seconds.
  5. Polymorph (Mage Mastery) - turns the target into a frog for 10 seconds, or until it takes more damage from this spell. The frog cannot use magic, and its movements become slow. After the reverse transformation, the enemy takes magic damage.
  6. Divine protection - removes the effects of control, gives immunity to all types of negative effects for a certain time.

Passive skills:

  1. Elemental essence - each time a spell with elements is used, additional skills are given that increase the attack.
  2. Life rhythm
  3. Elemental alloy - when attacking using elements, wizards take additional damage.
  4. Elementary - the hero gains immunity to elemental attacks.
  5. Great wisdom - increases the intellect power of the hero.
  6. Basic conversion - increases magic damage.
  7. Armor level

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Assassin Guide

This is a mobile class, can fight directly in contact with the enemy or from a long distance. They have interesting features. The characteristics of the class are similar to those of the Warriors.

Hero nameGeneral characteristics
Assassin (Rogue)All indicators are balanced, there are no pronounced features. Each stat is above average, survivability and damage are high
AssassinIn addition to support, it has insufficiently high indicators when compared with other heroes and classes. This is probably the weakest character in the game.
ShadowIn addition to support, it has the highest characteristics in all class indicators, control lags slightly behind, but it is also above average

Active skills:

Assassin SkillsAssassin skillsShadow Skills
Block of blades - activates the state of the "Bloody array", attacks the enemy with several blades at the same time, causing increased damageStrength of the storm - each attack gives storm points, each 4 attack takes additional damage, the attack speed increases. During the strike, the enemy slows downPotion of Shadow - during the increase in the attack of the Shadow (from skills or positive effects), the hero, during attacks, poisons his opponents with poison. At the same time, the enemy receives periodic damage, slows down, his attack speed per second decreases
Throwing - deals increased damage with 3 blades (throws them at the target from a distance). Damage increased by 5 secondsInterception - the hero moves in short dashes to the enemy who was going to attack him, and delivers a preemptive strike. The blow blocks the attack of the enemy. Attack damage is dealt to the enemy himself and the enemies around himDark throw - runs a certain distance to the target. During the spell, all Shadow skills are enhanced
Fang of the shadow - the hero rushes forward, trying to bite the enemy. This increases its movement speed. A bitten enemy slows down for a few secondsHunting - the hero quickly throws 3 daggers at the enemy, each hit leaves a bleeding mark and reduces the opponent’s attack speed. If the enemy went into invisibility mode, then the skill makes it possible to detect the enemyRumbling wind - the character passes through his shadow and turns out to be behind the enemy, and deals increased damage
Sudden blow - rushes forward, demolishing all enemies along the way. The hero’s strength and attack speed increasesFlurry of Blades - Deals massive damage to all enemies, leaves a weakening and bleeding effect on themDance - become invisible during the battle. The skill increases the speed of movement of the hero
Aiming thrust - makes an accurate throw of a knife at the enemy (you cannot dodge). Then passively increases the speed and attack power for 5 secondsFlaming footsteps - the hero is temporarily given a high speed of movement and increased damage, when attacking the Assassin stuns opponents. Damage ignores some of the enemy’s armorShadow strike - strikes several enemies, moving between them in short dashes. Damage is increased by 5% on each hit
Physical thrust - damages the target, inflicting quick blows with the blade, with each subsequent blow the damage increasesRelentless Pursuit - Assassin deals massive damage, gains a defense bonus that absorbs some of the incoming damage

Special Skills:

  1. Preparation (mastery of the Assassin) - the spell removes all negative effects (including slowing ones). Increases movement speed in battle by 50%, reduces the recharge time of other skills, increases attack power, and health recovery rate. Passive: while the ability is active, all Assassin’s attacks hit right on target (impossible to dodge).
  2. Relentless pursuit (ultimate skill) - increases the attack speed per second, while the incoming damage is reduced.
  3. Stealth (mastery of the Shadow) - grants the Shadow invisibility for a certain time, while the speed of its movement increases. During invisibility, you can use the skills of the Talents.
  4. Shadow dance - the skill is divided into 2 phases. During stage 1, the hero’s incoming damage decreases, while the damage of the hero himself gradually increases and the radius of the attack increases. In phase 2, the consumption of mana during the use of skills decreases, and the area of damage also increases several times.
  5. Support of the rumbling wind - the character passes through his shadow and turns out to be behind the enemy’s back, and deals increased damage, while the hero gains immunity to any control effects.
  6. Smoke bomb - a cloud of smoke forms, in which the movement of enemies slows down.
  7. Shadow blessing castle - the hero gains immunity to all types of attacks for a certain time.
  8. Divine protection - removes all control effects, and the hero becomes invulnerable for a while.
  9. Cunning (mastery of the Assassin) - the "stealth" mode is activated, in which the hero not only becomes invisible, but also receives an increased attack power and a very high movement speed. While the spell is working, the cooldown of other skills is reduced.

Passive skills:

  1. Accuracy - increases the accuracy of hitting attacks.
  2. Shadow invasion - if the hero is dangerously wounded, then the next attack will be ignored.
  3. Lethality - increases the hero’s attack by 33%.
  4. Life rhythm.
  5. Basic Conversion - Increases the attacks made with the blade.
  6. The level of armor ownership.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Priest Guide

This is a support class for other players. It is very important to have this hero in the team. If you do not have the skills to restore health or remove negative effects, then the Priest will come to your aid. At the same time, he has high survivability and attack at a decent level. Priests strike with magic from a distance.

Hero nameGeneral characteristics
Priest (Reaper - Priest)He has a very high support rate, while the rest of the characteristics are average. Although his survivability and attack are above average (but not by much). Good class for team battles
CelestialHuge support and survivability, high control and attack, but low mobility. Can perfectly replace the defender on the battlefield, while also heal the team
OracleIt has huge damage, slightly less vitality than the Celestial, and also has a high support and control rate (but lower than the Celestial). Above average mobility. Perfectly can replace almost any magician on the battlefield

Active skills

Priest SkillsCelestial SkillsOracle Skills
Holy Lighthouse - Shoots light in a specific area with increased damageHoly light - blocks the target and hits it with 3 beams of light, reducing the enemy’s attackHoly spear - throws a holy spear forward, hitting enemies in front of you and slowing them down (flies very far)
Holy light - summons a deity that deals huge damage in the area.Mind explosion - the character hits the heart of the enemy with light, after which the light travels longer and deals damage in the area, reducing the attack and movement speed of opponentsAngel’s Wrath - Summons an angel who pursues enemies, damages them and stuns them. The closer the enemy is to the angel, the more injuries he will receive.
Holy Presence - concentrates on the target and sends beams of light at it, dealing damage and reducing the attack speed of the enemyHoly lighthouse - unlike the Priest’s skill, the Celestial’s lighthouse shines over a larger area, allies who come under his light are healed, and enemies are immobilized and receive damage for a whileHoly explosion - several balls explode in a dedicated area in front of the hero, causing huge damage. The skill works even if the Priest is killed while casting a spell

Special Skills:

  1. Apprentice - the hero summons assistants who increase the regeneration, damage and resistance of allies for a certain time.
  2. Holy prayer - heals allies and deals massive damage to enemies within the range of the spell.
  3. Holy Lighthouse - enhances the main skill "Holy Lighthouse", if allies fall into the zone of defeat of the Lighthouse, they are healed.
  4. Divine Protection - removes the effects of control from yourself and your team members. The hero gains immunity to negative effects for a certain time.
  5. Celestial Symphony (Mastery of the Priest) - causes the confusion of surrounding enemies. Summons a heavenly sailboat that echoes the spell. Reflecting from the sails, the beams heal allies and cripple enemies. At the same time, a negative effect is imposed on opponents, reducing the attack by 8% and by 50% movement speed. In Celestial, the skill does not summon a sailboat, and enemies are damaged in turn, allies in which the "echo" is hit are healed.
  6. Holy ablution (ultimate ability) - lifts a holy ball into the air, which radiates radiance. The ball expands with every second. Those caught in the field of effect of the ball take damage, and allies receive an increase in movement speed by 20% and are healed by up to 70%. The spell works for 20 seconds.
  7. Consecration (Oracle’s skill) - gives invulnerability for a while, for this you will have to pay with a decrease in attack. Increases movement speed.
  8. Divine punishment (ultimate ability) - super-armor is given, the attack power is increased by 2 times. The skill hits the area with huge damage. Having studied "Heavenly", which increases the hero’s anger. For a certain time, the Oracle strikes the area with lightning with huge damage. At the same time, it restores health to its own, and freezes enemies.

Passive skills:

  1. Anthem - enhances the effect of healing skills.
  2. Mirage - increases the effect of skills that impose negative effects. It makes it possible to impose an effect on the enemy up to 5 times (skill indicators add up). For example, a 15% damage reduction hangs on the enemy, next time, it will be possible to impose another 15% damage reduction, as a result, the damage will be reduced by 30%.
  3. Divine Grace - increasing the level of this skill increases the hero’s health. Also in battle, the skill gives + 100% to the healing of allies, and 50% to self-healing.
  4. Heavenly Feather - when the caster’s health drops below 25%, the Feather is activated, which increases the speed of movement for 10 seconds, and the process of health regeneration will start. Increasing the skill level increases healing.
  5. Life rhythm.
  6. The level of armor ownership.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Vampire Guide

Melee class, deals damage to 1 target, they also have massive attacks. Most likely, since this game is a prequel to the famous computer game of the same name, the Vampire was introduced as an additional hero. The class is highlighted with spell animation. It is the most demanded in the game. Probably because the Vampire, as a separate class, was first introduced. In other RPGs, Vampires belong to other classes of heroes (for example, mages). Although Vampires have many positive qualities.

Hero nameGeneral characteristics
VampireA balanced hero with all stats almost at the same level. The exception is support, which he practically does not have. High damage and survivability, slightly lower mobility and control
FlamebringThis hero is more interesting - he has the highest damage in the game, huge survivability and mobility. But low control and support. Perfectly can stand instead of a Warrior or a defender (unfortunately, he cannot hold monsters on himself)
Phantom Master (Shadowcraft)The guy has the highest survivability in the game (hello Warriors), he also has high damage, support and mobility. Low control.

Active skills

Vampire SkillsFiery SkillsGhost Master Skills
Blade Explosion - Hits multiple opponents, reducing their attack speedFiery blade - quickly carries out attacks on enemies, there is a chance to ignite the targetLife drain - absorbs the health of opponents, deals damage, restores your health (vampirism)
Wind blade - shoots upwards, after which a mass of sparks falls on the ground, striking opponents. Each spark reduces the enemy’s attack power by 5%, and the hero increases attack speed by 5% for a certain timeDeath - Uses a chain of fire to pull enemies towards itself, causing damageFear - attacks enemies with sound waves, dealing damage, and reduces the base attack of opponents
Accurate shot - continuously attacks the target with increased attack for several secondsPyro cartridge - fire strikes in the area, there is a chance to set fire to opponentsFlying Assistant - summons several bats that attack opponents and restore health to the Master
Deadly bat - the hero turns into a huge red bat that summons a flock of mice that attack opponents in the areaFire shield - creates a fire shield that absorbs incoming attack, restores health to the heroInactive form - the Master enters the void, at this moment he cannot attack, but significantly reduces the damage of opponents, slowing them down. Gains control immunity
Life channel - attacks the enemy with an increased attack, while converting the enemy’s health taken away into his own (vampirism). By pumping the skill, you increase the level of vampirismFlight - summons bats that attack in the area and bring health to their owner (vampirism), while slowing down opponents (5% each mouse)Frightening - lets in several waves at the enemy, each wave deals damage and reduces the base attack by 5%

Special Skills:

  1. Empty form - enters the void, and attacks from it with massive damage, while controlling nearby enemies.
  2. Gargoyle support - the hero turns to stone, restoring health and removing all negative effects.
  3. Wind bat - turns into a bat, attacks opponents with a sound wave, while the hero’s speed increases. Reduces enemy resistance by 33%.
  4. Divine Protection - removes the effects of control from yourself and your team members. The hero gains immunity to negative effects for a certain time.
  5. Shadow Wind - Summons a Shadow Wind. All opponents falling within the storm receive increased damage, the character receives the effect of vampirism for a certain time.
  6. Link to health (ultimate ability) - The vampire attacks in the area, part of the damage is returned to him by replenishing his health (vampirism). In this case, the movement of the hero is slowed down by 50%.
  7. Flame Form (Flame Mastery) - makes surrounding targets burn, increasing its own attack for a certain time.
  8. Seething flame (ultimate ability) - hits targets at close range, instantly moving towards them. If the target ignites, the damage of the next attack increases, and the effect of lifesteal occurs.
  9. Wind of ghosts (skill of the Ghost) - envelops a certain area in shadow, all enemies in the zone take damage, and the Vampire gets the effect of vampirism.

Passive skills:

  1. Life Bite - when the hero uses the spell of vampirism, his attack power increases.
  2. Graceful wind - increases the evasion from attacks.
  3. Combat skill - upon reaching a certain level of experience, the hero increases damage with each attack.
  4. Vampiric energy - increases the chance to use the spell of vampirism.
  5. Life rhythm.
  6. Basic conversion - increases attack power.
  7. The level of armor ownership.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Arrow Guide (Gunner)

The only class that uses mechanical weapons (pistols, machine guns, etc.). Can hit with massive attacks or hit 1 target. The class is not balanced, if one ability stands out, then the other indicators are frankly low.

Hero nameGeneral characteristics
GunnerDamage, support and mobility of the hero are at the same high level. The rest of the indicators are below average. Works well from afar. But you shouldn’t let enemies close to the Heavy. If the same Mage can calmly disassemble the command boss in solo, then this hero cannot do such a feat
GunslingerIn this understanding, this is not an archer, but a person using a firearm. Has huge damage, and the highest mobility in the game. He has low support and control, slightly higher survival rate. But he can stand on the battlefield for a very long time, thanks to his dodge
Mechanic (Artificer)Just like Strelka’s, the translation should be taken in a modern way, for example, as a firearms engineer. The indicators of this profession can be compared with the Warrior: high damage and control, slightly lower survivability, and average support and mobility

Active skills

Heavy SkillsArcher SkillsSkills Mechanic
Bombardment - shoots multiple charges at the enemy, slowing it downConsumption of bullets - when shooting, bullets are used, each of which increases the damage from the next bullet by 10%. The effect can be stacked up to 10 times in totalCombustion chamber - deals damage in the area, temporarily slowing down opponents. Can chase enemies
Flame Jet - Hits enemies in the highlighted area, causing burnsStrike - quickly attacks opponents several times. The final hit slows and stuns targets unless the enemy is a summoned creature (object)Turret - Places a turret. She cannot move, but she hits enemies very quickly.
Suppression - shoots at the enemy several times with increased damageStorm shot - quickly rotates during an attack, shoots at the enemies surrounding the heroGrenade Launcher - shoots a rocket that explodes in the air, shrapnel covering enemies in a certain area. Affected targets are temporarily unable to move
Impact cannon - uses a weapon to fire on the area, when an opponent is injured, the latter cannot cast spellsHidden shot - shoots at the enemy, and then quickly moves to another location. The wounded target has a slow effectSketch - increases attack speed

Special Skills:

  1. Armored Transport - Armor forms around the Archer. While inside it, the caster retains their original parameters, plus he gets additional increased armor. The shield has 20% protection from the hero’s health, and blocks incoming damage. The rest of the parameters do not improve.
  2. Sharp sight - increases critical damage and the chance to inflict critical damage at the caster.
  3. Support - summons 3 mechanics who shoot in the area, inflicting colossal damage in total. A wounded enemy is stunned.
  4. Divine protection.
  5. Modification of ammunition - all Archer attacks take increased damage, movement speed increases. The hero becomes invulnerable for a short time.
  6. Air domination - summons a drone that attacks enemies from above, while the character’s attack increases by 20% and attack speed by 30%.
  7. Dead Eye (Archer mastery) - gives an attack from the hand hitting the target with 100% accuracy (impossible to dodge). On a headshot, the next shot will be critical.
  8. Bullet dance (ultimate ability) - the hero rushes forward, continuously attacking, then he throws a grenade into the center of the enemies, causing huge damage.
  9. Firepower (Mastery of the Mechanic) - increases the damage and health regeneration rate for you and the summoned units, which also receive additional bonuses.

Passive skills:

  1. Honorable rank - as soon as the Archer’s health drops to 40%, regeneration begins. The hero receives a bonus to attack and movement speed + 10%. If the hero takes damage equal to 40% of all health at one time, then the attack speed increases by 20%.
  2. Fire support - when using area-based skills, opponents are slowed down in case of a hit.
  3. Mechanical knowledge - increases attack speed by 20%.
  4. Mechanical support - when enemies attack mechanics or drones, the hero gets + 3% defense for each wound, and the chance to make a critical hit increases.
  5. Life cycle.
  6. Basic conversion - increases attack power.
  7. The level of armor ownership.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Ranger Guide

If we associate with this class, then these are classic well-aimed elves, nature lovers. Excellent damage and control can be distinguished. Just like the Mage, the Ranger surprised with his high survivability, because we are used to seeing weak archers in other games. But in this toy, everything is completely different. They shoot from a very long distance (the highest range of ranged combat) from a bow, use magic spells.

Hero nameGeneral characteristics
RangerHas high damage, slightly lower survivability and mobility, excellent control and average support. Of course, he cannot be compared with the defender, but if we compare with the Assassin, then the archer’s survivability is higher
Sniper (Sharpshoot)The guy has huge damage and control, high survivability, medium mobility and low support. What can you say here? The sniper likes to work alone
Jungle HunterA strange name for a character, but that doesn’t detract from his abilities. This is a balanced hero with high attack, survivability, control and mobility. But with a low support parameter. Feels good either solo or in a team

Active skills

Ranger skillsSniper SkillsSkills Jungle Hunter
Volley - shoots multiple arrows, dealing increased damageArrow Rain - shoots arrows of ice that scatter into the air, not small fragments, and deal area damageSpecial plant - shoots an arrow from a thorn at the enemies surrounding the hero
Boomerang - Throws a boomerang, which deals damage to the enemy, flying further. The tool then returns and deals 75% of 1 hit to the enemySpray - shoots 3 frozen arrows at a huge distanceWeb - shoots arrows at the selected area and jumps back
Ice Valley - shoots small crystals at the areaIce Vortex - Creates an ice vortex that attracts surrounding enemies, freezes them. When the freeze effect passes, opponents take high periodic damageGrapevine - shoots at opponents, berries remain on the ground, which periodically explode and cause damage. Can work after the death of the hero
Thorn - shoots a thorn arrow, which, hitting the enemy, leaves thorns in it, causing periodic damage

Special Skills:

  1. Guerrilla Warfare - Shoots 4 arrows at an area, enchanting and slowing opponents. When an arrow hits the ground, roots grow out of it, which twine around the nearest enemy and cause damage, as well as infect the enemy with poison.
  2. Pass - deals increased damage to wounded enemies, forcing them to become slower.
  3. Call of the Wild - summons a panther to attack opponents. Enemies wounded by a panther have a reduced attack power, and a hero’s damage increases by 15%.
  4. Divine protection.
  5. Fast movement (mastery of the Hunter in the jungle) - increases the hero’s movement speed and attack by 15 seconds. If during this time the hero hits from the hand, then the chance of inflicting a critical hit increases. Effects can stack up to 5 times. Also given temporary immunity to negative effects.
  6. King of the Jungle (ultimate ability) - summons lions, which announce their arrival with a wild roar and stun rivals. Deal area damage. While the spell is active, the hero receives + 33% damage, and takes 33% less incoming damage.
  7. Ice Arrow (Sniper Mastery) - Shoots a frozen arrow. On hit, there is a high probability of deep freezing the target (longer than normal freezing).
  8. Big Snow (Ultimate) - Shoots an ice arrow at a great distance. The arrow hits everyone in its path and knocks opponents back.

Passive skills:

  1. Survival effect - for every lost 20% of health, and 1% increased attack speed, an additional bonus to defense is given.
  2. Hunter - increases damage and defense during attacks from the hand.
  3. Shot into a trap - for every 25% of the damage done to the enemy, the hero gets a 5% chance to launch a serrated arrow at the enemy, which remains in the opponent’s body and inflicts periodic damage on him. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
  4. Blessing of Nature - when using profession skills, health regeneration and movement speed increase for 3 seconds.
  5. Life cycle.
  6. Basic conversion - increases attack power.
  7. The level of armor ownership.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Hero Leveling Tips

As you already understood, there are 7 main classes in the game. Each class is divided into 3 professions. When creating your character, you can choose any of the professions you like. In the area of level 30 (depending on the speed of your pumping), the Main task will appear, after which access to 2 other professions of the class you have chosen opens. After activating all professions, you can switch between them at any time.

For example, you want to play as a Mage and choose a Warlock. After completing the quest, 2 more professions of the Mage class will become available to you - these are Mage and Elementalist. Also, in your skills (Skill), the Class tab will open, where you can change your profession at any time.

The main task of the player is to raise the Power of the character as quickly and efficiently as possible. This parameter determines your importance. In the game, all actions are focused on increasing the Hero’s Power. The higher it is, the more rewards the player receives. Power depends on many factors and stats of your champion. There are many ways to increase your Power:

  1. Pumping the hero himself. Experience can be obtained in battles, for completing tasks, for achievements.
  2. Leveling up the skills and characteristics of the hero.
  3. Horse pumping.
  4. Improving pets.
  5. Obtaining achievements. You can see them in the "Character" section (the button with the avatar in the upper left corner). Achievements are given for completing certain tasks, for raising the level of a hero, for completing missions, and much more.
  6. Obtaining the title. Titles are located in the "Character" menu. They are given for performing certain actions in the game, which exactly are written in the description of the title. Here you can see what parameters will increase the rank.
  7. Being in the guild. The higher the level of your activity in the alliance, the more you will receive special medals that can be exchanged for certain items, achievements and titles.
  8. Player registration through the game store (Google Play and App Store). You can link your account through one of the provided social networks. By completing this action, you will not only increase the Hero’s Power one-time, but also secure your account.

The Power indicator is located under the health and mana scale in the upper left corner.


The most interesting thing in the game is the distribution of skills by profession. At the start of the game, you gradually unlock the basic skills of the class (they are available to all professions). At level 30, the skills of all professions of the class will become available to you, but they can be used only on the profession to which they are attached. Profession abilities are shown in the "Special" section.

For example, at a certain level, the "Ice Arrow" skill of a Ranger class Sniper became available to you, this skill you cannot use if you play as a Hunter in the Jungle.

We recommend that you carefully analyze all the skills of each profession and the characteristics of the heroes of your chosen class before the battle. This is important for some teams or in boss fights. Each character in the game has strengths and weaknesses, you should use them wisely.

Let’s say you constantly play as an Elementalist, but in a certain adventure you need an increased level of control, which the Warlock has. Therefore, before entering the activity, it is better to switch to the hero whose control is higher.

Skills are pumped in the Skill section, which has several tabs:

  1. Class - switching between class professions.
  2. Skill - your character’s abilities. They are opened upon reaching a certain level (from which one is written in the description of the skill, you just need to click on the skill and a full description will appear on the left side of the screen). Skills are pumped with special stones that can be found in many places in the game.
  3. Talent - a tab for learning talents - additional skills that will be useful to your class in battle, for modifying equipment, using pets and collecting items.
  4. Guild - additional abilities that a player who is in the guild receives. These are additional bonuses to the main characteristics. For example, to defense, attack or health. New bonuses will be available depending on the level of your clan. These bonuses are pumped in the guild. If you reached the ceiling during the modification of these abilities, but this is not the maximum indicator, it means that you need to wait until the alliance’s level increases.
  5. Battle Soul - very powerful spells, become available after gaining the mastery of your hero. They are pumped with special stones that are mined at high levels in the Dungeons.

Some skills and talents need to be activated, for this you need to go through a special adventure - dungeon, defeat the boss. After the victory, the skill will be available for use and pumping.

Types of hero skills:

  1. The main ones are active skills that are activated in battle using mana. These feats can be found in any class profession. For example, the Warrior has the "Tablet" ability, the floor also has the ability for 2 other professions (that’s why we didn’t write repeating skills in the description of profession skills).
  2. Special - mastery skills, ultimate abilities, and class skills (only this class has, with the exception of "Divine Protection"). These skills are activated similarly to the Basic Abilities.
  3. Passive - these skills are always with you. They can either be applied from the start of the battle or upon reaching certain conditions (written in the skill description). They can increase the basic characteristics of each class, as well as the effectiveness of weapons and armor. Passive skills are not tied to a specific class, so they can be repeated.


Gradually, with the passage of the campaign, items of clothing of various rarity will fall to you. There are several equipment gradations in the game at the moment. The coolest armor is red or mythical.

We recommend that you upgrade and modify the ammunition from the first item that comes across, since when you change an item, all modifications and inserted stones are transferred to the new item.

Equipment is upgraded in the Gear menu. There are 3 types of equipment upgrades available (but not immediately):

  1. Craft - inserting stones into parts of armor and weapons to increase the basic characteristics of an item. Improvement occurs due to gold and special stones to increase the level of equipment.
  2. Socket - here several stones are inserted into each item, which are responsible for one or another parameter of the item. Also here you can improve the stones themselves, which you have already put in the slot. Each type of stat has its own stone.
  3. Enchant - enchanting armor and weapons takes place here. Enchanting is carried out with enchanted stones, gold and similar items of the same gradation. When enchanting, you can change the parameters of a thing.

There is a certain percentage of failure when improving and modifying items. The higher the level of improvement, the higher the likelihood that the pumping will fail.


You will begin to open the wings after the mission at level 6. At the bottom in the center of the screen, a section will appear with a list of tasks that must be completed to obtain flight properties. Wings are not only a beautiful attribute of appearance, but an item quite suitable for enhancing a character. Wings give an increase to your champion’s stats, bonuses during battle, and additional abilities that also strengthen your character.

To increase the effect of the wings, they must be pumped. To do this, you should go on a special adventure, which is available 2 times a day. Feathers are mined in this dungeon to increase experience, which gradually raises the level of the wings. Special Feathers of the Bird Spirit are also obtained here, for pumping the abilities of the wings.

Costumes. Needed to strengthen the hero in battle. These attributes are not pumped, but you can always get a new suit and change the appearance of your hero. there are suits, sets, belts, hats. Some types of costumes give an additional bonus to the hero. For example, +900 health points in battle, or + 30% to hitting accuracy.

If you need this or that item for pumping, but you do not know where to find it, you should click on this item in the inventory or the slot where the item should be placed, then a description of the item and a button will appear to go to the activity for its extraction.

Pet. You will receive the first mount at level 9. This is a snow-white mustang. In order to increase your power and improve performance, the animal needs to be improved. The same applies to pets that run after you and help you in battle. All your pets give you additional bonuses to characteristics and have their own abilities. You can buy animals in the store, complete a task on them, or win at roulette. Also, some animals drop out of chests or are given as a reward in a special event.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons: Secrets of the passing game

Autoquesting. The whole gameplay is tied to battles and completing tasks. In the game, you can set the "autoquesting" mode, that is, automatic task completion. You click on a quest (on the left side of the screen) and your champion rushes off to complete the assignment. You just have to click on certain actions, perform maneuvers, following the prompts and adjust the movement of the hero. In this mode, you can adjust the battles. For example, if you understand that your character can keep a crowd of monsters on him, and he fights with only 1 enemy (wasting time), then it is recommended to run through the clearing or give a massive target skill to gather a crowd of monsters and destroy them faster.

Auto battle. Each battle has an automatic fight mode. In other words, you press a button (located above the chat on the right), and the champion runs to fight the enemies. At the same time, he himself uses the available skills. But you should not confuse the "auto battle" mode with the "autoquesting". Since after the battle, your hero will not go on to hand over the mission or look for the right interlocutor.

It is recommended to monitor the behavior of the hero when the "auto battle" is on. Since there are moments when elite monsters or bosses hit you in the area, which will be indicated by a red mark on the ground. If you can easily endure powerful attacks, then do not suffer - let him fight. But if you die immediately, then you should go beyond the red area. Then the boss won’t hit you.

How to use hero statistics?

In the "Character" menu, on the main tab, there are the main indicators of your champion. Each characteristic is important for the correct conduct of the battle in team adventures and in the Arena.

It is important to correctly apply statistics and focus in pumping the hero on those characteristics that are necessary for your character and that correspond to your style of play.

Hero stats:

  1. Strength - every 25 points increase physical attack by 10%. The indicator is important for warriors who have a physical attack - Archers, Warriors, Assassins.
  2. Intelligence - every 25 points increase magic attack by 10%. This indicator is required for heroes using magic in battle - Mages, Vampires, Reapers, Rangers, Assassins.
  3. Spirit - every 25 points increases healing by 10%. This is required for Reapers, Vampires and Rangers.
  4. Endurance - every 25 points increase the number of hero’s health points. Especially important for fragile characters and for melee warriors (Assassins, Vampires, Warriors).
  5. Parry - Automatic resistance to enemy hits. For example, block or preemptive strike.
  6. Parry speed - increases the chance of parry, thereby reducing your damage.
  7. Fire Block - Reduces incoming fire damage from the Archer and Warlock.
  8. Ice Block - Reduces incoming ice damage from Oracle and Sniper.
  9. Wind Attribute Block - Reduces incoming wind damage wielded by Shadow and Assassin.
  10. Ground Block - Reduces incoming ground attack damage (Heavy and Jungle Hunter).
  11. Block from sacred attacks - Reduces incoming sacred damage (Paladin and Celestial).
  12. Blocking the dark element - reduces incoming shadow damage (Warlock, Blade, Shadow).
  13. Blocking Elements - Reduces damage from hits by elements (Elementalist).
  14. Pure attack - increases the damage done by each attack, this part of the damage cannot be reduced by defense or elemental blocking.
  15. Pure Defense - Reduces pure damage.
  16. Healing bonus - proportionally increases healing.
  17. Health Regeneration - restores health points every 5 seconds. This value increases by 1500% after you exit the battle mode.
  18. Magic ricochet is a chance to fully reflect a magic attack at the attacker.

Correct start

It is recommended that you go through all the training and follow the tips of the game, so you will not only begin to navigate the activities, but also understand how best to build an algorithm for pumping your hero.

Follow the game prompts. So that you do not get confused in the tools for pumping the champion and his assistants, there are red dots in the game - landmarks that will tell you what can be strengthened at the moment. For example, you received a new Skill Leveling Stone and didn’t notice it in the heat of battle. And the game has noticed everything, and will put a red dot over the "Skills" menu icon, and after opening the section, the dot will indicate the action that can be performed now (to strengthen the 4th ability).

The battle mode must be closely monitored. You can customize the hero to any mood. For example, make him friendly to all players, or, conversely, aggressive. The choice can be made by clicking on the letter icon in the left corner next to the health bar. Then a list of moods will appear:


In order to quickly pump your hero, you need to go to the Events section every day and complete the available missions. After each victory, you will receive event points that fill the scale at the bottom of the window. As soon as you collect the required number of points, you will receive a good prize. Events are divided into 4 categories.

Daily - the main activities are concentrated here, in which you will receive various items for pumping the hero, equipment, pets and a horse. Here you can get scrolls for opening Dungeons.

If you complete all the proposed quests every day, go to the Dungeons, you can quickly gain experience.

Limited in time - adventures in which a rare currency is earned for pumping a hero, Arena coupons, runes for opening special missions. Going into this tab, you will see many different activities and descriptions for them. The description of the adventure will contain the opening time of the activity and the duration of the activity. For example, the world boss is only available for 2 hours.

Challenge - there are several types of adventures:

To defeat the World Boss, the Server Boss and collect interesting bonuses from it, you must be in one of the most powerful guilds. Since strong players stand around the boss and do not allow anyone to approach the monster. But sometimes, you can participate in the event, if adequate players gather next to the Boss.

Article author: Evgeniya G.